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How to Add DVD Movies to iCloud? As soon as Apple annouced iCloud, a new cloud-based platform that will mesh together the many Macs, iPads and iPhones on June 6th, Apple fans are so pleased because it solved one of the biggest problems transferring files between iOS devices and computer. With iCloud, you will no longer need to sync your device to iTunes. Instead, iCloud will do it for you. In fact, iCloud will go the extra mile and keep all of your devices in sync. If you buy a song on your iPad, you won’t need to sync it to iTunes and then sync your iPhone to iTunes just to get the song on your phone. Instead, iCloud will do the heavy lifting, syncing it to your iPhone for you. Today, we will teach you how to add DVD movies to iCloud. DVD cannot be directly put into iCloud because it is not an iCloud comaptible format. Handbrake can do this for you, and you can download Handbrake and follow the step-by-step guide below to learn how to put a DVD to iCloud. Guide: How to Download DVD Movies to iCloud? Step 1. Install and launch Handbrake, and then load your DVD movies.

Step 2. You may notice the sidebar on the right, and then you may click the video format that you want to convert .

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Step 3. Choose an output destination to store your converted files and you can also customize title of your video.

Step 4. Open iTunes and login your ID and password. Then you can put your converted movies to your account. iCloud will sync them automatically. Then you can open you iPhone, iPod, iPad and login in iTunes, click on the iCloud icon to download DVD movies to iCloud. Enjoy yourself!

Add DVD Movies to iCloud