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Message Historic Hotels and Chalets by Ray Djuff and Chris Morrison, but to think about spending a night or two or several in one of those enticing, historic mountain lodgings during the coming season. We also want to thank our UM colleague, Jim Burchfield, Professor and currently Acting Dean of the College of Forestry and Conservation, for his introductory column in this issue. His enthusiastic support, collaboration, and wise advice have been instrumental in the development and growth of our Crown Initiative. Finally, we hope that these E-Magazines and our Crown Website ( add to your understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of this special Crown region, and that they serve to encourage you even a little to learn more and get out whenever you can and take advantage of all the learning experiences, recreation activities, and wonders that await you as you explore in your own ways this grand and unique ecosystem we call the Crown of the Continent.

Rick Graetz & Jerry Fetz C o - D i re c t or s As we continue this work, We do ask for your help. We bring this E-Magazine and other publications to you free of charge. Yet, we certainly won’t reject any donations as large or small as you might consider sending our way to support this important initiative. $5, $10, $25 or whatever amount you find you can afford will be put to good use as we seek to expand our collaborative efforts. You may send donations to University of Montana Foundation Brantley Hall, Missoula, MT 59812, USA, with a notion of “Crown of the Continent Initiative” on your checks.

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