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Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with Guardian Angels! January 30 - February 5 Open House this weekend (See back of bulletin for more information) Catholic Schools Week Activities all week (See page 4 for details) !"wardship at Guardian Angel# Stewardship Report for January 22 and 23, 2011 Week 30 of our fiscal year



Over/ (Under) Budget

Envelope offering


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Year-to-date Total offering




J A N U A RY 2 0 , 2 0 1 1

LISTENING TO THE HEART Karl Rabeder grew up poor in Austria. He made a fortune in business and lived the “good life,” with two mansions, gliders, luxury cars, and world travel. Visiting South America and Africa, Rabeder saw the poverty of the people there and felt uncomfortable with his riches. On a Hawaiian vacation he felt no pleasure in anything he had and decided to redirect his wealth. He sold his business, raffled off his Alpine mansion, and sold all his other property. The $5 million proceeds will go into his new charity, providing microloans to people in Latin America. Microcredit organizations charge very low interest and have a high success rate in loan repayment. Borrowers who are too poor to use banks are able to start a small business and begin to lift their families out of poverty. Rabeder is relieved that he finally listened to the promptings of his heart. Don’t wait to be a millionaire; make a difference now. !"#$%&'()*!+!,--./!0#&12!3'4&5&%!6741'859#:;<!=11!&'()*;!&>;>&?>2<



CHURCH & SCHOOL STAFF Listed Alphabetically E-Mails for Staff: Example:

Rev. Mr. Jim Bauhs, Deacon Eric Crowell, Dir of Operations & Communications Amy Gallus, School Principal Fr. Paul Jarvis, Pastor Fr. Thomas Joseph, Sacramental Minister within the Latino Community Emily Klinker, Director of Faith Formation Maria Koehn, Latino Administrative Assistant Lori Reznick, School Administrative Assistant Jean Rief, Pastoral Associate Jerry Roth, Parish Director Miguel Salinas, Room Scheduling Jennifer Salwei, Accounting Teresa Schmidt, Director of Worship Fr. Conran Schneider, O.F.M. (Pastoral Care) Brian Winfield, Maintenance Supervisor

227-4000 227-4008 227-4010 227-4000 227-4093 227-4007 227-4015 227-4010 227-4095 227-4002 227-4004 227-4001 361-0181 361-0414 227-4013

LAY-LEADERSHIP POSITIONS TRUSTEES Bill Meyer 448-4311 Steve Rasmussen 448-5922 PARISH COUNCIL, Tim Collins 270-2341 FINANCE COUNCIL, Jim Healy 443-1340 FAITH FORMATION COMMISSION, Ed Hajek 960-4940 SCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE, Tom Tierney, 239-8799 PARENT/TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO) Cecilia Laube, laubes2006@yahoo,com 448-6161 Keith Erickson, 368-7349 PASTORAL CARE MINISTRY Dianne Eiden 201-6045 USHERS/GREETERS Marty O’Keefe, 368-7541 PRAYER LINE, Jessica Oberpriller 361-3165


!"#$%&'()%#*(+,'(-.,,(/(01#$%&'(234*(5'(-.,,( Mass Intentions Tuesday Lee Van Sloun + Wednesday Audrey Lano + Friday Linda Mussehl + Saturday Leonard Laxen + Sunday (8am) Lee Van Sloun + Sunday (10am) Joe & Audrey Lano + Sunday (6:15pm) Guardian Angels Parishioners Upcoming Coffee & Donuts: Today: Jan. 30: No Hospitality - Open House at School with Waffle Breakfast, Feb. 6: Marriage Encounter, Feb. 13: No Hospitality - Beef & Sausage Dinner, Feb. 20: Loaves and Fishes, Feb. 27: School Advisory Committee, Mar. 6: Finance Council, Mar 13: D of I

Next Weekend!s Readings

First Reading — If you share your food with the hungry, provide housing for the homeless, then light shall break forth upon you (Isaiah 58:7-10). Psalm — The just man is a light in the darkness to the upright (Psalm 112). Second Reading — My message to you, says Paul, was not clever words of wisdom but the proclamation of Christ crucified (1 Corinthians 2:1-5). Gospel — You are the salt of the earth, the light of the world. In your good deeds your light shines before others, leading them to glorify God (Matthew 5:13-16).

Knights of Columbus Calendar Raffle Results

Please call Steve at (952) 448-3127 or Chuck at (952) 448-2819 to collect your winnings. Congratulations!

This Week’s Sponsor: Dahlgren Golf Club



Feb. 5 – Feb. 6 Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Meyer Eucharistic Ministers Servers - Candle 1 Servers - Candle 2 Server - Cross/Incense Server - Cross/Incense Homebound Homebound/Greeter Sacristans


5:00 pm Randy Kerber Chris Koebnick Katie Schepers Bill VanHecke Bill Meyer -----Mary Meyer Kevin Schepers Michaela Spielberger Madison Koebnick Zachary Spielberger ----------Bill/Mary Meyer


8:00 am 10:00 am Dorothy Wermerskirchen Dianne Eiden Paul Gerold Colin Schulte Randee Gerold Krista Schulte Debra Bates Dennis Meyer -----Lola



6:15 pm Bob Topinka Scott Guillemette Marie Guillemette Steven Guillemette

-----Ellie Bergum Joe Bergum Dan Bergum Alison Gagnon Connie Liestman Susan Rooney Jack Schindler

Cathy Cress Rachel Cress Erin O’Keefe Allison Cress Mitch Cress ----------Dennis/Lola Meyer

-----Rachel Guillemette Daniel Guillemette ---------------Mary Muhs Molly Williams

PARRISH CAALENDAR & EVENTS For th he most update ed calendar information for events at G.A., please e check our online calendar at

ww ww.gachas


31 TUE


8 a.m. 6:30 p.m.

Word & Communion Service, Church Prayer Shawl Ministry, Office

8 a.m. 6:30 p.m.

Mass, Church PTO Council Meeting, Conf



8 a.m. 9:20 a.m. 6:15 p.m. 8 p.m.

Mass, Church Mass, Church Faith Formation, School, Conf, SFH 6.1.5 Mass Music Rehearsal, Loft

8 a.m. After Church 6:30 p.m. 7 p.m.

Word & Communion Service, Church Quilters, SFH School Variety Show, Gym Thursday Night Choir Rehearsal

8 a.m.

Mass, Church

7:30 a.m. 8 a.m. 9 a.m.

D of I Rosary, Church D of I Mass, Church Spanish Speaking Parishioner Baptism Prep Class, SCC Conf. Overeaters Anonymous Group, Conf. Little Ringers Rehearsal, Church Mass (with Children’s Liturgy & Little Ringers), Church



9 a.m. 4:30 p.m. 5 p.m. SUN



Mass Intentions … Mass intentions may be for the living and the departed, with a + designating in the bulletin a deceased person. There is a $10 suggested donation per Mass intention. Permission from the sick person or his/her family must be granted before a name’s inclusion in these prayers. To schedule a Mass intention, call Jean in the parish office (see contacts, page 2) Baptism … Sacramental preparation is required for all parents. Godparents and Grandparents are also encouraged to attend. Baptismal prep sessions are given every other month and Baptism Masses are held once a month. Call Jean in the parish office (see contacts, opposite page) to schedule a child for Baptism and the parents for baptismal prep. Prayers of the Faithful ….If you would like a name included in our Prayers of the Faithful for the sick, please call the Parish Office. Penance...Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and anytime by appointment.



8 a.m. 9:15 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 4 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 6:15 p.m.

Mass, Church School Choir Rehearsal, Loft Mass, Church Mass in Spanish, Church Adult Bible Study, SFH 6.1.5. Music Rehearsal, Church 6.1.5 Mass, Church

Family of Josephine Klehr would like to thank Home Bound Ministers for their compassion and kindness to their mother over the years. H6IJ#$>6)K#&7$%#&4-&'$8(*;&<(=C$:#DE$L The Little Ringers will be playing at the 5pm Mass on Saturday, February 5th. Rehearsal will be at 4:30 in the church. Children ages 4 thru 2nd grade are welcome to join us. No experience needed. Contact Tami Hed at with questions!

Matrimony...pre-registration required one year in advance; marriage preparation course is required. Anointing… 1st weekend of the month following each Mass. For other requests, please contact the office.

!"#$%#&'()#)*$+#(,-).$$/$0-,(1-)$*-$ 2#$()$3,-)$-4$5"&67*$*"#$8#&9()* The Archdiocesan permanent deacon formation program will begin the discernment and application process this fall for admission to Aspirancy (novitiate) in fall 2011. Men married or single and at least 30 years old can begin now by: 1) applying to the prerequisite Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Catechetical Institute (go to the St. Paul Seminary webpage at spssod/ for an application or call 651-962-6890), and 2) attending one of our Diaconate Inquiry Courses offered twice this winter and spring. The inquiry course runs on three consecutive Tuesday evening from 6:30-9:00 PM and one Saturday morning session. Its purpose is to introduce men (and their wives) to the vocation, spirituality, and role of the permanent deacon in the Archdiocese and will explain the discernment, application, and formation process. The winter Inquiry course starts on Tuesday, February 8th and the spring course starts on March 15th. For more information, contact Deacon Russ Shupe at (651) 291-4428 or email: Even if you cannot apply for diaconate formation now, you may still attend the Diaconate Inquiry Course to learn more about this unique vocation in the Church. +$-4$3$:6&7*$8(*;&<(=$>-7(&=$()<$?(77 The Daughters of Isabella will hold a Rosary at 7:30 a.m. followed by a Mass at 8 a.m. on Saturday, February 5. All are welcome! 8*$?(&@A7$B6)*#&4#7*$67$8(*;&<(=C$:#DE$FG Please join us Saturday, February 26, 2011 for St. Mark's Winterfest in Shakopee. Enjoy a wonderful dinner including: rouladen (Rolled Beef), Bratwurst, Red Cabbage, Spaetzel and more. Music will be provided by Jim Strehlke (master of the alpine horn and awesome yodeler) and his band, Alpensterne. Social 6 pm, dinner beginning at 7 pm. Reservations are necessary and are on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets are $20.00/person. Please contact the St. Mark's Parish Office at 952-445-1229 for tickets.


FAITH FORMATION Guardian Angels Faith Formation would like to offer their prayers and blessings to the Guardian Angels day school students as they celebrate Catholic Schools Week. A big thank you to John Barone for coming last week to our Newest Mass to celebrate Fr. Ravoux – he shared some wonderful information about our faith communities’ founder. I know the 4th grade class appreciated hearing the stories, since they have recently studied the territory Midwest in the school’s social studies classes. Be sure to ask any of the FF or school kids to share what they have learned about Fr. Ravoux. Believe it or not it is time to start thinking about vacation bible school, this year it will be the week of June 20th. This year’s theme is “Pandamania”. I am looking for some excited parishioners who would like to help plan this fun event at Guardian Angels. Remember you do not need to have children in VBS to be involved. Please call Emily Klinker 227-4007 to volunteer. Catechist of the Week: Dan Klein and Rob Miller have once again stepped into the role of catechist for the 8th grade class. Each year Dan says it is his last, but somehow God calls him back, and we are so thankful for that! This is Dan and Rob’s third year teaching together, Rob began as only the assistant and has taken on more roles each year. Dan and Rob have the unique challenge of keeping 8th grade students engaged! For those who have worked with any Middle School student you know what a challenge that can be especially as they get closer to the end of their Middle School career, but these two do it masterfully! They talk about the tough topics and help prepare the students for life outside middle school! Dan has experience from working with other parishes and brings that knowledge to us at GA and incorporates it at GA. He also works outside of the book, while still covering important Catholic values and beliefs into the class. Rob has coached a wide range of children and has been able to use that gift and shared it with our learners! Please join us in praying for the continued success of Dan and Rob’s 8th grade class!

SCHOOL NEWS !"#$%&'()*($%%&+),--./

Our students, parents and staff are excited to kick off this year’s Catholic Schools Week with the Open House and Super Sunday Funday activities today in the gym. Please come join us for “Dad’s Old Fashioned” waffles and sausage links and come check out all the improvements that have been made to the school (See back page of this bulletin for more information about the open house and breakfast pricing). Students are involved in a number of activities this week including: A visit from Laura Ingalls Wilder, special themed dress-up/down days, a variety and talent show and much, much more! Please join us for these special Catholic Schools Week events, which are open to the public: • Open House and Super Sunday Funday, Sun. Jan. 30 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. • Mass on Wednesday, Feb. 2 at 9:20 a.m. • Variety and Talent Show on Thursday, February 3 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating Catholic Schools! :(*$!;#7<(=$M&()<$B6)#$!(71)K Proceeds to Benefit Guardian Angels School. Tuesday, March 8, 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Oak Ridge Conference Center in Chaska. Sample more than 120 Wines and Craft Beers with experts from twenty wholesalers. Cost $20 Tickets available at Dolce Vita Wine Shop, at the event, and from Guardian Angels School More information available at

Say YES to the 6.15 Mass!

Can you believe it has been six months since we first introduced the 6.15 Mass? We have had a terrific response from Guardian Angels parishioners and local visitors looking for a Sunday evening mass. This mass continues to grow in attendance and we need your help! We are seeking energetic volunteers to serve in the following areas: /$DJ#77#<$8*E$%(*&6,@A7$,#J#D&(1-)$6*$N6JJ$D#O • Families willing to serve as altar servers The Guardian Angels Church community invites you and your friends to • Ministers of Hospitality a special St. Patrick’s Day Mass on Thursday, March 17th at 10 a.m. • Eucharistic Ministers This St. Patrick’s Day Mass is in celebration not only of and for the Irish • Sacristans – heck, St. Patrick himself was not even Irish – but of and for all • Lectors nationalities coming together in the Spirit of Jesus Christ to build a • Musicians and Cantors better community. Irish music and song by G.A.’s very talented Joanne • Choir Members Wintroath and Teresa Schmidt will be part of the church celebration. No experience is necessary - the 6.15 Mass Committee will provide all Following the Christian church gathering, we will unite as friends in “The the training you need. Just visit us at the back of the church after mass Lodge," located in the Chaska Community Center at 1661 Park Ridge on to learn more - Please join us in saying YES to the 6.15 Mass! Drive in Chaska, near the corner of Highway 41 and Engler Blvd. Irish song, laughter and a wee bit of story telling will be had by all !"()@$P-;$*-$*"#$ME/E$?#)A7$5J;DO starting at 11:30 a.m., with a banquet of corn beef, cabbage, carrots, The Men’s Club has donated 2 additional vacuum cleaners for the potatoes, bread and beverage at noon! Register early, as this Lodge Church. This will allow us to move some of the existing vacuums event fills up quickly: register by calling 952-448-5633. There’s a $7 to other locations in the church. Thank You Men’s Club! registration fee for “The Lodge” food and program.

It’s in our DNA

- Part 2, continued from last week... The first phase of his public ministry Jesus proclaims this nearness of the kingdom of God, and urges belief in this "good news" (Mark 1:15). When summoning his first disciples in the midst of their work as fishermen, Jesus promises to make them "fishers of men" (Mark 1:17); that is, active evangelists or missionaries … active participants in Jesus’ task of proclaiming the good news of God's kingdom, of issuing this divine realm into our world. Evangelization leads to greater belief The essence of discipleship is to be with Jesus and to share in His mission (Mark 3:14), and so eventually Jesus sends out disciples – then and today – to do what He did (Mark 6:6-13; Matt

10:1-42). There is just something about spreading the good news, infecting the world with the Kingdom that convinces one all the more in one’s belief. The first question I ask someone confessing some level of unbelief is how active they are in work of the Church, in spreading the Kingdom. Did you know door-to-door Mormon evangelists rarely get any takers for their unusual religion? Those gaining belief from such evangelization turn out to be the evangelizing Mormons themselves. Among all American religions, Mormonism enjoys the highest rate of membership retention because of this practice. Summary The earliest Christians were convinced that in Jesus' life, death and resurrection, God has done something very decisive in bringing the kingdom of God into our world – to an extent, now … and in its fullness at some point in the future, with the Second Coming. And so Jesus himself became the focus of their "good news" (see Rom 1:3-4; 1 Cor 15:3-5). Having experienced God's kingdom in the person of Jesus, the first Christians wanted to share that experience with others. This impulse is the root of all genuine Christian missionary, evangelizing activity. The first Christians were all messianic Jews, of course. But soon and much to their surprise, non-Jews (Gentiles) showed interest in their good news and received the Holy Spirit and baptism (see Acts 10—11). St. Paul, a man with impeccable Jewish credentials, was called by God to bring the gospel to non-Jews / non-Judeans. His letters are records of his efforts at extending pastoral care for the Gentile-Christian communities that he had founded. The Acts of the Apostles recounts the spread of the gospel from "Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of

the earth" (Acts 1:8). The time frame covered in Acts is roughly from Jesus' ascension and Pentecost (A.D. 30) to Paul's arrival in Rome (A.D. 60). Throughout Acts, the apostles Peter, John, Philip, Barnabas and Paul engage in missionary activity and have great success especially among Gentiles. This great missionary effort continues today. And not just with missionary religious orders. In fact, every Catholic Christian – including YOU – is charged with evangelizing Jesus’ good news that the Kingdom has been, is, and will continue to be arriving. When we live out Jesus’ teaching, we not only further the inbreaking of God’s realm. We infect others with it. Some tips on evangelization 1.






Come and see. When Jesus called people to Him, He implicitly drew people into communion with others. Never guilt or argue someone into going to church. When inviting people to attend the assembly of faithful followers, ask them to join you. Once there, make sure you introduce those you bring to others. Help them become active. My theory is that much unbelief comes from a couch potato past. If “church” is simply a building for someone … if “church” is simply something one attends, perhaps reluctantly as a child or teen … then it’s almost a given that a vast majority of “church”-goers will fall away. It’s because they weren’t ever engaged in being church. Give them a copy of our Time & Talent brochure, and suggest some ministries for them to engage in. Perhaps joining you. Never guilt or shame. People are very psychologically savvy today. They see through such shaming and guilt as manipulation … perhaps as a ploy to bolster one’s shaky faith. The best attitude is the enthusiastic sharing of what you, yourself, are experiencing. How it is improving your life, your attitude. The Pharisees shamed, Jesus did not. He witnessed to the truth of a more joyful way of living. Forward catechesis. If something strikes you as helpful to your own faith life – perhaps a bulletin, an e-catechesis received through the internet, an event at Guardian Angels – then consider passing it all on. It’s typical that one member of a household takes the bulletin after Mass, with just that spouse reading it. Since our bulletins strive to inform and inspire, the bulletin-receiving spouse should gently invite the other spouse to read the bulletin. I always suggest leaving the bulletin where it will be read by others, including wherever your family keeps the Readers Digest, the Sports Illustrated or the National Geographic magazines. More and more parishioners are taking extra bulletins and bringing them to hospital lounges, to dentists’ offices, to neighbors, to other gathering places. Pray very intentionally. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you to someone who may be open to evangelizing. We tend to focus on close family members who’ve walked away from the Faith. Please consider neighbors, colleagues, fellow students, extended family members. Pray for them by name, and ask for guidance on how to approach them. You will be guided! Check out Many prospects for evangelization are found among those who’ve walked away, quite often during or after teenage years. In this way, they walk away with a child’s or teenager’s understanding of the Faith. Not a mature understanding. Checking out this website will also help a modernday evangelist avoid the mistakes of those driving tepid believers away. It will also sensitize an evangelist to the attitudes of

those being invited.

R&R Rebuilding! Relationships:! educational/ support group for separated or divorced First and Third Tuesday evenings, 7 to 8: 30 p.m., St. Wenceslaus church basement New Prague Every person journeying through a separation or divorce needs objective support. And many realize this. It’s just that they feel embarrassed about attending a support / information group in their home community. They aren’t exactly interested in neighbors knowing about their business. Any priest, deacon or pastoral care minister can tell you most going through one of life’s more challenging trials attend support/information groups in other communities for this reason. Here’s a group Guardian Angels parishioners may want to check out. It’s an open group, meaning new people are welcome to come at any time. It’s sponsored by southwest metro/rural parishes. Attendees may bring a friend along. Divorce and separation affect all family members, especially children, grandchildren. Many of our young adults wander, challenged in establishing stable, lasting families of their own. Education and support are available to help sort out what you can do for yourself and your family in seeking fulfillment in y our future. Every session will have an insight or two to claim as your own, even though each session opens with a specific thought in mind. Extended family and/or support people always welcomed to gain insight and education for loved ones. Tuesday, Feb. 1 – “Your faith will make the greatest difference during troubled times.” Tuesday, Feb. 15 – “Your faith .. sharing that gift with your children and grandchildren” Tuesday, !March 1 – “Turning to God for guidance with your decisions” Tuesday, March 15 – “Instilling consistent principles for your children/grandchildren” Tuesday, April 5 – “Wisdom & faith…always unravels the truth for your family” Tuesday, April 19 – Trust that truth & integrity will prevail” Tuesday, May 3 – “Be the foundation ensuring your faith for your children/grandchildren” Tuesday, May 17 – “Seek God’s wisdom & guidance” Sessions over the summer months only held the 3rd Tuesday of June, July and August: Tuesday, June 21 – “Finding a clear direction for your life” Tuesday, July 19 – “It’s values that guide the heart” Tuesday, Aug. 16 – “Promises you can count on” Join the group, and experience support as you or a loved one moves through this challenging time in life. Please spread the word – Christians of all faiths welcome. Questions: Deacon Bob Wagner, 952-758-3225 (St. Wenceslaus pastoral ministry/facilitator); Mary Pieper, 952-873-6781.

:&E$$5-)&()$,-;J<$;7#$=-;&$Q&(=#&7E Our parish’s beloved friar is convalescing at Auburn Manor, and could certainly use your prayers. For now, however, Fr. Conran Schneider could use lots of private time. So we ask that you not visit him, just yet. Residents of Auburn Manor and Auburn Courts need not worry about receiving pastoral care with their friarpriest’s temporary absence. Jean Rief, coordinator of our pastoral care ministry, her pastoral and befriender teams, our Eucharistic ministers to the homebound, Deacon Jim Bauhs and I will continue visiting parishioners and non-parishioners there. We hope Fr. Conran will soon be able to resume his Sunday morning Mass.

!"#$%&#'()'*+,-(./,"'0++$(1+2+34/'&-0One of the keys to our success rests in people like our volunteer receptionists, who embody the spirit of giving their time and talent and saying, "Yes to GA” Thanks for your inspiring dedication and tremendous example to all of us. We couldn’t ask for more dedicated volunteers and words cannot express how grateful and fortunate we are to have you here. It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you. Thank you!

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January 30  

Actual Budget Over/ (Under) Budget LISTENING TO THE HEART Total offering 14,779 19,500 -4,721 Plate offering 851 Envelope offering 7,996 Yea...

January 30  

Actual Budget Over/ (Under) Budget LISTENING TO THE HEART Total offering 14,779 19,500 -4,721 Plate offering 851 Envelope offering 7,996 Yea...