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Summer 2017



297 Total Graduates 80 Master’s Degrees 203 Bachelor’s Degrees 14 Associate’s Degrees 69 Cum Laude Graduates 35 States Represented 36 M.A. in Christian Studies Graduates (the degree with the most graduates) 11 Countries Represented 3 Star Trek references made by Dr. Hustad during his commencement address this year

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by Kaylyn Strange, Crown Alumna

After 42 years of dedicated service, Dr. L. Arnold “Arnie” Hustad is retiring from Crown College.

the pretense that he would only be filling in for a year! And since the beginning, he’s always been a favorite of the students.

If you are an alum of Crown College and graduated in 1976 or later, there is a good chance you had Dr. Hustad as a professor. The respected faculty member began teaching at Crown (at that time, St. Paul Bible College) in the Fall of 1975 under

What made students rave about him? Even when teaching serious topics, Dr. Hustad was known for sprinkling bits of dry humor throughout his class sessions, with many such comments referencing Star Trek. Continued on page 2







It was always apparent that Dr. Hustad truly enjoyed the subjects he taught and interacting with his students. “One of the reasons I was interested in teaching at Crown was to try and help people going into ministry think better about theology.” The courses he taught included Old Testament History, Genesis, Hebrews, Acts and the Epistles, The History of Christian Thought I and II, Theology I and II, Contemporary Theology, and Introduction to Philosophy. Growing up in Robbinsdale, MN, a suburb of Minneapolis, Dr. Hustad spent much of his childhood at the Church of the Open Door where his father pastored for 17 years. He was introduced to theology when his father taught pastors at the church. “I remember even as a kid, asking lots of questions in this class – driving my dad probably nuts,” he said. While his parents moved to Cedar Rapids, IA, shortly after his high school graduation, he stayed in Minnesota to attend St. Paul Bible College. Dr. Hustad married his wife, Linda, between his junior and senior year of college. He graduated in 1969 with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. He then went on to attend Bethel Seminary in St. Paul, MN, where he received both his Master of Divinity (‘72) and his Master of Theology (‘73). He


also pastored at Staples Alliance Church in Staples, MN, for 19 months. “Dr. Hustad has created more impact on Crown College students than perhaps anyone ever has – 42 years affords a lot of student contact,” said Dr. Joel Wiggins, President of Crown College. “Crown is a better place today because Dr. Hustad has devoted his life to it.” So, what will Dr. Hustad remember most about his teaching career? Students who are committed to God at all levels, and simply the blessing of working for the Kingdom. “That has been my biggest joy, being able to communicate ideas about God and to [have students] think about them.” What will he miss most? He said the classroom interaction with students who have good questions or comments and who challenge themselves further alongside their passion for ministry. When asked to recount special moments in his teaching career, Dr. Husted shared two. The first was a classroom experience that made him smile. A student jumped up to give him a high-five during the middle of one of his theology classes. “That’s what you want to see,” Dr. Hustad said, “The light bulb going on and somebody finally seeing

something they hadn’t seen before.” With his classic sense of humor, Dr. Hustad pulled out his hand sanitizer and washed his hands afterwards. “He was amused, fortunately, when I did that,” he said. The second fond memory was a special event. Dr. Hustad said, “I hate to admit it, but a memory that pops out at me is a toga party.” Apparently, one of the men’s dorm floors had asked both Dr. Hustad and Dr. Gianoulis to come to their toga party and share their testimonies, so both professors went to the party dressed in togas. “That was embarrassing,” he remarked. Though he may be retiring, we’re sure he’ll be staying busy outside of the classroom. “My plans after retirement? I don’t have any. I have no hobbies,” he said, though, with a smile, “But I have a lot of books to read!” (In addition, Dr. Hustad will be teaching a Christian Ethics night class this coming fall as a professor emeritus!) But when asked why he decided to retire at this time, he answered, “It just seemed logical – the timing was right. Time to maybe pass on the opportunity to somebody else.” We’ll miss you, Dr. Hustad. Know that because of you, many of us will go more boldly where no man has gone before.

Memories of Dr. Hustad As Told By Others “Dr. Hustad has had the nickname ‘Arnie the Ax’ for many years because he is a hard grader. One morning I saw him in the hallway and asked him, ‘How is Arnie the Ax this morning?’ Without hesitation he looked at me and said, ‘Dull!’ Arnie has always had a witty humor and been quick with one-liners. In truth, he has never been ‘dull’!” – Dr. Glenn Myers

“On a personal note, it became evident to me early on that we could tease one another in and out of the classroom. Students would look forward to what we had to say about one another in class and in chapel. Once in chapel, while Dr. H. was talking about heaven, he told the audience, ‘If you want to find out about purgatory, take one of Dr. G.’s classes!’ The following week, when I spoke in chapel, I mentioned that I had been asked how I was going to retaliate to what Dr. H. had said. I then replied that I wasn’t going to retaliate, because ‘one of us had to act like a Christian.’ All through the years we have had fun at one another’s expense. The nice part is, we’ve never really gotten mad at one another.” – Dr. George Gianoulis

“Arnie has been an excellent professor for all of his years at Crown. He has been a foundation and pillar of the Bible, Theology and Ministry department for the last three decades. Personally, Arnie has been a source of knowledge and wisdom over the past fifteen years and has grown from being a professor to colleague to friend. He will be greatly missed.” – Dr. Dean Erickson



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Our Cornerstone givers are very near and dear to the Crown community. These givers are a group of alumni, friends, and churches who support Crown College with gifts of $1,000 or more per calendar year. As an individual, members receive updates on College successes and progress, and are honored with a members-only dinner and priority seating at Christmas at Crown Chapel. As a church, students from a Cornerstone congregation receive scholarship funds based on the level the church selects to donate. Give us a call at 952-446-4350 to learn more!


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Crown Alumni Student Experience would do as an alumna, she was stumped. It’s quite clear what an alumni is…but not clear what college alumni do.

I asked a student in the hallway the other day, “Do you know what a Crown alum is?” He said, “Someone who used to go to Crown.”

This spring, we made a couple changes to bring more clarity, insight, and fun to this situation. First, we expanded our Alumni Association to encourage new ideas. We then started CASE: the Crown Alumni Student Experience. This is a team of students whose mission is to:

I asked if he knew any Crown alumni. He answered, “Yes, practically my whole family!”

• Instill and foster pride in Crown College to develop loyalty as a student and alum.

“And what do they do, as alumni?” “They talk about how great it was when they were here and the friends they made.”

• Engage students while on campus and after they leave.

by Jill Osborn, VP of External Relations

Then I asked another student, “What is a Crown alum?” She said, “That’s what I’ll be after graduation. ”Yet when asked what she

• Celebrate old traditions and start new ones.

• Encourage fun activities with students and alumni.

This student team, comprised of 2-3 students from each class, decided to start a new tradition: a glow-in-the-dark mini golf event to raise money for the Barnabas Student Scholarship, a scholarship fund created by Crown’s Student Senate in 2015. But it didn’t end there. Not only did the students raise the funds for a scholarship, but the trustees decided to match it. Then the endowed portion of the fund granted a scholarship. And then Sodexo, our new food service provider, granted one as well. Because of the passion and drive of the CASE team, four $1,000 scholarships were awarded to students! Watch for events during the 2017-18 academic year! CASE will hold the Glow-InThe-Dark Mini Golf Tournament again and invite alumni. They’re also planning a trivia quiz night for students and alumni.

Crown’s Alumni Association recently added new members. If your graduation era is not being represented and you are interested in volunteering, please let us know. Association members are: • Vernice Deming (‘55) • Norm Asplund (‘56) • Dwight Williams (‘72) • Heidi Fitch (‘79) • Mitch Fisk (‘96) • Peter Roeth (‘07) • Lindsey Schmitt (‘12) • Abby Konold (‘15) • Zach Schmitt (‘16) • Liana Zook (‘16)



Crown Adds Worship Ministry Degree

In today’s contemporary church settings the role of the worship leader has become increasingly diverse, utilizing less traditional music training and requiring higher levels of pastoral, technical, and administrative skills. Students aspiring to be pastors are looking for an education which emphasizes many areas of worship in addition to a biblical theology. Pastors need to know about leading music, audio visuals, the arts, and the spoken word. As for academia, Crown has had fewer students major in music with more choosing a ministry field or another degree altogether, and participating in music through choir and praise bands while enrolled on campus. With these changes in churches and student interests, we have launched a new Bachelor of Science in Worship Ministry which will be housed in the Bible, Theology, and Church Ministry Department. This program will provide its students with a strong ministerial foundation, while also developing their gifts in worship. There will also be a new Worship Ministry minor available to Crown students enrolled in other degree programs. Crown has hired Keldon Ellis as the Assistant Professor of Worship Ministry to lead this new degree. Keldon is a Crown alumnus who received a Bachelor of Worship Arts (2011) and a Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership (2014). In the last year, Keldon has managed


In addition to on-campus worship ministry, Keldon has formed traveling worship bands which are available to provide worship music in churches, camps, and special events. This summer they will be at Big Sandy Camp in McGregor, MN, and Hidden Acres Camp in Dayton, IA. If you are interested in a Crown worship band visiting your church, please contact Keldon at:

Keldon Ellis, Assistant Professor of Worship Ministry our student-led chapel services, working with the worship and production teams on campus. Keldon believes with conviction that this Worship Ministry program will strengthen the atmosphere of worship on campus, while also effectively preparing students to serve as worship leaders when they graduate from Crown. “We have incredibly gifted students who have a passion for seeing our community engage deeply in worship of the Lord,” Keldon shares. “By providing our Worship Ministry students with ministry, music, and administrative opportunities and courses, our goal is to equip them with the resources and training they need to successfully lead in the local church. We want our students to embrace their role as pastoral leaders while becoming excellent musicians, all for God’s glory.”

To enhance this new program, a new sound system is being added to Crown’s gymnasium, much to the joy of the Athletics Department as well! Reach Communications will be partnering with Crown to add this state-of-the-art system. Reach has installed systems at several large churches and venues in the Twin Cities and nationally. With these changes, Crown will no longer enroll new students in its Music (B.A.), Music (A.A.), Music Education (B.M.E.), or Music & Worship Arts (B.A.) degree programs in the Fall of 2017. Current students already enrolled in these majors have been contacted and will be able to complete their degrees. Both faculty and the administration believe this new degree will better serve future musicallytalented students attending Crown and prepare them to serve effectively as worship leaders and ministers within the church.

Crown Grad Students Meet for the First Time came from as far as Florida, Michigan, and Ohio. The students lived in the dorms and experienced college life on campus, with worship in the chapel and meals in the dining hall. They met with professors and their individual coaches. They also participated in a counseling session with a licensed practitioner. Crown offers nine online graduate programs with a multitude of concentrations to choose from for students around the world. For most degrees, students only meet online or perhaps at graduation, but they are seldom on campus. This isn’t true of the Master in Counseling degree. This graduate program requires that students come to Crown twice during their twoyear studies for residencies, where they learn face-to-face from both instructors and each other. From May 16th-20th, 60 counseling students came together on Crown’s campus. Several students came from great distances including Iraq, Guatemala, and the Ivory Coast. Faculty

Jim Zapf, the program’s director, explained why the time spent in person is so essential. “There are three major purposes for our residencies: gatekeeping, growth in the field of study, and connection. Gatekeeping is a role that faculty play in the profession of counseling by determining whether a student has the necessary skills and values to be an effective counselor. Growth in the field has to do with face-to-face practice in counseling with a seasoned mentor. Connection, though, was the most amazing part of the days we spent together.”

told me that they developed what they believed would be lifelong friendships and a network within the field of counseling,” explained Jim. “Almost immediately as students arrived, there seemed to be a beautiful fellowship of likeminded people desiring to serve God and others through the profession of counseling. We all left excited about coming back together next year!” Throughout the entire program, students experienced how their counseling practice can integrate into a Christian worldview, echoing the attitude and compassion of Christ. For many, this conference will affect their perspective and application of counseling practice for the rest of their professional lives.

In addition, the residencies offer the students a unique networking opportunity. “Students

Great Things Are Happening in Nursing! New Equipment

All of our nursing alumni know SimMan®. This mannequin is a high-fidelity simulator used to recreate real-life scenarios. Nursing faculty can adjust temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and other signs/symptoms of an illness in the training of nurses. The SimMan® mannequin is 10 years old and officially “dies” in August due to the manufacturer no longer servicing this model. So Apollo™ will be our next mannequin.

Renovated Spaces

The Nursing area is getting a makeover. Ridgeview Hospital referred an architect and a designer to help Crown update spaces to look like current patient rooms. Crown workers are painting the Nursing Intervention Lab and new furniture is being purchased. The Nursing Conference Room is being converted to simulate a delivery suite, complete with a beautiful fire-burning fireplace (thanks to the Jesuits!).

In addition, we are purchasing SimShirts. These are technically-designed garments which simulate physiological conditions to teach and examine students’ diagnostic and procedural skills. The garments are worn by Standardized Patients (individuals who have been trained to portray patients in a standardized manner). All of this technology is critical to training students prior to actual patient interactions and supported by the Minnesota Board of Nursing (MBON) and national accrediting bodies such as the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (CCNE).

This makeover would not have been possible without the donations of alumni and other donors, including Ridgeview Medical Center. New Program

Effective August 2017, the School of Online Studies is offering an R.N. to B.S.N. This degree advancement provides registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing in a flexible environment. Having a B.S.N. degree offers more job opportunities in a competitive market.

All of these updates are supporting an already fantastic on-campus Nursing program. Please come visit our updated area this fall!



Crown’s Athletic Teams Are Growing! by Peter Ingranham, Sports Information Director

This has been a great year for our athletic teams. The following are a few highlights:

New Sports

Crown will soon to be adding Men’s and Women’s Tennis starting in the Fall of 2017.

Men’s Basketball

Arguably the most fun of any sport this season. The softball team had one of the most successful seasons in any sport in the NCAA-era of Crown. Having the second best record in conference play and winning a playoff game in the conference tournament (eventually getting third place in the tournament). Coach Jamie Ross won UMAC Softball Coach of the Year (due to the impressive 12-4 conference record), and sophomore Lis King won UMAC Player of the Year. King set school season records in home runs, RBIs, total bases, ERA, wins, complete games, innings pitched, and strikeouts. Senior Janelle Williams joined King on the All-UMAC first team roster.

Crown’s Men’s Basketball program was fighting for a playoff spot most of the season, as the UMAC continues to show improvement in play. Senior shooting guard James Brown became the all-time leading scorer in school history (1,375 points), with junior forward Austin VanDerHeyden breaking the 1,000 point mark. Firstyear forward Timothy Wendel won UMAC Freshman of the Year after averaging 18.1 points per game on 52% shooting and 43% from three-point range. Wendel and VanDerHeyden were named to the UMAC All-Conference second team.


Track and Field


A fantastic spring break trip put the baseball team on the map, with one of their two fivegame winning streaks while escaping the Minnesota cold. They opened the UMAC season hot as well, including a victory over UMAC rival Northwestern. But as the season drew on, they fell just short of the UMAC four playoff spots.


Women’s Basketball

The team showed youth with first year players stepping up in the face of injuries. Over half of the top nine on the team in scoring average were underclassmen. The highlight of the season was a comeback win over Maranatha Baptist which was filled with incredible plays, including a go-ahead step back three from freshman Damonyka Roberts.

Crown had their first All-Conference selection in both indoor and outdoor track when Matt Grady took second in the triple jump in both UMAC Championship meets. Crown’s point totals in the UMAC Championship improved vastly from the year before as Crown’s program emerges from its infancy.


Ken and Elaine (Kaiser) Jacobs (‘50), upon graduation, lived with the Mayan people of southern Mexico and served as Bible translators with Wycliffe. Many of them are now believers and following the Lord (30,00040,000). The Word has changed their whole culture. • Viola (Kooy) Reimer (‘50) and her husband now reside in an assisted living facility, where they have many opportunities to share the gospel and pray for others. • Verna (Thiessen) Bouchard’s (‘50) husband of 53 years passed away in 2012 from a massive heart attack. She now lives in an assisted living center, and is thankful for the mobility she has and still praises the Lord. • Betty (Paulson) Leboeuf (‘52) is living at Enterprise Estates Nursing Center in Enterprise, Kansas due to her Multiple Sclerosis as well as stage 4 breast cancer. She praises God for the days she’s in good spirits, and for her two young granddaughters. • Edward Fuller (‘53) has served as the state representative for the Wisconsin Association of Regular Baptist Churches for the past 13 years. Previously, he has pastored in Erie, PA; Waukesha, WI; and Toledo, OH. • Norma Hart (‘54) has been home from the Congo for the past 25 years. For 16 years, she worked in a Christian bookstore and loved it. She has enjoyed getting back in touch with her Congolese students with today’s technology. • Darlene (Petrik) Thiessen (‘54) is still very thankful for her time at SPBC, and the training Crown gives to young people to minister for Christ in our world! • Alfred Fast (‘54) and his wife, Carol, live in Blaine, MN. Carol is currently an Associate Professor at Crown. They enjoy time spent with their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. Alfred has enjoyed learning about Crown’s 100 year history through the centennial book and praises God for the wide impact of our college. • David and Evelyn Pett (‘56, ‘55) are thankful for their memories at SPBC. David has written a book named Can These Bones Live? In addition, the book The Fruits of Eden has an appendix with several of his poems. • Betty (Lively) White (‘56) spent 9 years as a missionary in Vietnam. After returning to the US due to illness, she spent the rest of her career as an RN. Betty now lives in a mobile home near her son. •

Norman Asplund (‘56) has served the Lord in many ways through Christian education and as an outreach pastor. He is now retired, lives in St. Paul, MN, and serves on the Alumni Association for Crown. • Philip Osterhus (‘58) served 4 years with the military, 35 years with the Minneapolis Police, and 45 years in ministry. He and his wife, Ruth, have been married 57 years and celebrate 3 children and 13 grandchildren. Philip currently serves his community as the mayor for the past 10 years. • Gene Huntzinger (‘58) and his wife are doing well, and would love to see his fellow alumni again. • Jimmy Olsen (‘58) and his wife, Esther, have been married for 60 years. Together they have 4 children, 10 grandchildren, and 7 great grandchildren! God has been very good to them.


Inez (Honeywell) Hamill (‘60) and her husband, Arnie, have served in pastoral ministry in the Evangelical Free Church. Inez is in her 36th consecutive year as a leader in Awana and continues to be a caregiver in an assisted living facility. • David and Marlene (Gillespie) Swanson (‘61) have had career opportunities which have taken them across the world. David was a pastor in several Wisconsin churches, and in 1988 became a chaplain at a prison in Indiana. Correctional prison ministry turned out to be his calling. In 2006, he and Marlene moved to Rothbury, MI, to be close to their son and 8 grandchildren. He still volunteers as a community jail minister. • Virginia (Edgell) Garlow (‘62) lives in Morgantown, WV. Now widowed, she celebrates her two daughters. • Ronald Lord (‘63) and his wife split their time living in Wisconsin and Florida. They have 3 married children, 7 grandchildren, and 2 great grandchildren.


Jeanne (Gettle) Larson (‘71) is an RN and works in a geriatric facility. She counts it a privilege to share the gospel whenever possible. She has a wonderful husband of 43 years, 3 grown sons, and 8 grandchildren. • Jan (Carlson) Luginbill (‘72) and her husband, Steve, are professional truck drivers, traveling throughout the Midwest

and Manitoba. They pray for churches and their ministries as they drive by, using their time on the road to still bless and encourage others. • Jill (Herrig) Maurer (‘76) and her husband, Stephen, started a cleaning company in 2012 in Colorado Springs. She has gotten back in touch with many friends via Facebook. • Yvonne (Carmon) Schultz (‘79) is in her 4th year as Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities at Mount Vernon Nazarene University in Ohio, where she is also a professor of English. Her husband, Dennis, is a pastor at an American Baptist Church and also an adjunct professor at the university. They have two daughters and one granddaughter.


Scott Slocum (‘80) and his wife, Diane, have been married for 36 years. He now serves as Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Nyack College and Seminary. • Peggy Bennet (‘80) retired from teaching a year ago, and was recently re-elected for a 2nd term in the Minnesota House of Representatives (she represents District 27A). • Lois (Carter) Fraticelli (‘81) celebrates 17 years of marriage and 30 years of teaching! God has proven faithful throughout the years. • Paul and Diane (Benson) McClain (‘81, ‘77) have been married 39 years and have 3 children. They are very happy, and God is good. • Kevin and Mary (Moline) Melin (‘82, ‘83) live in Willmar, MN. Kevin is currently the senior pastor at an Evangelical Covenant Church, and Mary is an early childhood paraprofessional in the public school district. They have two daughters, both Crown alumni, and are happy to announce their first grandchild who looks to follow the rest of the family to Crown in 2035! • Carol (Hofer) Acosta (‘85/’14) has been taking teams to Nicaragua and Mexico for 24 years. She has enjoyed seeing the relationships made with the people of these missions trips and working together to promote the Kingdom of God. • Mike Palkie (‘88) is in his 12th year as pastor at an Alliance church in Garrison, MN. He and his wife, Karla, have 6 children and 2 grandchildren. • Nancy (Jackson) Goodson (‘87) is in her 10th year as a library media specialist at Homewood Elementary School. She and her husband, Fallon,


ALUMNI NEWS Continued also recently celebrated their 25th anniversary! • John Westland (‘88) has been an elementary teacher for 29 years, and has been in the same public school system for 27 of those years! He is currently teaching the 5th grade, and can’t believe he’s reaching retirement-age in just 3 years.


Joy (Retzer) Stahl (‘90) received her Master of Science in Reading from Pittsburg State University in Pittsburg, KS, this past December. • Jason White (‘92) is an elementary teacher in Hopkins, MN. He and his wife, Kelley, have 3 children and live in Brooklyn Park. • Seiya Asanuma (‘94) and his wife, Tracy, have been married for almost 13 years. Together they have two daughters and a newborn son! He is currently serving as a pastor at a Baptist church in Florence, WI. • Melissa (Busch) Dahl (‘94) and her husband, Andrew, have 3 children. She plays piano on a worship team, co-teaches a Worship Arts class in a homeschool co-op, and is learning a lot about special needs. • Nancy Reiss (‘98) is now divorced and has 4 children and 14 grandchildren! She works in food production, and lives with her mother who is 80 years old with early dementia. Her key to keeping it all together is still God!


Ryan and Sarah (Dobert) Olson (‘99, ‘00) have been married for 16 years. They have 4 children, which has caused some hair loss for Ryan! Sarah teaches early childhood at Little Falls Community Schools, and Ryan is the lead pastor at Little Falls Alliance Church. • Judy Jerde (‘00) worked in the dental field until her retirement in August ‘15. Though she wasn’t ready to retire, she felt God calling her to other pursuits and is excited to see where He leads her next! • Jesse Doughty (‘00) and his family live in Michigan’s upper peninsula, where he is the lead pastor at Cornerstone Community Church. • Drew Pederson (‘00) has been working at the National Office of the Evangelical Free Church in the Reach Global department. He and his wife, Sarah, live in North Minneapolis with their 2 children. • Jo Piehl (‘00) retired as the executive director of the McLeod Alliance for Victims


of Domestic Violence. She enjoys volunteer work, time spent with grandchildren, traveling, and winters in Arizona. • Laurie (Kreller) Pluimer (‘00) and her husband, Mark, celebrate their two children, Ethan and Esther. • Kelly (Matson) Watts (‘00) and her husband, Tate, have one son together. Tate was recently hired at Aitkin High School as the Special Ed Teacher and Coach. Kelly works at a healthcare facility in the Activities Department, and enjoys spending time with the residents. • Erin (Kelly) Beyer (‘00) was married in October of 2015, and is a licensed professional clinical counselor. • Donna Brau (‘00) had her 2nd career after graduating from Crown, directing high-quality child care in her community. She retired in 2016 after her only son was killed by a distracted driver. • Jenny Stuhr (‘00) recently celebrated her 10th anniversary with Wolters-Kluwer, where she is the Director of Market Research. • Katie (Paxson) Paull (‘00) and her husband, David, live in the Twin Cities with their 2 children. Katie stays at home with them fulltime, while still singing with the professional gospel group, Sweetwater Revival. • Marie Schussman (‘00) has been living in Ethiopia for the past year teaching English, and hopes to head back soon for another year of teaching. • Karen Pennaz (‘01) teaches for Orono Schools and has a daughter who is currently a junior at Crown! • Keith Beckwith (‘01) is a chaplin with the Minnesota Air National Guard and is the lead pastor at Cornerstone Community Church in Northfield, MN. • Dale Hutchcraft (‘01) is the interim pastor at Estes Brook Evangelical Free Church. He is also an adjunct professor at Northwestern University of St. Paul, Global Leadership University, and Crown College. • Kirk and Jenny (Johnson) Knudsen (‘01) moved to Mora, MN, last summer where Kirk serves as the lead pastor of Trio Community Church. • Rebecca Brom (‘01) moved to California in 2002, and has since worked in children’s ministry. With her first husband’s passing, Rebecca met her current husband, Joe, to whom she’s been married for 2 years. She has wonderful memories of Crown and has loved being in touch with the community at Northgate Church, where there are many Crown alumni! • Lesly (Goblirsch) Goudy (‘01) and her husband, Jason, have 5 chil-

dren: Anya, Josiah, Selah, Elijah, and Jedidiah. • Andrew and Tyler (Stinson) Burton (‘04, ‘05) are back in the States after 9 years of overseas learning and working in community development. They are now working on the family farm with their 3 children. • Desarae Hascall (‘04) moved back to Nebraska in 2014, and took a job as Area Director for Integrated Life Choices. She helps provide support services to 25 people with developmental disabilities through vocational and residential services. She has felt blessed starting this division from the ground up in 2 1/2 years, and has also enjoyed helping in various ways with children’s ministry at Monument Bible Church in Scottsbluff, NE. • Amy (Pierce) Falcon (‘05) and her husband are happily married with 2 boys. Amy teaches preschool at a head-start program. • Julia Olson (‘05) is currently a missionary in Southeast Asia, serving the local church and local ministry organizations through accounting training and assistance in reporting. • Ann (Weiss) Kjos (‘07) works for the federal government and enjoys writing everyday in her journal. • Chris and Jamie (Julik) O’Dell (‘08, ‘07) have enjoyed becoming parents to their son, Noah Daniel, born January 2016. • Philip Neilson (‘08) and his wife, Erin, have a daughter named Christiana Joy. Philip is a 6th grade language arts teacher in Gallup, New Mexico. • Michelle (Buteyn) Rayburn (‘08) is a freelance writer and editor. She published her first book in 2013 and speaks at women’s events around the country. • Jeff and Danae (Burdick) Andersen (‘08) have 4 young children together. Jeff is an investment analyst for a private investing firm. He just graduated with his MBA in finance this year! Danae is a stayat-home mom with the kids, who are ages 6, 5, 3, and 1. • Janice Gingerich-Traeger (‘08) completed a Master of Marriage and Family Therapy at Bethel University in San Diego and achieved her state license to practice. In December 2016, she received her doctorate in couple’s and family therapy in December from the California School of Psychology at Alliant International University, San Diego. • Joshua and Stephanie (Lally) Prokosch (‘09, ‘10) have been busy with their first child who was born this past April! Josh graduated with his Master of Education from the University of Min-

STAY CONNECTED! nesota-Twin Cities in Applied Kinesiology with an emphasis in Sports and Exercise Science. Stephanie is a Senior Analyst in International Logistics at Target. • Ann Schwichtenberg (‘09) is living in Mayer, MN, working as a hospice nurse. She still loves serving people and God in this way. • Cassie Engen (‘09) is teaching near La Crosse, WI, and misses all of her Crown community.


Alicia (Lloyd) Levinao (‘11) is living in Santiago, Chile, after getting married last July to a Chilean man, Victor. They met while Alicia was doing volunteer work with House of Hope in Chile. • Pamela (Paterson) Kabanuk (‘11) currently works at Methodist Hospital as an Administrative Nursing Supervisor. Her daughter is a senior in high school and currently attends Crown College via the online PSEO courses. • Neil Johnson (‘12) is still serving as a youth director at Friendship Church in Shakopee, MN. This past fall, he enrolled at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in their online Master of Theological Studies Program, with an emphasis in Missions. He and his wife, Caitlin, live in Eden Prairie, and are completely in love with their new baby girl, Rosemary Eloise, born March 31st, 2017. • Alicia (Mattila) Maxwell (‘12) married her husband, Blaine, the summer after graduation. They are currently living in Northern Ireland where Blaine is from with their 2-year-old son, Roarke. Alicia works with Down Community Church as an intern, specializing in incarnational ministry. • Inder Singh (‘12) is in his 6th year of employment at Crown. This year brought many changes for him: he was named an Admissions Counselor and promoted to be the Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach. He is also officially a Minnesotan after finally getting rid of his Illinois plates! Inder has been very fortunate to stay in touch with so many of his Crown friends with game nights, movies, and dinners. And having Crown help him earn his master’s degree has also been a great perk! • Erika Stampfl (‘12) received her master’s degree in Special Education in 2014. She currently works in Pulaski, WI, as a special education teacher. • George Selbher (‘12)

is an associate pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Grantsburg, WI. • Bruce Fyksen (‘12) just graduated from St. Cloud State University with a master’s degree in Rehabilitation and Addiction. • Marissa (Byrd) Abbott (‘13) just recently got married! She helps with the youth at her church and enjoys leading the new young adults’ group. • Nate and Anna (Tyler) Kugel (‘13) have an almost-2-year-old daughter, Chloe Joy. Anna also celebrates the upcoming 98th birthday of her grandmother, Lucille Brown, the former Music Director at SPBI. • David Abbott (‘13) works at Merced College in Merced, CA, as an adjunct instructor in the Business/AOM Department since August 2014. • Joanna Emmel (‘14) is living in Edinburg, TX, following the Lord’s call to study Spanish at Rio Grande Bible College. She is currently in her last year of study there, and plans on remaining in the area to work in local churches. • Josiah Moldenhauer (‘14) felt the Lord’s call after graduation to temporarily work cross-culturally with Somali immigrants. He asks for prayer for harvest workers to reach immigrants and refugees for Jesus in America and Europe. • Grant and Rachel (Horne) Roethel (‘16, ‘14) have been living in Wisconsin for almost a year. Grant works as an RN at St. Nicholas Hospital. Rachel is working at a parachurch organization as an administrative assistant. They’re both enjoying life together, and keep busy with projects around their house they bought in Oostburg this past November. • Timon and Megan (Bondy) Sahlstrom (‘16, ‘15) live in Norwood-Young America. Megan is in her 2nd year at Cologne Academy, where she teaches the 2nd grade. • Jessica Reed (‘15) is enjoying a career in healthcare benefit administration. She is also serving as a chairperson for Walk with Compassion Twin Cities for the 2nd year, and is counting down the days until she gets married this summer! • Elaine Vanden Heuvel (‘15) says hello to all her fellow alumni! She hopes and prays the Lord has continued to encourage and challenge your hearts and minds since graduating from Crown. She feels God’s grace daily, especially with transitioning into being an “adult”!

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