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Welcome to this week’s issue of Crusader life. In this issue, we talk about the stress that comes around this season for High School students. Enjoy this week’s issue! Thanks for reading


It’s a well known fact that senior year is anticipated for several reasons, from being top dog on campus to sitting on the blocks. However it does come with a lot of stress, like applying for post-secondary education.


The University and college application process causes a lot of stress on grade twelve students who are already under enough academic stress.


High-standard universities can require a very long and difficult application process.


Choosing which school and program to apply to comes with a flurry of questions and big decisions.


Some students pursue athletic scholarships, although sometimes it can still be pricey, as Canadian Universities are not allowed to offer full rides for athletics.


Meeting application deadlines is often the most stressful part of the application process for seniors.


Having to apply for post-secondary education is extra stress for most students, as many already have busy schedules with part-time jobs and extra-cirricular activites.


Although these times are hard for twelfth grade students, it is a huge weight off one`s shoulders when the applications are done with.

Does the School have a Responsibility to Help Today’s Youth? By Reid MacPhail According to Statistic Canada, one in ten 15 to 17 year olds (about 121,000) smoked during 2011. Also recent studies have estimated that 21% of all deaths over the past decade are due to smoking. Most lung cancer patients are current or former smokers, and lung cancer causes more deaths than any other cancer. Based on the latest available statistics, there were 19,000 lung cancer deaths in Canada in 2008, accounting for about 27% of all cancer related deaths in that year. So does turning a blind eye to teen smokers make it seem as though it is not happening? No. Teen smoking is a big problem at K.V.H.S. and we should not just push the smokers to the top of the hill and pretend as though putting them there is not making the problem worse. Putting the smokers away from the rest of the school is making even worse habits arise. The smokers who want to go to class on time and be sober are being peer pressured by the other smokers to do drugs and skip. If they were being supervised closer, they would not be able to do either. Heavy drug use during school hours and more students skipping class are two of the biggest problems with the smokers being on the hill. So why does the government not allow people to smoke on school property? Walking a couple extra feet to the top of the hill does not make the air our non-smoking students and staff breathes any cleaner and it makes a terrible worst impression on visitors to the school. The top of the hill gives the smokers and druggies an isolated place where they can sell and do illegal drugs. The government should give the students a designated smoking location near the school where they can hear the bells when they ring and they can be supervised at all times.


Just like every lunch and break there are teachers who are supposed to supervise the cafeteria or walk around the perimeter of the school, there should be two teachers designated to stand in this smoking location and make sure no illegal activity is taking place. The government will then say that not all teachers would want to inhale the second-hand smoke but in reality, there are numerous teachers who smoke and a number of other teachers who either live with smokers or have lived with smokers and would not mind being around the students smoking. This new smoking location could have an entrance fee of a completion of a smoking awareness program. Everyone who completed the program could receive a little card giving them access to the designated smoking spot. They would have to repeat the program every year they are at the school. Hiding behind the regulation that disallows smoking on school grounds is going to hurt the students in the long run. Once some students get to the top of the hill where they can do drugs, their drive to go to class is even less than before. They won’t want to walk all the way back down to the school where they are going to be late for class and get yelled at, they are going to want to walk home. Statistic Canada has reported that Canadians start to smoke in their teenage years. In 2011, smokers, on average, said they smoked their first whole cigarette at the age of 16, and started smoking regularly at 18 years of age. So where are the solutions coming from? Could the school not take the lead and provide both a safe and supervised place to smoke? Could the price of admission be completion of a smoking danger awareness program?

In Canada, over 30% of males 18 to 34 smoke cigarettes.


The Monday Morning Look

It’s Phlegm season

Another Butt on the Road

Is High School Really a popularity contest? A Rant by Jill Knudson 0&





Q- Do you follow the top fashion trends at KV? A- To a certain degree I try to be different in my style but I don’t go crazy about always being up to date with everyone. Q- How would you describe your style? A- I would say casual, neutral and fashionable Q- What fashion styles are currently at KV? A- Hipster and fancy/classy Q- What are the most trending accessories right now at KV? A- Purses and boots! Q- Do you and your friends share the same styles? A- Yeah, we all share similar style and we borrow each other’s clothes sometimes, so that’s nice! Q- What is your preferred/favorite style/look on boy? A-Skateboard boy type of style. That includes cardis, flannels, clothes from the “Diamond” brand, khakis and beanies.


Q- Do you think being stylish and keeping up with the trends is important? And why? A-Yes! It makes me feel good about myself and I like some of the styles out there so yes I would try them out.


Q- Who’s (if you have one) your celebrity style icon? A-I don’t really have a celebrity style icon in particular that I’m always looking up and seeing what they are wearing lately but if I had to choose one, it would be Miley Cryus. I love her style and I like taking some of her outfit ideas. Q- Where do you get your style ideas? A-Mostly Tumblr, Instagram and magazines. Q- Name some articles of clothes that are trending. A- Well blazers are big right now when people are dressing up but wool sweaters, flannels (among boys), boots, purses, colored pants, wool socks, high waisted pants/shorts. Q- Do you think the people of KV represent themselves well by how they dress? A- Oh yes definitely. You can tell what their personality is like just by the outer appearance. Like if you don’t care much about anything then you dress like it. So it’s easy to see what people are like through their clothing. Q- What are some common hairstyles and lengths circulating at KVHS? A- I’d say the middle part is the biggest trend for girls at the moment. Oh, and curly hair done by a curling wand. Other hairstyles like messy buns and sock buns are also “in”. Q- This winter, what is the most common footwear the girls of KV have worn? A- The biggest trend with shoes this winter is the combat boot. Other kinds are like the ankle boot, leather boots and UGGS. Q- On a boy, do you like a short crop look or a long shaggy look? A-Short, but not buzzed and not shaggy.

24 Q- Do you think people who keep up with trends are treated better than people who don’t? (social standing wise) A- Well yeah, if you come to school and try to look presentable people will respect that and you will be treated nicer than if you come to school every day looking like crap and they can see you don’t care about being seen as representable and they won’t give you the attention and respect that you deserve. Q- What is something you think that may become popular this spring? (clothing wise) A- Hats, maybe cowboy boots (on girls), the “vans” brand shoes and stripped pants. Q- What’s one thing you do not like about these styles today? (ex: like certain hair types, pieces of clothing, shoes…) A- I don’t really like the bright colors, I like neutrals. I really don’t like high heels, especially at school. I’m not a fan of printed shirts and I don’t like big name brand things, like Abercrombie. Also, I don’t like jeans on boys.

Q- Express your thoughts and opinions on the yearly provincial hockey flow among the boys team. A- The hair is funny and very disgusting. I think that they should do it because it’s a fun and good event. Q- What do you think the most popular make/style of prom dress is “in” this year? A- Poufy is definitely not “in” this year. The tighter, form fitting, straight, mid waist band and dresses with jewels are the most popular. Its more classy and more fancy than fun.

Crusader Life  

by Ian Joudrey, Brody Mann, Lacey Conrad, Reid MacPhail, and Jillian Knudson.

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