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Halloween Blu-ray Movies Soon to the end of October, the most expected festival - Halloween is really on the way. As we know, Halloween is usually linked with the supernatural things. In Europe, people traditionally considered Halloween as the time at which the ghostdom is the closest to the earth. In their mind, this day is very familiar with the Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival. When Halloween arrived, the children will not wait to wear colorful costume, wearing strange masks, and carrying a "Jack-O'Lantern" to ask festival gift from grown-ups door to door on the street. The most well-known symbols of Halloween are exactly the "Jack-O'Lantern" and "Trick or Treat". Of course, horror movies are also a typical symbol for Halloween. For those young people who like to stay home, they can watch the Halloween themed horror film for the occasion. Or the children can shout the slogan "trick or see high-definition movies" loudly before parents. Here we would like to introduce the top two Halloween Blu-ray movies for you to watch on the Halloween with Blu-ray Player. Tips: If you don't have Blu-ray Player but still want to enjoy the high definition Halloween Blu-ray movies, you can just get the AVCWare Blu Ray Ripper to rip and convert Blu-ray to some HD video formats for playback. Top Halloween Blu-ray Movies - Nosferatu This silent movie is the first vampire movie in history. Murnau took a very realistic approach to deal with film. He not only abandoned the expressionist images used in The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari but also even replaced studio settings with a real street. But he still created a gloomy atmosphere which may let audience chilling with a shudder of horror. The castle in the mountains is looming in the fog, zombies slowly passing the bumpy boat deck, and many other natural environments are covered under subtle color under the dispose of Murnau. The film is considered the most poetic horror film. And it surpassed all the later Dracula films on the visual imagination. Top Halloween Blu-ray Movies - Trick’r Treat It is Halloween tradition to give candy to the kids. But no one has ever thought of what would happen if broke this tradition. However, this is the story that this film is going to tell us. The film tells the story completely around the core of Halloween rather than the abnormal killer or metamorphosis devil that just slaughter in the Halloween. Four stories happened at Halloween night were interwoven in this film. And these four stories

All rights reserved—— skillfully brought the ghosts and monsters that associated with Halloween together into a town in the modern society with slightly black humor. What more valuable, as a B grade horror film, the suspense was set into the story in a very good and startling way. You will not know the ending at the opening of the story since the film is neither linear telling about a story nor telling around a certain killer or survivors in traditional way. The story showed the plots as a big jigsaw. And the mosaic jigsaw is rhythmed compactly by the director. Besides, the final result of this film is also not similar to the others. It just used an open end which left the audience feeling something more to say instead of the kind of result that let the audience feel at a loss. Besides the ghost, the ugliness of human nature has also been show in the film. The mischievous children and sanctimonious metamorphosis killer constitute the same protagonist of the film with evil. It seems in the shape of a very evil, alternative, black town which is locate at the boundry of human and Hell.

Halloween Blu-ray Movies  

There are many Blu-ray movies for Halloween. Here we would like to introduce the top two Halloween Blu-ray movies to watch on the Halloween...

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