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Issue 4, Volume 1

A United Way agency

A 501 (c) (3) organization

January 2013

CRRC: Supporting the Community. With Your Support By Maureen Schein Although individual donations were down about $6,000 in 2012, CRRC still managed to feed a record number of people. More than 6,000 accessed the CRRC Food Pan-

SENIOR PROJECT By Susan Logue Our Christmas gift to the veterans were a huge success, thanks to the CRRC community and especially Kristi. We have to let everyone know what a great job our community did! I had to share this with all those wonderful angels that provided a ton of wonderful, special gifts for the veterans at the residential center. They made it possible to touch the lives of so many more veterans than what our small senior group could have hoped to do! We collected two car loads of items for a Residential Center for Veterans, a 120 bed facility in San Antonio that houses disabled and homeless veterans. Originally we had only planned on delivering five to 10 baskets of socks, caps and cookies to area vets that were in need or alone.

try last year, and that couldn’t have happened without support from the community as a whole. We have many partners that help to make our job easier here at the food pantry. The financial partners who provide direct monetary donations help us to buy $13 worth of food, for every dollar they donate, from the San Antonio Flood Bank. Besides individual donors, we also received funding from the United Way of Comal County and the McKenna Foundation. Churches and individuals provide us with special donations of items that are harder for us to procure. Items like toilet paper, canned soups, soaps (of all kinds—dish, hand, shampoo, etc) are brought in by the load from churches that collect for us on a weekly basis. Last, but not least (and always first on my list) our volunteers provide us with precious donations of time, every day, week, or month, to help us keep the whole program running smoothly.

Terrific Tuesday Continues to Rock at the Thrift Store! Don’t miss our awesome weekly sales, every Tuesday, at the CRRC Thrift Store. If you get on our mailing list, we’ll make sure you get the weekly video, which features Manager Cary Caldwell announcing just what the sale of the day is! There are some real classics in our video collection—both online, as well as in the store! So, don’t forget to shop the store regularly. As we say, “Don’t come looking for something. Just come expecting to find something!” Be the first in your e-neighborhood to receive the monthly e-newsletter by emailing your email address to:

Community Resource & Recreation Center

Senior Center Update Info New activities coming in January WELL 2013 IS NOW HERE AND WE NEED YOUR HELP! There are many wonderful and talented people in Canyon Lake. We would like to ask you to help make the Senior Programs special this year. We have a need for people that have a talent or skill that they would be willing to share. Digital photography, beading/jewelry class, understanding our electronics, travelogues of your exciting vacation, any interesting stories you could share; are all wonderful gifts that you could share with our seniors. We have someone who has offered to teach computer classes. Does anyone have older, working computers that they would like to donate? How about one day a month that you would be willing to help do yard work? This community is full of seniors. Many are active in the community. Many are alone. Please join us in reaching and enriching the life of each. You can e-mail us at or call 830-964-2937.

January is a Busy Time at the Rec Center By Maureen Schein So, Kristi wrote to me: “I have to teach 2 Zumba classes this morning and then to San Antonio to pick up basketball shirts for my 2 games tonight…I’m just out of time…you could say that I’m still taking kids for BB…I trust you to put something in the newsletter for me…xoxoxoxo” She trusts me? Well, she has been busy, like playing overtime, with basketball draft, practice and (soon) games on a weekly basis. But, at least she has her gym back to do it in. Now that North Pole Village is packed away for another year, she can concentrate on being busy with her daily chores of teaching, coaching and encouraging. So, if you haven’t made any New Year’s resolutions yet, try making at least a little one: Pick up a calendar (or check it out online) to see what Kristi has for you, or your family, at the Rec!

CRRC Needs Our needs change every month. Here’s our current list: • Applesauce • Artificial sweeteners • Meals on Wheels drivers • Food Pantry workers

North Pole Village Wrap-up North Pole Village has come and gone with a record number of 3,141 visitors this year. It took 385 volunteer hours to build our Village, 1018 hours to staff it during opening nights, and 156 hours to pack it away. Providing our annual North Pole Village to the Canyon Lake Community has proven to be very rewarding in many ways. How we enjoy hosting this event for our community! The proceeds from North Pole Village benefit CRRC's many Crises Programs, while the inner peace and satisfaction of accomplishment each year by its many volunteers and staff resound in our hearts as we move into the new year. It is time to hang up my North Pole Village Mayor hat for now and go back to switching between the many hats myself and the rest of the CRRC staff wear throughout the year as we all work together to take care of our community. The last task of the year as "The Mayor" is to give each of you a hearty "Thank You!" for your continued support. Whether you helped put buildings together, decorated a tree, worked one of our open nights, advertised in our program, or just spread the word to your family and friends as a North Pole Village Ambassador, your time did not go un-noticed or un-appreciated. You are a blessing not only to CRRC, but to all of Canyon Lake. I bid you Happy New Year and until we meet again at the end of this year to do it all again, may God bless you and your families.

Many Thanks to: WellsFargo, Canyon Lake Branch

For their corporate sponsorship!

Be the first in your e-neighborhood to receive the monthly e-newsletter by emailing your email address to:

January 2013 Newsletter  

CRRC Jan 2013 newsletter

January 2013 Newsletter  

CRRC Jan 2013 newsletter