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The Code Red Recreational Roller Derby League is made up of Skaters and Roller Derby Girls who want to make skating and the sport of Roller Derby accessible to all – we want skating to be fun, pressure and drama free. Currently we can only accept Women skaters aged 18+ Men are welcome to train as referees or as non-skating non officials

You may not realise it yet, but your Roller Derby friends and team mates will become your extended family. Which is great as we believe that family is very important and how does the saying go? ‌.. Oh that’s it

The family that plays together stays together So we plan on lots of playing together, as the CRRD team on nights out, and as the CRRD Family at events where our kids , your friends, and family members can come along as well.

RECREATIONAL crew We love to be on 8 wheels, to play and to learn. Our recreational skaters have all passed roller derby minimum skills, we teach these to all new skaters to ensure that you can skate, fall and manoeuvre safely. We play confidence building games, practice endurance and just generally have a good time skating around with like minded people.

ROLLER DERBY scrimmage crew If you are new to skating you do not have to worry about this yet, but basically a scrim is a practice Roller Derby game. If you decide that you want to give full on Roller Derby a go, then we can get you trained up in the skills required and find places for you at public and non-public public events. If you are already a derby player we will re-test test you on scrimmage skills and get you out there as a CRRD skater.

ROLLER DERBY league CREW Our League team is our official competing Roller Derby team and as well as scrimmages this crew will skate as Code Red in local and national games against other UK Roller Derby teams.

Roller derby is a contact sport played by two teams of five members roller skating in the same direction around a track. Game play consists of a series of short match ups (jams) in which both teams designate a scoring player (the jammer) who scores points by lapping members of the opposing team. Jams are 2 minutes long but can be called off by the lead player. The teams attempt to assist their own jammer whilst hindering the opposing jammer—in jammer effect, playing both offense and defense simultaneously.

game & scrim

Game An official match between two teams. 2 x 30 minute periods. Maximum 14 players on each team. 5 players fielded each Jam. Scrimmage Practice Game. Single teams or teams made up with players from different clubs (a mixed scrim) 30 minute periods x venue availability Maximum 14 players on each team. 5 players fielded each Jam.

Panties JAMMER – Point scoring player. Identified by the star on her helmet, they score by passing members of the opposing team. PIVOT – The pacesetter of the pack. Usually looked to by other players for guidance. BLOCKER – These players assist their own Jammers through the pack whilst simultaneously working together to block opposing Jammers

Meet the peeps who made it happen – Our Founder Members.

In February 2014 each founder member chose their favourite charity and we narrowed it down to six. We then asked our Facebook fans to vote and H&DH won. Young people with life-shortening shortening conditions often need care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, over many years. It is usually their families they rely on for it. Helen & Douglas House offers medically supported short breaks, specialist pain and symptom management and end-of-life end care, as well as counselling and practical support for the whole family. As a Team in 2014 we shall be: Promoting this worthwhile cause. Signing up for Events & Challenges. Hosting Fundraising Events. Volunteering.

As you have probably guessed by now – we love our sport and are very passionate about skating and Roller Derby. This does not mean that we have forgotten how it was for us when we first started – we were nervous , in awe, and at points a little bit overwhelmed. We have all been where you are now! We were not born Derby Girls or skaters – we have worked hard at it. There is a lot to take in at first and we will be here to help, to listen and to support you! There are never too many questions in Roller Derby , so ask away, someone else is either thinking the same thing or has asked the same question themselves.

What you get by achieving your goals iss not as important as what you become byy achieving your goals Henry David Thoreau

Free training.

We have Fun. No pressure. pressure Free taster session.

friendly people. Free kit loan. loan

Superb venue. CRRD Goody bag* on dd confirmation

Great ethos. Family friendly.


Convenient training time. time

Bring water – it can be thirsty work. Wear comfortable clothing – leggings, tights with shorts, sweatshirts and/or t-shirts. shirts. Bring some thick socks. Hair – you may want to bring a bandana /sweatband to put on underneath your helmet. A hair band or two comes in handy for those with long hair. If you wear glasses, pack your spares pair just in case. Contact lenses - some skaters get dry eyes so pop your solution in your bag. Bring Inhalers if you use them – let us know so we know where to find it.

If you don’t fancy playing but would you like to get involved in roller derby and be a part of our team then you can! We are recruiting for men and women aged 18+ to get involved as referees and nonnon skating officials.

Referees and non--skaters Become a skating referee: Referees enforce rules during games and keep the players on the straight and narrow. Never skated before? We will teach you as part of our Fresh Meat programme. Our existing referees are happy to help you get to grips with being a referee and if you want to come along for an informal chat and find out more about refereeing and what it involves get in touch. Become a Non-Skating Skating Official (NSO): Non-skating skating officials are an integral part of Roller Derby, these are the guys and girls that keep scores, record penalties and work out statistics. A roller derby game cannot go ahead without our NSO’s. At CRRD we will give you all the training needed to become an NSO , we will also provide opportunities for you to get hands on experience with ourselves and other teams. If you would like to chat about becoming a non skating official, get in touch.

Sunday Evenings 7 – 8.30 30 pm Bicester sports centre Queens avenue Team email: Team fan page: Team twitter: @_CRRD

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