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Opinion Polling Services

Crowdology™ is an online panel, designed specifically for PR & Insight generation, by Redshift Research. Over the last few years Redshift Research have built a solid reputation among PR agencies for fast, reliable and cost effective online opinion polling services. UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East & USA covered.

Research Experts •Professional researchers •Designing questionnaires to get headlines & insights •Full project management •Analysis support & advice •Innovative analysis •Population forecasts •Support interpreting tables •Advice on designing questions to secure headlines

Innovative Research •iHuts (in home user testing) •Segmentation and Personas •Case studies recruited •Ranking and scoring analysis •Video blog •Online communities Nationally representative or focused demographics

Top line summary of responses

Crowdology™ is a registered trademark of Redshift Research Ltd

Scripting and hosting of surveys Tel: +441732 356325

Crowdology™ Valued Added Benefits Good Value

Nationally representative samples


International surveys


Photos and charts included


Additional segments in analysis


24 hour turnaround option


Complex questionnaire routing


Grid questions


Targeted audiences (e.g. Young Mums)


Advice on survey design and questions


Full scripting of survey and data analysis


MRS and ESOMAR accredited surveys


•Transparent pricing •No hidden costs •No complex routing fee •Fast turnaround •End to end support/advice

Quality Panellists

•Detailed profiling –80+ data points •Registration checks •Ongoing validation •Active panel management •Fraudulent respondent checks •Rewarded fairly •Not over used •Short fun surveys keep interest Tel: +441732 356427

Crowdology™ Deliverables •Infographics •Launch New Products

•Brand Advocacy •Recruit Case Studies •Generate insight •Develop Communities

Detailed Data Tabulations

•Improve Customer Advocacy Power Point Charts

•Create Buzz •Leverage Brand Strengths •Social Media Content •Segment and Target Markets •Optimise Pricing •Conversation Starting •In home Testing •Exploit New Markets


Word Top line summary

Data tables Free Word Top line Data summary £50 PowerPoint Charts £350 Infographic £300 Tel: +441732 356427

Why Use Crowdology  

Crowdology™ is an online panel, designed specifically for PR & Insight generation, by Redshift Research.