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Autumn 2009

Issue 5

Newsletter Inside this issue NI Water - Water Balance Action Plan

Update News Feed — in Brief New contracts won to implement Netbase for:

NWL - Pressure Management using Netbase Netbase Application Developments If you have any ideas for future newsletters please email:

New Partners

• United Utilities

• Northern Ireland Water • Miya for Maynilad Water Services, Philippines • Salcon Engineering for Air Kelantan SDN, BHD, Malaysia • JCSB for Labuan Island, Malaysia,

New Website Launched

Over the past two years we have begun to implement the Netbase system and provide consultancy services overseas. In particular, the system has been installed in Kuala Lumpur and projects in Manila and Labuan are underway. Agreements for implementing Netbase with strategic overseas partners are being developed in Malaysia, Australia, Scandinavia and elsewhere in the world.

Expansion & Business Change at Crowder At Crowder Consulting we are pleased to be seeing a surge in the worldwide market for water distribution management systems. This has resulted in us winning several Netbase implementation projects over the past twelve months. While this is great news for ourselves and for our Netbase clients it has of necessity prompted changes in our business, including:

• Expanding our office space at Post Office House where we are based. The picture below was printed in the Liverpool Daily Post by our Landlords.

• Employing additional software developers, database The new Crowder website was launched in July. The site has been developed for both consultancy and Netbase business. On the website our consultancy services and products are described. The site includes a downloads area where clients and prospective clients, when supplied with login details, can access information on projects, tutorials and presentations on Netbase applications.

analysts, engineers and a Netbase Release Manager.

• Restructuring the teams to specifically include a Netbase implementation team, a data management team and a release team as well as the development and delivery teams. These changes together with the ongoing improvement of our planning and control procedures will ensure that we maintain the service quality that we have always provided to our clients.

There will be a support forum for Netbase users to be able to log observations.

We would welcome any comments you have about the site or ideas you would like to see incorporated into the site.

Tel: 0151 647 7772 E-mail:

Consultancy Update Northern Ireland Water - Water Balance Action Plan In July 2008, Crowder Consulting were appointed as the sole consultant on NI Water’s Leakage Management Services Contract. At the time NI Water had also just completed their first Annual Information Return (equivalent to E&W June Return). In doing so they encountered issues with their Table 10 submission, where they were unable to reconcile their ‘Top Down’ and ‘Bottom Up’ leakage figures to within the permitted 5%. As a consequence, the Northern Ireland Auditor for Utility Regulation (NIAUR) requested that NI Water produce a water balance action plan and provide quarterly updates on its progress.

monitor has had an extensive review and its robustness and reliability improved. The assessment of supply pipe leakage has been updated in line with industry best practice. For the relevant components, the confidence limits have also been reviewed and updated. All of the above changes have been incorporated into a revised water balance reporting tool.

Crowder have been working with NI Water with the development and implementation of the water balance action plan. In the plan a strategy was identified that would allow NI Water to obtain comparable status to those UK water companies who exercise best practice approaches. The key aspect of the action plan was for Crowder to carry out, in conjunction with NI Water, a comprehensive review of each component of the top down and bottom up calculation against industry best practice. From this review a two year programme of work was developed. Working in partnership with NI Water, excellent progress has been made on the action plan and the work completed to date on the top down approach has included a review of their distribution input recording. This has resulted in rationalising a number of meters, amending and updating meter configurations and the calibration of all DI meters. The domestic consumption

Details of the work carried out on the bottom up analysis will be included in the next issue.

Dilraj Dhillon

Pressure Management using Netbase in NWL North & South Crowder have completed desktop studies investigating the potential for strategic pressure management for both Northumbrian Water North and Essex and Suffolk Water. In order to carry out these projects, routines have been developed within the hydraulic modelling module of Netbase to easily and quickly analyse model results to identify average zone pressures and critical nodes and properties within DMAs. NWL North and ESW have approached the issue of pressure management using their existing hydraulic models from different angles. Within ESW, a comprehensive set of charts, tabulated data and pressure management indicators have been produced for each DMA within a pilot zone. These will be used to identify potential

pressure management schemes. As part of this project we developed a process that was suitable for rolling out to other zones within the company and have just started a project to carry this out. Within NWL North, we reviewed the current operation of a pilot zone and identified scenarios whereby operating pressures in the trunk mains can be reduced while still supplying satisfactory pressures to customers. The review has enabled the identification of potential strategic pressure management schemes. It has also determined a methodology for identifying and implementing an optimum pressure management regime, within operation processes for any given area, with realisable leakage reduction. Kate Storer

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NETBASE News New LATIS on its Way

New LATIS is not just a new graphics interface for time series data. It is the culmination of the changes made to the database monitored assets structure, to the applications architecture and the introduction of the new time series data repository (TSDR).

NetConn Schematic Tool Fully Integrated into Netbase

The NetConn Schematic tool is now a fully embedded application in Netbase. Each schematic represents a system zone in the areas hierarchy of the network. The system zones in the network and their links are represented in the network overview page.

When those applications containing date series data are implemented, then new LATIS is able to display this data with the time series data. Applications containing date series data include Events, Campaigns, Water Balance, Levels of Service Pressure (DG2).

The schematic contains the sources, treatment works, storage, pumping plant, control valves, meters of all types and district areas in each system zone. All of the items are linked to their database records, their time series data, date series data and spatial data from GIS. The ongoing ‘analysis’ development will use the source to district connectivity and trace feature for tile balances and events analysis.

Hydraulic Model Management Application New Release

New Demand Application Starts with PCC Monitor

The new Hydraulic Modelling application is a large and advanced system in itself. The application is the result of several years of development taking account of:

• Our experience in building and calibrating models • The industry’s aspiration for incremental updating and management of models

• The available proprietary modelling software which the

A new application is under development for various aspects of Demand. One of the aspects is the capturing of data and the analysis of water company’s domestic consumption monitor (DCM). The first release of the DCM is planned for Yorkshire Water’s individual household monitor.

application links to

• The need for a good demand modelling tool All of these features are incorporated into the new application. The application is fully integrated with Epanet and Piccolo and will export all model data to proprietary systems and return results for display.

The Demand application will continue to be developed for the DCM and for incorporating the current night use model. It is planned to incorporate demand analysis for miscellaneous and operational use, seasonal / weekday / weekend factors and micro demand analysis.

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Events & Announcements Continued Growth of Netbase User Group

Exhibiting Netbase at Forthcoming Conferences

Our annual Netbase User Group Conference took place in July and this year was a two day event. The additional day was requested by many of our clients and focussed in detail on specific Netbase applications.

The main focus of the User Group was to give clients the opportunity to present how they use Netbase and discuss with other Netbase users and ourselves the direction they would like to see Netbase development take in the future. Attendance on both days was the highest to date which was of great benefit to the discussions and created valuable feedback for us. We should like to thank everyone who attended for their participation.

We have booked exhibition stands for demonstrating Netbase at the forthcoming conferences: Water UK Leakage Conference on 15th October Hilton, Coventry Global Leakage Summit 2010 on 27th - 28th January 2010 New Connaught Rooms, London

In response to the interest shown in the Netbase DG2 application, we are arranging another DG2 Technical forum in November. If you are interested in this event please email

People Professional Status

Company ‘Conwy Mountain’ Walk

After a lot of hard work, we are very pleased to announce that four of our engineering personnel have achieved professional status.

From left of photo:

David Kenny, Associate Director, - Member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and a Chartered Environmentalist Kate Storer, Project Manager, - Member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management

Gillian Sowden, Project Manager, - Corporate Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a Chartered Civil Engineer

Dilraj Dhillon, Associate Director, - Member of the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and a Chartered Environmentalist

We had a great day for this year’s company walk in September. The views from the Conwy mountain on the North Wales coast were fantastic!

Gina does the Great North Run Well done Gina on completing the Great North Run in 2 hours and 12 minutes and raising over £600 for Motor Neurone Disease Association. Any further donations would be very welcome. Simply visit

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