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secrets Kiwi songbird Brooke Fraser reveals the best moments of her life

trip to Cambodia in 2003 with World Vision 1My

I met children who’d been kidnapped and trafficked into the sex trade and who were living in toxic rubbish dumps, surviving on scraps. I saw the way World Vision and other groups were saving these kids from horrific situations and equipping them for the lives they deserved, and I knew I wanted in. That was the beginning of a journey that continues today.

2 My debut album

Being a normal 19 year old one day and on the back of buses the next was a big adjustment (putting it mildly).

3Relocating to Australia

Moving to Sydney in 2004 meant that I’ve been able to enjoy/endure the roller-coaster of the past seven years of public life in relative anonymity and normalcy, while getting a tan (SPF30 included). It’s only a three-hour flight home whenever I need a Jelly Tip or a hug from mum.

4 Visiting Rwanda in 2005

Meeting survivors of the horrific 1994 genocide profoundly affected me and inspired my song Albertine. I have been back twice since (and hoping to make a fourth visit in 2011) and definitely have the Africa bug. I hope I never recover.

5Getting married in 2008

Scott was one of the first people I met when I moved to Sydney and we were great chums for years before Cupid struck. We are two creative and independent halves who make up a very harmonious, streamlined and entertaining whole. We are a darn good team, if I do say so myself.

6Album #3, Flags

This is the first album I’ve produced myself. I feel really proud of the fact I took a huge risk and completed what at times felt like an insurmountable task. 

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5 Getting married in 2008 3 Relocating to Australia goodpoint in 2003 with World Vision Kiwi songbird Brooke Fraser reveals the best moment...

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