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APRIL 24, 2011



Listed Alphabetically E-Mails for Staff: Example: Rev. Mr. Jim Bauhs, Deacon 227-4000 Eric Crowell, Dir of Operations & Communications 227-4008 Amy Gallus, School Principal 227-4010 Fr. Paul Jarvis, Pastor 227-4000 Fr. Thomas Joseph, Sacramental Minister within the Latino Community 227-4093 Emily Klinker, Director of Faith Formation 227-4007 Maria Koehn, Latino Administrative Assistant 227-4015 Lori Reznick, School Administrative Assistant 227-4010 Jean Rief, Pastoral Associate 227-4095 Jerry Roth, Parish Director 227-4002 Miguel Salinas, Room Scheduling 227-4004 Jennifer Salwei, Accounting 227-4001 Teresa Schmidt, Director of Worship 361-0181 Fr. Conran Schneider, O.F.M. (Pastoral Care) 361-0414 Brian Winfield, Maintenance Supervisor 227-4013


TRUSTEES Steve Rasmussen 448-5922 Mark Sanda 277-4283 Bill Meyer, Trustee Emeritus PARISH COUNCIL, Tim Collins 270-2341 FINANCE COUNCIL, Matthew Udermann (Interim) FAITH FORMATION COMMISSION, Ed Hajek 960-4940 SCHOOL ADVISORY COMMITTEE, Tom Tierney, 239-8799 PARENT/TEACHER ORGANIZATION (PTO) Cecilia Laube, laubes2006@yahoo,com 448-6161 Keith Erickson, 368-7349 PASTORAL CARE COMMISSION Susan Keough, 220-6005 USHERS/GREETERS Marty O’Keefe, 368-7541 PRAYER LINE, Jessica Oberpriller 361-3165




Monday, April  25,  2011  -­‐  Sunday,  May  1,  2011   Tuesday Wednesday:

Mass Intentions

Frank & Leonora Rief & Family Sponsored by Daughters of Isabella for members and their families Friday Guardian Angels Parishioners Saturday Bennett Endres + Sunday (8am) Alfred Jacques family Sunday (10am) Joe & Audrey Lano + Sunday (6:15pm) Guardian Angels Parishioners Upcoming Coffee & Donuts: Today: April 24: Easter Sunday No Hospitality, May 1: Marriage Encounter, May 8: Loaves & Fishes, May 15: School Advisory Committee, May 22: Finance Council Next Weekendʼs Readings First Reading — All who believed were devoted to the teachings of the apostles, the communal life, the breaking of the bread, and prayer (Acts 2:42-47). Psalm — Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his love is everlasting (Psalm 118). Second Reading — God has given us an undiminished inheritance, safeguarded for us in heaven (1 Peter 1:3-9). Gospel — The risen Christ comes to his disciples with peace and the Spirit. The absent Thomas doubts (John 20:19-31).

Knights of Columbus Calendar Raffle Results

Please call Steve at (952) 448-3127 or Chuck at (952) 448-2819 to collect your winnings. Congratulations! This Week’s Sponsor: Ohnsorg Truck Bodies

Divine Mercy



April 30 – May 1: Lectors Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Eucharistic Ministers Servers - Candle 1 Servers - Candle 2 Server - Cross/Incense Server - Cross/Incense Homebound Homebound Sacristans Usher/Greeter Usher/Greeter Usher/Greeter Usher/Greeter

5:00 pm Angela Olson Bill Meyer Mary Meyer Beth Melander Tricia Ambroz Tricia Feilmeyer Jack Perrill Megan Schierman Anna Perrill Aly Perrill

8:00 am 10:00 am Debra Bates Steve Rasmussen Bernice Pauly Dianne Eiden Tom LaTour Lois Hidding Debbie LaTour Ben Kendal -----Laurie Forner -----Sharon Schleicher Hogan Greenwood Ellie Bergum Michaela Spielberger Joe Bergum Zachary Spielberger Dan Bergum Colby Rothmeier Leanne Forner Betty Young Ann Walter B. Moore Bob VanDenBroeke Don Jerissen Gary Van Eyll Archie Welter Ed Seiberlich Dan Ambroz Dave Seiberlich Rich Bullerman Ted Lubansky

Bill/Mary Meyer Virgil Gestach Carol Gestach Brad Gestach Steve Gestach


Sunday 6:15pm Jake Richelsen Georgiann Keyport Ben Keyport Sammy Keyport

Carolyn Collins Sammy Renfro

Mary Muhs/Molly Williams Sydney Bork Clayton Forner

G.A. Council  of  Catholic  Women

Meeting on April 25 in St. Francis Hall at 6:30 p.m. with a potluck dinner. Please attend!

A Saint Among Us       

Not many parishes and parochial schools can boast of a recognized saint having visited them. St. Michael’s in Stillwater proudly boasts being the parish church in which Blessed Solanus Casey was confirmed and where his uncle was pastor. Someday, I believe Fr. Augustin Ravoux, the brave and intelligent missionary priest who founded our community among the Dakota people in 1842, should be a candidate for canonization. Chaska’s Saint Well, it turns out that Guardian Angels Church and School can boast of a saint’s visit between 1880 and 1881: Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt, beatified on April 14, 1985. One more miracle attributed to her intercession is needed for canonization, and therefore inclusion in the Roman Calendar of Saints. Chaska’s saint – Blessed Pauline von Mallinckrodt – was born on June 3, 1817 in Minden (Westphalia), Germany. Her family’s great wealth and prestige did not close her mind to the hardships of others. A Love for the Poor and Disabled As a young woman, she was particularly involved with poverty-stricken families on the outskirts of Paderborn, Germany. She nursed the sick and brought them food. To aid them still further, she opened her own daycare center for the children of working mothers. This undertaking brought to her attention the needs of the blind children and led her to found a school for the blind.

Stewardship at Guardian Angels Stewardship Report for April 9 & 10, 2011 Week 41 of our fiscal year



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Year-to-date Total offering




Founding the Sisters of Christian Charity and Her Chaska Visit When Blessed Pauline’s works of charity became too vast for her to manage alone, the Bishop of Paderborn asked her to found a religious community. On August 21, 1849 – seven years after Fr. Ravoux’s arrival in this area -- Pauline and three companions became the first Schwestern der Christlichen Liebe (Sisters of Christian Charity), a congregation of consecrated religious sisters. In addition to walking our school’s halls and classrooms, in addition to worshipping in our church (she saw it before the 1902 fire), she stayed as a guest at the house formerly between G.A.’s gym and the playground set. Throughout the entirety of her life, Blessed Pauline lived life and love to the fullest – as a disciple of Christ.. On April 14, 1985, Pope John Paul II declared her "Blessed" during the Beatification Ceremony held in Rome. Today, the Church honors the legacy of her Eucharistic spirituality and service to those in need by celebrating her feast day on April 30. Parish and school community members should take pride in this visit by the saint. I also ask students and parents to invoke Blessed Pauline’s intercessory assistance with our parish and school. It now looks like we have another friend in high places. We are privileged to have a (second class) relic of Blessed Pauline. Mark your calendars: We’ll be remembering Blessed Pauline’s April 30th feast day on April 27, during our school Mass. We hope to make it a tradition of celebrating her life at the school Mass closest to her feastday. ~ Fr. Paul Please turn to the back of the bulletin for a special story on Blessed Paulineʼs life...

The Greatest Feast Easter is a very big deal. Jesus’ resurrection is the foundation of the Christian faith. We know from scripture and early Church writings that he rose from the dead on “the first day of the week” (John 20:1). Without his death and rising to new life Jesus would have been merely another Jewish teacher and failed messiah, his teachings just a code of ethics and our worship in vain. We celebrate the Resurrection for fifty days, and for the rest of the year every Sunday is a kind of “mini-Easter” that we celebrate “with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth” (1 Corinthians 5:8). If you have not been to church for a while, we invite you to come back again and know that you are welcome in the community of faith. Please speak to Fr. Paul or Deacon Jim after Mass or call the parish office and let us help you feel at home. Copyright © 2009, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.

PARISH CALENDAR & EVENTS For the most updated calendar information for events at G.A., please check our online calendar at


25 TUE

26 WED

27 THU

28 FRI


8 a.m. 6:30 p.m. 6:45 p.m. 7 p.m.

Easter Monday - No School Word & Communion Service, Church Prayer Shawl Ministry, Office Boy Scout Mtg, Gym Council of Catholic Women Mtg, SFH

Baptism … Sacramental preparation is required for all parents. Godparents and Grandparents are also encouraged to attend. Baptismal prep sessions are given every other month and Baptism Masses are held once a month. Call Jean in the parish office (see contacts, opposite page) to schedule a child for Baptism and the parents for baptismal prep.

8 a.m. 6 p.m.

Mass, Church New Parishioner Reception, Parish House

Prayers of the Faithful ….If you would like a name included in our Prayers of the Faithful for the sick, please call the Parish Office.

8 a.m. 9:20 a.m. 6:15 p.m. 6:30 p.m. 8 p.m.

Mass, Church Mass with School, Church Faith Formation, School/SCC Mass, Church 6.1.5 Mass Music Rehearsal, Church

Matrimony...pre-registration required one year in advance; marriage preparation course is required.

8 a.m. 7 p.m.

Word & Communion Service, Church Leadership Discernment Mtg, Church

8 a.m. 5:30 p.m.

Mass, Church G.A. Invitational Basketball Tournament, Gym Spanish Speaking Choir Rehearsal, Church

7 p.m.


8 a.m.


9 a.m. 9 a.m. 5 p.m. 7 p.m.


8 a.m. 9:15 a.m. 10 a.m. 10 a.m.



PARISH INFORMATION Mass Intentions … Mass intentions may be for the living and the departed, with a + designating in the bulletin a deceased person. There is a $10 suggested donation per Mass intention. Permission from the sick person or his/her family must be granted before a name’s inclusion in these prayers. To schedule a Mass intention, call Jean in the parish office (see contacts, page 2)

Noon 2:30 p.m. 4:30 p.m. 6:15 p.m.

G.A. Invitational Basketball Tournament, Gym Overeaters Anonymous Group, Conf. First Eucharist Rehearsal, Church Mass, Church Spanish Speaking Parishioner Prayer Group, SFH Mass, Church Sunday Adult Choir Rehearsal, Loft Mass, Church G.A. Invitational Basketball Tournament, Gym Mass in Spanish, Church 1st Communion Mass, Church 6.1.5. Music Rehearsal, Church 6.1.5 Mass, Church

Its time to start thinking about playing softball in summer for the GA Softball team! Guardian Angels takes part in the Church Softball League, offered through the Chaska Community Center. Players must live or work in Chaska to participate in this fun, co-ed softball league, and games are on Monday nights. We are in need of a team captain! If interested in being a captain, please contact Brian Busch at 952-288-3385 and he can assist you. You can also contact Megan Wahl at the Chaska Community Center to learn about the captain's meeting.

Penance...Saturdays from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. and anytime by appointment.

Anointing… 1st weekend of the month following each Mass. For other requests, please contact the office.

DID YOU KNOW? G.A. has a Can Recycling Program? Be sure to drop off your aluminum cans in the shed behind the church! This is a great way to support the ministries at G.A.! Where is  Divine  Mercy  Sunday’s  devo<on  this  year? St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Excelsior, May 1, 2011, 3:00 p.m. (Area churches rotate responsibilities for this beautiful devotion.) Jesus said to St. Faustina Kowalska: “I desire that there be a Feast of Mercy … On this day, the very depths of My tender mercy are open...The soul that will go to Confession [on that day or, preferably, beforehand] and receive Holy communion [on that day] shall obtain complete forgiveness of sins and punishment... and this is why the first Sunday after Easter is to be the Feast of Mercy, and on that day priests are to tell everyone about My great and unfathomable mercy.” Come to the Feast of Divine Mercy at St. John the Baptist. Learn about the Image of the Merciful Jesus, St. Faustina, the hour of Divine Mercy, the chaplet of Divine Mercy, and a plenary indulgence associated with Divine Mercy Sunday.

Love INC  and  A  BeBer  Society  are  organizing  a   Bike  Drive  and  need  your  help!     We need donated gently used bikes, helmets, and other accessories. Donated bikes that need minimal maintenance (tires pumped up, gears adjusted, and chain greased) can be more quickly redistributed to families in need. Bikes and accessories may be dropped off between 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 30th, 2011 and Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at the Love INC Warehouse (1276 Park Dr. Chanhassen). If this date/time does not work, please contact us to set up an alternate time to drop off. Stop by to drop off a bike or to learn more about our project. Also, please let us know if you are interested in helping repair or distribute bikes. Thank you. Heather Tran, Phone: (612) 325-4435 E-mail:

FAITH FORMATION The Faith Formation staff and volunteers would like to wish you all a very Blessed Easter! Please join us in welcoming our ten RCIA candidates who were fully initiated into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil this weekend! With our prayers and support they have gone through months of preparation and prayerful discernment all the while growing closer as a faith community. There is no doubt that this is not the end of their faith journey, but simply a new phase of it! Congratulations to the 2011 RCIA members! Breena Erin Bieber Tom Bolke Jane Foley Tracy Huson Andy Lopahs Angie Mae Massengale Jenna Khivka Pratt Kevin Smith Linnea Marie Toftness Michael Weiland

SCHOOL NEWS It’s not too late to register for the 2011-2012 school year. Registration forms can be downloaded from the GA website as well as received by calling the school office at 952-227-4010. Thank you to all who attended and contributed to our School’s Largest Fundraiser, Spring Fling! As this bulletin went to press, we were still tabulating results. We will have a report with specific results soon! Thank YOU!

Guardian Angels Church’s 4th annual invitational basketball tournament is just around the corner. In addition to coming to watch southwest metro parish teams play on Saturday and Sunday, come to the Friday evening mini tournament between present and future priests. Bishop Piché is planning to be in attendance. What a great vocational opportunity for the young of our parish! Youth ministry members are especially invited to come watch Friday’s seminarian and priest mini-tournament. Seminarians/Priests mini-Tournament (Friday, April 29th, 7 p.m.): St. John Vianney Seminary students will play against St. Paul Seminary students, with the victors playing the priests of the Archdiocese. All are invited to cheer on the young guys and the not-so-young guys. A great vocational moment for the young in all our parishes. Prior to the games, we will have a "tailgater" in the school parking lot – 5:30 p.m. Food and drinks provided in the parking lot behind, to the east of the school. We are hopeful that Bishop Piché will be able to attend this family event. Men's Basketball Tournament (Saturday - Sunday, April 30- May 1st): 12 teams: Saturday 8:00am-9:00p.m.): Four, 3 team pools Sunday 10:00am-7:00p.m.): Three (gold, silver & bronze) 4 team, single elimination, pools on Sunday.

Students at Guardian Angels School connect with South American peers as part of new language program Reprinted with permission of the Catholic Spirit. About 20 fidgety second-graders lined up in a hallway at Guardian Angels School in Chaska March 17. Their teacher, Annette Hritz, instructed them to practice in their minds what they were going to say when it was their turn to enter the narrow room beside the Second-graders at Guardian Angels School in Chaska exchange greetings technology lab. with students in Chile via webcam as part of the school’s international At 12:15 p.m., Greg Blaufuss, technology coordinator, glanced up from language program. Photo by Dave Hrbacek / The Catholic Spirit the Mac monitor in front of him to announce: “We have a connection.” Moments later, several quizzical little faces appeared on a television the students can compare their school days with those of their screen. counterparts in Chile. With a chorus of excited “hellos” and “holas” exchanged via webcam, By the end of the school year, students in all grade levels will be Guardian Angels launched an international language program to connect participating in the program, Gallus said. its students with students at a Christian school in Chile. Looking to the future Global education Longer-term, Guardian Angels plans to partner with schools in other Cecilia Laube, whose daughter, Taylor, is a second-grader at Guardian countries and equip technology labs so that students can converse Angels, looked on as the children introduced themselves and named one-on-one. their favorite foods in Spanish. “I would love to see it evolve into a foreign exchange program where Laube, who is president of the parent-teacher organization, said she some of our students go down there and they come up here, or a came up with the idea for the international language program, using teacher exchange program,” Gallus said. “I think it has a lot of technology like Skype and email, as a way to differentiate Guardian potential.” Angels from other schools in the district. After the children in Chile finished their introductions in English, they Students at Guardian Angels begin learning Spanish in kindergarten. performed their school song. A group of Guardian Angels students reciprocated with a song about St. Patrick’s Day. “In today’s global environment, our kids need to be aware of different languages as well as different cultures,” Laube said. Then all of the students crammed into the tiny room to wave “adios” to their new friends across the globe. Earlier in the school year, Laube discussed the idea of a culture and language exchange with her brother, Omar Alvarez, who is principal at Almondale School in Concepción, Chile. A partnership was born. Julie Carroll is a staff writer for The Catholic Spirit “I think it’s a great use of technology, language and the kids’ spirit to and news editor for The Northern Cross. You can connect with others,” Laube said. also catch her on twitter or email her at In the coming months, students will be matched up with “pen pals” in Chile, who they’ll correspond with through email to develop their writing skills, said principal Amy Gallus. They’ll also produce and swap videos so

G.A. students connect with Chile By Chuck Friedbauer Reprinted with permission from the Chaska Herald Differences between two cultures may be complex, but they become much simpler through a child’s eyes. “They seemed a little but like us and a little bit different,” said secondgrade student Alex Janey. “Their skin was a little more tan than ours.” Janey and his classmates at Guardian Angels Catholic School recently began exploring those similarities and differences through a program that allows them to see and talk with other students their age at Almondale School in Concepcion, Chile.

The program’s goal is to improve the students language skills and awareness of different cultures. “The children from our school are learning Spanish, while the children in Chile are learning English,” said Guardian Angels Principal Amy Gallus. “Talking with a native speaker is an excellent way to learn a foreign language through real-life experiences. When learning a foreign language, a person can have a conversation, but not necessarily pick up critical items like sentence structure that you can get from a native speaker.” The second-grade students were the first to speak with their Chilean counterparts and started by telling them their names and their favorite food. Continued on next page...

Continued from previous page... “I told them I loved hot dogs, which they said they liked too,” said Janey. “But I was really surprised when they said one of their favorite things to do was play on the computer, which is just like me.” “I told them I like watermelon and I learned they wear uniforms to school just like we do,” said Taylor Laube. “Next time, I want to find out what they do on summer vacation and a little about their families.” Guardian Angels PTO president Cecilia Laube said the younger kids are really not that different yet. “They all exhibit the same energy and joyful presence young children have,” she said. “And they are able and eager to absorb anything about a different culture.” Family connection Guardian Angels teaches Spanish in varying formats to all its students from kindergarten through eighth-grade. As school officials were looking for ways to add to that program, Laube thought of a natural connection with her brother, Omar Alvarez, who is the principal at Almondale School. “Both schools have similar goals of preparing their children to experience different languages and cultures, so it was a good match,” she said. “What an exciting chance for these children to learn about and respect others ways.” The program details basically include Internet access, computers with video capability and Skype, a software application that allows for video calls over the Internet. With those basic requirements covered, each school schedules a time for classrooms of children to speak briefly with their counterparts on various topics. Each school already had a few computers with internet and video capability, so setting up the program became just a matter of working through the timing and other details. “In December, we had a Skype session with just the adults at both locations to walk through everything and it went real well,” said Gallus. School officials plan to have all their students participate in the program by summer vacation. And both schools are working toward upgrading their computer labs to allow for more individual communication by September. “The video conferences help with verbal skills and we hope to have them exchange emails eventually to assist with the written skills too,” said Gallus. The future holds many possibilities, said Laube. “We hope friendships are established to the point where eventually we can have some sort of student exchange between the two schools,” she said.

KARE 11 also featured a story on Guardian Angels latest innovation. Check it out at


Welcome 5th Graders To HALOS

Middle School Youth Ministry You’ve heard about us and now we invite you to come check us out! We are the Halos Middle School Youth Ministry, 6th, 7th & 8th graders coming together for fun events & helping in service to the community. Activities are hosted monthly and we would love to see you and your friends at our events. Upcoming events include family bowling, kickball tournament, Twins game and swimming & BBQ at Lake Ann. Hope to see you soon! For more info regarding HALOS or upcoming events, contact Nina Greenwood (612)250-8741 or Nancy Nelson (952)368-2928.

!e Rite of Or"nation

On May 7th, 2011, God willing, Nick VanDenBroeke will be ordained a Deacon. All liturgies, including an ordination, are really a liturgy for the People of God.  The richness of the ceremony is brought to its fullness through greater understanding and active participation.  This is part 2 of a series of articles on the Rite of Ordination. If you missed last week, you may download a copy from the parish website or visit the parish office for a copy.  I hope that you will find this series enlightening, enriching and encouraging for your full participation.  I hope that you will join me at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis on Saturday May 7th at 10:00am for Nickʼs ordination. ~ Deacon Jim Bauhs

Promise of  the  Elect The candidates together answer a series of questions promising to fulfill the office of deacon faithfully and their resolve to assist the Bishop and serve the People of God. The Bishop addresses the elect “Dear sons, before you enter the Order of the Diaconate, you must declare before the people your intention to undertake this office.” The questions are: o Do  you  resolve  to  be  consecrated  for   the  Church’s  ministry  by  the  laying  on   of  my  hands  and  the  gi:  of  the  Holy   Spirit?    Response:  “I  do.” o Do  you  resolve  to  discharge  the  office   of  deacon  with  humble  charity  in   order  to  assist  the  priestly  Order  and   to  benefit  the  ChrisCan  people?     Response:  “I  do.” o Do  you  resolve  to  hold  fast  to  the   mystery  of  faith  with  a  clear   conscience,  as  the  Apostle  urges,  and   to  proclaim  this  faith  in  word  and  deed   according  to  the  Gospel  and  the  church’s  tradiCon?    Response:  “I  do.” o Those  of  you  who  are  prepared  to  embrace  the  celibate  state:  do  you  resolve  to  keep  for  ever  this   commitment  as  a  sign  of  your  dedicaCon  to  Christ  the  Lord  for  the  sake  of  the  Kingdom  of  Heaven,   in  the  service  of  God  and  man?    Response:  “I  do.” o Do  [all  of]  you  resolve  to  maintain  and  deepen  the  spirit  of  prayer  that  is  proper  to  your  way  of  life   and,  in  keeping  with  this  spirit  and  what  is  required  of  you,  to  celebrate  faithfully  the  Liturgy  of  the   Hours  with  and  for  the  People  of  God  and  indeed  for  the  whole  world?  Response:  “I  do.”

o Do you  resolve  to  conform  your  way  of  life  always  to  the  example  of  Christ,  of  whose  Body  and   Blood  you  are  ministers  at  the  altar?    Response:  “I  do  with  the  help  of  God.”

Each candidate goes to the Bishop and, kneeling before him, places his joined hands between those of the Bishop o Do you  promise  respect  and   obedience  to  me  and  my   successors?    Response:  “I  do.”

After the final candidate the Bishop concludes with: “May God who has begun the good work in you bring it to fulfillment.” ProstraCon The candidates prostrate themselves before the altar as a sign of total humility and penance.

Litany of  SupplicaCon We pray the litany of saints in three parts: o To  ask  for  mercy  from  God  the  Father,  God  the  Son  and  God  the  Holy   Spirit  and  for  the  intercession  by  specific  Saints  starCng  with  our  Blessed   Mother  Mary  and  specific  Saints,  special  to  those  being  ordained. o

To ask  God  to  deliver  us  from  all  the  ills  and  evils  that  threaten  us  and   reiterate  all  that  God  has  done  for  us.

We acknowledge  our  unworthiness  and  ask  that  the  Lord  spare  us,  pardon  us,  preserve   His  Church  and  for  other  favors. Watch for Part 3 of this series in next weekʼs bulletin

Leadership Discernment Night April 28, 2011

On April 28, 2011, Guardian Angels will conduct its first Leadership Discernment Night. Interested members of the parish are invited to gather in the Church at 7:00 p.m. The evening will include prayer, music and an opportunity to share your interest in becoming a leader in the new Council/ Commission leadership structure for Guardian Angels Church. The Parish Community Council determined that existing leadership members could move directly into the new leadership structure, providing continuity and experience from previous leadership roles. Other positions are open and available for your discernment in discovering if God is calling you to these new roles.

When you come on Thursday, April 28th, you will need to decide which Council or Commission you are interested in joining. After prayer and music, you will be asked to join with others interested in that same Council or Commission, sharing your interest and determining if God is calling you this year. Please pray for a quiet spirit so that God’s Spirit can guide you in your discernment. The tables below outline what leadership roles are open in this first year of our new leadership structure. If you have additional questions about the leadership structure or Discernment Night, please contact Jerry Roth at or by phone at 952-227-4002. The Parish Community Council looks forward to seeing you on April 28th at 7:00 p.m.

Guardian Angels  Leadership  Councils Parish  Community  Council  –  At  Large Chad  Porspakka Tom  Redman Jeoff  Will Fr.  Paul  Jarvis Pastor Jerry  Roth Staff There  are  only  3  at-­‐large  Parish   Community  Council  (PCC)  posiJons.   Each  Commission  will  also  select  1   member  to  sit  on  the  PCC.

Finance Council Ma-hew  Udermann 3-­‐year Open 3-­‐year Travis  Olson 2-­‐year Open 2-­‐year Open 1-­‐year Open 1-­‐year Fr.  Paul  Jarvis Pastor Jerry  Roth Staff Jennifer  Salwei Staff

Even if  you  are  not   parJcipaJng  in   Leadership   Discernment  Night,   please  pray  for  those   parish  members  who   are  discerning  God’s   call  to  leadership.

Guardian Angels  Leadership  Commissions Administra<on  Commission Open Open Open Open Open Open Eric  Crowell

3-­‐year 3-­‐year 2-­‐year 2-­‐year 1-­‐year 1-­‐year Staff

Faith Forma<on  Commission Andi  Cyphers Ed  Hajek Mike  Hurley Open Fran  Oprosko Rich  VanSloun Emily  Klinker

3-­‐year 3-­‐year 2-­‐year 2-­‐year 1-­‐year 1-­‐year Staff

Pastoral Care  Commission Gloria  Doerr Susan  Keough Open Open Open Open Jean  Rief


School Commission Kris  Janey Cecilia  Laube Greg  Osterdyk Jenny  Richelsen Michelle  Schaffer Tom  Tierney Amy  Gallus


Parish Life  Commission Open Open Open Open Open Open Miguel  Salinas

3-­‐year 3-­‐year 2-­‐year 2-­‐year 1-­‐year 1-­‐year Staff

Worship Commission Open Open Open Open Open Open Teresa  Schmidt

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Mother Paulene Von Mallinckrodt Foundress of the Sisters of Christian Charity

Written by Theresa Fahey, G.A. Parish Historian Pauline was born June 3, 1817 in Minden, Westphalia Germany. Four days later the doctor visited because the baby was very ill. Her mother, Bernardine was worried because she was not baptized. Her father, being Lutheran, had promised his wife that the children could be raised as Catholics. When the doctor left, he promised to return in the evening. Pauline's father found a priest at the cathedral and took him to the Mallinckrodt home. The priest told Bernardine "Your little girl will have God's life very very soon". The baby was baptized Maria Bernardine Sophia Pauline. That evening the doctor returned and looked at the baby with amazement. "What have you done to this child? This morning she was too weak to move and scarcely able to breath. This evening she is strong and lively and her breathing if strong and sound." Her parents replied “The only thing we did was have her baptized.” The doctor said, "I've always considered myself a religious man, but I didn't know that Baptism cures illness. Your daughter is perfectly healthy now and that's the important thing.” It was June 7,1817, and four day old Pauline had, with the grace of God, overcome her first obstacle. Pauline’s family was wealthy and moved several times because of her father’s occupation. Each time she was able to attend a Catholic school. Early on she became interested in the poor and blind. She and her mother would take food, medicine and money to the poor. Pauline found her fulfillment in works of charity, but her desire to carry on this ministry as a religious grew stronger. She spoke with the Auxiliary Bishop of Cologne. He advised her to talk to the Bishop and get his approval for founding a small religious congregation. On August 21, 1849, Pauline and 3 companions received the religious habit in Busdorf Church, Paderborn. Bishop Drepper appointed Pauline superior of the small congregation. Her official title now was “Reverend Mother”, but the Sisters called her “Mother Pauline.” The congregation grew and they expanded into girls schools and orphanages. In 1871, the Kulturkampf began, and laws were passed that intentionally restricted religious orders and no longer allowed the sisters to teach in schools. Membership in Mother Pauline’s order was now 245. Mother Pauline prayed for guidance and found that God was directing the order to America. In April 1873, the first sisters arrived in North America. They established a Motherhouse in Wilkes-Barre, PA. and Wilmette, IL. The Sisters came to Chaska on Sept. 5, 1877, but were also stationed at Waconia and New Ulm. Mother Pauline visited Guardian Angels in 1880. The missions flourished and in 1874 some Sisters from the order were sent to Chile to take charge of schools. Joy reigned wherever Mother Pauline went. She was interested in everyone and especially the Sisters, the children, the poor, and the sick. She listened, encouraged, advised and comforted everyone. Mother Pauline was almost 64 years old when she died on April 30, 1881. She was beautified April 14, 1985 by Pope John II. Her feast day is April 30.

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Transitional Deacon  Ordination   Reception  and  First  Mass  as  Deacon All  events  Saturday,  May  7,  2011 Ordination:         Basilica  of  St.  Mary,         Minneapolis  at  10:00  a.m.       All  are  welcome  to  attend Reception:           Guardian  Angels  -­‐  St.  Francis         Hall    2:00  -­‐  4:00  p.m. Come  greet  the  new  Deacon! First  Mass  as  Deacon:       5:00  p.m.  Guardian           Angels See  Story  in  this  week’s  bulletin   for  additional  information! LeBer  to  Bulle<n  Editor: I'm involved in committee work at Guardian Angels Church and School in Chaska, Minnesota. Recently, after Mass, a 7 year old asked if he could 'talk to me, in private'. When we found a quiet place in the back of the church, I leaned over to listen to his concern. He put his hand in his pocket, dug deep, and handed me a wad of crumbled up bills and coins ($6.57 in all). He said he didn't want me to tell his parents, because 'things are tight at home', but that he knew the church needed money to help restore the church. He said 'it's all I've got, hopefully we can get all that brick glued back in and have it ready for Jesus' birthday.' As I tried to choke back tears, I said thank you. It was just what I needed to hear. -- Anonymous



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