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DESMA/Designing  Entrepreneurship                                                                                                                                    Jisun  Hur   003947444                     Final  Project:   Proposal  for  No  Cash  world?!     CashGun               Context   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

The  Community   The  Company  Purpose   The  Problem   The  Solution   Market  Size   The  Competition   The  Product   The  Business  Model   The  Financial  Plan  

1.  The  Community   A  future  in  which  no  printed  currency  exists,  all  transactions  are  done  through   online,  or  mobile  experiences.  The  problems  are  brought  up  such  as  homeless  street   donation,  a  population  that  has  limited  access  to  mobile  technology  or  Internet.   Through  my  research,  there  will  be  larger  problems  than  just  donation  to  homeless   people  such  as     2.  The  Company  Purpose   “Bring  back  a  physical  currency  transaction”  is  an  actual  answer  for  this  problem,   because  there  are  more  problems  than  the  listed  problems.  Moreover,  if  the  main   problems  are  not  solved,  there  is  no  chance  to  figure  out  the  minor  problems  like   giving  a  tip  to  street  people.   3.  The  Problem   There  are  major  problems,   •

Black  Market:     We  cannot  avoid  dark  side  of  the  world  and  it  will  be  always  there.  One  way   to  let  the  online  transaction  more  safe  is  let  the  bad  guys  do  whatever  they   want  to,  otherwise  they  will  try  to  find  the  way  to  transact  secretly  (to  avoid   sensor)  and  that  will  harm  innocent  people  one  day.   Small  businesses  that  trying  to  avoid  card  commission:     If  everything  transact  through  card  and  mobile,  the  card  company  will  be   more  despotic  to  sellers.  The  small  business  runners  would  not  be  able  to   survive,  as  they  have  to  pay  high  commission.   Travelers:  Do  you  bring  your  own  credit/debit  card  when  you  travel?  Many   people  exchange  cash  before  or  during  the  trip  because  using  card  is  way  to   expansive  because  of  commission.  It  is  not  only  for  travelers  but  also  short-­‐ term  staying  people  (e.g.  international  students).  The  world  is  globalizing   and  I  believe  the  currency  flow  must  be  globalized  too.   Children:     Adults  always  think  about  themselves.  Young  children  learn  about  currency   as  they  spend  and  save.  However,  if  all  transaction  processes  with  numbers   and  ‘confirm’  button,  the  future  generation  has  to  learn  about  money  as  we   learn  about  coding  (which  is  not  many  people  really  care  about).     Internet  hackers:     Your  money  can  be  nowhere  in  a  minute.  (If  a  hacker  takes  out  everything   one  day!)   Secret  millionaires:     They  have  money  but  never  show  it  to  anyone.  They  do  not  save  money  in  a   bank,  but  stack  them  in  a  secret  place.      

4.  The  Solution   The  main  answer  is  Cash,  the  bill  itself.  However,  people  no  longer  carry  their  cash   since  it  is  not  necessary  and  there  are  multiple  ways  to  pay.     To  solve  all  the  above  problems,  we  absolutely  need  a  physical  assess  but  in  an   efficient  way.     Thus,  I  researched  several  new  transactions  and  the  history  of  transactions.   Recently  Google  company  launched  Google  Wallet  that  consumer  can  pay  through   smart  phone  application  and  Korea  launched  T-­‐money  system  that  you  deposit   small  amount  of  money  and  use  as  a  debit  card  and  transport  ticket.  In



From  the  past,  we  used  a  check,  and  a  big  counter  machine  to  iPhone  counter   (below)  after  a  card  invented.  



The  Idea:   From  these  references,  I  came  up  an  idea  that  should  be  easy  to  assess  as  a  card,  but   also  able  to  give  out  as  a  cash.  It  was  important  to  be  familiar  to  all  around  the  world   and  must  have  a  same  meaning,  so  I  chose  cash  form  of  currency.  It  seems  like  going   back  to  the  past,  but  actually  not,  because  this  currency  can  be  reusable  multiple   times,  and  also  can  be  given  out  as  a  cash.  Coin  form  was  more  durable  than  bill  

form  (cost  effective)  and  more  environment-­‐friendly  as  do  not  wasting  paper.  In  this   way,  poor  people  &  undeveloped  area  can  transact  money  even  though  they  do  not   have  high-­‐tech  smart  phone,  or  debit/credit  cards.   How  it  works  (two  ways):    

  Features  are  it  can  be  simply  used  as  a  debit  card,  or  if  you  have  a  smart  phone,   there  is  an  application  (a  little  bank)  that  does  not  have  to  be  connected  to  Wi-­‐Fi,   and  you  can  deposit  money  in  and  out  to  the  coin.  And  you  can  put  money  into  the   coin  if  it  is  not  filled  to  the  maximum  limitation.     5.  Market  Size     Market  Size  is  basically  everyone  in  the  earth  who  buy/sell  things.     1.  Black  Market  dealers   2.  Small  businesses  (they  will  love  it)   3.  Travelers/Foreigners   4.  Families  for  children   5.  The  population  where  has  no  Internet  assess   6.  Poor  people    

6.  The  Competition   The  Card  and  bank  companies  will  try  to  block  this  and  stop  CashGun  Company.   However,  we  have  no  commission  advantage  and  will  get  a  lot  of  positive  ticket  from   the  above  targets  universally.   7.  The  Product   Overall  Product  line  (personal  /  Handy  /  ATM  version)          

1.  Coin  Design        Inserted  Chip                     Durable  &  Cheap,  and   Penny  material       2.  Application  Sketch   From  the  top,  Insert  the  coin  and  type  in  how   much  you  want  to  put  in,  and  choose  the   currency  (the  app  shows  the  maximum  value   of  the  coin  you  inserted),  and  click  the  confirm   then  the  processed  coin  out.   3.  Four  different  values  of  coins  


8.  Business  Model   Pricing   /Machine/  


/Coin/  (in  Tax)  

Personal  version:  $9.00  



5  coins:  $1.99  

Handy  version:  $499.00  



10  coins:  $2.99  


50  coins:  $4.99    

Stationary  version:  $2,500.00    

Commission:  0%  (because  it  is  a  cash)     9.  Financial  Plan   Plan  1  

Plan  2  





Cost:  $50,000  

Cost:  $50,000  

/Machine  (e.g.  handy)/  

/Machine  (e.g.  Personal)/  

Manufacture  Price:  $50  X  10,000  

Manufacture  Price:  $0.75  X  10,000  



=  $500,000  ≈  $600,000  


=  $7,500  ≈  $10,000  

Retail  Price:  ≈  $499  ~  $699  

Retail  Price:  ≈  $3.99  ~  $5.99  

/Coin/  (Government)  

/Coin/  (Government)  

Manufacture  Price:  $0.8  X  50,000±∞  

Manufacture  Price:  $0.8  X  50,000±∞  




=  $40,000  ≈  $50,000  


=  $40,000  ≈  $50,000  

Retail  Price:  $??  

Retail  Price:  $??  



Total:  $1,050,000  

Total:  $100,000


Designing Entrepernueship final project