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How to Jailbreak iPad? By iPad jailbreaking, you iPad will become more powerful than ever. This tutorial tells you how to jailbreak iPad step-by-step. What Can a Jailbroken iPad Do? First and foremost, multitasking! Backgrounder, an iPhone jailbreak favorite, works beautifully the iPad, allowing you to finally realize that elusive dream of browsing the web to a Pandora-provided soundtrack. Jailbreak iPad makes all of your iPad wishes come true. 1. Install all 3rd pary iPad apps. By iPad jailbreaking, you can install and run all these apps without any limitations. * Download Youtube videos and save to your iPad. * Backup purchased and jailbroken iPad apps. * Capture photos and videos even if the iPad doesn't have a built-in camera. * Transfer files between iPad, computer and other devices.

2. Customize iPad as you like. Want to make iPad look even cooler using your favourite pictures and media files? Need to hide native iPad applications you don't use? Jailbreak iPad can help you do all of these and more. 3. Download more applications to your iPad. As you know, there are lots of exceptional iPad Apps that are not available through iTunes App Store. By iPad jailbreaking file system, both of which are accessible. What's more, a jailbroken iPad is still able to use and upgrade applications downloaded and purchased from Apple's official App Store. 4. iPad tethering. Connect your iPhone, laptop or other devices to iPad for sharing data plan and internet connection. Just unlock iPad and tether iPad to laptop, tether iPhone to iPad, or tether iPad with iPhone. Guide: How to Jailbreak iPad This passage will show you the details on how to jailbreak iPad with Spirit.

All rights reserved—— Step 1. Download Spirit here: Windows version, Mac version. Step 2. For Windows user, right-click on the "Spirit.exe" file, go to properties > Compatibility, then check run this program in "compatibility mode", and choose Windows 98/Windows Me > OK. This will prevent you from getting the error code c0000005.

Step 3. Connect Aple iPad with your computer. Launch Spirit and click "Jailbreak" to jailbreak iPad. Step 4. Now you see Spirit screen on your iPad. Please wait for a few moments and let Spirit work on your iPad.

All rights reserved—— Note: After the jailbreak iPad process is completed, Cydia and Installer Application will be added to the iPad homescreen, which enables you to add thousands of 3rdparty apps to your iPad.

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Jailbreak iPad solution: By iPad jailbreaking, you iPad will become more powerful than ever. This tutorial tells you how to jailbreak iPad s...

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