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After having scored a 9.97 out of 10 at one of the most feared waves, Pipeline in Hawaii, Nic Von Rupp is one of the biggest hopes in European surfing. Traveller, passionate by surf videos and famous for his colourful wetsuits, he will be one of the ones to watch in 2013. By Laurie Cassagnes.  

Nic ! After cover thousands of kilometres and overcome jet lag, where are you today? Hey, I’ve been all over this week. I was in Western Australia at the start of the week, and now in Bali. Can you present yourself for the people who might not know you ? My name is Nic von Rupp. I’m a 22 year old, German Portuguese Pro surfer. I was born in Lisbon Portugal with a German father and Swiss Portuguese mother. My life consists of chasing the world Tour of surfing and filming the best biggest waves our world has to offer. When did you start to chase the waves for the first time and where did that need come from ? I grew up on the beach. As a highly active kid I was always having fun in the waves with skimboards, bodyboards, until time came where I stepped up to the real deal. I must have been around 9 when i started getting into surfing. That was it, my first love, never looked back ever since. You’re only 22…When did you start surfing professionally ? Surfing professionally starts around age 15; at that age you’re already competing internationally against the best in the world in your age group. There is some pay checks involved straight away, but I only really felt professional at 17 when I got 5th in the World Juniors in Australia. You are famous too for your beautiful/colourful wetsuits … Ah my wetsuits! Last year Nike gave us the chance to choose the colours of our wetsuits. I did get a little excited and accidentally put all fluoro colours on all the wetsuits. It was alright for carnival time, but I had to surf in it all year. I do have to admit it was an embarrassing year of surfing … Aha! You even had the chance to sign with big brands as Hurley, Nike, Monster energy… Hurley is owned by Nike, it’s great to have the greatest sports brand involved in our sport. It really has pushed surfing to the next level. Which one of all competitions you did marks your memory the most and why ? Probably 2009 market me the most so far, it was the


year I was finishing school and I really stepped it up for the first time on an international stage. It was like from being an average school boy to becoming 2nd in the European Pro junior tour and then becoming 5th at the World Juniors against the best in the world. Good memories… Your best wave ? Probably this year at the most feared Pipeline in Hawaii, I got a 9.97 score out of 10 in one of the most dangerous waves in the world. On the internet we can more watch you than read you. Do you prefer to appear in video to talk about and show what you do ? Surfing as the interesting visual side that the surfing community really enjoys watching videos of their favourite surfers giving their best moves. That’s why I do a lot of videos. Do you spend all your time to search for the most beautiful waves or you sometimes try to challenge the snow, the wind or the tar ? I go wherever the waves are, if its 10ft snow or 50º tropics. I don’t care; I just want the best waves possible. I like to ask one thing. How many continents did you lay your feet on and which culture that you felt the closest to? I don’t know, it’s been 10 years non stop travelling. But what I can say is I lay feet on every continent at least 1 time a year. I feel blessed to have the life I have I’ve got friends like family in a lot of places that I go to, so I would say those places are where i feel the most comfortable Between two destinations, what do you do? What type of music or artist do you listen ? I read books, Facebook, I listen to music …I like everything, house music, rap, groovy stuff, rock… What are your upcoming projects in the next few months ? I am filming for 5episodes of ”My Road” around the World! What are your objectives for 2013 in terms of results ? Win some some big WQS Events !

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