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In this first issue of CRU we are excited to dig deeper into the artists featured on our very first compilation. We get to learn some of their 1) history 2) influences 3) what others are saying about them and 4) future things to come. This collaboration is at the heart of what Le Grand Cru is about. We are surrounded by incredible artists and we want to put the spotlight on them. Sometimes a project comes out of our growing connections, we then use that publicity/funds towards needs we see here at home or far away. This first issue & compilation shows an incredible CRU. We want to thank Kaylynn (shot the trailer), VANJA. (shot the cover) and new comer to Le Grand Cru’s design team Brian Lambert (designed half of this issue). Your skills have made this look beautiful and a joy to work on. NO THEFT & Mdot

PICKWICK Photo: Kristen Tourtillotte

Pickwick was formed in 2008 when singer Galen Disston left Los Angeles and relocated to Seattle, Washington. Originally an alt-country group, Pickwick spent the following two years trying to establish themselves in the Seattle Folk scene. Amidst a barrage of similarly-minded artists, the band struggled to connect with audiences and was on the verge of disintegration. Around that time Disston heard Sam Cooke's classic, "A Change is Gonna Come." Floored by the poignance of Cooke's voice, the band began experimenting with music that would allow Disston the same kind of vocal freedom. It was not long before the band had completely revamped their sound. Raised on the rhythm sections of indie rock staples such as Spoon & The Walkmen,

this new undertaking led the members of the band to dive deep into the catalogs of the Stax and Motown labels. By combining these two seemly different points of reference, Pickwick was able to cultivate a sound that was more organic and unique to the six members that compose the band. As a nod to music from the past as well as their own love of vinyl recordings, Pickwick has begun to release their music through a series of 45's that are also available via digital download. The band is currently working on writing material for their debut full-length album, expected to be released in 2012.



Myths Vol. 2

Current Album/Single

Strange Like We Are


Connect twitter: @campfireok

ADAM PASION Photo by: Jennifer Young

Adam Pasion writes alt-country / folk tunes that sound like they should have come straight from the days of western scenes and old stomp/clap tent revivals. For over a decade now he has toured the states on his own as well as frontman for the band Briertone. His dynamic performances draw tenderness & urgency to every song, exposing stories of frailty, lessons learned, & the redemption that makes keeping those subject materials constructive. Through these songs Adam is able to emphasize the spiritual nature in humanity and its fulfillment. After touring solo a couple times last year Adam has begun recording new songs he was testing and

writing on the road. The new material is more stripped down than his first solo record O Hear the Rattling. He really pulls out his unique guitar tunings to the forefront and is cleverly matched by the swirling picking banjo accents by Elijah Merritt who also joins in harmonies. Content wise Adam digs deep from patriarchs/prophets he admires to a lovely song ‘1989’ about his wife. Details for the release of his next solo album to be revealed later this year. The song “Grow” that Adam contributed was also featured in the trailer for the Japan Compilation

ADAMPASION.COM O Hear the Rattling!


o say that Keith Tutt II is a cello virtuoso is an understatement. Born and raised in southern California, Keith began playing at age three. By the age of seven, he was studying with world renowned National Cello Institute founder Richard Mooney. He expanded his list of instruments to include the bass, piano, guitar, sax, and drums and others. His motto is “show me a scale, I’ll play you a song.”

It doesn’t take long to recognize Tutt’s talent and recording artists have certainly taken notice. Tutt has recorded with the likes of Switchfoot, Jon Foreman, Brooke Fraser, Kina Grannis, Tyrone Wells, and a host of others. and has appeared in McDonald’s commercials with Destiny’s Child. Along with the afore mentioned, Tutt has accompanied a wide range of artists, including Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine, Alice In Chains, Extreme, Cypress Hill. A further display of his varied Ability, He has played internationally and has donated his time and talent for multiple charitable organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, The Life Rolls On Foundation and Care House. Tutt’s mission is to lift people beyond the things of this world: “I’ve always known that music was just the start of what I was supposed to do because of how it connects with people. It blurs the lines that divide people and I’ve always been determined to use music to lift people up.” With one listen, there can be no doubt that he’s fulfilling his mission. twitter: @keithtuttii

LEMOLO Photo: James Bailey

Lemolo is a dream-pop duo from Seattle, WA. The band is comprised of Meagan Grandall on vocals, guitar & keyboard & Kendra Cox on drums & keyboard. “The energy these two produce live is a force to be reckoned with,” according to Victoria Van Bruinisse of Three Imaginary Girls, and Abbey Simmons of Sound on the Sound adds that Lemolo leaves the listener “aching for more.” Along with playing shows in the Seattle area, the duo is currently working on recording their first full length album which they plan on releasing in the fall of 2011. While the pair has only been performing as a duo since early 2010

The Singles Record

Loung Light

they have released one EP, Lounge Light, and one double-single, The Singles Record, and are “rapidly gaining attention from their latest release,” writes Leigh Bezezekoff of KEXP 90.3 FM. Lemolo has also played sold out Seattle stages such as Neumos and the Showbox, and have had one of their songs featured as the “Podcast Song of the Day” on KEXP. According to Chris Kornelius of the Seattle Weekly, “What we’ve heard thus far are some of the most promising expansions on the pretty sounds that have dominated the local zeitgeist. And we are ready to be wowed by what comes next.”

RELIEF PROGRESSIONS It took 5-6 trial versions for us to get the relief we liked the most. When I had happened upon this relief idea I had used a beet that was on its final days so it was more pliable with a better result. For these we used fresh beets that were still very firm, we had to resort to making numerous cuts into the beet to get any juice out of them. The #6 is the relief captured in our trailer.









Le Wrens has been a band for about two years now. We started out a brother sister duo, Elizabeth Gundersen (guitar and vocals) and Jonathan Gundersen (drums, vocals, and harmanica). About a half a year latter Kale Lotton (Bass) Joined the band and we recorded our first album, "Dear Emily," In Bellingham with Tim McHugh,

Art work by Jessica McClain. Abigail Gundersen (violin and vocals) had been playing with us off and on since the start of the band but she officially joined just last March. So we have been playing as a full band for two months. We love playing music and we are so happy we get to share are music with you.



Current Work

Current Album

The River Empires


PABLO TRUCKER Photo: Rosemary Wagner

Pablo Trucker (Seattle, WA) is a 3 piece americana/rock band that has a knack for incorporating soulful, minimalist, garage rock in to their raw, rootsy sound. It's no secret that Seattle has been home to a major revival in alt-country and americana music in recent years, and although Pablo Trucker crosses in to that territory occasionally, there is much more to the band's sound. Influences range from soul greats like Otis Redding and Bill Withers to indie rock giants Built To Spill and Spoon. Even cult slowcore pioneers Bedhead, as well as American rock kings Neil Young and Tom Petty are significant influences. Band members Brian Wagner (guitar, vocals), Andrew Rudd (drums, vocals) and Kory Kruckenberg (bass) have been working hard to perfect an extremely dynamic live performance that draws audiences in with tense, spacious moments, as well as surprising many with a sound that is often said to be much bigger than just a 3 piece band. Although bass player Kory Kruckenberg owns a recording studio (VU.recording - J. Tillman, Damien Jurado, The Maldives, Rocky Votolato,

Rosie Thomas), Pablo Trucker has taken a different approach to making records. Minimalism is king in these situations. Recording an EP in the early part of 2010, the band decided to not only record a live mix to 4-track cassette (that's right...Tascam 424!), but they also chose to record the session in one evening in a working Seattle art space called The Gossamer Collective. The Gossamer Session EP is the result. Currently working on a full length record, the band once again chose to use a non-traditional approach, spending four days tracking in an airplane hangar on San Juan island, in the Puget Sound. Again, minimalism in recording technique was a big part of the session, recording all basic tracks (drums, bass and guitar) live to an 8-track Tascam reel to reel. No punching in to fix mistakes here...we're leaving them in. What you will hear on this record are live takes of this incredibly tight band playing together in a room, with minimal overdubs added here and there. Pablo Trucker is taking a very old school, even guerrilla style approach to making records, but what you get in the end is the raw sound and feel of a band that plays extremely well together.


Christmas Vol. 1


Garage Voice is reinterpreting gospel music, placing it's moods and message at the heart of a unique blend of rock, hip-hop and baroque. Whether singing in unison or in jagged interjections, their collective passion captivates. Although the Seattle trio plays vocally-driven songs, the members are strong instrumentalists. The music's tension between the simple and complex reflects their status as refined song-smiths, and gritty, energetic performers. Bruce Pearson switches between screeching Hammond organ

passages and playing bass like a lead guitarist. Tommy Panigot brings classical guitar techniques to his electric, often making it sound like two instruments. Patrick Toney walks the line between jazz and rock drumming with finesse, but with enough attack to propel a hip-hop conviction. "Loud As Your Miracles", featured on Le Grand Cru's Japan Compilation, is from the band's recent EP, Live at the Tractor.


Live at The Tractor

Freeze & Thaw


This issue looks at the artists who made the Japan Compilation possible. All proceeds were given to Direct Relief in bringing aid relief to...

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