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Why you need Cruise Travel Insurance Our holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment; not one of stress and chaos. This is especially true on cruises as some of the sights and exotic places we visit are very much designed to take the strains of everyday life off our mind. However it is not always the case that we get a stress free holiday and with cruise travel insurance you can at least guarantee that, if you are inconvenienced, you can be compensated. Given the expensive nature of cruise, it is very important that you have cruise insurance to cover any and all possible problems that could occur down the line. In fact, many people book their cruises holidays well in advance (sometimes up to a year) so the remote possibility that your cruise liner could encounter financial difficulties and go bust is a real one; hence why cruise insurance is highly recommended. With cruise travel insurance you get covered for the following possible disruptions to your break away: lost luggage, delayed flights, one of your travelling party cancelling and being unable to board the cruise because of illness. The chances of any of these happening are usually quite slim however it is not impossible and, with cruise insurance, it is always best to be properly covered. With cruise travel insurance you can also get covered for a wide range of disruptions or events that may disturb your peaceful break away: Baggage – Sometimes bags do go missing and with proper insurance you can have the expense of it being delivered to the next port covered as well as receiving compensation in the unlikely event that it is permanently lost. Medical expenses – Should you have to see a doctor or receive professional medical help during your cruise holiday then insurance will cover the medical bills.

Trip Cancellation – If you find out that you cannot attend the cruise then a good insurance policy will make sure you get your money refunded and this is the same should the cruise itself be cancelled. Delays – Unfortunately delays do sometimes occur but with proper cruise travel insurance you will be refunded for any days lost due to mechanical or logistic problems. It is important to remember that many insurance policies will only protect the policy holder and not the entire travelling party; so they will have to get their own individual policies. That being said, many policies will extended their cover to children under the age of 17 if they are travelling with you and this often comes at no extra charge. Hopefully there will be no disruptions to your dream cruise holiday however this is not always avoidable. Lost baggage, illness, delays and bad weather are just some possible inconveniences. Although they are rare and infrequent it is not advisable to go on a cruise without proper cruise travel insurance and, while it may seem like an unnecessary expense at the time, it could end up saving you a lot of money and hassle in the future. For more informative Cruise Articles please visit

Why you need Cruise Travel Insurance