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GRIFFIN HELO TC PETE ROSE APOLOGY BASEBALL Talk to any baseball fan about Pete Rose — especially those in the vicinity of Ohio or Pennsylvania — and you'll likely hear how ridiculous it is that Major League Baseball refuses to allow him into the Hall of Fame due to his past gambling. Which makes this Pete Rose Apology Autographed Baseball ($190) a little awesome and a little sad all at the same time. Personally signed by Rose himself and carrying the inscription "I'm Sorry I Bet On Baseball," its a bittersweet reminder of a man who racked up 4,256 hits while batting .303 and winning three world championships; a man who cemented his legacy as one of the game's greats before having it tarnished seemingly beyond repair.

NUMARK IDJ LIVE Having honed your newly-found DJ skills on your iPad using Djay, are you ready to take the next step and transfer from the virtual to real life controls? Numark iDJ Live ($100) was made for you. Developed in partnership with Algoriddim, the company behind the aforementioned Djay, the iDJ Live connects to your iPad — or iPhone, or iPod touch — via the Dock Connector, and gives you a pair of real performance platters for cueing and scratching, a central mixing section with a crossfader and plenty of buttons and knobs, and a custom audio cable for connecting to speakers and headphones. True, it's not technically a "real" DJ setup, but it's a big step in that direction.

KLIPSCH MODE HEADPHONES Beat the constant buzz of public transport with Klipsch Mode Headphones ($350). These new noise-cancelling cans offer up to 45 hours of active cancelling on just one battery, and feature 40mm woofers, 15mm tweeters, two included cloth cables, leather ear cups, a foldable design and high-end styling that won't leave you looking overly dorky on your next transatlantic flight.

We're no strangers to indoor helicopters, but beyond our challenges in keeping them off the ceiling, we're not big fans of their typically chintzy controllers. The Griffin Helo TC ($50; Available this Fall) overcomes this limitation by bundling a headphone port-connecting infrared module with the metal and polycarbonate 'copter, letting you use your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad as the controller — using on-screen or Tilt-to-Fly controls — running for up to 6 to 8 minutes per charge with the ability to charge from any USB power source, and saving up to three flight plans in memory.

LIQUID IMAGE WIDE ANGLE HD DIVE MASK Whether you're going on a deep sea expedition or just fooling around in the kiddie pool, the Liquid Image Wide Angle HD Dive Mask ($350) will let you capture it all in stunning high-def without even using your hands. This unique mask integrates a digital video camera into the chassis above and between the lenses, recording 720p, 30 fps video in H.264 format onto a micro SD/SDHC card, and capable of taking 5MP stills as well. Lever-style buttons make it easy to operate while wearing gloves, and, of course, it's a pretty decent mask, as well.


THE ABIDE GUIDE We'll leave it up to you to decide if you want to become a full-on Dudeist, but odds are you could use a little extra Dude in your life, and The Abide Guide: Living Like Lebowski ($9) can help make that happen. Penned by the founders of the Church of the Latter-Day Dude, this guide can help you achieve in unachievement with tips on ethics, politics, finance, taking it easy and really tying a room together.



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cess to Nikon or Canon lenses for supposedly awesome quality photos. The set includes an aluminum case, a fairly thick lens adapter and a UV filter, all of which team up to let you attach your favorite zoom, macro, fisheye or wide angle glass to your always connected shooter, making for nearly endless instant-upload photographic possibilities.


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