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Photo: ricochetdesign.qc.ca

Photo: ricochetdesign.qc.ca

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• New cruise terminal (Free WiFi internet access): built in 2013 the terminal is a deployment center for train and bus excursions and shuttle bus service to downtown. It also houses the tourist information center • Internet stations • Bicycle rental • Marina bar and café (Free WiFi internet access) • Cruise terminal is 1 kilometre (0.5 miles) walking distance from downtown Gaspé

• Port is certified ISPS • Secure anchorage position: - Latitude: 48o50’N - Longitude: 64o27’W • Many safe anchoring points are indicated on the Canadian Hydrographic Services charts #4416 & #4485 • Minimum depth of anchorage: 15 meters (49 feet) • Type of bottom: Sand, clay, no rocks • Dominant winds: east/west, average 12 to 18 knots • General slope of bottom: No major slope Even bottom • Tidal movement: 1,9 meters (6.2 feet) • Pilot upon request • Distance to tender landing dock: 1 kilometre (0.5 miles) • Linemen on site

Stéphane Ste-Croix Executive Director Port Security Officer M: 418 360 7385 chef@escalegaspesie.ca

Lise Nadeau Manager, Shore Operations M: 418 360 7497 info@escalegaspesie.ca

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise The St. Lawrence

DOCK CHARACTERISTICS • Floating docks: 45.7 meters (150 feet) • 5 tender berths • Minimum depth of water at tender dock: 5 meters (16.4 feet) • Molded polystyrene fenders all along dock • Standard pegs • Two gangways leading to shore (wheelchair accessible)


2-8, rue de la Marina Gaspé, Quebec G4X 3B1 Canada

In the Gaspé, we love to play outdoors! Must-see and do attractions in our natural wonderland WELCOME ABOARD!

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise The St. Lawrence

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise The St. Lawrence

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise The St. Lawrence

Photo: Eric Lindberg

Photo: Mathieu Dupuis, Cruise The St. Lawrence

Photo: Sonia Landry


Graphic design : Ghislaine Roy

Spectacular at every turn! Board L’Amiral tourist train at Gaspé’s new cruise terminal and embark on a breathtaking 48 kilometres (30 miles) coastal journey. The sea… majestic, shimmering blue green water right outside your window. Let the raw beauty of the surrounding nature fill your senses. Gaspé Bay, the cliffs of Forillon National Park, the sandbar at Malbaie and legendary Percé Rock merge into an outstanding panorama that can be viewed from the comfort of your seat. So sit back and enjoy the view!

INITIATIVES COMPLETED • Cruise terminal: Construction of an intermodal station designed to welcome a mix of cruise ship, rail and marina traffic. Multipurpose facility designed to provide visitor information services. Investment: $7 million • L’Amiral tourist train: New tourist train service designed to accommodate 225 passengers on route to Percé from Gaspé’s cruise terminal. New reception area for train passengers at Corner-of-the-Beach and new train station at L’Anse-à-Beaufils. Investment: $2,5 million • Upgrade of several tourism facilities in the Greater Gaspé area: $1,2 million • Construction of The Builder’s Circuit in Chandler; a historic journey from French regime era to the closure of the Gaspésia pulp mill. It is an open-air museum with hiking and biking trails crossing through it: Investment $6,7 million



Percé itself is an awe-inspiring marriage of sea and mountains that stands out as one of Québec’s natural wonders. Its famous Percé Rock is a haunting limestone formation that rises out of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. It is one of the largest and most spectacular natural arches in the world and a proud testament to Gaspésie’s geological heritage.

• Cradle of Canada tourist site: A recreation of a not so distant past in the heart of Gaspé when it was a duty-free port with shipping as the primary economic activity with 40 to 50 ships docking annually. Investment: $16 million


• Penouille Peninsula: A sandy spit of land in the Bay of Gaspé, bordered by a beautiful beach that is popular for swimming, walking, or just relaxing. Aims to provide top quality recreational and educational activities where visitors will find:

On Bonaventure Island, visitors can walk to one of the world’s largest and most accessible Northern Gannet colony. While over 250,000 seabirds of various species call the island home, the nesting colony of gannets is certainly the highlight of the tour. With a population of 120,000 adults, it is a unique spectacle and a sight you will NEVER forget.

FORILLON NATIONAL PARK OF CANADA: AN INVITATION TO LAND’S END! The Park’s shores and mountain tops boast some of the most breathtaking scenery in all of Eastern Canada. Majestic landscapes cover a 244 square kilometre (94 square mile) area. Here, where the land meets the sea, are born dizzying cliffs, picturesque coves, rocky capes as well as beautiful sand and pebble beaches.

GRANDE-GRAVE HERITAGE SITE The mark humans have left on the Forillon landscape speaks of how closely their lifestyle was attuned to the natural environment. Hyman and Sons’ General Store and a fishermanfarmer homestead recount the history of the people who once settled this rugged coast and bear witness to the commercial and industrial activity of this bygone fishing village.

CAP-BON-AMI (seabird observation site) Probably the most impressive and popular lookout point in all of Forillon National Park, the Cap-Bon-Ami sea cliffs are quite simply breathtaking to behold. With walls reaching heights of up to 200 metres (650 feet) above sea level, these limestone cliffs rise up as veritable fortresses from the Gulf waters. In addition to being home to Eastern Canada’s largest Black-legged Kittiwake colony (over 10,000 nesting pairs), these cliffs are also home to numerous other seabirds and are present in the cliffs between early spring and late summer, attracted by the multitude of nesting sites and the abundance of food found in the surrounding waters. The Cap-Bon-Ami lookout point is also an ideal spot to observe seals and whales.

- Salt marsh (a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, and fish) - Marine ecosystem (a nursery teeming with life) - Archeological heritage site Accessible by tender where guests can explore at their leisure by renting electric bicycles, Quadcycles or taking the shuttle which tours the peninsula. Investment: $5.3 million • Development of a major recreational tourism geopark in Percé: $7,7 million

GASPÉ IS THE MAIN CITY AT STOPOVER With some 150 kilometres (93 miles) of shoreline open to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Gaspé is definitely one of the most maritime cities in the province of Québec. Gaspé’s magnificent salt water bay is ideal for sailing and kayaking and has some of the most beautiful sand and pebble beaches in all of Quebec. Gaspé also boasts three world-class salmon rivers, all within a 15 minute from drive from downtown. The famous York, the crystal clear St-Jean or the mysterious Dartmouth offer an unforgettable fly fishing experience for every salmon angler. • Maritime service & product provider: Chantier Naval Forillon Shipyard • Marine equipment & supplies stores in Gaspé area

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Gaspé port of call  

Must-see and do attractions in our natural wonderland

Gaspé port of call  

Must-see and do attractions in our natural wonderland