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"Outside" by:

Big differences Between Colegio Maya and the Japanese



The Big Game In San Diego by: Ade Adamson Su Han Park

3 ..."

Christina Walsh


Edgardo Pabon

Salameh Massis

8 14



Gretchen Perkins

Gretchen Perkins & Katherine Gonzales Javier Lacayo



Peter Benson Christina Walsh


Ade Adamson



Erez Cohen



Claudia Garcia



Ximena Lopez


Ivy Chen



Christian Cseh




Antonio Luzzi


Antonio Luzzi


by:Claudia Garcia


46 47

"Andre Agassi"


Erez Cohen


Debra Walsh


"Pigs Can't Fly!"


The Wallflowers by:


"Happiness" 28

High School Girls Basketball by:

Ade Adamson


New Regulations For Drivers Licenses by:


"Annie's Past Life"

Limp Bizkit-Band Review by:



A Play Review

High-School Survey


Sindy Chamorro

"If The Skies Never Fall"

A Tough Grade For Many

"Into The Woods":






"Colors" 4

Push Yu Mang: An Album review by: Gretchen Perkins by:

Sindy Chamorro


Freshmen Survey



Go On"

"Poor Federica"

Mitsumi Niishi & Miyuki Nakadoi




"What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up.

Gianna Pipoli

"My Heart Will




Sill Bee!"

Claudia Garcia




by: by:

"My First Date"


Ken Ken









Ricardo Cortes






and Forever"

Brian Jung


Joe Rodriguez


Gretchen Perkins Joe Rodriguez

"We are the


38 38


Byung Jun Kwon


Brian Jung


Gretchen Perkins


Byung Jun Kwon


Adriana Olivares



Adriana Olivares


I-Shuan Wu I-Shuan Wu


Prayer For Spring"

Kyong Hwa Kim



Eduardo Santella





Kyong Hwa Kim



Mitsumi Niishi



Jihan Jweiles



Jihan Jweiles



Siddarth Thazhathu



Michelle Flores


I Watched My Opponent Take Her Place't


Michelle Flores



"Diary" 40

"Chinese New Year" by:


"In Our Life There Are Many Decisions to Make"







Cecille Ocasio


"They Can't..."







"School Memories"













Brian Jung






Antonio Luzzi

"One day"




"I'm Not Afraid"





"A Day of A Hero"



"The Leopard"


Gecille Ocasio





gotta go"

Miyuki Nakadoi




Sebastian Castrillo

wYou don't



need wings"

Sebastian Castrillo


"Travel Wise" by:

The Adventures of Kate Bellamy

Kevin Odle


"Looking Out My Window"






Power of


58 58

Nieve Nieve



Pizzatti Pizzatti


59 59


Joseph Tally

"Poexna de


Adriana Lopez





Hyun Jun


es..." Seo


Ana Garcia






De Meo







Christina Walsh



70 71


Maria Brady



Teresa Membrefio



John Song



Rosa Chen




Pong Lin-Chie


Stay Away From The Old Schoolhouse

Valerio De Meo Ana Teresa Mayrides


by Maria Brady










Ana Teresa Mayrides



by Maria Brady



Ana Teresa Mayrides




Broken Heart




A Visit to Jupiter

"A Memory"










"Gracias quiero dar a Dios"


Alon Cohen










wMy Dream Is



Ruth Carbonell

Lost in Destruction





the past..."

Ana Teresa Mayrides

by Debra Walsh



Young Jin Kang

From Left to Right (top to bottom, if applicable): Sebastian Strzalkowski, Jim Pastore, Christina Walsh, Giancarlo Valle, Jenny Seo, Carlos Mercado,

Katharine Gonzales, Ade Adamson, Maria Brady, Gretchen Perkins, Mutsumi

Niishi,Magnus Franklin, Miyuki Nakadoi,Miguel T\irner, Su Han Park, Mr and Mrs Biskovich


My precious brother 82

planned for the final issue of the year. You will find three sections to the

mgazine this quarter- Features, Poetry,

and Fiction. Features basically covers everything from editorials to reviews (movies, albums, student productions, etc.), and feature articles of school, local

and world events. Poetry is mostly from three of my English classes: two sections of Ninth grade English, and 1202. A bit

Aah...thefunof using computers in the modern world! Seems

more comes from poetry done in Publica



that being too efficient can ^^^^A sometimes hurt; for ^^^ instance, I wrote this column ^ -**

tion class. Finally, the Fiction section is a collection of short stories from in my English classes and from Publications Staff Writers. Another note that I must make is

on my machine, copied it to a

disk to bring up here to the lab and put into the magazine, and then trashed the original so that my rria*chine's desktop would stay "nice and neat". So upon opening my disk up here, up comes the dreaded "an I/O error has occured" note on the screen. At least the rest of the disk was okay, but now I have to sit here and write another col umn... Sigh. Such is life. is the third edition of "the Maya PULSE" for the 1997-

1998 school year. You might notice that the level of "professionalism" of our work is steadily increasing as the year goes by. For example, we now have PAGE NUMBERS in the Table of Contents- "Oh frabjous day, Calooh! Calay! He chortled in his joy!" ("Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll). We also have some photos and artwork scattered around the issue, with more

that I inadvertantly left several articles out of the last edition; however, with a new table of contents and better organiza

tion, tht problem has now gone by the wayside.

Finally- even though w e




at a high level, there

still are \*& Âą errors in the m a g a - ^0^ zine. The irony is that as it V~ * has become easier to edit,



and proof work ÂĽ i because of technology, the ^^cr \ more people take editing,


ing and spelling for Jr_. granted! ^^M Please enjoy this ^^ edition of "the Maya


PULSE", and keep a look out for issue four in about five weeks!!!

By: Mr. Pastore


TT Features

Big difference/ Between Colegio flioija

and (he Jopane/e School

each classroom to give the classes. I was

by Mutsumi Nishii

also surprised by the time length of

I have only been in Colegio

classes; in the Japanese School it was 45

Maya a few weeks but I think there are

minutes of class and 10 minutes of rest

many differences between the Japanese

and here it is 80 minutes of class and 20

school and Colegio Maya.

minutes of rest.

One of these

is the quantity of people because in the


by Miyuki Nakadoi

Japanese School there are only about 10 students in nine grades (there are 5

The Japanese school is a very small

grades that don't have students). Some

school. There are only 200 Japanese

times it was a little bit sad because there

people living in Guatemala, so the number

weren't enough students, We used eat

of students are limited.

lunch together with teachers. It was

It's hard to believe, but in the whole

funny hearing teachers' experiences,

Japanese school there are just 10 students

cultures where they live (in Japan there

from first grade to ninth grade. For ex

are different culture in each place), and

ample, my class had just three students,

when we would have some school event

including myself. So when we had a

the older students had to do many things.

discussion in class the opinions were

But for the past 3 years the younger

limited. However, in Colegio Maya there

students have also participated.And

are more students so we can discuss and

because there were so few students we

hear more opinions by the students.

only needed 1 school bus and still we had some empty seats! In the Japanese School I only

In the Japanese school all the classes are in Japanese so there are only

Japanese students. But, in Colegio Maya

heard the Japanese opinion so I'm enjoy

there are more international students, like

ing hearing the opinions of many differ

Asians , Europeans, and Americans etc.

ent countries here.

This may be because Colegio Maya has

The thing that I was surprised by

classes for foreign students, which helps to

here was that we have to move when we

improve English and be able to join in

take classes. In Japan (and the Japanese

normal classes.

school) the teachers moved each time to



GAME IM SAN DIEGO by Ade Adamson

The much anticipated Super Bowl will

once again be close. The Green Bay Packers vs.

The Denver Broncos will be a great game and well remembered. This is because of the the two teams being fairly balanced even though the

NFC has a reputation of killing the AFC. The Broncos have been to the Super Bowl four previous times and lost, thrice with John Elway. Sunday will be no more different than the last

four. Many fans say, "Poor John Elway he deserves a Super Bowl ring", but he will not get it this year. The Offensive and Defensive lines

of the Packers are way too big for the Broncos to vanquish. The Bronco fans point out the run ning game of there star Terrell Davis. This guy is good but he must have an MVP type game to beat the Packers and run over people like 343 pound Gilbert Brown. The Broncos passing game is very good but the recievers are not all that great; they do not have real star recievers. The only very certain thing the Broncos have

going for them is their heartsand determination. They have nothing to lose and John Elway will

give it all he has. On the other side of the ball there is the Packers. The have everything going

for them: the running game, the passing game, Special teams and the defensive game. In the Passing category they have the 3 time MVP Brett Farve. You can bet he will have a good game on Sunday. In the running category there is Doresy

Levens. He is a power runner that has only just been discovered as a talent after Edgar Bennet

got injured. Receiving wise there are people like Robert Brooks and Antonio Freeman that need to

do well and come up big for the Packers.

What Green Bay needs to do in the game is run the ball. They need to run for at least 100 yards. The team that runs the best will win this contest. They need to sustain their drives for an average of 10 plays. Another must is Earl

Dotson needs not to false start like he did in the NFC championship. On defense the Packers

need to stay focused. They have to watch out for the running of Terrell Davis on first down. For the Broncos on offense they need to

run the ball and they need to do big plays that can break the backs of the Packers. Another

thing that they need to do is get the ball in the hands of the wide relievers. John Elway needs

to come up big in this game. The Offensive line of the Broncos needs to overpower the Green Bay Defensive line.

On defense the Broncos need to blitz and stop the power run by the Packers running back Dorsey Levens. The Broncos need to pressure Brett Farve but keep him in the pocket, and not let him outside, where he is dangerous. The Denver Broncos need to stop the awesome receivers of the Packers. If they execute this well they will win. Ade's points

- The team that runs the most will win - The team that leads at the half will win - The team that has the ball the most will win - The team that turns over less balls will win Ade's prediction for the Super Bowl

Green Bay 31, Denver 27

~ Features


The middle school play "Peter Pan" will

be presented in March, by Colegio Maya the

Alex Cau (10th): Business women, I want to

middle school. In the play "Peter Pan" is a boy who never wants to grow up. However, we all have to grow up and decide what to be so I

have lots of money, be richer than Bill Gates,

decided to make an interview. There are many

People who want to be famous:

things that you can be such as: doctor, actor/ actress, singer, King of the universe, computer geek (Seb..), etc.

and give money to people who need it.

Ji Hyun Yoo (12th): MBC (Korean Broadcasting system) PD (Producer) so I can be famous, and meet many Korean celebrities.

Here's some famous quotes by famous people talking about what they want to be when they

Miguel Turner (10th): I want to be what I want!!

grow up:

the GREAT ONE!! Whatever Suhan.

People who wants to become $$RICH$$:

- Check out Miguel's great web page @ http://

Sebastian Strzalkowski (10th): I'd like to be a billionaire, so I can have a nice life

it's really interesting -

style. I'll make that money by selling burgers.

Ji Ho Song (8th): Korean Top 10 Singer, because I was born to be a singer.

Woochul Hwang (11th): Banker, and

set my chain of hotels because I'm cool, and the

Rana Hamdy (12th): Bio Medical Engineer,

smartest in school, and the most potentially

because it sounds cool.

capable, and I'm Korean. Young Ho Song (9th): Korean actor or actress,

- In my personal opinion this would never

because I'm cool, and you know I'm very popu-

happen, because I don't trust him, and you know

lar, and handsome.

it, this would not happen!! Ana Cho (6th): I want to be the best Korean

Ade Adamson (9th): Doctor, I want

singer, because I'm very special, and cute.

MONEY MONEY!!!!! Staff:

Sid T. (9th): military strategies, because I like

having lots of power. I'll also like to be a game designer, because I can earn lots of money.

Mr. Smith (history teacher): An adult.

-Sid was thinking about a computer game called "Command and Conquer"

basketball player, because I like to play basketball.

Mr. Gentrup (Secondary Principal): Professional

==^=i^==: Features=ir Ariel Sanchez (worker): specialist in electronics, so it will help me in "Modus Vivendus."

Anonymous L@ (12th): SUPERMAN

Mrs. Ramirez (art teacher): I NEVER WANTED

Mario Chicas (10th): NEW YORK YANKEE!!!!


Swan Ro (12th): ??? I want to be the riddler and

Mr. Feia (math teacher): "How do you feel?" I

I want to wear tight green pants.

wanted to be James Bond, because of women, muddy, and guns, and cars.

Ms. Harris (English teacher): I wanted to be a

James Winkelhorst (9th): conquer the world,

lawyer, but I wanted more personal touch in

because it's too easy for me.

lives, so I decided to be a teacher. After hearing all the comments, I've learned that

I Art 6y giancartb Vatfe i -


People who want to have a special job:

it seems that most people are already planning their future. This makes me very happy. The best

Young Jin Kang (12th): computer man, so I can

one that I heard was the next one. Thank you for

make my own hacking program and destroy all

reading the article.

the computers!!! HA HA!! Su Han Park (10th): When I was a kid I really

Miyuki Nakadoi (9th): I want to be a designer, or

wanted to be one of those Pink Ranger kind of

a flight attendant, because I like sewing.

heroes, but later I realized that I should be the South Korean President, because I think that I'm

Gian Valle (10th): An architect, because I don't

a fair person and a great leader. I'm smart,

want those other people to build my house! I

strong, macho, and cute. I know that you won't

want to construct my own!!

believe that I'm talking about but I'm telling


guarantee you that I'll be famous.

you the truth! So don't forget my name cause I

Julio Pong (12th): Fully grown MACHO MAN

~ Features

Morphine Fiends By: Carlos Mercado


I Morphine Fiends are a Southern California Sk8 Punk rock band. They consist of John Weilly (Vocals/Guitar), Wess Bradley (Guitar), Sean Goodham (Bass) and the newcomer to the band, Andrew Scott (Drums). The album Friendly Fire was produced by Mike Portnoy. It was recorded at Magic Kingdom Studios in Santa Cruz, California. This is the band's first release since the tragic death of their former drum mer Glen Fishman in 1994. This album finished very quickly and die-hard Fiend fans have been waiting patiently for it. Friendly Fire is distinctly cynical and apprehensive to the whole punk rock scene and you can tell that the band returned to it's roots with this one, dishing out tunes at a furious speed, with powerful vocals and intense yet melodic guitars on the part of Wess Bradley. The drummer, Andrew Scott, has brought a little more metal punk to the band with furious solos which are an assault on your eardrums and his crash-happy cymbal playing.

JZrt By (jiancarto VaCCe


These are the songs on Friendly Fire Pigskin Happy Days **** For Brains


Fight for Your Life Trippin'


Got Caught So Far

Friendly Fire Cookie Monster


Undercover My Inheritance


Fade To Black


Pigskin- This song is pretty heavy.


starts out fast and loud with a lot of bass and

chronic lyrics. Then it fades into a slower beat and John whispers a few lines. Then the song explodes back to life with the chorus only

faster before it abruptly ends. Happy Days- This is more of a metal song with terribly long screams on the the part of

John and severe distortion guitar throughout. It i :

sarcastically describes one guys denial over all

the bad things going on in his life. It proves that they are more diverse than most other Sk8 Punk bands. **** for Brains- This song is more punk

than the others on the album, owing more to The

Descendants than anything else. It has fast guitars, bass solos, some spankin drums and mellow lyrics. It is about self-doubt and analization.

Fight For Your Life- This song is really fast and has a lot of screaming ala Beastie Boys. The drummer, Andrew, really shows off in this

It has some cool retro beats and bass playing and some punk rock at the end, right before . . .

one with solos galore and merciless cymbals. The song is about the fight to survive in every day life that many people encounter.

My Inheritance- This song is really

Green Day in disguise. At least that is what it sounds like. It even has some slightly altered

vocals made to sound like Billy Joe, the lead Trippin'- The resemblance to Sublime on this song is striking. Has feel good lyrics, mel

singer of the punk rock group. It is about a guy waiting for his grandmother to die so he can get

low guitars, some acoustic on Wess' part, and

at her money. It sounds ok, but didn't Green

relaxed drum play. It describes the life of a guy

Day do a song about the same subject called The

and his outlook on life, drugs, sex, and marriage.


Fade To Black- This song sounds eighties

Got Caught- This song takes a look at the

in the metal guitar riffs but the overall but the ~

mind of a juvenile delinquent. It features some

chorus takes a more industrial approach with

cool prison sound effects at the end, and a fast

some weird keyboards but Matt "Morbid"

ballad rhythm.

Masterson. The result is a catatonic roller coaster

of a song with vocals to back it up.

So Far- This song tips the scales at 7 minutes, pretty darn long for a punk band, but it has long break with just drums, then just bass, the just guitar, then the other guitar, then all of them together where they go on for about 3 minutes. It's lyrics are pretty meaningless. Friendly Fire- This song is the title track

to the album. It is all about family values and what they mean to different people. It features eerie lyrics that hit close to home no matter what your stand on the subject. The drums are heavy,

and the guitars are a little grunge. The bass just follows the drummer's lead. Cookie Monster- This is the "funny" song

of the album. It talks about cookies and the chorus just says "cookie monster". The guitar play is comical and the singer does a pretty good

impression of the Sesame Street character. Undercover- This song is about a sexu ally active private investigator. Or anything you want it to be. It is just some music between songs, much like Porno Creep on KoRn's latest, Life is Peachy.

Art 6y (jianc

"Z1 Features


The ninth grade class is a very individual and interesting class. The students are ages 14

1. Rock

2. Very Very Cool

and 15 and from 20 different countries.

3. My attitude

I asked eight questions and favorites

4. I have not had one

which were:

5. Somewhere on Earth

1. What does your name mean?

6. Mobile home, TV, lots of money

2. Describe yourself with three

Peter's favorite band is Oasis and song is


"Magic Pie". His favorite word is Fluffernut,

3. If you could change one thing

planet is Pluto, and color is blue.

about yourself, what would it be?

4. What was your weirdest dream?

Ruth Carbonnel:

5. Where do you see yourself 15 years

1. No Comment

from now?

6. If you were stranded on a desert

2. Athletic, responsible, friendly

island off the coast of Australia and could bring three things, what would they be?

4. Walking naked Around school and everyone

3. To do better at school laughing at you.

5. An actress with a husband and kids.

Carlos Mercado:

6. Food, Clothes, Picho (Hot Guy)

1. Running Deer

Ruth's favorite singer is LeAnne Rhymes

2. Very well endowed

and song is "Kissing You". Her favorite actor is

3. My luck

Leonardo DiCaprio, movie is "Romeo and

4. I don't dream

Juliet", and TV shows are "90210", "Baywatch",

5. Dead, in jail, or married

and "Friends". Ruth's favorite cereal is Magic

6. A towel, sun block, and a gun

Stars, planet is Venus, and color is blue.

Carlos' favorite bands are Tool, Smash ing Pumpkins, and KoRn. His favorite song is

Sebastian Castrillo:

"Good God". His favorite actor is Mr. Bean, movie is "Hellraiser", and TV Show is "The X-

1. No Comment 2. Nice person, Friendly, Sensitive

Files". Carlos' favorite word is poser, cereal is

3. My height

Trix, planet is Krypton, and color is black.

4. A space dream 5. Somewhere, who knows?

Joe Rodriguez:

6. Friends, TV, Family

1. Friendly

Sebastian's favorite band is "Foo Fight

2. Energetic, Loud, Troublesome

ers" and song is "Till I Hear It From You". His

3. My Height

favorite actor is Cameron Diaz, movie is "Em

4. Being gay

pire Records", and TV Show is "Baywatch".

5. As an architect or a sponsored skate boarder

Sebastian's favorite word is Simple America,

6. Cd's, my skateboard, a girl

cereal is Corn Pops, planet is Mars, and color is blue.


======== Feat u res =; Ivy Chen:

Cristian Cseh:

1. A vine, or something like that

1. Guess

2. Tall, Hype, Weird

2. Funny, intelligent, disruptive

3. Everything

3. My habits about homework.

4. Can't remember

4. A dog chasing me

5. Dead.

5. Some desk job

6. A phone, friend, a car Ivy's favorite band is Operation Ivy and

Cristian's favorite band is KoRn and song is "Lowrider". His favorite actor is Mr.

song is "Plea For Peace". Her favorite actor is

Bean and favorite TV Show and movie is

Jeremy London, movie is "Scream", and TV

"Beavis and Butthead". His favorite cereal is

Show is "The Real World". Ivy's favorite word

Frosted Flakes, planet is Earth, and color is blue.

is Shuts, cereal is Corn Pops, planet is Saturn,a and color is Aqua Marine.

Michelle Flores:

1. A gift from God Cheng-Hsin (Rosa) Chen:

2. Sarcastic, honest, energetic.

1. Rose and be a person who everybody would

3. My temper

be jealous of.

4. Don't have one

2. Short, Hard worker, Kind

5. I will have a degree in med school. I plan to

3. My mind

be a vet, and open my own shop, and live my life

4. Someone was building a small house in the

how I want to.

back of my neighbor's house. I told my neigh

6. Food, brush, my music

bors and they said it was OK.

Michelle's favorite singer is Mo'Thugs,

5. In America

movie is "Scream", cereal is Corn Pops, planet is

6. Food, Bed, books

Pluto, and color is purple.

Rosa's favorite song is "Happy Birthday

to You" and word is Yeap. Her favorite actor is

Kyong-Hwa Kim:

Liau Yuin, movie is drama, and she likes car

1. No Comment

toons. Rosa's favorite cereal is Cheerios, planet

2. Lazy, Easy going, confusing

is Earth, and color is green.

3. Nothing. I like myself. 4. Which one?

Erez Cohen:

5. Maybe...a doctor, I hope.

1. Cedar tree

6. Water, my beloved, computer

2. Very Very Cool

Kyong's favorite band is No Doubt and

3. No Comment

song is "Don't Speak". Her favorite movie is

4. I became poor

"Face Off and she doesn't watch TV. Her

5. The richest man in the world or a world

favorite cereal is Corn Pops, word is hate, planet

champion of tennis.

is Pluto, and color is yellow.

6. A lot of food, friends, house Erez's favorite band is H.O.T. and favor

Ximena Lopez:

ite song is "Candy". His favorite actors are Jim

1. No Comment

Carrey and Sandra Bullock, movie is "Air Force

2. Loud, Friendly, Hyper

One", and TV Show is "90210". Erez's favorite

3. Myloudness

cereal is Honey Bunches of Oats, word is fat,

4. I was the strongest woman in the world

planet is Pluto, and color is green.

5. Doing special sound effects 6. water, friend, music Ximena's favorite actor is Jared Leto,

movie is "Empire Records", and TV Show is

~ Features "Friends". Her favorite cereal is Cheerios, word


is whatever, planet is Pluto, and colors are blue

5. Hollywood star or a teacher

and black.

6. Food, family, girlfriend John's favorite band is H.O.T. and favor

Cecille Ocasio:

ite song is "Wolf and Sheep". His favorite actor

1. No Comment

is Choie Ji Woo, movie is "Face Off, and cereal

2. Friendly, laid back, independent

is Corn Pops. John's favorite word is handsome,

3. nothing

planet is the moon, and color is blue.

4. I had died 5. rich

Siddharth Thazhathu:

6. Music, my dog, cute guy

1. No Comment

Cecille's favorite band is Counting Crows and favorite song is "Stay". Her favorite

2. Cool, Awesome, Athletic

actors are Wynona Ryder and Matthew

4. I was dead

McCunihay, movie is "Reality Bites", and TV

5. President

Show is "Friends". Her favorite phrase is what if?, cereal is Honey Nut Cheerios, planet is

6. Cd Player, Computer, TV

Saturn, and color is blue.

"Song 2". His favorite actor is himself, movie is

3. My body

Sid's favorite band is Blur and likes "Face Off, and TV Show is "The X-Files". Sid

Adriana Olivares:

likes Corn Flakes, Mars, the color blue, and his

1. No Comment

favorite word is cool.

2. Responsible, Friendly, intelligent 3. My hair

4. No Comment

James Winkelhorst:


1. ?

5. In Spain

2. Cool, athletic, unique

6. Cloth, Food, Friends

3. A little smaller

Adriana's favorite singer is Alejandro

4. Being invisible

Sanz and favorite song is "Corazon Partio". Her

5. Basketball player

favorite actor is Arturo Villavieja, movie is

James' favorite actor is Van Damme,

"Alive", and TV show is "90210". Adriana's

movies are "Independence Day" and "Face Off,

favorite cereal is Frosted Cheerios, word is guay,

and TV show is "Seinfeld". James likes Waffle

planet is Saturn, and color is blue.

Crisps, Uranus, and the color blue.

Luis Sevilla:

Sindy Chamorro:

1. Nothing

1. Nothing

2. Hardworking, smart

2. Friendly, smart, weird

3-5. No Comment

3. I'm too hyper.

6. Girls, boat, food

4. I could fly

Luis' favorite actress is Jenny McCarthy,

5. A sucessful woman

cereal is Capn' Crunch, word is sex, planet is

6. A family member, food, Claudia

Earth, and color is black.

Sindy's favorite song is "Foolish Games"

by Jewel. Her favorite actors are Brad Pitt and Young-Ho (John) Song:

Sandra Bullock, movie is "Seven", and TV show

1. Something good will happen in your life.

is "Friends". Sindy's favorite cereal is Corn

2. Handsome, Friendly, Bad

Pops, word is Okay, planet is Pluto, and color is

3. My personality


4. My mom died and everyone got killed by a 10

Alon Cohen: 1. Oak Tree

Kui-Ho (Brian) Jung:

2. Meddlesome, athletic, active

1. No Comment

3. My skin

2. Long, handsome, intelligent

4. My family were cows

3. No Comment

5. Israel, working in finance and computer

4. I was dead


5. In Hollywood

6. Food, plane, money

6. Water, food, computer

Alon's favorite band is Molenia and

Brian's favorite band is H.O.T. and

favorite song is "Estabas Ahi". His favorite

favorite song is "Free To Fly". His favorite

actors are Van Damme and Sandra Bullock,

movie is "Air Force One", TV Show is "Super

movie is "Air Force One", and TV Show is

Sunday", word is love, planet is Earth, and

"Family Matters". Alon enjoys Fruity Pebbles,

colors are white and yellow.

saying-Alon Cohen Rules, the planet Earth, and the color blue.

Jihan Jweiles: 1. No Comment

Ricardo Cortes:

2. Responsive, friendly, wild

1. Rich and powerful

3. My Hair

2. Charming, sweetheart, polite

4. No Comment

3. I'd like to weigh more

5. Being married with children

4. All my teeth fell out in an airport and my

6. Clothes and Felipe

family was waiting for me.

Jihan's favorite actor is Leonardo

5. In the Taj Mahal with 15 Arabian babes

DiCaprio, movie is "Romeo and Juliet", and TV

around me.

Shows are "Friends" and "90210". Her favorite

6. A girl, sunglasses, a pifia colada.

word is que!, cereal is Frosted Cheerios, and

Ricardo's favorite singer is Shakira and

colors are light blue and light green.

his favorite song is "Missing You" by Puff Daddy. His favorite actor is Jack from "Into The

Byung Jun Kwon:

Woods", movie is "Con-Air", and TV Show is

1. To be famous

"Seinfeld". His favorite cereal is Waffle Crisps,

2. Cool, nice, athletic

word is totally, planet is Saturn, and color is

3. I would not become mad or excited easily.


4. I became a Power Ranger 5. I want to be a singer, but I don't know.

Claudia Garcia:

6. Something to eat and drink

1. Who knows?

Byung's favorite band is H.O.T. and song

2. Unique, active, friendly

is "Candy". His favorite actor is Leonardo

3. I would take away my temper

DiCaprio, movie is "Dante's Peak", and TV

4. I usually don't remember them.

Show is "Dragon Ballz". Byung's favorite

5. A pediatrician mom

words are high-five and teenagers, cereal is

6. A family member, food, dog

Fruity Pebbles, planet is Earth, and color is blue.

Claudia's favorite song is "Foolish Games" by Jewel and her favorite actors are

Ken Lee:

Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock. Her favorite

1. ?

movie is "Seven", TV Show is "Friends", and

2. Kind, nice, friendly

she doesn't like cereals that much. Claudia's

3. ?

favorite word is O-Kay, planet is Pluto, and color

4. I became Superman

is blue.

5. A president of a big company 11

~ Features Z!^z=z=^^=^ 6. Bed, girls, TV

5. A multi-millionaire in Hawaii 6. 3 girls

Ken's favorite band is Bush and song is "Machine Head". His favorite actors are Carmen Electra and Bruce Willis, movie is " 101

Kevin's favorite actress in Cameron

Diaz, movie is "Face Off, and TV Show is "The

Damnations", and TV Show is 'The Simpsons". His favorite word is cool, cereal is Mini Wheats, planet is Uranus, and colors are green and red.

Bunches of Oats, words are pickle and oops,

Antonio Luzzi:

Nathan Parry:

1. A man of great power and brains

1. No Comment

2. Intelligent, kind, distractive

2. Athlete, hard working

Simpsons". His favorite cereal is Honey planet is Uranus, and color is green.

3. Nothing

3. to be nothing

4. I don't have weird dreams

4. I didn't have one

5. As an ambassador. Rich, with houses and cars. Married but with no children yet 6. A girl, a coke, a pizza

5. law school

6. girls, food, boat

Antonio's favorite band is Articolo 31

Nate's favorite band is Weezer and

and song is "Funkitarro". His favorite actors are

favorite song is "El Scorcho". His favorite actor

Robert de Niro and Jim Carrey, movie is "The Godfather", and TV Show is "America's Funni

is Chris Farley, movie is "Black Sheep", and TV

est Home Videos". Antonio's favorite cereal is Gold, word is Dranky Funky, planet is Saturn,

cereal is Frosted Flakes, word is homey, planet

Show is "Beavis and Butthead". Nate's favorite is Uranus, and color is blue.

and color is green. Gianna Pipoli:

Salameh Massis:

1. I have no idea

1. Peace

2. Friendly, sweet, hyper

2. Short, humorous, friendly

3. my hair

3. A little taller and smaller ears

4. i really don't want to say it

4. It was my wedding day and I came without a

5. in college studying medicine


6. food, water, and something else...

5. Owner of a fabric 6. Water, food, girls

Gianna's favorite band is Blur and likes

"Song 2". Her favorite movie is "The Relic" and

Tito's favorite band is Heroes del

TV Show is "3rd Rock From The Sun".

Silencio and song is "Entre dos Tierras". His

Gianna's favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes, word

favorite actor is Arnold S..., movie is "Face Off,

is hello, planet is Pluto, and color is green.

and TV Shows are "Family Matters" and "The

Simpsons". Tito likes Corn Flakes, Earth, the

Heidi Robbins:

color blue, and the word Fasobia

1. Nothing, I wouldn't care

2. Annoying, weird, insane

Kevin Odle:

3. Being loyal would help.

1. Handsome and over the hill

4. I have no idea

2. Different, sexy, supernatural

5. helping animals survive in marine biology

3. My height

6. seeds, skates, Teri

4. A normal day at school and all the girls were naked

Heidi's favorite band is KoRn and favor12

=== Features=; ite song is "A.D.I.D.A.S". Her favorite actor is

Teri's favorite band is Bob Marley and

Jim Carrey, movie is "Natural Born Killers", and

The Wailers and favorite song is "Is This Love".

TV Show is "Beavis and Butthead". Heidi's

Her favorite actress is Demi Moore, movie is

favorite cereal is Komplete, phrase is Uh...OK,

"Natural Born Killers", and TV Show is "Days

planet is Uranus, and color is black.

Of Our Lives". Teri's favorite cereal is Komplete, word is groovy, planet is Pluto, and

Hyun-Joo (Jenny) Seo:

color is purple.

1. No Comment 2. Sports lover yeah!!

I-Hsuan Wu:

3. Do all my homework

1. No Comment

4. Nothing

2. Shy, responsible, intelligent

5. I don't know

3. My Shyness

6. myself, a basketball, maybe a pet

4. No Comment 5. In a university studying

Jenny's favorite band is H.O.T. and

6. soap, clothes, food

favorite song is "Wolf and Sheep". Her favorite

actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, movie is "Men In

I-Hsuan's favorite actors are Claire

Black", and TV Show is "The Simpsons".

Danes and Jared Leto, TV Shows are "Friends"

Jenny's favorite cereal is anything except Cocoa

and "Baywatch", and cereal is Frosted Flakes.

Puffs, word is basketball, planet is Saturn, and

Her favorite word is Yeah, planet is Venus, and

color is blue.

color is blue.

Elias Sundelin:

Ade Adamson:

1. God

1. King, warrior

2. Hard working, athletic

2. hard working, athletic

3. Nothing

3. No Comment

4. I was walking on a bridge naked

4. I was flying in the air naked

5. Restaurant

5. Happy

6. Girls, boat, food

6. girls, a boat, and food

Elias' favorite actress is Alicia

Ade's favorite singer is Mase and song is "Feels

Silverstone, movie is "Leon", and planet is

So Good". His favorite actress is Tyra Banks,

Pluto. His favorite cereal is Capn' Crunch and

cereal is Cinnamon Toast Crunch, word is no

color is green.

diggity, planet is Uranus, and color is blue.

Teri Todd: 1. Hemp

2. Friendly, realistic, spaced out

3. My burntoutness 4. My brother and I were gummy bears and we were trying to escape from James Bond in a helicopter.

5. Living on the beach in Belize with my Rasta kids and husband. Living off of coconuts and playing with Devil Stix.

6. Music/Music player, seeds, drums


71 Features

An Album review

And a little history on the band. by Gretchen Perkins

If you

band, a rock

haven't heard of

band, a pop

Smash Mouth by

band. I just

now, you must

want to be

have been living


under a rock for


the past six


months. If you


have heard of

people inter

them, you've

pret it, is

probably had

what it is."


The band

Sun " stuck in your


head more than a


few times. The band consisists of Steve Harwell (vocals), Greg Camp (guitar, vo

because the four had nothing better to do.

cals), Paul DeLisle (bass, vocals), and Kevin Coleman (drums). Their influences range from Van Halen to Ministry to the Clash

apart, he started playing with Kevin. (The

and the Buzzcocks to War.

would push his Fender cabinet inside a

After Steve's signed rap group, F.O.S., fell two played together as kids in a garage band. And since Steve was too young too drive he

With songs as varied as the very 60's

shopping cart a mile every day they prac

"Walkin'on The Sun" to the cover of War's

ticed.) Steve's manager introduced the two

1974 hit "Why Can't We Be Friendsf\

to Greg, who had just left his band,

Smash Mouth is a very hard band to catego rize. In fact, that's exactly what the band had in mind. Says vocalist Steve Harwell,

Lackadaddy. "They came to my house just

"When we formed the band, we didn't have

project. They brought songs with drums and

one style of music in mind. We just decided

lyrics, so I helped them write and it ended up

we were going to write songs that feel good

being really fun even that early in the mom-

to us. Put every style in a blender on high,

ing," remembers Greg. Paul, who had once

chop, frappe, whatever you want, mix it

been in a band with Greg, joined when they

together, pour yourself a big cup, take a shot,

started playing live.

about every morning at ten, banging on my window. They really wanted to be in this

The band started making demo tapes

and that's us. I don't want this band to be

in Greg's bedroom, dubbed Room 222,

considered a punk band, a ska band, a surf 14

which ultimately caused him to get kicked

anyone could love.

out of his apartment. But the demos caught

2) Beer Goggles- a song about a desperate

the ear of Eric Valentine. In 1996 Valentine

guy who will go out with anyone.

produced a two song demo, which Greg and

3) Walkin' On The Sun- the first single, a

Steve were determined to get played on the

song about, world peace. It has a very 60's

radio. They took the tape to KOME and

rhythm, and some great guitar.

talked one of the DJs into listening to it. "He

4) Let's Rock- a song about a guy thinking

flipped out on 'Nervous In The Alley'. Be

deep thoughts, but deciding to forget about

fore we knew it, we were the only unsigned

them and rock. The fret-rock style of this

band in regular rotation on KOME.", remem

song could make anyone wanna dance.

bers Steve.

5) Heave Ho- a song about some guys get

The band was asked to play second

ting kicked out of their house because their

stage at KOME's summer radio show at the

neighbor keeps complaining to their land

Shoreline Amphitheater. Not only was it in


front of thousands of people, but along side

6) The Fonz- a song about a guy who ad

bands such as No Doubt, Beck, and 311. At

mires the Fonz, and wants to be exactly like

this point the band had only played in small

him. It's got a good beat, although, it is a

clubs around San Jose, San Francisco, and

little depressing at the end.

Los Angeles. Unfortunately, after KOME

7) Pet Names- a song about a guy who got

had spun "Nervous In The Alley'9 almost a

dumped and is remembering all the names

hundred times, they pulled it because people

his girl used to call him.

kept calling in and asking where to get the

8) Padrino- a funny song about the mob. It's


got some really great guitar, a good ska beat,

Finally in 1997, their first album,

and hilarious lyrics.

Fush Yu Mang, did come out. When the

9) Nervous In The Alley- a song about a girl

band went into the studio with Valentine to

who runs away from home to get away from

record the album, they weren't even signed

a bad life, but ends up with an even worse

to a record company yet. The plan was to


produce the album, and if no big companies

10) Disconnect The Dots- a song about a guy

took notice, they would release it themselves.

with no life.

Someone did notice, Interscope Records, and

11) Push- a song about a guy who is mad

after meeting with the head executives, the

because someone else is making him feel

guys signed their names. The rest is history.


12) Why Can't We Be Friends- a song about a

Fush Yu Mang is one of the best

guy trying to make friends with some other

CD's I have ever bought. It is not strictly

guy. This song is a cover of War's 1974 hit,

punk, or ska, or hard rock. It is every musi

it's got some great horns in it, and a really

cal style imaginable (except country...). That

nice beat.

is why I think almost anyone would like it. The Songs:

1) Flo- a song about a girl who misses her girlfriend. It's got a great ska beat that 15

HZ Features premiere ska/punk bands, Reel Big Fish is a scary example of why children

shouldn't drink Jolt Cola. Each band member has such a

high level of energy, that they could take Ritalin off the mar

ket! Yet they channel this energy through

ska tunes with enough power to turn

a club upside down.

Reel Big Fish is a ska/punk band from

Southern California that

Aaron Barrett- vocals & guitar Grant Barry- trombone Andrew Gonzales- drums Scott Klopfenstein- trumpet &

consists of seven people, and one of the

best horn sections in any band around today.


Dan Regan- trombone Tavis Werts- trumpet Matt Wong- bass

In fact, the band has been chased off stage more than a few times

by security guards. There are many

different rumors concerning the origin

of the band's name.

Their ska/punk style is so energetic it

The band once said the name came from a

makes you want to get up and mosh,

boat attack off of Catalina Island. But

although Reel Big Fish is against

they now claim it comes from the 1949

moshing. It is rumored that they will stop touring if people don't stop being violent

edition of Rock and Roll Band Names, which noted Reel Big Fish as an oddly

at their shows. Reel Big Fish originally consisted of three members, vocalist Aaron Barrett, bassist Matt Wong, and drummer Andrew Gonzales. They played WHAM!, War-

repeated line in several now classic films. Aaron Barrett says "It's from that famous line at the end of Casablanca, you know 'The problems of seven small people don't add up to a hill of beans in this reel big

rant, and Jimi Hendrix covers. Their

fish.'" They also say it can be found in

goal was to cover a song from every

Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid

musical style possible. But they soon

and in Marlon Brando's famous "Stella"

discovered the wonderful world of ska,

scream when played backwards. In an

added horn players, and became the band

article about the band, they said they got

we know and love today.

the name when someone vomited into a

As one of Southern California's

toilet bowl and thought it looked like a 16


reel big fish. But no one outside the band

The Club", "Trendy", and "Beer". Their

knows for sure.

first hit from the album was "Sell Out".

The first album they recorded,

And according to the band, the album has

"Everything Sucks", was an under

gone gold.

ground hit in California and Hawaii.

Here's some useless information

Before that they released "Teen Beef"

about the band that you probably don't

with Goldfinger. Their most recent

want to know, but you'll read anyway.

release, "Keep Your Receipt", is an inter

They all have passes to Disneyland. Most

active CD. It has five songs and three

of them consider themselves artists. Matt

videos on it for your listening and view

Wong, the bass player, designed the cigar

ing pleasure.

smokin' fishey on the CD and the liner

While their live sets often include

notes. Aaron likes Root Beer. Tavis

covers of A-hafs "Take On Me" and The

Werts, trumpet, gets really mad when

Cure's "Boys Don't Cry". They stuck to

people call him Travis. They have just

originals for their album "Turn The

finished the Warped Tour with other

Radio Off", which showcases their

bands such as Goldfinger, Sugar Ray,

twisted sense of reality. The album,

Blink 182, and The Mighty Mighty

which was released in 1996, was their

Bosstones. They have played with KISS.

first album with Mojo Records. Accord

And once, they were led down the street

ing to Aaron "The album's about being in

by the Huntington Beach Police as an

a band that doesn't go anywhere, and the

example of what happens to "troublemak

girls who %#@* you over on the way."


This attitude is proven in the songs "Join

by Gretchen Perkins 17

"IT Features

By: Edgardo Pabon

En Donde Jugaran Los Ninos is without a doubt the the most successful Latin Pop-Rock album of all time. From this CD 2,800,000

Fernando Olvera (singer songwriter), Alejandro Gonzales (drums), Sergio Vallin

(guitar), and Juan Calleros (bass), are the four members of the most successful Spanish rock band of all time. Mana grew out of a neighbor hood group called Sombrero Verde (Green Hat) that played covers of bands such as Queen and The Police in the late '70s. The band recorded two albums, but in 1985 some original members left and Gonsalez joined. The revamped group became Mana a year later. In spite of growing

copies have been sold, 380,000 in Mexico alone, making it the best selling CD in the history of

Mexican rock; seven singles have been fist place hits in over 18 countries, keeping this CD at the top of the billboards for over 120 weeks. Here are the impressive sales figures:

250,000 sold in Mexico 500,000 sold in the US 80,000 sold in Spain

success, personnel changes, and the fact that the

160,000 sold in Argentina

band members live in different places, Mana remains firmly anchored in Guadalajar, Mexico's second largest city. But the band members not only live in different places, they are from different places as well. Fernando and Juan are both from Guadalajara, although Fher lives now in Puerto Vallarta. Alex, for example, was born in Miami of Cuban and Columbian descendancy. In 1990, with their first CD called Falta Amor, which includes songs like "Estoy

120,000 sold in Chile

180,000 sold in Colombia 80,000 sold in Venezuela 40,000 sold in Ecuador 80,000 sold in Central America 40,000 sold in Peru

30,000 sold in Paraguay 45,000 sold in Uruguay 30,000 sold in Bolivia Mana En Vivo is a live recording of the

Agotado ", "Perdidio en un barco,

best concerts of their En Donde Jugaran Los

"Buscandola ", and their first number one hit on the lists "Rayando El Sol". Mana got the attention of national Mexican radio stations, being the first Spanish rock group to be included in normal radio prgramming, running against pop singers and cheap groups, and also paving the way for the Spanish rock movement. During 1990, and 1991 and Mana realized shows in Mexico and more than 70 other cities in places with no more than 250 people. And even in private parties with no more than 50 people, they

Ninos tour, which consisted of 268 dates in 17 different countries including Mexico, Spain, the US, Panama, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bolivia, El Salvador, Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru,

Chile, France, and Switzerland. They took place from January 1993 to December 1994. Many of the songs aren't played anymore in their recent concerts.

In May, 1995 Cuando Los Angeles

Lloran was Mana's newest production which ended up selling more than 100,000 in 18 of the

still played. Although they didn't get high on

21 counties in which it was introduced. The

fame, or money , they never missed work a day.

album title is a tribute from the band to the

Hectic tours helped Mana mature. This CD

Brazilian ecologist Chico Mendez, who de

(Falta Amor) is the beggining of the era that is

fended the Amazon rainforest until the day he

Mana today.

was murdered in the jungle in 1989. Thanks to


^^=^^^^=i^= Featureshis work, ecological organizations recognized the necessity to create ecological reserves. From


"RayandoAl Sol" (Falta Amor): This is the song that let Mana be recognized by the

this CD, 6 singles were introduced to the radio: "Dejame Entrar", "No Ha Parado De Llover",

media. It is a slow song, and talks about how a

"Como Un Perm Enloquecido", "Hundido En

man will do anything to be with the woman he

Un Rincon", "Reloj Cucu" and "Selva Negra".


On Tuesday, October 14, 1996 Mana's

"Vivir Sin Aire " (En Donde Jugaran Los

newest production called Suenos Liquidos came

Ninos): It is also a slow song, which the lyrics

out, the band's fifth CD. It is the new product,

are constantly changing and no lines are ever

which contains some of the typical aspects of


Mana's work like their versatility, rhythms, rhythmic bass, and a theme amplitude that has no similar opponent in Spanish rock. Suenos

have, and the constant change of the rhythem

Liquidos was created in front of the ocean, in a house in Puerto Vallarta. As they have said in

do for love.

"De Pies A Cabeza" (En Donde Jugaran Los Ninos): It is one of the best song that they

helps this. The song states all that a man would

different interviews, the group wanted to record

"Me Vale" (En Donde Jugaran Los

in a place where peace would be felt all over the place, with a very beautiful view. It was really complicated because they had to make a record ing studio in a house, but a the same time, it had lots of advantages. For example, if they wanted to record at 3:00 AM because they felt inspired, they could. They say that music is freedom, and a place like a house in front of the ocean means a lot of freedom. Titles like "Clavados En Un Bar", "La Sirena", "Me Voy a Convertir En Una Ave", and "El Muelle De San Bias", reveal

Angeles Lloran): Song which compares in the

a strong connection between this album and the

for of a metaphor, the death of good people with

environment which inspired it. Right now Mana is starting a tour, which will take around one

song that they have.

Ninos): This song is sung by the drummer of-the band, and is a fast song which expresses how we must be who we are, and never be ashamed of

ourselves just by the way that other critique us.

"En Donde Juagaran Los Ninos" (En Donde Jugaran Los Ninos): This is a slow song

in which the most inportant thing is the lyrics. It talks about how we as humans must take care of

the earth so that our children may enjoy it. "Hundido En Un Rincon " (Cuando Los

the death of angels. This is the most beatifull

year and a half, and in which they will be

"Como Un Perro Enloquecido" (Cuando

visisting more countries then the last one.

Los Angeles Lloran): It is a fast song sung by the

But Mana's desires aren't just limited to music. 1995, the group created "Selva Negra", a

drummer. IT is similar to "Me Vale" but the lyrics are completely different.

foundation dedicated to the protection of the environment in Latin America. The efforts of this foundation and its members went all the way to the Peruvian president, who has a meeting with Fher (Fernando Olvera) in order to discuss the destruction of the Amazon along with Colom bian 1982 Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez, with whom they held different talks about things that went from the ecology of Latin America to the Mexican Army, who collaborated with the planting of thousands of tress in the forests of Gudalajara.

"Dejame Entrar" (Cuando Los Angeles Lloran): This is a fast song with a great guitar that really stands out. It is about a man who lost

his love and now it is raining in his heart.

"Clavado En Un Bar" (Suenos Liqudos): This is the first single off their CD, and repre sents a new stage for the band. Fast song with

good lyrics.

"Hechicera" (Suenos Liquidos): This is their single off their new CD. It is a song which

has a great deal of Spanish (as in from Spain) music and rhythem. Also the way it is sung has a

Here are some of Mana's most famous

great deal of Spanish influence. 19

~ Features


A Midsummer



This year's second drama production is "A Midsummer Nights Dream1', a romantic comedy by William Shakespeare. It is being presented by the

The answers on these questionnare's were very

second semester Drama elective. I interviewed the

The first answers are from Ricardo Cortez in ninth


whole class, including Ms. Storey. Ms. Storey likes directing plays because Theater is her whole life and she says that "everything else is virtual reality". Every six weeks in her class the middle school preforms their acts in Drama. She also directed "Mystery Maze", a production put on by the high school drama class last year. She chooses which plays/musicals to put on because of her familiarity, with them, the number of men and women in the

grade. He answered-

1. I am the lover Lisander

2. Well, besides being extremely cute and charming, I'm also an awesome lover and a passionate charac ter.

3. Excuse Me? Do. I. Like. Acting??? I live for drama! I die for drama! I give my precious bosom to the craving for acting. And I auditioned for all of

cast, and the sell-ability of the show to the school

the above.

community. She usually looks for energy, creativity, and willingness of the actors to devote their minds, bodies and souls to the show. Like many of the eleventh graders say later, Ms. Storey says that the whole experience has been "traumatizing" for her. She also said that's why she dyed her hair red- to cover the gray. She chose "A Midsummer Night's Dream" because it's a great first Shakespearean show: "It's fun, fantasy, and part of the "Into the Woods" set works with it!". She cast for the play by throwing all the names up in the air, and whichever part they landed on, they got (just kidding!). It really depended on their past experiences, enthusiasm during auditions and knowledge of the part. What an interesting way of casting!

4. But of course! Y ve been in others like the play "Teen" in eight grade; "Into The Woods" in ninth; and many more in drama class- like "First Plane Ride."

5. It has been a really fun ride all the way. Besides being the easiest passing class (Drama), it's also a lot of fun to act in front of people; to make them laugh, cry, angry, or frown. Always a pleasure.

The next person was Elias Sundelin, another ninth grader. He answeredl.Flute/Thisby

2. A guy who plays a girl in a play in the play. Kind of cool character.

But even more interesting were some of the answers I got on my questionnaire for the actors in

4. Yes, The Odyssey.

the play:

5. It has been fun, even though Debra Walsh is in it.

I asked:

The next person was Cecille Occasio, also from ninth

3.1 like to act and I wanted to be in the play.

grade. She answered-

1. Which Character are you?

2. Describe your character in the play.

1. Mustardseed.

3. Why did you audition? Do you like acting? 4. Have you been in other plays? Which ones? 5. How has this experience been for you?

2. I am a fairy that gets to float around and sing. 3. Because I wanted to be in the play, and I do like acting.

4. Yes, "Into the Woods"


====^=: Features^: "Teen"


"Coming of Age"


Trying, embittering, frustrating, and all around

5. So far so good.


Antonio Luzzi is also in ninth grade. He answered-

the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows it?"

1. Egeus

("Star Wars IV: A New Hope")

Kvote: (Dedicated to our fearless leaders.) "Who's - Obi Wan Kenobi

2.1 am the antagonist who wants to make Hermia (my daughter) marry Demetreus.

Another tenth grader is Ben Baldizon. He answered-

3. Because I wanted to try this experience. I love it,

the best thing I have ever done.

1. Bottom

4. Excellent, Unforgettable, Beautiful.

2. He's this guy + he does stuff

The last ninth grader is Ruth Carbonell. She an-

say yes.


4. Yes, "The Wiz"

3. The Voices in my head told me too. The Voices

"Kiss Me Kate"

1. Philostrate

"Into the Woods"

2.1 am a high servant, and think highly of myself.

"Mystery Maze"

3. Because I want to be an actress when I grow up.

5. Traumatizing

Yes, I like acting. 4. Yes, "The Wiz".

Another eleventh grader is Javier Marquez. He

5. It has been a great experience for me.


The next person was Kurt Rupprecht, in tenth grade.

1. Oberon, King of the fairies

He answered-

2. He is the king, he wants something from his wife and would do anything to get it.

1. Demitreus the "pimp dog"

3. Because I like acting, and because I have played

2. He is a lover boy that likes one girl, but she

the character before.

doesn't like him. Some other girl likes Demitrius but he doesn't like her. So he is caught in a love web. 3.1 auditioned because I wanted to be in the play. I think acting is pretty cool.

4. Yes, "Death of a Salesman"

4. Yes, I have been in another play, but I don't

5. It has been a very fun and interesting experience.

"Into the Woods" "Omelet Murder


remember the name of it.

5. It has been fun. I didn't think I would be able to

The next eleventh grader was Jamie Brown. She

remember my lines. But it isn't as hard as I thought.


The next person was an eleventh grader- Bobby

1. Titiana, Fairy Queen

Pearson. He answered-

2. She's proud and powerful. She can do anything she wants and knows it. She and the king are really

1. Tom Snout "Wall"

jealous of each other.

2. Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, and Doc

3. Because I wanted a part. I love acting.

3.1 auditioned because:

4. Yes. "The Wiz"

1. f Like Acting


2.1 didn't want to

"Kiss Me Kate"


"Into the Woods"

3. I've played my character before

5. Intimidating, but really fun.

4. "Into The Woods" "Baby"

The next eleventh grader was Inbal. She answered-

"The Butter Battle" "Who's on First?"

1. Lily


"jZ Features ^^zzzz^z^zzz:^^^ 2. I am a fairy


3. Because I wanted to be in a play. (Haven't been in a play for a long time.) Yes, I like it.


4. Yes, "Fame"

2. She is a fairy

"The Wiz"

3. Because acting is fun, and I like being part of

"Ten Little Indians"


"Snow White(3rd grade)" 5. Ummm.... Traumatizing

4. Yes, "Into the Woods" "Kiss Me Kate"

"Mystery Maze"

Next is Luisa Meyerman, from eleventh grade. She

"How to Succed in Business Without Really Trying"


"Oklahoma" "Our Town"

1. Fairy: Moth

5. Fun!

2. Fairy

3. Because I wanted to be in the play

The last twelveth grader was Debra Walsh. She

4. No


5. Traumatizing

1. Snug the Joiner / Lion

The next eleventh grader is Ryan Mcknight. He

2. She is a shy person. Kind of slow, she plays a lion in the play "Pyramus and Thisbe" 3. Because I wanted to be in the play. Yes


1. Theseus-Duke of Athens

4. Yes, "Ten Little Indians"

2.1 am about to get married. I am the one in charge,

5. It has been fun. Except for the acting part.

so no one disputes me.

3.1 auditioned because Mr. Feia said if I didn't, be would fail me in his class (joke!). I do like acting. 4.1 have never been in any other major plays. 5. I've learned alot about understanding

The last questionnaire I got back was by Anonymous. She/He wrote-


2.1 am a fairy and I serve the Queen Titiana. I go

The next person was Alison Tsuji from eleventh

around with her and do what she wants the fairies to do. Play music, etc...


grade. She answered-

3.1 auditioned because I really like acting 4. I have been in:

1. A fairy

"The Wiz"

2. I'm Titiana's fairy, called Snowflake 3. I didn't, yes I do like acting.


"Once Upon a Mattress"

. 4. Yes, "The Wiz"

"The Bear" or "The Boar"

5. Traumatizing

"The Anniversary"

5. It has been pretty good. Interesting.

The next person was Lisa K. from eleventh grade. She answered-

Some of these actors are really serious about

this. For example, Ricardo Cortez in the begininng, 1. Helena

clearly states that, "He lives for Drama." I'm sure we

2. She's hopelessly in love with Demetrius, who happens to be in love with her best friend Hermia.

can all look forward to seeing him in this upcoming

play. Then, there were some other people who seem

3. To get the part, yes

to have no specific part in the play. Like Ben. He is

4. "Macbeth"

a guy who does stuff. I wonder what the writer felt

"Into the Woods"

his character added to the play? Thanks to all the

5. Traumatizing

people who took this seriously. And to the others, oh well.

The next person was Rana, in twelveth grade. She 22

A Tough Grade For Many By: Salameh Massis

ninth grade. The ninth grade class of 97-98 is

Ninth is one of the toughest grades in

almost all American Schools, and Colegio Maya

very unique and special in many different ways.

is no exception. Ninth grade is the first year of

Alon Cohen, an outstanding athlete in 9th grade,

high school and it is a little difficult to adapt.

remarks, "It provides a unique environment

There is a big step between High School and

where friends from different parts of the world

Middle School. For some ninth graders, Middle

are united through friendship bonds." Most of

School is easier than High School, grading is

these classmates have grown up together from

lower, and less complex work is done in all the

several years ago, and they know each other very

classes. James W., a ninth grader, said, "Yes, it

well. Ken Lee, and exceptional student in ninth

is hard to adapt to all the tests and all the hard

grade, says, "In my opinion, it is a class designed

work of High School." High School is mainly to

for people to work together as a group."

prepare you for college. First you have to make From my point of view, the friendship

the decision of what college you want to attend, and then you must work towards that goal.

that exists among the classmates of 2000 has

Depending on your grade point average, high

helped to diminish the pressures and stress that

school can determine your success in your future

can be found in the first grade of high school.

life. Ricardo Cortes, another ninth grader, said, "I agree with the subject that we do get a lot more work in high school, and it essentially

provides us with more worries, given the fact all accumulative grades are recorded for college applications." Mrs. Wever, a ninth grade Cul

JZrt By giancarlb VaCCe

tures teacher concludes, "It's probably more

difficult to accept the idea that in ninth grade you are accountable for your failures and your successes which will be on your academic record."

Besides being a tough grade for some students, other students think ninth grade is no big problem. Kevin Odle, a ninth grader, stated, "Adapting to High School isn't very hard, as I

have always struggled to get good grades, and show the best about myself." Maria Brady, a hard working ninth grader, said, "It isn't that

difficult, because it is almost the same as middle school, the work load is about the same." Although there may be a lot of work

assigned and the grades are part of a permanent record, there are some positive advantages about

being in high school, particularly in the present 23

— Features

"Into The Woods" A Play Review On the dates of November 20, 21, and 22, Colegio Maya presented the play "Into The Woods". "Into The Woods" is the first of

two plays being presented this year. The

play starred all your favorite fairy tale char acters: Little Red Riding Hood (Rana

Hamdy), Cinderella (Amanda Rhodes), Rapunzel (Paige Cunningham), and Jack (Ricardo Cortez). There was also the Narra tor (Bobby Pierson), The Baker and his Wife (Javier Marquez and Alison Schwarz), Granny (Ana Mercado), Jack's Mother (Lisa

Kahn), and many more.

The play was basically about these fairy tale characters going into the woods to break spells, go to Granny's house, go to the festival, sell a cow, and many other things. The Baker and his wife had a horrible spell

put on them by the witch (Vanessa

Bergonzoli), so they couldn't have a child. The witch put the spell on them because of something the Baker's father did. The Baker

thinks he lost his parents in a freak baking accident, when in actuality, his father is the Mysterious Man (Asaf Mazar). When you think about it, it's a little like a soap opera, don't you think? The only way for the Baker and his wife to lift the spell is to get a cow as white as milk, a cape as red as blood, hair as yellow as corn, and a shoe of gold. Meanwhile, Jack's cow, Milky, has not given milk in a week, so his mother (Lisa â– Kahn) said Milky White had to be sold. Therefore, Jack went into the woods to sell Milky for no less than 5 pounds. But, he exchanges the cow for magic beans to the Baker and his wife. This is very unfortunate for Jack because his mother, after tossing the beans away, sends him to bed without sup per. Then, unbeknownst to either of them, a beanstalk grows.

At the same time Cinderella is in a

predicament of her own. She wants to go to the festival, but, well you should know why.

So, she goes into the woods to ask her mother's ghost (Cecille Ocasio) for a beauti ful gown and slippers. Then she goes to the

Art 6y giancarfo VcrfCe

festival and dances with the prince (Antonio Bueso). After the ball is over, she runs away from the prince, and he chases her for a really long time. After falling more than a few times, she trades shoes with the baker's wife. So then the baker and his wife had two of the items they need.

Now we come to Little Red Riding Hood. She was on her way to Granny's house when she met the Baker, who then tried to take her cape, but she screamed, and he gave it back. Little Red Riding Hood then proceeded on to meet the wolf (Byong-Jun 24

=====1 Features=;

Kwan). When she finally gets to Granny's

nice if we could have heard them

house, she sees that she has been eaten by the

moreclearly after all that work they did

wolf, etc., etc. Little Red Riding Hood gives

though. That's the problem of working in a

the Baker her cape, and everyone is

gym, not a theater.

happy...well, almost.

We can't forget Rapunzel, trapped up

Hall of Fame

in that tower. Her "mother", the witch,

Best Actress- Alison Schwarz

locked her in the tower. The only way to get

Best Actor- (a tie) Ricardo Cortez &

in or out of the tower is to climb up or down


Rapunzel's hair (that's gotta hurt!). Now,

Best Supporting Actress- Ana Mercado

Rapunzel's prince (Pat Yoo) visits her often.

Best Supporting Actor- Antonio Bueso

The Baker's wife knew this, so she pretended

Best Comedic Performance- Maggie Rhodes

to be the prince, and pulled out some of

and Robin Orlansky

Rapunzel's hair. So now, the Baker and his

Best Dramatic Performance- Lisa Kahn

wife had everything they needed to lift the

Best Villain- Vanessa Bergonzoli


Best Portrayal of Character- Rana Hamdy

Unfortunately, when Jack climbed

Best Stunt- Vanessa Bergonzolli (climbing

down the beanstalk he took some souvenirs


home with him. Of course this made the

Best Kiss- Antonio Bueso and Alison

Giant mad, so he chased Jack. The giant fell


down out of the sky and into Jacks backyard,

Best Song- "Agony"

and Jack's mother freaked. This made the

Best Makeup- Asaf Mazar

Giantess (Sindy Chamorro) really mad. She

Best Prop- Milky White (the cow)

came down and went on a rampage, destroy

Best Scream- Paige Cunningham

ing everything in her sight. She was looking

Best Solo- Amanda Rhodes

for Jack because she wanted revenge. The characters were looking for someone to

sacrifice, and they decided to throw the

JZrt By (jiancarlb VaCCe \

narrator to her. The Giantess, noticed the

difference, and was not pleased. Then, in comes Jack's mother. She started yelling at

the Giantess, and everyone was afraid she would anger the Giantess. So the prince's steward (Reinier Spruijt) hit her on the head, and killed her. The baker's wife was also killed by the Giantess, but not before having a little fling with Cinderella's prince. Finally they all worked together and defeated the

Giantess, and everyone lived happily ever after. All the actors should pat themselves on the backs. They did a wonderful job, and they worked very hard. It would have been 25

Z Features


High-School Survey by Gretchen Perkins & Katherine Gonzales



Okay, we took down all your opinions about clothes,sports, movies, and other stuff and

2) Favorite sport? -Basketball 32

wrapped it all up into this nice little article.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our questionnaire ( we know you were so mad when you had to take time out of class!). Now you can

-Soccer 41

-American Football 14 -Baseball 16

see all the stuff you wrote right here in one convenient place! You'll also be interested to

-other 27

The Revue. So *smile*, here it is!

-R&B 29

3) Favorite food? cereal, bread, tacos, applesauce, marshmallows, Italian food (9), Fried Chicken (3), crabs, pasta (9), nachos (2), rice, spicy food, Chinese food (2), Pizza (14), candy, spaghetti (4), mashed potatoes (2), lasagna (3), Butterfly Honey Lobster, Polio Campero, meat, sea food, pudding, steak (7), Breyers French vanilla Ice cream, mango, Guate malan food, Japanese food, fruit (2), Macaroni & Cheese (2), chocolate (2), Frijoles con Chicharron, Tofu, pancakes, hamburgers, french

-Metal 21

fries, Thai food

know that the results from the poll will appear in

*Note-some people marked more than one answer for some questions.*

1) What type(s) of music do you listen to? -Alternative 54 -Rap 45

-Ska 15 -Punk 18

-other 25


4a) Do you think body piercing is acceptable?

9) Which movie did you like most?

-yes 61

-Titanic 62

-no 4

-007 Tomorrow Never Dies 12

-doesn't concern me 41

-The Devil's Advocate 34 -Flubber 0

4b) Do you think body piercing is acceptable in

-Spice World 4


-other 15

-yes 46 -no 13

10) Do you think students should be able to skate

-doesn't concern me 47

on campus? -yes 54

5) Do you think people should be able to express

-no 15

themselves however they want through their

-undecided 37

clothing? -yes 75

11) Which shoes would you rather wear?

-no 7

-platform 11

-doesn't concern me 25

-skate shoes 18 -dress shoes 6

6) Has anyone ever pressured you do to some

-anything that's in style 40

thing you didn't want to do?

-other 31

-yes 47

-no 61

12) Would you cut your hair in the new style just

7) Do you think there are enough safe places to


chill at night in Guatemala?

-yes 3

-yes 42

-no 98

-no 60

-undecided 8

because it was trendy, even though it was really

-if yes, where?

-"Anywhere, the problem is no one likes to

13) What do you do in your spare time?

"chill" at the dentist's office or the high-school

-read 29

lobby or other safe places."

-sleep 52

-"La Pradera, Los Proceres, bowling, theater,

-party 52


-play sports 51

-"Cafe Oro, anywhere in Antigua or Panajachel"

-watch TV 67

-"Magic Place, Yellow Submarine, La Pradera"

-listen to music 73

-"No, not really, where's a safe place?"

-other 31

8) What type of clothes do you wear?

14) What is more important to you?

-70's style (bell bottoms, flower shirts, etc..) 2

-being honest 54

-loose-fitting (loose-fitting jeans, loose t-shirts

-getting a good grade 50

etc..) 45

-conservative (straight legged jeans, v-neck sweaters, dress clothes, etc..) 10 -variety, all 55 -other 13


~ Features

Limp Bizkit-Band Review by Javier Lacayo

Limp Bizkit, you say? Never heard of them? You will soon, the band is a new, hardcore band that will blow you away. They're a five man crew with low-end sounds and heavy lyrics.

The name Limp Bizkit came from the nickname of a friend of Fred Durst, the band's lead singer. The guys are all from Jacksonville, Florida, and that's where everything got started. The Limp Bizkit sound is powerful, hardcore, dark, and energetic. Their sound is innova tive with funky bass lines, deep percussions, rough guitar riffs, lively turntable scratching, and groovy hip-hop rhymes. The vocals change from being angry screams to that raps and soft spoken whispers.

Limp Bizkit began in late 1994 when vocalist Fred Durst got together with his childhood

appearance to conform with a certain group of

people. The fourth track "Stuck", is a song about people who are motivated solely by greed and money. "Nobody Loves Me " is a song about how society has no love for him and all he has is enemies. "Sour", the sixth track, is about one of Fred's rela tionships that went sour, hence the name of the song. The seventh song is called "Stalemate" and it talks about another one of Fred's ex-girlfriends that broke his heart. The next song, "Clunk", is Fred telling some guy that he can't compete with Fred, but Fred doesn't want to hurt his feelings with his lyrics. The ninth track, "Faith" is a remake of George

Michael's' hit. This one has some heavy scratching at the end. "Stinkfinger", goes against cops and modern uptight society. "Indigo Flow" is named after the Indigo Ranch, where Limp Bizkit recorded their album. The entire song is a "Thank You" to everyone who helped them. The twelfth track is called "Leech" and it's about Fred and his friends. The last track has no lyrics but it's still cool, it's called "Everything". Limp Bizkit is now writing new songs for another album but they will be going on tour soon. This summer, they'll be going on tour with KoRn, Orgy, and another band to be named later. The tour

friend and bass player, Sam Rivers. Rivers got his cousin, John Otto, to come in and play the drums. After a little search, Limp Bizkit found Wes Borland to play guitars, and the band was born.

Limp Bizkit first break came when KoRn came down and played in Jacksonville. After the

show, KoRn's bass player Fieldy and guitarist

Head, met up with Fred Durst and went back to his house to get a few tattoos ()Fred is not only a great singer but also an awesome tattoo artist). They all became friends and the next time KoRn went to Jacksonville, they hooked up with Durst again and that's when Fred gave them a demo tape. They heard the demo and passed it on to their producer, Ross Robinson (Who also produces Sepultura). Robinson love it and he helped Limp Bizkit get a tour with House of Pain and another with the Deftones. After the tours, offers from record labels began pouring in and they decided to sign with Flip Records, and

will be called Family Values. Limp Bizkit is: Fred Durst: Vocals Age:26

Singing style: Rhyming screams and some whispers. Similar to Chino Moreno from the Deftones. Wes Borland: Guitar Age:22 Playing style: Plays a seven-string Ibanez guitar like the boys from KoRn. He also plays another guitar with three guitar strings and one bass string for heavy riffs. He only uses this one for a few tracks.

independent label.

Three Dollar Bill, Y'all $, which came out in May of 1997, is the name of their debut album. It was produced by Ross Robinson and House of

Pain's former DJ, DJ Lethal who has now joined the band. The album is very powerful, with hardcore lyrics and low end caffeine beats. The songs talk to a lot about what the band's true beliefs are. The Intro to the CD is a preacher in church asking all the people to tell "Hallelujah!". "Pollution" rages against people who constantly criticize loud music and call it "noise pollution," people who don't listen to the lyrics of the

songs. The third song, "Counterfeit", goes against "fake" people who change themselves and their

Sam Rivers: Bass Age: 19

Playing style: Plays a five string bass and holds it upright like Fieldy from KoRn.

John Otto: Drums. Age:20

Drum setup: John's drums are setup sideways on stage so people can see him play.

DJ Lethal: Disc Jockey Age:24

Style: Gives the band flavor with his mad scratching 28


========== Features" Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. Many

New Regulations For Drivers

states already have these regulations and many more are on the verge of making these laws.


This is the direct result of the rise in deaths of

By: Peter Benson

teenagers in automobiles. The reason why the deaths are so high is that the teens are not experi

"I hate these new drivers license laws.

enced enough. Putting the restrictions limits

Wow I'm sixteen but who cares. With this

license I can hardly do anything. I can only have one passenger and it has to be an adult. Second,

teen traffic and the number of people that could be killed by the teens. This in turn means that

there is less chance of teens dying. Also, the

I can't drive at night. And guess what else I

new time length encourages teens to drive better

can't move up until I go six months without an

so they can get their six and twelve months out

accident. With the way I performed in drivers

of the way quicker. In those states that have this

ed. It will be a whole year before six months might start. Actually I'm lucky that I was able to

take drivers ed because most have dropped it as a course. Okay I get the six months done it still

law already in effect, they have noticed a de crease in teen automobile accidents. The regula tions are though but I would rather wait a year and a half than be killed in an accident.

does not really matter. Sure now I can have more people

in the car but I still cannot drive at night. But you

know what is worst, I have twelve months to move up

this time! I better start looking at state colleges

that I can be sure to get my

license. I think that two years will go by before the

accident free year goes begins. Then finally after that I can get my license, with no restriction on it. Although that might not happen until 21 or 22. I

better think about improv ing my driving skills." This may be the

story of a random sixteen year old high school student. But this is based on a Washington Post

article from 1997. Every year the restrictions get tougher and tougher. In

fact not being able to drive at night has already been

the law for a while in

JZrt by (jiancarur Vafte 29

~ Features

High School Girls Basketball by Christina Walsh

The Girls Basketball coach of the past

Mary Joe Lent (12)#6

two years has been Coach Smith. He

Elizabeth Luk(12)#7

coached the 1995 boys AASCA champions

Jamie Brown (11)#8

in the American School in Tegucigalpa,

Ana Lopez (10) #91

Honduras. Mr. Smith also played high

Maggie Rhodes (10)#33

school and college intermurals, has taken

Mariana Raskosky (10)#14

coaching courses and has four years of coach


ing experience. He decided to coach basket


ball because, "I like the players and love the

Christina Walsh (9)#20

sport.". He says, "I feel they are an intelli

Ivy Chen (9)#5

gent and dedicated group of young athletes."

Coach Smith's expectations for the team were

Amanda Rhodes:

that they would work hard and have fun,

1. Basketball is my favorite sport, and no

basically the same expectations as the players

matter what I have fun.


2. No, I have been playing since I was 5. I

I sent out five question interviews to

have been on the Maya team since ninth

all the girls playing Basketball about a week


before they left to go play in AASCA.The

3. As a senior, I first want to have a lot of fun

questions were:

1. Why did you choose to play B-Ball and why do you enjoy playing?

and secondly, I really want to win AASCA. 4. I think we have been doing great. We are

all getting along and having a lot of fun.

2. Is this your first time playing B-Ball? If

5. There was a lot of running, but it was

no, where have you played and in what

definitely worth it.


3. What were your expectations for the team

Debra Walsh:

when the season started?

1. Because its fun

4. How has the team been doing, in your

2. No. Here- 10th and 11th.


3. That we were going to be good.

5. Say something about your b-Ball experi

4. Really good.

ence this year.

5. I love scoring touchdowns.

1998 Colegio Maya Girl's Team:

Ana Teresa Mayrides:

Amanda Rhodes (12) #1

1. Because I like it and wanted to get in

Debra Walsh (12) #4

shape. I like playing because its fun.

Ana Teresa Mayrides (12)#10

2. No. I played for a team in Pakistan. 30

=â– Features=z;

3. To be better than last year.

3. I thought that the team was going to do

4. Very good.

well when the season started. We had almost

5. It was fun.

all our players coming back from last year

and also a lot of new athletic girls. We have Elizabeth Luk:

been doing well this season and I am not

1. Because I like and it is fun.


2. No, I have played Basketball since tenth

4. Our team has been doing really well.

grade, but only at Colegio Maya.

With a second place in Copa Maya, and an

3. That we would do well.

almost undefeated record I would say we are

4. I think that we have been doing very well

doing great.

so far.

5. It is fun and I am really learning a lot. Mariana Raskosky: Jamie Brown:

1. I chose to play Basketball because I like

1. I don't remember why I chose to play, but

sports and I wanted to do something after

it's a great sport because it's just one big

school. Also all my friends are in it, so it's

chess game. There is no luck. A team is

even better. Also, it keeps me in shape.

successful because its players know how to

2. Yes. I've never played B-Ball on a team

move and where to be when they need to be



3. My expectations for the team were that we

2. No. I was on the varsity and AASCA

were going to do well and win a lot.

teams last year at Maya, and played at a

4. The team, in my opinion, has been doing

basketball camp and another basketball

great. We got second place in Copa Maya

college during the summer.

and we've improved in many ways like

3. I expected our team this year to be far

passing, team work, and most importantly

better than last, because we had nearly all of

spirit, even on the bench.

our starters and several other players back for

5. It has been fun, I'm really glad I joined

their second, third or even their fourth season

even though it was tough with all that run

at Maya.


4. We've been doing really well. We took to

each other well.

Ana Mercado:

1. I love the game and I enjoy playing it

5. Very fun.

because it is a good sport.

Maggie Rhodes:

2. Ninth

1. I chose to play basketball because its fun

3. I expected the team to be better than last

and it keeps me in shape. Its also my favorite

year but I didn't think we'd be this good.

sport and I like watching it or playing it

4. Ten times better than last year.

whenever I can.

5. Pretty good.

2. This is not my first time playing. I have Kyong Hwa Kim:

played the last two years I have been here at Maya and I played in Virginia before here

1. Because I like watching people play

and North Carolina before that. I have been

basketball and I think it is an intense game.

on a team since the third grade.

You forget about everything going on while 31

~ Features


playing. That's why I like it. 2. Yes. In a team

days a week: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and sometimes Saturday. Weekday practices were after school from three o'clock until five o'clock, some of the coach's favorite drills to torture us are The Knuckle drag or "Monkeys", Sweet Sixteens, Crazy Eights, Suicides and basically sprint ing, jogging, and running until we dropped. We also spent about ten to fifteen minutes of each practice using the white board to learn

3. To play lots of challenging games and expecting hard practices.

4. I think that it has been good- above aver age I suppose. 5. It was cool

Ivy Chen:

1. I choose to play basketball because I just like it and I like doing sports. I enjoy it

vital playing techniques. We learned most of

because its fun.

our defenses, offenses and pressing this way.

2. No, I played in 7th grade in the middle school girl's B-Ball team here at Colegio

The Colegio Maya girls Varsity bas ketball team started off their season with a win against Jules Verne. They lost their second scrimmage game against CAG but avenged their loss in Copa Maya. The varsity girls next played a great game in front of the whole school at the inauguration of Copa Maya. They beat Aleman with a whopping score of 35-18. They breezed through the rest of the Copa Maya tournament undefeated which led up to the palm sweating, edge-of-


3. That I was gonna break a leg or loose a lung or something.

4. Pretty good, everyone is enthusiastic and all

5. It has been a fun experience and I have

learned a lot.

Christina Walsh:

1. Basketball is my favorite sport and I have never played it on a team so I thought this

your-seat championship thriller on Thursday

would be good practice for next year.

February 26 against Inter Americano. Both Maya and Inter were undefeated till the last half of the game. The girls team played their best and fought long and hard. To our disap pointment, Inter Americano took first. The final score was 28-19. Colegio Maya took second place in both categories, boys and girls. After Copa Maya ended, the girls played a series of scrimmage games against several different schools. These games were

2. Yes

3. I thought that we would do really well. 4. I think that the team has and will do great in AASCA.

5. I enjoyed it.

That is basically what all of the girls think about their basketball experience this year. The first basketball practice for the interested girls was on January 12th, the second day of school back from Christmas break. Not as many people showed up as

to warm us up and keep us in shape for AASCA.

Our next series of scrimmage games were on the week of March 9, 1998. Coach

Coach Smith expected and would have liked. Throughout the season the highest amount of players was fourteen, not enough for a defi nite A and B team. The practices ran four

Smith used these scrimmages so that the more inexperienced players could get a chance to play in a game, since there is no real divider between the A team and the B 32

^==^=^= Features^ team.

lit, with no ventilation. The school didn't even provide the players water to drink

These gameswere to warm us up for

during time outs. Our first game ended up

our upcoming AASCA tournament, which

with the home team winning and the home

was held in San Jose, Costa Rica from March

crowd cheering them on. The next game was

19 until March 21. Only ten girls basketball

after another game so we got plenty of time

players and nine boys were allowed to go.We

to rest. This game was against MBS and we

were only playing in the smaller school

won with a little bit of ease.

division so we would be playing at the same

level of competition. These smaller schools

The next day was about the same

included The American International School

schedule except that we took a bus to MBS

of Costa Rica, The International School of

instead. That school was much more hospi

Panama, and The Marian Baker School.

table. They gave us big tanks of gatorade,

orange slices; and frozen bags of gatorade at

The ten girls that formed the traveling

the end. Our first game was against the

AASCA team were:

Dolphins and the second was against MBS

Amanda Rhodes

again. The next was our most important game of the entire tournament. This was

Debra Walsh

against AIS for first place of the entire small

Ana Teresa Mayrides

school division. We knew that the game was

not going to favor us the second our point

Mary Joe Lent

guard got ejected from the game. We knew

Jamie Brown

that they had planned to play dirty and that

Maggie Rhodes

we were not going to have a chance against a team who sent people out just to take our star

Mariana Raskosky

players out. We took second place in the

Ana Mercado

tournament and also picked up the Fair Play


Ivy Chen

Obviously the referees realized that

they had made a bad call.

Christina Walsh

The scores were: AIS vrs. Maya

We left on Wednesday March 18,

MBS vrs. Maya

1998. We arrived there the same day and

--- 41-32 25-41

ISP Dolphins vrs. Maya— 17-44

were eager to retire in the hotel rooms they

had reserved in the Hotel Villa Tournon. We went out to dinner to a quaint little place

MBS vrs. Maya


AIS vrs. Maya



called Lukas. The next day we left on a bus at around seven thirty in the morning to go to

Overall, I think that the girls basket

the Lincoln School. After a brief inaugura

ball season was enjoyable and successful.

tion ceremony, we waited for a bus to arrive


think that Coach Smith was impressed with

to go to AIS where we would play our first

the improvement of the team from last year.

two games. We were shocked the second we

entered the school gym. The gym was dimly 33

[^ Features

The Wallflowers by Debra Walsh

The Wallflowers started playing together in the early 1990's. The Wallflowers began to share their music with their hometown, Los Angeles, where they

Horse has gotten a lot of praise for the songs re

played at local hangouts, delicatessens, and night

of a friend. The lyrics are very catchy and the

clubs. In such places is where The Wallflowers' songs such as Ashes to Ashes, Sugar Foot, and Be Your Own Girl made the group's career take off. Their beautiful lyrics that are packed with human feeling and capture everyday life and their distinct talent. The group was praised by critics and they began to tour with major bands such as 10,000

corded. There are ten songs on the CD. One Head light is the most famous song and deals with a death

instruments used vary with guitar and organ. 6th Avenue Heartache has very good guitar play and the

song is more mellow than the rest of the songs. It is a song about everyday life and self discovery. The

Difference has a very fast beat, there are various drum solos found, and the song is about how people stay the same. Josephine is a very sweet, tender and

Maniacs, The Spin Doctors, Cracker, and Toad The Wet Sprocket. The Wallflowers' drummer then left the group to join 10,000 Maniacs. This left Jakob Dylan (lead singer) and Rami Jaffee (pianos) to find new members and a new record label. Interscope soon picked the group up and the new members were found: Michael Ward, Greg Richling, and Mario Calire. The five worked together on the new album Bringing Down The Horse(l996) which was highly praised because of the songs such as The Difference, One Headlight, 6th Avenue Heartache, and Three Marlenas. "Rolling Stone" called The Wallflowers' new album "An impressive debut by a

upon hate/it may have been the first of mistakes/

real rock and roll band."

breaking away from a controlling person and also

The band is made up of five talented young men. Jakob Dylan is the lead singer and rhythm

revelation. Three Marlenas is a beautiful song. It is

plain song and it's a slow song about apologizing.

God Don't Make Lonely Girls is more rock than the other songs on the CD. The theme of the song is the

title. Invisible City is a very sad song about looking

into the past. This song is Dylan's best lyric wise:"imitation of good faith/is how you stumble when we held on too loosely/and let open the gates". / Wish I Felt Nothing is another melancholy song

about someone falling out of love. Bleeders has a light beat, also very good lyrics, the song is a story about a man and his past. Laughing Out Loud has a very fast beat, and the song is about situations, and

bittersweet and it was written as a tribute to Leo

guitarist. Jakob is also one of the founding members of the group, and as most people now know is the son of legendary singer Bob Dylan. This fact caused Jakob a lot of trouble, having to prove to people he

LeBlanc, who died after the recording of the album

was a star in his own right and not caught in his

Down The Horse. Their album has been nominated

father's shadow. Rami Jaffee is the groups

was done.

The Wallflowers have received and been nominated for various titles and awards for Bringing

for the Blockbuster Music Award for best CD. They

keyboardist but also plays the piano, B3, and vox

were also nominated in the American Music Awards

continental. He also is the other founder of the

for Favorite Band, Best New Artist, and best Album

group. Michael Ward is the lead guitarist. He also played on the John Hiatt album Perfectly Good

but they lost to the Spice Girls. The Wallflowers

Guitar. Greg Richling is The Wallflowers bassist. Greg and Jakob went to high school together and even played in the same garage band. When the

readers poll. Jakob was voted "Sexiest Male Artist"

performed at the 40th annual Grammy awards(which

group needed another bassist, Jakob and Greg were

aired Feb. 25), where they were also nominated

were voted 2nd best new artist in the "Rolling Stone"

and was third for Best Male Performer. They also

reunited. Mario Calire is the groups' drummer and

nominated for Best Rock Performance by a duo or

was the replacement for the drummer who left to play with 10,000 Maniacs. These men make up the honest, soulful rock and roll band called The Wall

group for One Headlight and also for Best Rock


The Horse was the seventh best selling album in

His newest album Bringing Down The

Song. One Headlight is at the number one position on VH1 top 50 countdown of 1997. Bringing Down 1997 with over four million copies sold.



"A Day of A Hero" What is going to happen today?

"My First Date"

Am I going on a journey? No, you are going to fight a dragon.

Knocking on the door

Am I going to win?

with my heart pounding,

It is up to you.

I am so nervous.

Are you coming with me?

The feeling is incredible.

No, I have to work.

But I am afraid.

Is the dragon mean and strong?

What if she doesn't want

Yes, but he fears your sword.

me because of my glasses?

Can I go fight him now?

No, I have to think positively. .

Yes, of course my boy!

The door opens without a noise and I see her.

By: Ken Lee

She is dressed better than ever. We leave her house without saying a word. On the way to the movies, I wonder what she is thinking right now.

"Lost Sheep"

Am I having a good date? Is she?

Nowhere to go

I don't know. . .

nowhere to stay. A lonely sheep lost its way

No word comes out

Standing in the middle

until the movie finished,

of the stone walled valley

nor on the way to her house.

it cries for help.

Standing on the stairs, she gives me a smile

The cry echoes

before entering.

through the narrow valley. The poor sheep follows

An unknown feeling strikes

its own cry, but finds nothing

me, taking my mind away.

but the frightening sound of itself.

By: Ken Lee

By: Ken Lee


Poetry "Hollow"


How many Days, how many Nights,

Love is like a shadow of an island,

a light that burns the soul;

Floating on top of the shinning dawn.

How many Prayers, how many Hopes

Chase after the waves,

How can he find a way

Move the boat slowly towards the island.

to touch her inner song?

It's not like a promise that happened,

Like a fiery blossom

But a promise that will happen.

that enlightens the soul,

No one will know about the island after the sun

Like a tender cares so soft

had fallen,

it sets his sail afloat.

because it had disappeared.

Oh, if he could but only have

It's just like a feeling that you really don't want

the strength to go up front,

to let go.

Oh, if he could but only let the grinding tremor go;

If he would just approach her

The word love crashes on the boat giving me the

and tell her how he feels,

worst headache.

So simple in his mind; within

Looking at the island after the sun had fallen

his heart this passion thrills!

gave me a bump saying

Then Shyness comes upon him,

"what a lovely island".

the lightning brusquely strikes;

Love is also like a balloon;

Poor him who falls defeated;

you never know when it is going to pop.

Oh Darn it! He just can't!

Love can be small but can have control over

For she's.only too perfect


and he, hopelessly scared,

condemned to woeful sorrow,

It's really good to love someone,

to be better left dead.

and that there is someone to love, but love can always break apart.

How she mocks and calls him worthless, how she stamps his feeble dreams,

By: Brian Jung

How he hates her yet still loves her, So profoundly, out of reach; Only now he cares no longer,

"Love, Heart, and Forever"

his desires vanished are; when he grows to become famous

then she'll come, then she'll come.

Forever, in a day, this love does

Only then will he be able

break my heart through and through.

with his fame and all his pride,

I need you now

With his hollow soul reminded

and I miss you...

of great pain that he once had.

It's unfair this way.

And with laughter he will holler "Now she comes, NOW she comes!"

They try so hard to break. when before she only thought of him\

To break the power that is!

whenever she would laugh

I just can't let you go

For he never left forgotten

I'll never let you go

this well-hidden thought afar,

never ever going to let you go.

of how once he wished for love

Let's stay together, Forever...

Upon his vain and useless Star.

By: Brian Jung

By: Ricardo Cortes P.


Poetry "Freedom"

Something has left their life and they don't know where it went to Something has caused them strife, and it's not what they are seeking


Can't you see them, can't you hear them,

Understand the things I say,

don't turn away from me

did you know they're standing there?

"Cause I spent my life out there

Why did you turn out the lights,

and you do not disagree

did you know that they were sleeping?

Did you see me standing there, did you see me, did you see me?

Say a prayer for them, please

Does anyone care?

help them feel the strength that they need Their identity, has it been taken?

Unhappiness, where when I was young

Are their hearts breaking?

and we didn't give a damn

'Cause I was raised,

All of their plans fell through their hands

to see life as fun and take it if we can

the torture demands

My mother, my father, did they like me?

The wonderful dreams, just to have one thing,

did they like me?

Only to be free.

Does anyone care?

Equally free.

Understand what I've become

By: Joe Rodriguez

it wasn't my design, All


. t



And people everywhere think

something better than I am,


But I miss them, I miss them "cause I liked it, I liked it

—I have a place inside me,

Did you know this, did you know this?

Where all my feelings are stored.

you did not find me, you did not find me?

I have no way to let them out,

Does anyone care?

So they stay in there, Alone and ignored.

My brother, my brother, did he hold me,

If only I could talk to someone,

when I was out there,

And let my feelings fly.

My sister, my sister, did she hold me?

Maybe I'd feel better,

when I was out there

Maybe I wouldn't cry.

Did you notice, did you notice?

My feelings for you are at the bottom.

did you?

I try to bury them,

Does anyone care?

But they just won't go away. I hate myself for loving you,

By: Joe Rodriguez

But I also hate myself for going astray. But, most of all,

I hate you for making me Feel this way.

By: Gretchen Perkins


Poetry "We Are The Future" Hey, everybody look at me.

We are stuck In the world of grown ups.

We want to create our own world. Don't tell us what to do,

The future is ours. We have to follow your rules,

We can't do anything freely, And we are tired of it.

'They Can't..."

Don't force us

To live similar lives like you.

If they can't see

We will bring up our new world

The hurt inside,

That is inside of our bodies.

They can't possibly

Hey, hey don't mind

Understand me.

Our own lives anymore.

They can't understand why

We don't need you, and

I do the things I do.

We don't wanna help you.

They can't understand the message

And you adults don't need us either.

I am trying to send.

So, we are going off of

They don't understand that this isn't

Your world that is based on you guys.

"Just a phase."

We will make our own world

This is the real thing.

Until you guys will be concerned About our opinion

If they can't understand my mind,

For the world, because

They can't possibly help me.

We are the future.

Its not because of music,

And it's not because of By: Byung Jun Kwon

TV either.

It's no even my fault. They're too ignorant

To figure it out for themselves. "Shhhh Ollllllll... "

They can't just look at me,

And see what's happening. They need it all spelled out for them.

Shhhh, My little sister is sleeping don't wake her up...

She's been crying because she wanted a pup.

She is snoring. She needs some sleep

and she looks very tired.

By: Brian Jung

By: Gretchen Perkins

Poetry "Love"

"Chinese New Year"

Love, love, love

No one knows the exact

The Chinese New Year

Meaning of it.

Is a happy time to celebrate

It is different things to everyone. Sometimes love hurts,

For the Chinese people.

When breaking apart;

The Lion Dance is important

When moving to another person.

To scare away evil spirits

Sometimes love moves,

And bring good luck for the New Year.

When moving to another person, The people wear new clothes

Sometimes love is happy, When you love someone

So the evil spirits do not recognize them.

Sometimes love is sad,

It is a Chinese custom.

When giving up someone. It takes lots of pain and

Putting the cooked food in front of the altar

Everyone has or will have

Honors all our ancestors.

Experience of love.

Offering food and incense at an alter is a

Love is for everybody,

Buddhist tradition.

Who knows about love and There is a lot of food at the feast

Who doesn't know about love.

That the people eat with their entire family.

That is a great opportunity to be with the entire

By: Byung Jun Kwon


All through the night, you may relieve

Little red envelopes filled with money. Red is good luck and you may recieve a lot of money each time a person gives one to



Roses are flowers

that can be made into powder.

At midnight there are a lot of firecrackers

Bees go through the roses,

And the dancing lions go near them.

with their long noses.

It is a very happy celebration to be in.

Roses are used for decoration,

And can be arranged using your imagination.

The Chinese New Year is at the end of January

Roses can be given,

Or the beginning of February.

for someone dead or living.

It is not on a specific date.

Roses are given to someone you love

along with a beautiful white dove.

The Chinese New Year

Roses are good for any occasions,

Is a happy time to celebrate,

as long as you don't have any as possessions.

For the Chinese people.

By: I-Hsuan Wu By: I-Hsuan Wu


Poetry "Outside" It's hard to explain

Inherently it's just always been strange Neither here nor there

Always somewhat out of place every where Ambiguous

Without sense of belonging to touch Somewhere halfway

"My Heart Will Go On"

Feeling there's no one completely the same

I sit by my window

Early on, you face

Staring at the rain.

The realization you don't Have a space

I feel so sad and forgotten,

Where you fit in

I set my mind free

And recognize you

To search through all the memories.

Were born to exist

Everything is silent

Except for the sound of the falling rain.

Standing alone

My heart is hurt and torn apart,

Eager to just

Everything feels sore.

Believe it's good enough to be what

The past tortures me,

you really are

The silence burns me,

But in you heart

And the emptiness just sits there

Uncertainty forever lies

Waiting patiently with me,

And you'll always be

Somewhere on the

Waiting for my decision.


But there I am still


Sitting by my window

And will always be, Falling in between

Staring at the rain,

And it's hard

Till I am healed and ready

And it's hard

To close the wound that bears my heart.

To be understood

Now emptiness abandons me

As you are As you are

Believing I will survive.

Oh, god knows

That you're standing on your own Blind and unguided Into a world divided

By: Sindy Chamorro

You're thrown

Where you're never quite the same Although you try-try and try To tell yourself You really are

But in your heart uncertainty forever lies And you'll always be somewhere on the outside

You'll always be

Somewhere on the outside

By: Giana Pipoli


Poetry "Poor Federica"

There was a loony lady called Federica, People say she was From Costa Rica. She lived in strange house up in the hill, And her only friend was a crippled dog, Bill. She was an old lady with a hump on her back And wherever she'd go she would carry a sack. On her walks to the mall,


There are many kinds of colors

She would carelessly crash into frightening walls.

Each special at heart

Federica would always wear polka-dot dress, Oh my gosh she looked like a mess! Her frizzy gray hair would always stick out And make innocent people cry and shout.

But some just do not.

Some stand out a lot

Blue is the color of a clear day Or maybe a great big whale Water is also this color

And so is the skin of a smurf.

Poor Federica, what a shame, It wasn't her fault for getting the blame

Another color named red

And had not one clue,

Can look yucky it's said

Of what in the world she was going to do.

But mostly it's yummy

because is the color of cherry.

By: Sindy Chamorro

Yellow is bright

Because it's the color of the sun But it's sour

Because of lemon's flavor.


And here is the color green-

Skater, Skater

very weird indeed

They all hate them

it looks and tastes on the table

The police shout at them

But it's nice in your wallet.

The neighbors yell at them Everywhere they go the guards get steamed And then eventually kick them all out

All of these colors are nice

But they don't even compare

People always complain that they are bad But skaters will never be had They always grind on curbs

To the sight of a rainbow In the soft Spring air.

And slide on bars

Nobody likes it

By: Ade Adamson

Especially the cars.

They ollie off drops and one eighty off stairs And even when the skating is done

The skaters still think of the fun.

By: Ade Adamson




I have seen many nice and tall trees,

but in order to climb them you need very good knees.

Every tree gives answers to some different mood:

This one helps you, that for the rest is good:

Time is never wasted, listening to the trees, If heaven gives as grandly gifts are these. The oak is a British tree,


And not at all a skittish tree; A rough tree, a tough tree

Kathy the butterfly was sad,

a mighty tree, a blighty tree

Because she didn't like what she had.

A hard tree to bruise

She was tired of flying, Because she felt she was dying.

The ceder tree is a Lebanese tree,

She wanted again to become a caterpillar,

And not at all a fragile tree.

Because she thought that was a thriller.

A ground tree, a thick tree

She waited until noon,

A limber tree, a timber tree

To wrap herself in a cocoon.

A tree to face a strong winter

It was such a shame, Kathy was still the same.

A pine tree is an American tree, A grown tree, a cone tree

Tapering, straight, and high A tree for mast and spar

A mountain tree, a fountain tree

The eucalyptus is an Australian tree, A big tree, a water tree

A useful tree and an admirable tree

The kind of tree used to help dry the Everglades.

By: Erez Cohen

By: Claudia Garcia


"If The Skies Never Fall"

Something has left my life Now all there is, is emptiness Now all I hear is silence I fear, I fear being alone

It seems like the skies will fall And I will fall with them

I don't know what's left of me I don't know how it left me I don't know where it went I don't know how it left me But I know I'll see it again

If the skies never fall. I scream aloud until it hurts But nobody hears me

I run far away until I'm tired But I don't get anywhere I cry until I'm red But nobody sees me

It seems that nobody can see me And I'm all alone

I don't know what has left me But I wish it would come back If the skies never fall. Why do I feel a hole inside of me?

Why does my heart feel awful pain? I don't know how to answer these questions Why does it hurt when I breathe? I can I feel myself?

It seems that I am a victim of my own loneliness And I can't get out of it I wish this were a dream But it all seems so real

I know I'll see whatever left me

If the skies never fall. By: Ximena Lopez


Poetry "Annie's Past Life"

"Fate's Toy"

"Do you believe in past lives?" Annie asked on a sunny afternoon

Once there was a boy.

"Urn, I don't know...probably."

He was agile and clever.

I didn't pay much attention to her.

He though nothing could go wrong.

"I do...there were many times that I have this dream...

Then one day he realized his life.

the girl in there could be the girl I was centuries ago." She looked serious, so she cuaght my attention.

Annie got a far away look in her eyes, and started dreamily:

He though and thought and said "I'm just a toy." He paused and then said "I'll be fate's toy forever."

"The sky was a beautiful pink, like the color of first love, I was walking along the beach to my old house.

He devised a plan which was quite long.

I picked up a box that held my childhood memories,

He gathered all he could, even a knife.

I was so sad, why did I leave it behind? Now it's all rusted and dirty...

Then fate noticed his doings.

Inside were my ballet shoes from 'Romeo and Juliet', a diary I can't really understand,

It wondered why.

and a glass bottle filled with marbles...

Then it pondered how to stop him.

it was given to me by the boy next door.

He decided to let him learn a lesson by himself.

He had said to me: 'Annie, when I grow up you'll be my bride, I'll protect you.'

The boy wanted to leave fate in ruins.

He was so sweet...and tears trickled down my cheeks.

His plan was to do what he wanted and tell fate bye. He tried to fly and made his life go dim.

She walked in, the girl in that beautiful dress, I was stunned by her elegance.

as he came to he realized that he hadn't the mechanics nor

She stood there, head tilted, staring at me.

the stealth.

The girl spoke, her voice like a singing bird's: 'You're crying, why? Why are you here?

He tried one thing after another.

and where did this house come from?'

He had no success. He though the next thing he did he

All the questions confused me, 'This is my house from when I was small.'

would achieve.

But we both noticed something strange.

But as cruel fate knew there wasn't a chance.

'You look so much like me, who are you?' We said to each other,

Fate then said "He's a brother."

'I'm Annie, 'I'm Juliet., We said at the same time,

"In my work he is an excess."

our voices echoed in the house.

"Time for him to accept and recieve."

I was more surprised than her,

Fate told him to take his last stance.

Juliet? The one from the storybooks? She asked, 'Where's my Romeo?

The boy accepted and then went away plotting.

I'm supposed to meet him here'

So he plotted and plotted.

Oh my goodness, it really was her!

He gathered all his tools.

'But didn't he die?' 1 whispered.

Then he left with hjs feet at a rattle.

She heard me. You should have seen, that solemn expression, that overcame her emotions.

The boy came in with his horse trotting.

'Died? No, how could that be?'

He saw fate and nodded.

She cried to herself, unable to believe it. Tears laid on her rosy cheeks.

They both knew they had to break the rules.

She stood there stiffly, shocked.

Then they began their battle.

And suddenly, her figure started to disappear. I tried to grab her, but couldn't.

The boy tried with all his might.

I would never forget that moment, it was like the world ended.

Fate also tried its best.

It was the dream that ended.

The boy knew his need.

But it was only a dream."

So he threw a rage and was victorious.

Annie let out a long sigh,

a foggy look came upon her face.

Could he have won such a fight?

I looked up at the sky,

No, as Fate explained that, he had lost his quest.

the day was beatiful,

It was all Fate's plan for the boy to be decieved.

like the color of first love- pink...

All the boy could do was leave furious.

and Annie?

She could swear, she did have that dream...

By: Cristian Cseh

By: Ivy Chen


Poetry "Rome"

A great city not like others,

When you get there it's like a dream. Oh Rome, Rome! With its joyful springs Unfortunately now we can only see rings. Rome, Rome, the Spagna square, With all its steps they are all aware! The Tiber river, The Coliseum, All the rest of a great empire, That once ruled and lighted our fire. The large avenues where you shop all day, And you spend a lot but not in May.

Ehi! The Vatican how can I forget, The Sistine Chapel, Saint Peter's Square The Pope is there, reigning forever in our beautiful Rome.

There is this legend the most important one, And if I don't say this I will not be done. Of a fountain called Trevi,

Where the whole world gets together,

Says that if you drop a coin there

You may travel around the world everywhere, But again in your life you will go back someday, Destiny will bring you there, maybe in may. In the Rome of the dreams and shops, Rome the eternal city.

Rings : a Rome's highway that circles the the city it's called the "big ring"

But not in May : May is the month of the sales in Rome where you can get good stuff at low prices

By: Antonio Luzzi

"Happiness" There is a bee

That flies in the center of a rose She sucks the nectar And flies away

For all, happiness is such a modest thing. By: Antonio Luzzi


Poetry "PIGS CAN'T FLY!"

Once there was a pig that tried to fly, So it jumped right into the sky.


He started to fall down, And crashed into the ground.

There was a stingy bee,

And he still thought he could fly.

Who didn't want to work for free.

So he got in a balloon,

The Queen bee thought he was crazy,

And jumped out of it real soon.

And sent him to get pollen from a daisy.

He again fell to the floor

On his way he stung a man.

And decided to try even more.

He was caught and put in a can.

He got on a plane,

He tipped the can over,

Everyone thought he was insane.

He was lucky, he was alive.

When he dove into the air,

He didn't mind working for free.

No one showed they cared,

Life is more important, you see.

When they saw him lying on his back, Knowing he had gotten a heart attack.

By: Claudia Garcia

The lesson here is that pigs can't fly, Because they aren't meant to be up in the sky. By: Claudia Garcia

"Andre Agassi"

Andre Agassi is not like you and I

He sees things we don't see. He gets places we can't get to. He hits things we can't hit.

We could wheel a cannon out to the baseline, point

is across the net, fire, and Andre would hit a sharp, low dipping return. Andre wears the Air Zoom Pounce.

With Zoom Air in the forefoot and a low profile midsoie, it helps him get a jump on the ball.

Genetics, practice and practice take care of the rest.

They said the big serve would dominate and ultimately ruin tennis. Andre is the reason it won't,

Andre's solid weapon is his forehand.

No wall or obstacle can prevent the ball from piercing its way through. Andre Agassi is twenty eight years old old but once he is on the court he can never get cold. He used to be the world's number one

and today some of his fans say he's gone.

But it is said you should never lose faith, because Andre said that this year he will be back. By: Erez Cohen


Poetry "The Prayer for Spring" In this spring,

let the frozen dark in my bones thaw.

Silence of the winter

that those tree branches keep their warmth with let there be blue eyes in them


And deep in the ground

let even the bugs open their eyes...

Look where they are

So that they can see the new world.

up in the sky.

The white nomads in the sky,

But when snow comes

move out to search a place of winter.

no one can see them at all.

The scream of the hills

I tried to catch one

Turning my blood circle up side down,

but suddenly it fell in my hand and

the bird's noise and the water's current

I don't know what was wrong

passes through.

heard by a boy through the breeze

The flowers' fragrance

what was going on?

making my nose wake. Winter...

Instantly I saw

Near death was I

the pain in her face

In this spring.

but I thought it would

Make bloom

just go and fly to

energy in these eyes and love in my heart.

another place.

By: KyongHwaKim


I saw that I was lying down in my bed

and completely silent I was there.


I just wished

When a flower blooms it gives joy to

that butterfly could

our world. They are a colorful prospective

be my friend,

that blends in with nature. When nature

but it was too late.

develops, flowers are an important part

to say goodbye, to late

in the different things nature has.

to let her fly again.

Flowers come

and go

By: Adriana Olivares

but when


come they are unique and very beautiful. Love and beauty is what they bring to human life. Different sizes, colors, and time make

these flowers different and beautiful.

By: Eduardo Santella



"School Memories" School Memories The 9 years have gone fast since I started in Japanese School

I feel as if it was long but it was short I have met with many friends and teachers I have experienced a lot of things School Memories

"What I..."

One of them is operetta

I am exhausted of what the world has given me. It wasn't what I wanted.

It was hard for me

Because I was very small

I learned a lot of Japanese pronunciation

But people say that that is the world. School Memories Remembering 4th grade

It is just a fatigue that the world spins around.

I had my first boy classmate

Scientist say that it will never stop

I felt really strange

and I am dizzied already.

But it was funny School Memories

I hate when my loved ones have to leave me.

Every lunch time

"There are Good-Bye's along the way"

We ate with all the students and teachers

This is what They say.

We talked about many things

It was interesting and funny

I want to get rid of many things. School Memories

"You are not Superman"

Living the usual days

This is what everyone says.

I chatted and laughed with them The teachers scolded me many times

It is just depressing.

We played with them,too

The world hasn't changed. School Memories

We have changed it.

There have been many

Because of these

I am afraid

I have a lot of friends and teachers that

That there won't be...


A light at the end of the tunnel. School Memories

I have just come to Colegio Maya

By Kyong Hwa Kim

So I still do not have lots of memories I will only stay here 3 years It is short

School Memories In the 3 years

I want to have a lot of memories Here in Colegio Maya

As good as I had in the Japanese School.

By Mutsumi Nishii


Poetry "Emotions"

Emotion is a part of life.

That is what people think and feel. Life wouldn't mean anything without it. Everyone has emotions, Even animals have emotions. Some emotions are deep but some aren't. It sometimes makes you cry or it makes you happy. For instance, when you are happy you are in love, When you are sad you despise everyone. Everyday you have a different emotion. I feel that I don't want to do anything. Something happened to me but I don't know what it is. Some people think I am in love But that's not it, I'm sure, But life keeps going. Today I got up,

I was thanking God for giving me another day of life, For giving me food and a place to live. I think God is an emotion.

Without him we wouldn't be here. By: Jihan Jweile


I have a beautiful chair But my sister has it so it's not fair I've been in my house

Waiting for my friend who is a mouse

My friend said that he was coming but that was a lie

So I just waited for him looking at the sky. The time passed,

I got bored so I went to sleep.

I fell down into a dream so deep. The next day

I bought something and I had to pay. I got home and I started to write. The night came so I turned on the light. Then I said good night.

By: Jihan Jweiles



''Quake" Thundering sounds clog your senses.

A one man army against a world of monsters You wonder, can someone survive the supremacy of Satan?

Can you do what no an has done? Will you have the honor to fight Shub - Niggurath,

Or will the evil minions of Quake relinquish before you do so? Will you have the honor to fight in the land of the dead,

Or will the zombies burn you before the Death Knight can have a swing? Will you be the one to vanquish Quake,

Or will the one you believe in let you down for fear of its opposite self? You climb the stone stairs of the Ogre Citadel, facing live freaks.

You fly through the skies of Ziggurat Vertigo, feeling endless pain. You walk over the bones of fellow men if the Crypt of Decay, seeing what is to become of you. You swim through the dark waters of the Ebon Fortress,

wondering what lays ahead.

You merge with the mists with the magic in the Wizards Manse, gathering mystical powers.

You discover the secrets of the Dismal Oubliette, wishing they were kept a secret.

You drool over the splendor of Satan's Dark Delight, trapped in its power.

You soar with the wind in the Wind Tunnels, enjoying the breeze in you face.

You are anguished in the Chambers of Torment, crying for mercy.

You kneel in the halls of Hell's Atrium, praying to god so far away.

You blind your eyes with the colors of Azure Agony, seeing nothing but blue. Thundering sounds clog your senses,

A one man army against a world of monsters.

You wonder, can one survive the supremacy of Satan? Can you do what no man has done?

Or will the one you believe in let you down for fear of its opposite self? By: Siddarth Thazhathu



"In Our Life There Are Many Decisions to Make" In our life there are many decisions to make But whether we decide to make them, is our choice Even with the right path, our desires can break

Along those paths there are many encounters with things that are Right or Wrong.

Don't let your fears overcome you

But whether we decide to listen is our choice No one can tell us how to live A Joyous Life

But we must take advice, or arrogance fills our heart! With such emotions new paths can't be open for us to take But whether or not we decide to take it is our choice. We may things our heart desires.

The decisions or paths determine the person we want to be Right or wrong has no say if we are a Better Person!

We must try to achieve that path of happiness Only the decisions that are chosen will lead To a higher acceptance of life or Sometimes Not!

Don't let the surface of your egotistical side overcome You!

You won't be steered wrong on the choices

Only we can decide what we want to achieve. Either way we are all better people, But happiness is the better path for the Soul and Inner Desires! By: Michelle Flores


Poetry "As I Watched My Opponent Take Her Place" As I watched my opponent take her place

I observed every movement she made with such jealousy even though I knew she was good at what she did. I watched every move, every thing she did right

hoping she would make a mistake. when I saw the score, a score I could not compete with a terrible rage had taken over my body

A eagerness to win and beat her and take home the blue.

I suddenly got this devious thought in my head. I had switched a certain part of the gear,

making her unable to complete the second round.

She has lost all the points from the first round. and sat there smiling with my smile big and wide.

I took my second turn and did it with such pleasure, knowing I could win

Which I did,

I Won, I Won, I Won!

I had finally beat her and I was to take home the blue, but no one applauded or clapped for my great deed. I came to find out my parents knew of my acts.

I was left to make the right choice or. drown in my own happiness!

Having the blue wasn't that important, once I didn't have anyone to share the thought with.

Once i got up the courage I returned the ribbon,

Heft in shame feeling guilty more than happy! Now, let this be a lesson for me if I chose to learn from it! "Diary"

By: Michelle Flores

There is a certain something that knows all my secrets It knows when I make

the right decisions or when I'm headed the wrong way It knows all my favorites

and the problems I go through

It knows if I've had a good day or if I'm feeling blue

I trust it with my feelings and it will never tell

yet if someone dares to read it it will burn in hell. By: Cecille Ocasio



"I've gotta go4'

"I've gotta go

These words make you free These give you rest

These words give you a peace


Like when your mother strokes your head

When I look out my window

"I've gotta go"

I see the clouds making a flower

You are chicken

A dog suddenly changing into a whale,

You have to struggle

And a mans screaming face

You can do it

Disappears with the wind.

Be alive in you

When I look out my window

"I've gotta go"

I see garden flowers dancing with the wind

You can't stand it

Hoping that summer will came soon

You feel lonely

They are waving at me

You need to cry

And I wave bake from inside a house.

You want to go away

when I look inside the house,

This is your life

my eyes full of color

You chose this way

of what they have just seen,

You have to endure

and then I realize that inside

No one help you

there is no color, no life

You are the only one who can change it

but outside it is infinite.

"I've gotta go!"

when I look outside again

I hate these words

I see clouds making a flower,

You hate them,too

And a dog changing into a whale,

But you need to say

I see a mans screaming face

Because you are not strong

Disappearing with the wind.

"I've gotta go!"

When I look out the window

Change your life

I see my hope turning into a flower,

Change the meaning

A garden flower

Change your personality

Waiting for summer to come.

You can do it

By: Sebastian Castrillo

"I've gotta go!"

They are simple words By: Miyuki Nakadoi


Poetry "Travel Wise" An hour of time standing in line. Inch by miserable inch closer

To the roars and the screams that dare my mind. Shivers, not from the frigid morning wind, But one of my powerlessness. I walk towards it, intimidation obliterated. I accept the challenge.

Seated on the hanging chair, Staring at the height of my rival. Reaching from behind,

He locked his cold impregnable iron arms

"You Don't Need Wings"

Across my vulnerable chest.

Forcefully he charged with a confident pace.

You don't need wings

So high he carried me in his crushing arms,

to make a dream come true hands are enough

legs are enough

No longer were we, rivals, on earth,

But far in the air, where water watched the event In nervous dark clouds all around us.

heart is enough

He was the fire, the glory, the power, That pushed our anger to the peak of percipce.

You don't need wings

A moments hesitation as if to

to grow beautiful

Say, "Any last words?"

what you put into your mind is enough

We dropped out of the clouds.

I will help those with less luck

He pulled me into the unpredictable.

and tell them to follow their dreams

His iron fist grabbed and tore at my stomach.

and hope they come true.

I fought, lurching forwards, trying to Tame his overwhelming soul.

You don't need wings to fly

The frozen wind he blew at me

where ever you want to go

Distorted my straining face.

you don't need wings to fly

He strived to rid himself of me.

you can do it yourself

He spun me intended to Fling me to the ground.

By: Sebastian Castrillo

Still falling, falling, we hit earth No, wait. It was a tunnel to the Underworld.

We rose into the air in fury Only to plunge back through the earth in madness.

But my white knuckles froze to his equally icy arms. We bonded. We were one. The quarrel was over.

His anger slowed. We ceased.

We forgave, and he lifted his arms off my chest. I stood up and walked away contentedly. Montu at Bush Gardens, Tampa Bay

Tickets sold separately. By: Kevin Odle



"Looking Out My Window" Looking out my window, I see the world: Tamed by structure and chaos.

Nature capture by the dreadful disaster of human creation. I see death and evil creeping upon the scarce trees that give life. I feel guilty when I see what we have done to the only habitat we have. We are destroying ourselves because of our greedy domination of the earth: I see the world, looking out my window. By: Nieve Pizzatti

"The Power of Love" Love is the two-sided traitor of oneself:

Love blinds a man with its silent tentacles. It can be sweet harmony and joy, But it can also be deceiving.

Love can be bitter-sweet agony;

It can dominate a person's life and thought.

It is love's true play that engulfs the hearts. Love is a potent potion so be careful and don't be careless...; without knowing it, you could be taken under its grasp. But please don't be afraid, every thing deserves a chance... and perhaps...,

You might be the lucky one to conquer love's agony... and live its harmony.

By: Nieve Pizzatti




Tender snowflakes are falling on the crisp grass, while adorning the plain ground with its great mass.

Silent be the feathered flakes that so gently glide; That with that still breeze, they sway with the tide. Harmoniously the crystals of beauty sway; That with no sense of direction follow their way. So thin and weak the snow is like lace, Laying down with wonderful grace. And while everyone is still inside, No one admires what is beside.

For we are too caught up with other things;

To see how our sky, the vast immense, sings. By: Nieve Pizzatti

"Rain" Clear drops of rain fall on the meadows;

Bringing joy to every flower and blade. Splashes of water upon the still pond; Smooth and clear reflection made.

Light weighed drizzles quenching weeds' thirst; bringing life to the dead earth. rain, the silent savior and giver of hope; That brings sweet scent of rebirth. By: Nieve Pizzatti



"JUST ANOTHER DREAM" I woke up last night scared half to death, scared that I would stop breathing. I felt it all...

the pain that ran thought her veins, the confusion in her mind, and the sound of her last heartbeats, I felt it all.

Suddenly we became one. (I became her)

I could hear the screaming..." stop the car," but she wouldn't.

I'd like to believe that she couldn't. so I took hold of the steering wheel.... as we both struggled to overpower one another, crash.... we hit a pole.

The beeping sound of the horn kept going, my brothers face just lay there,

and as I heard and saw this suddenly thought, everything and everybody I lived for would soon vanish.... they sweetly vanished with the sound, of the sirens, and with the tears on my brothers face.... she wouldn't stop crying, I believe she too forgot how to breathe. As I saw the image of her fading, I felt sorry for her,

sorry she watched me die in a puddle of my own blood,

blood that flowed so naturally it was soothing, and I bathed in it.

I knew she could feel what I was feeling, mothers tend to know.

My stomach ached so much,

and my head, my head felt it so hollow, but I felt tranquility,

I felt a light that warmed me so and I didn't want to return.

It is he the one who stayed and I the one that returned, But as I woke from what seemed to be a nightmare, I soon felt an inner peace,

and the need to let go, to let go of the one I love so. By: Joseph Tally


Poetry "Gracias quiero dar a Dios"

"El Mares..."

Gracias quiero dar a Dios por la naturaleza,

El mar es lindo,

por los verdes arboles y los poderosos




por el brillante e inmenso sol, que dia a dia me da la luz para poder

El mar es salado,

observar la belleza de este mundo.


Por la luna. Porque


ella es la reina que en las noches

baila con sus ayudantes.

El mar es profundo,

Por las montaque hacen


que las metas tengan sentido


Por los, bosques que estan llenos de misterio y sabiduria.

El mar es bonito,

Por tener la oportunidad de vivir.


Por poder dehar mi hueya en el mundo

Por tener todo lo que tengo. Por poder tener la opotunidad de entender,

El mar es hermoso,

de sonar, de aprender y de usar todo lo que se


para tener una mejor vida.

como oso.

Por ser como soy, por ser quien soy

por el valor, la felicidad, la tristeza

By: Hyun Jin Seo

y el orgullo de seguir adelante. By: Ana Garcia

"Poema de los Dones" Gracias por las personas que me aman, y la alegria que me han dado por las tardes rojas de verano pasados, por el dulce olor de la rutina en mi hogar, por la seguridad que me envuelve y la libertad que tendre,

por las flores despues de la tormenta,

por la tranquilidad y alegria que de alguna forma tengo pero todavia anhelo. By: Adriana Lopez


Poetry 'To Someone Loved"

What inspired me to write this poem was the memories I had of a dear friend to me that

passed away last year. Writing this poem helps me get most of my feelings out although he still lives inside my heart.

Depp down and clear, you are still here. When in trouble, you are near.

Since we met we got off on a honorable start; And now I have memories to retain in my heart. Being best friends and joking around all day, I wish God could have let you stay. Questions keep pouring into my mind, And when God took you he left me blind.

Blind to why he took someone like you, But when angles are needed, we pay God's dues.


What inspired me to write this poem is the fact

By: Valerio De Meo

that we all live together on this planet yet every one including myself are clueless to the meaning of life or why we do certain things. Why are we the way we are? Sometimes we are so proud, Other times we run so far; Far from that dark black cloud.

Living to keep the cycle they say; But not having a single thrill or joy.

Living to see another day And to be someone's toy. We all love and care,

But everyone has some evil inside. To speak the truth no one dares, So we all try to hid. Yet here we all stand,

Enclosed in this world Worshiping and venerating this land.

By: Valerio De Meo


Poetry "Smile"

"A Memory" Smile I say,

A failing memory,

Smile I say, be glad you live,

A forgotten place,

Be glad you're young,

A picture you remember,

Be glad you're well,

An expression on a face.

Be glad you're still got stories to tell.

A very small moment That is captured in time,

Smile I say,

It stays with your heart

And look around.

But it can fade from your mind.

There are still many treasures to be found.

An emotion you felt,

Look for happiness, look for gold,

A story recalled,

Look for someone to have and hold.

A moment of happiness, A person who you say now,

Smile I say,

They stayed with you then.

Raise you're head

You'll never forget

Do not dwell before the dead.

Now, where and when.

Do not sob, Do not cry, Everyone living has to die.

By: Ana Teresa Mayrides. By: Ana Teresa Mayrides


A thought, a dream An idea that gleams,

"Forget the past..."

A question, an answer.

The moves of a graceful dancer,

Our lives have so many backward glances

The sunset and sunrise,

In them, don't they?

The sadness of all good-byes,

We can think back to how things were

The howling of the wind

And how things could have been.

When the rain splatters down.

The past should be forgotten

A beautiful lady in her bright satin gown,

But tomorrow will be remembered forever,

A comforting hand to hold tight.

Or at least until the next day comes.

A twinkling star in the sky

There won't be a day that goes by,

Of night.

That I will think if you

A world full of things like these,

Love will live or die.

It's up to us, to find where They're hidden.

By: Ana Teresa Mayrides.

by: Ana Teresa Mayrides.



Fiction I was grinning ear to ear when everything

had awakened and were standing in the far corner of the bedroom. Most of the roof had

was over.

"Kate, can I talk to you?" "Sure Jack."

He got down on one knee and grabbed my left hand.

fallen in. They were both babbling about their concern for Carmen. I reassured them she was not in the house, however, lost within the de struction.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Kate Bellemy, will you marry me?" he

In panic, they too, joined me in the

asked as he slipped a ring on my finger.

search for Carmencita. As we walked toward the

"Oh my God. Yes, yes, a million times

central plaza, hollering and looking for Carmen,


I threw myself in his arms. We got married the next day at the base and the president gave me away since my dad wasn't alive to do it. Both my husband and I got leave for three months so we could go on our honeymoon.

we met with others who had experienced the same thing event. A wave of destruction swept

it's way across our meager village, leaving cries,

fear, and destruction. Dirt to dirt, buildings to rubble. The church where the old bell tower once stood was now a pile of adobe dust. The sun was now making its way across

Lost in Destruction

what was once the plaza. "Where Oh, where could Carmen be?" my mother asked with

By: Alon Cohen

anxiety. I felt cleaved to pieces and radically useless. My sister was missing and there was

In a small village outside of

Quetzaltenango my family and I make our living raising artichokes. The oil lamps were still blazing in the kitchen as I was counting my money, earned from the sales of the day. My

nothing I could feasibly do. I thought, where in

the world could she be. I tried so hard to keep calm. My grandfather once told me, "If a prob lem could be solved then why worry;, if it can't

be solved there is no use worrying about it." I

father and mother had gone to bed shortly after 10:00 p.m. My three year old sister, Carmen, scooping up her raggedy Rigoberta Menchu doll under her arm, had gone to bed by 7:00 p.m. While tightening the string of my money pouch and placing it in my pocket, I decided to stop by

grasped my mother's hand and bellowed, "there,

there," that's the way. A feeling arose within my soul and I ran towards the goal my ambition indicated. In the distance I could see the ruins that

and check on my little sister on my way to bed.

As I entered her room, I saw her bed rumpled but empty. She was nowhere to be found in the

the earthquake had hungrily swallowed. And

there, right beneath my feet I saw Rigoberta, the doll. My mother yelled. When she saw the deep

room... and neither was her doll.

ditch made by the horrendous monster that

Not alarming my parents, I went down to

check the patio and search through the garden, quietly calling her name, " Carmen.., Carmencita." Receiving no answer, I went through the laundry room, passing the pila, and

pulverized our homes and village. I grabbed Rigoberta and held her so tight I could feel the tears on the other side of my fingers. My mind was paralyzed and I couldn't move as I peered

into the deep trench, wandering what I would discover there. But, when I finally came to mind,

went out the gate to the street. Abruptly, the

ground beneath my sandaled feet began to quiver and flutter with undulating persistence. Hearing the clamor and roar of the falling tile roof, I

it was father screaming out in joy, "Pedro, Pedro." I glanced with blurry sight as he pointed

rapidly went back to find my parents. They both 68

Fiction at something. I turned and saw a fair-skinned,

my favorite sport, it is dangerous but I love to

black-bearded man running towards us with no

wrestle, and I think is a cool thing to do. I hated

less than our valuable Carmen rapped in his

when my friends were talking about government

arms. It was then I knew that it wasn't all over,

and politics, society and more; I was never

life had played a trick on me. Would life treat me

talking about those things. Who cares about

fairly? Would I find my little sister crouching

government, and other things about society and

within the confines of the voracious pit?

politics, it was important too, but I didn't care too much, but I agree with the constitution,

I became aware that someone was

everybody has rights to do something that can

tapping me, shaking me, calling, "Pedro, Pedro,

make them happy and comfortable. That was

wake up and come to bed, it's very late. Don't

right, and I wish mom could understand me.

forget, you have a long day tomorrow, selling artichokes in the market."

"Are you playing games again?" that's what my mother tells me every day. I'm the unluckiest guy in the whole world, when I'm

studying mom is gone to the store and when I'm

"My Dream Is Different" Doctor?


having my free time she's back.


"Can you study better than that?" she

By: Jenny Seo

wants me to be a total nerd, but I don't want to

be a nerd! Every mom wants their children to be

"Oh, my boy will be a doctor." my mom

the best, but nobody can be the best, only God

said, like always.

is. Anyway, I'm in first honor roll always, but

"Well, my girl will be a great judge."

mom doesn't understand that I always try my

"No, my boy will be a greater scientist

best. And who would like to be a nerd, every kid

than other ones." All mothers were the same,

wants to be a normal kid.

every children had to do what mom says. As

always, study is the best, and then you can worry about your life or other things. But I was always

"Tony, if you want to be a good doctor, you are going to have to study more than that."

on the opposite side, I didn't care if my mom wanted me to be a doctor, because I had my own dream, and nobody could stop it.

mom said quietly. I couldn't resist anymore, "Mom, I'm really sorry but you have to under stand me, I don't want to be a doctor, I want to

be a wrestler!" I said to mom. Mom started to get

" Hi! my name is Tony and I'm fourteen

mad and she almost hit me, I just ran toward my

years old." I was already fourteen, but still in

room and and shut the door. I was scared and

moms hand, like she tells me something to do,

proud at the same time. I never had told mom

and I had to do it. I wanted to do what I wanted

like that. But I was feeling stronger now, and I

to do, but my mom is really tough, and she gets

was ready to convince mom.

mad when I disobey her. I hated mom a lot. My mother is expecting me to

be a doctor, but I hated doctors, but sometimes

when I see on TV those poor sick guys, that's the

time when I want to be a doctor to help them, but otherwise not.

I started to think about wrestling and

other things about mom had told me. I knew that

wrestling is a dangerous and it has much vio lence, but I had to be a wrestler. My dad was on my side always, and he always will be. My dad

My friends in school wants to be a doctor

or a lawyer, but I prefer to be a wrestler, that's

was a hero, because he always understood me

and he taught me a lot of things, except one thing to respect mom. I never respected her, because I


Fiction hated her so much, that I couldn't stop shouting

refreshed enough to go take a nap in his ham

at her.


Burt was very fond of listening to the

I laid on my bed and started thinking

radio. For example, he would attempt to hum

about other things, like why can't mothers

along to whatever was playing on the radio in his

understand their only and lovely child. Why?

bath, he had to work very hard at this since he

Tony needed an answer, he needed his dad to

was severely tone deaf. To hear the radio play

answer him that question. Tony was thinking

ing, Burt had to turn off the shower. Showers

about convincing mom about his future. But it

took a long time, especially when Burt didn't

never worked out for weeks and weeks, mom

know the song or had forgot it. He would be

was really a tough lady. I don't know why but

humming along to what he though was the

she really was. My dad wasn't tough, he was

chorus, would realize he was offbeat again,

sweet and nice, not like mom. Tony told his

would have to trun off the shower, go back to his

mom about good things about wrestling, but he

tiny room outside dripping wet, and lsiten to the

couldn't convince her. Tony expressed his

song. Of course by that time the song would be

feelings and how he felt about it, but forget it,

almost over and another one would have begun,

it'll never worked out. I guess I have to prepare

so he would repeat the process. It took him

to be a doctor.

roughly 3 1/2 hours to shower most of the time, and that was only after he learned not to soap as

Sometimes I think that my grandma told

often (one of the few lessons he learned during a

me what my mother wanted to be, first grandma

short stay in prison...).

disagreed with it, but then she realized that the future is hers and not grandma's I wish mom

Burt didn't feel like getting up today, but

he did so anyway because the bills weren't going

could realize too, just like grandma. I just don't

to pay themselves. Burt got back from the blood

get it, why can't mom let me be what I wanted to

bank around noon and was very hngry. He put a

be... a great... wrestler, and make my self

cube of SPAM on the skillet and prepared some


eggs, scrambled and smuthered in ketchup and

relish. After a hearty meal, he decided to get a dog, because he felt like walking one. He got on his banana seat bicycle and rode off into the

sunset, which happened to be the way to the


animal shelter. Once there, he picked out a crossbreed. The dog had one bad eye which he

By: Carlos Mercado

wore an eyepatch over, giving him a comical (on

a dog) pirate look. It was white with brown spots

and was very small in size. It had a stubby 4 inch

Burt woke up to hear the sounds of birds,

they were just his imagination. But anyway, Burt was badly hung over from last night's clam juice

tail which quivered upright, due to some kind of allergic reaction to dog hair, any dog hair, even

his. It was male and had already been nuetered.

binge and needed a shave. It was only 5AM and

Twice. Somehow, the first veterinarian managed

he had an appointment with the Japanese ambas

to botch the operation (supposedly under the

sador. Of course, he didn't really have an ap

influence) and the poor furball had to endure the

pointment with the ambassador, it was all in his

painful procedure again.


The two made quite a pair, riding down

Burt lived by a rigid schedule which he

the street to Burt's shoddy apartment, the dog in

never payed any attention to. The schedule

the bike's basket. He named it Burt Jr., and one

involved sleeping in for several hours before

day told his first son, Rover, stories of all the

waking up in a cold sweat. Only then did he feel


Fiction great adventures that they had. But that, as they

we have to rob. Everyone in this town knows

say, is another tale.

what we look like, they know what we are like. They are just waiting patiently for some substan

tial evidence that can put us away. We could

The "Criminals"

never get a regular job and never be regular

people. The only ways to stop would be to turn

By: Christina Walsh

ourselves in or get caught." "If you turned yourself in, you'd be put

As Tim fled from the silent 7-11, he

on trial."

thought deeply about what he had just done, the

money he had almost stolen, and the man he had

just murdered. He jumped into the getaway car,

"Then the prosecutors would feed the 12 incompetent non-newspaper reading jurors

an extremely beat up VW Beetle. His brother

thoughts about how evil I was. Then they would

Luke was in the driver's seat, waiting impa

brainwash them into thinking that I deserved that


whole idea of the death penalty. Next I would be

"Did you get the cash?" was Luke's first

put in jail or be killed and have no life."


"Let's talk about society again. Isn't it

society's job to feed on man, waiting for people

"No. I just couldn't do it. Please don't

to mess up? Wouldn't society like to see their

be mad. The owner had just called the police and I panicked. My first instinct was to grab my gun and shoot him. Then I just couldn't bring

fellow man ridiculed and massacred like in the olden days? Is that what you were saying be


myself to take the money."

"Yeah. I guess so. The garage door

"What were you thinking? What were

opener is in the glove compartment. I guess

the exact thoughts that we running through your

stereotypes are needed for us to survive. If we


can't label others, we feel insecure about our selves. You and me stereotype too. All the cops

"Actually, as soon as I pulled the trigger,

are bloodthirsty fools if you ask me."

I was thinking about how society has created 'the criminal'. I mean, well, whether it be a

They laughed for a few seconds, savoring

murderer, a kidnapper, or a pair of serial conve

the last time they would ever see each other

nient store robbers, society created it. The

again. Inside the house, like a surprise party, a

Criminal' is a bad person with a gray heart and

team of cops waited to prance. Tim and Luke

no feelings, who does these things just because

got shot down in a bloody pool on the hard tile

they want to. Wouldn't you quit robbing if you

floor. They were stopped dead in their tracks,


not really surprised by their guests.

"Why can't we? It wouldn't be that hard to stop."

Computer Error By: Maria Brady

"Yes it would. Don't you see that we have to steal? Our parents made a living steal

ing. So we never had a successful family busi Serena was standing guard in front of a

ness to fall back upon or a descent pair of foot

building. Her friends had broken into the main

steps to follow. If we want to raise our children, 71

Fiction computer at school, and were changing their

The bell rang, and everyone scrambled into their

grades. At first, she was sort of tentative about the whole thing, but she got used to the idea well, it was the turn of the century... the 25th

seats. The principal addressed the class...

century. Scientists had created robots to run the

world. Now there were no human teachers. Robots taught class. They recorded the grades in the main computer as soon as they took them down. Lucky for Kayla and Josh no one took care of the school on weekends. This must have been the first time in history that anyone had tried to fix their grades. At least that's what they thought. Usually, the school was completely

peaceful. And no one really disobeyed. But still it was all the same to Serena any ways, she didn't really pay attention. Lucky for her, she was naturally smart. Well, back to the subject...

"Hello students, I have just discovered an error in our main computer. As you all know, we

have an academically challenging class for our gifted students: And everyone who maintains an A+ average for at least two years is moved into that class. I am sorry to say that our computers have overlooked three or our finest students who have been getting A+ averages since 1st grade. Would Kayla Johnson, Joshua Silverbrug, and Serena Christopher please come to the front of the room?" The class stared at Serena, Kayla, and Josh as they gathered up their books and walked to the front. They could feel everyone's eye's boring into the back of their heads. The

it was Saturday night, and when they should have been out having fun, they were sneaking

principal lead them down the hall and to a door on the right. They walked in and sat down

around school instead. In a way it was kind of

together, they glanced at the people there. 4Oh

ironic. Serena never thought she'd spend Satur

no,' Serena though ... 'I don't even know these

day night at school.

people. They are very snobby and stick to

"We did it!! I now have an A average!" Kayla was jumping up and down in excitement. "And no one will ever know!" Well, it was the start of a great Saturday night for Serena. Now

Josh.' Kayla and Josh met Serena at the mall after school. They were going on and on about

themselves. Oh well, at least I have Kayla and

how they were in the honor classes now, and

she had a straight A average. And Kayla was right, no one would ever know! But now the question of what to do and where to go... the night was young, and they were bored. And Serena had to get going because if she wasn't home by ten thirty, her dad would lock the doors. (That was a safety precaution.) Then she'd have to ring the doorbell.

how everyone was jealous when they left the room. But then Serena burst into the conversa tion.

"Don't you realize what happened? We were promoted because of what we did on

Saturday! How are we gonna survive that class? We couldn't even get a B in Algebra!" As

Serena was talking, Josh and Kayla grew pan icky.

The next day at school, everyone was bustling about as usual, and no one noticed

"Oh no! How are we going to get out of

anything out of the ordinary. The hall monitors

this mess? I am going to be in so much trouble.

were keeping everyone moving so there

What are we going to do?" They decided on a

wouldn't be a crowd. Kayla, Josh, and Serena

plan. It would work, but not until the weekend.

were all in the same first class, and they always

As the three friends struggled through the classes

hung out together because they were so alike.

during the week, they all looked forward to

As they rushed to class, they were talking about

Friday night when they were gonna put their

how smart and clever they were to think of such and ingenious plot. When they got to class, the principal was talking to their Robot Teacher.

plan into action. Finally... Friday came... and they all gathered at school at 10:30 pm. Kayla

and Josh sneaked back into the school and


Fiction changed their averages back to the correct numbers. As Serena stood guard again, she wondered what had possessed them to do some thing so stupid. But it was all right now. At school the following Monday, the principal came again and apologized for the mistake they had made. He said that Kayla, Josh, and Serena didn't belong in the honor class at all. So in that small way, their lives went back to normal.

ing trying to ignore what he had seen, but kept on seeing more strange things. The world seemed unreal, as if Mohamed were in a dream. The only problem was that every thing was so concretely real. He stared things about the possibilities of engaging in his hobby in this corrupt world. He could eat human flesh when

ever he wanted to! Mohamed felt free and

without limits, he felt like he could kill anybody he want to, and so he did.

The day past, and he kept on killing until it became a boring routine. The meat started

Backwards Teresa Membreno

Mohamed was a meat-eater; not a regular meat-eater but a human meat-eater.He

had killed and feasted on twelve people. I guess you could say gourmet cooking was his hobby. After getting home from his twelfth murder, in his gross and wretched apartment, Mohamed lay still on his bed worrying about the possibilities of being discovered. He could not find his glasses, and he thought he might have left them at his last victim's house. He feared for his future and life, but took comfort from the fact that he had already gotten away with twelve murders. He wished that murder wasn't crime.

Mohamed's thoughts started to wander, he thought about how the world would be if murder, and other crimes, were not considered crimes. The next morning he followed his every day routine but something seemed strange. When he turned on the morning news there was no talk about murders or other similar occurrence. This didn't really bother him until he turned off the TV and went out to breakfast. While he was walking to the small cafe where he always had breakfast, Mohamed noticed something differ ent. Something was wrong. The world seemed to be breakfast.

tasting plain, and he did not get the same plea surable feeling anymore. He was just like every body else; he wasn't any different. He figured that he did not get the same thrill from cannibal ism that he did before. Mohamed did not know what to do to pleasure himself and he did not understand what was wrong with his old self now that he could do what he loved and freely. Yet he didn't feel satisfied.

Feasting on human flesh was fun. It was what made him different from everybody else. But everything had changed - the world, and with

the world, his whole self. This changed worried

Mohamed when he realized that he never was his real self, just a phony. He knew that the reason

for his being a cannibal was not that he loved human flesh, but he loved to be different. This new horrid world had opened his eyes to see his true self. The world was backwards and so was his personality.

He became a vegetarian.

Joey John Song

Joey was 13 year old boy who wore thick-

rimmed glasses. He was very unpopular and

He saw a man stealing and nobody said anything. He saw two men beating each other and nobody tried to interfere. He kept on walk

had few friends. He found it difficult to speak and spoke with a stutter.One day it was the day 73


Broken Heart by: Pong Lin-Chie

Diana is a student at Peterson High. She is a senior and a very talented young woman. She's a

leader and a cheerleader. She's gorgeous and nice. She likes to hang out with guys. Tom is also a student at Peterson High. He's also a senior and a good athlete. He is the most popular guy in school. He plays basketball and football. He's the kind of guy that people always want to hang out with.

Diana and Tom are good friends. They have known each other for four years, since they were freshman in High School. Just a few weeks before their graduation, Tom asks Diana out as they walked home. She was shocked, because no one in this school had ever ask her. It's not because she's ugly, but it's because she's still a virgin. Diana was surprised, and she said it directly, "I'd love to go out with you." The next day, as Diana and Tom went out, they were surprised to see such a big rain in this time of the month. But since it was their first date, they really wanted to be special. So he took her somewhere romantic where they had their first kiss. The same right, Tom asked her about the Prom. Of course, she was excited, and she had never been so happy ever in her life.

time. She can't speak even a word. Fifteen minutes later, he stopped, and asked her to leave

the car. She started to cry and left the car imme diately.

When she got home, she did not tell anyone even her parents, because she was

scared, ever since she was raped, no one knows

why they broke up. And no one knows why she's acting weird lately.

A few weeks after her graduation, she starts taking college courses at a community

college. Diana later met this handsome guy named John at a fraternity party. They become

good friends, and they became couple. He seems to be a nice guy, because he always led Diana made her first movie. He never kisses her unless

she wants to. Two weeks later, they have a romantic dinner at the most expensive restaurant

in town, because there is something really important that John wants to tell Diana. He brought this gold ring for her and asked her for marriage.

Ten days later after their marriage, Diana got sick. Everyday, she's feeling weaker and weaker. She's having nausea and diarrhea all the

The day of the Prom, Tom picked her up with his Dodge Viper. When they entered the

time. John was worried, and doesn't know what

room, they were holding hands. They were such a good couple compared to others. They were dancing and talking the whole night. Four hours

could find. When they got there, she got checked

to do. So he took her to the nearest hospital he by a doctor, and she found out that she was pregnant. She was shocked, now she is worried.

had passed, Diana almost forgot that she had a curfew. She had to get home by midnight. She

John. She's still worried, because she didn't tell

told him that, and he offered her a ride.

her husband about the rape. She doesn't know

As she got on the car, Tom immediately closed the door, and ran the car. Half way home,

what to do.

She's not sure if the baby belongs to Tom or

Tom stopped the car and kissed Diana's cheek and started to touch her. he told her to take her cloths off, but Diana refused. Tom got mad, and ripped her cloths off. She tried to say, "Please, don't do this to me!", but it was too late, Tom

had already gone too far. She was scared at the


When they got home, John feels happy.

He had never been happier ever in his life. He

knows that she's pregnant, but he still doesn't know about the rape. Ten months later, she found out that the baby belongs to John. She finally feels relieved, but she's still feeling bad for not

telling her husband the truth.


Stay Away From The Old Schoolhouse by Maria Brady It was almost nine, and Karen wasn't home

demned, Stay out!". They had ruined her beautiful

yet. She was at the schoolhouse again. Her parents

schoolhouse! She set to work immediately taking

kept telling her not to go there because it wasn't safe.

down the tape. She wadded it up in a ball and threw

There was a river right next to it and she might fall

it over the little wooden fence into the river. Then,

in. But, she loved it there. Her parents didn't seem

she went in, and sat in the desk in the front of the

to understand that she didn't go there on purpose, it

room. It was her favorite seat in the whole class. It

was like it called out to her. She ran home, and sure

made her feel like she was in the class, one of the

enough, her parents were all worked up about where

students. When she was younger, she used to play

she'd been. She told them she'd been walking

school there. But now, all she did was sit and think.

around the neighborhood, but they saw right through

Sometimes she'd draw or read, too. But this time,

her lie. They seemed to know she had been at the

something felt wrong. As she sat in the seat, she felt


like something was watching her. She turned around, and right behind her was a teacher. "Oh my god,"

"You've been over there again, at the school-

she thought. "It's the ghost!"

house haven't you?" She shrank away from her

She turned to run out the door, but it was

father's voice.

gone. "Oh, I'm such an idiot, the door is on the other

side!". She ran out the door over to the bench that "How many times do we have to tell you not to go there?

was next to the fence. She grabbed her backpack and turned around, only to see that the guy was right in

It's not safe," her mom said, more

politely. Then her father said, "The mayor con

front of her. She had forgotten one important part of

demned it today, it could fall in at any time, and he

the legend, the teacher had really bad breath. That

doesn't want anyone to get hurt. It's too old." Karen

was how you could tell if it was the real ghost or not.

reacted as if she'd been slapped. "You mean you

Well, it was him all right. He backed her up against

didn't try to save it? It's a historical landmark. It's

the fence, and raised an axe over his head. But just

my favorite place." And with that, she ran out of the

then, the fence cracked, and she fell into the river.


The last thing she thought before she went under was, "I should have listened to my parents..." While Karen was running, she thought about

Karen's parents figured out what happened to

the schoolhouse. There was an old legend about it.

Some teacher was a little crazy, and the students were

her when they saw the cracked fence, and they found

all terrified of him. Then, one day he snapped, and

her backpack washed up on the riverbed the next day.

he murdered the students, and threw them into the

The schoolhouse was kept open in memory of Karen.

river. Since then, people have been afraid to go near

Usually, if you go inside the schoolhouse, you'll see

the old schoolhouse, because they were afraid that it

a girl sitting at the front desk. And sometimes, if you

was haunted. Karen was fascinated by the legend,

walk around to the front of the schoolhouse, you can

and had always wanted to see the ghost of the

see a girl sitting on the bench with her backpack next

teacher. Because after all, a ghost couldn't hurt you,

to her;

could it?

drawing a picture. When you walk closer, you'll hear

Karen wasn't sure. The

sometimes, she'll be reading a book, or

her whisper, "Stay away from the old schoolhouse."

schoolhouse was her favorite spot because it was so secluded, and she liked to go there and think. She

thought mostly about the legend and about ghosts (whether or not they were real). Karen got to the

schoolhouse, and stopped in her tracks. The schoolhouse was covered with police tape that said, "Con



Catastrophe By: Li Tsai Chen

important theory. Eric decided to find out from

In 2510 AD. the biggest catastrophe of Earth began, and all the planet was to be de stroyed. People were just a tool for war. All the continents, and all the countries would fight

scientists worked. But the problem with that was that all the information was saved in a in a

among each other, without knowing that the

computer hard-drive, in a very safe place. Eric

Earth was going to be destroyed, after two years, But a small group of people were aware of that

worked day and night with the group he formed to finish his investigation. They tried to find out

disaster, so they decided to start the time opera tion. This was a time machine where people

take out the information they needed. It was hard

would travel back and forth throughout time.

for them to find out the password, and once they

This investigation had started since before, but after a certain period of time the most brilliant scientists stopped it, because they thought that it

did, they never thought that the computer had

was completely impossible that people could

user place. If another computer was connected

travel through time. But in that group of scien

with it, the government would be advised. So the

tists one man named Eric still thought that it was possible to make a machine that could travel

government knew that somebody else was

the past investigation where the most brilliant

the password of that computer to enter it and

another security password, which when activated

by the first one, would search the origin of the _

looking for something confidential, and they decided to make those people pay for the crime

through time. His theories were totally different from those of other scientists, and this why nobody wanted to listen to him. Because of this, the rest of the scientists believed that Eric should not be in the research group. So Eric was forced to leave the investigation center. After one year the investigation of time operation stopped, and all the information about the investigation was archived. But Eric formed a group where they continued the time operation (in secret, of

just work on the negative charge or positive

course) because the government had already


canceled it, and it was prohibited to keep doing

they made.

On the other hand Eric found from the

old documents and information the answer that

he needed. It was a simple rule; every part of the time machine needed to be separated and should work in their own way. With this information,

Eric knew that negative charge and positive

charge of time should be separated and make it

Without wasting any time Eric's secret group started to work on the time machine.


Now as the biggest catastrophe of Earth

Eric's concentration was all in that machine, and

began, Eric thought that he should finish the

he never realized that the government was trying

machine fast and correct all the errors that

to arrest him. After several days the machine was

people had made in the past. But his theory of

almost done, and it just need to be tried to see it

the time machine was missing something. He

if it really worked. While on this, the govern

knew what the problem was, but he didn't know

ment found them. Eric was surprised by the

how to solve it. His theory was simple: time

persecution the government had on him, so

means dimension, where everything has its

without testing the time machine, he used it to go

opposite charge. The present time is a positive

back through time and tried to change all the

charge, so if the machine could inverse that

errors that people made in controlling the ammo

charge, it could be decided where in time to stop,

for power, which led to today's, catastrophe!

which meant that the time travel machine would

But the only problem with this project was that they did not know if it was going to


But he missed another very easy, but very

work, because if it didn't work, nobody would

Fiction know exactly what happens to the people who

went to steal the weapon control; he found the

use it. Eric predicted that maybe it will take you

place where they were hidden. He went to that

to another dimension, or it would destroy all

place but the guards who were protecting that

parts of your body. Still, Eric tried it because if

place made an excellent job with its security.

he didn't do it at the moment, he knew that he

Fortunately, before Eric became a brilliant

was never going to have any other chance. So

scientist, he got training in a spying school, so it

Eric walked to the portal of time as his assistants

was a piece of cake for him. Eric was already in

began to enter all the password to start the

the laboratory of the control building, because

process of time traveling. Eric was afraid be

the weapons were already finished and sent to

cause he knew that to return would be impos

space as a satellite. After waiting for few hours

sible, even if he changed the past into a peaceful

Eric saw a chance to steal the control of the

future. Because after he changed the past, the

mortal weapons. But he never suspected that the

future would be different, and he would vanish

laboratory had an alarm system, which was

in the past. But Eric knew that he needed to

automatically activated when the person did not

sacrifice himself for a better future.

identify himself.

The the procedure of time traveling

This did not stop Eric's plan of stealing

began. He set the machine to travel two hundred

the control. On the way out of that dangerous

years to the past because that time was the time

place, he saw the man who had made all the

in which people from all the nations started to

catastrophe in the future. Without thinking about

fight for power. After few seconds, Eric felt a

it twice, Eric took a laser gun out of his pocket,

strange sensation in his body, which made all his

and shot him. Eric killed him, but also received a

atoms separate, and took him to another place. In

lot of laser shots. Then in the most dangerous

that process Eric fainted.

moment of the escape, Eric saw the best way to

After he recuperated his conscience, he

escape. He was a parachute and a rocket. He put

was in another place, a unknown and strange

the parachute on his back and held the rocket

would for him. Eric saw a city where the build

which elevated him into the sky.

ings and all the things around him were in

After the shot, Eric opened his parachute

perfect condition (really different from the place

and escaped all the danger he was confronting.

he came). With all the things he had seen, he

He took the control to the TV station and as the

knew that the time machine worked. The best

brilliant technologist he is, he connected all the

proof for this was that the actual date in the

networks of the world into one camera. He told

newspaper was 2310 AD. Without wasting any

to everybody his mission to save the future of

time, Eric began to work on the reason why he

Earth, and of course, nobody believed him. But

came to the past. To begin, he knew that no one

with the proofs that the weapons existed, and the

would believe that he was from the future. So he

thing he took from future, everybody believed

needed to work with intelligence, which was the

him. With the death of the man who supposedly

best thing to start with, to search for the bad

started all the disaster on the future, the destruc

source of the future disaster. He found out that

tion of the mortal weapons, and the wish of

all the bad sources of the future disaster began

people for the peace of all the nations, Eric

from the scientists who constructed a nuclear

finally completed his mission, changing the past

weapon that could destroy an entire city just by

and giving the people on it, a lot of new knowl

pressing a button. The man who supported that

edge to protect Earth. His last speech for every

project was the one who started all the wars on

body in this present was: 'Today's act is what

Earth. Then, he knew that he should let all the

the future will be, so lets set harmony in the

people around the world know about the pur

present times, for a peaceful future place to live

poses of the evil man.

for our generations."

First he needed to have proof for all the people around the world to believe him. So he

Eric knew that his job was completed 79

when he vanished for ever!!!


Obsession by Maria Brady

The phone rang jolting Meg back from her daydream, she picked it up... and there was

like a blur. Meg started to wear really baggy clothes to hide her weight. And she started

only the dial tone, 'oh well,' she thought,

eating only water and crackers during the day.

'Must've been a prank.' She sighed as she

At night she would pretend that she wasn't

thought over the events from the day. It had started out perfectly normal like any day, but

hungry because she had eaten a big lunch. And

then it took a turn for the worse. In the cafeteria, she had been in line to pay for her lunch, and she overheard some girls behind her, talking.

her parents didn't suspect anything, they just

figured that she was wearing baggy clothes because they were in style. And then... she started to fall asleep during her classes. Ashley started to suspect that something was wrong with

"Look at her lunch! She is so fat, and she shouldn't be eating so much!" Then there was

Meg. All she ever talked about now was how fat

lots of giggling. Meg looked at her lunch, and

And every time they went to the movies or out to

turned red. She was eating a lot! She sat down

eat, Meg would just get a small soda and some

to eat with her friends, and examined their

fries, or popcorn with no butter or salt. She'd

she was. and how she needed to lose weight.

lunches. All they were eating was crackers and

say that she didn't like fast food or junk food

orange juice. But then she remembered that they

that much. She was always ready with an ex

had eaten a really big snack during first period. So she felt a little better, an enjoyed her lunch. Then as she was walking to her next class

cuse. All this time, as Meg's clothes got baggier

with her best friend Ashley, she heard some more

help her, but they didn't know how, and they

people talking in the hall about how fat 'that girl'

were all really helpless because they didn't know

was. Meg didn't realize that they weren't talking

what to do. Even Meg's parent's were getting

about her. And during the rest of the day, she


and baggier, her weight dropped steadily. It was like she was dying. All of her friends wanted to

walked around feeling really self conscious. When she got out of school, she decided to walk

They all decided to have an interven

home, so that she could burn off all the calories

tion... but it didn't work out, because she fainted

from her lunch. And as the cars passed her on

as she walked in the door. So they all rushed her

the street, she felt like they were all laughing at

to the hospital and she was put in the I.C. unit.


Slowly Meg started to recuperate, and her weight came back up to normal. Meg told her parents

Later, when she got home, she weighed

what had happened to make her so obsessed

herself on the scale, and realized what a fool

about her weight. The said that she had become

she'd been. She was just a little below average

paranoid, and everywhere she went, she thought

for her height, so she'd been all worried for

people were laughing at her and how fat she was.


and that each time she looked in the mirror, all she could see was a fat slob, so she decided to

The next day, Meg knew she had been

diet, and it got way out of hand to the point that

wrong about not being worried. Everywhere she

it made her stomach hurt to look at food. But

went, there were people making comments about

alls well that ends well, and Meg turned out fine.

her appearance. So the next few weeks passed 80


SIX By Debra Walsh

traitor to her own. Marie didn't understand.

Marie was a quiet girl. She never really had any friends because she always was chang

Weren't these people friends with Francis just

ing schools. You see, her father worked for the

the week before?And what had they meant that

government so Marie never stayed any where

she was traitor to her own? Marie didn't know

long enough to make any real friends. Marie

what to do, so to avoid conflict she agreed with

spent most of her seventeen years in her room,

the rest of the group. Sarah then said that they

until one day her father told Marie that they

should get rid of Francis or her on a very long

would be moving to Mexico. The school was

trip. Marie thought to herself she didn't want

like any other school Marie had been to on the

Francis to be kicked out; Francis had always

outside but the people inside were nothing Marie

been so nice to her. The next day at school Marie was walk

had ever come across, The students were so

ing to class when a girl stopped her and said

friendly towards her; maybe a little to friendly.

"Get out while you still can, before you become

Weeks went by and Marie began to hang

out with one of the most popular groups in

one of them." Marie thought nothing of it. The

school. The group consisted of six members:

girl probably was jealous. Marie kept walking

Sarah, Matthew, Larah, Todd, Brad and Francis.

and then run into Sarah in the hall.

Francis was the nicest of the group. Marie and

"I guess you heard about Francis huh?" Sarah

Francis got along really well. They talked to


each other on the phone all the time, wrote each

"No, what about her?" Marie inquired.

other notes, had sleep overs; they just really

"Well she somehow tipped and fell out of sixteen

clicked. The group was like a family that

story building last night" Sarah answered.

adopted Marie in that they did everything to

"What, oh my God, Francis is she dea...dead!"

gether Marie really enjoyed hanging out with

Marie squeaked.

them. In just a few weeks her social life had

"Yup, it kind of funny don't you think?" Sarah

gone from zero to having something to do every

laughed. "No, I don't what's wrong with you Sarah,


Every weekend the group would hang out

Francis is dead!" angrily replied Marie.

at this gothic club called the Scribe . The whole

"Oh, you're right, boo,hoo."Sarah said sarcasti

place was dark and lit only candle light, the


couches were black velvet the walls painted

Sarah then went on her way. Marie thought to

maroon, and the floor was bare. At first Marie

herself how could Sarah have been laughing at

had found the place a bit spooky but then

such a serious situation? Marie didn't want to

thought of it as her second home, Marie and the

have anything to do with someone like that,

rest of the group would always talk about school

someone who could be so cruel, so mean. The weekend came and once again The

and the people they didn't like, and they would go home around 12 pm. They did for weeks, at

group went to the Scribe . No one seemed to

the same place with the same people. Then one

even care about what had happened to Francis.

weekend Francis was not there and they were an

Everyone was acting as if nothing had happened

even six. The group leader Sarah asked everyone

at all.

"Don't any of you care about Francis?

"What they thought of Francis". All of them

How can you sit here and act like it never hap

replied that they hated her and that Francis was a

pened?." yelled Marie.


Fiction "What are you talking about? I'm fine." replied

My precious

Francis' voice from across the room.

"What, Francis , I thought you were dead!" said Marie.


"Yes I still am. We all are." replied Francis. "I don't understand?"what about the building, what do you mean you all are dead!" Marie

by: Young Jin Kang


"We are Vampires, why do you think we hang out here at the Scribe, the candlelight, only six of us? Marie, I thought you were smarter than that. And I am really hurt you betrayed me after all the nice things I have done for you." replied

There was nothing I could do. Jack was dead. My

best friend Jack was dead. My big brother Jack was dead. But maybe there was one thing I could do. Revenge! Kill those bastards...! As all the thoughts


went through my mind, I felt a soft wind passing

"Sarah is the one who wanted to get rid of you, not me! I just wanted to be part of the group." Marie nervously said.

through my body. I turned back from the grave and started walking. I removed my sunglasses from my

face and a intense sunlight stabbed my furious eyes. I looked back one more time.

"Kill her!" yelled Francis.

I went straight home and started packing. A

Marie turned to look at her friends. Their faces

few clothes and a picture were only thing I needed to

contorted, their eyes bulged and became blood

carry. I tried to stay as calm as possible, but I couldn't

shot, and turned from a healthy glow into a dead pale white their mouths opened to reveal

resist the pounding heart-beats that kept making me nervous. Yes, I was nervous, but at the same time, I

dagger sharp fangs. Like a group of rabid dogs

was also desperate. I was going to kill those bastards.

they surrounded Marie and corned her. Sarah inched closer, opened her mouth, tilted her head

So, I left my house.

and then Boyce

As I was half way to the destination by my

car, it started to rain. It was also getting dark, so I


searched for a small inn to spend the night. I could

Marie jumped out of her bed looked at

find a inn very easily. I thought it was quiet strange

her alarm clock. The clock read 7:45. Great! Her

first day at a new school and she was going to be late! She quickly jumped into her faded blue jeans, pulled on her favorite navy blue shirt with the white stripe down the sleeves, and quickly gave herself a look in the mirror and rushed out the door just in time to catch the bus.

that I was able to find a inn that soon on such a deadly looking street, but, I decided to put all those unnecessary thoughts aside. The very kindly inn

keeper led me to my room and told me that I should

feel like I am at home or something like that. As soon

as the innkeeper closed the door for me, I made myself comfortable on the bed. I took out the picture from my bag. I glared at the picture and the tears

Marie went to her first period class,

were already there on my eyes. It was a picture of a

homeroom, met some people, got her schedule, and headed to her next class. As she was walking out the door two girls stopped and said "We'll

person who was no longer with me. The memories were the only thing that remained with me. The


show you to your next class."

I was sitting down on long bench and guess I

"Thanks, my name is Marie."

was staring at the sunset. I was thirteen and it was the

"Yea, I know my name is Francis and this is

age when I first felt some kind of connection with

Sarah." the girl replied.

nature. Suddenly, I heard someone's slow footsteps

For some strange reason Marie felt as if she had

behind my back. It was my brother Jack. He sat next

already met them someplace

to me. He took off his jacket and put it around my


shoulder. He asked, "You cold, right?" I couldn't

stop the tears falling down my face. I wanted to look at his face and say something, but all the words in my


Fiction mind became tears. He understood what I wanted to

bastard! Die! Die!" He did. He probably died when

say and said "Don't cry. I'm not leaving you forever.

first hit him on the head, but I kept hitting him. "You

It will be just for a while." I leaned toward his

bastard! You killed my brother! You killed my

shoulder and he put his arms around me. He hugged! My bro...My brother..." I was shaking.

me real tight. Was he crying too? I really wanted to

In a second, I was down on my knees and crying. It

say something, but I didn't, because there was a

wasn't over yet. There were still one more person and

different language to communicate between us at that

he was another one who had to kill for revenge. But I

moment. I turned my head slowly to see the sunset

couldn't move. I knew that he was somewhere in this

and I dropped the last drop of tears.

house alive, but I just kept crying. Suddenly, some

I woke up at the sun rose on the window of

one approached my back while I was crying beside

the room and the sunlight shined smoothly on my

the dead man. "So, you're that little brother of Jack?

face. I woke up with no hesitation and went out the

I heard a lot about you from your brother when he

door with my little bag. I didn't need to dress, be

was one of our friends. You know, he really was a

cause I already was dressed. As I began to start the

good thief. I knew he was a good dog from the first

engine in my car, I realized that I left the picture on

time I saw him. So, I fed him and gave him lots of

top of the drawl beside the bed. "Stupid! Stupid!" I

money. But he betrayed me. He told me that he didn't

ran in as quickly as possible back into the inn and up

want to steal anymore. So, I killed him. He resisted,

to the stairs. When I entered the hall, I saw a women,

but I was stronger." I turned my head and stared at

who looked like a cleaning lady, coming out of the

him. He pointed a gun on me. "Are all orphans like

room that I was in. I ran quickly into the room and I

you brothers? You're only what, eighteen years old?

noticed that the window was open. Then, I looked at

You made my house a mess." My body was no longer

the drawer to find my picture, and it was still there

shaking, but instead, my fits were tightening. I said "

safely. "Thank God!" I shouted as I ran to the drawl

I am an orphan. I don't have parents, but he's my

to pick up the picture. I took a deep breath when I

brother and you killed him." With a tiny smile on his

was able to see Jack in the picture. Then, I raised my

face, he replied " So you want to kill me. Is that what

arm to pick it up. But a blowing wind came right

you came here for?" I couldn't hold on to my anger

through the open window and carried the picture

any more. I shouted "YOU KILLED HIM!" and ran

away. I was really surprised for a little moment. But,

towards him. Two steps and I fell down. I fell down

I didn't wait until the picture landed somewhere. I

right beside the man I killed. There was blood on my

caught it in the air and placed in my pocket immedi

left chest. I was shot. "You are just like your brother

ately. Then, I went back to my car to start get going.

Jack. You two are the exact same fools. Ha ha ha!

When I got there and saw the house from a

One gets killed by trying to revenge his mother's

safe distance, I could feel all nature around me

death, and the other gets killed by trying to revenge

shaking from my fury. "I will kill you! I will kill you!

the death of his brother. Ha ha ha!" Mother...? My

I will kill you!" I have never felt myself with such

brother never told me anything about mother. I don't

furious anger. It was like as if my life entire body

even know what she looks like. I was going uncon

was caught on fire. I ran inside and shouted "Bastard!

scious and things started to look very unclear. Right

Where are you! I'm gonna kill you!" I grabbed

beside my head I could see a gun inside the dead

everything in my sight and threw it against any walls

man's pocket. Why didn't he use the gun when I was

or floors as hard as I could, and I kept shouting

attacking him or frightening him? Everything was so

"Bastard! Come here! I will kill you today!" As I was

unclear. I took out the gun from the dead man's

about to spit out the most disgusting words out my

pocket anyway and aimed it at that bastard's back,

mouth, a man with long hair and ugly face appeared

who was now walking away. I shot him right in the

in my sight. He looked like he understood the situa tion and tried to maintain calmness. I ran right into his face and grabbed his throat as tight as I could. "You killed my brother! You killed my brother! You killed my brother!" I grabbed some kind of batlooking object from the floor and hit the guy hard on

head. Then, I dropped the gun on the floor. I was

getting powerless but my life was meaningful. I had a brother who I loved with all my heart. My brother. He was my best friend and only friend. I slowly

closed my eyes. The revenge was completed.

the head. He went down on the floor. I hit him and hit him as hard as possible. I didn't stop. "Die, you 83

The Maya Pulse - Volume 2, Issue 3  

School magazine from Colegio Maya

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