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Recyclers’ pompom grabs world record Fashonistas broke a world record by creating a giant pompom to raise awareness of recycling. The huge 5ft 5in high creation took volunteers a week to make. Passers-by in Jubilee Square, Brighton, stopped to stare at the pompom, which was 12ft 6in wide and was put together as part of Brighton Fashion Week. The idea was funded by a grant from the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufacturers and Commerce to promote the creative reuse of fashion and textiles. The creation smashed the previous Guinness World Record, which measured 4ft high and 10ft 8in wide. The pompom will now be taken to a recycling plant where it will be broken down into natural fibres and spun into a giant ball of yarn which will eventually be used to make socks and the insides of jackets.

A giant pompom was created to raise awareness of recycling

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Shown above right to left are Liz Bishop and Eddie Hecht from Brighton Fashion Week with business excellence awards assessor Clive Bonny from the Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce who supported the World Record SELF MADE CREATIVE CLOTHING

Innovative learning to develop sustainable enterprise and entrepreneurship skills in young people Project co-ordinator Clive Bonny tele 01273 308865 mob 07973 799153 Sponsored by The Royal Society of Arts Manufactures and Commerce ENTERPRISE AIMS This is a Catalyst programme of several mutually supporting projects to stimulate the creative flair in young persons and learners of all ages. It will develop innovation and enterprise skills using low cost accessible clothing materials and other associated recycled resources. The short term aim is to give small teams with a common purpose the opportunity and confidence to use their innovation and design capabilities to set up an imaginative project requiring few resources to create interesting and sustainable outcomes. It will encourage a move away from disposable fashion and show how to develop self-made creative designs. In the medium term those engaged will further develop their skills in teamwork, hand-made manufacturing, fashion marketing, selling, presenting, public speaking, winning business sponsors, community engagement, project management, peer group coaching, fund management, and entrepreneurship skills. In the longer term these skills can be readily translated into the forming and development of sustainable social enterprises. Some teams may wish to transform their projects into ongoing concerns for charity fund-raising or local enterprises with business sponsors. GIVING CHOICE Teams can choose how to use different materials and resources to recycle clothes and other associated materials into alternative products and different uses. Choice of what and how products are developed is delegated to the teams to allow innovation and ensure ownership. Materials can be refashioned and recycled into similar uses or very different products. Teams may wish to develop their products through co-operation, competition, or “co-opetion� (a friendly mix of both). Refashioned items can include hats, scarves, skirts, waistcoats, purses, bags, T shirts, bracelets, hair and wrist bands, patchwork quilts, sleeping bags, graffiti wall covers, etc. ACTION LEARNING Teams will initially learn from themselves with the light touch guidance of an onsite teacher or mentor. They have access to other project teams and external volunteers who have specialist knowledge in fashion, design, pattern-making and business. Mutual support and skill sharing is encouraged. Learning areas can include pattern-making, design and technology for end-to-end product cycling from design to sale or wear. Self-directed engagement will enhance learning to learn. These projects give freedom to learn within a broad framework of choices. START-UP RESOURCES Adult enterprises which have grown into global brands have usually started with very little resources. Our initial early adopter pathfinders are being given small grants to buy materials and kit. We wish to encourage additional teams forming with clothes and other accessories obtained from any local sources including friends, family, charities, local recycling businesses and retailers. Further RSA funding may then become available for those who wish to develop sustainable enterprises.

PR Argus pom pom  

the pompom, which was 12ft 6in wide and was put together as part of Brighton Fashion Week. The creation smashed the previous Guinness World...

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