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Review: Brooke Fraser 'Flags' tour By Guest Created 01/11/2010 - 14:22 I think I should start off with a sort of disclaimer: I'm almost 100% in love with Brooke Fraser so negativity won't be a featuring in this article, writes Katherine Ralph of Logan Park High School. I'm sorry for the bias attributed to this infatuation. Thank you. The show began at 8.00pm sharp at the magnificent Dunedin Town Hall (October 26). My company and I managed to attain front row seats so we were in prime position. Opening for Brooke was young Kiwi songbird, Lydia Cole. The 22 year-old has been song-writing for nine years and her talent is undeniable. I first heard her music after a chance download off iTunes and having loved it, was anticipating a great performance. Hearing her live was a whole new experience. It is rare that an artist will exceed the sound they manage to produce on a recorded track but Lydia Cole certainly did just that. Quirky and fresh, she and her gifted accompaniment Sam had the audience appreciating every moment. Her voice had a purity that was extremely pleasing to the ear and off notes were a rarity if an occurrence at all. After her performance I had the pleasure to meet her and had a photo taken. Her modesty was refreshing and although reserved in nature was very obliging and open to conversation.

Overall, the fact that I was inspired enough to buy her EP speaks wonders. After Lydia's beautiful performance there was an interval during which the tension rose and the Hall was thick with anticipation. The lights dimmed and Brooke's band entered onto the stage and got into position. To add to the already tight atmosphere, dry ice had created a smoky effect and the room was hushed in silent excitement. Then, the music began to play, the lights began to flash and all of a sudden Brooke Fraser in all her glory ran onto the stage and began to play. That perhaps makes her entrance sound a little less classy than it was - it was definitely not a disappointment of a build-up (the tears that accumulated in my eyes were roof of that). Her voice began to ring through the room and she had the whole room hanging onto every one of her beautiful words the whole evening. She sang a mix of songs from all three of her successful albums but naturally, as it is the Flags Tour, sang plenty of her brilliant new tunes. The lighting was fantastic and created incredible atmospheric conditions - aiding the overall performance. Her band was great, clearly dedicated to backing Brooke with the best they could provide. It was humbling to watch such a talented band of musicians play with such conviction. Being an inspired singer myself, seeing Brooke live was seriously a dream come true, having listened to her for so much of my musical life. Not only was it musically rewarding but Brooke's stage presence was strong, too. She was interactive, personal and bubbly and had the audience responding positively to her. Probably the highlight was her ‘demo dancing' where she went so far as to get on the ground and do specialty move of her; the ground wheel. Brooke ended the performance with her thriving new single ‘Something in the Water' and encouraged the crowd to sing along which they did.

As you would expect, as soon as Brooke and her band had left the stage there was an uproar and "encore" filled the room. I have never yelled so loud for someone to come back into a room. Thankfully, Brooke obliged and came back onto the stage playing two more songs before leaving for good. It was a completely satisfying show; the night was well put together and was definitely worth it. The one thing I was disappointed about was not being able to meet the lovely Brooke after half an hour of waiting - okay - stalking but I suppose such a busy-bee like herself can't be expected to meet every one of the million fans she has to her name! I was really satisfied with the entire affair and can't wait till I am able to hear both Lydia and Brooke live once more. Until then, their albums are on non-stop repeat.

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I first heard her music after a chance download off iTunes and having loved it, was anticipating a great performance. I think I should start...

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