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Capturing adventure and immortalizing the beautiful is the fuel for Adrian’s artistic fire. With a knapsack on his back, a camera around his neck, and his feet on a skateboard, He illustrates and photographs people and places that inspire and stimulate astonishing moments, from every corner of the world. How to do what he does? Go travel, go experience, go live. By Laurie Cassagnes.

Adrian! Can you talk a little about where you grew up and when you got into art and more especially photography? I grew up in Australia on the Gold Coast, well known for its amazing surf and perfect weather, so I spent a lot of time outdoors exploring which I guess lead to my passion for travelling and adventuring later on. My interest in Photography came from travelling; I became obsessed with trying to capture the beautiful and interesting places and situations that I discovered around me. With art and illustration it is something that I have always been doing since i was a child; I have loved drawing for as long as I can remember. What drew you to life as a photographer? Travelling! Skating, exploring, cultures, interesting people, beautiful places… All the things that need to be shared! Can you share what visually appeals to you as a photographer and why you shoot what you shoot?
I am drawn to images that create a feeling or atmosphere of a place or a moment. Something that feels totally true and real to the moment, something very organic. These images are the most interesting for me. What advice would you offer to photographers that would like to get into lifestyle photography? Live! Travel the world, meet interesting people, explore… Be inspired by your surroundings. It is hard to understand what to capture if you have not experienced it yourself. I know you travel a lot. Where were you in the world? On how many continents have you laid your feet on? 
I have been to every continent except for South America! (and Antarctica). I first started travelling around Southeast Asia many times (Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Hong Kong) spent some time in Japan also. I have travelled in India a few times and spent some time in Sri Lanka… also apart from that I have spent the last few years back and forth travelling around many places in Europe and also down to Morocco. I have lived in England, Italy, Portugal and Turkey and recently lived in New York for a few months and travelled around America in a van. Currently I am living in London! Hopefully I will continue to travel and learn and gain new experiences. How do you feel when you travel when you leave your hometown? Do you take the travel as a break or a new adventure? Everything is always a new adventure I guess, I haven’t lived in my hometown for 7 years now, so it is nice to go home, but also good to keep everything

fresh and new at the same time. Can you explain why you choose Mowgli ?
People started to call me Mowgli because I look a lot like Mowgli from the Jungle book and I have a crazy love for animals. I guess it suits my passion for exploring and adventure aswell so I thought it was the most fitting name to use for myself! Which aspects of surfing, skating, travelling and lifestyle do you try and capture through your photographs? I think all of these things have a sense of freedom and creativity that is an important part to try and capture as a part of the lifestyle. Do you skate or surf? Your favourite tricks/spot? 
I grew up skating and I can surf but I am really bad! My two favourite surf spots are in Morocco and Sri Lanka but they are secret spots don’t want to give it away! We talk about photography, lifestyle and boardculture. Beside all of this, there is another part of culture… I know you love drawing/ painting on the paper/walls… Can you explain your graphic illustrations/your way to draw? My drawings I guess are a way of expressing a more light hearted and fun side of my brain, everything I draw tends to be quite twisted and quirky.. i like to try and make people feel happy and less serious when seeing something i have drawn or painted on a wall. Is there a link between photography, boardculture and art? In your work too?
Of course! Alot of my drawings and photos are influenced by boardculture, from graphics I see, videos, magazines.. certain things that are visually connected to Boardculture influence the images and art that I create. To close this conversation what is on your MP3 in this moment ? Your favourite band or music ? Right now I am listening to Teebs but also have been listening alot to The Holydrug Couple and Mulatu Astatke… Three very differents but chilled! Beats, Psychadelic and Ethiopian Jazz! Where do you hope to take your talents in the future?
I would like to just keep travelling and learning, taking photos and creating art and improving what I do and how to do it. I would love to be involved in a project where I am able to use my skills to benefit others in another country that I have visited. I have a really exciting project like this that I have already pitched coming up in the next year which is exciting so you have to stay tuned for that !

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