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SnapShots Official Newsletter of the Capital City Camera Club January/February 2011

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© Caryl Lawson

2010 PRINT OF THE YEAR “We Have a Dream Because King Had a Dream” by

Caryl Lawson

Second Place - 2010 Print of the Year

“Sailing in the Storm” by

Mitford Fontaine Originally Awarded First Place - August 2010 Print Competition Classification: Advanced - Category: Abstract

© Mitford Fontaine

Capital City _______________________



Member of the Year Tim Goode

Background photo by Tim Goode

Background Photo by Rhonda Goode

Club Members Club Officers President - Sue Sizemore (Jan) Vice President - Renette Jodoin Secretary - Rhonda Goode (Feb) Treasurer - Bryan Hassler (May) Past President - Chuck Rice (Apr)

Membership Committee Roger Jodoin Mit Fontaine Jackie Webber

Field Trip Committee Jennifer Barker Jennifer Brown Pam Long Carl Saunders Darryl Spaulding

Program Committee Betty Beasley Diana Bunch Patsy Heaton Caryl Lawson

Publicity Committee Newsletter Editor - Sue Sizemore Web Master - Chuck Rice

* Months following members’ names indicate when member volunteered to bring refreshments for future meetings.

Editor’s Note ~ There were no entries in the November 2010 Competition for the Themed Category “Candy.”

Don Ball Jennifer Barker Ron “Bart” Bartoszewicz Betty Beasley (Nov) Dave Bedingfield Anna Bishop Donna Blanks Robin Bradford Jennifer Brown (Mar) Barbara Bryan Diana Bunch Valerie Castanza Erik Chavez Cathryn Crumpton (Feb) Cameron Curis Bonnie Eberwein Jerry Enoch Myra Finley Mit Fontaine Jan Gill Sri Ginjupalli (Apr) Aleah Goode Tim Goode Charlane Griffith Steve Hartzog Patsy Heaton Beverly Henry (Sep) Jennifer Holman Janice Howell (Jan) Alexis Jodoin Roger Jodoin Regina Kakhnovets Charlie Kuykendall Jesse Kuykendall

Nathan Kuykendall Jim Larkins Caryl Lawson Teresa Lizotte Pam Long (Mar) Tom McGregor Rich Matlock Sue Mehearg Danette Mills Curtis Miyasaka Felix Moorer Jim Norris Martha Norris Debra Padgett Jim Pappanastos Jennifer Patrick DiAnna Paulk Carl Saunders Diane Sim Sharon Slater Darryl Spaulding (Oct) Linda Starnes (May) Robert Thomson Rachel Trippel Carl Varner Leanna Wallace Rhonda Ward Nancy Weaver Jackie Webber (Nov) Kahri Webber Connie Westover Matt Wilson Dan Younger

The cover photo by Caryl Lawson was originally awarded First Place in the February 2010 print competition, Novice Classification, for the Category “Heroes.”

PHOTO - LINKS Digital Photography School This is not a school in the traditional sense and, best of all, it’s free. Great place to discover how to use your digital camera using their Digital Photography Tips. This is a community of photographers of all experience levels who come together to learn, share and grow in your understanding of photography. Factoidz Factoidz is a community for sharing knowledge and is a leading source of factual and information content. Their mission is to provide accurate, up-to-date and useful information to those who need it. They recruit top-notch writers to author and publish concisely-written knowledge articles across a range of subjects. The link above will take you directly to the page for Photography & Editing. Photography Bay Photography Bay is geared toward photography enthusiasts interested in the latest cameras, photo accessories, software and techniques for staying in tune and expanding their horizons. The link above opens to the “Learn Photography” page but from there you can click on “Home” to see the other information they offer. ! If you have a favorite photography site you’d like to share, please email the link to

[EDITORʼS LETTER] Reprinted from the January 2010 edition of POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY

What does it take to win a photo contest? It’s a question that comes up once a month for our editors and art staff, as we judge our monthly Your Best Shot competition. And we gained new perspective this month, thanks to the three outside judges for our 16h Annual Readers‘ Photo Contest. With more than 4,400 entrants in six categories this year, judging was a huge task. And even after we’d cut the roster down to about 500 semi-finalists, the judges -- Jeff Dunas, co-founder and director of the Palm Springs Photo Festival (, Marti Saltzman, editorial director of Lark Photography Books ( and Santa Fe-based photographer and teacher Eddie Soloway (www.eddiesoloway)--faced some tough choices. To see the photos that didn’t win, but could have, take a look at the gallery of runners-up on our website at All of the winners have a few characteristics in common. First, they’re technically excellent, with exposure, tonality, and focus all under perfect control. They have clearly defined subjects that instantly draw you into the picture. They inspire an emotional reaction or invoke a mood. They offer an element of surprise that piques your interest. And they convey all of this in an instant. Indeed, that’s one of the crucial lessons I learned from reading Winning Digital Photo Contests by Jeff Wignall, recently published by Marti Salzman’s company. (She sent it to me when I asked whether she had any advice for photographers.) Wignall writes: “The photos that end up winning the contests [are] always among those that jumped off the screen (or out of the print file) during their very first viewing. . . First impressions matter.” He goes on to describe what makes specific photos in all kinds of genres--portraits, wildlife, landscapes, sports, travel, even composite images--grab attention and win accolades. But Jeff Dunas, himself a photographer, put it most simply. When I asked him what makes a “winning” photograph, he replied, “Amaze me!”

Miriam Leuchter

Editor, Popular Photographer Background Photo by Mit Fontaine

ADVANCED November Print Competition FIRST PLACE “October Sunrise” by Mitford Fontaine Category: Open

NOVICE November Print Competition FIRST PLACE “Brevard Falls” by Diana Bunch Category: Open


November Print Competition - “Open”

THIRD PLACE - “Sunday Sunrise” by Robin Bradford

d” ed Hea R “ E AC ND PL da Goode SECO n by Rho

HONO “San D RABLE M E iego” by Pa NTION me l a L on

HONORABLE MENTION “Misty Daze” by Cathryn Crumpton


NOVICE November Print Competition FIRST PLACE “Delicious Goodies” by Rhonda Goode Category: “Candy”


November Print Competition - “Candy” SECOND PLACE “Ten Little Pumpkins” by Robin Bradford

THIRD PLACE “Halloween Harvest” by Robin Bradford

ONLINE COMPETITION OCTOBER THEME “THE COLOR ORANGE “ First Place: “Orange Skies in the Morning” by Barbara Bryan

ONLINE COMPETITION NOVEMBER THEME “VETERANS” First Place: “Veterans Remembered” by Sue Sizemore

ONLINE COMPETITION DECEMBER THEME “PRESENTS” First Place: “Reflecting on Christmas Presents” by Danette Mills

Announcing Print Competition Themes for

2011 Feb -> Apr ->

“Seeing Red” “It’s A Jungle Out There”

Jun -> Aug ->

“Macro Magic” “Things Alabama”

Oct -> Nov ->

“Into the Night” “Fast & Furious”

2012 Feb -> Apr ->

“Triangles” “Landmarks”

Jun -> Aug ->

“H2O” “Windows & Doors”

Oct -> Nov ->

“These Shoes Are Made for Walking” “Technology”

Background Photo by Mit Fontaine

2011 Field Trips & Workshops you don’t want to miss!! February 19! !

Montgomery Zoo

March 19!


Selma Pilgrimage

April 16! !


Outdoor Portrait Workshop!

May 14! ! ! ! !

! !

Jim Scott’s Gardens @ Lake Martin (pending verification)

June 18! !


Columbus, Georgia

July (TBD)! ! ! ! ! !

Scott Kelby 4th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk

August 13!



September 17!!

Landscape Photography Road Trip

October 22! !

Tannehill State Park, McCalla, Alabama

November 19! ! ! ! ! !

Churches of the River Region Photographers’ Tour

Background Photo by Carl Saunders

Snapshots Jan-Feb 2011  

Jan-Feb 2011 Newsletter of the Capital City Camera Club

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