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Have another look. The judges did.

For the second year in a row, the judges for Delivery Magazine’s ‘Van of the year’ awards liked what they saw. “Renault Kangoo is a great little van. It’s comfortable, it’s quiet, it steers, it turns. It’s well equipped too.”

And “After driving the Renault Trafic around Delivery’s test route, I was very tempted to just keep going and take this awesome little load carrier home.” Now you should take a look. Take a test drive at your nearest Renault dealer.


OUR COVER The long-awaited revival of the CBD’s historic Treasury Building and the tribute to another historic event, the departure of WW1 troops from Albany, took honours in the 2016 Excellence in Construction Awards. See pages 14-18 for full details




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Turnbull Government needs to inspire confidence

Robert Spadaccini After a lengthy federal election campaign and several weeks to determine the election outcome, we now have a re-elected Turnbull Government with a wafer thin margin. Master Builders was quick out of the blocks with our Strong Building, Strong Economy campaign in support of key policies during the two-month election campaign. Nationally, our messages were communicated primarily through all forms of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. In WA, we promoted support for the reestablishment of the Australian Building and Construction Commission through five radio stations and The West Australian newspaper. Although the double dissolution election was triggered by the Government’s failure to get Senate support for its industrial relations Bills, it was surprising and disappointing that such little emphasis was directed to this important issue during the pre-election period.

There have been three Royal Commissions, including the recent Heydon Royal Commission, that have provided irrefutable evidence of a corrosive and unlawful culture among the building unions. This is further backed by evidence in court convictions and penalties that have been have imposed over the last decade and continue to the present day, especially on the east coast.

policy positions are unclear, it will be difficult for the Government to manage the steering through of its important legislation.

The reality remains that the building unions, particularly the CFMEU, have shown an unwillingness and inability to tackle their culture of unlawful behaviour. This is why Master Builders will work constructively, not only with the new Turnbull Government, but also with the new Parliament in putting the case for the re-establishment of the ABCC.

The housing industry in particular relies on consumer confidence, so we hope the new Turnbull Government will settle in quickly and adjust to the changed political landscape. Our industry requires from the Federal Government, positive actions demonstrating commitment to creating a stronger economy with more jobs for aspiring home-buyers.

Although there was a swing against the Coalition, the fact that it was returned to government gives it a mandate to pursue several of its key policies which are supported by our Association. These policies include: • Retention of negative gearing. • Re-establishment of the ABCC. • Creation of a Registered Organisations Commission. • A strong economy which includes reductions in unemployment and government debt.

Master Builders will be meeting with all the Ministers who have portfolios with an impact on our industry. We also intend to speak with each of the independents to make them aware of who we are and how our policies will benefit not only the one million people who work in our industry but the general public and tax-payers as well.

What is needed above all else with our new Federal Government is a period of political stability, strong leadership and a policy agenda which will inspire confidence from the business community and public at large. This will be a challenging assignment. With a Senate comprising so many independents whose

Acknowledging the Support of our 2016 Partners: Insurance Partner

This next political phase will be a big test of Malcolm Turnbull’s leadership credentials and his ability to persuade a group of independents that his Government’s policies are in the nation’s best interests.

We remain optimistic that Mr Turnbull and his Government will be successful in improving our economy and making Australia a better place to live. Our policy agenda will help him achieve his vision. We hope the Senate will give his Government the opportunity to do so as well. Robert Spadaccini President

the humble brick + imagination

The possibilities are endless Making a striking contemporary impact is not always about using the latest high-tech material.

example, showcasing just how flexible and creative bricks can be. All you need is a little imagination and great bricks.

Today we see stunning visual effects, breathtaking architecture and extraordinary innovations all inspired by the humble brick. This outdoor feature wall is a perfect

To find out how we can help you bring your creative ideas to life, call Midland Brick on 13 15 40 and talk to one of our special project consultants or visit us at


Imported building products causing big headaches

Michael McLean There has been renewed media interest in non-conforming building products following the discovery of asbestos in roof panels at the Perth Children’s Hospital recently. Australia’s Free Trade Agreements with China and other countries will see a lot more imported building products find their way onto Australian construction sites. With China and other neighbouring countries manufacturing building and other products at a much cheaper rate than anywhere else, it will be increasingly difficult for many Australian manufacturers to compete on price alone. For those clients who are driven by price, and most are, this scenario has the potential to cause some major problems. Without an effective and workable regulatory regime, imported goods will continue to flood our market without the necessary checks being made on whether they truly are fit for purpose and use. This will relate to quality, durability and safety. The problems of imported building products are compounded by a downturn in the building industry and extremely competitive tendering practices.

If Australian manufactured goods need to conform to Australian Standards, why shouldn’t their alternatives or substitutes from overseas be subject to the same Standards?

suitability and compliance with Australian Standards. It should not be left to builders to test imported building products for suitability and safety.

The Federal Government already is aware of the serious nature of this problem, establishing a Senate Inquiry to investigate non-conforming building products. The federal election in July delayed the inquiry in concluding its investigations and releasing its report and recommendations.

There needs to be more accountability placed on the importers and those certifying the products. This also applies to wholesalers and retailers, including hardware outlets which offer a range of imported products on their shelves to tradies and home-improvers.

Building Ministers from around the country also have been meeting on several occasions to determine how best to deal with the problem. Focussing on high risk building products at our borders appears to be their preferred course of action at this stage. Trade Minister Peter Dutton is in receipt of a report detailing what Border Protection staff might be able to do to prevent non-conforming products entering the country. Expecting Border Protection personnel to detect asbestos encapsulated between building panels, however, is rather ambitious and unrealistic. The Australian Building Codes Board will no doubt be asked to pull a rabbit from its hat in finding a solution to more and more nonconforming building products being discovered on construction sites. Master Builders believes the problem is one of international significance even though our focus has been national to date. The problem is a can of worms which affects all sectors of the building industry. In order for end users to have confidence in their buildings, there needs to be a recognised chain of responsibility for all building products used in the construction process. Whoever manufactures, imports or sells a building product needs to take responsibility for its

Acknowledging the Support of our 2016 Partners: Insurance Partner

Everyone needs to have more confidence in the products being purchased and used. Unless we sort this issue out now, we are creating a time bomb for the future when building structures are found to be deficient because a non-conforming building product was used during the construction phase. It is acknowledged that builders need to be more vigilant in monitoring the building products coming onto their sites. But so too do architects, engineers, clients and importers. Those certifying and labelling products which are not accurate need to be prosecuted and dealt with effectively. Any non-conforming products also need to be communicated widely via a dedicated web site. Alarm bells have been triggered by recent experiences with external building panels catching on fire at an apartment building in Melbourne, deficient wire cabling used in homes and now asbestos being detected in roof panels. The challenge may well lie with our politicians and regulators to come up with solutions but builders certainly will need to be much more vigilant not to be caught with non-conforming building products on their projects. Michael McLean Director

Investment in Bricklaying Drives Excellent Results in 2015/2016

During the year to June 2016 Australian Brick & Blocklaying Training Foundation (ABBTF) achieved the following: • 106 careers events and promotions were attended to encourage young people into the trade. Many of the events included Try-a-Trade.

• Achieved an increase in apprentice numbers in training of 2,609, the highest for five years.

• 1,144 students were provided with Try-a-Trade and Step Out Programs at targeted schools.

• 81 adult apprentice bricklayers were supported with a $2,000 incentive for employers to partly offset the pay rate cost applicable at age 21.

• 2,752 schools were provided with regular trade and career information, including a student nomination web page.

• Surveyed 1st Year apprentices to identify the influences and reasons for deciding to become a bricklayer.

• Achieved a record number of website hits through a recruiting campaign on Facebook targeting youth in areas of high apprentice demand.

• Contacted supported apprentices and their employers to provide support in line with the retention program. • Produced 28 e-newsletters and 60 blog articles to inform industry on bricklaying and ABBTF activities.

• Ran a campaign to target mothers of school leavers following the release of Year 12 ATAR school results.

• Worked with a number of residential builders to share ABBTF strategies and address the bricklayer shortage.

• 13,200 Facebook Fans were reached via social media contact targeting Gen Y and Z. • 468 job seekers and students attended Work Ready Programs in bricklaying leading to an on-site trial and potential sign up as a new apprentice. • More than 200 apprentice job vacancies were identified through the support of bricklayers and Group Training Companies.

• Provided evidence to Government on the bricklayer shortage to successfully advocate for bricklaying to remain on the Skilled Occupations List. • Provided advice to Government and industry training organisations in some states on workforce participation and training strategies. • Supported quality apprentices participating in WorldSkills Australia competitions at regional and national level.

• Introduced a $2,000 incentive to employers to sign up female apprentices and supported their retention.

• Provided a scholarship to support the training and preparation of Bricklaying’s competitor for the 2017 WorldSkills International event.

• 1,669 apprentices were supported with employment and training via the Brickstart Subsidy for their employers. OPERATING RESULTS

2015/16 Nos.

2014/15 Nos.

Apprentices in Training



ABBTF Supported Apprentices



ABBTF Supported Commencements



Operating Surplus





Training Reserve



App Subsidies to Employers

ABBTF Supported Completions Adult Apprentice Support Work Ready Course Commencements Careers Expo Events Attended

2015/16 $000’s

2014/15 $000’s




Total Expenditure










Recruiting and Training Support



Taster and Work Ready










Peak Monthly Websites Visits






Facebook Fans






Step Out Program and Try-a-Trade

Ian Stoneman, Chief Executive Officer August 2016

The full Statutory Annual Report will be available on the ABBTF website or as a hardcopy on request.

Chloe Buck, a great example of the high quality female recruits joining the Bricklaying trade. 1300 66 44 96 | Supported by Brick & Block Manufacturers of Australia


Law award goes North

Building approval forms updated An updated set of Building Commissionerapproved forms has been issued for use under the Building Act. The most significant changes to the forms relate to the format of address details for the property, owner, applicant and builder or demolition contractor. The revisions are necessary to align with international standards as part of integration with the Building Commission’s e-enablement initiatives.

Robert Law Award winner Ross North (centre) with (l-r) Master Builders’ director Michael McLean, Dan Perkins (Master Builders Australia national president), Donna Dalby (Bankwest) and last year’s award winner Ron Doubikin.

A former Kiwi apprentice carpenter is the recipient of this year’s Master Builders’ Robert Law Award.

packages for the entry level market and Ross North Developments, focusing on strata and multi-unit developments.

Ross North, the managing director of the Ross North Group of companies, was presented with the award by Master Builders’ national president Dan Perkins at Master Builders’ annual CEO lunch in June.

Mr North is still actively involved in the day-today operation of the company, remaining the face of the business. Over the last 40 years, the group has built more than 10,000 homes. It currently has 12 display homes and about 50 staff.

The Robert Law Award, named in honour of Master Builders’ first president in 1898, recognises exceptional service to the WA building and construction industry over a number of years. It can be awarded to individuals or organisations. “The Robert Law Award is judged by Master Builders’ board and Ross North is a man worthy of the highest recognition by his peers,” Master Builders’ director Michael McLean says. Mr North arrived in Perth in 1967 from New Zealand where he had completed his carpentry apprenticeship. He went to night school twice a week from 1968-74 to obtain his builders’ registration. He progressed from subcontract carpenter to building supervisor and then to building manager with project home builders PJ Constructions and AV Jennings. He started Ross North Homes in 1976 from a room in an old North Perth house doing renovations and building for friends and relations, including the odd pergola on weekends to keep his carpentry skills well-tuned. The Ross North Group now comprises Ross North Homes, the marque brand targeting second and third home-buyers in the $250,000-$450,000 price bracket, Complete Homes, specialising in house and land

Through a personal connection, Ross North Homes has built two charity homes for the Multiple Sclerosis Association. “Over the years, Ross North Homes has won more than 20 Master Builders’ awards and more than a dozen HIA awards for building excellence as well as awards for stylish kitchens and bathrooms,” Mr McLean said. “Ross North has mentored and trained aspiring young builders, as well as encouraging his staff to participate on industry policy forums such as Master Builders’ Housing Council. His career should inspire many young apprentice carpenters who are prepared to work hard to achieve their ambitions to be successful in a dynamic building industry.” Mr North said he felt very humbled and honoured to receive the Robert Law Award. “I continue to enjoy building quality homes for West Australians”, he said. “My vision was never to be the biggest builder of new homes in Perth but to do my best to be the best.” The Robert Law Award has been presented annually by Master Builders since 1998, the Association’s centennial year. Previous winners have included HomesWest, Len Buckeridge, Plunkett Homes, Gervase Purich, Peter Hunt, Julian Walter and George Allingame.

A number of other minor changes also have been incorporated resulting from the 2014 review of the forms. The release of the forms coincides with the exposure of an initial group of permit authorities to a new building data reporting system. The system is an integral part of the Building Commission’s ‘Building on the Foundations REFORMS 2015–2020’ and is the first step to developing an electronic lodgment system for building approvals More information is available at: building-commission-industry-bulletin70-updated-building-approval-formsjuly-2016.


Technology boosts aircon energy efficiency These new materials and manufacturing processes are key factors that have dramatically changed the air conditioning industry. The results are low power consumption and noise levels, lighter units and components, compact size and more stable and intuitive technology. Units contain more efficient and non-ozone depleting gases R410a and R32 that will assist in the reduction of greenhouse gases. This has been achieved without sacrificing the cooling and heating power of the modern air conditioner.

Ford & Doonan’s sales team. The company was a top service award winner at the 2016 Housing Excellence Awards.

Rising energy bills in business and daily living are increasing financial pressure but savings are possible, especially when it comes to air conditioning. Modern technology has made the noisy, inefficient, money-burning air conditioners of 15 years ago a thing of the past. With the aid of computer optimised calculations, highly efficient direct current fan motors, scroll compressors and new refrigerants, the running costs of current systems has improved by more than 30 per cent.

Bowlers bring home the bacon

Ford & Doonan, which won the Best Customer Service Award for suppliers at this year’s Master Builders Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards, has been designing and installing air conditioning systems in homes and offices for more than 30 years. Since Andrew Ford and Kyle Doonan started the company in 1985, the business has continued to remain at the forefront of new technology with both domestic and commercial air conditioning. “Ford & Doonan maximises efficiency and reliability by designing, installing and servicing fit for purpose commercial air conditioning systems,” the company says. “In doing so, we ensure the quality of our solutions and the standard of our service are both of the highest in the industry.” Contact Ford & Doonan on 1800 247 266 or email

Strength in PR campaign

The victorious WA Master Builders Bowling Club team which won the James Wall Cup in June.

In one of the closest tournaments on record, the WA Master Builders Bowling Club team has won the 2016 James Wall Cup, going one better than its second place in Geelong the previous year. WA narrowly held out against strong competition from the NSW and Victorian Master Builders’ clubs at the Soldiers Point Bowling Club north of Newcastle, to win the seventy-first running of the tournament. The James Wall Cup brings together the six Master Builders Association bowling clubs for an annual national competition. The WA club now is looking ahead to May-June 2017 when it will again host the interstate series. Sorrento Bowling club will be the venue and Master Builder members are welcome to join the bowling club or to offer sponsorship support. Contact club stalwart and Master Builders’ honorary member Mal Dempsey on 0411 811 138 for more information.

The Strong Building, Strong Economy public relations campaign advanced the Master Builder movement’s policy agenda at the recent federal election, targeting politicians with the need for policies to help business and the economy grow. Master Builders Australia CEO Wilhelm Harnisch (left) and national president Dan Perkins are pictured in front of one of the banners promoting the campaign.

10 REPORTS general news SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016

Eagles’ Nisbett at CEO lunch until 1999 when he took over as acting chief executive, later being the successful applicant appointed to the CEO position. He has been involved in the football industry as a player or administrator for more than 40 years, the last 35 as an administrator.

West Coast Eagles’ CEO Trevor Nisbett addresses the Master Builders CEOs and Managers Lunch.

West Coast Eagles’ CEO Trevor Nisbett was the guest speaker at the Master BuildersBankwest CEOs and Managers Lunch in June.

The lunch at Crown Perth also was the occasion for the presentation of the Association’s Robert Law Award, this year going to Ross North of Ross North Homes for his outstanding level of service to the WA building and construction industry.

He explained to the more than 150 lunch guests what he has been through in his 27 years’ service to the club, his role in building up the organisation and what the future holds for the Eagles.

Another highlight was the launch of a new Master Builders’ alliance partnership with HBF, WA’s leading health insurer. HBF has served more than a million members since its inception in 1941, one thing having remained the same – the organisation’s sole focus on service to members.

Mr Nisbett has been with the Eagles since September 1989, starting his career as the club’s football manager. He held the position

Association partners generously supporting the lunch were Bankwest, Cbus Super, ReddiFund and West Australian Mechanical Services.

New Ministry welcomed confidence. Without an economic plan, business will not invest and home buyers will hesitate in buying new homes.”

Turnbull Government Finance Minister Senator Mathias Cormann (centre) recently met with Master Builders’ national president Dan Perkins (left) and WA Master Builders’ director Michael McLean.

Mr Harnisch said Master Builders is asking the Prime Minister to proceed with measures to deliver a real solution to housing affordability by increasing the supply of new homes. He also said the Government had a mandate to bring back the ABCC and introduce a Registered Organisations Commission.

Wilhelm Harnisch, Master Builders Australia CEO, has welcomed the new Ministry saying it reflects the Prime Minister’s commitment to delivering on the policy agenda the Government took to the election.

“This is important for the economy and the community,” he said. “These measures will lower the cost of construction at a time when the community is calling for greater investment in schools and hospitals while expecting the Government to tackle the nation’s debt and deficit problems. The ABCC will be similarly important for delivering on the Government’s commitment to more investment in urban infrastructure projects.

“They now have a clear mandate, particularly in driving a stronger economy, bringing back the ABCC, lifting productivity and creating liveable communities,” he said. “The Prime Minister’s commitment to the economy and budget repair as a key priority for his government is important to boosting business and consumer

“Master Builders looks forward to working with respective Ministers to advance policies that provide our industry with jobs and skills for the future including support for training more young people through an industry driven apprenticeship scheme and measures to increase the participation of women.”

Master Builders Australia is anticipating good working relations with the new Federal Government Ministry.

Support for rate cut

Master Builders Australia CEO Wilhelm Harnisch says the RBA rate cut is welcome.

Master Builders Australia has welcomed the Reserve Bank’s August decision to further cut the official interest rate by 25 basis points to1.5 per cent. “Master Builders endorses the RBA’s view that the rate cut represents a low risk of fuelling a house price surge given the additional prudential measures imposed on the banks by the RBA and the tougher lending criteria being applied by the banks themselves,” Master Builders Australia CEO Wilhelm Harnisch says. “The rate cut will help maintain confidence in the new housing market which has been a ray of sunshine in the economy, particularly in sustaining employment,” Mr Harnisch said. “The rate cut should give new home buyers the confidence to enter into home ownership with the prospects of interest rates remaining at current levels for the foreseeable future.” Mr Harnisch said it also should provide first home buyers with confidence to enter into the new housing market for the same reason. “While the interest rate cut is welcome, it highlights the need for the Government to embark on serious Budget repair and other economic reforms to ensure that the Australian economy has the capacity to weather the global uncertainties,” Mr Harnisch said.


New chairman for Goldfields-Esperance Branch

Fifty years up for Glass Co

Colleen Horton (Bunnings Kalgoorlie), Julian Little (Mobile Pest Control), Andrew Dover (City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder) and Dan Bell (Quest Developments). Master Builders’ Esperance regional liaison officer Doug Backhouse says the committee is looking forward to working with the new regional chairman. Members of the recently elected Goldfields-Esperance Branch committee (l-r): Julian Little, new chairman Brett Partington, Michael Young (past chairman), Glenn Briers (new vice chairman), Dan Bell, Andrew Dover and in front, Colleen Horton.

Brett Partington has been elected chairman of Master Builders’ Goldfields-Esperance Branch. Mr Partington was unanimously elected at the Branch’s AGM in Kalgoorlie. A born and bred local from Esperance, Mr Partington manages BD Partington Building Contractors, an award-winning builder that specialises in high quality residential homes in the Esperance region. The company recently celebrated 10 years’ Master Builder membership. Others elected at the meeting were Glenn Briers (Westralia Homes), Dylan Pinchin (WA Country Builders), Gerry Harp (Harp Building & Construction), Lionel Trotman (Cartman Designs), Gavan Dixon (Dixon Constructions), Michael Young (Westralia Homes), Ken Norton and Bobbi Norton (KJ Norton Building Co), Steve Drake (Golden Hind Homes),

“Brett is an approachable and well-liked member of our committee with a number of innovative ideas for the region to implement,” Mr Backhouse said. “I’m confident in his ability to lead our region through the challenging times we’re currently facing.” A major issue for both the Goldfields and Esperance regions is the downturn in the current construction market. “Small towns like Kalgoorlie and Esperance are always hardest hit when there are changes to the economic climate like we’re seeing, ”Mr Backhouse said. “Kalgoorlie is especially feeling the pinch with its heavy reliance on the slowing construction phase of the mining industry. However, we’ve been through this cyclical downturn before so we’re confident we can come out the other side in reasonable condition.” Mr Partington has been the Branch’s deputy chairman for the last three years, and takes over from Michael Young of Westralia Homes.

Popular Megan moves on Megan Parker, who managed Geraldton Branch training and room hire at the Association’s premises, has left Master Builders after a four-year stint. “In common with the rest of the State, the downturn has affected us,” says Master Builders’ regional manager Di Gilleland. “Megan was instrumental in running our Geraldton room hire and Branch training and her customer service was exemplary. Megan Parker (second from left) has moved on from Master Builders after four years. She is pictured with (l-r) Crystal Bagley, Joanne Van Kints and Di Gilleland.

“We wish her well for the future and, in the short term, her return to her beloved holiday destination, the USA, in October.”

Glass Co WA’s West clan, Dean, Jenny, Don and Todd, celebrating the company’s fifty years in business.

Prominent regional supplier Glass Co WA marked its fiftieth anniversary in July. Master Builders’ regional manager Di Gilleland reports that the occasion started with a tour of the company’s factory premises led by CEO Todd West. The tour included practical demonstrations by glass production manager Tim Kirby before the celebrations moved to a sundowner at Spalding Park Golf club. In front of more than 100 friends, family, employees, clients and suppliers, Mr West delivered an emotional presentation and was joined by his brother Dean and parents Don and Jenny West to cut the anniversary cake.


Regional committees join forces

Cool start, hot competition

At the Manjimup meeting (l-r): Nick Vernon (MBA Insurance Services), South West Branch chairman John Buckingham (Bunbury Building Company), Great Southern Branch chairman Andrew St Claire-Holmes (Tectonics Construction Group), Shire of Manjimup CEO Andrew Campbell and South West committee member Sam Karamfiles (Karamfiles Builders).

For a second year, Master Builders’ South West and Great Southern Branch committees met in Manjimup at building contractor Karamfiles Builders’ showroom. Agenda items included BAL fire ratings, subcontractor non-payments on major Government projects and the inclusion of regional commercial building companies for expressions of interest on major regional projects.

This will see more than $25 million invested in construction and civil works. MBA Insurance Services state manager Nick Vernon spoke on home indemnity insurance which encouraged strong and robust discussion with some well-rounded suggestions being tabled for HII’s future. Committee members from both regions and guests continued the discussions over lunch provided by MBA Insurance Services.

Shire of Manjimup CEO Andrew Campbell outlined works expected in and around the ‘super town’ in the coming years.

It was a cold start to the morning but attendees at the recent Master Builders Kalgoorlie Golf Day soon warmed up. Kalgoorlie-Boulder’s builders and suppliers came together for a round of 18 holes at the award winning Graeme Marshdesigned par-72 Kalgoorlie Golf Course. Master Builders’ Kalgoorlie regional liaison officer Sarah Hinton says it was a fun, casual day.

Wisdom at quarterly meet Master Builder members attending the Geraldton Branch quarterly meeting in June got timely advice from RSM and Bankwest in the lead up to the new financial year. RSM co-hosted the meeting with the firm’s manager Trevor Lake discussing the importance of preparation when entering a new financial year and how to avoid the pitfalls. He was backed up by co-host Bankwest’s Angelo Biviano who provided information on the current economic climate and markets.

Master Builders’ vice president David Crothers (left) with Di Gilleland and Bankwest’s Angelo Biviano at the Geraldton Branch quarterly meeting.

Best dressed out on the course at the Kalgoorlie Golf Day, Trevor Lightfoot.

Master Builders’ regional manager Di Gilleland took the opportunity at the meeting to welcome representatives of new members of just one day, Westshore Glass and Fusion Building and Maintenance, who were among the good crowd taking advantage of the Bankwest and RSM wisdom and assistance.

“Visiting players remarked on the quality of the golf course and sponsors are already committed to next year’s event,” she said. While Solomons Flooring Kalgoorlie took out top spot, players throughout the day had the opportunity to nab bragging rights over novelty awards and show off their prowess with competitions such as nearest to the pin. Ms Hinton thanked competitors and the event sponsors and noted that the 2017 Golf Day tentatively is scheduled for April to take advantage of the warmer weather.

advertorial 13 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016

CONSTRUCTION TRAINING FUND CASH INCENTIVES FOR EMPLOYERS The Construction Training Fund can reduce the costs of employing apprentices in WA’s building and construction industry for MBA members. The Training Fund has a range of incentives for eligible employers of apprentices in construction trades, with up to $19,000 in cash now available to help reduce the costs of adding a new apprentice to your business. The minimum standard grant available to an eligible employer is $3,000 (for a 12 month traineeship), rising to a maximum of $10,000 for a 48 month apprenticeship in core construction trade areas. In addition to the standard grants, the Training Fund can provide a bonus of up to $2,000 to an employer of an apprentice that has successfully completed a recognised Certificate II VET-in Schools or pre-apprenticeship qualification. The Training Fund is also providing an extra bonus of up to $2,000 to eligible employers for the employment of women in non-traditional trades. Additional supplements for employment of indigenous and regional trainees/ apprentices bring the maximum grant available to a total of $19,000. The grants are available to employers of trainees/apprentices registered with the Department of Training & Workforce Development on or

after 1 July 2015. Direct indenture employers receive the grant in three equal instalments. The first is paid after probation and six months of continuous employment; the second at the half-way point of the indenture and the final payment is made after successful completion of the qualification. MBA members will also receive the benefits of the grant from the Training Fund if hosting an apprentice through a group training organisation (GTO). The GTO claims the grant on your behalf and uses this funding to reduce the cost of employing and training the apprentice. This will result in a reduction in your net costs of hiring the apprentice through the GTO. Look for the note on the GTO’s invoice that shows your apprentice is being supported by the Construction Training Fund. Visit or call 9244 0100 for more information about the Construction Training Fund’s apprenticeship grants and other support programs for the construction industry. It’s your training fund.

Apprentices bring leading edge skills to your business and they help strengthen the building and construction workforce. That’s why the Construction Training Fund provides up to $19,000 in grants for you to reduce the cost of training each apprentice you employ. For details on eligibility, visit or call 9244 0100.

Receive up to $19,000 to help train an apprentice. GC_CON093



With a record number of 111 entries submitted this year, the commercial building industry’s premier event, the Master Builders-Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards, was celebrated in style by more than 690 guests at Crown Perth in July. The new and refurbished Grand Ballroom was transformed for the Awards night into a French style evening, where the crowd was entertained by the Western Australian Youth Jazz Orchestra, jazz solo act Nat Pearson and party band Little Belle to close the night. Master Builders events manager Monique Milne says the awards are unlike others in that the winners are rewarded for their outstanding level of workmanship, reflecting the skills of the traditional Master Builder. “Our skilled team of judges look past things like aesthetics, design and function and focus on what is most important – quality and construction excellence,” she said.

Entries in the 2016 Awards jumped by more than 40 per cent on the previous year with Built taking top honours, the 2016 Bankwest Best Project, for the much celebrated Old Treasury Building. The project was a stand-out also winning awards for Best Refurbishment or Renovation over $10 million, Best Historic Restoration or Renovation and Best State Government Building as well as garnering awards for specialist subcontract work. It also won the Jim Saunders Memorial Judges Innovation Award. Other notable winners on the night were BCG Construction for the Anzac Interpretive Centre in Albany, Focus Building Company (Best New Builder) and Commercial Tiling Services WA which took out the Subcontractor of the Year Award for work done on the Old Treasury Building. Credentia Construction won the Best Civil Engineering Works Award for its QUBE Logistics project and the Peter Hunt Memorial Architect’s Award for the firm voted the best architectural practice went to Silver Thomas Hanley.

National president of Master Builders Australia Dan Perkins addresses the Awards audience.

Jazz soloist Nat Pearson added her talent to the high class entertainment at the Excellence in Construction Awards.

Subcontractor of the Year for 2016 was Commercial Tiling Services WA, a major contributor to the outstanding Old Treasury Building project.

Led by general manager WA Rod O’Neill (left), the team behind Built’s Old Treasury Building project celebrate their 2016 Best Project win along with Awards night special guest, Commerce Minister Michael Mischin (right).


The Crown Perth Grand Ballroom was the scene for the 2016 celebration of the commercial building sector’s Excellence in Construction Awards.


Old Treasury triumphs for Built

Heritage features of the Old Treasury Building were an important part of the inning refurbishment.

Built’s $90 million heritage refurbishment of the Old Treasury Building dominated the Excellence in Construction Awards with a number of category wins and the 2016 Bankwest Best Project capping things off. The project involved the conversion of the neglected but historically important heritage building in the heart of Perth into a 48-room luxury boutique hotel and retail and hospitality areas. Restoration included the jarrah timber floors, the slate tile roof and all the heritage elements such as Juliet balconies, dormer windows, mansard roofs and the postal hall. The winning project features the luxury boutique hotel COMO The Treasury.

The modular construction of a glass rooftop restaurant in the project won Built the Jim Saunders Memorial Judges Innovation Award for the approach to its modular construction.

required of a six-star hotel. The public food and beverage areas are equally well done and provide areas of great historical and visual interest.

The Old Treasury Building is a significant component of Perth’s Cathedral Precinct. When work started in June 2012, Built were confronted with a high degree of difficulty in many facets of the restoration. Innovative construction techniques were required along with exceptional project and site management processes. The quality of finishes, both new and restored is of a very high standard and commensurate with levels

The project edged out the remaining finalists, Brookfield Multiplex Constructions for the St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals, Doric Contractors for the City of Perth Library and BGC Construction for the Anzac Interpretive Centre in Albany. The Old Treasury Building will progress to the Master Builders Australia National Excellence in Building and Construction Awards in Canberra in November.


Awards honours list BEST PROJECT Sponsor: Bankwest Built Old Treasury Building

JUDGES’ HONOURABLE MENTION REFURBISHMENT OR RENOVATION Badge Constructions (WA) Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre

BEST REGIONAL PROJECT BGC Construction Anzac Interpretive Centre

EXCELLENCE IN WORKPLACE HEALTH AND SAFETY Sponsor: Mark Allen Memorial Trust Fund Broad Construction Fitout of Department of Treasury and Department of the Attorney General

EXCELLENCE IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY OVER $5 MILLION Sponsor: Crowther Blayne Mercedes Construction 39 Harrogate Street West Leederville

BEST BUILDING FITOUT UNDER $10 MILLION Sponsor: MBA Insurance Services Brookfield Multiplex Constructions Brookfield Multiplex Head Office Fit-Out

BEST HEALTH/AGED CARE BUILDING Sponsor: Crowther Blayne Brookfield Multiplex Constructions St John of God Midland Public and Private Hospitals

BEST NEW BUILDER Sponsor: Hays Focus Building Company

BEST BUILDING FITOUT OVER $10 MILLION Sponsor: MBA Insurance Services Doric Contractors City of Perth Library

BEST RETAIL BUILDING Sponsor: AHG Group Perkins Builders BP Baldivis Twin Travel Centres

JIM SAUNDERS MEMORIAL JUDGES INNOVATION AWARD Sponsor: MBA Insurance Services Built Old Treasury Building

EXCELLENCE IN WASTE MANAGEMENT UNDER $5 MILLION Sponsor: West Australian Mechanical Services Right Homes The Siding

BEST CIVIL ENGINEERING WORKS Sponsor: Bankwest Credentia Construction QUBE Logistics

EXCELLENCE IN WASTE MANAGEMENT OVER $5 MILLION Sponsor: West Australian Mechanical Services PACT Construction 999 Hay Street Perth

SUBCONTRACTOR OF THE YEAR Sponsor: Cbus Super Commercial Tiling Services WA Old Treasury Building


BEST REFURBISHMENT OR RENOVATION UNDER $10 MILLION Sponsor: ReddiFund Colgan Industries The Regal Theatre

BEST REFURBISHMENT OR RENOVATION OVER $10 MILLION Sponsor: ReddiFund Built Old Treasury Building

BEST MULTI-UNIT DEVELOPMENT UNDER $20 MILLION Sponsor: West Australian Mechanical Services Focus Building Company 25 Tomlinson Blvd Townhouse

BEST MULTI-UNIT DEVELOPMENT OVER $20 MILLION Sponsor: West Australian Mechanical Services Doric Contractors Ronald McDonald House

EXCELLENCE IN ENERGY EFFICIENCY UNDER $5 MILLION Sponsor: Crowther Blayne Right Homes The Siding

BEST INDUSTRIAL BUILDING Sponsor: AHG Group Brookfield Multiplex Engineering & Infrastructure Roy Hill Mine Services Area


BEST EDUCATION BUILDING UNDER $10 MILLION Sponsor: Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Systems EMCO Building Santa Maria College – Stage 3


BEST EDUCATION BUILDING OVER $10 MILLION Sponsor: Ford & Doonan Air Conditioning Systems Cockram Construction Willetton Senior High School

BEST OFFICE BUILDING UNDER $50 MILLION Sponsor: KONE Probuild Kings Square Tower 3

BEST OFFICE BUILDING OVER $50 MILLION Sponsor: KONE Brookfield Multiplex Constructions Brookfield Place Tower 2

BEST STATE GOVERNMENT BUILDING Sponsor: Building Commission Built Old Treasury Building

BEST PUBLIC USE BUILDING UNDER $10 MILLION Sponsor: Jackson McDonald Perkins Total Project Delivery Adventure World-Kraken Water Slide

SUBCONTRACTOR AWARD FOR STRUCTURAl Sponsor: Cbus Super Tyrone Group Old Treasury Building

BEST PUBLIC USE BUILDING OVER $10 MILLION Sponsor: Jackson McDonald Doric Contractors City of Perth Library

SUBCONTRACTOR AWARD FOR CLADDING Sponsor: Cbus Super Commercial Tiling Services WA Old Treasury Building

BEST APARTMENT BUILDING Sponsor: Jackson McDonald Dempsey Construction WA Taskers Stage 1 Falcon A

SUBCONTRACTOR AWARD FOR FINISHES Sponsor: Cbus Super Commercial Tiling Services WA City of Perth Library and Old Treasury Building

SUBCONTRACTOR AWARD FOR SERVICESÂ Sponsor: Cbus Super Williams Electrical Service Pty Ltd Old Treasury Building

Awards Sponsors

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ASIC explains concerns over credit advertising ASIC (the Australian Securities and Investments Commission) is the regulatory authority with responsibility for the regulation of consumer credit. As part of its ongoing monitoring of credit advertising, ASIC has become aware of WA builders who are not complying with various obligations on advertising of credit products associated with the services they offer (for example, offering finance in relation to house and land packages). Advertising might be spread across all forms of advertising including websites, internet banners, television, print and radio advertisements. ASIC wants to inform industry of obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act and the National Credit Code. It says it is concerned builders might be contravening parts 9 and 10 of the Code and sections 29 and 30 of the Act. Some of the issues ASIC has observed include: • Conduct that might amount to the provision of unlicensed credit services. • Advertising of credit services where there is no license to provide those services. • Advertising weekly repayment amounts without an annual percentage rate, comparison rate and comparison rate warning or without providing information such as the applicable fees and charges. Unlicensed credit activities Builders should either hold the appropriate licence or ensure they structure business in such a way as not to engage in credit activities which require licensing. The Act says ‘credit activities’ includes providing credit services and this encompasses providing ‘credit assistance’ or ‘acting as an intermediary’.

publishes, or causes to be published, an advertisement that states or implies that credit is available. An advertisement: • Need not contain an annual percentage rate (APR), but must do so if the advertisement states the amount of any repayment. • Must contain the relevant comparison rate if it contains an APR. A comparison rate in a credit advertisement must be no less prominent than the APR and the repayment amount. • Must make the comparison rate no less prominent than the APR or the amount of repayment stated. The Code provides that “a comparison rate in a credit advertisement must be accompanied by a warning about the accuracy of the comparison rate that is prescribed by a regulation”. The form of the warning is in Regulation 99. • Must clearly state the name of the consumer credit product, the amount of credit, the term to which each comparison rate applies and whether the advertisement is for a secured or unsecured loan. This article is derived from a letter from ASIC to Master Builders. The full material content of the letter was circulated to Master Builder members in Express newsletter on 21 July and repeated on 1 September. Contact Master Builders’ contracts and administration manager on 9476 9800 for a copy of the relevant content. More information on credit licensing is available from ASIC at rg203-published-29-may-2013.pdf and in ASIC Regulatory Guide 234 Advertising financial products and advice services including credit: Good practice guidance.


Broadly, ‘credit assistance’ is provided to a consumer where, in dealing directly with the consumer or consumer’s agent, it is suggested to the consumer to apply for a credit contract with a credit provider or the consumer is assisted to apply. Again broadly, ‘acting as an intermediary’ entails directly or indirectly acting between a credit provider and a consumer to secure provision of credit for the consumer under a credit contract with the credit provider.


There is an exemption to the requirement to be licenced which might be where the consumer merely is referred to a licenced credit provider. This is covered in Regulation 25 of the National Consumer Credit Protection Regulations, but ASIC encourages businesses to seek legal advice in forming an opinion as to whether the exemption applies. Exemptions cannot be relied on if there are broader credit activities. For example, if in addition to informing a consumer of a provider of credit activities and passing on contact details, it is suggested the consumer contact the particular credit provider to apply for a particular credit contract, the exemption might not apply.

Leading employee-owned Australian consultancy in

Geotechnics, Environment and Groundwater Proven local experience in:

Prohibition on holding out and advertising Section 30 of the Act prohibits a person from holding out and advertising that the person engages in or is able to engage in a credit activity if the person does not hold a credit licence, or is not an authorised credit representative of a licensee. Both criminal and civil penalties apply for breaches of this section. Annual Percentage Rate and Comparison Rate Chapters 9 and 10 of the Code are likely to apply even if some builders are not engaging in credit activities or are not required to be licensed due to licensing exemptions. Code provisions apply to a person who

• • • • • • • • •

Ground investigations Construction support Footing excavation inspections Site classification Pavement design Acid sulfate soil Soil and groundwater contamination Asbestos management Dewatering approvals

(08) 9204 3511

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Building a super future in WA

As the industry super fund for the building, construction and allied industries, Cbus is dedicated to growing employees’ super through the investments it makes. Cbus directly supports the industry by investing in property and infrastructure assets across Australia. As a big investor in commercial and residential property developments, neighbourhood and regional shopping centres and stable long-term infrastructure assets like airports, seaports and toll roads, Cbus is a significant contributor in the Australian economy. Its wholly owned property development and investment company, Cbus Property*, invests in construction projects across Australia generating strong returns and creating thousands of jobs in the industry. Since inception in 2006, Cbus Property has created more than 65,000 direct and 55,000 indirect jobs. Cbus Property strives to achieve outstanding Green Star1 and NABERS2 ratings for its buildings across Australia. This includes a minimum of 5 Star Design ratings on new investments and a commitment to improving sustainability of existing investments. Cbus Property continues to manage one of the nation’s largest Green Star portfolios in Australia, having completed 14 Green Star projects with another five underway. Cbus has invested in a number of neighbourhood shopping centres through its external fund manager ISPT. Recently, Cbus invested in the redevelopment of Mandurah Forum, a $350 million redevelopment

which commenced in May and which will create an estimated 1000 jobs during construction and more than 700 ongoing retail jobs at the centre on completion. This information is about Cbus. It doesn’t take into account your specific needs, so you should look at your own financial position, objectives and requirements before making any financial decisions. Read the relevant Cbus Product Disclosure Statement to decide whether Cbus is right for you. Call 1300 361 784 or visit for a copy. Cbus’ Trustee: United Super Pty Ltd ABN 46 006 261 623 AFSL 233792 Cbus ABN 75 493 363 262

* Cbus Property Pty Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Cbus and has responsibility for the strategic performance and management of all Cbus direct property, developments and investments. Green Star is an internationally recognised sustainability rating system for the design, construction and operation of buildings, fitouts and communities.


2 NABERS is a national rating system that measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings, tenancies and homes. Put simply, NABERS measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building or tenancy and its impact on the environment.

Save time, increase profits CRM: The lead to sale process is simplified resulting in more conversions. Access and update your client information on any device, anywhere. Estimation: Produce quick, cost-effective and personalised estimates for your clients using our rapid on-screen CAD Image take off tools Contracts: Create purchase orders and variations and maintain a detailed construction timeline schedule. Accounts: Full accounting functionality including payroll and timesheets with unrivalled budget control. Mobile: Giving supervisors and employees all the tools required to maintain their on-site activities on their iPhones or iPads with access to live data in real time. 1300 040 446

What’s important to you when investing in frameless glass hardware? Since 2003 MFGS have designed and manufactured the highest quality stainless steel, brass and aluminium frameless glass fittings. From balustrades, to sliding doors, to canopies. If you’re designing your bathroom, living space or outside area, these unique innovations are practical and stylish. With many years of experience offering technical advice, dedication to good friendly service and the highest quality products at an affordable price, there is only one name for all your frameless glass hardware needs, Modern Frameless Glass Systems. To offer a larger range of custom hardware with better leadtimes and affordable pricing, we now have S & L Manufacturing trading as Manufactured Frameless Glass Systems. To compliment our hardware we now also have Ultraview Glass & Hardware aiming to provide an ever increasing range of ultra clear glass panels and associated hardware. Please visit our website for more information, shop online and to download our Product Brochure, Price List, Technical Product Guide, etc. If you would like a hard copy of these publications please email your request to customer.


Sun protection facts we sometimes get wrong

Now that the days are getting longer, the weather warmer and the UV levels higher, it is probably a good time to remind ourselves about the risk we face each day working outdoors in the sun. Think UV not heat One of the biggest mistakes that most of us make is thinking that we are at highest risk from sunburn when the weather is hot. Logically, it makes sense that you get burnt when it is hot, but skin actually burns after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, not infrared radiation which creates heat. You can get burnt easily on cool, cloudy or windy days. In Perth, there are only about 30 days per year when the UV is low enough that you won’t get burnt. For all those other days, the UV level is high enough to burn your skin, even if the temperature is still low. All skin types are at risk of skin cancer People who have fair skin are at higher risk of sunburn, which sometimes leads people to believe that olive or darker skin is not at risk of skin cancer. However, this is not the case. Whether you burn or tan, the fact is that all skin types are vulnerable to skin cancer if they receive too much sun. It is true that people with very dark skin have lower rates of skin cancer. However, what a lot of people don’t know is that because skin cancer is harder to detect on this skin, often it is not found until a much later, and potentially more critical, stage. So regardless of your skin colour, you need to protect yourself when working outdoors and check your skin regularly for changes that look suspicious.

A tan does not protect you Some people are convinced that getting a tan will protect them from skin cancer, but the issue is that in order to get that tan, you need to expose your unprotected skin to the sun for longer than you should, and this increases your lifetime risk of skin cancer. A tan is actually your body’s way of trying to protect itself. The fact is, whether it is burning or tanning, your skin changes colour as a result of overexposure to UV radiation, and it is this overexposure that can lead to skin cancer. Skin cancer happens to young people too Lots of older people might get skin cancer, but that doesn’t mean that younger people are not at risk. Melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer, is the commonest cancer diagnosed in 15-29-year-olds. And the damage done to your skin between birth and adulthood plays a big part in determining your lifetime risk of skin cancer. This is why it is important for everyone to protect themselves from overexposure to UV, whether they are 0 or 99. Vitamin D is important for good health There has been a lot of media in recent years about vitamin D and how important it is for bone and muscle health. Most of us know that the majority of vitamin D in our bodies comes from the sun, which has led some people to relax their sun protection behaviours, potentially increasing their risk of skin cancer. However, for outdoor workers, it is recommended that you use sun protection whenever you are outdoors because your risk of skin cancer is so high, and it is extremely unlikely that you are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

It is worth saying two more things about vitamin D. Once you receive your daily dosage of vitamin D, additional time in the sun doesn’t increase the level in your body, but does increase your risk of skin cancer. And if you suspect you have low levels of vitamin D, then talk to your doctor about it rather than seeking extra sun for a condition you may not even have. Each year skin cancer kills more people in Australia than traffic accidents. It is a silent killer because it is not spoken about nearly as much as it should be, and the sad thing is that it is a cancer that is almost entirely preventable through consistent sun protection. As we move further into spring and summer, the UV level will increase, and with it the risk of overexposure to UV and skin cancer. If you want to find out more about how and why you should protect yourself when working outdoors, go to or email SunSmart at


We’ve moved 2 minutes down the street!

1 Naylor St Beaconsfield WA 6162 13 62 60 | |

MyLeave has a new home. You’ll now find us at Level 3, 50 Colin Street, West Perth.

Free on site quotes and same day delivery. Free delivery Perth Metro – new sales only. Mention this ad and receive 10% off your first week’s hire.

Oldfields is a specialist scaffolding company, offering complete scaffolding solution from HIRE and SERVICE to NEW SALES. From a small mobile scaffold tower right through to a new construction project, Oldfields have you covered. For a free quotation, call 13 62 60. All our staff are scaffolders. Visit to view specials and our complete range of products.

Our phone and postal details remain unchanged. That’s a big thumbs up!


September is prostate cancer awareness month

Hard at work at last year’s PCFA WA State Big Aussie Barbie.

September is International Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and a great time of the year to get out the barbeque tongs. Spring is in the air, we celebrate Father’s Day and it’s footy finals. What better time to get together with family, friends and colleagues, have a chat around the barbie and raise funds to help in the fight against prostate cancer? Every year, 20,000 Australian men are told they have prostate cancer, 3000 of these in WA. Each year, 3300 men die prematurely from the disease. More men now die of prostate cancer than women die of breast cancer. The Big Aussie Barbie campaign is about Australians getting together for a good old Aussie barbie, creating opportunities for men to check in with their mates and have a discussion about one of our most serious men’s health issues. Businesses and companies can get involved by hosting a Big Aussie Barbie for their staff, asking the staff to donate with the company matching donations, or by encouraging staff to get behind the campaign.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia also can provide ambassador speakers to come to the workplace to give toolbox talks to employees, or combine the two and have an ambassador speaker attend your company Big Aussie Barbie, and make a day of it. To register your company barbeque, go to au and discover the tools available to assist in the fight against prostate cancer. To book or enquire about an ambassador speaker, call the WA office on 9381 7444. Funds raised through the Big Aussie Barbie campaign help PCFA continue to invest in world leading research, raise awareness of prostate cancer and support men and their families affected by the disease. Join PCFA for the WA State Barbie event at Central Park, Perth on Friday 2 September between 11am and 2 pm for a gourmet sausage in a bun and support the Big Aussie Barbie campaign.


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As a Master Builders Association member, you’ll save stacks on HiLux SR5, awarded Australia’s Best 4x4 Dual Cab Ute by Australia’s Best Cars. For unbreakable performance at an unbeatable price, you can’t go past HiLux.

To find your local Fleet Specialist Dealer, call 1800 444 847



Master Builders Association membership details required to redeem Gold Fleet Discounts.


Bushfire construction in frame

James Hardie Australia Pty WA state sales manager Craig Oatway provides some guidance from the company on framed construction in bushfire prone areas. Many seminars, workshops, industry events and bulletins covered changes in Bushfire zoning that took place in Greater Perth in April. The WA James Hardie team and our call centre have been fielding many questions about building for various Bushfire Attack Levels. It’s an area we have done plenty of research in and are happy to provide guidance, especially when frame construction is the desired method of build. Here are two main areas of the code we get asked about. External Walls For the building exterior, a common misconception is that construction is limited to masonry or brick, especially in BAL FZ (the highest risk areas). This can have an impact on engineering costs for a home and ruin ideas about design. The Bushfire Construction code (AS 3959) provides the following in relation to framed external walls at the higher attack levels: BAL 29 b. Timber-framed or steel-framed walls that are sarked on the outside of the frame and clad with: (i) fibre-cement external cladding, a minimum of 6mm in thickness; or (ii) steel sheet; or (iii) bushfire-resisting timber (see Appendix F); or (iv) a combination of any of Items (i), (ii) or (iii) above.

BAL 40 b. Timber-framed or steel-framed walls that are sarked on the outside of the frame and clad with: (i) fibre-cement external cladding, a minimum of 9mm in thickness; or (ii) steel sheeting; or (iii) a combination of items (i) and (ii) above.

surface, a surface with convenient gaps in which the embers lodge; even worse if dry leaves or debris have collected underneath. Most traditional timber species shouldn’t be used in any BAL zone. However, for BAL29 and above, specialist (or treated) timbers or fire rated composite materials really are needed for decks. AS 3959 states:

BALF-Z c. A system with an FRL of 30/30/30 or -/30/30 when tested from the outside

BAL 29 & 40 Decking shall be: a. Of non-combustible material; or b. Of bushfire-resisting timber (see Appendix F); or c. A combination of items (a) and (b) above.

For the first two solutions, a variety of fibrecement products installed in a traditional way will be a suitable, fire resistant external cladding. For BAL FZ, the traditional option to achieve a 30-minute fire rating would be to include a minimum layer of 10mm fire and water resistant plasterboard before the external fibre-cement product. However, in 2014 James Hardie introduced a new method for timber frame which uses HardieFire™ rock-wool insulation in the wall and a 6mm (or greater) fibre-cement cladding that provides a 60-minute system. It is called the HardieSmart™ Boundary Wall System and is one of the simplest fire rated solutions on that market that carries a full CodeMark certification for Australia and NZ. Decking The greatest number of fires that cause partial or total destruction to a home start with a deck. That classic suburban Aussie home feature can turn into a focal point of disaster in extreme fire conditions. Trouble starts when embers blown for kilometres around the bushfire zone fall on the dried out timber

BAL FZ Decking shall have no gaps and be: a. Of non-combustible material; or b. Fibre-cement sheet; or c. A system complying with AS 1530.8.2; or d. A combination of items (a), (b) or (c) above Last year, after much demand from industry, James Hardie launched a completely new decking system based on non-combustible, 19mm thick, fibre cement boards. HardieDeck™ is proving a huge success because of its high end aesthetic, its fire resistance and the fact it uses a fixing system with no gaps between boards. For more information, check these resources:, bushfireproneareas, and

… I don’t think we could have got a better product for this particular project than Fujitsu.

- Andrew Stewart, Managing Director of Rival Air.



With a stunning design and sought after location between Victoria Street and the Yarra River, Green Square Apartments is one of the hottest new developments in Melbourne.

HVAC mechanical contractor, Rival Air, needed a unique cooling and heating solution that combined units that matched the high-end finish of the apartments without condensers in sight or earshot of the residential area. This presented a challenge with the distance between some units and condensers being up to 10 floors. Working with the engineers and architects, Rival Air came up with a solution in conjunction with Fujitsu to use varying lengths of refrigerant pipe runs.

Fujitsu’s solution included 165 indoor units connected to 42 Airstage J-II Series heat pump outdoor units, 464 wall mounted split systems and 8 ducted systems offering various refrigerant pipe runs to meet the requirements of the project. To find out how Fujitsu can help you with your project, contact your Business Development Manager or call 1300 882 201.


Reflections on bushfire reform

Master Builders’ housing director Jason Robertson It is some eight months since one of the State’s most devastating bushfires, that which tragically took two lives, all but levelled Yarloop and threatened lives and homes for days in the shires of Harvey and Waroona. The fire burnt more than 69,000 hectares, its perimeter at one point was in excess of 392 kilometres and it destroyed 181 properties, infrastructure and businesses. It was in December 2015 that the bushfire reform package was released in response to planning and building recommendations from the Keelty Report into the 2011 Perth Hills fire in which 71 homes were lost. The reforms included: • Gazettal of the Fire and Emergency Services (Bushfire Prone Areas) Order. • Release of the Map of Bushfire Prone Areas. • Gazettal of State Planning Policy 3.7 – Planning in Bushfire-Prone Areas and the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Amendment Regulations 2015. • Release of the Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire-Prone Areas. • Gazettal of the Building Amendment Regulations (No. 3) 2015. These documents were gazetted on 7 December 2015, with the provisions coming into operation the next day. The Building Amendment Regulations (No.3) 2015 had a transitional period, coming into effect on 8 April 2016. Looking at how the legislation has impacted on industry and communities, it is obvious that the implementation of the reforms package has not been handled well. Countless examples from builders of complying with the

new legislative requirements have included Bush Fire Attack Level assessments (BAL) in existing, highly developed urban subdivisions, necessitating additional costs of thousands of dollars. This has included development builds in areas along coastal strips. Earlier in the year Emergency Services Minister Joe Francis downplayed concerns of increased new home costs stating, “It might cost up to $50,000 for a big home in a very high risk location, but the cost to most homeowners in affected areas in the metropolitan area might only be a few hundred dollars”. Sorry Minister, but the evidence to date clearly refutes those assessments. BAL assessments alone can run into hundreds of dollars (not taking into account additional time delays for approvals processing) through to the construction requirements themselves. For construction standard requirements, some products required are still unavailable in WA or not easily sourced. In regional areas, the impacts have been more far reaching in some respects. Properties in close proximity to wetlands and water courses having BAL assessment ratings of Flame Zone, with potential total incurred costs exceeding tens of thousands of dollars. Master Builders has continually warned the Government of the impacts of the legislation. Industry has concerns over interpretation uncertainty. It is understood many local governments were not enforcing the legislation and continue to have difficulties in this regard. And the general public has not been aware of the impacts and costs. Several Councils now are voicing concerns publicly. Master Builders has formed a Bushfire Reform Committee to work with industry

stakeholders and Councils to review the legislation and its implementation to achieve tangible and sustainable outcomes. It is committed to research, case study examples and other methodologies to present a range of recommendations to the Barnett Government later this year. Under the Building Code, the compliance level is the Performance Requirements. In respect of protection from the spread of fire, a Class 1 dwelling is to be protected from another building (other than an associated Class 10 building) and an allotment boundary, other than a boundary adjoining a road or public space. This raises a couple of interesting points. Generally speaking, there are three main principles for achieving building design fire safety: • Safeguarding occupants. • Facilitating firefighting. • Preventing fire spreading between buildings. There will be divergent viewpoints, taking into account the different types and locations of residential dwellings, mitigating bushfire risk through preventing the spread of fire between buildings. Regrettably, these new initiatives don’t address the core issues we face with thecurrent legislation. If one accepts that, above all, safeguarding occupants is the primary principle, with asset protection through facilitating firefighting measures secondary, there is still a disconnect from countless existing subdivisions, where the risk is high due to single ingress/egress points, massive fuel loading and other compounding issues. There are plenty of examples of evacuations being compromised by single egress points blocked by the fire itself or by people attempting to flee.


Housing Excellence Awards under way for 2017

The application of building construction standards for bushfire-prone areas does not address these important issues. It is likely in some respects, for the law of unintended consequences to prevail with the new legislation. In building to a particular construction standard, some may see it as a guarantee they will be safe in the event of a fire and choose to stay. And what other longer term financial impacts have yet to be calculated? For some, it may mean building their dream home in the location of choice simply is untenable. In the metropolitan area, and certainly in regional areas, markets might suffer with insurance premiums skyrocketing, forcing even more financial strain on home owners. Fire safety, it is fair to say, can be viewed as a dovetail between the building design and holistic safety management. Simply put, the best way to manage building activity and construction in regard to fire safety, is to prevent fires from starting in the first place as much as possible. If we accept one of the objectives of the Building Code is to protect the dwelling from the effects of a bushfire and reduce the likelihood of fatalities arising through people not being able to evacuate, it still stands to reason that ‘fire-proof’ buildings, are not the panacea for fire safety. Master Builders wholeheartedly agrees with the need for ongoing bushfire reform, based on empirical evidence and the need to improve resilience within communities. The Association is striving for outcomes that are balanced, workable and sustainable for the betterment of industry as well as our communities.

Adrian Zorzi Builders made history at February’s Master Builders Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards, winning the Best Country Home and the Top WA Home for 2016.

Master Builders held the launch of the 2017 Housing Excellence Awards in July with events manager Monique Milne outlining the entry and judging procedures to assist entrants in the lead up to February’s gala awards night. Head judge Robert Shaw and senior judge Robert Spadaccini also were on hand to participate in a Q&A session. Attendees at the launch came from various levels, from directors to supervisors to marketing executives. The main topics of discussion among the group included judges’ scoring of the awards criteria, advantages of entering the awards and the sought after Bankwest Best Customer Service Award. Attendees left with some handy hints on entering the awards. Top tips are: • To be successful, make sure you know the judging criteria, which can be found on Master Builders’ website. The judges score each criterion out of 10, with the project receiving an overall score out of 100.

Master Builders’ events manager Monique Milne addresses the launch of the 2017 Housing Excellence Awards with award judges Rob Spadaccini and Robert Shaw looking on.

• The judges measure excellence solely on the quality of construction. You will not be disadvantaged if the house is lived in or is not professionally cleaned. • All judges score against set criteria, which are kept consistent throughout all projects and categories. For more information and to enter the awards, head to or contact the events team on 9476 9800.

30 UPDATES industrial relations SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016

Forum explains right of entry WORKER WINS BACK JOB THAT NO LONGER EXISTS The Fair Work Commission, in a curious decision, ordered a Sydney waterside worker get his job back even though the stevedoring employer replaced it and many more with robotic waterside equipment with employees made redundant. Just how this will work remains to be seen.


Jackson McDonald senior associate Shannon Walker shares her insights at the union right of entry forum.

In conjunction with Jackson McDonald Lawyers, Master Builders held a successful and well-attended Four O’clock Forum on union right of entry in July. Master Builders’ construction director Kim Richardson says union right of entry is a contentious issue in the building industry with rights and obligations on both sides set out under the Fair Work Act. “Knowing these obligations is all important for a site occupier to avoid allegations and claims of breach,” he said. “Master Builders can assist members in this complex matter.” For more information, call Kim Richardson on 9476 9800.

Opposites attract

A NSW academic criticised a Master Builders Victoria report on the building union’s unsustainable pattern EBA which includes pay rises of 18 per cent with no productivity offsets. The academic noted too much emphasis on the union’s EBA wage rates and conclusions about poor economic outcomes were flawed. With carpenters earning about $140,000 per year under the EBA wage rates can hardly be ignored.

DID NOT KNOW THAT Returned Senator Jacqui Lambie in the lead up to the federal election says she rejected CFMEU funding support but also indicated she accepted $25,000 for the ETU. While admitting she twice opposed the Bill to restore the ABCC, Senator Lambie indicated she had no idea the ETU opposed the ABCC legislation.

MUA PUTS HAND UP The MUA(WA) agreed as fair, a Federal Court assessment that the union used safety as a sham exercise to pursue an industrial relations goal on Gorgon-associated work. Using safety to drive some other union agenda is not responsible unionism and undermines the importance of safety at the workplace. Such behaviour belongs in the dustbin of history. What was the union thinking?

GRUMPY UNIONS Some unions are not happy at recent Fair Work Commission decisions finding employer policies banning union logos on employer-supplied clothing and hard hats to be legitimate. In each case, the employer banned all non-employer related logos, only allowing OSH-related insignia for quick identification purposes.

DODGY NUMBERS The TWU is being prosecuted by the Fair Work Commission for pumping up its financial union member numbers by 21,000 in NSW when those names should have been purged from the union’s membership list. The question is, how many other unions might have dodgy membership lists?

FACEBOOK COMMENTS RAISING LEGAL QUESTIONS CFMEU national secretary Dave Noonan (left) met Master Builders Australia national president Dan Perkins in Perth recently to get to know one another and to discuss their respective views on industrial relations. It has been reported it was a useful meeting which highlighted areas of difference but also some areas where both organisations could work more closely for a common purpose.

A Victorian brewer dispute is raising legal questions about the unions and supporters using social media to call for boycotts on buying the brewer’s product. A prominent IR lawyer suggests this might infringe on secondary boycott law and expose irresponsible social media comments to heavy duty legal action. Thinking twice before pushing the send button seems sound advice.

industrial relations UPDATES 31 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016

Federal Court signals need for ABCC

Master Builders’ construction director Kim Richardson

conduct over several years, the CFMEU was an embarrassment to the wider union movement.

July saw the Federal Court impose fines of $281,000 on the CFMEU, its officials and individual construction workers for taking unlawful industrial action. The fines cover incidents in WA, Victoria and Queensland from 2011-14.

In Queensland, the Court observed that the union and officials would have been acutely aware of the consequences of their conduct, given the union’s long history of convictions. The Court said it appeared that the choice of unlawful means to further industrial interests was the union’s business model, a proposition not challenged by the union’s counsel.

The CFMEU (WA) conduct not only saw it and union officials cop fines, but 43 individual construction workers on the Joondalup Shopping Centre Expansion Project were fined $1000 each for taking unlawful industrial action on the site in May 2014.

The Court in the WA case observed the union deliberately uses unlawful industrial action as a calculated tool to further its interests.

The recent decisions show the Court’s increasing level of frustration at the continuing level of deliberate, orchestrated, informed disregard for the rule of law by the CFMEU. In handing down decisions over the past year or so, the Court has become more critical of the union’s ingrained disregard for the law. Penalties have little bearing on moderating offending given the CFMEU’s capacity and willingness to pay major fines for its unlawful conduct. The Court is making plain that the current industrial relations legislative framework offers no meaningful deterrent to unlawful conduct by the union and its officials. In the Victorian case, which resulted in $180,000 fines against the union and officials, the Court commented that, due to intentional unlawful

Master Builders has been calling for the restoration of the Australian Building and Construction Commission. The Federal Court is now beating the drum on the need for an effective deterrent to curb union excesses and has provided irrefutable evidence for the new Parliament that the ABCC is needed in the national building industry. Master Builders Australia CEO Wilhelm Harnisch has said the Turnbull Government clearly has a mandate to bring back the ABCC, the issue on which the double dissolution election was called. “The community has rights and those rights can be enhanced by laws that will lower the cost of construction, laws that will reinstate the powers of the ABCC,” he said. “They worked in favour of the community before and they will again in the future.”

Drug and alcohol policy looms The WA Government is talking about the introduction in late 2016 of a new State Building Code that is likely to mean builders and subcontractors engaged on WA Government projects will need to have drug and alcohol policies with mandatory testing.

can result in innocent staff losing their jobs. Worse still is the potential for false negatives, resulting in people under the effects of drugs or alcohol, whether immediately or the rebound fatigue stimulants like ‘ice’ produce, not being detected and causing accidents and fatalities.”

According to testing organisation The Drug Detection Agency, if the code is introduced, it could become a minefield for employers who do not follow correct procedures.

While there are pitfalls to be aware of, TDDA says that employers with a robust policy in place definitely will see benefits.

“Drugs in the workplace are a recognised hazard,” says TDDA WA branch general manager David Beard. “Along with staff education programs, only a robust and approved drug testing program, utilising fair and proper procedures and conducted in accordance with best commercial practice will help create a safe workplace.”

“There is a proven ROI achieved from workplace drug testing programs,” Mr Beard said. “Research shows clear evidence of the link between a higher incidence of workplace accidents and employee drug or substance use, both in Australia and overseas. Businesses with sound workplace policies are associated with lower risk levels of workplace accidents related to alcohol and drug use among employees.

Mr Beard said this means the testing provider must hold ISO 151892012 accreditation to be able to conduct on-site screening. To prevent allegations of discrimination and to withstand legal scrutiny, the provider also should be independent.

“On the basis the code comes into force, contractors need to be ready and take their obligation seriously. Drug and alcohol testing is there for workplace safety. That is paramount and that’s what we’re working towards.”

“Companies conducting their own staff drug testing are entering territory fraught with problems,” Mr Beard said. “Results from these kits aren’t legally valid, won’t stand up in court and by giving false positive readings,

TDDA has ISO 15189-2012 accreditation for workplace drug testing (see NATA and IANZ websites for further detail). It has more than 40 locations throughout Australasia. See


What’s in a name?

MBA Insurance Services’ state manager Nick Vernon Builders’ home indemnity, builders’ home warranty, home indemnity insurance... It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s all the same product and anyone undertaking domestic works over $20,000 must have it! Let’s call it home indemnity insurance – HII – for the purposes of this article, a consumer product that offers protection to the home owner to repair defects or complete unfinished works if their builder dies, disappears or becomes insolvent. The builder is responsible for taking out this insurance each time a contract for domestic building works is entered into. So what’s in a name? Well, it’s everything when it comes to HII. Firstly, it’s the entity name that you, the builder, use to sign your domestic building contracts, and then, the entity name you use on an HII application form. If these names don’t match (and we mean EXACTLY) you are headed for delays, additional documentation requirements and frustration before your HII certificate will be released. In the paragraphs following, we’ve provided some guidelines and information to help you understand the importance of ‘what’s in a name’ and to help you avoid unnecessary delays. Firstly, the entity name in which you sign your domestic building contracts must hold a current HII eligibility facility. The entity may be a sole trader, a partnership of two or more individuals, an incorporated company or one of these three as trustee for a trust. This is dictated by the ABN number attached to the business. Whatever your trading structure, you must have HII.

Then, whenever you are looking to change your trading structure (that is, from a sole trader to a company, a company to a trust, and so on), you also will need to notify your HII broker in advance. This is to ensure that the HII is not voided when you sign domestic building contracts with your new entity name. Once the broker receives the above information, it will be passed to your insurer, who will assess the viability of the new trading entity. Depending on the annual turnover limit requested, the insurer might take between 8-40 business days to respond (however, the majority of applications get assessed in between 8-15 business days). Following the completion of the assessment, eligibility will be held under your new trading entity name and ABN. (Note, depending on the information supplied there might be a request for further information at which time your broker will contact you to discuss.) If there is a change in the entity name, but no change to the ABN, you still are required to advise your broker and provide the broker with the ASIC name change certificate. This ensures the entity name in which you sign contracts will be identical to the entity name displayed on your letter of eligibility. Depending on the timing of your previous assessment you might be required to provide updated financial and business information to support this change. At all times, the builder’s name and/or its ABN on both the certificate of insurance and the domestic building contract must match EXACTLY. Further, the entity being used MUST have an active eligibility facility. Below are some examples of what is acceptable and what is not.

Certificate of Insurance

Domestic Building Contract

Carried out by the builder



MATCH Both name of builder and ACN or ABN match.


JOHN CITIZEN ABN: 12 345 678 910

NO MATCH Name of builder does not match.



NO MATCH ABN or ACN does not match.


Building Australia Master Builders Australia

2017 National Conference, Building Exhibition & National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards

23–25 November 2017 | Hobart Tasmania The Master Builders Australia 2017 National Conference ‘Building Australia’ will be held in Hobart at the historic Princes Wharf 1 (PW1). The recently restored heritage building is a first class multi-purpose function and event venue located on the waterfront of the Derwent River in the heart of the Salamanca Precinct. The venue is within close proximity to restaurants, hotels, cafes, retail outlets, major tourist attractions and departure points. Whether it’s a ferry to MONA or a coach to the top of Mount Wellington, PW1 provides a perfect base to explore the best Hobart and surrounds has to offer. As part of your conference experience, delegates will enjoy a river cruise to a special offsite conference dinner at MONA the Museum of Old and New Art. A comprehensive program of high profile speakers will examine the building industry outlook, focussing on topics relevant to today’s building and construction industry. An exciting social program will ensure delegates’ attendance is a rewarding experience.

Supplied by Mona 2011 National Awards

Image: Hobart City Council

Image: 2015 Master National Awards Image: Kathryn Leahy Image: Rob Burnett

Image: Jesse Dejardins

Michael Walters Photography

Image: Paul Fleming

Image: Alastair Bett

save the da


Image: Peter Topliss

Image: Andrew Ross

Image: Alastair Bett

Discover Tasmania

Alastair Bett

Local attractions and tours make Tasmania an ideal destination for delegates and their families. Attractions include MONA, the Salamanca Markets, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, Mount Wellington, Historical Port Arthur, Richmond, Peppermint Bay, Cascade Brewery, Royal Botanical Gardens, Bonorong Wildlife Centre, Maritime Museum, Derwent River Cruise, Russell Falls, Pennicott Wilderness tours, Cradle Mountain and Cataract Gorge just to name a few. Images courtesy Tourism Tasmania.


My client won’t pay – now what?

Tom Jacobs

Matthew Lang

If you are a builder or subcontractor, you must be concerned about getting paid on time and in full. There have been plenty of recent stories in WA newspapers regarding builders and subcontractors suffering as a result of delayed or non-payment. This article sets out the steps you can and should take to protect your position and get paid for the works you have completed. But if you are in doubt about how to protect and enforce your rights, seek legal advice at an early stage because certain rights to get paid quickly can expire, if you don’t use them. Avoiding disputes A failure to make a payment on time may have a simple explanation, such as a claim not being received, a cheque getting lost or an oversight on the part of the client. Try and obtain an explanation for any non-payment before taking further action. Contractors can minimise the risk of nonpayment by: • Before starting works, make sure that the client has title to the land (that is, is the owner) and the capacity to pay the contract sum – see clauses 7 and 8 in the Master Builders’ Home Building Works Contract (HBW Contract).

• Following the contract strictly, including getting all variations in writing and signed and notifying in writing of claims for extensions of time. • Completing the works on time and in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. The client won’t pay – now what? If the client fails or refuses to make payment of an amount claimed under the contract, there are a number of options available to a builder. The first step always is to check your contract to understand your rights. There are various ways in which to protect your position. If works are ongoing – suspend works If works are underway and the client refuses to pay, check the contract to see if you are entitled to suspend work. Clause 20 of the HBW Contract gives the builder the right to suspend the works if the client fails to pay a claim, provided that the builder first gives 10 working days’ written notice of the intention to suspend. If the works are complete - hold the keys Under clause 27 of the HBW Contract if the works have reached practical completion and payment is not made, then the client is not entitled to take possession or receive the keys until the builder has been paid all moneys due. While withholding the keys until payment is received is advisable, this option is not always effective as a client may sometimes simply take back possession and change the locks.

Lodge a caveat If the client refuses to pay a payment claim, you should consider lodging a caveat against the land. Many building contracts contain a clause (such as clause 33 of the HBW contract) that specifically provides that the client “charges the land” as security for payment under the building contract – this creates a caveatable interest. A caveat means the owner cannot sell or mortgage the property without the person who lodged the caveat first being given notice. You should seek legal advice prior to lodging a caveat to make sure that you are entitled to do so and that the caveat is in the correct form. Dispute resolution options Notice of dispute Most building contracts will have a dispute resolution clause. Certain clauses require various steps to be taken before further action. If you are using the HBW Contract, see clause 31: • Either party may submit a written notice providing sufficient details and identifying the cause and nature of the dispute or difference and call on the other party to rectify the matters complained of or otherwise attempt to settle them. • If the dispute cannot be resolved (within five working days of the notice) then you either can proceed to make a complaint to the Building Commission (regarding the breach of contract – that is, the failure by the owner to pay) or refer the matter to arbitration.


Apply to the Building Commission The Building Commission can determine: • Complaints about a “regulated building service” not being carried out in a “proper and proficient manner” or being “faulty or unsatisfactory” (usually a complaint by an owner or other ‘affected person’). • Contractual complaints arising out of lump sum contracts for home building works of between $7500 and $500,000 (that is, a home building work contract). Applying to the Building Commission can be a cost-effective way to resolve simple contractual disputes. However, there is a risk that a client may try and introduce allegations regarding workmanship. If so, or the matter is “complex” it is likely to be referred to the State Administrative Tribunal, in which case the process can become costly and take a long time to resolve. If the contract price exceeds $500,000, it is not open to the builder to make an application to the Building Commission regarding a breach of contract and you must use one of the options explained below (or commence litigation – which will be time consuming and costly). Commence an arbitration If you cannot resolve your dispute with the client, you can (assuming the contract provides for it or by agreement of the parties) refer the dispute to arbitration.

Under the HBW Contract the arbitrator is to be agreed by the parties or, failing that, be appointed by Master Builders. Apply for adjudication The Construction Contracts Act (WA) (CCA) provides a rapid adjudication process for prompt resolution of payment disputes arising from construction contracts. If you are faced with a difficult client who will not pay and you are reasonably confident in your entitlement to payment, you always should consider adjudication as an option at an early stage. Adjudication is a fast and simple method of getting paid – but you must act quickly or you will be out-of-time. In order to make an application for adjudication under the CCA, you must: • Make a claim for payment under the terms of your contract. • Have a “payment dispute” – this occurs when a claim for an amount is due to be paid and is not paid in full, or when the claim is rejected (either in writing or orally). • Apply for adjudication within 28 days by preparing and lodging an application for adjudication in respect of the particular “payment dispute”. We know how frustrating it is to not get paid on time and to be unsure as to how to go about exercising your rights under the CCA. Those days will shortly be over.

Jackson McDonald is preparing an online application which contractors will be able to access in the office or at home, to quickly and cost effectively prepare an application for adjudication. The online service will be fixed fee based and payable only on receipt of a determination in your favour. Keep an eye out for further updates and training regarding this new and exciting online tool to help you resolve payment disputes. In the meantime, if you want to know more, call us to discuss. This article was prepared by Jackson McDonald partner Tom Jacobs and special counsel Matthew Lang.

Member * Savings Scheme

Help Apprentices with every loan taken out

Members can access a free review of their personal tax positions, including review of tax minimisation strategies, and the use of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. Also includes a free financial services consultation to review financial and retirement planning.

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Plenty in store before Christmas

Part of the bumper attendance at last year’s WinBaC End of Year Lunch, always a standout on the Master Builders’ events calendar.

Master Builders has some great events lined up for the last quarter of the year. Here’s a taste of things to come and for more information and bookings, go to and click on ‘Awards & Events, or contact the Association’s events team on 9476 9800. Master Builders-Bankwest WinBaC Workshops These two workshops – Building Approvals Success, aimed at helping those involved in the process of getting plans certified and through local authorities, and Plan Reading and Building Basics, providing an understanding of plans and building terminology and a range of practical skills to help in liaising with clients – are run under the auspices of Women in Building and Construction. Master Builders’ technical advisor Romina De Santis brings her many years of experience, including in local government, to the fore in running these workshops. (Building Approvals Success, Friday 16 September and Plan Reading and Building Basics, Friday 14 October, both at Master Builders West Perth.) Master Builders’ Apprentice of the Year Awards Over a three-course gala dinner, join hundreds of apprentices, builders, contractors, trainers, sponsors and other building and construction industry supporters recognising WA’s best apprentices. The program also includes the presenting of the prestigious Ric New Rising Star and Ric New Medal for Excellence Awards. (Friday 4 November, Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.)

Member Night and AGM Network with other members, enjoy a drink and light refreshments and catch a round-up of the Association’s major activities over the past year at this important combined social and formal event. The results of election of the Construction and Housing Councillors who will be at the forefront of our lobbying and advocacy activities in the coming year will be announced at the AGM. (Tuesday 8 November.) WinBaC End of Year Lunch One of the Association’s most popular networking event, the Master Builders-Bankwest WinBaC End of Year Lunch has a reputation for high quality speakers and inspirational stories. This year’s lunch will be no exception so bring the whole team along for a great afternoon out of the office. (Friday 18 November.) Members’ End of Year Sundowner The Members’ End of Year Sundowner brings together the building and construction industry’s finest to wrap things up before the Christmas close-down. More than 200 members, sponsors and supporters will indulge in networking drinks and canapes while presentations will be made to the holders of 10 and 25 consecutive year memberships and to the winners of the prized Member of the Year and Regional Member of the Year awards. Mark this date in your diary. (Tuesday 13 December.)

Roll up for bowls The annual Master Builders members’ bowls day was held at the Stirling Bowls Club in July with a healthy turnout of competitors. In fine but cool weather and played on synthetic turf greens, the winners on the day were Ray Sarich (skipper), Peter Auguston, Jack Greenaway and Ray Hutchings. Second prize was won by Tony Sabatino (skip), Fred Stimpson, Rob Amos and Ivan Franich, while third prize went to Joe Hofgesang (skip), Bob Berven, Brian Vuleta and Mato Maratovich. In fourth place were Peter Marinovich (skip), Gary Gregson, Enzo Gianotto and Bill Muntz.

Winning skipper Ivan Franich (left) with Brian Young and Mike McGeehan after the July Master Builders members’ bowls day.

The members’ bowls day is run in conjunction with the Master Builders Bowling club which has regular competitions throughout the year. Association members interest in joining the club should contact Brian Young on 9447 1212 or 0447 122 186.


Master Builders welcomes new members 3D HR Legal Pty Ltd 0450 959 095 A.T. Brine & Sons 08 6380 1888 Airforce Airconditioning (SW) Pty Ltd 08 9792 5387 Airforce Airconditioning Pty Ltd 08 6465 4999 Alexander Humble 0408 315 555 ANZ Building & Construction 0408 215 558 Baileys Living 08 6500 6688 Balic Homes 0411 109 254 Blusteel 08 9921 9300 Build Earth Pty Ltd 08 6168 7438 Buildrite Homes 0418 920 120 Coast Homes 08 6241 6777 Coastal Waste Management 08 9592 9420 Colin Ross Construction 0439 904 469 Construct360 Pty Ltd 08 6168 9279 Cube iD Property Maintenance 0406 033 212 Darling Quality Builds Pty Ltd 0415 353 028 Dixon Construction 08 9071 7734 Dynamite Concrete Construction Pty Ltd 0400 231 677 Energy Advance 1300 850 228 Ergon Constructions 08 9349 4143 Fielders 08 9303 1400 Fusion Building & Maintenance WA 08 9965 0517 Green Homes Australia South West 08 9721 3204 Grey Army Handyman Geraldton 0474 976 666 Hardy Constructions (WA) 0413 776 503 Iannello Construction Pty Ltd 08 9534 8747 Jaguar Construction Pty Ltd 08 6201 2992 KDS Building Services 0403 624 182 Kulowall Construction Pty Ltd 08 6396 4391 La Rosa Constructions WA Pty Ltd 08 9837 4770 Lalji Ramji Varsani 0435 759 841 Le Grove Landscaping 08 6180 1368 M Projects Design and Construct Pty Ltd 0401 318 234 Mandurah Homes 08 9584 4644 Mindful Homes 0438 972 682 Modular WA 08 6454 0919 Momentum Legal 08 9388 0704 Mustang Wear 08 6261 9019 NBN 03 9107 3876 Neesh Construction 08 9339 4737 New Dimension Mechanical Services 08 9405 7062 New Earth Living 0400 321 802 NT Family Trust 0413 233 232 Ocean To The Outback Construction and Maintenance 0409 506 509 OfficeMax 08 9320 6976 Opulence Interior Designers 0412 321 081 Oz Set Australia Pty Ltd 0407 723 372 OzCoolRooms & WineRooms 0424 892 838 Perth Flooring Solutions 0410 551 888 Renova Pty Ltd 0423 908 755 Rooftec 0421 498 220 Snell Building Services Pty Ltd 0402 316 929 South City Constructions 0411 481 355 Steve Carman Building 0455 994 322 Strategic Project Planning 0418 913 060 Technological Management Consultants 0418 267 959 Tint City 0419 045 544 Tulloch Construction 08 9840 9278 VIP Fencing and Home Maintenance - Perth South 0412 117 384 West Building Solutions 0459 080 571

Master Builders and HBF team up

HBF executive general manager of member relationships Sasha Pendal at the launch of the Master Builders alliance partnership at the Association’s CEOs and Managers Lunch in June.

Master Builders has officially launched its new alliance partnership with HBF. The launch, at the Master Builders-Bankwest CEOs and Managers Lunch in June, allows Master Builder members to access a wide range of discounts including 12 per cent off Hospital and Extras health insurance cover and up to 23 per cent on home, landlords, car, caravan, trailer and boat insurances. HBF has consolidated its position as WA’s leading health insurer and is one of Australia’s largest and most trusted health funds. Since its inception in 1941, it has provided services to more than a million members. One thing remains the same – the Fund’s sole purpose of service to members. HBF has a wide range of flexible, award-winning, great value health cover options. To get a quote and get more information on what is on offer to Master Builder members, email

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Former Housing Authority staff member Alix Rhodes has been appointed deputy executive director of the WA Property Council. Congratulations to Adrian Fini, the managing director of the Fini Group, on being adjudged West Australian of the Year. Cockram has established a majority owned indigenous construction services company known as Barpa. The company has project works at more than 10 defence facilities nationally, including WA. Condolences to Master Builders’ honorary member Harry Bosustow in Bunbury on the death of his wife Margo after a short illness. Eddie Sammut has been appointed executive general manager, building with the Georgiou Group. Congratulations to Hayley Moir (Summit Home Group) on winning the WA calisthenics Graceful title for the third consecutive year. Hayley has won the national title for six of the last nine years. This year Hayley finished third in the national competition in Adelaide in July. Kodie Blay has resigned as operations manager with the Wirrpanda Foundation. During her time the Wirrpanda foundation has grown from eight staff at two offices to 52 staff and 12 satellite offices around the country. Ms Blay has taken on a player development manager role at the WACA. Drew Gillespie is now working for John Holland.

The Department of Water has appointed Michael Rowe as director general. Congratulations to Graham Teede who received an Order of Australia in this year’s Queen’s Birthday Honours list for his services to the building and construction industry. Mr Teede is a past president of the Australian Institute of Building where he has dedicated countless hours to enhance the professionalism of builders and project managers in WA in particular. He also has worked closely with Curtin University to improve the quality and relevance of its Construction Management course within the School of Built Environment. Sarah Bellow has resigned as general manager of Local Chambers to work with her partner in a new business, Amplified Lending Solutions. GHD has appointed Ashley Wright as its CEO.

Condolences to Ian Doubikin (Cooktown Constructions) and family on the death of his mother in June. Leith Putland has been appointed general manager, commercial operations with Netball WA. Condolences to Malcolm Goode (Artique Homes) and his family on the death of his mother in June. David Rowe, former executive general manager of BGC Australia, has been appointed to the Water Corporation’s board, along with former LandCorp CEO Ross Holt. Congratulations to Kerry Hill Architects and Palassis Architects on jointly winning the George Temple Poole Award at this year’s Australian Institute of Architects’ Awards. The winning projects were the City of Perth Library and State Buildings redevelopment in Perth

Professor Joseli Macedo, formerly from the University of Florida, has been appointed Head of the School of Built Environment at Curtin University. The University has been named the most collaborative Australian university, according to Nature Index.

A cheerio to former longserving Pindan staffer Ernie Turpin who is not well at the moment down in Busselton.

Noel Schubert has left Synergy after a distinguished career in a variety of important roles with the energy provider.

Ron Louis has retired as a partner with Butler Settineri after more than 20 years with the business.

Pam Scott has been appointed Chief Commissioner in the WA Industrial Relations Commission. Prior to being appointed an IR Commissioner, Mrs Scott worked at CCI.

Kirstin Stewart has been promoted to partner in the business services division of HLB Mann Judd.

Nicky Cusworth has been appointed chair of the Economic Regulation Authority for a five-year term.

Glen Whistler-Carr has been appointed the new CEO of the Mid West Chamber of Commerce and Industry, based in Geraldton. He previously worked with the Fremantle CCI. Jason Thomson from Brookfield Multiplex has been elected AIB in WA. He takes over from Frank Dilizia (Georgiou) who held the position for the last two years. Jeff Radisich has retired as the WA manager of Fair Work Building and Construction after a lengthy period or employment in the state public service. Cliff Pettit has taken over the FWBC role in Perth, reporting to Nigel Hadgkiss in Melbourne. A big cheerio to Master Builders’ Safety Committee chairman, Construction Council member and Board of Management member Andy Peppercorn who is undergoing a series of medical treatments. Brookfield Multiplex regional manager Jon Stone has resigned to take up a position with Scentre Group (formerly Westfield) which develops shopping centres. Ron Bullen has been appointed manager, fit-out and refurbishment with Broad Construction Services. Emma Thunder has moved from the Department of Planning to take up the position of principal policy officer with Planning Minister Donna Faragher.

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Master Builders’ state and national board member Robert Shaw has been elected national president of Netball Australia. Mr Shaw is the first male to be elected to the role. Master Builders wishes him well in presiding over the future of Australian netball with its more than one million participants.

Joe Lenzo (left) retired earlier in the year after 15 years as executive director of the Property Council in WA. He is pictured at his farewell function with another long-serving chief, Master Builders’ director Michael McLean.

Cbus business development manager James Moore (left) coordinated this year’s Mother’s Day Classic to raise funds for breast cancer awareness. Mr Moore, who took responsibility for the sausage sizzle stall at the conclusion of the fund-raising walk and run along Riverside Drive, is pictured with an enthusiastic anonymous participant.

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PEN PORTRAIT: GRAEME DIX Recasting Master Builders, with its history of nearly 120 years, has its challenges, but Graeme Dix, appointed to the new role of business director late in 2015, has taken up the cudgels and embarked on an enthusiastic program of evolutionary change. We asked him about his background and how he’s fairing in the new job.

What were you doing before joining Master Builders? To go back over your work career is interesting. I think if I looked back the question was more around what I did in the past that gave me the experience to do what I am doing today. I think there were two companies that I learnt from the most. I was part of the management team that set up Sony PlayStation in Australia. I believe the manager director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia (Michael Ephraim) was probably the most influential. Michael enabled you to grow, make mistakes and be calculated about the risks you took. I learnt so much on business setup, sales and marketing, culture, change, values and integrity. I was very lucky to have such a great MD when I was young which enabled me to learn so much. The other would be football where I worked at the Western Australian Football Commission. This taught me about politics and how people who do not want to move forward can put issues/ideas onto a hamster wheel and go nowhere. What you could achieve at Sony in six months would take you two years in football. Again this was a great learning curve as it gave you a perspective completely opposite to that of the commercial world. The shining light in this industry to me was Trevor Nisbett. I was lucky enough to have him as a mentor and his help and guidance through this time was brilliant. Trevor and I have been friends a long time and I still bounce things off him today. Why did you move? The board and director at Master Builders (Michael McLean) made clear the challenges

the business was facing and the expectations of the new role This made the job sound challenging and interesting so it made it an easy decision to move. How long have you worked for Master Builders? I have been at Master Builders for eight months. The time has passed very quickly and we have achieved a lot in this time. The board, executive and staff have all been great to work with and have worked hard to put together a strategic plan and start the first stages of implementation. When you’re not at Master Builders, what keeps you busy? I enjoy cycling. I have been cycling for over 30 years and have always enjoyed the sport. I mountain bike ride in the winter and road ride in the summer. Also I really enjoy motor bike riding, I have an adventure bike and I like to ride through the forests of WA and chill out in the country towns I visit. How do you feel you’ve settled in your role? I believe the staff at Master Builders have made settling in easy. We have a great blend of experience and youth. With our experienced staff, they bring a lot of knowledge and history of the industry and the youth are constantly pushing you into keeping up with what’s new and innovative. So overall we have a good mix and I have settled in well. What would you say to females thinking about careers in the construction industry? I would encourage any female who wants a role in the building and construction industry to give it a go. There is so much diversity in the industry that will challenge and reward you.

What interests you about the construction industry? My father was in the industry his whole life which has always kept me interested. When the opportunity arose to join Master Builders and do a new strategic plan for the future of the Association, it was a great opportunity. I would also say the diversity of the industry. The general consumer sees the building and construction industry as residential and high rise; they forget the industry is far bigger than that. The industry builds communities whether it is a business community, the community you live in or the community we work in. It’s not just bricks and mortar. It is schools, railway lines, pipelines, dam, roads, bridges and water treatment plants. As I like to say, if it is built above or below the ground or even floating on water or in mid-air, the building and construction industry would have had a hand in it somewhere. What have been your most successful initiatives? Writing the new strategic plan for the Master Builders. This has a very strong focus on members, required products and services, relevance and a service culture. What are you working on now? We are now into the implementation stage of the strategic plan which is keeping us all very busy.

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Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statement

Master Builders’ safety manager Mike Fitzgerald Is there a difference between a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) and a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS)? Depending on who you talk to you will get differing opinions. In basic terms the concepts, objectives and perceived outcomes of both a JSA and a SWMS are the same: how do we do the job/task safely? A JSA or SWMS is specific to a task. You would not have a JSA or SWMS for building a single storey house, but rather a number of JSA’s or SWMS’s relating to specific tasks in the construction process, for example, tasks involving persons working at height such as roof carpenters or the use of powered mobile plant on the site. These are just two examples specifically identified in the WA OSH Regulations. A JSA/SWMS is a systematic review of a job/task in order to identify and assess the hazards associated with that process, and to recommend, develop and implement hazard controls to eliminate or minimise and manage the risks. A JSA/SWMS might be carried out as required by OHS/WHS legislation or for different reasons such as medium and high risk tasks, new or modified tasks (deviation from standard work procedures), infrequent tasks and tasks that previously resulted in injury or damage. The WA Occupational Safety and Health Regulations require a JSA or SWMS to be conducted for the following construction work: • Involving a risk of a person falling two metres or more. • On telecommunications towers.

• Involving demolition. • Involving removing or disturbing asbestos. • Involving alteration to a structure that requires the structure to be temporarily supported to prevent its collapse. • Involving a confined space. • Involving excavation to a depth of more than 1.5 metres. • The construction of tunnels. • Involving the use of explosives. • On or near pressurised gas pipes (including distribution mains). • On or near chemical, fuel or refrigerant lines. • On or near energised electrical installations and lines (whether overhead or underground). • In an area that might have a contaminated or flammable atmosphere. • Involving tilt-up or precast concrete. • On or adjacent to roads or railways that are in use. • On a construction site where there is movement of powered mobile plant. • In an area where there are artificial extremes of temperature. • In, over or adjacent to water or other liquids if there is a risk of drowning. • Involving diving. It is best practice for a number of people to be involved in development of a JSA. This generally includes site supervisors, persons with expertise or knowledge about the specific task, those who will undertake the task and others who might be affected by the specific task. To help encourage the safety culture and to provide informal training, it is good practice to include other site personnel who might have little or no experience in relation to the JSA/ SWMS process in the development team. Objectives • Improve workplace communications by involving employees in job planning and safety management. • Improve efficiency so employees know what is expected of them and what others in the crew will be doing.

Likelihood: Almost certain

The event is expected to occur in most circumstances (eg daily).


The event will probably occur in most circumstances (eg weekly).

• Create a sense of employee ownership over workplace safety. • Develop easy to read and understand safe work procedures written using employees’ workplace terminology. • Enter identified hazards into the hazard register for future reference and review. Procedure 1. Select the job/task to be analysed Clearly describe the task and identify and obtain any relevant documented information relating to it such as previous JSAs/SWMSs conducted for similar tasks, relevant State regulatory requirements, Australian Standards and Codes of Practice and/or guidance materials. 2. Break the job/task down into logical steps Ideally, try to limit the breakdown to 6-10 steps; however, more complex tasks will require more than 10 steps. Use simple language. 3. Identify the hazards associated with each step Ask yourself what could happen at each step. For example, could you or others be exposed to, caught on, struck by, come in contact with, fall from, trip over, be trapped by or in between something hazardous while performing the task? Some examples of workplace hazards include: • Phsical: Noise, Heat, Electricity, Vibration, Radiation • Chemical: Liquids, Vapours, Gases, Dusts, Metals • Biological: Bacterial, Viral, Animal • Psychological: Stress, Fatigue, Harassment, Anxiety • Ergonomic: Poor design of work stations, Height of work benches • Mechanical: Unguarded machines, Sharp cutting equipment 4. Assess the risk associated with each step There are two issues to consider when determining the level of risk, likelihood and consequence. (See the following tables.)

Consequence: Level of risk

Possible consequences

• Death/disable employee/s or public Catastrophic • Cause major damage to the structure



The event could occur at some time and should be expected to (eg monthly).



The event could occur at some time but is not expected to (eg during the course of the project).



The event may occur only in exceptional circumstances.


• Significant impact on surrounding population and environment • Huge financial loss

• Permanently disable or seriously injure employees or public • Cause minor damage to the structure

• Breach the site boundary and pollute local environment • Major financial loss

• Medical treatment injury • Contained release with assistance

• High damage • High financial loss

• First aid treatment onsite • Low financial loss

• Minor damage

• No injury • Localised to the site not effecting others or the environment

• No financial loss


Using the following Risk Matrix determine the level of risk associated with each identified hazard and record that information in the IR (Inherent Risk) column on the JSA/SWMS form. CONSEQUENCE LIKELIHOOD INSIGNIFICANT






HIGH (3)

HIGH (3)






HIGH (3)

HIGH (3)




LOW (1)


HIGH (3)




LOW (1)

LOW (1)


HIGH (3)



LOW (1)

LOW (1)


HIGH (3)

HIGH (3)

Extreme = Risk level 4,

5. Develop and recommend hazard control strategies Use Codes of Practice, Australian Standards, industry guidelines and government department information for practical advice for achieving acceptable standards when determining appropriate control measures. Hazard control process involves identifying the range of options available for a specific hazard, or hazardous situation, evaluating the potential effectiveness of these options and preparing a JSA to clearly identify the hazard, the related control measures to be implement and the person responsible for ensuring this happens. The hierarchy of hazard control (where elimination is the most effective control and personal protective equipment, the least effective) should be used to help determine the most effective controls. A combination of controls can be used. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Elimination Substitution Engineering Administrative Personal Protective Equipment

Most effective

High = Risk level 3,

Moderate = Risk level 2,

Low = Risk level 1

Hierarchy of hazard management TYPE OF CONTROL




The hazard is removed altogether; task or process may be eliminated


Replaces the hazard or hazardous process with one that presents a lower risk


Structural change to the working environment, equipment/ or work process that forms a protective barrier between the hazard and the employee

• • • •

Edge protection, Reversing beeper on moving plant Machine guards, Cranes for heavy lifting.


Reduces the exposure to the hazard through procedural instructions, training and signs, permits and procedures etc.

• • • •

Policy, Procedure, Safe work practice, Job safety Assessment,


Worn by exposed employees to provide a last line defence should other controls prove ineffective, or it is used in conjunction with other control measures. The selection offered by PPE relies on correct selection, fitting, maintenance, and use

• • • • • •

Hard hat/safety helmet, Safety glasses/face mask Ear plugs/muffs, Dust mask/Respirator, Gloves Long sleeve shirt

• Removal of asbestos

• Use non fibrous insulation instead of fibreglass insulation, • Use lead free paint instead of lead based paint, • Use steel fencing instead of asbestos fencing.

Least effective

6. Assess the risks after controls are in place Using the Risk Matrix, determine the level of risk associated with each identified hazard after the controls have been determined and record that information in the RR (Residual Risk) column on the JSA/SWMS form. 7. Document and authorise Record the details on the JSA/SWMS sheet and submit to site supervisors for authorisation prior to carrying out the job.

8. Store, review and update After the JSA/SWMS is complete, it must be reviewed to determine: • Did the identified controls reduce the risk? • Were any hazards missed? • Were the controls effective? • Can the risk be reduced further? Modify the JSA/SWMS accordingly. Any updates or modifications must be approved and relevant personnel informed.

JSAs/SWMSs must be easily accessible to all employees, subcontractors and persons involved in, or affected by, the task. For further information or assistance in relation to your Job Safety Analysis/Safe Work Method Statement obligations and requirements contact Master Builders’ safety manager Mike Fitzgerald on 9476 9800 or email


COLORBOND® Steel celebrates 50 years

The Kununurra Court House, designed by TAG Architects in association with iredale pederson hook Architects features COLORBOND® steel. The project, built by Master Builder member Cooper & Oxley, won the Best Commercial Building title at the 2015 Master Builders Bankwest Kimberley Pilbara Building Excellence Awards.

Iconic BlueScope brand COLORBOND® Steel is marking 50 years since its inception in 1966, over which time it has become one of the most widely used building products in the country.

more than just the colour. Its history is built on decades of innovation and improvement which has earned it a position as one of the world’s toughest, most advanced building materials.

In 1966, COLORBOND® Steel came in six colours and was used primarily for roofing. Today, there are many more colours, including 22 standard roofing colours designed to complement the natural environment.

“Australia’s widely diverse environmental conditions demand a product that is specifically tested and developed for Australia,” Ms Dent said. “Our research and innovation teams have been conducting realworld outdoor exposure testing and accelerated laboratory testing to thousands of panels for almost 50 years to ensure COLORBOND® Steel is an ideal building material for Australian conditions.”

“Our taste in colours is something that changes with the times and colours can be seen as historical and cultural markers,” says Lisa Dent, BlueScope’s manager marketing and market development - sales and marketing. “Of course the story of COLORBOND® Steel is much

All products need accurate labelling “With the globalisation of building industry supply chains, it is imperative that government authorities and regulators adjust to these conditions and keep up with emerging trends.”

Master Builders’ director Michael McLean says strong deterrents are needed against non-compliant products.

Master Builders is calling for better labelling standards for building products in the wake of recent problems experienced on the Perth Children’s Hospital project. According to Master Builders’ director Michael McLean, anyone who purchases any product either from a retailer, wholesaler, importer or online needs to have confidence in that product. “There are thousands of building products, materials and pieces of equipment used in the building and construction industry every day,” Mr McLean said. “It is unrealistic to suggest or even contemplate builders testing every one of these items. Most builders are in a similar position to consumers in that they will purchase a product from a supplier, check the labelling on the product that it is safe to use and fit for purpose and use it.

Mr McLean said that although the Australian Border Force will have an important role to play in monitoring what products are being brought into the country, it is also unrealistic to expect them to be carrying out tests of all imported products. “Master Builders would welcome an agreed and uniform labelling regime across the country with strong deterrents against any breaches,” he said. In a submission to the Senate Committee of Inquiry into NonConforming Building Products, Master Builders identified a number of complementary approaches to tackle non-compliance. These included expanding oversight of product certification, refocusing the ACCC and making the regulatory environment clearer, and reducing variations to the National Construction Code. “This issue needs to be dealt with urgently, not just for the betterment of the building and construction industry and our stakeholders but for all industries,” Mr McLean said.


Apprentice brickies need help

Recently completed bricklaying apprentice Boden Hay (right) who was re-engaged by Master Builder member Spadaccini Homes in 2014 with site supervisor Mirian Vrabelj at their job on West Coast Highway, Trigg.

WA’s building industry is experiencing one of its toughest downturns and the Australian Brick and Blocklaying Training Foundation says bricklayers are in the frontline. In this article, the ABBTF’s Dean Pearson calls for builder support for out-of-trade and cancelled bricklaying apprentices.

In addition, the ABBTF, CTF, government and industry partners will continue to try to improve retention of apprentices through a variety of strategies in terms selection process, pairing, education, mentoring and other support mechanisms.

Bricklayers are accustomed to some change and resilience in market cycles. However, given that we have come off an extended period of unprecedented building activity leading up to June 2015, staffing arrangements and contracts have since reduced significantly.

However, given the dimension of the current situation, the ABBTF would like to call upon Master Builder members that have capacity to support out-of-trade or suspended bricklaying apprentices where possible.

The area of greatest concern for the ABBTF in this environment is with apprentices in training. In the 12 months to March, 38 bricklaying apprentices withdrew from their apprenticeships, 102 where suspended and 188 cancelled their apprenticeships outright.

Appreciating that many builders are rationalising costs within their own organisations, perhaps the way forward is to identify your preferred bricklaying contractors and help us pair apprentices with these entities. In turn this might build a better relationship with your preferred contractor and even potentially help to create some sustainability.

We know from ABBTF historical data that bricklaying apprentices in WA are most likely to leave their apprenticeship in the first year of employment. In fact, 72 per cent of all cancellations occur in the first year, while only 22 per cent occur in the second year and even less in the third year at just six per cent.

We know from some builder-based apprentice schemes that the end game and payback is retention both in the apprenticeship and post apprenticeship with many going on to form teams exclusively for those builders. Some loyal apprentices have even gone on to senior positions within those building companies.

This is partly due to poor suitability to the trade, breakdown in relationship dynamics, some health issues and of course lack of work. The latter is certainly a concern in this current phase as many bricklayers just don’t know where the next job is coming from and when. In addition, rising operating costs and falling rates have compounded issues relating to apprenticeship employment.

ABBTF is available to take your call and come out and visit you or the contractor to discuss everything from employment types, training needs through to wages and entitlements. We can even arrange for an ASSN to come out and formulate the apprenticeship contract on site. Alternatively, we can put you in contact with one of our partnering group training schemes.

ABBTF currently is working hand in hand with segments of the industry to try to prevent cancellations and suspensions by sharing information about the flexibility in the apprenticeship system.

A bricklaying apprenticeship takes 3-4 years regardless of the building cycle and as such we need to maintain ‘In Training Numbers’ through new commencements and or re-engagements if we are to sustain a quality trade base for the future!


Changes to building practitioner exams The Building Services Board has refreshed builder examinations to align with current legislation and building practices. The last refresh was undertaken by the former Builders’ Registration Board which was replaced by the BSB in 2011. The refreshed examinations came into effect on 1 June. The change will not affect most applicants for building practitioner registration who have already commenced the examination process. The examinations are part of some of the five different pathways to becoming a building practitioner.

people who intend to bring their building skills and knowledge to a building business. “If you intend to be the ‘nominated supervisor’ of a ‘building contractor’ you must be registered as a ‘building practitioner’,” the statement says. “The examinations are for applicants who do not have the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) to show the BSB that they have the same knowledge as a builder who has completed the Diploma. These applicants will now need to complete the five refreshed exams, one of which is a new project-based assessment. The examinations must be completed prior to application for building practitioner registration.

A Commission statement says registration as a building practitioner may be necessary for

The five exam topics are: 1. Residential low rise construction 2. Commercial medium rise construction 3. Estimating 4. Financial, contractual and legislative 5. Site management (project-based assessment) “For the project-based assessment, candidates will be given two weeks to complete an assignment. Costs apply for each of the exams. Anyone who wishes to enrol for the Board exams can find more information on the Building Commission website or phone 1300 489 099.”

New partnership with IFAP Master Builders and IFAP (the Industrial Foundation for Accident Prevention) have signed a partnership agreement to provide greater health and safety education and to deliver specific training to the building industry. Master Builders’ director Michael McLean says the partnership is a strong strategic business decision. “As two well-known and long-established non-for-profit organisations, we saw the potential for a partnership to mutually benefit members across both associations,” Mr McLean said. “The partnership is a way for us to provide a greater service offering to members by expanding the training courses we already provide. We now can deliver targeted safety courses and training for the industry that we weren’t able to before which is really exciting.” Courses are nationally accredited and will be delivered by specialist, qualitytrained personnel. Eligible Master Builder members can receive funding from the Construction Training Fund.

IFAP managing director Martin Ralph (left) and Master Builders’ director Michael McLean seal the deal between the organisations which will see more health and safety education delivered to the building industry.


Simple solution for diversity and local workforce participation

ROADS Foundation executive director Ashley Little The ROADS Foundation is aiming to help Master Builder members achieve representation of local workers within their businesses. The Foundation’s executive director Ashley Little explains. There are many challenges associated with developing and growing your people and workforce. Development of skills, diversity, equality and active local participation and engagement, often all need to be balanced when making workforce investment decisions. The ROADS Foundation is a not-for-profit WA charity specialising in helping make that investment work for you and your business. Our role is to make the process as simple as possible for employers to engage and retain new employees, trainees and apprentices. The Foundation focuses on getting young people into employment and traineeships/apprenticeships in the resources, construction, infrastructure and agriculture sectors through a unique community engagement model. We have an emphasis on employment and training of young people, Aboriginal employees, local engagement and participation and other disadvantaged groups. At our core, the methods for service delivery we enact are quite simple: sourcing the right people through community engagement, preparing candidates with tailored pre-employment training and supporting employers and employees throughout the employment journey. However, it’s the level of resources and time to make these areas work that are intensive and complex. We have a strong commitment to local community engagement and are uniquely placed to bridge the gap between industry and community needs. Our initial community engagement process incorporates demographic and native title research, community consultation and engagement and relationship development in the local area. We also firmly believe in adequate preparation of people entering the workforce, through the development of a tailored pre-employment training program delivered to the pool of candidates with as much

employer participation as possible. This training can include accredited training specific to industry, soft skills and other activities to speed up the recruitment process. Most importantly, we have a key focus on the retention of people in the workforce through comprehensive support strategies for the employee and the employer. Our training and support services coordinator delivers a number of programs within the support network including project team and broader organisation support, buddy program, workplace wellbeing for the employee (including mentoring) and an Aboriginal Employee Assistance Program (one-on-one coaching). This is the highest level of support offered within industry to achieve our vision of a sustainable workforce and see high levels of retention. Our independence and charity-based model allows us to operate at a minimal cost to contractors and subcontractors. We are not a recruitment agency or training body, rather an organisation there to manage and facilitate the entire process and provide extensive support services to employers and employees. We make it simple and easy. What we specialise in; how can we assist you? • Aboriginal employment – short/long term project, recruiting locally. • Local workforce engagement and participation. • Government Building Training Policy – trainees and apprentices. • Pre-contract community consultation. • Gender diversity focused employment. • Workforce planning and employment. • Employee retention and support. We are excited to begin working with Master Builders and its members. We look forward to assisting with addressing the diversity and local participation and engagement needs of employers and businesses across the WA building industry. We will be making contact with all members and relevant regional offices in the coming weeks and months to introduce our services further. However, should you require further information or assistance, contact me directly on 9323 4310 or





ustralia’s love affair with entertaining has propelled strong growth in the home improvement sector over the years.

Now the backyards of thousands of homes across the country are embracing the latest trends in outdoor living solutions. Australian Outdoor Living Chief Executive Officer, Mr Chris Taylor, said home improvement and outdoor entertainment were increasingly popular past times for Western Australian families. “Our homes are a reflection of, and tailored to, our lifestyle, Mr Taylor said. Australians love the outdoors, but the country’s often harsh weather can be a factor. More homeowners are now looking to enjoy the outdoors anytime throughout the year – from installing café blinds and pergolas to protect from rain and the cold, to artificial grass and timber decking for summer enjoyment. It’s a highly competitive industry, and to be successful, you need to offer the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.” Outdoor blinds Mr Taylor said outdoor blinds had become increasingly popular as homeowners looked to extend their living space. “By adding outdoor blinds to your existing pergola or patio area, you can create a whole new room,” he said.

Australian Outdoor Living is seeing more homeowners want to extend the amount of time during the year that they can utilise their outdoor living spaces. “West Australians in particular look forward to the hot summer nights and the opportunity to entertain friends and family in the great outdoors. Good quality outdoor blinds allow you to enjoy this lifestyle all year-round, not just over the three summer months. Imagine open-air spaces, filled with light and unrestricted views, while providing privacy and protection from the wind and strong sun rays. There are products available to make these dreams a reality.” “For unobstructed beautiful views, clear or tinted café blinds are the perfect choice. If privacy is what you are looking for, shade blinds would be the ideal solution.” Australian Outdoor Living has recently released its new range of Bella Vista Opaque Blinds, which are available nationally. Designed with the harsh Australian sun in mind, Opaque Blinds provide that extra escape and comfort on a hot summer day. When pulled down, the blinds create a whole new insulated room in the home, which is totally secluded. “For the highest satisfaction, it pays to invest in outdoor blinds manufactured here in Australia, from highend components with strict quality control expectations. The addition of exterior blinds will not only enhance your lifestyle, but they will improve the look of your home and in turn, increase its market value.”


THE PROJECT Located within Albany Heritage Park, Western Australia, the National Anzac Centre has been built to honour the Anzacs of the First World War. The striking building which appears to almost float atop Mt Clarence, provides panoramic views of King George Sound, from where the first Australian and New Zealand troops departed in 1914. Opened on 1 November 2014 by the Australian and New Zealand Prime Ministers to commemorate the 100year anniversary of the Anzac troops deployment. The building features large galleries, curtain wall windows, exhibition spaces, interactive multimedia displays, unique artefacts, rare images and film and outdoor observation areas. Fielders were commissioned by BGC Constructions to provide 180m2 of Finesse Nailstrip roofing and wall panels in COLORBOND® Woodland Grey, used as a main focal point of the building’s exterior wall. THE SOLUTION Finesse Nailstrip was chosen by Peter Hunt Architect to give the building its bold and gallant appearance, while allowing for simple and manageable installation required to achieve the building’s opening deadline.


Interlocking Panel

The National ANZAC Centre Nailstrip Peter Hunt Architect BGC Constuctions AB Roofing

The architect’s impressive design was recognised in 2015 when the National Anzac Centre was named the state’s best Heritage Tourism Project at the Western Australian Heritage Awards. The building has also won two Western Australian Master Builders awards for Best Commercial/Industrial Building and Excellence in Roofing (Metal) in 2015. THE PROCESS The Finesse Nailstrip roofing and wall panels were installed by AB Roofing, their team fixed the panels onto a composite substrate of metal battens and timber joinery. The panels were delivered to site and then formed over three different angles, wrapping around the top and the bottom of the building. FIELDERS FINESSE Fielders Finesse consists of five versatile profiles that have been designed to bring a high end look to the roof and walls of projects across Australia. Consisting of Interlocking Panel, Nailstrip, Shadowline 305, Neo Roman and Millennium, each façade profile has a unique aesthetic appeal that adds the finishing touch to commercial and residential buildings alike.

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Artifical lawns Below average rainfalls in Western Australia, together with the busy lifestyles of homeowners, has seen an increase in the demand for artificial lawns. Mr Taylor said technology in artificial lawn has come a long way and made the product a viable alternative for gardens across the state. Artificial turf is a natural-looking solution that will provide the perfect, lush green yard no matter the time of year. “Maintaining your garden can be difficult to juggle with work and family commitments, considering the time you would spend mowing, weeding, fertilising and watering it, not to mention the water bills,” he said. “Feedback from families is that the benefit goes beyond the time and cost savings. Parents with children and pets like that there is no need for pesticides and chemicals in its upkeep, and no more itching from allergies or having to avoid the prickles.” New standards of excellence and innovation in artificial grass are entering the market. The latest products replicate the springy, supportive characteristics of natural grass whilst being able to survive harsh UV rays without fading. With the look and feel of natural grass, it is not only ideal for landscapes, but homeowners are using it for all outdoor areas – playgrounds, rooftops, pet areas, patios, and even to create backyard putting greens for golfing enthusiasts. The possibilities are endless. Pergolas, verandahs and decking Australian Outdoor Living is in the process of introducing a greater range of products into its individual state markets in the coming months, launching pergolas, verandahs and decking into Western Australia.

Mr Taylor said the expansion would help to make Australian Outdoor Living a one-stopshop for outdoor living solutions in Western Australia. “Previously we were custom fitting outdoor blinds to existing pergolas and verandahs, but we can now offer a complete, turnkey package,” he said. Australian Outdoor Living can completely transform an entire backyard, starting with custom-built pergolas, carports and verandahs built to suit any shape, size or budget. Involving qualified tradespeople, it can handle everything for the homeowner including council approvals, paperwork, design and project management. “One of the little known benefits of a pergola or verandah is the way in which it can cool your home. A strategically positioned pergola or verandah can help to stop the sun’s heat penetrating the outside walls of your home, helping it to stay cool and decreasing the reliance on environmentally unfriendly methods.” “While paved patio areas are the traditional option, and still very popular today, we are seeing the trend shift towards incorporating more modern, timber decking for landings, ramps and pathways. “Perth’s climate is ideal for timber decking, as the heat evaporates residing moisture while the timber doesn’t absorb too much heat, making it always comfortable to walk on barefoot. “Timber decking also provides flexibility in your outdoor living area. Decking can be built over the top of almost any surface, regardless of how rugged the terrain is, whereas pavers are generally laid flat and on level surfaces.”

Contact Australian Outdoor Living in Perth: 2/35 Prosperity Avenue, Wangara, WA 6065 Ph: (08) 9249 4009 Email:

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WA Master Builder September-October 2016  

The Master Builder Magazine is an established and trusted medium that delivers timely and reliable information to Western Australia’s buildi...

WA Master Builder September-October 2016  

The Master Builder Magazine is an established and trusted medium that delivers timely and reliable information to Western Australia’s buildi...