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Barb Capitano | Appreciating the Simple Things in Life Bill Kassa K | The Gift of Time with Love ed Ones Emery Kilmer | Centenarian Gives Life e Savings to o Hospital Garn net Short | The T Value of o a Dollar Janett Hughes | A Second Chance C at Life L Karen Burgess | A Gift from m the Heartt Kim Wolny | A Legacy L of Lo ove, Light and a Gratitud de Matthew Mailin ng | Inspiring a Legacy Prisccilla Mannin ng | Bequesst to Fund Research R fo or Rare Dise ease Sand dra Mills | Exxemplary Care C Inspire es Gift to Ho ospital Stanley Boyd | A Former Te eacher Give es Back Terryy Zavitz | A Legacy L of Giving G

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow , please contact c Collee en DeJager, D Director, Plann ned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Appreciating the Simplle Things in Life When Barb Cap pitano was in her 40s, she was lo ooking forw ward to a long life with h her wonderful w husband h an nd three be eautiful chil dren. Betw ween her fam mily and a caree er that she enjoyed im mmensely, Barb B was b usy and fullfilled but d didn’t stop to ap ppreciate th he simple th hings in life e like her go ood health – which ch hanged abruptly when she s was dia agnosed with Hepatitiis C. “The good news was that the disease e was in the e portal sysstem and not in the liver. Fortunately, I am asymptomatic and do no ot physicallyy suffer from m the disea ase, but, em motionally, it has taken n a toll on m me. All I assked at first was if I would get to se ee my children become adults,” ssays Barb, w who was no otified of d by the t Canadia an Red Cro oss, as she w was an avid d blood don the disease nor. Barb began the new chaptter of her life wanting to livve life to the e fullest and enjoy eve ery momen nt she had h with he er loved on nes. One winter break,, she took t her three daughtters to Collingwood fo or a dayy of skiing and a on her first run, disaster strucck. She blew w out her riight knee and deve eloped a blo ood clot tha at required her to be hosp pitalized witth a pulmonary embolism. Afterr many mon nths of reco overy, Barb was able tto have e her knee repaired r so that she co ould be as active as she wa as before th he accidentt. She was work king hard on her thera apy and wass getting back k to work when w she wa as involved d in anotherr trage edy. This tim me, it was a motor veh hicle accid dent that left her with a new set of o injuries and challenges to overcom me. “I have had alm most every part p of my body b repairred and I offten refer to o myself ass Hum mpty Dumptty being put back toge ether again.. Since thatt motor veh hicle accid dent in 200 02, my life has h been in ncredibly bu usy with do octors appo ointments, thera apy and tessts,” says Ba arb. Afterr countless hours spen nt at London Health Scciences Cen ntre (LHSC)), Barb felt luckyy to live in a city with access a to so ome of the e best docto ors and mo ost modern medical techno ology the co ountry has to t offer.

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

“I fee el a strong need to givve back in some s way aand show m my apprecia ation for alll the care c given to t me. Leavving a legaccy through P Planned Givving provid des me the aven nue to give back to LHS SC and to be b able to h have a say in how my donation is utilizzed. I think Planned Giiving is a wonderful w w way to plan ahead and say thanks,” says Ba arb.

The Gift of Tim me with Loved L One es Thou ugh her hea art was dam maged by a case of Rh heumatic Fe ever in her childhood, Carol Kassa’s marriage m to Bill B couldn’’t have bee n more fille ed with lovve. wever, when n the impairred How her heart be egan to functtioning of h cause e serious health effectts at a time e in he er life when n her friends were plann ning their fu utures and having youn ng families, it became apparent Caro l would need medicall intervvention in o order to savve her life. In 19 971, with D Dr. Ramsay G Gunton as Card iologist, a lifesaving m mechanical mitraal valve surg gery was pe erformed b by Dr. Jo ohn Coles a at London H Health nces Centre e (LHSC). Scien Desp pite a challe enging and difficult reccovery, the procedure e saved Caro ol’s life. In fact, it wouldn’tt be until 28 8 years late er that Caro ol would ne eed medica al ain. In 1999 9, the problems in herr heart resu urfaced and d it was intervention aga nece essary to ha ave the mitrral valve, ass well as he er tricuspid valve, repla aced. With Dr. Peter P Pflugfe elder as Cardiologist, Dr. D Alan Me enkis and D Dr. Bob Kiaiii performe ed the surgery s and d gave Bill yet y another five years tto spend w with his lovin ng wife. “For all the ama azing work and care th hat she rece eived over the years frrom London Health Sciencess Centre’s Cardiac C Care e program, I feel that the least I ccan do is to o give back some e financial support s so that t they caan continue e their research and help more peop ple to have their loved d ones for aas many years as I wass able to have e my beautiful wife,” sa ays Bill Kasssa. Beca ause of the skill and exxpertise of these t talen nted physiciians, Bill an nd Carol had a rem markable 33 3 extra years to spend d together. “Through tthoughtful attention to o his fiinancial and d estate pla ans, Mr. Kasssa is one o of the value ed memberrs of our   To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Dono ors for Tom morrow Sociiety whose support w will help susttain LHSC’ss valuable cardiiac program m so others can also enjoy additio onal time w with their lo oved ones”,, says Colleen De eJager, Dire ector of Plan nned and M Memorial G Giving at Lon ndon Health Sciencess Foundatio on. Importa antly, Bill an nd Carol un nderstand tthe value of highlly-trained physicians p and a well-eq quipped op erating the eaters and B Bill, of all peop ple, understtands how his supportt can play a critical rolle in ensuriing these elem ments rema ain at LHSC. “I wo ould like to thank Dr. Gunton, G Dr. Coles, Dr. Alan Menkkis, Dr. Kiaiii and Dr. Pflug gfelder ,” sa ays Bill. “The ese doctorss, in my eye es, are wortth their we eight in gold d. Than nk you so much m for wh hat you did for my fam mily over the years. “

Centenarian Gives G Life Savings to t Hospitaal Econ nomical in everything e he h did, Eme ery Kilmer o often rode his bike alll the way out to t the Arva Flour Mill, where w he picked p up laarge sacks of flour for baking bread. Only well into his 90s 9 did he begin b to bu uy flour from m a local ba akery. The life l of Emerry Kilmer exxemplifies how h a perso on of mode est means can c make a big differrence. Kilm mer, who reccently died in his 102n nd year, beq queathed almost a his entire e estat e to Lo ondon Heallth Sciencess Centre for purposes of research. Hiss gift is amo ong the larg gest bequ uests ever made m to the e Hospital. Kilmer worked as a carpen nter until he e retired ut 40 years ago. Both his h wife and d daughterr abou died before him m, leaving him h with no o immediate e familly. At the tim me of his death d he wa as living on n his own o at his home h in east London. He lived his life frugally an nd self-sufficciently. His lawyer, executo or and friend d, Martin Sttambler, now retired, rem members him h as "fierccely v garden, g whiich made u up much off his diet. He independent." He kept a vegetable e his berriess, and kept carrots and d beets in h his root cellar. At age 100 he froze ouldn't see plantted more sttrawberriess, observing g that he wo e them bear fruit for another two yea ars.

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Kilmer was a ve ery sociable e person wh ho was gen nerous to others. "He w was an enga aging, likeab ble guy, witth a wry witt," says Stambler. He p played card ds twice a week k at the Com mmunity Centre C on Hamilton Ro oad. He helped his neiighbours byy shovveling snow w, offering drives, d or he elping out w when they w were sick. Even n when his health bega an to fail, he h tenaciou usly held on n to his inde ependence e. Stam mbler remem mbers drop pping by fro om time to time to bring him foo od, and make e sure he was w okay. Although A gra ateful, Kilm mer always m made it clea ar that he was doing just fine f on his own. Reluctant to attract attention, Kilmer didn't notiffy LHSC of his planned d gift. Altho ough the Ho ospital ofte en receives bequests itt does not expect, Collleen DeJa ager, LHSF Planned P Givving Officerr, says that it's nice to know ahea ad of time beca ause it helps the Hospital plan forr the future e. "More im mportant, it g gives the Hosp pital an opp portunity to o recognize the person n while he o or she is alive," she says. "We can also try to id dentify the area a that iss most in ke eeping with h a donor's phila anthropic in ntentions." There e are manyy ways that LHSF recog gnizes the ggenerosity of donors w who make ormed abo plann ned gifts, sa ays DeJager, and keep ps them info out what's h happening. "We understand d that it's offten a big sacrifice s to ggive moneyy to a charity, and we're e very grate eful. We wo ould have lo oved to havve given a b big thank yo ou to Mr. Kilmer."

The Value of a Dollar Garn net Short is a man who o knows the value of a dollar. Be eginning liffe in the work king world as a a clerk in n a shoe sto ore, the Wo oodstock re esident wen nt on to work k everywhere from the e stockroom m of a facto ory producin ng mortar b bombs and shells during the Second World W War, to a private e business selling muttual funds with an old friend. abbled in many m thingss," said 81--year-old Sh hort, "but th he one "I've certainly da g I learned through t it all a was how w to live on n a budget."" thing As tim me wore on, health problems be egan to arisse and Shorrt came to depend on n the London L Hea alth Science es Centre. "I've " had a couple of o operations," he said. "And d both were e life-saving g."

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Feeling he owed the Hosp pital some form f of rep ayment, he e expressed d his immense gratitu ude by mak king a dona ation throu gh the gift of an annu uity - an optio on his money-wise personality to old him wass the best w way to go. "It he elped me in n many wayys," he said d. "I got to m make the d donation, it helps pay my bills b now, an nd it's a nicce incentive e to have th hat tax dedu uction." The deduction d ccan be spre ead over a m maximum of five years, or used at anyy point there within, when never it is m most convenient. Since e his work w with mutua al funds allo owed Shortt to ma ake severall investmen nts of his ow wn, some o of which h are doingg quite welll as of late, the most conve enient time e for him to o take advantage of the tax crredit may h have arrived d. "I've had a lot o f capital ga ain on my in nvestmentss, so I might m use itt all up thiss year to he elp keep me e in a lower tax brracket," he said. "I like e having the e optio on." Chariitable Gift A Annuities arre an attracctive option n for do onors, usuaally in their seventies a and older, to be enefit a cha arity and co ollect incom me, largely taax exempt (depending on the age of o the purchaser), at th he same tim me. Part of the capitall used to accquire the annu uity (typically 25%) is an immediate gift to tthe charity for which a tax receip pt is isssued. The balance of th he capital purchases p a commercial annuity,, which payys the donor d incom me for life. For Short, S the added bonu us of tax bre eaks and gu uaranteed m monthly inccome made e the gift g of an an nnuity an unbeatable way w to don nate to Lond don Health h Sciences Centtre. "I tho ought I certtainly owed d the Hospital someth ing," he saiid, "becausse I wouldn't be allive without them.�

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

A Se econd Cha ance at Life My liife as a mom of three teenagers was in cha os after myy husband d died at age e 42. My M children n and I movved from hiss hometow wn near Ottawa back tto my home e in Lo ondon in 19 981. Fortun nately, I wass able to fin nd employm ment imme ediately in order to supporrt my familyy. In the 1970s, I developed d a blood dissease that w was affectin ng my liver. In 1982, I was referred to an excellen nt gastroen nterologist aat London H Health Scie ences Centrre (LHS SC), Dr. Cam m Ghent. Diifferent medications aand various tests were e taken to

rid th he disease, but eventu ually cirrhossis of the livver develop ped. Howevver, I was able to continue e working throughout t t this time d due to his e excellent ca are. In 199 97, I started d having re ecurrent gastro ointestinal b bleeding an nd it was th hen decided that I needed a lliver transp plant. In Octtober 1998 8, I was given a be eeper to kee ep until a liiver organ could d be found tto replace m mine. At 2 a.m. on Janua ary 9th, 199 99, the beeper sounde ed. I awoke e my so on, who waas living witth me, and he phoned d my tw wo married daughters to ask them m to meet us at LHSC’s Uniiversity Hosspital. I wass full of emotion, as werre my childrren, but I w was also readyy to begin th his adventu ure of a seccond chancce at life e. Words cannot de escribe thiss miracle an nd the eciation I haave for Dr. W William Wa all, LHSC’s appre Multi--Organ Tran nsplant Pro ogram, and all the ors, nurses,, pharmacissts, social w workers, phyysiotherapiists, transsplant docto techn nicians and d staff who went beyond the call of duty and d provided such dediccated care. However, this t miracle e was only possible be ecause of the sad losss another family endured e an nd the gene erosity of th heir donatin ng their lovved one’s organ. They are to be adm mired for the eir compasssion and co ourage and d donating a preciious gift of life. Fortunately, I havve been able to lead an active life e. I have been n blessed with w four gra andchildren n, now teen nagers, but I also lost a wonderfu ul son due d to epile epsy whose e brain wass given to sscience. Transsplants are a miracle and a I am livving proof. It is my sin ncerest hope that I can n chan nge the min nds of manyy families and a friends to sign the eir donor ca ards in orde er   To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

to givve others a second ch hance at life e. If your lovved one wa as desperatte for life, wouldn’t you be e ever so th hankful that a generou us donor ha ad signed ttheir card? Being blessed with w a new liver, I wan nted to makke a difference by leavving a legaccy to the Multi-Organ Transplant T Program att LHSC. This Program has come a long way since its beginnin ng but mon ney is need ded for equipment, ressearch, patie ent care and d treatmentt, promotin ng preventio ons – the liist goes on.. I am hoping my lega acy will help p other patiients experrience a mirracle like I d did. Writtten by Jane et Hughes, a grateful patient p of LLondon Hea alth Science es Centre.

A Giift from th he Heart In 19 993, the he eel of Karen n Burgess's right foot t urned black and was extremely painfful. At the hospital h in Chatham, C Karen K was iinitially diag gnosed witth a hemangioma (a a malforma ation of bloo od vessels)) and referrred to Dr. C Chris Scilley,, a pla astic surgeo on at Londo on Health Sciences Ce ntre (LHSC C). Dr. Scilley S exam mined her fo oot and leg g and conccluded the problem p lik kely had a different d vascu ular cause; he called in vascular surgeon s Dr. Guy G DeRose e to consultt. Dr. DeRosse suspected some ething was blocking th he blood flow.. An angiog gram helped d him diagn nose atherosclerosis and a 90 percent p blocckage in her right r leg. When an angiop plasty was unsuccessfful in incre easing the blood b flow (due to calcification of the blockage e), Dr. DeRo ose took the e time to ain the surg gical and no on-surgical options to expla Karen. She chosse the non--surgical route. The treatment t included low w dose asp pirin to thin Karen's blo ood, medica ation to low wer chole esterol and participatio on in a fitness program m. Karen allso had to q quit smok king. Follow wing all of Dr. D DerRose e's advice K Karen saw h her collaterral circulation imprrove, with smaller s bloo od vessels aabove and below the blockage takin ng on the ciirculation needed to negate n the e effects of th he blockage e.

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

"I no ow do a yea arly check with w my fam mily doctor in Chatham m to make ssure all is well in regard to o my vascu ular conditio on," Karen ssays. "While e it still doe es affect myy walk king long distances, I haven't h needed surgeryy." While e she is tha ankful for th he healthca are she rece eives close to home, o over the yearss Karen, her daughterss and their families haave seen se everal specialists at LHSC C for a varie ety of reaso ons, some requiring ho ospital stayss. "London Health h Sciences Centre C has certainly be een good tto us acrosss three gene erations," Ka aren says. "Thank " goo odness for tthe hospitals in Londo on, the peop ple there an nd the resources the hospitals h prrovide." And it's not justt the caring g and professsional phyysicians and d nurses tha at have leftt a lastting impresssion. Karen n remembe ers how we ell she was treated by all the stafff at the hospital during d each h of her visiits. "Everryone was helpful," sh he says." Th hey went ou ut of their w way, somettimes walk king with me to find a room if I needed dire ections." It is that t type off extra atten ntion to people's need ds that Kare en says give es her "a warm m and fuzzyy feeling." She S appreciiates those efforts, esp pecially in ssuch a large e organization. "I me ean it from my heart. I want to make m sure th hat everyon ne has the opportunityy to receive the great g care th hat I did," Karen K says. "It seems o only fitting tto give bacck to those who to ook such wonderful w ca are of our faamilies ove er the manyy years, so I inclu uded Londo on Health Sciences Fou undation in n my estate e plans. I ho ope that whatt I give can be used to o care for pe eople, do r esearch and look for n new cures.""

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

A Le egacy of Love, Lightt and Grattitude Kim Wolny's leg gacy began with a movving funeraal service att Forest Law wn Funeral Hom me in Londo on, Ontario. Over 500 family f mem mbers, frien nds and colleagues gathe ered togeth her at the end e of Marcch, 2010 to pay tribute e to the Dirrector of Perin natal and Gynecologic G Care at London Healtth Sciencess Centre (LH HSC). Altho ough she was w only 39 years old when w she d died after an intense jo ourney with h cancer, Kim leftt an indelible mark on every life sshe touched. As a testtament to Kim'ss legacy, family, friend ds and colle eagues from m the Hospital collectivvely gave almo ost $6,000 in i memoria al donations to London n Health Scciences Fou undation to o comm memorate her life. ely death w was just the e beginning g But Kim's untime opic impactt. Prior to h her passing,, of herr philanthro Kim determined d that her liffe insurance policy would d fund an e endowmentt for Hospittal staff to attend d a trainingg program tto develop Emotional Intelligence (EI),, a concept she had be een introd duced to ass part of her leadership p develo opment traaining at LH HSC. The de evelopmentt of Em motional Inte elligence had made such an impacct on both h her personal and proffessional liffe that she s wanted to give oth hers at LHSC the opporrtunity to d evelop their own emo otional intelligence. Begin nning with p participation in a prog gram on Emotiional Intelliigence and then throu ugh leade ership coacching, Kim began b a un nique journe g ey of uncovvering and discovering how her beliefss and patterrns of beha aviour were e impacting g her effectivveness as a leade er. She wan nted to acce elerate her EI so she e enrolled in a unique, e eight-day retreat program m called the Hoffman Process. P Thiis program is designed d to accelerate Emottional Intelligence by transformin t ng habitual patterns th hat are often n barriers to o realizing one's o full po otential. Th he many be enefits of th he Hoffman n Proce ess include e increased Emotional Intelligencce and resiliiency, claritty of purp pose and vission, enhan nced person nal relation nships and a renewed enthusiasm m for liffe. "Kim m always knew she wanted to ma ake a differe ence in peo ople's lives,," says Kim''s sister, Shelley. "The " emotio onal intellig gence trainiing she recceived reson nated so   To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

stron ngly with he er, she felt it would ch hange healtth care." An nd change h health care she did. d Kim'ss endowme ent will be awarded to o Hospital sstaff memb bers on June 16 every year to commem morate Kim m's birthdayy. Kim felt t hat if everyyone could face the challenges in th heir life from m a place of o love inste ead of fear (the core o of emotiona al intellligence training), decissions could d always be e made in th he best inte erest of everyyone, both personally and professsionally. Fo or Kim, com mpassion m meant everyything. Throughout herr cancer jou urney, Kim kept an on line journal that tracke ed her expe eriences, he er highs and d lows and the wisdom m she gained to share e with those e she left l behind.. Her final jo ournal entrry summed up her com mpassion fo or humanitty and insights abo out life: "It's time to siign off one last time. P Please remember me when n I was hea althy and on n my birthd day rather tthan my de eath. If you see gerbera a daisies, know th hat's me sa aying I'm ok kay and lov ing you from whereve er I am. Until we meet again, a with much love, light and gratitude."

Insp piring a Le egacy When he passed away in 2003 2 at the e age of 34 from comp plications related to heartt transplantt surgery, Matthew M Ma ailing left faamily memb bers, friend ds and colle eagues with h the memo ory of a fun-loving, tho oughtful ma an. While e unusual fo or someone e this young to have such vision v and foresight, M Matt beque eathed one third of his estatte to suppo ort London Health Multi-Organ n Transplantt Sciences Centre''s (LHSC) M att saw thatt a legacy Program (MOTP)). While Ma gift co ould allow him to makke a differe ence by donatting more tthan he cou uld have du uring his lifetim me, his gift h had more iimpact than n he could have ever imagin ned. It was the catalysst for world-class ffacility in establishing a w plantation sstudies. transp "Matthew valued d and respe ected the sttaff at LHSC,," says Mattt's youngerr brother Pa aul. "He wante ed to make e a differencce and contribute to the fu uture of the e program.""   To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Inspiired by his generosity, Matt's brotther and friiends held a golf tourn nament to raise e funds and awarenesss for MOTP. Between Matt's bequ uest, the go olf tourn nament, a personal p gifft from Mattt's parents and memo orial donatiions, the amount raised by b the end of 2004 re eached $99,,000. In 20 005, the Ma ailing familyy announce ed a furtherr gift of $50 00,000 to LLondon Health Sciencess Foundatio on to establlish The Maatthew Mailing Centre e for Transslational Transplant Sttudies, a joiint venture of LHSC an nd Lawson Health Rese earch Institu ute. Lond don Health Sciences Centre C has long been rrecognized as a world leader in transsplantation.. With over 4,100 transplants perrformed it h has been th he site of manyy innovatio ons and firstts, including g a multi-o organ transp plant on a ffive-month-old infant in 1997 (the wo orld's young gest recipie ent) and Canada's firstt adult-toadultt living-don nor liver tran nsplant in 2000. 2 Our Hospital's reputation r in i transplan ntation and d the plans for the new w research centrre attracted d the attention of leading healthccare compa anies, resultting in furth her donation ns. Since e the initial generosityy of Matthew w Mailing, proceeds frrom the an nnual golf even nt and the donations d frrom corporrations and individualss have grow wn to more e than $4,250,000 0 for constrructing and d equippingg this state--of-the-art ccentre. Sche eduled for completion c this year, itt will includ de one of th he world's most advanced micro osurgery lab boratories. "Its focus is on accelerating the translation of traansplant research to d directly imprrove patientt care," sayss Dr. William m Wall, Dirrector of MO OTP. With forethough ht and one simple gessture Matt sset the grou undwork fo or future miracles. "I jusst feel that down the road, r great things will be discove ered. That's what this resea arch centre is all abou ut: to help people; p to kkeep organs longer in better cond dition; to do o research on o anti-reje ection drugss and also to do experimental work k," says Mattt's mother Carol prou udly. That is the true power of Matt's M legaccy gift.

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Bequest to Fu und Resea arch for Rare R Diseaase Prisccilla Mannin ng is an avid d card playe er, joining h her friends for euchre as often ass four times a we eek. It's one e way she stays s positivve, while learning to live with the e disea ase Progresssive Supran nuclear Palsy (PSP). ""You have tto play the cards you'vve been dealt with in life," she sa ays. PSP is a very rarre and debilitating dissease that iss sometime es referred to as Parkiinson's "Plu us". Those afflicted a sufffer graduall brain cell loss that slows move ement and affects norrmal functio ons such ass walking, b balance, sw wallowing, and speaking. s Although A it is a conditiion like Parrkinson's, PSP affects o other parts of the brain as well, w and doesn't resp pond very w well to Parkkinson's me edications. To he elp better understand u and treat this t disease e, Priscilla a and her hussband Terryy g a significa are bequeathin b ant portion of their esstate to Lon ndon Health h Sciences Centtre to fund research. Prisccilla, who livves in Guelph, began having h prob blems with her h balance e four yearss ago after unde ergoing low wer back surgery. At first her prob blems were believed to o be associated with her surgery, s butt she was eventually e diagnosed d with PSP by Dr. Mandar Jo og, Director of the Move ement Diso orders Program at London Health Sciencess Centre. Beca ause they're e so rare, PS SP and similar disea ases attractt little resea arch funding g. This is one reason the Mannings decided to make a bequ uest and dirrect it to research. "Priiscilla felt very strongly tha at we need ded to do so omething,"" says Terry. "Ourr hope is that these funds will esearch and d capabilitie es in these help increase re areass." Prisccilla and Terrry believe that t Dr. Jog g's outstand ding researcch program m is the besst place e to maximize the pottential of their gift. Terrry, who reccently retire ed as the Direcctor of Elan nco Animal Health, a Division D of E Eli Lilly, kno ows from firrst hand expe erience how w research funding f wo orks. "Some etimes a sm mall amountt of moneyy can leverage l larrger amoun nts from government aand corpora ations, and lead to very worthwhile e outcomess," he says.

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Dr. Jo og agrees that bequessts such as this have th he potentia al to attractt further funds. His intern nationally renowned r program p co onducts research on m many fronts,, from m basic scien nce to cliniccal trials. "O Our bottom m line is to ccome up w with thera apeutic inte erventions that t benefitt people's q quality of liffe," he sayss. "This kind d of be equest allow ws us to ge et to the cuttting edge o of technolo ogy and scie ence." Prisccilla and Terrry are grate eful for the expertise o of London Health Scie ences Foun ndation in helping h them structure e a planned d gift that b balances the eir phila anthropic go oals with th heir family needs. n Theyy have two o children - a daughterr in Otttawa, and a son in Ed dmonton - and a three ggrandchildrren. "The pe eople in the e Foun ndation havve been ma arvellous to deal with,"" says Terryy. Altho ough it's diffficult to pre edict their future f finan ncial needss, Priscilla an nd Terry are e hoping that the eir planned gift will gro ow over tim me. "In makking this beq quest we wantt to show appreciation a n to those who w have h helped us a and also be enefit others," says Te erry. "Unlesss people lik ke us get in nvolved, ourr health sysstem just can'tt manage."

Exem mplary Ca are Inspire es Gift to Hospital Sand dra Mills losst her moth her, Georgin na Munro, tto a rare neurologica al disease last summe er. The exem mplary care her mothe er received at the end of her life inspired d Sandra to make a ge enerous bequ uest to Lond don Health h Sciences Foundation F and write w a lette er to our Hospital. This is her storyy. To: London L He ealth Sciences Foundation Enclo osed find th he completted form yo ou requeste ed. I would like you to know th he reason fo or my bequ uest. In June 2009, my m mother, Georgina Munro, waas a patie ent at Unive ersity Hospiital campuss. Her last d days were e spent in th he Palliative e Care Unitt. Not only did the nurrses and do octors provide supportt and care for f my motther, but the ey also care ed for the ffamily. Shorrtly after her arrival, a team t of me edical speciialists gathe ered the fam mily togetther to disccuss my mo other's cond dition, final ly diagnose ed as Progrressive   To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Suprra-nuclear Palsy. P We made m the de ecision to w withhold life e-sustaining g equipment and medication when it became b cle ear that she e had no chance of recovvery. She was w treated with pain medication m until she d died on Jun ne 21st, 2009 9. Durin ng the last week of he er life, though she wass unconscio ous, the me edical staff treated her with h dignity an nd respect, talking to h her as though she wass wide awak ke. This tou uched my heart. One day d I mentio oned that m my mother''s hair was always perfectlyy coiffed an nd it was sa ad to see it otherwise. Lo and behold, when n nd brushed d. This act o of I arrivved to visit the next day, her hairr had been washed an kindn ness by the e palliative care c nurse was above e and beyon nd the call o of duty. I cou uld cite man ny more actts of kindne ess, but sufffice it to sa ay, I will never forget the compassion c n shown to my mother, the gentlle touch or an arm aro ound my shou ulder from medical m sta aff, one who o even shed d a tear witth me when I could not hold h it toge ether. They were w the lig ght in my d darkness. Than nk you so much, m Sand dra Mills

A Fo ormer Tea acher Give es Back Stanley Boyd off Tavistock, Ontario tho ought he w was visiting London He ealth Scien nces Centre e (LHSC) on nly for an angiogram, a diagnostiic test for th hose with suspected heartt problems that uses a special caamera to lo ook at the arteries thatt feed a patient's heart with blood. "When I was on th he table ha aving the est was on angioggram, I felt like my che fire," saaid Mr. Boyyd. "The nexxt thing I knew, e everything was just bllack." Mr. Boyd's heart had stopped. Medicaal staff imm mediately ap pplied cardiacc massage, an emerge ency proced dure that en ntails the rh hythmic compre essing of th he heart using the ds to force blood b throu ugh the blo ood vessels,, and rushe ed Mr. Boyd d to the hand operrating room m.

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

LHSC C cardiac su urgeon Dr. Neil McKen nzie perform med emerg gency coron nary artery bypa ass surgery, rerouting blood b aroun nd a narrow wed artery and restoriing blood flow to the heart - saving Mr. M Boyd's life. "Whe en I woke up, u I though ht I saw an angel," sai d Mr. Boyd d. "It was a lovely nurse e." Mr. Boyd's B bypa ass surgery was in Mayy 1991. Hiss heart, he ssays, has "b been fine ever since." That wouldn't be b Mr. Boyd d's only exp perience witth life-savin ng treatmen nt at LHSC. Diagnostic testss that were performed d as a resultt of Mr. Boyyd's heart p problems h should also a be exam mined for aan aneurysm m - a weakk point in an n indiccated that he arterry, most com mmonly the e abdomina al aorta. A rruptured an neurysm brreaks the arterry and allow ws uncontro olled bleeding to occu ur, which ca an be fatal. It wa as discovere ed that Mr. Boyd had an a abdomin nal aortic a aneurysm. LLHSC vascu ular surgeo on Dr. Ken Harris H perfo ormed surge ery on Mr. Boyd to rep pair the aneu urysm. "He did d an exce ellent job," said Mr. Bo oyd. "I was very please ed." Mr. Boyd B decide ed to donatte his BCE shares in laate 2007 in n anticipatio on of the prop posed privattization of BCE B by the Ontario Te eacher's Pen nsion Plan Board and the significant s tax implications that would w have resulted. E Even though h the deal didn't materializze, by makiing a donattion of secu urities Mr. B Boyd avoide ed having tto pay capital c gain ns tax and at a the same e time helpe ed the hosp pital he fee els created a "new w birthday" for him. Ass Mr. Boyd puts p it, "I'd rather let tthe funds frrom these share es help oth hers by donating them to London n Health Sciiences Foun ndation than see a lot of o their valu ue go to the e payment o of income ttax." B is veryy grateful fo or the care he received d at LHSC. ""If you've g got a Mr. Boyd medical problem m, go to Lo ondon Health Sciencess Centre," h he said. "Th hey'll look after you."

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

A Le egacy of Giving G Givin ng is so much a part of the Zavitzz family thatt Terry and her husband Doug have e set up the eir own fam mily foundattion, and on n special occcasions likke birthdayss, they make dona ations that will ultimattely go to t heir favourrite charitiess. "Whe en I was a teenager, t my m mother worked w on a campaig gn raising m money for the YMCA," Y Terrry Zavitz sayys. "I saw people p give out of theiir own pockkets beca ause they wanted w to co ontribute to o somethin ng of value ffor the com mmunity. That was a defin ning mome ent - when I understoo od what givving was." Terryy embraced d her moth her's examp ple and volun nteered on a planned giving committe ee for the University Hosp pital ndation in 1987. 1 Over Foun the years y she se erved on, or ch haired several of the foundation's committees and sat s on the board. b When that foun ndation merg ged into London Health Sciencess Foundatio on in 1996, Terry contiinued to vo olunteer, evven chairing g the LHSF L board from 1998 8-2000. Sonss Jason and d Jarrett, wh ho now live out West, understand d the imporrtance of giving back and d daughter Justine, J who is still in London, is also contin nuing in he er moth her's and grrandmothe er's footstep ps by worki ng on a cha aritable com mmittee. Terryy notes thatt charity can n be as sim mple as givin ng when a non-profit calls and asks for $20. Ho owever, she e has discovvered that it is even b better to become educcated aboutt giving - "sstretching yo our mind aand learning g how to giive more than you ever th hought you u could," sh he says. Lead ding by exam mple, Terryy has donate ed a $250,0 000 life inssurance policy, to celeb brate 25 years in busin ness as Zavvitz Insurancce Inc. Thiss is the seco ond policy she has h donated to benefiit London Health H Scien nces Centre e. In 1990 TTerry gave a plann ned gift thrrough Unive ersity Hospital Foundaation. "These gifts do not replace e my annua al giving, bu ut planned giving allow ws me an ortunity to give g more than t I otherrwise could d," she sayss. oppo   To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

Plann ned giving is making a great conttribution to o London H Health Scien nces Centre e with many bequ uests helpin ng to comp plete the Lin ndros Legacy Research h building at Un niversity Ho ospital. The "Legacy" in n the name e reflects th he significan nt contrributions from LHSF's planned giving prograam to the fa acility. The building will be b home to o leading-ed dge program ms that con ntribute to health care e and medical discove eries, beneffiting patien nts in South hwestern O Ontario and beyond. As an n insurance e company owner Terrry sees the advantagess of donating life insurrance. "Firstt, it doesn'tt deplete th he estate," she s says. "S Since I can'tt tell what ssize of estatte I'm going g to have, th his is a sim mple way of giving with hout having g to worry abou ut the impact a gift willl have on my m family o or the busin ness." "Seco ond, it is so o simple to do," she co ontinues. "TThe biggestt thing is to o sit down and fill f out the application n." "I thiink back to the first po olicy I donated. My on ly regret is that I didn't make it bigge er. I don't even e notice the [premiiums] comiing out, and d at the end d of the year I get a charitable rece eipt. Best off all, I know w that gift w will make su uch a posittive financia al impact to o the hospital when itt is realized."  

  To be ecome a Dono or for Tomorrow, please co ontact Collee n DeJager, Diirector, Planned and Memo orial Giving, at a 519.685.84 416 or Lisa Ma azurek, Plann ned Giving Off fficer, at 519.6 685.8785.

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