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45sound are democratising event video. Our award-winning event video technology automatically matches all types of crowd-shot video uploads with a professional live audio recording of the event. The current focus is on live music, where we match fan videos with pro audio and allow viewers to chose different fan angles when watching on our web player. We are seeking: ▶▶Tech Interns - Ruby on Rails/MySQL + Javascript/ Ajax/Jquery. Great prob-

lem-solving skills & ind is the top online destination for the Irish sports fan. We will gif, video, tweet and talk about that goal, tackle and misshit. We are also leading the way in changing the way we watch, listen and consume Sport. We see great changes ahead for the way we con-

sume sport, our second screen platforms and apps will be at the forefront of that revolution. We want sports fans with business on the brain and captains of technology who can see around corners Sport and technology, what's not to like. Come see us.

CityHook is the service that finds the best way between airport and city. Today, there's no single resource that makes this search manageable, but CityHook provides independent, detailed travel options - from public buses to limos - for passengers and the travel industry. We're a young company that's trying to make travel more "user friendly" by enabling true door-to-door

planning and reservations. Check out cityhook. com and our mobile apps ( to get an idea about what we've done to date. We're looking for great new team members interested in "big data", UI/UX, Javascript/ NodeJS, travel researchers, contract writers and marketing interns. CityHook is part of NDRC Launchpad and is based in Dublin and Milan.

pendent work ethic. ▶▶Marketing / Operations Interns - Passion for live music & industry knowledge, social media & writing skills, entrepreneurial & innovative. Video skills a plus. The music industry is evolving quickly and we are one of the companies at the forefront of this change. Please come by and have a chat with us about our mission, even if you don't fit the roles above you might still be able to play a part in our story!

CurrencyFair is the best way to exchange currency and send funds to bank accounts worldwide. Our peer-to-peer marketplace ensures big savings on exchange rates and fees. There’s now an efficient and safe alternative to ridiculous bank and broker charges! We believe that ordinary people, and businesses, should have access to the same great exchange rates

for international currency transfers normally reserved only for banks and market professionals dealing in millions. We’re hiring software engineers and designers. If you’d like to work on a large-scale, realtime product then talk to us! If you want to work on a system that will process more than $1b this year, then talk to us.

Fred is a student-centred learning environment. What does that mean? We provide students with the best education available, for free. Want to know more? Come down and we’ll fill you in. We are trying to change the way people look at education and we are looking for people who share our

vision. If you happen to be a developer (with a good background in PHP) or a graphic designer, drop in and say hello. If not, please make sure you come to the stand anyway. We are giving away one trillion dollars to anyone who says hello. Yes. You heard correctly. ONE TRILLION DOLLARS.

Logentries provides IT professionals with a quick, easy and affordable way to gain actionable intelligence from their log data. Our cloud-based service automatically transforms raw log data into a graphical, interactive dashboard for real-time insights that any IT professional can instantly understand and apply to make better business decisions. And unlike other services, it requires no programming and is affordable – you can even use it for free.

The team at Logentries share a common goal to provide intelligent and easy to use solutions that give actionable insights into business and software systems. Join us as we transform log management making it fast, easy, and affordable. We are currently hiring Senior Developers, DevOps Engineers & Junior Developers. Details can be found here: joinus If you have a passion for development, we think you'll love working with us.

SkillPages is a social platform for finding skilled people, getting your skill found and collaborating with similarly skilled people. To date, over 15 million people have joined SkillPages from 160 countries around the world and we’re one of the fastest growing consumer internet companies in Europe. We’re currently hiring for; Online Marketing Specialist (x1), Online Product

Manager (x1), Head of User Growth/Activity, Head of Product, Engineering and Online Marketing Interns (6 month paid contract), and UX/UI Designer (Graduate/Recent Grad).  We’d like to hear from anyone who wants to work in social consumer internet, particularly useful skills include; engineering, online marketing and design.

Temptster is a smartphone app which helps bars and restaurants sell their unused tables to consumers in real time. Our vision is simple. To help people Celebrate Spontaneity. We want to make it easy to make a last minute decision to socialise and not feel the next day for spending too much. We are hiring for positions in Business Develop-

ment in Dublin, Cork and London. Roles available for both interns and full time positions. We are also looking for an Android app developer. We love people who like the banter and are passionate about what they do... who want to grow with a young energetic company.

VisiLit is a digital design tool for theatre and stage companies to easily produce brilliant shows at low cost. Core teams can design and plan their shows with our online editor and our software will adapt it automatically to their stage. VisiLit does the tech, so they don’t have to. We are looking for creative people to join our team who are enthusiastic

and who will make a positive impact on our business, either in software development or sales and marketing. We’re also interested in talking to people who have experience in theatre, music, TV and Film, startup development and technology. If you think you would be interested in working with us, drop by for a chat.

Birbl is a revolutionary we-commerce market place on a mission to make it easier to do the things you love by harnessing the power of community. Birbl is a

fair-pricing marketplace that empowers everyone to drive the prices down by sharing great experiences with friends.

Box of Awesome is the leading product discovery platform for kids and teens in the UK. Launched in February and already big-name customers and tens of thousands of users. Founded by a track-record team (DemonWare, Jolt Online, Fight My Monster, Swapit), we’re building a discovery channel for the next generation of kids across browser, mobile/tablet and physical platforms. We are currently inter-

ested in hiring a Python Developer, Frontend Developer, Community Manager, UX Designer, and a iOS Developer. Come and talk to us. We’re looking for developers, community managers and UX designers but also people who are simply awesome!

We are an ambitious startup looking for energetic, enthusiastic and creative people to join our Dublin based team!  We offer a fun and challenging environment, a culture that fosters learning, and the chance to work on a diverse range of technologies.  Boxever is a cloud-based customer intelligence platform that enables travel companies to leverage their online and offline customer data to create stronger, more profitable customer relationships. Using a unique fusion of travel knowledge, Big Data and predictive analytics we aim to deliver unparalleled

insight into customer behaviour across all channels. We are looking for a technically gifted problem solver to join the team. The ideal candidate will have superb coding skills, strong opinions on architectures and a hunger to proof out solutions by iterating over code. You will be able to put your stamp on the product, to experience start-up culture and work alongside other great start-ups at the awesome dogpatch Labs Dublin. 

At Conker we make the business of games more fun! We ensure that those that make the games we love are successful and have enough time to play them too!  That's why we

are building a solution that allows them to give game players their own tailored gaming experience by using predictive behavioral analytics.

We’re building a new breed of online games, we call them ‘Seamlessly Cross-Platform’. This new gaming technology allows players to play on any device, including iOS, Android, Browser, Social platforms and move between devices seamlessly. It allows friends to play against each other even if they don’t have the same type of device. Our first game is a hardcore social strategy MMO with unique and advanced gameplay mechanics called Kings of the Realm. Launching in 2013. We are currently looking to hire a:

▶▶Game Server Developer,

We have partnered with all the Mobile Network Operators to enable mobile donations where 100% of the donation is paid to the charity. In March over 25,000 people donated via our platform. We believe mobile payments and social fundraising will change the way people support charities. We’re looking for a few more to join our team of 5: – Marketing/PR/Communi-

cations x 2 We’re looking for fun, friendly people with very strong communications skills who can help charities come on-board our platform. – Mobile web/app developer x 1 We are looking for an experienced mobile web developer who can develop our mobile web application and integrate it with our donations platform .

▶▶Game Client Developers, ▶▶Web System Developers, ▶▶Lead DevOps/IT Engineer, ▶▶Lead Web Syst. Developer, ▶▶Senior Artist, ▶▶3D Artist. We are defining the next genre of gaming. We use cutting edge technology and tools with a focus on opensource. We offer an awesome working environment and culture of openness and learning. Our team is talented, fun and welcoming. We know how to look after our people.

Intercom is a tool for designers that allows them to quickly explore ideas for new digital products. We launched just over 8 months ago, and we already have 1000+ customers in over 60 countries, including the likes of HP, Dell, LinkedIn, Zynga and t-Mobile. We are looking for people who can answer the question “What do you love doing?” Whether it’s haggling for the best price or hack-

ing with the latest tech, we want you to bring that energy to Fluid. We’re specifically looking for Sales, Marketing and Technology interns for summer 2013, as well as anyone else who has experience in the fields of web, mobile, SaaS and sales. If you care about doing challenging, innovative things and you want to grow in a small team with global reach, say hello!

FieldAware is the field service management solution for small and medium businesses. We help field service companies make more money by streamlining the service scheduling process, increasing field worker productivity, improving customer satisfaction, and generating lead opportunities in the field. Our SaaS

solution is available on demand over the internet for a small monthly fee, so there’s no hardware to buy or software to install for your office. And field staff can find our free native mobile apps – for iPhone and Android smartphones – in the app store they already use.

Intercom's mission is to make web business personal. We help our customers understand their users, and communicate with them, in personal ways. We are headquartered in San Francisco, with our engineering team in Dublin. We're hiring software engineers, visual designers, ops engineers, support engineers, and iOS/Android developers.  We're growing/scaling fast, and solving many hard challenges along the way.

You'll be surrounded by enthusiastic and experienced engineers, including many ex-Apple/Amazon/Facebook/Google. We'll help you do your best work, and grow quickly in your career. While you're focusing on building a great product you'll be proud of, we'll take care of your meals. We sort out breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks every day. Regardless of your background, we'd love to talk to you.

No more boring Excel charts! GetBulb makes it easy for anyone to create infographics. Data-savvy designers can create templates and upload them to sell on our marketplace, to analysts, journalists or researchers. We're about to launch our closed beta, and we're looking for interns to help us develop our product and our company; we'll help you develop your talents. - Web development. We're looking for obsessive dev

who has good HTML5 and Javascript skills. - Digital marketing and content. We especially want someone with skills in inbound marketing, content marketing and event organisation. Most important is to be a great writer and communicator with organisational skills and a strong interest in tech. - Digital design. We're looking for a talented designer who has strong design skills across web and print

Popdeem is a social rewards programme that helps merchants turn customers into brand advocates. Popdeem incentivises customers to recommend businesses through Facebook or Twitter by offering rewards in store. We measure user influence to determine the value of each recommendation; the more

influential they are, the bigger the rewards they can earn. Users claim rewards by tweeting, checking-in or sharing photos on Facebook. We provide detailed analytics to each merchant to give them access to valuable social data.

At NewsWhip, we track the news stories that people are talking about. From tens of thousands of publications in hundreds of countries, cities and topics, we monitor the stories that are making the biggest waves on social media. We offer a consumer service at and on iOS and Android, as well as Spike, our dashboard for professional communicators which offers deeper insights into our trending news alerts.

Our aim is to provide our clients with real time social intelligence about the stories driving conversations, and develop our consumer business which highlights the best stories as judged by ordinary people. We’re looking to expand by hiring a UI/UX designer, sales and business development leads, and front end and mobile developers. Whatever your experience or qualifications, feel free to come over and say hello.

Quotefish allows anyone to post their work to the cloud, and have it rain down on multiple local businesses instantly. Need a Child minder? Cleaner? Courier? Post it on Quotefish for free and have businesses who want the work contact you. No more ringing around for quotes, dealing with uninterested businesses and getting ripped off. If you are starting out,

struggling, skilled but unemployed or a sole trader, Quotefish will help you get more work. We are currently looking for a UX Engineer (intern), Software Engineer (intern), Team Leader (intern), Digital Marketeer (intern), Customer Support / Sales (intern); all with a view for long term hires. Helping people succeed makes us very happy. What makes you happy?

Studio POWWOW creates, develops and produces entertainment brands and games across multiple platforms by creating transmedia storyworlds that live on tablet, mobile, web and TV. Currently in development of its first major transmedia entertainment IP ‘The World of ShipAntics,’ POWWOW is looking for an experienced and highly motivated lead game developer to join the team

to work exclusively on our first product for the brand, which is an animated comedy adventure game for iOS, Android, PC, and Mac. The selected candidate will have an extensive knowledge of, AS 3.0, C++, JAVA, Objective C. A strong emphasis on game design and experience in project management and 3rd party game frameworks such as Unity or Adobe AIR essential.

SixMinute is an independent game development studio in the heart of Dublin. It was founded by former members of PopCap Games. We’re currently ramping up to our first release, with huge ambitions! SixMinute’s goal is to make fun, social, memorable and long lasting game experiences for people of all ages across all mobile and connected platforms. We’re currently on the

hunt for a range of talent. We’re interested in talking to Game Artists, Game Developers, Backend Engineers, Ops Engineers, Mobile User Acquisition Specialists and anyone with experience in Digital Marketing, PR, QA & Business Development. If you’re interested in joining our team be sure to drop us an email at

Skynet Labs provides calculation and communication solutions for Oil and Gas drilling engineers, managers and wellsite engineers. We are creating a “Skynet Platform” which aims to save time and money for Oil and Gas operators, drilling contractors and their engineers. The Skynet Platform encompasses an entire suite of products that integrate seamlessly together as well

as working independently. Our current products are; The Skynet Cloud, Drillers Formula Sheets, Drilling Unit Convertor. We are hiring for the following positions at the moment; Java DeveloperServer Side, Android Developer, Market Research Internship We are looking to expand our operations in the next few months and would love to hear from everyone.

With Soundwave you can discover what songs people are playing on their phones and where. It’s simple – see the songs that people are playing – the songs that are going through their headphones - as they play them. There’s no silly algorithm that tries to predict music tastes based on your hair color or what you had for lunch. The only thing we care about is whether someone listened to a

song or not – not if they are talking about a song, blogging about it or pretending to know it or bash it on a forum somewhere. We wanted to know what people were actually listening to as they were walking around in the big, bold world out there so we built Soundwave. It’s music discovery - done right. is based in the Digial Hub and specialise in digital, social and mobile analytics software and services.  Our investors include Enterprise Ireland and NDRC LaunchPad and we are expanding our team after new client wins in Ireland and the UK. We are seeking talented recruits for these roles: - Digital Marketing Ana-

lytics Intern / Contractor – Do you like numbers? - Digital Content Manager – Do you enjoy telling stories? - Business Development – Do you like making money? We offer full training and benefits, have a client base so if you want to join our winning team, please come and talk to our team or go to

ThoughtBox is an educational software provider creating learning experiences in specific subject areas centered around Gameful Learning. Our first product, Numerosity, consists in iPad applications aimed at 6 to 10 year olds, where Maths is the game. It uses gaming principles to engage kids and encourage them to discover the rules by themselves. At ThoughtBox we believe that with the help of

technology, boring subjects such as Math and Science can engage kids the same way games do. We are currently looking for iOS and Unity Game Developers, as well as international marketing people, which ideally could speak German, Italian or Portuguese. At ThoughtBox we are life long learners and we believe in learning through play so we enjoy talking to anyone that shares our passion. Come play with us!

Youshipped are a global e commerce platform that helps SME all over the world that ship their product by oceanfreight. WE present lumpsum rates instantly with a choice of service levels and for the first time the ability to transact the entire shipment online

drastically cutting down time spent managing shipments. We are currently on the Ryan Academy Propoller accelerator and have a private beta running in May before a global launch later in the summer

Founded in 2012, and head quartered in Cork, Ireland, Trustev is bringing the way merchants make real life selling decisions, online for the very first time. Trustev's social finger-printing technology requires consumers to sign in via their preferred social networking site at the checkout of an Online Store. From this data, Trustev can assure retailers that they are dealing and transacting with real human beings We aim to eliminate online Credit Card fraud and

to offer maximum protection to Online Merchants. Trustev is currently looking for a Senior Developer, a Junior Developer and a Sales Executive to join its exciting team. You will be part of an energetic team and gain experience of working in the fast-paced environment of a Tech Start up. We welcome applications form all individuals who share our passion and drive towards introducing breakthrough E-Commerce solutions.

About us


ubstarts is a technology jobs fair, bringing jobseekers and Ireland’s most promising startup companies together over some live music and an optional beer or two. We’re delighted to to be partnering with Bank of Ireland and Enternships for this event. Seeing conversations which begin at our jobs fairs over a beer and some live music develop into full-time employment and sharing of mutual dreams is what matters to us. Meaningful relationships are not build in board rooms, but rather when passionate people come together to share their ideas and dreams. This

is what we strive to facilitate. At Dubstarts, we firmly believe that there are incredible opportunities to find meaningful work in the Irish startup community, which is growing in size and talent all the time. We place no financial obligation on companies that wish to host a stand at Dubstarts, nor on jobseekers who wish to attend. Instead, we seek to nourish the culture of collaboration and sharing of ideas and skills that makes the Irish startup community such an exciting space in 2013.

The Team

Vincent Lyons

Mark Whelan

Nikolai Trigoub-Rotnem


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