NABD Building Design 2016

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Taking it to the Bank DESIGNER: JFK DESIGN LANDSCAPE/BUILDINGS/INTERIORS PHONE: (03) 9596 2200 WEB: WWW.JFKDESIGN.COM.AU BUILDER: ROCK CITY LOCATION: BRIGHTON, VIC PHOTOGRAPHER: WE SHOOT BUILDINGS + TOM ROE PHOTOGRAPHY In this stunning project, careful attention has been paid to material selection that creates a contemporary feel while still complementing the original heritage structure. Clever integration of storage space throughout, makes this a very liveable environment, and space planning has managed public and private areas extremely well. The wrapping in some areas of the external cladding into the interior helps blur the threshold between the balcony and living, helping borrow additional volume from outside. A stand out interior solution on this challenging site.

Building Design National Awards 2016