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PI KAPPA PHI BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY THE SHIELD - Alumni Newsletter Delta Sigma Celebrates 35 Years Last October, Delta Sigma celebrated an ever-important milestone in its history. October 16th marked the 35th anniversary of the chartering of the chapter. Time was taken to reflect on the impact that the chapter has had on the university and the greater fraternity. 25 years ago this year, PUSH became a distinctly different organization when cyclist Bruce Rogers cycled solo across the United States to raise money and awareness for PUSH. Since the inception of Journey of Hope with the assistance of Jim Karlovec and Ken Kaiser, over 20 BGSU Pi Kapps have completed a Journey of Hope, Gear Up Florida or Build America. Each year, these events have helped to bring in over $500,000 to help people with disabilities. This summer, brother Blake Williams will cycle to the capitol lawn in Washington DC as a part of Push America’s 25th annual Journey of Hope. In the last 4 years, there have been major renovations to campus in an effort to make the campus more appealing to potential new students. This includes the closing

of Rodgers Dorm and Anderson Arena in favor of new dorms and the Stroh Center. This has also lead the planning of a new Greek Village set to break ground in fall of 2013, something that Delta Sigma is told to plan for as they will at some point be leaving the fraternity house that the brothers have occupied for 30 years. While the university has changed, the undergraduate chapter still continues to carry on some proud traditions. This year, the chapter hosted its 15th annual pig roast, which was attended by many. Delta Sigma chapter represented the Pi Kappa Phi at each of its national conventions this year including Mid Year Leadership Conference, Supreme Chapter. Delta Sigma was one of less than half of the nations chapters to have a member selected to participate in the new Pi Kapp College, which has shifted from the 50-year-old model leadership training to a more intensive emerging leaders institute. Also this year, the chapter celebrated BGSU’s recognition of Archon Jeremy Berner as the IFC’s President of the Year.


Currently, Delta Sigma has 23 active members. This is after the addition of two new members from the Spring pledge class. Our goal is to recruit at least ten new members for the Fall to boost our membership some. Treasurer Alex Dudek (449) is conceptualizing new budget plans in response to some financial difficulties. Risk Manager Logan Stang (426) recently updated and redesigned the chapter bylaws. The most recent graduate is Jeremy Berner, pinrank 399.

Homecoming 2012 Mark your calendars! Homecoming 2012 will take place Saturday, September 29th. Pi Kappa Phi Alumni Chapter will be hosting the weekend activities. Saturday’s events include a tour of the Pi Kapp House and Alumni Chapter Brunch. Are all welcomed to attend the annual meeting where we will discuss, among other things, the creation of a new scholarship in honor of brothers Steve Hanna and Kevin Ross. The alumni will also be hosting a tailgate outside the stadium leading up to kickoff at 3:30PM as the Falcons take on Rhode Island. To RSVP for the weekends activities, go to We hope to see you there!

Payne Rankin, son of Scott

Blake Williams at a JOH friendship visit.

Scott Rankin’s Son Becomes Founding Father at UC

In what may be a first for Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity, brother Scott Rankin celebrated 25 years of membership last year while witnessing the initiation of his son as the chartering Vice Archon of a new chapter at the University of Cincinnati. In 2010, Delta Sigma brother Chris Shade was sent as Expansion Coordinator for the national headquarters to refound Theta chapter at University of Cincinatti, which had been closed for nearly a century. Among the 32 men he recruited during his time there, he met Payne Rankin, a standout freshman who was looking for opportunities to be more involved on UC’s campus. “I wasn’t sure about joining a fraternity, so I spoke with my dad and was shocked when I realized that he was not only in the same fraternity, but also helped to refound the chapter like I was being asked to do.” Payne was selected as the Vice Archon and after Theta’s chartering in November, became the first elected Archon of the chapter.


Summer 2012 Alumni Newsletter  

Homecoming, 35 Years of PKP, Alumni update

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