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Who is Crunkatlanta? I am Eric aka Crunkatlanta & - The Internet Promoter, the one that is in love with Hip Hop. Follow me on Twitter @crunkatlantaMag . Born and raised in Detroit, MI. Yep, I'm from Seven Mile Rd and GreenfieldWhuddup Doe!! My first inspiration to get involved in the industry was when I found out that nobody heard of any Detroit rappers outside of Detroit ( Michigan). My first gig was with a friend (“T”) that I assisted with promoting Cam’ron back when he was a lil chunky in 1997. From there I found what my purpose was supposed to be. My all time fantasy career was to become a quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Once that dream was cut short from not getting the response back from -tryouts and competition over the years. I became hooked on music and brand marketing. ( Promo page )

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Bio: Born Steven Phillip Duncan, I go by Steven Daron Forrest I am a multi-talented artist. I play Guitar,Keyboard, Drum Kits, I Sing, Dance, I am a Songwriter, and Producer. I was born March 21,1972 in N.E. Washington D.C.. My music is mainly Urban, Pop, Rock. I am influenced by Michael Jackson, Prince, Def Leppard, Earth,Wind and Fire. I am also somewhat influenced by Stevie Wonder. My dance style is something like Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley. Basically I have my own style though. My album Rock Paradise is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. It has 8 tracks. I have so far apx. 699 fans out of apx. 39,000 listeners.




skroog MkDuk is part of a new generation of mixtape artists that refuse to be confined by preconceived ideas of what listeners want to hear. He draws from over fifteen years of DJ virtuosity providing alternative beats to captivated music-lovers. “Music has always been important to me,” he says. ​ “I’ve been hosting parties to sold-out crowds since I was a teenager. I am obsessed about mixing tracks and experimenting with different genres and sounds. I will continue to hone my style and expand my reach to new listeners.”

Describing his distinctive sound as “the new wave”, DJ Skroog MkDuk was named a “Top 100 Mixtape DJ in the World” in 2014 and is quickly becoming one of the most influential digital music artists today. Employing a masterful blend of pop, R&B, hiphop, Top 40, and Reggae, his mixtapes have explosive, crossover and international appeal and are enjoyed by listeners in countries around the world. “It’s not all about contemporary entertainers. It’s more important to give Indies and aspiring artists and musicians the opportunity to have their tracks heard by a global audience.” is owner and CEO of Trap 36 FM ( and Mixtapes Spots ( He is the talent behind New Wave Radio Mix Show broadcast on over 13 online stations. He has over 3 million mixtape listens online and over 500,000 DVD views. Never to slow down, he has been featured on Vlad TV, Shot97, HipHopSince1987, Crunk Atlanta, Hype Magazine, Daddy's Hangout, Real Talk NY, Vibe, DatPiff Top 8, and more. Skroog MkDuk has made guest DJ appearances in Charlotte, Atlanta and San Antonio, and many more hosting private gatherings and thrilling party-goers with his gamechanging sounds.

DJ Skroog MkDuk is Cosigned by:

AD TPain O L N David Banner W O D EST T Kevin Gates A L Red Café THE PE A T Manolo Rose IX M Sy Ari Da Kid Maino Hotboy Turk MC Lyte Young Lyric: Lifetime Network, The Rap Game

Q & A with MO BEATZ

What got you into Hip Hop/Rap? I grew up listening to music... my pops, my sister and brother all use to be into music...

How would you describe yourself as an artist? As an artist I'm realistic.. I state facts of life.. my lifestyle and what I'm living. What led to your style of delivery and beatselection? My style is me ,, the way I talk,, the Beatz have to be different.. so I'm always trying to come with a different sound Do you select the beat for the rap or rap around the beat? I build off the beat.. the beat has to be the foundation and the words has to fit in the the spaces... How do you think you differ from other artists? I am Authentic and my Story is True. My DNA breeds music. The name Mo Beatz is alias as the Notorious Bang'n Beat Maker! I been cookin that "KRACK" for South Carolina Buzzworthy Underground Rappers. My grind, my sound and just being myself makes me different.. Being a producer 1st makes it easy for me to hear what should be on tracks.

What ‘s the most important item in your music collection? Important item is my keyboard. It all starts with sounds.. Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration? Jay-Z What’s the last track you listened to? My new single 4eva Who do you think the most influential artist in Hip-Hop is? Jay-Z What’s your guilty pleasure? Fine red women Who is the most influential artist now, and 10 years ago? Jay-Z Why is there so much feuding in the world of hip hop? Envy amongst the no business baring wanna be rappers aimed at the True Grind and on the flip side The lack of respect from the "Fake" artists towards the Respective Artists who won't get the Majority Media Hype or Huge Endorsements from not being willing to assume the "Actors Rap Role". I believe in my music and my Manager Timo James and we have no limits because we can accomplish all Business Ventures due to no "Budget" conflicts of interest.... "I'm Good" single off PaperBoy 3 "The Trilogy" The Mixtape/Album Droppin Top of September Fall' 2016 A lot of young fake dudes now. They just do whatever now and the people buy into it..

Is beefing in the industry healthy for the culture? As long as it remains in it's entirety of the competition nature it's Kool,because it's a form of Hip Hop

Nas claims "hip hop is dead" what is your opinion? Hop hip isn't dead, it just changed up a bit .. like having an old 69 Chevy Camoro as now the 2017 is more computerized... Lifestyles are different now.. so the music is different..

Even if Eminem made superior music to most of the mainstream hip hop world, does his skin color have to do with why he may not be considered one of the best? No nothing to do with color Do you think music that is enjoyed more for the beat or for the words, and why? Is America so superficial that the best lyrical artists are surpassed and outsold by generic mainstream artists? Yes

What is your opinion of Kanye West? Musical mastermind, or Dennis the Menance of the industry? I respect Kanye West he made his own lane and he stay the same.. regardless of what he's going to do him.. Is there any artist that is popular that you are sure you could take down? Yes why not The separation of male and female artist should it be divided? Yes - the definition of a rapper isn't gender based but automatically figure to be a male. What do you think of rappers promoting violence , drugs and guns in their music ? When it's not described as community awareness for example NWA or SELF DESTRUCTION, then it doesn't benefit the people! My story is real, my life is I don't glorify that type of message,instead I tell my Life Story for a Price because I was blessed enough Musically and Mentally to figure out how to profit from my situation and in return enable my life to evolve into a Powerful Positive Business. They promote it in the movies and TV shows. But that's not a problem with society.. rappers are just giving a story.

Last couple questions

Will Conscious Rap ever make a comeback? It never left, mainstream media took a vacation on Spreading The Social Consciousness Awareness, better yet the day & time of Era brings forth the Conscious Message back into the Mainstream Media

What type of artist are you? Well Rounded I'm all over the Music Highway.... You know how some rappers say I'm in my own lane,I'm across the Board. The example is I am a Street King that is very Popular, that automatically puts me in the "Pop" genre .




Prolific recording artist and battle rapper Illmaculate has announced that he has a new EP on the way. With a release date of August 15th, the Still Standing EP will arrive sooner than later and listeners can get an early taste of the project via the Bobby Bucher-assisted, Chase Moore-produced single "Excuses." The track is currently available on Illmac's soundcloud and the lyrics have been posted in the description as added bonus for the fans. Listen to "Excuses" below and make sure to grab the new EP when it drops in two weeks! @illmaculate @chasemooremusic @BobbyBucher667


Aki G Kalld Hailing from the DMV area, rapper AkinG Kalld Pedro surfs through this breezy Mr. Carmack production as he discusses the causes and effects of porn. AkinG Kalld Pedro’s “Afro-Brazil: Viva Sua Paixão” drops August 25th on all digital outlets.

Neisha Neshae After the release of her EP "5" earlier this year on Datpiff, Ypsilanti, MI native, Neisha Neshae (IG and Twitter: @neishaneshae) is back with Hip Hop Legend E40 for the Block Symfany (Twitter: @blocksymfany) produced "Don't Save Em".

Neisha Neshae has been gaining momentum all year and look for her to be making a BIG announcement soon....STAY TUNED!!!

As the second music video to appear since 18 year old Kyle Bent's debut album release with Denver's homegrown Made in the Shade Records, "Myself" follows a clear trend in adding a visionary and perspective-changing view to his music. As Boston's newest premier source of hip-hop, and following the inspired footsteps of artists like Joey Bada$$, Lupe Fiasco, and Chance the Rapper, Kyle's latest video aims to change the way people think about music and the world. KYLE BENT ONLINE Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

Sy Ari Da Kid & K Camp Sy Ari Da Kid + K Camp's latest collaboration titled, Julz. If you are online and/or familiar with Yes Julz, then you may catch on to this catchy hook. Produced by MajorMusicX & TEAUXNY.

Joker Too Cold 4 A.M. Freestyle Joker Too Cold warms us up with a new freestyle called "4 A.M." before the release of his new mixtape 'October 31st'. The production is handled by frequent collaborator Doughboy, who combines trap with live guitars to create an ill vibe. After bit of a hiatus, Joker is back to reassert himself as a force in the industry. On October 31st, Joker will be releasing another installment to his traditional Halloween mixtape-series, “Why So Serious? 3”! Stay locked! Twitter Links: @iAmTooCold @doughboybeatz Production Credits: Young Jeezy| Yo Gotti| Gucci Mane| Future| Lil Boosie| Juicy J| Waka Flocka| 8Ball & MJG| Shy Glizzy| Trina| K-Camp| Soulja Boy| Ace Hood| Bun B| B.G.| Plies| DJ Khaled| Crooked I| & more

CRUNKATLANTA MAGAZINE 1 Night U is an RnB/rap track, which can also be related to slow jams. With Swagga Jack, the track features Ronetho and Uno HD Swagga Jack - repping Miami and Fort Myers. Email: Facebook: Evans Baptiste (Swaggajack)

Jay Byrd - 2502Milli

Tangelica Dominae A super dreamer is the catalyst that mixes textures and genre with the electric sounds that stands out on top with global mainstream magic. This half breed native American from the Carolinas has what it takes in the Pop, Hip Hop arena with a touch of RnB, smooth rapper influence and dance pop music style. She embraces the very essence of dominating the music melodic from the lyrics she writes and sings. Dance hip hop is part of her music power that she pushes with creativity to capture the audiences on all levels. Her ambitious craft in the music style that she represents from her mentors Janet Nicki and Beyoncé is like no other. She is southern with a yang like no other. Key tracks in the album the Debut of Super Dream Catcher “Dream Come True”, “So Country Crazy” and “One Hundred G’s” are all the rave in the stores internationally. Press accomplishments with Spinnup of Universal and Tune Core have started a buzz. Tangelica works hard at building a fan base from the bottom up Radio airplay is a challenge, but luckily the back up from Coast 2 Coast Live is here in the forefront. Videos Interviews photoshoots are in the works. ………………………………………. For more information, Spotify, Tidal, iHeart, Googleplay, Amazon



Name: Keyzus Home: Harrisburg, PA Location: Los Angeles, CA Album Title: ANKHEART Release Date: 8.15.16 Social Media: @KeyzDaDon Album Webpage: ANKHEART ALBUM Soundcloud Link: ANKHEART ON SOUNDCLOUD

Ankheart is Keyzus' sophmore follow-up to his debut project "Lucid Dreaming". The name Ankheart is a representation of Life(Ankh) and Love(Heart). Ankheart is Keyzus' expression that in order to survive, no matter what, we must continue to spread Life and Love. It is also a reminder that sometimes these things come at a cost.

As excpected, this project is fully produced, written, performed and mixed by Keyz Da Don himself. Prepare yourself for a journey from the darkness into the light, an awakening of sorts. If you've ever been in the presence of Keyz then you already know the light being he is. Regardless, close your two and open your third. Now, vibe...




Artist: Henny B (@Hennybdgaf) CassoBvndz (@CVSSOBVNDZ) City: Chicago/New Orleans The goddess & The demon collab once again on Ca$h... soundcloud: yb/cah

Indie Knox Birdie ft. French Montana Harlem, NY – August 29, 2016 – As another week sets off Indie Knox delivers a gift in the form of Birdie featuring a verse from French Montana. Both NY natives boast about being the best the city has to offer. Indie Knox states she is the "best out of the east since Remy." Birdie delivers a barrage of aggressive party lines backed by a dark, bass-y heavily laid with bells beat; sure to have you out your seat. This club banger is sure to have all of the 'birdies" nationwide shaking their tail feathers. Indie Knox follows up the success of Circles with Birdie leaving us to wonder what she has in store for us next. In the meantime however turn this up!!!!!


"These are fire" – DJ Skroog Mkduk

DJ Skroog Mkduk Sneaker Sunday "Air Jordan 7 Retro" Release Date: 8/6/2016




Italyaa Dailey IG: italyaa_dailey Twitter: _italyuhhhh_ Age: 25




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Mercedes Ashley is a professional adult entertainer that has been featured in over 180 adult films and has been featured in popular magazines such as Penthouse, Gents, Club International, Hustler, Black Tail and Black Gold Magazine. This aggressive hot-blooded Puerto Rican woman hit the adult industry by storm giving the industry a new taste of lively, hot, dominant sex scenes. To find out more about Mercedes Ashley, feel free to drop her a line and visit her websites or simply type her name in any major search engine and you will find all her movies and her fanatical XXX adult film career will speak for themselves. Not only is she a talented film star, by day she is also a notorious website developer, graphic artist & IT specialist. The woman is the epitome of a triple threat, possessing beauty, intelligence and talent. Compared to other women, knowing her will be an enlightening experience that cannot be duplicated. You can’t get anymore woman than Mercedes.


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