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Sharie sketching at Ephesus ruins in Turkey.

Sharie & Dan in Egypt where Sharie created her original “Pyramids Along the Nile�.

Sharie with George Hamilton during a charity event in Palm Beach, FL.

With Bill Clinton at the White House at Christmas party featuring Sharie’s creation “A Christmas Wish” with Congressman Patrick Kennedy and Dick Gephardt looking on.

With former NYC mayor Rudi Guilliani.

Arnold Swartznegger welcoming Sharie to his annual “Arnold Classic�.

With Michael Bolton during Hollywoods reception at Rob Reiners home.

Gifting former President Bill Clinton with one of Sharie’s licensed puzzles.

With Jon Malcovich at the Cairo Film Festival

With Mr. & Mrs. Larry King at the Angel Ball to benefit breast cancer.

With the “Big Booper” Jr.

With Gary Busey at a New Years Eve party in Aspen

With football great Dan Marino at Donald´s Trump Mar de Lago celebrity charity fund raising event.

With baseball great Yogi Berra at the Frank Sinatra Open.

With Virgin Airlines Mr. & Mrs. Richard Branson Sr. at the Adam Walsh Children’s Foundation Charity Auction

From left, Taebo director Mark Amuso and Chevy Chase with Sharie & Dan at New York City Cotton

With golfing great VJ Singh during the Frank Sinatra Golf Open.

With Dom DeLouise at Palm Springs Frank Sinatra Golf event.

With Quincy Jones at his Beverly Hills Mansion.

With Jimmy Hoffa Jr. in Washington DC during Tae Bo reception.

With European Ambassador Blinken during a stop on Sharie’s US Embassy Global Art Tour.

With basket ball great Magic Johnson at a charity function in Miami Beach.

With friends, from left Dan, singing legend Jerry Vale Mike Connors, Robert Wagner and Sharie.

In Mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman’s office. Presenting him with his “Las Vegas Lights” lithograph.

With actress Connie Stevens at Palm Springs Annual "Oldies but Goodies" concert.

With Shirley McClain at Bill Clintons Birthday Party.

at Quincy Jones Beverly Celebrity Party

Gifting Bill Clinton with “Fireworks Over Washington DC” for his birthday party held at Barbara Streisand’s Malibu Mansion.

With actor Steven Seagal at Tae-Bo sponsored Action Legend in Movies

With President Donald Trump at the New York City Angel Ball

during Sharie´s New York City Art Gallery Show

ERA Awards, Ron Popeil congratulates Dan for his Tae-Bo success and receiving ERA’s “Chairman’s Awards”.

With Diana Ross at New Years Eve Party in Aspen.

Trini Lopez congratulating Sharie and Danny on their Palm Springs Granite Walk of Stars unveiling.

Sharie with artist greats Bill Mack and Michael Godard celebrating another sold out Art Event At Sea.

Cruising with Music Great Paul Revere and his wife Sydney.

Preparing for News Years Eve with legendary host Dick Clark.

Sharie’s “Carnivale En Capri” artwork unveiling with George Hamilton in Palm Beach, FL.

President Clinton and Congressman Charlie Rangel sharing happy times during a New York City Party, in the spirit of “The Cotton Club�.