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focus on the World tour to compete on the highest level. You even had the chance to sign your own Pro Model: The Pablo Prieto Arin pro Model. Tell us about that. How did you work on it, design and technologies wise ? Throughout your Bodyboarding career you enter many events, that can be forgotten quickly. Being able to design my own Signature Model is something very special to me as a reflection to my achievements. I have been riding with Arin for 6 years now. And the relationship I have with the Shaper and owner of the brand is incredible. We work on different materials depending on the type of wave and water temperature trying to increase the performance of the riders. I had a variety of boards prior of being of Arin. I had a good idea of what kind of boards I liked in terms of shape and dimensions. It was friend Amaury Laverne ,French rider from Reunion Island and 2010 IBA Word Champin Amaury Laverne who helped me finding the final dimensions of an all round board that should suit the kind of waves I identify my surfing the most You did a lot of competitions, which one marks your memory the most and why ? I think those done on local territory are very special due to the support you see on the beach. The actual waves play a big role as well though. The “Margara Big Wave Challenge Invitational” in Puerto Rico was one of my favourite events. I just love that place, the people and the waves. Being an invitational event and not part of the World Tour changed the attitude and atmosphere entirely. Friendship in incredible waves with only a few people out, combined with a good result ( 2nd ) is definitely one of my best memories. Big Hallo to all my friends From Puerto Rico. Your best wave ? The best wave is always at home. No matter how good it gets it will be the one where you have experienced the most and shared good moments amongst your friends. You’ve also travelled a lot, how many continents did you lay your feet on, how many miles have you been through? (approximately !) Wow, made me count now….. North and South America, Australia, Asia, Afrika and Europe. Miles? that I could really not tell you ! I would definitely say that if I have had my frequent flyer cards on me at all times, I would be considered a very good customer. A destination, or a culture that you felt the closest to ? I am a mix of cultures myself and have always felt comfortable with cultures that have had many foreign influences in their past .On the other hand every place has so many incredible things to offer that are so unique and not found elsewhere. I still have a lot to discover but once again Puerto Rico is one of those places I felt like at home. It has the latin, the island live-style I am used to and a great passion for the ocean, light-life…..

I heard that you created your own surf camps, what were your motivations ? I have worked as a Surf Instructer within Surfcamps since the age of 17. Every Summer between school or University I spent my time in the South of France, Moliets to teach Surfing and Bodyboarding. I love the sport, the people you meet and the lifestyle. Whilst in University I met my 2 best Friends and business partners Joe and Sami who also follow the passion for the sport. We had similar ideas on how we would like our future to be, and after 4 years we still live together working hard every day and enjoying what we do. Of course there is learning how to surf, skate, bodyboard… but there are also cultural excursions organised in big cites close to the camps, and party… Can you explain the goals you set to achieve thanks to those activities ? I guess we try to teach the lifestyle of surfing that surrounds the sport as much as the technical part of it. Travelling and meeting people from around the world who share the same passion is just part of it. Most people who come to visit us come back and develop their skills and passion for travelling visiting us in Indonesia, Morocco and on Fuerteventura. I’ve heard the lessons your surf camps give are one of the best ? How do you explain that ? That is very nice to hear, thank you. I believe in having teachers who love what they do. These have been in the sport for many years, travelled the world and many of them have also competed on international level. They love to be in the water helping until they see the satisfaction and excitement of their students first waves. The students motivation and excitement is a reflection of the Instructor. Thanks boys. What are your upcoming projects in the next few months ? We have been working really hard on our current projects. Bali, Morroco and Fuerteventura are our new destinations and we hope to be able to deliver the same quality we have been delivering in France so far. Is there something or someone you wish to talk about ? I would like everyone who has not done the sport to try it. Find the time to escape from routine and find a passion. Going surfing will always make you smile and forget about problems.

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