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He makes average waves look good, he makes powerful waves look soft and impossible tube time look easy. Everything is second nature to him. Half German, half Canarian, globe-trotter … Considering the way we want to speak about the boardculture in Crumb, it appeared as an evidence to us to interview Pablo Prieto for first in Water section and that he makes us share his experiences. By Laurie Cassagnes.

Hey Pablo! Where are you in the world today? Hi, I am in Fuerteventura at this moment. I live in a little apartment in the north of the island. Can you present yourself briefly for the people who might not know you? That is one of those questions no one knows what to say… Well my name is Pablo and I am half german and half spanish. I have grown up most of my life in the canary Islands, Tenerife. I Studied Marketing in England and after University I started up Star Surf Camps together with 2 friends. I love travelling and the ocean and really enjoying photography lately as well. When did you slip on the bodyboard for the first time and where did that need come from ? When I was living in Germany ( age 4 -9) I have always dreamt of Surfing. I think my older brother got me into that thought. When we moved to Tenerife the first thing me and my brother wanted to do is surfing, but there was

only enough money for a Bodyboard and many of the local kids where into bodyboarding. It is a very big sport in the Canary islands and considered one of the best places in the world to practice this sport due to its incredible type of waves. The final Event of The IBA word tour is also hold here. The Fronton Pro. The sensations the sport gives you on so many ways was more than enough to fall in love with the ocean and the sport. When did you start bodyboarding professionally? My first contest was at the age of thirteen. After that point everything happened fairly quickly. Meeting others on a same level provides you with the motivation to improve quickly. With the age of six I entered the German National Team and started to challenge myself to compete on European level. I was still at school at this point and my studies have always been a priority. Once I finished I had more time to

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