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TIRE MOUNTING & DEMOUNTING TOOL SET FOR 19.5" TRUCK TIRES Everything you need to take the hassle out of changing 19.5" truck tires!

Part No. 33199 Mounting/Demounting Tool


Specially designed to clear the hub and tackle those stiff, high ply, thick beads! 19.5" tires are notoriously difficult to mount and demount. This is partly due to the fact that they are stiffer tires with high ply ratings and thick beads. The NINETEEN -FIVE TM is designed to handle these tough tires and make your job easier, faster and safer! • New tire bar uniquely designed to work on hub side of wheel — where hub protrudes above rim • Specially designed ends manipulate tire with less effort • Tools are powder coated to protect from rust and corrosion • Forged from high-grade carbon steel and heat-treated for longlasting strength and durability • Specially designed Bead Holder to hold bead on 19.5" aluminum wheels • Solid brass Bead Holder for steel wheels • Aluminum Wheel Protector — thick leather pad helps protect >Watch Play Demo the rims from Video Demo at marring and scratching!


Part No. 31810 Aluminum Wheel Protector

Part No. 33196 Bead Holder for 19.5" Aluminum Wheels

Part No. 31710 Bead Holder for Steel Wheels


• Bent end

• Curved end

For mounting and demounting bottom bead

For mounting and demounting top bead

Part No. 33195 NINETEEN-FIVE TM Tire Mounting and Demounting Set Includes: Model No. Set Qty. Description

33199 33196 31710 31810

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Tire Mounting/Demounting Tool 38" 7 lbs Bead Holder for 19.5" Aluminum Wheels 7-1/2" 1 lb Bead Holder for Steel Wheels - Solid Brass 4-1/2" 1 lb Aluminum Wheel Protector - Leather 6" .35 lbs

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33199 kt111809 nineteen 5 tirebar set  
33199 kt111809 nineteen 5 tirebar set