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COVER STORY: Making Moves


The weird and wonderful happenings around Shanghai over the last month

Rupert Pupkin discusses the oldest game in the book



Talk Magazine explores the methods and practicalities of feng shui.

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Maoming Nan Lu A Wonder-Wool Cause: BEAN knits for children in Africa



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The Tooth of the Matter: Getting your teeth whitened A New Hue: Electrifying your wardrobe with neon hues

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EDITOR’S LETTER If, like me, you’ve found yourself too often glued to your desk this summer, then you should get a lot out of this August issue. We’re looking to put a change to that, and not just those aches and pains in your back (page 12), we’re looking to breathe fresh air into your whole working and living environment, with our special feng shui feature (page 8). Autumn will, after all, be upon us all too soon, dear readers, and it’s best to take advantage of those long summer nights while you still can. That’s why this month we’ve also got our nightlife supplement (page 27) with a selection of sumptuous summer cocktails (page 30) and ice-cold ciders (page 32) to enjoy out on the terrace. And for the most impressive terrace views, we’ve looked to Pudong (page 28) for the answer. Unfortunately for a lot of expats, summer’s the time that a lot of their friends return to their home countries, but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy an evening by yourself with a good book. We’ve got our usual selection of reviews on page 57, but we also spoke to some of the experts (authors themselves), about what they recommend you to be reading this summer (page 10). And of course as always we bring you all the most exciting news on where to go for the top spas (page 13), new restaurants (page 34) and latest bar/club openings (page 40) around town.

Kerry Allen

August12  TalkMagazine



Around Town

Chinese people took part in the largest human mattress domino rally last month, earning themselves a new and rather pointless world record in the big golden book.

Your news round-up for the month of August


Aren’t you fed up with people smoking? Don’t you feel like everybody is doing it? Well, they’re certainly doing it more than ever before. During the first half of 2012 alone, tobacco sales in China rose a whopping 2.81%, translating to 1.31 trillion smoked cigarettes. Choke on that figure, Shanghai! Maybe it’s time you started investing in gas masks…

5 is very much a reality, with Chinese boat manufacturer Blue Star Line looking to build an exact replica of the original ship, which will be ready to board in 2016. Let’s just hope you’ve had enough swimming lessons before you jump aboard this liner!

Although it’s been said that the Chinese will eat anything, one item off the menu this month is shark fin soup. Due to current threats of extinction, the government has implemented a ban on the dish that aims to crack down on the rapidly disappearing sea creatures.

7 6

How much does a Guinness World Record really matter? It mattress a lot to these people! One thousand and one


The recent floods in Beijing are going down in the books as the worst natural disaster in the capital’s history with 95 deaths, and damages estimated to cost a whopping RMB 1.3 million.


Titanic the Second? We’re not talking about the movie. Project ‘Titanic II’




Is it unpatriotic or economic? How would you feel if your country went to the Olympics dressed in uniforms made in a different country? Such questions are exactly what’s upsetting the citizens of the USA at the moment, seeing as Team America will be going to the Olympics dressed in berets, blazers and trousers bearing ‘made in China’ labels.

The long anticipated Shanghai Disney Resort is just too far away for some people, and so the Walt Disney company, ahead of its 2015 opening, has launched the first of its professional children’s photography studios at the Jinqiao International Plaza. This means that while you can’t yet meet a Disney princess, you can at least dress like one.

Think you know Shanghai? Tell us what this image is of for your chance to win a voucher worth RMB 500, courtesy of Chalet Suisse. Email: Deadline: 25 August - Become a Talk Insider!



Rock, Scissors, Treaty Rupert Pupkin

Resident Satirist Rubert Pupkin talks about the oldest game in the book...


his is a variation on the children’s game of a similar name that has been around since ancient times, or the invention of scissors, whichever came first. There are no set rules to the game, but it helps to have a good poker face and a lot of chutzpah. Two or more people can play, and the game begins with the players facing each other with one hand behind their backs, thereby concealing their objective, i.e. whether the plan is to show a rock, scissors, or a treaty. Sophisticated players may employ maps, historical archives and frigates to improve the odds of winning. A sure recipe for losing, however, is to begin the game with the attitude that you already won the game several thousand years before play commences. The other player(s) will probably have issues with that position and may use a rock to smash the scissors, especially if he or she is hypersensitive and has boundary issues. So how does the treaty come into play? This is, from a strategic point of view, a very important question, and one that does not lend itself to simple explication, particularly when the rock sits on or about significant hydrocarbon resources. If one has been holding the rock behind one’s back since, like, forever (or strongly believes he has, contrary to all evidence)

and the scissors were purchased at a socalled hypermarket, it stands to reason that the treaty is moot, unless of course it can be shown that the rock only recently (within the last million years or so) sprung up due to volcanic activity or receding tides. In the latter case, it is only a rock for several hours a day, while the rest of the time it is a shipping hazard or a sandbar or a potential drilling site. It would be hard to establish a colony there, unless each citizen were given an aqualung and a dinghy. If the scissors cut up the treaty into confetti for a day of national celebration say, and the rock is now home to a small fishery but poses no other strategic value, - Become a Talk Insider!

the players may kiss and make up – the zero sum game of thrones, so to speak. But if the rock is an inherent part of the player’s strategy, and he/she claims that it has been thus since the start of civilisation, there is no telling what indignation will result. But it is only a game. Sometimes one will encounter a player who thinks he’s always in the right and the other player is always in the wrong. It’s not much fun playing with a player like this, and one wonders how it is possible that such a player can always be right, especially when a lot of the archival evidence suggests he is off his rocker completely. In some instances it is the most physically imposing

player who assumes a rather pacific posture – a classic deception that rarely allays the fears of opposing players who huddle together to present a united front. Try as one might, the scissors cannot possibly cut the rock, unless they are made of diamonds, which, as we all know, are very strong indeed, look good and often win the hearts of resistant lovers. So a player that can afford scissors made of diamonds may, in fact, enjoy some leverage over those who use cheap dull scissors. The super sharp diamond scissors pose something of a danger, but only if one is drunk with power and emotion about the status of the rock, and runs headlong into the rock without considering the consequences. But enough of these diamond scissors. The players are now showing their hands. And while they may not agree on what trumps what, they are equally confused about the nature of the dialogue, with one seeing it as a game of covenants and treaties and production sharing agreements enjoyed by everyone in the neighbourhood, and the other – the one with the jewelencrusted scissors – believing he won the game way way back when.

August12  TalkMagazine





Feng Shui

What is feng shui? Most of us have heard stories about how city planners, businessmen and celebrities throughout the world often consult feng shui masters, but many of us are at a loss for how this ancient Chinese practice works and how it can be applied in our own lives. We contacted a local feng shui expert to tell us more about the practice and to help one of our editors rearrange his home according to its teachings.

Tom Mangione


or many Westerners and even many contemporary, cosmopolitan Chinese, the thinking behind many practices inherited from ancient China is incredibly foreign. With no proper context in which to view them, many appear as mere superstition, completely bereft of logic. Legendary psychologist C.G. Jung notes in his introduction to the Yi Jing, an ancient text of Chinese divination: “While the Western mind carefully sifts, weighs, selects, classifies, isolates, the [ancient] Chinese picture of the moment encompasses everything down to the minutest nonsensical detail, because [to them] all of the ingredients make up the observed moment.” True to this method, feng shui advises us on how to build and arrange the interiors of our homes based on seemingly unrelated information such as where we were born and when we were born, information referred to as shengchenbazi (生辰八字). In fact these relationships are so essential that Anny Li, a local feng shui educator and advisor says that where someone is born determines what services she can provide. “There are two types of feng shui: one type is where I come and help alter your home or environment – anyone can do this; the other type utilises shengchenbazi, taking your birthday and working from that – not everyone can do this.” The logic is that the system of feng shui has insights that relate to the temperature and the humidity of the season when a person was born and the fluctuations that follow. Someone born in an area without regular seasons (i.e. the tropics) doesn’t fit readily into the model.



Like all practices rooted in ancient China, feng shui is also rooted in an understanding of qi (气) or life energy. Much in the same way that traditional Chinese medicine looks to promote health by removing impediments to the flow of qi, so feng shui tries to make our workplaces and homes better suited for living by improving this qi’s flow. However, unlike the qi in traditional Chinese medicine concerned with balance within the body, feng shui is also concerned with the regulation of qi through phenomena such as the presence of magnetic fields, detected with a traditional compass called a luopan (罗 盘). Not only does the luopan detect changes in magnetism from computers, TVs, etc. that might be harmful, it is also believed to be useful in detecting ghosts. “If there are ghosts in someone’s apartment,” says Li, “the luopan will spin around when doing a reading.” Equally important in feng shui is the concept of wuxing (五行). Often translated as the ‘five elements’, the wuxing include fire, wood, metal, earth and water. In feng shui, each element corresponds not only to a specific colour, but also shapes and materials. For instance, the colour red, materials such as glass and synthetic fabrics and triangular shapes all belong to fire. Generally, good feng shui practice attempts to have all five elements in a space. “The safest way to go about dealing the five elements is to make sure that you have all of them, that it’s balanced,” says Li. - Become a Talk Insider!

The final core concepts which round out the practice of feng shui are the yin and yang (阴 阳) and its extension, bagua (八卦), a set of eight symbols representing states derived from yin-yang relationships. The concept of yin-yang is fairly well understood in the West as a dynamic tension that exists in nature: light and darkness, emptiness and fullness, male and female, etc. However, bagua remains less understood.

Throughout all of the rooms, one of the comments that Li makes over and over is a lack of the fire element. I have a preference for simple, black and white furnishings, representative of water and earth elements. She suggests I find ways to bring more colour, especially red, orange and purple into my apartment. “You should add something to what you already have. If you take away all the things that you like, then what are you left with? That’s not good feng shui. The best is to add something to it, not take away things that you like.”

The eight distinct symbols of the bagua are defined by all the possible combinations of three yin-yang relationships. Much like the five elements, each symbol is aligned with certain physical qualities. For instance, one symbol called kun (坤) represents earth, the Southwest, summer and a receptive personality. Feng shui masters will often relate bagua symbols to the way a home faces and draw implications about the arrangement of furniture and the lives of inhabitants based on them. The use of all of these concepts and further systems derived from them forms a feng shui master’s style. And while there is an internal logic at work to these underlying principles, the meaning and significance of feng shui practice is only fully grasped when it is applied in a personal context. Discussing the meaning of symbols and signs is one thing, but inviting someone into your home or place of work to apply them is something different entirely.


t’s Friday morning at 11am and I’m waiting for local feng shui master Anny Li to come to my home. After sending her information about my birthday, my place of birth and a diagram of my apartment, I’ve been told that today at 11am is the most auspicious time for a change, “a big change” according to Li’s email.

I’m a little nervous. As a generally sceptical person, I find the whole idea of feng shui quite strange. However, I’m endeavouring to keep an open mind. After our initial greeting, Li immediately begins to take measurements of the space with a measuring tape and her luopan. It’s a strange looking contraption: the actual compass portion of it is very small, at the centre is a square full of Chinese characters, and above it are two pieces of red string perpendicular to each other. She works in silence before we begin discussing my home, room by room, making use of a diagram she has drawn. “Every single room can be seen as a small universe,” she says as we begin talking about the arrangement of my kitchen. I’m told that I need to purchase a green doormat, as the woven one I’m using is inauspicious. I’m told that there should

be a bowl of coins near my front door which leads into the kitchen. “The kitchen is seen as a place of fortune; you want to leave coins out to help bring the fortune in.” I’m told that the northeastern corner of the kitchen is a masculine area and that I should keep something special there for myself. The southeast corner requires that I hang eight coins to ward off bad spirits. These are just the beginning of a long list of suggestions as Li and I work our way through my house. Perhaps the biggest change is the movement of my bed out of one room and into another room, effectively switching my bedroom and my living room. The reason? Given the map that Li has drawn, there exists a dead space in the centre of my apartment that should be avoided at all costs, and my bed is currently right in the middle of it.

After moving the furniture with a friend, Li leaves and schedules a meeting for me next week to give me time to complete many of the smaller alterations she has suggested: hanging pictures, buying bedspreads, rearranging my desk, etc. And over the course of the next week, as I make all of these changes (and a trip to IKEA), the impact of everything starts to set in. My house is very different from the way it was before. Of course, the big question now is: has feng shui changed my life? Well, maybe. I’m still not entirely comfortable with the idea that rearranging my room alone can determine my fortunes. However, I will say that the act of rearranging itself is a good experience and using feng shui as a guide has provided some unexpected changes I never would have thought of. And who knows? Maybe a bit of luck will come out of that.

Anny Li teaches regular classes on feng shui at The Expat Learning Centre, www. She is also available for private feng shui consultation. E-mail:

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The Big Summer Read Kerry Allen

When it’s too hot to do anything productive, there’s nothing more relaxing than losing yourself in a summer read.


he August heat is upon us. But rather than staying indoors under the air-con and avoiding it, make the most of it; you’ll miss it when it’s gone. Talk Magazine this month recommends finding a nice balcony or terrace to sit out on, with an iced drink (see page 30 for ideas), and kicking your feet up with a book and losing yourself on an adventure. If you’re stuck for ideas on what to read, that’s where we come in. We spoke to some of the experts – established writers themselves, and asked them who their influences are, and who they enjoy reading during the summer.

If you like… Travel Jeff Fuchs

Fuchs came into the public eye when he became the first Westerner to complete the six thousand kilometre Ancient Tea Horse trek through the Himalayas, the subject of his 2008 book The Ancient Tea Road. Currently based in Shangri-La, Yunnan District, Fuchs attains to doing a lot of his reading “in a billowing tent at 5,000 metres with a headlamp, or tucked into my little loft in Shangri-La while it pours.” And as the co-founder of JalamTeas, which sources directly from small plantations in Xishuangbanna, it’s important to add that his reading is “always accompanied by tea.” Adventure is no stranger to Fuchs, and he cites one of his biggest influences as early 20th century writer Joseph Conrad, a lot of whose writing, including the acclaimed Victory (1915), focused on the topics of international travel and exile. “I’m a huge fan of his tales of how adventure is something of much of the mind as it is the body,” says Fuchs. For more contemporary, and in particular summer reads, he says, “One of the most satisfying reads [I’ve had] in a long time has been Wade Davis’ Into the Silence (2011). It’s a stunning read about [early English mountaineer] George Mallory’s ultimately failed (and fatal) attempt to climb Mount Everest.” “As for what I’m reading at the moment, I’m currently finishing up Orham Pamuk’s Snow (2002), which is based in Turkey, a deep breath of the country’s history. I’m also re-reading (as I do every two or three years) Barry Lopez's [nonfiction novel] Arctic Dreams (1986). It’s a stunning look at the Arctic, its mesmerising force, and its abilities to teach and soothe.”

If you like… Science Fiction Andy Best

Best gained recognition at the beginning of this year after his fictional novel Parkour Girl and Yellow Fish Car (2011) was released in late December. The novel follows a young American expat Zack Smith who accidentally stumbles into a world of superheroes and underground vigilantes after a chance encounter on the streets of Shanghai. Having lived in Shanghai for the past ten years, a lot of Best’s influence comes from events that have happened to him, and situations he has found himself in as a hapless laowai. But for finding an interest in the superhero genre, he traces the route back to his readings as a kid. “My first and foremost influence was the UK science fiction comic 2000 A.D. (published by IPC Magazines from 1977 – present). I read it weekly from age eight for the best part of ten years. The flagship story, ‘Judge Dredd’, was about a dystopian future mega-city and all the strange human behaviour there. It was told from the point of view of an authoritarian police captain and was dripping with dark irony. “That led me to British new wave sci-fi writers like Michael Moorcock and J. G. Ballard, who most people know from his story Empire of the Sun (1984). Actually, I was locked into the George R. R. Martin (Game of Thrones) ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ books when the heat first hit this year. But as soon as I was done I picked up the ultimate hot weather book, Ballard’s The Drowned World (1962). Solar flares turn the Earth ninety percent tropical like the Triassic period and a science crew explores a sunken city for possible reclamation. It was inspired in part by the spring floods that used to plague Shanghai when Ballard was young.” www.parkourgirland

Jeff Fuchs’ novel The Ancient Tea Horse Road is currently available for e-book release on

10 TalkMagazine 

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If you like… Non-fiction Paul French

French has written and co-written a selection of books on China over the past decade, including his best-seller Midnight in Peking (2011). This book, about the unsolved death of Pamela Werner, daughter of a former British consul, is currently being made into a TV series in the UK. When it comes to summer reading, French finds himself normally being “a bit continental” in his holiday habits. “I like to take a month off and escape the worst of the Shanghai sauna! – this month I’ll be relaxing in the cool and somewhat rainy but beautiful Necklar Valley in Germany.” And he plans to do so with a selection of books. “Colm Toibin's one of my favourite writers and his collection of short stories The Empty Family (2010) has been sitting on my shelf awaiting the holidays. “I am also into the [Patrick] Melrose novels of Edward St Aubyn; they're hilarious, snappy and irreverent of the British class system and national silliness - very relaxing.” Known for his ability to tap into the intrigue genre and explore the controversy and under-publicised aspects of historical events, French finds himself particularly enthusiastic about a series of new up and coming books that are being released this month. “I'm going to be reading Pankaj Mishra's long-awaited and highly anticipated From The Ruins of Empire (2012), which is a very original assessment of the Victorian period, empire and colonialism (both physical and intellectual) from the Chinese and Indian point of view. I’ll also be reading Hanging Devils (2012) by He Jiahong. It’s a noir style thriller set in northern China and written by a Chinese judge turned mystery writer.”

If you like… Business and Finance Shaun Rein

Founder and managing director of the China Market Research Group Shaun Rein has gained high acclaim in the last few months with his insightful and well researched novel The End of Cheap China (2012), hotly discussed throughout the world for its topics surrounding the luxury sector boom in China, and its particular stress on Chinese attitudes moving away from ‘cheap’ and how we would do better to understand such trends. As a result, it’s no surprise that one of his summer reads would be a biography providing firsthand insight into some of the social and cultural influences that have helped develop Chinese society; however his particular choice might come as a bit of a surprise. “Operation Yao Ming (2005) tracks Yao's life and assent to stardom but more importantly how the turbulence of the Cultural Revolution continues to influence Chinese society. Few biographies are better than this.” For other summer reads, US-born Rein, who has lived in China for more than ten years, looks to his long-term interest in China’s vast and diverse history. And it is this that is influential in his choosing the fictional writings of fourth generation China expat Adam Williams, including The Palace of Heavenly Pleasure (2004), a fictional novel which follows a diverse mix of characters who find themselves drawn to a brothel overlooking an execution ground in North China, 1899. “Perhaps my favourite trilogy of all time,” he says, “It is a riveting, sensuous, historical novel that tracks a family through China's tortuous history of the last two centuries. Absolutely amazing body of work along the lines of James Clavell's.” - Become a Talk Insider!

Where to Pick Up Summer Books Even Shanghai’s faithful may struggle on occasion knowing where to go to pick up a contemporary English language book, with most places in town only offering a selection of classics you remember from your school days. If you’ve a taste for something more recent than Shakespeare, and more variety beyond Steve Jobs’ autobiography and the Twilight tetralogy, these are some of the places to go.

Garden Books

Perhaps the most well-known venue across the city, Jing’an’s Garden Books offers the most recent selection of English language books, including imported and translated Chinese reads. There’s also a nice café serving coffee and ice cream, solving that problem about where to while away the afternoon with your new purchase. Garden Books. 325 Changle Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu. Tel: 5404 8728. Web:

Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore

If you can’t find what you’re looking for at Garden Books, chance is you’ll find it at the Foreign Languages Bookstore. With the first and fourth floor stocked extensively with English language literature, this is the best place to go for selection on the Fuzhou road stretch. Still, you might have some difficulty if you’re looking for something specific; there isn’t much to signify any sort of chronology. Shanghai Foreign Languages Bookstore. 390 Fuzhou Lu, near Shanxi Nan Lu. Tel: 2320 4994. Web:

Glamour Bar For something less mainstream, Glamour’s bi-weekly book exchange offers the opportunity to pick up something slightly more outside the box, which fellow expats might have packed in their suitcases on the journey over. This month’s book swap is 11 August. 2pm. Glamour. 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu. Tel: 6350 9988. Web:

WBK Charity Book Fair To celebrate its new Wuyuan Lu location, William the Beekeeper is hosting its first charity book fair, with all proceeds going to help migrant children. 18 August. 12 – 6pm. William the Beekeeper. 87 Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. Tel: 3460 3282. Web: www. August12  TalkMagazine




Nurse Mary: Oh, My Aching Back! Mary A Drobnak RN, BSN, MSN Ed

Nurse Mary offers her advice on preventing back pain.


id you know that back pain is one of the most common medical complaints (only second to a headache and the common cold)? It is estimated that 8 in every 10 people will experience back pain in their lifetime. The causes of back pain are numerous, but many are self-inflicted and/or due to a lifetime of bad habits. Back pain causes include accidents, muscle strains and sports injuries; however disc degeneration, disease, infection and inherited conditions can also be influential factors. The lower back, which starts below the ribcage and is referred to as the lumbar region, accounts for the majority of mild to severe conditions. Symptoms can range from a dull ache to a stabbing or shooting sensation that may radiate into the buttocks, lateral to the hips down and cause numbing to one or both legs. Our daily activities are our main culprits. And because sometimes it may take months or years for the aches and pains to manifest, people do not often make the connection between what they are doing and how this is affecting their body. Let’s explore a few reasons why people may suddenly experience back pain and discuss ways to avoid more serious problems by becoming aware of what causes them.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time

One unavoidable activity many of us do is work at a desk and/or sit in front of a computer all day, going hours without taking a break. Slouching, sitting up too straight, without lumbar support for long periods of time is “the worst thing in the world you can do for your back,” sports and rehab doctors often emphasise. Our muscles simply do not get used when we sit for prolonged periods, causing them to spasm and shorten, thus becoming tight. The consequence being that our muscles become strained when we go to use them again which leads to injury, sudden pain or both. Rehab doctors recommend getting up from your desk every 30 minutes to take a short walk, stand and stretch, or lean back (allowing your back to bend slightly) in your chair with your feet flat on the floor, stretching your arms to the ceiling for a few seconds while taking deep cleansing breaths. They also suggest performing everyday tasks standing up wherever able, such as taking a phone call or reading work material. Simply put, don’t stay chained to your desk all day!

Lifting heavy objects

Lifting is yet another necessary daily activity for many of us, and for some, lifting is a big part of our jobs. Body mechanics play a huge part in lifting and it’s common sense that you shouldn't lift anything that might be too heavy for you.

12 TalkMagazine 


However, it's not always necessarily how much you lift, it's how you lift it. Physical therapists recommend when lifting to keep your legs shoulder length apart and squat, bending at the knees and the hips, close to the object (see picture). Keeping your back straight and head up, stand using the strength of your legs (not your back muscles) to lift the load. Avoid twisting or bending at the waist while lifting items, as this action may seriously injure your back. Get into the habit of using this technique even with lighter objects. Your back will thank you!

Carrying heavy bags

Another back aching culprit is the bag, the backpack, the handbag or the briefcase that you carry every day. Even though this might be carried in the hand, on the arm or on the shoulder, it is your back that supports the upper body and carries the extra weight. Carrying a heavy bag on a daily basis will take its toll on the back over time. Consider using a roller bag when you have heavier stuff or many items to carry, and when using

a backpack, use as intended and wear it on both shoulders for even support of the weight.

Lack of exercise

Extra pounds of body weight can also contribute to back pain, as this can increase the curve of the lower back leading to structural compromise and damage. Fact is, back pain is more common for people who are out of shape, so staying fit by exercising and stretching regularly helps prevent back pain and injuries. Using the gym infrequently or playing occasional weekend sports can play a major role in developing acute back pain. "Weekend warriors,” i.e those who engage in vigorous activity only on the weekend after sitting around all week, are frequently treated for symptoms of back pain, says Shanghai-based osteopath Alejandro Prieto. For the same reason as sitting for prolonged periods, lack of regular activity shortens and tightens our muscles leaving us vulnerable to strains when we exert energy after a long period of not using them.


ther causes of back pain include wearing shoes that are too high (stilettos) or too flat (flip flops) as these can place extra strain on your back. Experts recommend a supportive low heal for daily walking and high heels no more than three inches. Sleeping on a too firm or too soft mattress, and sleeping on your stomach or in twisted positions may also contribute to back pain. When sleeping on your side, use a pillow between the legs to keep the spine straight, and support the neck to keep the spine aligned. When on your back, place a pillow under the knees to allow the lower back to rest while you sleep. If pain is acute, resting can help, but it's a myth that you should stay in bed. A day or two in bed can make your back pain worse! Pain medication may take the edge off temporarily, however this also masks the symptoms, which allow you to keep up those bad habits instead of correcting them. If you are already experiencing back pain, whether it be occasional or more chronic in nature, it may be reversible if you start taking the right steps to improve your body mechanics and correct your bad habits today. Moral of the story is to stay fit, stretch often and keep those muscles flexible and active. Just because you sit at a desk all day does not mean you cannot move around. Be conscious of how much you carry and how you lift heavy objects. Changing bad habits can have positive long-term effects on your body! Send Nurse Mary your health questions and concerns at

Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back pain is pain that lingers and lasts more than three months. If your pain is no better within 72 hours or after a few weeks of more gentle activity, you should consult a doctor. Additionally, severe back pain after a fall or injury should always be checked out by a health care professional. Other warning signs that alert you to seek medical attention include a loss of bowel or bladder control, leg weakness, fever, and pain when coughing or urinating. If you have any of these symptoms along with your back pain, you should immediately contact your doctor. - Become a Talk Insider!



Spa Reviews Casa Serena Spa Sam Daniels

What: Aromatic Oil Massage (90 min) Where: 68 Taicang Lu, near Songshan Lu. Tel: 5382 1600 Why: For a moment out of time that's not out of place. How Much: RMB 477 Who needed to know best how to relax in 1930s Shanghai? Why, Chinese gangsters, that's who. These guys were seriously in need of some TLC; after all, what could be a more stressful job than tackling the pressures of gang warfare and drug trafficking? And while today's Xintiandi strutting, high-powered Shanghai executives might not be looking life and death so squarely in the face, their jobs are still stressful. Thankfully, the vintage Casa Serena Spa transports you to the time of 1930s Shanghai for a bit of R&R. Operated by the already well established Green Massage, my experience was a professional and relaxing one from start to finish. The narrow hallways led immediately into an area of quiet and deep meditation, a remarkable accomplishment considering that the property is just metres away from bustling Xintiandi. The dark finished woodwork and the stained glass windows radiated with Old World charm that was stylish, but not overbearing. Every good gangster needs a hideaway; this one will definitely do. My treatment began with a soothing foot bath. Afterwards it was time to choose from one of five aromatic oils which would be used in my treatment. I chose the strongest one, a real nose-tingler. A gangster has got to keep his wits about him, even when he’s getting a rub down. Before my masseuse took to

rubbing and tugging the knots in my back, she held aromatic oils under my nose, allowing me to breathe deeply. Pure refreshment and relaxation radiated through my body. The massage flowed on and I found myself in a daze, looking at my worries from a place of calm far, far away. After it was over, this gangster was ready to take on whatever this city had to throw at him.

Venus Spring Massage Melissa K Trias

What: Stardust Hot Spring Foot Massage & Oil Body Massage (120 mins) Where: Venus Spring Massage. Room 101, Bldg 5, Lane 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Jianguo Zhong Lu. Tel: 3461 8726. Web: Why: Because this massage has what it takes to make you see stars. How much: RMB 480 (Summer combo set price) Entering the Venus Spring spa, nestled in a small corner of Jiashan Market, is like entering a small doll’s house. Here, the soft, neutral shades of beige, powder pink and cream that characterise the interior make it easy to transition into a state of childlike innocence and relaxation despite the nagging urgencies of the outside world. Still, don’t be fooled. Venus Spring Massage specialises in offering, what this reviewer found, were fully firm and intense therapies. This is not one for the weak hearted.

My treatment began with an introduction to the different scented oils that would be used in my massage, each said to rejuvenate a specific type of fatigue through its aromatic properties. My nose gravitated to the Harmony Oil, which gave off the scent of Asian fruits and flowers and, I was told, is beneficial in calming the nervous system. Whimsical, I thought, but the oil did seem to work its magic because one whiff did have me feeling surprisingly refreshed. I showered before being led to a special room lit with a projection of constellations across the ceiling, a new fad, I was told, in Japan. As a precursor, my masseuse worked the kinks out of my shoulders, back and arms with a surprisingly firm

pounding of his fists, to the extent that I felt, had I not already been seeing stars, I would be. Still, at the end of my sixty minutes ‘under the stars’ I was feeling surprisingly calm and caressed, the tight knots and kinks in my shoulders and back newly unravelled. This was followed by a surprisingly intense but fully professional full-body oil massage treatment that I didn’t want to end. The stiffness in my neck, shoulders, back and legs disappeared with the kneading of my talented masseuse’s hands and I soon felt enveloped in a sense of overwhelming calmness and tranquillity.

Picking Paths Tom Mangione

Are you in the right career? Local counsellor Luis Murillo discusses finding your path…


n electrical engineer on assignment in China has a hidden passion for designing children’s toys. The head of marketing for a fast food conglomerate has a strange affinity for making gourmet salad dressings. A young man’s parents want him to study finance and accounting, but he can’t put down his guitar or his dreams of rock stardom. In picking a path for ourselves in life, we often get caught in a conflict between expectations and desires. Luis Murillo, local counsellor at the Community Center Shanghai says that this tension is well-known in psychoanalysis. “One of the big insights of Freudian psychology is that society puts a burden on

opportunities to connect with [your] humanity.”

people to sacrifice themselves to achieve something for the good of society. We sacrifice ourselves with our work and maybe what we get out of that isn’t the dividend we want in terms of personal happiness.”

In making these types of choices, Murillo notes that there is a current trend in developed countries throughout the world towards “downshifting”, where people look to cultivate lives for themselves defined not by achievement, but by their singularity.

Many times we have a choice between two paths, each of which satisfies some of our desires, but not all of them. When it’s time to choose, Murillo advises his clients “to look at their total life quality. That doesn't necessarily mean succeeding at leveraging [oneself ] into a higher social status; sometimes that means taking a lower paying job, but having more creative

But not all of us are able to “downshift”. Some of us are already firmly committed to one path or have familial obligations that keep us from making big changes. Still, Murillo doesn't think that means we can't find ways to incorporate those sides of ourselves that look to create or inspire. “With my clients, I try to exploit synergies between - Become a Talk Insider!

passions and the realities of the marketplace.” And the marketplace isn't as adverse to creatively minded people as you might think. In fact, it's proving more and more welcoming to them. “Having creativity and cultivating that creativity is going to be increasingly valued in the future.” Our electrical engineer might help his company license miniature designs of their products for toys. Our head of marketing might have some interesting suggestions for how to increase sales of salads in new markets. Our aspiring rock star might not make it to sold out stadiums, but intimate knowledge of what it's like to be up on stage will undoubtedly prove helpful in a career in entertainment marketing. counseling.asp

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Olympic Abs Jon Robinson, BSc (Hons) Exercise Physiology

Exercise expert Jon Robinson offers tips on how to get gold medal abs

Opening Ceremony Why are sit-ups and stomach crunches so common in the gym you go to every day? It surely must be because they are effective, but most people go back to the gym time after time and never see a significant difference to the toning of their abdominal muscles. Why is this? Is there something else we should be doing? How about we look to the experts? Surely the leaders in applying cutting edge exercise science have the answer; I’m talking about Olympic athletes. Tune into the London Games this month and you’ll see a whole constellation of perfectly formed superstars sporting 4, 6, 8 and 24-packs in ultra high definition, athletes with divine physiques, like Cheng Fei, Guo Jingjing or Yang Wei. These guys and girls have granite abs that could stop a point blank round from an elephant gun, but you’ll never ever see them doing a simple sit up in training, simply put because this alone just doesn’t do the trick. In raising either your legs or torso up from the floor, you recruit the hip flexor muscles and quads (the front thigh muscles). The abs only work as a secondary stabilizer, meaning that they merely assist the other muscles in this exercise, which is simply not good enough; to make them adapt, we want to target the abs muscles head on! To properly train the abs you need functional movements, mostly where you get your butt up off the floor! There are a million and one ways to do this but all the best ones require you to use forces of nature and the weight of your own body. A highly effective combo is the captain’s chair with twist (pictured above) for approximately 20 - 30 seconds immediately followed by a particular type of sit-up, called the Janda sit up for approximately 40 - 60 seconds until

14 TalkMagazine 


exhaustion. With the captain’s chair, either with your weight supported on your elbows, or better still if you’re able to hold yourself up, curl the knees up in a smooth motion and twist to the side, then lower the knees, twist to the other side and so on. For Janda sit-ups, lie on your back and curl the torso upwards only as far as is possible to keep the feet in contact with the ground. This is the most important point; your feet must stay in touch with the ground. The reason for this combo is the first exercise hits the type 2b muscle fibres really hard, the muscles that respond to sudden changes in movement. The Janda sit-up uses the type 2a muscle fibres, which cope better with endurance. These maximise the amount of work done, challenge the correct muscle fibres on the abs and allow your body to adapt to its maximum potential. If you're a fitness newbie and/or are carrying a little too much extra body fat, start with Janda's only and first work on your cardio and diet to get that extra jelly down.

Closing Ceremony If you want to get Olympic results in double quick time and stand proudly atop the podium, best ditch the simple sit-ups with a more rounded workout routine, and who knows, you might just be heading to Rio for 2016. Jon Robinson is the founder of webbased platform Makethisworkout. For in depth instructions on how to do these exercises properly, as well as other helpful tips on duration of exercise and routine guidance, check out his blog on - Become a Talk Insider!



Get Back on (the) Track Christian Seiersen

From balls to boats, Shanghai has a diverse and flourishing sports community, with a variety of clubs offering opportunities to pursue your passion or simply make new friends. colleges and semi-pro teams. Seasons are three months long each and are split into four separate periods running throughout the year. Price: RMB 80 for one-off membership. Melody Women's Basketball Club. Hunan Gym, 4F, 515 Fangxie Lu, near Lujiabang Lu. Tel: 138 1720 3586. Web: www.

Shanghai International Football League

Shanghai Cricket Club

Shanghai Cricket Club Since staging China’s first recorded cricket match in 1858, the Shanghai Cricket Club has retained its long tradition and passion for the sport. Nowadays the club boasts over 250 members, who play every Sunday in one of three divisions. The lowest division plays 20-over cricket, accommodating beginners and less experienced cricketers. The cricket club also fields two more experienced representative teams: the Dragons and the Pirates, who play 50-over cricket and participate in international tours. Interested cricketers can get in touch with the club by emailing info@shanghaicricket. com, and will be put in contact with one of the four member teams based on a number of criteria including which catchment area you fall into. However if you’re just looking for a taste of Shanghai cricket to see if it’s right for you, one of the clubs, Bashers CC, holds free weekly practice sessions every Thursday from 6 - 8pm at the San He Hua Yuan tennis courts (123 Yanping Lu, near Xinzha Lu). Perfect timing then to get in training for cricket season, which begins in mid March. Price: RMB 2,000 upwards each season for administrative fees and playing dues. Shanghai Rugby Football Club. 2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu, near Wuzhou Dadao. Dulwich College International School, 266 Lan’an Lu, near Biyun Lu. Web: www.

Shanghai Boat and Yacht Club From veteran yacht-owners, to landlubbers itching to get behind the keel, the Shanghai Boat and Yacht Club caters to all tastes. Started in 2001, the club has been integral in the sport’s growing popularity and has developed Shanghai’s yachting community with monthly social events in downtown Shanghai, including quiz nights and presentations at O’Malley’s Irish Pub (42 Taojiang Lu, near Hengshan Lu. Web: http:// The club owns a variety of boats from training dinghies to catamarans for members looking to take to the waters

Shanghai Boat and Yacht Club

Shanghai Triathlon Club

beforehand, founders Bruce Chang and Rice Ma host social evenings such as barbeques and there’s the aforementioned Sunday morning jaunt, free and open to non-members.

of Dianshan Lake. It also offers training programmes including lifesaving, which is useful not only in honing yachting skills but also a valuable qualification to have. Boats are available to all members but the training sessions and regattas are subject to additional costs. Price: RMB 5,000 (plus RMB 500 joining fee), a yearly membership lasts from 1 April to 31 March the following year. The club will be hosting an Open Day on 8 September at the club house on Dianshan Lake where potential members can try their hand at sailing. Shanghai Boat and Yacht Club. West shore of Dianshan Lake, Qinpu District, near Grand View Garden (Da Guan Yuan). Tel: 139 1872 2997. Web:

Shanghai Triathlon Club If a 95km bike and running training session at 6am every Sunday sounds like your cup of tea then Shanghai’s Triathlon Club just might be for you. Since being founded in 2004, the Shanghai Triathlon Club has amassed a community of around 1,000 fitness enthusiasts and arranges a series of running, swimming and bicycle events geared towards helping fitness pros train for the ultimate test of endurance: the biannual Anting triathlon. The club works with professional coaches and hosts events at venues with top notch facilities such as the olympic-sized Shanghai Swimming Pool (1300 Zhongshan Nan Er Lu, near Tianyaoqiao Lu). Free seminars are also hosted by the club, which cover topics such as nutrition and treating injuries. To get a taste of the club - Become a Talk Insider!

Price: RMB 200 a year. Shanghai Triathlon Club. 396 Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Zhaojiabang Lu. Tel: 6418 0957. Web:

Melody Women’s Basketball Club With China’s national women’s team ranking seventh in the world, women’s basketball has enjoyed a bounce in popularity since the national league was founded just over a decade ago. Indicative of the grass roots development in the sports is Melody Women’s Basketball Club, which started in the electronic recesses of an online forum for Shanghai residents looking for a pick-up game in 2004. The club’s three teams include options for all abilities, from newcomers to semi-pros with over seven years experience. Each team is comprised of 15-20 players and the club organises coaches and pickup games for practice. Most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7-9pm in the summer, members organise informal games at the Shanghai Stadium, which is an ideal starting ground for checking out whether or not the club is right for you. For more pro shooters and defenders, monthly matches are organised against local

“Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I can assure you it is much more important than that,” once said Liverpool legend Bill Shankly. And this is an ethos that is spread across the entire Shanghai International Football League. Hosting two divisions of ten teams, the league runs from early September through to June and includes two separate cup tournaments. It’s not cheap to enter the league, and so players are often aided by sponsors who often come in the form of popular bars such as the Camel or Zapata’s. Interested players can contact a league organiser Tom Bus, at the eponymous address,, who will put you in contact with a team that might be best for you based on nationality, skill level and size of beer gut. Regular tours are organised to tournaments across the world, with the Shanghai Puxi Lions bringing back the trophy from the Phuket international tournament last year. RMB: 25,000-30,000 per team (depending on the division) for league fees Tianma Golf & Country Club, 3958 Zhaokun Gong Lu, near Shenzhuan Lu. Shanghai Rugby Football Club, 2700 Zhangyang Bei Lu, near Wuzhou Dadao. Tel: 5766 1666. Web:

Shanghai International Football League

Melody Women’s Basketball Club

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Local Talk: Maoming Nan Lu Christian Seiersen and Calum McCaffery

Ya n ' a n Z h o n g L u 1 2 L u

l u J u



L u





Soul Dancing. 2F, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yan'an Zhong Lu. Tel: 152 0176 9202. Web:



3 Lyceum Theatre

Festooned in the high arches and brown bricks characteristic of the swinging thirties, this landmark’s exterior is a visual throwback to an era when the city gave itself to the vice and glamour of the time. Nowadays, Lyceum’s cavernous 680-seat theatre is a platform for Chinese and English productions ranging from opera to a recent staging of Alice in Wonderland (tickets RMB 100-900). Courtesy of a recent renovation, the atrium’s polished marble floors and gold plated walls are a gracious nod to Greco-Roman times. The perfect setting for a cultured chinwag before the show.

g an


5 Pane e Vino





Shanghai Tattoo, 4F, 1 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yan'an Zhong Lu. Tel: 136 1181 4666. Web:



i ha

g on

If music be the food of love, then this dance studio is a veritable banquet. Boasting three spacious studios, would-be Shakiras can try their hand at anything from salsa to pole dancing (RMB 120 for a drop-in class). If your hips are too shy, private tuition is also available for a range of different traditional and contemporary dance styles (RMB 500). The weekly hour-long classes attract a wide mix of local and expat clients and are split into three skill levels to cater to all ranges of ability (RMB 1,600 for 16 classes).

n Na

Local legend Ting has assembled a crack team of tattoo artists to bring what is possibly the least intimidating (and definitely the coolest) tattoo parlour in Shanghai. The sixyear-old studio has capitalised on a recent move to the spacious top floor of a renovated industrial complex by bringing in a pool table and cinema room. They also throw the odd wild party for good measure, making full use of a large balcony for summer barbecues. All that, and did we forget to mention their awesome tattoos? One of Ting’s latest works includes a forearm portrait of Albert Einstein (tattoos RMB 700 upwards).

ing om Ma

g l e a n C h 7

1 Shanghai Tattoo

2 Soul Dancing

o Zh





g on



Guests at Pane e Vino can indulge in a real taste of Calabria, with a vast selection of deliciously creamy pastas (RMB 100 upwards) and thin crust Italian pizzas (RMB 88 upwards) to choose from, all of which use homemade recipes and specially imported ingredients. There’s also a fantastic selection of Italian wines to pair with your meal, including the Ruffino Riserva Ducale (RMB 448), an Italian red wine which proves molto bene with its floral, fruity aroma and it’s sweet taste. Pane e Vino Restaurant. Bldg 7, 207 Maoming Nan Lu, near Yongjia Lu. Tel: 5645 2177

6 J’s Select

J’s Select isn’t a big store, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in quality. The Japanese manager Ishimoto Taiga, who flies to Tokyo and Osaka once a week to bring new designs for both men and women straight from the land of the rising sun, handpicks all the clothes on offer. Great looking pieces (and a few weird and wonderful eccentricities) can be found here including polka dot shirts, with prices ranging from RMB 300.

Lyceum Theatre. 57 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu. Tel: 6217 8530

4 Di Shui Dong

Popular among locals and tourists alike, Di Shui Dong is considered one among the finest Hunanese eateries in town. Strings of red chillies dangle ominously from its walls, but you will remember Di Shui Dong for its deliciously tantalising meals, rather than being simply overpowered by their spiciness. The signature dish, Hunan-style spare-ribs dry-rubbed in cumin (RMB 58) is a succulent slice of heaven, served with a tasty sprinkled topping of aniseed, chilli and spices. And to wash it all down, there’s the light and refreshing German beer, Karmeliter on tap (RMB 48). Di Shui Dong. 2F, 56 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu. Tel: 6253 2689. Web:

J’s Select. 124 Maoming Nan Lu, near Nanchang Lu. Tel: 6467 9803

7 Jimmy’s Kitchen Jimmy’s Kitchen is a restaurant with a long history, thought of as the original expat restaurant. Named after a former US Deputy Marshal Jimmy James who opened a greasy spoon for soldiers on Daming Lu in 1924, Jimmy’s Kitchen offers a vast selection of cuisine spanning all corners of the world, meaning that you can find a range of delicious dishes from English bangers and mash (RMB 98) to Indian curries (RMB 128 upwards). Their steaks however (RMB 98 upwards) are particularly to die for, made using high temperature broilers (650°C) to increase their moistness and flavour to the fullest. Jimmy's Kitchen. 1F, Jinjiang Hotel, 59 Maoming Nan Lu, near Changle Lu. Tel: 6466 6869

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A Wonder-Wool Cause Merissa Bush

Courtesy of Shannon Hasenfratz

BEAN volunteers gather together to knit blankets for children in Africa


he Knit-A-Square movement started as a family project in South Africa, 2008. An Australian family, the McDonalds, visited their extended family in South Africa and having learnt about the number of orphans suffering in that region, they collectively paid a visit to various local orphanages and donated a number of blankets that they had hand-knitted to help children impacted by AIDS and poverty. While in Africa, they realised the extent to which children needed warm blankets, that even though they had done so much, their efforts were seemingly marginal. They put out an appeal for people to knit squares that could later be sewn into blankets and received 54,000 knitted squares in 2009, and even more in 2010. Their goal for this year is to receive 500,000 squares, which can then be sent to South Africa. - Become a Talk Insider!

Merissa Bush, a teacher at Yew Chung International School in Shanghai and lifelong knitter, caught wind of the project and decided to introduce it within her school to students in years 5 to 13 as a charity project in late February. It was so successful that BEAN president, Sheila Seiler, decided that the volunteer organisation should get on board as well, and asked Merissa to introduce the project in April 2012. The Knit-A-Square BEAN events have since garnered such a following that they now take place twice a month, happening at various locations around the former French Concession, 1.45 - 5pm every other Saturday (specific information about each individual session can be found online). Led by Merissa and BEAN co-leader Alison Yong, participants can get together to knit 20cm/20cm squares on donated needles and yarn within a span of three hours.


Courtesy of Shannon Hasenfratz

The group consists of a mix of new and advanced knitters, a range of skill levels that benefits everyone, so beginners need not worry if they have not knitted before. So far in Shanghai, a total of 420 squares have been completed, making a total of 21 blankets. These sessions are a great opportunity to meet new people, learn a useful skill, and support a worthy cause at the same time. Mistakes are made, but there are plenty of people participating, locals and foreigners alike, who can help repair whatever 'design elements' surface. And the work speaks for itself. Patch by patch, Knit-A-Square is making a difference in aid of a worthy cause. Merissa Bush is the Project Director for the Knit-ASquare BEAN event. BEAN Shanghai hosts events that help young professionals connect and contribute to the local community, creating a vibrant atmosphere outside of work. For more information, visit http://shanghai. and

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what’sHOTwhat’sCOOL Melissa K Trias

Timeless Chic

Too Cool for School

Because pretty women deserve pretty little things like this. This gorgeous Tiffany bracelet adds instant glam to any outfit. RMB 38,800. Tiffany & Co. 283 Huaihai Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu. Tel: 6390 8868. Web:

Student living has never looked funkier - and you’ll be tempted back to class just to show off your swag with this funky orange rucksack. RMB 5,500. MCM. 1F, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu. Tel: 6329 3098. Web:

Sweet Leilani

Stand out from the crowd and bring Honolulu to the ‘Hai with this bright and cheerful Hawaiiinspired shirt. RMB 580. Kaileeni, available at William the Beekeeper. 84 Fenyang Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. Tel: 3460 3282. Web:

Just Tweetin’

Add a bit of childhood nostalgia to your bedroom wall with this fab and functional cuckoo clock. Getting up in the morning has never been such a hoot! RMB 598. Lulu. 414 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. Tel: 5407 6062. Web: www.

Marvelous Moccasins

There’s nothing more unsightly than summer bunions. Treat your tootsies with these cute and comfortable city-approved flats. RMB 379. The Gap, available at Hong Kong Plaza. 282 Huaihai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu. Tel: 6390 8060. Web:

One Hit Wonder

The itsy-bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini doesn’t have anything on this sexy one-zy. Designed by JOG Swimwear, it hugs all the right curves without bearing too much. RMB 1,180. JOG Swimwear. Room 301, 3F, 694 Huai’an Lu, near Suzhou Xi Lu. Tel: 159 0212 8756. Web: www.

Fresh Faced

This is one for the gents; a soothing aftershave balm from Baxter of California to keep your face looking and smelling divine this summer. RMB 115. Baxter of California. Available at www.

Brilliant Bows

Bow ties are sharp and utterly irresistible additions to a three-piece suit. And these colourful creations from Cotton Treats will liven up any evening do. RMB 204. Cotton Treats. Available at

Sweets For My Sweet

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(A)cute Angles

There’s a selection of delectable goodies at Papabubble. We love these little candy tubs you can toss in your handbag for instant happy!

You don’t have to be a maths genius to bring geometry to your wardrobe. Look 100% in this little MIXR number.

RMB 40 – 50. Papabubble Shanghai. 891 Julu Lu, near Changshu Lu. Tel: 5423 1033. Web:

RMB 1,348. MIXR. Bldg 37c, 2F, 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Jianguo Xi Lu. Tel: 5418 5870. Web: - Become a Talk Insider!


A New Hue

Long White and Blue Dress: Rosanna Alpi. RMB 688. Jean Gilet with Neon Yellow Buttons: Denny Rose. RMB 868.

Melissa K Trias

We listen to dubstep, we eat at restaurants and bars called ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘Arcade’ and our clothes are now popping in neon colours. This is not a resurgence of the 80s acid years, it’s a celebration of our high-tech addiction. Welcome to the new age.


f you haven’t noticed already (although it would be surely hard to miss), fashion has recently undergone a surge of electrifying change. The Spring/Summer 2012 runway shows of Jason Wu, Stella McCartney, Mary Katrantzou, Marni, and Céline each displayed a blatant affinity towards neon pinks, greens, yellows and blues, and the night markets on the Shanghai streets likewise are flooded with neon apparel. Shoppers today no longer need to visit a traditional ‘brick and mortar’ store to get their retail fix; they need something bold and sharp, something that will make them stand out from the crowd. They need an extra dose of ‘pop!’ This style editor scoured the city this month and found that one of the best shops to ‘glow’ up your wardrobe is MIXR, a fashion-forward and digitally insightful concept store. At its core, it’s an e-commerce business that links a community of fashionistas, but its showroom offers a range of unique brands straight from Italy’s fashion scene (exclusive to their company) including Denny Rose, whose summer 2012 collection is dripping with neon hues. Claudia Gaudiello, one of the founders & brand directors at MIXR is very enthusiastic about having this range of eye-catching creations in her store and talks about the trend that’s currently sweeping the international fashion scene. “There are no boundaries, just dare! If there is a game, it’s colour: who can wear it best?” This trend playfully reflects the moxie and audacious


Neon Flora Dress: Denny Rose. RMB 868. Yellow Neon Necklace: Denny Rose (Comes with black laser cut T-shirt) Shoes: Model’s own.

sassiness of today’s fashion climate that is entrancing the young and the old. People don’t fear being loud anymore— they fear not being noticed. “I personally love the concept of ‘colour blocking’,” says Gaudiello, “But one should keep in mind the following tips: Do not to mix prime colours together, opt for white or black pieces to tone down the mix when needed and, if uncertain where to start, mixing the same colour in different shades never fails.” Neon colours are ridiculously fun and instantly add a bit of excitement to your once boring outfit. Infuse a hit of pigment in your summer wardrobe and stand out this summer. MIXR. 2F, Bldg 37C, Lane 550 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Jianguo Xi Lu. Tel: 5418 5870. Web:

If you’re In your 20s: Dare to stand out from the crowd.

Don’t be afraid to wear a neon dress or an electric pair of neon trousers.

In your 30s: Add a cheeky splash to your outfit,

with some neon heels, or a neon camisole.

In your 40s: Brighten your outfit up by teaming it with a nice neon silk scarf, or a nice chunky neon necklace.

Black Laser T-shirt: Denny Rose. RMB 698. Pink Neon Trousers: Denny Rose. RMB 928. White Trainers: Bluzi. RMB 1,148.

The Tooth of the Matter Melissa K Trias

In this month’s instalment of summer prep, Talk Magazine’s style editor sought out where to get perfectly pearly whites.

Mission: To turn up the wattage on my million dollar smile Why: To make the first thing people see be something they will really remember Where: Global Health Care, Puxi Medical & Dental Center. Suite 303, 1788 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu. Tel: 5298 6339. Web: www. How Much: RMB 3,500 for Opalescence Clinical Whitening Treatment Nothing makes more of an impact than a brilliant white smile, as some of our favourite celebrities make proof. And so in learning about the teeth whitening service that the Global Health Care clinic in Puxi offers, I sought out getting my chompers to the most coveted shade of ivory. GHC has enjoyed an excellent reputation within the expatriate community for a while now, and so when I called them, I was not surprised to receive an excellent level of


English language customer service. The woman who spoke to me was attentive to my request of reaching UV-light sensitive whiteness and offered a choice between two services, both of which would keep my teeth looking ivory white for approximately six months (although this depends of course on the condition of the individual’s teeth and their style of living, i.e. coffee drinker, smoker, etc). These were the American brand Opalescence Clinical Whitening Treatment (RMB 3,500), a two hour on-site procedure, or the Home Whitening Treatment (RMB 2,500) that requires four hour sessions of application time. Usually this option takes one week to see the effects. All sounds very easy, however after I’d opted for the former, I was warned, “The teeth whitening service in the clinic is a little painful.” In retrospect now, I realise I should have heeded her warning. On arriving at the clinic, my dentist, Dr Anna Tubolets conducted a preliminary test to check the health of my teeth before applying the whitening gel. After This involved her - Become a Talk Insider!

shooting ice-cold air onto each of my teeth, which while a little ticklish, was not overly uncomfortable. After my teeth had been checked and approved, I was injected in the gums with a local anaesthetic, which I was told would prevent the whitening gel from inflicting too much pain. Not quite what I’d had in mind when I’d decided to have my teeth whitened, however Dr Tubolets told me that the whitening gel left what would feel like a burning sensation on my gums, the pain of which can typically last up to one hour after the treatment is complete. Before long, the local anaesthetic had been administered, my mouth was being stuffed with rolls of cotton to protect my gums, and a plastic mouth stretching device had been fitted to keep my jaw open during the whitening procedure, puffing out my cheeks to make me look like a baby chimpanzee. If someone had told me exactly what this treatment would entail, I possibly might have chosen the ‘at-home’ kit, but having come this far, I succumbed to the ‘pain is

beauty’ mentality and persevered. Only after a short while, and despite the anaesthesia, sharp bout of acid-burning pain around my mouth began to sting the living daylights out of me and I began to tear up. I’d like to think that through the feminine habits of waxing and wearing high heels I’d built up a good resistance to pain. Still, be warned. If you’re serious about getting your teeth whitened, be prepared to have a test of endurance on your hands. Three hours later, I was still in a lot of pain, so should you decide to go ahead with this treatment, book late in the day and make sure you don’t have any subsequent commitments. Otherwise like me, you’ll find yourself desperately calling a friend to help you get home. The irony in this story is that the friend who came to collect me was positively bowled over by how white my teeth had become, and a couple of weeks later, my teeth still look perfect. I guess I can't complain; I’ve received endless compliments. Still, for what it’s worth, you really have to ask yourself whether the price and the pain is worth the end result. August12  TalkMagazine




GADGETS& Tom Mangione

A Cause for Alarm

You showed up to work half an hour late, with your hair frazzled and wearing mismatching socks. Why? You forgot to set your alarm. If only your phone had a function where it set an alarm automatically when you set it down for the night! Now with Samsung’s TecTile sticker tags, you can do just that. Working on the same principle as the cards you scan on the subway, these stickers can be programmed to tell your Android smartphone to send messages, open web pages and set alarms. Price: RMB 95 (for five TecTiles). Web: com/us/microsite/tectile

The Portable DJ

For many musicians in the iAge, wowing the crowds requires more than just mastering an instrument; you’ve also got to have a nice piece of kit to go with it. The portable iRig Mix from IK Multimedia allows you to throw your iOS device and all its sound warping apps into the mix. DJs can even dispense with their turntables and opt for two iPads to do the spinning. What will the audiences think? Price: RMB 637. Web:

Holding Back the Charge

Controlled Vacuum

Every night you waste precious energy by leaving your iPhone charger on overnight while you're sleeping. But it’s not like you're about to wake up in the middle of the night to unplug your precious handheld companion, are you? The Mushroom Greenzero conserves energy by automatically shutting off the power on your iPhone once it’s fully charged, letting you sleep easy.

It's made by the same company that makes reconnaissance robots for the U.S. Military, so it goes without saying that this robotic vacuum cleaner means business. The Roomba 790, iRobot's newest model in its line of automatic vacuum cleaners comes with a remote control that allows you to tell it where and when to clean from up to 25 feet away. Of course, with the robot's onboard sensors telling it which areas are the dirtiest, you might find yourself having surprisingly few commands to give anyway. Price: RMB 4,462. Web:

Price: RMB 256. Web: mushroom-greenzero-wall-travel-charger-30-pin


The old office USB swap is usually a rather perfunctory affair where both parties hardly notice the information receptacle that passes between them. Those days are gone, transformed even. Prime information is now Optimus Prime information. This Transformers themed Optimus Prime USB from MIMOBOT can hold 2 – 64GB, ready to give a bit of style to info swapping whether it's slinging over a few files to co-workers or saving the world. Price: RMB 115. Web:

Dialing Up Some Light

Let's face it, light switches are sooo 20th century. Why would you ever get up and walk across the room to turn off the light when your smartphone can do it for you? The Insteon LED bulb is a powersaving dimmable LED lightbulb that you can control from your smartphone with Insteon's SmartLinc central controller. Turn down the lights, baby. All the way down. Price: RMB 191 (LED bulb); RMB 638 (SmartLinc). Web:

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Back Not Black

Portland, Oregon based iPhone/iPad case maker Grove has found a way to give that black back of your iPhone some much needed flair and do a good one for the environment at the same time. Using colourful wooden waste material from a local skateboard manufacturer, the company fashions 100 percent unique iPhone backs in three styles: vibrant (pictured), calm and neutral. And don’t worry about sticking the thing to the back of your iPhone. A 3M adhesive allows for easy removal without leaving a trail of goop. Price: RMB 312. Web:

App of the Month: Bomax – The Cranky Alarm

When it comes to sleeping in, some people are professionals, silencing alarms on instinct without even having to get up. Bomax – The Cranky Alarm eliminates the possibility of cheating your alarm once and for all. Silencing Bomax requires the completion of one of three games: “WhackA-Clock”, “3-Mug Monte” and “Dunk the Clock”. It's only when you've successfully smashed Bomax into submission that the ringing will stop. But by that time chances are you'll be wide awake. Price: RMB 6. Web: www.interactive-time. com - Become a Talk Insider!


Arduino: The Robot Builder Ricky Ng-Adam and Kevin Chen

Blog of the Month: Accidental Chinese Hipsters Tom Mangione

Local tech workshop Xinchejian shares with Talk Magazine some of its newest inventions. This month we learn about Arduino, the electronic brains behind a whole generation of robotic inventions worldwide.


wittering plants, laser harps and robotic spy planes – these futuristic projects all have one thing in common: a tiny electronic brain called Arduino. Arduino is a highly versatile chipset that combines a physical input/ouput platform with a simple software environment – think of it as a small computer ready to bridge the virtual and the real world. Arduino was invented in Italy, but has since become a worldwide phenomenon in the open-source hardware and software community, being inexpensive and available for purchase worldwide. Its schematics are available to all, allowing anyone to derive their own designs, and as a result, Arduino chips are becoming the standard for prototyping new products and are being used as introductory tools for teaching programming and electronics. In China, Arduino chips can be bought from DFRobot (http://dfrobot. com) and Seeedstudios (http:// The simplicity of Arduino’s design and its flexibility has made it the favourite of a new generation of 'makers'. The TV B-Gone (, an infamous keyring device which allows its bearer to turn off any TV in a matter of seconds, was created using Arduino. It’s even been used to install a breathalyser in a microphone (www. Want to know what songs you’re most likely to sing at KTV when you’ve had a few too many?


In Shanghai, the hackers at Xinchejian have found ways to use Arduino in many projects. Arduino has been used to program instructions for a 3D model designed on a laptop to print and create real plastic objects. It’s also been used as the intelligence behind self-driving robot race cars, ‘seeing’ the road and telling the wheels which way to turn.   The possibilities of Arduino make it an exciting gadget, and Xinchejian offers introductory classes on how to apply Arduino to anything from insect robots to flying quadcopters (that’s a helicopter with four propellers). Let the programming begin! For more information on Arduino, Xinchejian and its newest projects, log on to: - Become a Talk Insider!

Every month Talk Magazine scours the web for blogs with some of the most insightful, interesting and downright strange content related to the Middle Kingdom. Anyone who’s spent time walking around on the streets of China has seen the bold and colourful fashions sported by this country’s natives. Hot pink skirts with leopard print platform heels? Check. Neon yellow visors with plaid golf shorts? Yep. Sequin tops with zebra striped leggings? Uh-huh. The risqué fashions through China have caught the eye of an ABC blogger in the US who finds that the flair of the Chinese has something in common with the gaudy clothing worn by hipsters in the US. The tumblr based blog Accidental Chinese Hipsters (ACH) leads with the tagline: “A loving gaze cast upon the grandmother wearing dayglow jeggings and a visor.” And true to its motto, the blog comments on its pictures with tongue firmly in cheek, but always refrains from being mean. In fact, it’s ready to give credit where credit is due. After all, hipsters, Chinese or otherwise, deserve a bit of recognition for their sartorial daring. In commenting on the picture shown, ACH says: “Part Buddha, part explosion at a craft store, our sloppy mystic exists on a higher, slightly uneven plane […] Although, to his credit as an individual, somewhere in there appears to be a necklace made of potholder loops. Even hipsters of the most iron constitutions might not have that kind of courage.” Indeed. http://accidentalchine

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Kid’s Quiz

Family Calendar

Ready, steady, GO! Can you find all these summer sports in this month’s wordsearch?







































































































































































Talk Magazine is giving away two pairs of UME tickets to see the latest blockbuster! For your chance to win, e-mail and tell us which venue was featured on 'Cheesecake Day' last month. Deadline 25 August

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5 August Organic Fruit Picking

SATs. Classes are conducted by qualified professors covering critical reading, writing and maths. 10am – 3pm. RMB 8,500 for two week course. Tel: 3382 1770. Web: www.

8 August Bumps & Babes Talk: Giving Your Child Medicine FoodPedia Organic Farms organises a special tour to their Jiading District farm where visitors can see how organic food is grown and harvested. Tour includes lunch, visit to a lake and vegetable and fruit picking. 12 – 3.30pm. Free. FoodPedia Organics. Tel: 158 0216 3814. Web:

6 – 10 August Chinese Immersion Camp

Pamela Quah, Chair of Pharmacy at Shanghai United Family Hospital, offers advice on how best to store your child’s medicine, whether or not it can be mixed, and the importance of expiry dates. 10am – 12pm. RMB 100, includes breakfast. Melange Oasis (Jiashan Market). Tel: 138 1817 3254. Web: www.

13 – 23 August Harmony Road Piano Class

Want your child to brush up on their Chinese before school starts again? Community Center Shanghai offers a half day summer camp for ages eight and above to get to grips with the basics of Mandarin. 9.30am – 12.30pm. RMB 200 for week course. Community Center Shanghai. Tel: 3382 1770. Web:

6 – 17 August Summer SAT Camp Community Center Shanghai offers a two week course with four hour classes teaching the essentials of the all-important

Mini Mozarts can learn the valuable skill of piano playing with this creative musical camp, which teaches children ages 2 – 7 how to read music and develop the art of basic composition. 10 – 10.45am. RMB 2,304 for one week course. Sandiano Music School. Tel: 6208 0435. Web: - Become a Talk Insider! - Become a Talk Insider!

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Spa Holiday, Sri Lankan Style Casey Hall

If a relaxing beach holiday combined with a serious regiment of wellness treatments takes your fancy, look no further than ayurveda to cure whatever ails ya.


erched on the white sandy beaches of Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, framed by palm trees and moving with the rhythm of the crashing waves, at first sight, the Berberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort is a place you’ll think relaxation is inevitably easy to come by.

My introduction began with a consultation, the staff doctor humming a little ditty as she took my pulse and went through a list of questions several pages long to determine my current dosa balance (a little too much pitta and kapha, lacking some vayu vitu).

And indeed it is, however in practice, the ayurvedic part of the whole formula that the resort offers may not be for everyone. Comfort takes a back seat to detox and rejuvenation at a Sri Lankan ayurvedic spa resort - think much less spa and a whole lotta oil and you will be on the right track. Still, it’s a procedure that offers some particularly interesting therapies if you’re looking to press the rewind button and start again, or are just looking for something slightly out of the ordinary – a spa treatment with a twist.

Her prescription was two days of ayurvedic massage, one special shirodhara treatment and an oil bath. A world away from the relaxation of the Swedish brand of massage, ayurvedic massage is a serious business, with two female therapists on hand to rub vigorously from top to toe and everywhere in between. The oily massage experience (which smelled oddly like the kitchen of a Chinese restaurant because of the vegetable-based oils used) was followed by a lie-down in the garden and then a shower and scrub, which were (thankfully) self-administered.

Particularly noted for it’s usefulness in treating chronic ailments, ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India, has been around in one form or another for thousands of years. Incorporating the five elements, ayurveda (a sanskrit word meaning 'the knowledge for long life') emphasises the need for balance between the three dosas within a person’s body, lest an inbalance lead to unhealthy manifestations or illnesses. These three elemental energies are vayu vata (wind and air), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (water and earth).

As off-putting as this may sound, the treatment that followed, the shirodhara (shiro meaning head and dhara meaning flow) commands a special, almost awestruck respect from both staff and guests. During my third day of treatment, I had very little idea of what to expect, but the treatment itself, involving warm oil being poured from a clay vessel suspended above on a stainless steel gurney directly onto a point in the middle of the patient’s forehead (the 'third eye') was surprisingly pleasant.

In Sri Lanka, there are a plethora of ayurvedic spas. Many guests try an ayurvedic spa holiday in order to treat a specific ailment, including arthritis, insomnia and allergies. Weightloss is another common reason to choose an ayurvedic therapy, as there are special programs of up to two weeks involving a rigorous dietary plan (no dairy, fried foods, watermelon or coconut allowed), during which visitors can start to see the differences.

Perfectly heated to a warm ooze, the oil tingles its way across the scalp and is worked through the hair with the help of a head massage from the therapist. After 30 minutes of not-unpleasant oiling (despite a personal bias against greasy hair, which I try to ignore for the sake of openmindedness), a white scarf was tied around my head and I was sent back to my room. From then onwards, the hard work really began, with shirodhara patients restricted in a multitude of ways on their treatment days. As well as being instructed to follow the aforementioned strict diet, sun and wind are also verboten, as is conversation and reading, leaving me little choice but to spend most of my day napping and meditating. There are however activities organised for guests including a combination of yoga, meditation and tai chi classes, of which the yoga, taught by hardcore yogis, proved particularly good.


daily dose of this kind of thing - other treatments involve bathing in oil and pouring ghee into a patient’s eyes in order to strengthen the eye muscles - as well as a daily dose of herbs and other tonics can get weary, and it was difficult to know just how much good it was doing. I was certainly more relaxed and my mind felt clear and calm, but I found it hard to know how much of this was due to the treatments and how much due to the hours I spent sunning myself by the swimming pool with a good book whenever I could steal the chance.

Like its Traditional Chinese counterpart, ayurveda’s main focus is on preventing illnesses and injuries but where it differs, is that ayurvedic medicine focuses on treating the source of a particular imbalance, so that problems don’t present themselves in the future.

Those with much more experience than I, however, swear by ayurveda for a whole host of ailments. One regular at Barberyn was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis as a young woman and has been coming to the resort annually for eight years, crediting the treatments with halting the progression of her disease.

y four-day stay was too short to make much of a difference to any serious ailments and so my assigned doctor, a gentle-looking, sari-clad woman, decided we should just focus on building relaxation and a calm mind.

At the very least, the treatments do not hurt - though I didn’t try the ghee in the eye - and the surroundings were lovely. If you’ve got what it takes to combine your beach holiday with an ayurvedic wellness bent, Sri Lanka deserves to be seriously considered.


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Where to Stay

Getting There Flights from Shanghai to Colombo, with a stopover in Dubai, are priced from about RMB 6,000 return (including taxes). - Become a Talk Insider!

Berberyn Reef Ayurveda Resort is located in Beruwala, a two and a half hour drive southwest of Colombo. Priced at around LKR (Sri Lankan rupees) 14,000 per night (RMB 663) for a standard room (including full board), ayurvedic treatments costs an additional LKR 80,000 (RMB 3,776) per person per week. Transfers to and from Colombo’s international airport are provided free of charge for guests. Web:

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Litang Horse Festival Amber Mizerak

This summer, why not head to Sichuan’s Litang Horse Festival for a glimpse into China’s Wild West?


he town of Litang (Gāochéng Zhèn, 高城镇 in Chinese), birthplace of the seventh and the tenth Dalai Lamas, is located in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan province, historically known as the Tibetan Kham region. At 4,014m (13,169 ft), it’s one of the highest towns in the world, and still retains its exotic charm unlike the ethnic theme parks or tourist traps that have become so common in much of China. Here, rarely will you see people in fake costumes putting on “traditional” song and dance routines, and it’s noticeably easier to absorb a real piece of culture without loud megaphones blasting in your ear or touts trying to sell you sandalwood combs. The annual horse festival, which usually takes place between 1 – 7 August, is one of the main draws to this area and should you have the chance to go, is not an opportunity to be missed. Once you arrive in Litang, the first thing you’ll notice is that everybody is absolutely stunning. Women decorate their long, jet black hair with silver jewellery and both men and women drape themselves in beautiful colourful clothing: velvet robes,

flat caps, cowboy hats and head dresses. Tents speckle the equally picturesque landscape and in the middle of the crowd, men race small but fast Tibetan ponies outfitted with colourful fabric and ribbons. The festival has been going on in one form or another for hundreds of years, as Khampas (an ethic group of Tibetan and Sichuanese nomads) gather together from all across Southwest China and Tibet to race their horses, buy or trade supplies, fall in love and show off their sportsmanship skills. And the skills of the participants are impressive; never have I seen grown men ride their horses at full speed and voluntarily throw themselves off the side, drag their hand across the ground, pull themselves back up (imagine the ab muscles it takes to do that!) and succeed in shooting an arrow at a popsicle stick sized piece of wood. It’s an incredible demonstration of athleticism and finesse. And while I found myself tensing up at every sight of a rider being thrown off his horse, the locals who flanked the oncoming horses and their dexterous masters were always thoroughly entertained. When a rider failed to pull himself back onto the horse and was dragged along or trampled, it was no big deal. He ninety percent of the time got up and laughed it off. Litang is primarily Tibetan; locals have big grins, rosy cheeks, golden complexions and wear time-honoured clothing, not because they’re expecting tourists, but because that is what they wear. The majority of Khampas in this region are Buddhist and believe in rebirth, performing rituals such as traditional sky burials, which are also worth seeing if you’re in Litang for a while. A trip to Litang offers an authentic Tibetan experience and is less arduous than going to Tibet because of the frequent border closures and strict regulations facing foreign tourists. Litang proves just as vibrant and magical, and you really feel like an explorer when you get this deep in the rolling hills and rocky terrain.

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How to get to Litang

Flying into Chengdu and then hiring a car is one of the easiest ways to reach Litang Town. Sim’s Cozy Garden Hostel is a cheap and friendly place to stay, and you can meet plenty of travellers who might also be heading in that direction. Rooms range from RMB 45 a night, and there are excellent English speaking staff who can help you hire a car. Although not for the faint hearted, the car journey from Chengdu to Litang is an important part of the adventure. The windy roads border steep cliffs and are often blocked by mudslides and fallen rocks. The gasps and prayers you mumbled under your breath during

the bumpy ride are all worth it as the magnificent drive passes nomad families living in yurts, snow-capped mountains and rolling grasslands. Danger is all part of the game. Litang can be reached from Chengdu by nightfall and once there, the Potala Inn is the best place to stay. While we were there, the owner Medok, who speaks fantastic English, personally drove us around and provided us with a unique insight into her culture. Sim’s Cozy Guesthouse. Bldg 211, North Section, First Ring Road, Chengdu. Tel: (28) 8335 5322. Web: Potala Inn. Tel: (836) 5322 2533

When to go to Litang

As a high-altitude area, travel in spring or summer offers the most comfortable and colourful views and is most recommended in August when the exciting Litang Horse Festival takes place. Travelling in autumn and winter can be bitterly cold, with temperatures reaching below zero.

For great deals on Chengdu flights, hotels and tours, check out, where round-trip flights start at just RMB 1,130. Amber Mizerak is an editor for, a sister site to, China’s leading online travel service provider. Chinatravel. net brings readers everything they need to know to enjoy their China adventure to the fullest. - Become a Talk Insider!



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Pudong: Taxi to the Dark Side Christian Seiersen

It’s commonly joked about between Pudong bar owners that the luxury bars and restaurants along the Bund are only popular because their views allow diners to gaze longingly at these bar owners' own bars across the Huangpu River. But the sad reality is that aside the overworked businessmen and neo-suburban ‘model’ families, Shanghai night-goers tend to avoid the city’s ‘dark side’ like the plague. The taxi ride may leave a heavy dent in your wallet, but the nightlife scene o’er Pudong side offers a vast selection of cool and trendy bars and clubs that given the chance, offer something pretty special for a quality night out. Whether you’re into cocktails in the clouds or sub-zero shooters, there’s something for everyone. As the late rapper Notorious B.I.G. once testified, “If I got to choose a coast I got to choose the East”.

100 Century Avenue Bar

What: Shanghai’s tallest bar Why: Sky-high cocktails Where: 92F Shanghai World Financial Centre, 100 Shiji Dadao, near Dongtai Lu. Tel: 3855 1428 Nearest Metro: Luijiazui 450 metres above ground on the 91-93rd floors of the Park Hyatt Hotel is the tallest bar in mainland China. 100 Century Avenue has the combination of sleek and quirky design you would expect from a high-end hotel bar, with a bric-a-brac of porcelain objects designed by contemporary Chinese artist Liu Jianhua (such as a pistol and hairdryer) dangling from the ceiling of the live music room. The view of Shanghai can sometimes be hindered by the stubborn smog enveloping the buildings and a peek directly down can unsettle the sturdiness of nerves. Fortunately an extensive cocktail list is on hand for some liquid confidence, including the highly refreshing 100 Century Avenue Mint Julep (RMB 85 + 15%) and the zingy Chinese Apple Martini (RMB 85 + 15%, see supplement cover) made with lemon grass-infused vodka.

Camel Sports Bar

What: Two-storey sports bar with more television screens than you can shake your fist at Why: For all the big matches Where: 116 Weifang Lu, near Pudong Nan Lu. Tel: 5879 5892 Nearest Metro: Shangcheng Lu

Snow Bar at Binjang One

Pudong’s Camel Bar is a proud testament to the fact that, when it comes to the East Side, no expenses are spared. The wood-panelling and high-beamed interior pays homage to the classic tavern and there’s enough pool tables, darts boards and projected screens to satisfy every sports fan. Big matches see the two floors pack out, and on quieter days the friendly atmosphere is a perfect setting to grab a homely pub lunch with a beer-battered fish and chips (RMB 90) and a pint of Carlsberg (RMB 40). Keep an eye out for the bar’s social events such as a quiz night every Wednesday and a weekly Bingo night on Tuesdays. Still, with their half price happy hour on all drinks from 4-8pm daily, you probably already knew this, didn’t you?

What: Sensational shots at sub-zero temperatures Why: The experience Where: Fucheng Lu, near Huayuanshiqiao Lu. Tel: 5877 7500 Nearest Metro: Luijiazui Don your intrepid arctic explorer jackets and brave the minus ten degrees temperatures of Snow Bar. This chilly concoction is a merciful respite from the sun’s blaze and the perfect icebreaker before dinner. Serving only vodka shots, you’ll find over 170 varieties of the stuff on offer plucked from the far reaches of the earth (RMB 60-90). Bristling with a vast array of bottles awash with bright colours, the well stocked shelves look like a cross between Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory and Hunter S. Thompson’s drink’s cabinet. For a flavoursome tipple that’s not too hard on the throat try the Dutch offering Van Gogh, with a choice of flavours ranging from watermelon to espresso (all RMB 70).

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Blue Marlin

What: Live music and sizeable cocktails Why: Letting your hair down Where: Bldg 12, Thumb Plaza, Lane 199 Fangdian Lu, near Dingxiang Lu. Tel: 5030 9676. Web: www. Nearest Metro: Yanggao Zhong Lu In the concrete recesses of Thumb Plaza, Blue Marlin raises two digits to competing bars by providing the area’s largest and most enjoyable venue. After 8pm (with the exception of Sunday eve), the three floors ring with raucous melody, courtesy of resident Filipino band Bat’Tala. The female lead singer Freza is a gyrating relic of 90s girl power and swaggers across the stage, urging punters to the floor. Still, if a punk rendition of ‘It’s Raining Men’ isn’t your thing then the expansive outdoor terrace is a pleasant setting to nurse draft beers (RMB 70), or a more sizeable Long Island Iced Tea (RMB 56).

Jade on 36

What: Barrel-aged Manhattans in a uniquely rendered bar Why: Top quality drinks in a swanky setting Where: 36F, Pudong Shangri-La, 33 Fucheng Lu, near Luijiazui Xi Lu. Tel: 6882 8888 Nearest Metro: Lujiazui. Jade on 36’s bar, fashioned like a jewellery box with an electric green frame and a plush red interior, bears the marks of quirky American designer Adam Tihaney. But it’s the cocktails (RMB 65 upwards) that are the real treasure. Drinks manager David Shoemaker has assembled one of the best menus in Shanghai, adding new experiments and ideas each month. You’ll find some interesting twists on old classics such as a barrelaged Maker’s Mark Manhattan (RMB 178 + 15%), which has a wonderful, mature finish with a drizzle of lemon oil on top. However if you’re feeling less decadent the bar serves glasses of wine from its recommended list from only RMB 36 + 15% 5 - 7pm daily. Which is fantastic when you consider you’re sitting atop one of Shanghai’s most impressive hotels, enjoying panoramic Huangpu river views; it's the perfect way to unwind after a long slog at the office.


What: Exclusive roof terrace overlooking the Huangpu River Why: The spectacular view Where: 58F, Shanghai ifc, 8 Shijie Dadao, near Lujiazui Huan Lu. Tel: 2020 1717 Nearest Metro: Lujiazui Crowning the 58th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Flair’s alfresco bar is a popular spot for Shanghai’s well-heeled crowd and should be on every world traveller’s bucket list. With a virtually unimpeded view of Shanghai’s sprawling West side and the cosmic Pearl Tower, the terrace is ideal for soaking up the rays or being tousled by the evening breeze as night descends across the city. For the full Flair experience, the must-try is the Flair Experience cocktail (RMB 100 + 15%), which has the smoothness of mango puree with a sharp, crisp, whiskey finish. On the off chance that the weather outside is frightful, Flair benefits with its homely interior, which with the rustic charm of a Swiss chalet and the high glass windows mean that nothing is lost on the view (or your drinking experience). - Become a Talk Insider!

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Top 10 Summer Cocktails Talk Magazine Staff

What could quench your thirst better in the oppressive August heat than an icy summer cocktail? Talk Magazine scoured the city for the most colourful and the fruitiest concoctions to tempt your taste buds. Here’s our top 10.

Dragon’s Breath @ Zpark Bar

Witchy Woman @ The Alchemist

Set the night ablaze with the tantalising flavours of the Zpark’s Dragon’s Breath. This frisky cocktail is a flaming hot concoction of Chinese liqueur, pineapple, freshly squeezed orange juice, pu’er berry syrup and crème de cassis. Exotically intoxicating with a fruity kick, this drink will have you feeling all lit up and ready to paint the town.

No Shanghai cocktails guide would be complete without an inclusion from the Alchemist, and the Witchy Woman is our top choice for summer sippin’. Made using Campari and Havana Club white rum and swizzled with almond, orange and citrus, this iridescent orange drink presents a sharp, tangy taste, yet proves irresistibly delectable to the last drop.

RMB 85. Zpark Bar (in the Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). 1018 Changning Lu, near Huichuan Lu. Tel: 6115 8888. Web: www.

RMB 70. The Alchemist, Block 32, Sinan Mansions, 45 Sinan Lu, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. Tel: 6426 0660

Cherry Bourbon Sour @ The Public

For cocktails that are almost good enough to eat, The Public has long yielded to our insatiable appetites. And the Cherry Bourbon Sour, a pick and mix infusion of Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond bourbon, lemon juice and cherry vanilla bitters proves an aesthetic blend of sumptuous fruit flavours on the palate that no wedge of cake could ever match.

Fresh Green @ Papaya 2

Intense heat demands intense cool, and this is one drink that is cool as a cucumber - literally. Japanese cocktail master Kyo-san's Fresh Green builds on a classic gin and tonic by throwing mint, cucumber, lemon juice and a hint of rose into the mix. It's a light and tangy drink that doesn't want to assault the taste buds; it lingers on the tongue with a reassured cool, somehow knowing it's too hot for anything else. RMB 80. Papaya. 185 Fumin Lu, near Julu Lu. Tel: 5404 2815

RMB 70. The Public. Block 2, 4F, 507 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Chongqing Lu. Tel: 3368 9419

Pistola Terrano @ Yucca

We’re not sure if this counts as one of your five a day, but the Pistola Terrano, a light celery drink, was a necessity to include on our list, meeting and approving all thirst quenching standards. This simple creation at David Laris’ lofty Sinan Mansion bar, using Don Julio tequila, martini bianco, tonic water and celery bitters, proves a nice light treat for the summer heat. RMB 58. Yucca. 3F, 525 – 527 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Sinan Lu. Tel: 3368 9525. Web: www.

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Bobojito @ X Bistro

For rum-infused creatives, nothing marks the spot like X Bistro, Bounty Rhumerie’s Sinan Mansions treasure trove. Look ye within and you’ll find the blood red Bobojito, a bitter brew of Bounty flavoured rum, mint, lime and brown sugar. Refreshing and packed full with fruity flavour, a few of these Jolly Rogers is enough to leave any wannabe Jack Sparrow well and truly (ship) wrecked! RMB 68. X Bistro. Block 33, 3F, 47 Fuxing Xi Lu, near Sinan Lu. Tel: 6418 3209 - Become a Talk Insider!

Caribbean Cartel @ Ginseng

The Caribbean Cartel at Ginseng is a tropical, summery martini most notable for its two layers of flavour; it's almost like two drinks for the price of one. The heart and soul is a healthy pour of Sailor Jerry Rum, a spiced rum bursting with aromas of vanilla and cinnamon that hits the nose long before taking a sip. But as the savoury bouquet of the rum subsides, the flavours of the drink's honey and date syrup suddenly enter with soothing sweetness.

Fashionably Late @ Bar Rouge

Being on time is overrated; as long as you arrive looking fabulous, you’re gold. To match your lack of punctuality, there’s the Fashionably Late cocktail at Bar Rouge made from watermelon juice, Absolute vodka and Möet champagne, presented beautifully in a frosted martini glass. A blend of enticing summer flavours that bring to mind memories of sucking on Chupa Chups during your early school years when you fostered your stylish disregard for the clock. RMB 200. Bar Rouge. 7F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Nanjing Dong Lu. Tel: 6339 1199. Web:

RMB 70. Ginseng. 39 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu. Tel: 6416 0069

Black Manhattan @ el Cóctel

As far as potions go, the Black Manhattan at el Cóctel is the smoothest. Channel your inner fox with this intriguing combination of whisky, Averna and Amareno cherry syrup. Unabashedly sophisticated with hints of rich caramel, you’ll be licking your lips till the last drop. RMB 80. el Cóctel. 2F, 47 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu. Tel: 6433 6511.

Southwind @ De Refter

Okay, some might call the beer cocktail blasphemy, but for those who long for the light, crisp refreshment of a beer, but aren't enamoured with its bitter aftertaste, beer cocktails could be just the thing. De Refter, lovers of all things beer (and Belgian) have an extensive list of beer cocktails to choose from. Our pick, the Southwind pairs a draught of Stella Artois with melon liqueur and a slice of orange. It's mild, refreshing, and man, is it green. RMB 60. De Refter. 181 Jinxian Lu, near Maoming Nan Lu. Tel: 3230 2595 - Become a Talk Insider!

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Sweet Apple Ciders Calum McCaffery

While cider might be the cheapest drink on the menu in Europe, it’s often one of the most expensive, and sometimes hardest to find drinks in China. This reviewer searched the city for some of the best and most thirst quenching pingguo jius…

Gold Cider

Gold Cider (RMB 65 upwards) was the first cider in China to be imported from the US and having been adapted to target the Chinese market, has recently gained in popularity. This drink has a mild and slightly less fizzy taste than many other ciders but what it lacks in fizz, it makes up for in fruit, and has a sweet, smooth finish. You can find this cider at the closed invitation Gold Cider Clubhouse, however Gold Cider has expanded to be found at over 30 different bars around Shanghai including Kaiba, gloLondon and Papaya 2. Gold Cider Clubhouse. 425 Yanping Lu, near Changping Lu. Tel: 6232 8625. Web:

Razorback Cider

Brewed at The Brew bar in The Kerry Hotel, Pudong, Razorback (RMB 65 + 15%) is made internally in the gleaming vats of the bar’s microbrewery, by resident brewmaster Leon Mickelson. The drink itself (made from hand-picked apples as opposed to the usual dessert apples) is very clear and crisp, and this fizzy and refreshing beverage is perfect for relaxing out under the bar’s awnings on those really warm summer days.

Magners Original

Imported from Clonmel, Ireland, Magners Irish Cider (RMB 59) is a cider that’s long been known and loved in Western Europe, but perhaps has been slow reaching Shanghai. Available at Cheers In, Magners Original is a light, fruity apple cider. It’s popular in Ireland for its sweet taste, and owing to its current demand here, Cheers In will soon also be exclusively paying homage to one of Magners’ new pear ciders. Cheers In. 25 Yongkang Lu, near Jiashan Lu. Tel: 6418 8400

Cidre Dupont Reserve Otherwise known as Dupont Dry, Cidre Dupont Reserve (RMB 180 take away/ RMB 200 drink in), imported from Brittany in the north-west of France is a cider that brings with it a cider-making tradition that goes all that way back to the 13th century. The cider is very dry as the name suggests, and at 7.5% is pretty strong. Still, its fruity flavours pair wonderfully with a scrummy galette – and they don’t come much better than those at La Creperie. La Creperie. 1 Taojiang Lu, near Fenyang Lu. Tel: 5465 9055

The Brew, Kerry Hotel, Pudong. 1388 Huamu Lu, near Fangdian Lu. Tel: 6169 8888

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Beyond Beer:

Discovering Shandong's Other Claim to Alcohol Fame Tom Mangione

This year on 10 August, beer drinkers from all over the world descend on Qingdao to suds it up for the weekend. And while Qingdao and its eponymous beverage will hold the spotlight in August, travellers should know that Qingdao and surrounding Shandong Province aren't just China's home for beer, they're also the home of China's wine industry.


or the legions of beer devotees descending on Qingdao this month, a pilgrimage to The Qingdao Brewery (56 Dengzhou Lu, Shibei District. Tel: (532) 8383 3437), entry RMB 60) is a must. But for those looking to escape the beer bashes, Qingdao has plenty to offer, for those who prefer wine over beer for example. The Qingdao Wine Museum (68 Yan'an Yi Lu, Shibei District. Tel: (532) 8293 7470, entry RMB 50) makes for an off-beat excursion sure to be off the radar of the beer possessed. Built inside an old air-raid shelter, the Qingdao Wine Museum's network of tunnels contains dozens of exhibits about wine manufacturing and wine culture throughout the world. Highlights include a shrine to Dionysus and a wax sculpture of Napoleon drinking wine (why not?). And if all this wine talk causes cravings for a glass or two, have a wander down the road where there are a concentration of wine shops. A more traditional spot off the beer path is Badaguan. Built by the Germans during the turn of the last century, Badaguan's Western style villas are still in tact today, in many ways better preserved than those in Shanghai's former French Concession. Almost all of these villas are private residences except for

Huashi Lou (18 Huanghai Lu, Shinan District entry RMB 8.5), also called the Chiang KaiShek Villa, as the famous general once stayed there. Walking down from Badaguan puts one right on one of Qingdao's public beaches, this particular one popular for hunsha zhao (Chinese wedding photos). On a nice day, dozens of brides in their flowing white dresses can be seen preening with their suited beaus on the sand. For a place to stay in Qingdao with its own quirky charm that has all of the amenities one would expect from a world class hotel, Le Meridien Qingdao (112 Yanji Lu, Shinan District. Tel: (532) 5556 3888) is a good choice. Walking into the main lobby, the contemporary decor inspired by ancient Chinese traditions becomes apparent: a giant wall painting behind the front desk is complemented by impressive statues and a giant serpentine chandelier. Inside the rooms, designs from the Chinese bagua (eight symbols of Taoist cosmology) can be seen from the purple day loungers near the windows, which in itself is good for relaxing on a after a few glasses of wine.

the biggest plots of land (and some of the most luxury housing developments) sits the Chateau Changyu – Castel (Fushan District, Provincial Highway 264. Tel: (535) 694 9053, entry RMB 50). Founded in the late 19th century, Changyu is China's oldest winery and one of the largest producers of wine in the world. Walking into the Castel, the heady, slightly sweet smell of fermentation hits the nose. Going down to the complex's massive cellar, it's clear why: hundreds of oak barrels age Changyu's premium wines. The tour rounds out with a walk through Changyu's massive wine factory (where your local convenience store wine is made) and a taste of two of Changyu's offerings. The experience isn't comparable to visiting a winery in Europe or other more established New World locations, but it does prove an insight into China's burgeoning wine industry. Staying in Yantai is best done at the

Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort (88 Haibin Lu, Economic and Technological Development Zone. Tel: (535) 611 9999) and it's not for the hotel's design or ambiance. The hotel's decor is comfortable, luxurious and modern to be sure, but what sets this hotel apart is its proximity to the beach. Yantai's beach isn't a crowded, sun and sand affair a la Sanya; its most distinguishing characteristic is that it's teeming with life. Small holes line the beach each filled with tiny thumbnail sized crabs scuttling about. Fishermen wade just steps into the surf to fish for gala, a tiny clam that's a Yantai delicacy. Shells of all kinds are strewn along the beach. And being so close to such plenty means that the Shertaton Yantai Golden Beach resort's seafood offerings at its three restaurants Feast (all-day dining), Miyabi (Japanese/Korean) and Yue (Cantonese/Shandongnese) are first rate. It might even be a cause to celebrate. Maybe with a glass of wine?


he real Shandong wine experience comes across the Shandong peninsula in Yantai, about three hours away by train from Qingdao. Situated on the Bohai Sea, the city is famous for both its wine and its seafood. On the city's outskirts, ornate spires straight from a Western fairytale loom on the horizon side by side with construction of luxury high rises, and in between them lay rows of grapevines. It's the wine country of Shandong, and along one of Yantai Sheraton

Le Meridien Qingdao - Become a Talk Insider!

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Food For Thought Melissa K Trias

Every month, our dining columnist Melissa K Trias gives you all the news that’s fit to dish. Find out the newest hotspots and the latest closings, as well as the tastiest events in town for August.


ur Mediterranean tastebuds are being tickled this month with an exciting selection of European fare springing up all over town. As well as new Italian Scarpetta (see review below), Eastern European dining house Bloc (139 Changle Lu, near Ruijin Yi Lu)and Spanish hole-inthe-wall de Bellotas (68 Taicang Lu, near Jinan Lu) have no sooner opened their

doors, than they’re packing a near full house. (At de Bellotas be sure to try the RMB 125 Jamon Iberico, an exceptional selection of Iberico ham.) Velvet Lounge has also caught a dose of European fever by reincarnating itself with the Spanish name Pata Negra, i.e. ‘the very best’. Having closed last month, the Julu Lu venue is scheduled to re-open in September. Likewise, some of Shanghai’s faithful hotspots have seen the current European fetish in full-effect. The gourmet trendsetting team of David Laris Creates have created an array of appetising new dishes for the Fat Olive (525 Fuxing Zhong Lu, near Sinan Lu), such as pickled octopus

New & Noted Scarpetta

and olive oil orange cake. Sabatini (1717 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu) has also updated its menu to feature such summer recipes as foie gras, seared scallops and home-made cappellacci with mozzarella. And el Cóctel’s (47 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu) August menu offers free toasted sandwiches filled with shaved ibérico ham, Emmental cheese or roasted vegetables with every second cocktail you order between 5 - 7.30pm everyday. It’s easy then to get caught up in all this gluttony, but at the same time, the push for a healthy lifestyle in Shanghai is picking up steam. Origin (Lane 155 Jianguo Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu) looks to cater to that with its ‘Meat Free Mondays' promotion. Guests can enjoy a buy-one-get-one free deals on all the a la carte vegetarian dishes, such as the tasty Tabbouleh. But for those who like it raw, the Wellness Works (47 Shaoxing Lu, near Shaanxi Nan Lu) is hosting a raw cuisine workshop, to teach veggies and health addicts alike how to make raw dishes on 12

el Efante

August at 1pm. The company also offers an introduction to detox seven-day cleansing on 19 August at 3pm to balance out your inebriated summer nights. And we can see many of them being spent tucking into a creamy ice cream sundae – because what could be better to combat the August heat? For that, they don’t come much better than those being currently served at Salon de Ville in the Waldorf Astoria (2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Guangdong Lu). Indulgently sweet creations like the Snow White, a combination of vanilla, coconut and white chocolate topped with vanilla sauce, come in epic proportions that are impossible to shy away from. Still, you can always grab an iced cold beer, but we can’t all escape to Qingdao for the annual beer festival this month. Brasserie in the Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel (100 Changliu Lu, near Yingchun Lu) looks then to those left behind, and will be throwing its own mini-fest, from 1 – 10 August. Expect there to be meaty fare, live entertainment and Tsingtao beer (of course).

Melissa K Trias

Melissa K Trias

What: Italian soul food Where: 33 Mengzi Lu, near Xujiahui Lu. Tel: 3376 8223. Web: www.scarpetta. cn Why: This is the closest thing to having an Italian grandma. If you believe the only Italian food worth eating is in Italy, we at Talk Magazine beg to differ. Scarpetta, a cozy little restaurant located on Mengzi Lu, serves heartwarming, soulful Italian cuisine that will make you reconsider booking that flight to the European Boot. John Liu, the owner of Scarpetta, has done a fine job of furnishing his restaurant with rustic, humble pieces that bring to mind the ambiance of an Italian home. Our dinner of classic Italian flavours began with the Caprese di Scarpetta (RMB 118), an antipasti bursting with vibrant colours. Pieces of smooth mozzarella mixed with halves of juicy

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tomatoes were strategically presented on the plate, staggered from the sweetest on the outside to the most savoury on the inside to allow for ultimate taste pleasure. The Funghi con Polenta (RMB 98) was a dish reminiscent of a home cooked meal. Hearty and generous in portion, it was a creamy polenta with caramelised wild mushrooms that lent a meaty texture to a vegetarian dish. The play of textures makes this dish a hit and we sat scraping the bottom for every last morsel. Our mouths watered over the Pollo al Mattone (RMB 168), a plate of roasted chicken seasoned with fresh rosemary, sage and garlic served with a side of crispy, buttery potatoes. Stacked tall on the plate, we devoured each piece until there was nothing left. We ended our meal with Panne Cotta alla Vaniglia e Lavanda (RMB 68), a fresh, milky concoction that satisfied our sweet tooth. We especially liked the fresh fruit mixed into silky folds of cream, adding just the right touch of colour to the overall presentation.

What: An ode to Mediterranean cuisine with a cheerful touch. Where: 20 Donghu Lu, near Huaihai Zhong Lu. Tel: 5404 8085 Why: Artesanal cheeses that will make you melt in your chair. Like the animated, fictional personality of Willy Wonka, Chef Willy Trullas Moreno cannot be contained by the droll and mundane. Hence we welcome el Efante, his playfully animated restaurant and deli that has already caused quite a stampede. Every detail, from the custom-made plates to the chalkboard on the wall, is decorated with cute and colourful animals that encourage you to sneak a smile. And with food made by the talented Chef Willy, it’s an undeniably happy place to be. To begin, we nibbled on fresh, Organic Crudités (RMB 98) served on a bed of shaved ice and garnished with stems of cilantro. The plate was a vibrant garden of baby vegetables, featuring carrots, cherry tomatoes, baby beets and pieces of small, red-leaf lettuce accompanied by baba ghanoush, hummus and taramosalatta. The presentation was excellent and the chilled

veggies were crunchy to the last bite. The Crab Salad (RMB 98), served with small slides of toasted bread was a creamy concoction of avocado, white mushrooms and lime-basil sorbet that whetted our taste buds leaving us piqued to experience the next taste sensations. For main courses the Braised Oxtail (RMB 85) and Italian Burratta Cheese Salad (RMB 165) were our top choices. The oxtail, served on a generous helping of polenta, was succulent and remorselessly satiating, the tender meat well paired with the neutral flavour of the polenta. But while the oxtail was an impressive show of artesian cuisine, it was the cheese Burratta (RMB 165) that made us cry out for more. Imagine a pillow of supple Mozzarella cheese topped with a generous helping of arugula and balsamic vinegar that, once sliced, oozes a soft, milky aroma. We ended our meal with a platter of miniature tastings, aptly titled the Mixed Dessert Galaxy (RMB 85), a life saver for those of us indecisive about our sugar fix. Overall, Chef Willy has done it again with a bit of quirkiness winning our foodie hearts. - Become a Talk Insider!



New & Noted Sakesan

Tom Mangione

What: A Hong Kong robatayaki (Japanese grilled food restaurant) brings its massive charcoal grill to the mainland Where: Taikang Terrace, 171 Jianguo Zhong Lu, near Ruijin Er Lu. Tel: 6553 9333 Why: Sake-based cocktails and shaokao that the guy on the street corner could only dream of grilling

Best Bite: Hikari

The second iteration of a successful Hong Kong Soho restaurant, Sakesan has high hopes of redefining robatayaki in Shanghai. And entering the dining room, it's clear that Sakesan means business. Lit up in the back of the room is the venue's massive charcoal grill. The décor of the rest of the room is minimal and unobtrusive, relying on the restoration of the venue's high wooden ceilings and original brick to direct your attention to the glowing hearth. With such an emphasis on the grill, expectations for what comes off of it are high, and Sakesan doesn't disappoint. The Baby Back Ribs (RMB 120/four pieces) are ready to fall off the bone, haunting your palate as their initial touch of sweetness rolls into a citrus taste that dances on your tongue. Complemented with a black garlic paste for dipping, the New Zealand Lamb Chops (RMB 120/two pieces) are juicy

apanese restaurants across Shanghai have long been famous for bringing us a stimulating selection of unusual yet wonderful dishes, and Hikari is no exception. You can find a whole range of flavourful rainbow rolls and tempura dishes but one dish that surprises in being unexpectedly excellent is the Maguro no Kabuto Yaki (grilled tuna head). Presented beautifully on a large plate served with lemon and seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and a small pinch of Japanese wine, the Maguro no Kabuto Yaki is a generously sized piece of cooked tuna that at first sight misleads you into believing it is a beef steak. Still, its aromatic scent tells otherwise, and as my order came out of the kitchen I found myself already salivating at the wonderful smell in anticipation. The tuna was grilled medium rare leaving a softness to its texture which made every individual bite

Calum McCaffery

Shanghai’s most voracious dining editors scour the city for the best bite of the month.

and tender, pulling you in until you find yourself gnawing on their bones. Outside of the grill, there are also tempuras, dumplings and salads to choose from, all of which are served up with refinement and zest. The Sweet Shrimp and Shiso Dumplings (RMB 65/five pieces) prove to be a bit sweet, but not cloying to the point that they obscure the wholesome flavours of the shrimp and the fried dumpling shells. The Japanese Salmon Salad (RMB 70) comes with a sizeable portion of seared salmon ready to soak up the black garlic aioli. The savouriness of all of this food leaves one in need of a drink, and on that, Sakesan delivers as well. Its cocktail lounge, attached to the main dining room, whips up cocktails featuring sake, shochu and umeshu (plum wine). The Wasabitini (RMB 90) is a three-course cocktail which features a yuzu (pomelo) sake shot to start, followed by a (lightly) wasabi infused sake martini and honey flavoured sake to finish. - Become a Talk Insider!


invigorating. The lemons that came on the side proved unnecessary as the fresh fish itself was juicy, succulent and far from dry, but they added a richness to the flavour that had me licking my fingers and wondering if I had room for another sitting after the last bite. The Casa Lapostolle Sauvignon Blanc (RMB 50/glass, RMB 240/ bottle) pairs wonderfully with this dish, and served alongside a simple bowl of steamed white rice (RMB 5) is a thoroughly enjoyable option for a casual lunch or dinner. Far from the city centre it may be, but a dining experience at Hikari’s comfortable and peaceful restaurant with cheerful contemporary interior proves truly worth it, and with the tuna only setting you back a measly RMB 58, will do little to break the bank. RMB 58. Hikari. 3911 Hongmei Lu, near Yan’an Xi Lu, Tel: 6242 9186

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New & Noted Little India

Alastair Dickie

What: Nepalese and Indian cuisine in the most peculiar of places Where: B18, Coco Park North, Shopping Park Metro Exit B, Mingtian Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen. Why: Rich flavours, strong spices, large portions and ridiculously cheap prices The area beneath the commercial development Coco Park is a labyrinth. Metros lead to halls that lead to malls that lead to underground boutiques. Wandering these subterranean passages is a bewildering and often frustrating experience, but now and again it can throw up some real gems. And the newly opened Little India is one such diamond. Serving up generous servings of traditional Indian and Nepalese cuisine in the most incongruous of Shenzhen locations, Little India proves a worthy find. And the menu doesn’t disappoint. The Chicken Korma (RMB 58) was a perfect blend of rich coconut flavours, thick creamy sauce and soft tender chicken; the deeply aromatic Lamb Rogan Josh (RMB 58) was easily the equal of anything I’ve had back on Manchester’s

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(in)famous Curry Mile, and the spicy Chicken Vindaloo (RMB 58) blew my face off, reducing my taste buds to quivering wrecks and left me with an hour-long head sweat, exactly as I’d hoped. The true measure of an Indian restaurant however is its appetisers and side dishes, and Little India did a good job of delivering. The Onion Bhajis (RMB 28) were large, crisp and flavoursome, the Samosas (four pieces, RMB 30) were sumptuously stuffed full of fresh vegetables, and the Naan Breads (plain RMB 12, garlic RMB 15 and Kashmiri RMB 25) were just sublime. There is room for improvement at Little India however in some respects. The artificial lighting in its underground setting was harsh on the eyes, and left my internal bodyclock horribly skewed. Likewise, improvements can made on customer service; the waitress who served us wore a permanent scowl. The food however, was more than worth it, and considering there is a distinct dearth of Indian food in Shenzhen, this reviewer can warrant a decent meal to seasoned veterans and newcomers alike.

Neu York Delites

Alastair Dickie

What: American-style diner in the new Link City development Where: Unit B27B, Link City Underground Mall, 1 Zhongxin Si Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen. Tel: (755) 8831 5116. Why: Good honest American atmosphere and phenomenally priced burgers Shenzhen’s latest addition to its already tottering pile of malls is Link City, a new underground shopping complex opened between the Coco Park and Convention and Exhibition Center metro stations. However this isn’t your average uberextravagant mega-mall. Link City seems to have adopted a Goldilocks approach, with its long row of boutiquestyle shops and semiindependent restaurants that are neither pretentious nor pricey. Neu York Delites is the latest addition: a cheerful, American-style diner specialising in a good selection of burgers at extremely reasonable prices. The décor is bright and colourful, with comfortable leather booths built into the walls and an open-plan kitchen facing onto the restaurant. The staff are attentive, competent English speakers happy to point out the best deals, rather than con you into an expensive option. An averagely priced burger in Shenzhen usually goes for RMB 70-100, but here they start at just RMB 27, and prove every bit as good. The NYD Mushroom Burger (RMB 27) is a perfectly pitched vegetarian option with sautéed mushrooms and fresh

vegetable toppings, the NYD Crispy Chicken Burger (RMB 32) contains a tasty fried chicken breast coated in a sweet homemade chilli sauce, and for those who think size is everything, the T-Rex Burger with its double patties (320g of beef) topped with sliced onions, tomatoes, greens and relish, served in a crisp bun is an absolute steal for RMB 52. Each of these burgers comes with optional added house fries (charmingly served in a wicker basket) and a soft drink for an additional RMB 10. For those who don’t fancy an American patty, a well-presented Fish and Chips (RMB 42) is a good option and there is a good selection of pasta dishes (RMB 32 upwards). The prices alone make NYD a mustsee, but the quality of the food makes it particularly special and Neu York Delites is definitely worth a look. - Become a Talk Insider!



Chef Talk: Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai’s Trevor Macleod

Kerry Allen


t’s rare that you’ll meet a chef whose decision to enter the industry was “a toss up between that or being a paramedic.” But Fairmont Peace Hotel Chef de Cuisine Trevor Macleod proves full of surprises. Meeting Macleod, the first thing that strikes you is how someone of his youth could have amassed such an impressive portfolio. After working at various five star hotels in his native Canada, Macleod spent three years in Abu Dhabi - during which time he opened the award winning Marco Pierre White Steakhouse and Grill for the renowned Michelin star chef and restaurateur Marco Pierre White - before moving further East and arriving in Shanghai at the Fairmont three months ago - at the age of 28. Hard work has been the driving force behind Macleod’s success. “After I finished high school I applied to culinary school and did a four month internship at the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge in Canada,” he recalls. “While I was there, there were about 120 other chefs, and I found there was plenty to be involved in: pastry, fine dining, lots of different opportunities. It was almost like I was working a double education; I found myself working nights and doing a lot of extra shifts because there was so much to learn. And then after I completed my apprenticeship I ended up staying on and worked there for about five years.” If diversity across his trade was one of the skills he developed while working in Canada, he only developed it further when he made the decision to move to the Middle East. “That was a cool experience; as well as working for someone I had idolised and looked up to my whole career [Pierre White], I also met some young guys from Sri Lanka, Philippines and Nepal and learnt how to make these great curries and biryanis.” Macleod later found himself promoted to Senior Banquet Chef and consequently also

found himself immersed in an interesting part of the local culture: preparing for a lot of traditional and extravagant Arabic weddings. Shanghai, while notably different, offers a lot of exciting challenges for Macleod, and over the last few months he has been experimenting with putting his take on a summer menu at the Fairmont of French and Italian truffles, which so far have received positive feedback. “I’m always looking for new ways I can develop the menu,” he says. “But the

reception so far has been very good. [Next] month we have a new game promotion, and I’ve also found some nice organic potatoes, as well as some fresh scallops and sea bass which I’m looking to experiment with.” A long way then from a boy who nearly became a paramedic. “Well, I always cooked with my grandmother when I was a child,” he laughs. “She was a great cook. I was a very fussy eater as a kid though, so I guess there's also an element of luck I'm doing what I do now!”

Seared Scallop with Celery Root Purée, with White Chocolate & Pumpernickel Crumble Serves 4

Ingredients 16 large fresh scallops, shucked and cleaned 250g celery root, peeled & medium dice 40g white chocolate ¼ loaf pumpernickel bread 150ml cream 40ml olive oil Salt Pepper Celery leaves Water Method For the pumpernickel crumble 1. Slice the pumpernickel bread into thin slices. 2. Brush the slices with half of the olive oil and toast until crispy.

3. Once cooled, break the toasted bread into a fine crumble and reserve for later. For the celery root purée 1. Place the diced celery root into a pot and add enough water to cover. 2. Boil the celery root 15-20 minutes until tender. 3. Drain the celery root from the water and purée in a bar blender with the cream. 4. For a smoother puree pass the purée through a fine sieve to remove larger pieces. 5. Refrigerate until needed. Presentation 1. Heat the remaining oil in a large pan and bring to a medium-high heat. 2. Season the scallops on both sides with salt and pepper and place in the hot oil to sear. Two minutes searing on each side should be enough to just cook the scallops in the centre and achieve the crisp golden outside crust (depends on size). 3. Once the scallops are cooked, place on a piece of kitchen paper to rest. 4. Heat the celery root purée in a small pan, add the white chocolate and stir until melted. 5. Place a spoonful of purée in the centre of each piece, then the scallops and finally finish with a sprinkling of the pumpernickel crust and garnish with celery leaves. - Become a Talk Insider!

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Second Helping: Urban Soup Kitchen Melissa K Trias

Every month, we return to a Shanghai institution to see how they’re holding up; whether they’ve opened a new branch or just relocated, we sample the old classics and new dishes to see if they’ve stood the test of time.


anping Lu welcomed the opening of Urban Soup Kitchen’s second store location last month, to the delight of loyal USK fans. The friendly, neighbourhood soup venue, much loved at its flagship Madang Lu shop for its casual eat-and-go cuisine, has upped the ante of its humble offerings by expanding its interior to make room for four times more people. You’ll find seating for large parties and a peaceful patio under the shade at this new Jing’an location – perfect for lunch and dinnertime mingling. The new Urban Soup Kitchen retains its low key interior, with sturdy and polished wood flooring and stylish EMECO Navy chairs. Admittedly, it’s got nothing in the

offerings of glitz and glamour, but the humble interior design of the new digs does go some way to being unabashedly eco-conscious bordering on minimalist-chic. And what the Urban Soup Kitchen’s new location lacks in extravagancies, it makes up in good eats. Guests looking to spend less than RMB 40 for their midday meal can look forward to lunchtime with a light but yummy bowl of soup with a side of bread and a small salad, which from RMB 24 (drinks RMB 6 - 18 extra) won’t induce a food coma. Proof enough that USK's hearty menu of rotating soup flavours is still at the core of the shop’s freshly made

Share & Compare: Cheeseburgers It’s barbecue season, and Talk Magazine’s been feeling the need to fire up the heat. We checked out three of the best offerings in town for barbecued beef on a bap to see which was the hottest off the grill.

Gourmet Café

We’re long-term fans of Gourmet Café’s wide selection of burgers including the ironically named Bun Laden veggie burger (RMB 55) and the Salmon Rushdie burger (RMB 82). And with all this variety, grabbing a simple, no-frills cheeseburger does seem a bit old fashioned. Yet it doesn’t disappoint; with added barbecue sauce, lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheddar (RMB 15 extra), there’s enough flavour packed into every bite of the Gourmet Classic Burger (RMB 60) to savour until the end. The 100% Angus beef, which comes in a large thick wedge, retains the fullest of its flavour cooked at medium heat, and is wonderfully chewy and mouthwateringly succulent. Admittedly, it’s dry compared to the classic PiRO and Bubba’s burgers, but you won’t be at a loss for options should you decide to put your own spin on it. RMB 75. Gourmet Café. Suite 111, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Xikang Lu. Tel: 6289 5733. Web:

Bubba’s Texas Barbecue Outpost

The service at Bubba’s Cool Docks location where we got our burger on was slow. Agonisingly slow in fact, while the aromatic scents from the barbecue teased by drifting into and filling the room. Still, it proves to be well worth the wait. The Bubba’s Favorite Burger (pictured), a Wagyu beef patty served with crispy bacon, mayonnaise, lettuce, onion and tomato (RMB 80; RMB 90 with added cheese) proves to be just what the doctor ordered for barbecue season, a real, flame-grilled lump of beef that truly

38 TalkMagazine 


offerings, featuring such favourites as pumpkin, mushroom, beef and the Seinfield-inspired Mulligatawny, a mixture of rice, curry and veggies. While dining at the new venue, we chowed down on the seasonally made Gazpacho (RMB 38), Roasted Vegetables Sandwich (RMB 36) and the Shrimp Linguine Pasta (RMB 45). The Gazpacho was a smart choice due to its cooling effect in the relentless Shanghai heat. The Roasted Vegetables Sandwich (RMB 36), made with whole-wheat ciabatta (although you can also choose from black-olive and tomato focaccia at no extra charge), while light on the veggies, was filling nonetheless. We particularly liked how chewy the freshly baked bread was, and couldn’t resist mopping up every last drop of our soups. Still, the bread also proved a nice side dish with the Shrimp Linguine Pasta (RMB 45), which was generous in its portion and contained large, tasty tomato chunks. The choice of soups, salads, sandwiches and pastas on the menu might be a familiar welcome to regular USK guests, but there are also some new additions to the selection. The new brunch menu, which runs from 11am - 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays is particularly novel, containing hearty plates of bacon and ham frittatas, baked potatoes and more for under RMB 50. There’s also a new pastry selection, signature house blended coffee, and (wait for it) hand-crafted beers to make your break-time a little less droll and a little more spirited. Safe to say then that after three years, the Urban Soup Kitchen still knows how to cater to our hungry bellies. Urban Soup Kitchen. 1035 Kangding Lu, near Yanping Lu. Tel: 3331 1861. Web:

Kerry Allen & Tom Mangione tantalises the taste buds. It’s juicy, for sure, but knows when to take a step back and let the rest of the burger do its thing. RMB 90. Cool Docks Warehouse 4, 653 Waima Lu, near Wangjiamatou Lu. Tel: 5302 7588

PiRO Restaurant and Bar

This infamous burger bar provides the litmus test for what you think qualifies as a good burger. There’s nothing subtle about the burgers here; in fact, they are downright savage. And for some, that’s the very definition of burger heaven. PiRO’s medium-done Cheeseburger (RMB 55) is a grease fest comprised of one massive beef patty, dripping with juice and topped with caramelised onions, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayo. An exercise in restraint it ain’t, but for those in search of a Sunday afternoon gut bomb to dispel the ill-effects of a lost weekend, there’s nothing better. Still, those looking for a bit of refinement would do well to bring their buns elsewhere. RMB 55. PiRO. 91 Changshu Lu, near Changle Lu. Tel: 5403 8513


There are no losers here, only winners. For choice of sauces and toppings to customise your burger, Gourmet Café reigns. For size, nothing comes close to the gargantuan patties coming off the grill at PiRO. But for an all round good burger off the barbie, we take our hats off and yelp “Yeehaw!” for the Texas styled burgers at Bubba’s, treating our salivating mouths to one mean feast in the East. - Become a Talk Insider!


Taste Test Mat Ryan

Shanghai’s most committed dipsomaniacs get together to share and compare some of the wines around town. It’s a no-nonsense guide to the good, the great and the bloody ordinary of wine. Which wine will win this month? Murari Valpolicella Ripasso, Italy (2009)


Florent Genty - In between projects Simone Incontro - Italian wine writer Dean Lapthorne - Wine guy Norm Lau - Big Aussie who loves his food Alberto Orengia – I Saltari brand manager Mat Ryan - Partner in The Shed & founder of JustBeer

La Casette Rosso, Italy (2011) This is what it is, a very simple, light wine. "Nothing too complex, just straight up," commented Dean. Simone was particularly enthusiastic about this one, saying that it was "harmonious." The La Casette Rosso is a blend of different local varietals that changes each year and the winemaker has tried with this one to reintroduce "forgotten" varietals. We all agreed that it was well blended, but probably is best leaving in the refrigerator for a few minutes before serving, as it would have benefited from being served a little colder. When the topic came to which food we'd pair this with, Norm's eyes lit up. He went into amazing detail as to exactly which Asian cold cuts you'd serve with this, even down to the saltiness and thickness. This guy loves his food. Cold cuts it is, Norm. Price: RMB 148

The wine journo (Simone) was very much taken with this one. "Perfecto!" he exclaimed. "Nothing more to say". This ‘Baby Amarone’ was very solid, with a hint of red berries on the nose. Dean’s comment was that it is "a big, meaty North Italian wine that's not super sun-driven, like a New World wine". I'm not a massive Amarone fan, so this for me was a bit too big and strong, but still enjoyable all the same. For food, Norm suggested veal with a tomato and garlic sauce with some olives. Alberto suggested that since the wine was very earthy, a mushroom based risotto would pair well.  Price: RMB 488

I Saltari Valpolicella Superiore, Italy (2008) This wine (and the Amarone that followed) is very new to the market, and having just arrived, there's no official pricing yet. You can expect, however, that it’s going to be a high end price; it's a blend of varietals including a number of ‘lost varietals’. Alberto explained that they only make 15,000 bottles of this per year, which are basically home brew volumes.


This is a very big Italian red with massive tannins and dark fruit flavours that perfectly balance each other out. Dean described this one, compared to the Ripasso as "a step up, even on the nose". Florent suggested that it had great ageing potential. Definitely it does, but it would struggle to sit untouched in my cellar for any length of time; my feeling was that this one is Italian wine making at its best. For food, Simone suggested a Korean BBQ, while Florent chose a peppered veal.

I Saltari Amarone Valpolicella, Italy (2004) We probably chose the worst day to have this wine. Amarone is a massive style of wine, not ideal for in hot weather. We poured it and let it sit in the glass for 20 minutes - an agonising 20 minutes. However in the end, it proved worth it. Big, meaty and full of really dark fruit flavours, Dean’s comment was, "It wants attention so it punches you in the face." It is definitely not a wine to drink by itself so we quickly moved onto the topic of food pairing. Norm suggested a sticky date pudding, which would compliment the massive dark fruits in the wine. However Florent had us all drooling by suggesting a chocolate cake with soft melted chocolate sauce in the centre. Perfecto!


While the Ripasso was a better food pairing wine, nearly everyone agreed that the third wine was the winner. It's never going to disappoint and is very well balanced.


Cuve Importers. Note that the two new I Saltari wines are very limited stock. Tel: 5866 0087. Web:

Sherpa’s Pairings Michelle Ozier

Ordering in for the night? Shanghai’s most popular delivery service not only has the food, there’s also a load of wine that they’ll bring straight to your door. Sherpa’s wine consultant Michelle Ozier dishes out on what wine pairs well with your order.


ugust is a special month at Sherpa’s because we are having our first ever Chinese food month, with our Chinese restaurant partners offering lots of yummy deals. Chinese food is my favourite to pair with wines because the regional cuisine styles of the Middle Kingdom offer something for everyone. Angove’s Butterfly Ridge RieslingGewürztraminer from the Riverland region of South Australia sprang immediately to mind when I was told about the August Chinese food promotion. The blend of Riesling and Gewürztraminer varietals is a lovely marriage of the leaner crisply acid Riesling and the lift of the aromatic Gewürztraminer, and it’s fairly common in Europe and Oceania. This is an offdry citrusy blend with notes of rose and lychee, best served chilled from your refrigerator. The floral mouth is strong

and lingering which means it perfectly balances salty or spicy foods and it is fantastic with Hunan dishes like Kungpao Chicken and Sichuan Green Beans. I would suggest a sweeter wine to pair with salty fried dim sum items like spring rolls; however the Butterfly Ridge is a good stand-by if you don’t have a dessert wine in the fridge. If you want to stick to something red, then a basic Cabernet Sauvignon or a light Pinot Noir are great for Chinese dishes with rich sauces and particularly duck. You can’t go far wrong with a BBQ Meat Combo Plate from Heng Shan Xiao Guan and a bottle of Santa Rita 120 Cabernet Sauvignon, which incidentally is available at just RMB 78/bottle right now from Sherpa’s. Angove’s Butterfly Ridge RieslingGewürztraminer is available at RMB 94/bottle from Sherpa’s and you can save a further RMB 20 every weekend during August for purchasing two bottles at Keep an eye on all our website news for all of the deals on offer during Chinese food month which will include promotions of up to 50% off on certain dishes, like Diced Chicken from Di Shui Dong and Eight-Treasure Duck from Yin. - Become a Talk Insider!

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Night Reviews Muse

Tom Mangione

What: A Shanghai institution picks up and moves to the Bund Why: You need a healthy dose of Chinese club culture and international swank How Much: Cocktails RMB 65 upwards; table service from RMB 2,380 on weekdays, RMB 3,380 on weekends. Where: 5F, Yi Feng Galleria, 99 Beijing Dong Lu, near Yuanmingyuan Lu. Tel: 5213 5228. Web: www. Sing nightlife goddess! Sing of rattling dice and tables full of whiskey and green tea! Sing taxi lines without an end! Sing the place beloved by both locals and laowai, the story of a successful nightclub that picked up and moved to Shanghai's great glittering strip on the River Huangpu! Regardless of how a Shanghai resident identifies linguistically and culturally, the word Muse has become part of his or her vocabulary, bringing memories of bleary nights where East meets West to top dance hits. After all, the original Muse has never been about bringing in big name DJs (that's what its sister club M2 is for); it's always been about being a Chinese-style club with a bit of refinement. And on occasion celebrities. After all, one of the owners is Hong Kong movie star Carina Lau. Muse's new home isn't smack dab on the Bund, but it's a stone's throw away, occupying the top floor of an upscale fashion mall across the street from The Peninsula. Walking

Senator Saloon What: A neighbourhood speakeasy Why: For a taste of Old Fashioned in an old fashioned setting How Much: Cocktails RMB 65 upwards; American fare around RMB 60 per dish Where: 98 Wuyuan Lu, near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. Tel: 5423 1330 In a city where most things cocktail have a decidedly Japanese bent, it’s nice to see a place that looks to the birthplace of cocktail culture for inspiration – the United States. Senator Saloon, the newest project from the owners of Sichuan Citizen and Citizen, channels the ambiance of a 1920s Prohibition Era speakeasy complete with a ceiling of moulded tin (“imported from Texas”) and vintage jazz tinkling on the stereo. Cosy wooden booths, low lighting and genuine US antique fixtures complete the scene. It’s yet another notch in Shanghai’s belt for creating places where patrons can completely escape the rough and tumble of modern China. And occupying a store front on one of the former French Concession’s quieter streets, this new bar will undoubtedly receive long looks from natives TalkMagazine  40 40 TalkMagazine 

August12 August12

in, the main attraction is the flashy bar offering a new dash of cocktail culture into the mix with drinks like the Coconut Capiroska and Moscow Muse (both RMB 65); its real estate requires it. In the same vein, there's also a rooftop terrace (sans views of Lujiazui) to open in the future. However, those looking for the cramped dance floor and table service of Muse's glory days won't have to look far.

Tom Mangione wondering where in the world this place came from. America, xiansheng. America. For the bourbon and rye fanatics, you’ll find the shelves stocked with sought-after bottles from boutique distilleries like Pappy Van Winkle’s (RMB 180 / single) and Whistle Pig Rye (RMB 175 / single). There are also other more common top-shelf bourbons like Maker’s Mark (RMB 76 / single). Plans from the Oregon-bred manager for infusions (bacon bourbon, chilli vodka), barrel-aged cocktails (negroni) and home-made bitters are in the works. But for now, the solid list of libations to choose from does little to disappoint. The Jerico (RMB 72) blends together rye whiskey, green chartreuse, sherry and St. Germain (a French elderberry flower liqueur) with an orange peel for a dry, yet zesty concoction. And the basil gimlet (RMB 68) is simply a knockout, blending gin, muddled basil and fresh lemon juice for a drink that’s both savoury and refreshingly smooth. All of these drinks are strong, ready to transport you to another place… that is, if you don’t feel like you’ve been transported already.

For big spending VIPs, the rooms in the back really are something. In addition to private bars and terraces (one room has not one, but two), all the rooms are themed, being named after brands owned by big time liquor distributor Diageo. There's a Johnny Walker room (pictured), a Dom Perignon room, a Hennessey room etc. Pandering to brands or a genius stroke of marketing? Either way these rooms are a sight to behold for those who can afford the rent.

Face Bar Yu Bar

KerryCAhristian llen Seiersen

What: A serene lakeside bar Why: To escape the claustrophobia of the city How much: Beers RMB 40 upwards; glasses of red and white wine RMB 54 upwards; cocktails 68 RMB Where: 1800 Jinke Lu, near Longdong Dadao. Tel: 5027 8261 Perched on a glittering crystal lake in the leafy grounds of Dongjiao State Guest Hotel, the newly-opened Face Bar is an idyllic retreat from the frenzy of downtown Shanghai. Visitors are greeted by a detailed carving of the elephantine Indian deity, Ganesha, who guards the bar’s entrance with quiet reverence. Inside is a treasure trove of Asian antiques, including a Thai dragonboat cast across the bar and a large wooden statue of Buddha, both belonging to Indonesian owner and Asian antique collector Haidhi Angkawijana. These flashes of extravagance contrast effectively with the low-slung minimalist furniture to weave an elegantAlist but air Paton comfortable setting.

During languid summer evenings, the patio overlooking the lake is an idyllic setting, with trees stretching lazily across the waters and the red lights of nearby pagodas glimmering like diamonds in the ripples. The drinks list is brimming with fresh fruit cocktails to complement the natural setting. Though sounding like a concoction dreamt up in a college dorm room, the Face-Sling (RMB 68) uses a blend of cherry vodka and pineapple slices to tasty effect. The Lychee Martini (RMB 68) has the sharp kick of a strong gin layered with the soft and velvet touch of fresh lychee. The new Face bar is an addition to the Face Restaurant, which has been open in Pudong since 2007; however it has in the past five years received a comparatively indifferent reception, thanks in part to its remote location hugging the primeval outskirts of East Shanghai. Still, this new lakeside bar addition might start giving the restaurant the recognition it deserves, making the lengthy cab ride out here all the more worthwhile. - Become a Talk Insider!



Down with Dubstep James Morrison

From its Western European routes, Shanghai has become a breeding ground for new and unique variations of dubstep.


ubstep has kicked the international music industry into hyper drive, tearing up the rule book and blasting it away with a thumping bass line, leaving ringing ears and pounding hearts in its wake. And this craze, originating in South London at the turn of the century, which propelled artists like Nero, Chase & Status and Skream to fame, has finally found a home in Shanghai. In recent months, upcoming dubstep artists including Kode9, DJ Sal and MC ChaCha have been introducing their deep bass beats to Shanghai’s underground music scene. Michael Ohlsson owner of Dada, is one person who’s made the decision to include dubstep’s reverberating basslines in both his Shanghai and new Beijing bar with a string of special dubstep nights, "Most of the stuff coming out now that people are calling dubstep is so far away from its roots," he says. "Hip hop and house that has dominated clubs for two decades is so stale and dull, so dubstep is a breath of fresh air."

Another is Gaz Williams, owner of the Shelter (5 Yongfu Lu, near Fuxing Xi Lu), who in recent months has hosted international dubstep artists like Kode9. Likewise, Lune (218 Xinle Lu, near Donghu Lu) has recently started introducing dubstep to its nightlife scene, and last month saw resident DJ, DJ Sal ( offering an original twist on dubstep with his sitar infused KONSOUL. And he suggests that this is only the beginning for the varying types of dubstep in Shanghai. "Dubstep specifically is still quite new as a formal genre, and is yet to be taken in a whole number of possible directions," he says. "I'm sure in the future we'll be hearing an entire gambit of new dubstep offshoots that we haven't even begun to imagine." The mixed local and expat crowd speaks of dubstep’s growing influence, but its continual blend and fluidity is - Become a Talk Insider!

what lends to its popularity. Shanghai’s own MC ChaCha is perhaps right in identifying that dubstep as with any genre, cannot fit neatly into a box. “If after 10 years dubstep still sounds the same, that means this kind of music is already dead, because nobody even bothered to try anything new."

Dubstep events in Shanghai this month

So what can we expect for the future of dubstep in Shanghai? Ohlsson thinks that "dubstep will merge more with hip hop, house and pop music, and fit in with their formulas.

10pm – late. Free. Dada. 115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu. Tel: 150 0018 2212

“But there will always be a small percentage of the audience who is more curious and will seek out the true roots of these genres, and want to discover more than just the mainstream stuff."

9 August Substance

Deck-Efx crew presents a night of D&B, jungle and dubstep for resident DJ, DJ Roo’s birthday. Resinate and Qkraft support.

Every Monday Jiong

A weekly event curated by ROM's Icenice and Downstate with mellow trip-hop and dubstep beats. 10pm - late. Free. Dada. 115 Xingfu Lu, near Fahuazhen Lu. Tel: 150 0018 2212

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Learning to Play a Chinese Instrument Elena Rubanik

No matter whether you’ve a serious passion, or you’re just interested in trying for fun, there are no barriers for getting familiar with a Chinese instrument, so why not give it a go?


he Chinese culture is quite distinctive, if not unique, which is why getting familiar with it is the goal of almost every self-respecting laowai. And one way to do so is by mastering a traditional Chinese instrument from Jinling Dong Lu, where a whole street of shops sell anything from a whistle to a harp (yes really, you can buy a harp for RMB 7,000 in Someday Music (203 Jinling Dong Lu) with the possibility of bargaining). Whatever your motive, Talk Magazine has the ultimate guide for getting more acquainted with Chinese music, with a string of suggestions ranging from beginner to advanced ability.

For… Beginners For those who feel like they would be able to master little more than a triangle or a

tambourine, beyond buying a bolang gu (the little drum you see touts selling up and down Shanghai) Chinese culture has one other standard Oriental equivalent, the luo (gong). Jinling Dong Lu offers a lot of choice: from small ones of around eights inches in diameter for alerting everyone that dinner is ready (RMB 150 upwards), to huge ornamental ones on a stand, which can move your neighbours' furniture with the power of their sound (RMB 2,000-3,000). Another basic instrument is the hulusi, a wind instrument with three bamboo pipes connected to a bottle gourd. In Blue Hand Music Instruments Store (227 Jinling Dong Lu), it costs RMB 230 with a case, which considering it looks like it might be played as a recorder, sounds very tempting. However, most hulusi only cover one key, so unless you feel like joining an enormous orchestra or going

B Flat this summer, you should probably think twice before buying it.

Intermediate For those who are already pretty comfortable with a guitar or are looking seriously to practice something alternative along those lines, the pipa (RMB 1,600-19,800), ruan (RMB 1,690) and yueqin (moon instrument, RMB 550) are all worthy options. These three are similar to a guitar in both appearance and the way they should be held, except the pipa is pear-shaped and the other two, ruan and yueqin, are round. Where they differ from a guitar is that all three instruments only have four strings and the sounds they make, of course, are different. There’s also the erhu (RMB 180 upwards), the Chinese equivalent of violin that has two strings and is held


vertically. If you buy this unusual instrument from Mr Zhang in Hua Xia Guo Yun Music (294 Jinling Dong Lu), will teach you how to play ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and some other wellknown melodies for free.

Advanced The guqin, not to be confused with the larger guzheng, is a seven-string instrument that you sit down to play, so you won't feel pain in your legs while using it. However, learning how to play it might cause pains in other places, as the guqin requires a lot more than just plain enthusiasm to master. If you're still keen however, Mr Li at Yawen Music Store (220 Jinling Dong Lu) offers a range of guqins from RMB 1,200 6,800 and also offers one-on-one tutorials for RMB 120 an hour.



Taking your music to the next level



The instrument is bought, the essentials are grasped. It's now time for Shanghai to find out about your talent. It's time to perform! You can do as the locals do and take to the nearest park, or if you’re ready to stampede to local acclaim, secure a gig in a live music house. Yuyintang (851 Kaixuan Lu, near Yan’an Xi Lu) has an open mic night every Monday starting at 9pm, where absolutely anyone can have his ‘fifteen minutes of fame’ (or shame). After a successful performance you


Shanghai’s First Annual Air Guitar Championship

Tom Mangione


or most of us, rocking out to the stereo with blistering riffs on invisible guitars is something reserved for the privacy of our homes. And with good reason; that killing solo from Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’ just doesn’t have the same effect with your flailing air guitar antics, does it? But for the shameless in our midst who don’t mind sharing their rock and roll fantasies, on 24 August, Inferno will provide a stage for 16 contestants to shred and strum their imaginary axes in front of a packed room, all in the hopes of air guitar glory. It’s Shanghai’s first ever Air Guitar Championship.

To Participate Those interested in participating must sign up at Inferno. The sign-up is limited to 20 participants (first 16 to take the stage, 4 backups). Contestants are required to prepare two songs, no more than two minutes each and give a copy of their songs to Inferno at least one day prior to the competition (23 August). TalkMagazine  42 42 TalkMagazine 

August12 August12

might decide that the music you make is worth recording. If this is the case, DB Studios (Bldg 5, Lane 200 Taikang Lu, near Sinan Lu) is one place where you can do so, although it will come at no cheap price of RMB 3,000 per day (for eight hours). And if sacrificing a month’s rent proves in vain, a cheaper option would be to buy a microphone (which can also be found in many stores on Jinling Dong Lu) and recording on an old tape recorder at home. Then again, there’s always that question of winding up the neighbours…!

The Competition The competition will go through three rounds. The first round begins with each contestant performing a prepared song. Afterward, contestants are narrowed down from 16 to 8, with 6 chosen based on ratings by a panel of judges, 1 contestant chosen by crowd applause and 1 final contestant chosen in a sudden death round from the remaining 9 contestants. Here, each of the remaining contestants gets 15 seconds to wow the crowd to an unknown song. The second round, where constants perform to randomly chosen songs, whittles the field down to 3 contestants (2 chosen by judges, 1 chosen by the audience). The final round sees all the contestants performing the last of their prepared pieces as well as going head to head over a secret song. 9.30pm – late. Free (but you might have to support a stage dive or two). Inferno, 480 Yongjia Lu, near Yueyang Lu. Tel: 5466 6068 - Become a Talk Insider!




Heineken Final Viewing Party @ The Cool Docks Photos Courtesy of Rustam Fatkulin

Swarovski Sparkling Secrets @ Shanghai Exhibition Centre

The Ice Cream Truck's Three Year Anniversary

RLife LIVE @ Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park - Become a Talk Insider!

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what'sON For event updates check out


2 August

John Digweed @ Ibiza Explore the wonders of progressive house from the dubbed “Godfather” of DJing at Shanghai’s newest deejay Mecca. 10pm - late. RMB 150. Ibiza, 6267 9599

11 August

DJ Shadow The DJ world’s king of eclecticism DJ Shadow comes to Beijing for one night only. Up tempo hip-hop and surprising samples await. 9pm - late. RMB 200 advance; RMB 280 on the door. Yugong Yishan, (10) 6404 2711

12 August

Secret By A local Beijing poetry group channels the spirit of ancient China by reciting poetry with accompaniment from ancient Chinese musical instruments. 9 - 11pm. RMB 50 advance; RMB 60 on the door. Jianghu Jiuba, (10) 6401 5269

Wine Talk Vivian Tian leads a tour of the Pinot Noir world with other leading wine experts in English and Chinese, featuring wines from Australia, New Zealand, France and USA. 6.30pm. RMB 88, reservations required. Glamour, 6329 3751, reservation@

3 August

24 August

Infected Mushroom

Mahjong Games Night Learn how to play one of China’s most popular games. You’ll be given an overview of the rules, as well as learn how to use basic lingo about the game in Mandarin. If you get tongue tied, there’s free beer and fruit to get your mouth moving. 7 - 9.30pm. Free. That’s Mandarin, 5218 6432, Discosmic Adventure @ Lune Calling all space fans! Prepare for cosmic adventure to the outer limits of disco with a night of electrofunk and space house madness at Lune. Music by Engdahl, American Booze DJ’s and Phunhouse. 10pm - late. Free. Lune, 139 0197 4330

The world famous Israeli duo Infected Mushroom brings their show blending trip-hop, industrial rock and psychedelic visuals to China’s capital city. 9pm - late. RMB 200 advance; RMB 280 on the door. Yugong Yishan, (10) 6404 2711


Olympic Game Public Viewing The VBar of The Venice Hotel Shenzhen serves up Olympic action the German way. Offers traditional German food and wines, an exclusive area for the German Chamber of Commerce and a large screen to watch the event. VBar in The Venice Hotel Shenzhen, (755) 2693 6888 ext 9026,

4 August

Niu Niu Piano Recital Child prodigy pianist Zhang Shengliang, better known as Niu Niu shows off his rare talents for the people of Zhongshan. 8pm. RMB 100 -180. Zhongshan Culture and Arts Center Grand Theater, (760) 8822 3666

Full Moon Party Dragon Events invites Shanghai’s party maniacs to get down on The Cool Docks with glow sticks, neon threads and body paint. The Full Moon party comes to Shanghai. 10pm - late. RMB 50 advance, RMB 80 on the door, includes one drink. Rico Rico, 150 0054 5715, Maelstrom Best known for his hit ‘USSR’, Maelstrom gives classic techno an injection of modern electro elements. Supporting the rollicking electro storm are R3, Lin Feng, Ado8 and VJ Chromophase. 10pm - late. RMB 60. The Shelter, 6437 0400

3 - 5 August


Carl Cox @ M2 One of the biggest names in the international electro scene, Carl Cox is now playing his tunes for the first time at M2. 10pm – late. Pre-sale RMB 700, door price TBA. M2, 6286 6222,

Manuel De La Mare @ Ibiza Italian born deep house and techno DJ Manuel De La Mare sidles up to the decks at one of Shanghai’s biggest dance clubs. 10pm – late. Ibiza, 6267 9699 Les Bleus Party DJ Char spins her beats long into the night as guest bartenders Fanny and Lea serve the drinks. Free entry and one “blue shot”. Standard drinks RMB 40. 9pm - late. Asia Blue Hello Geisha Shanghai’s Japanese inspired club gives you two hours to get yourself to the promised land. Five standard drinks for RMB 100. 10pm - 12am. The Geisha, 6403 0244 Paradis Paradis @ Yuyintang French duo Paradis Paradis play noise with guitar and synth along with a whole host of upcoming DJs. With support from Downstate, DJ LJ, LON and LLND. 10.15pm - late. RMB 40. Yuyintang, 5237 8662,

4 August

Shanghai Museum Tours Experience Shanghai’s rich and diverse history with expert guidance through one of the finest ancient art collections in the whole of China. 2 - 4pm. Public tour RMB 190, private tour 290. Shanghai Museum,

Shanghai Youth Philharmonic Orchestra As part of Shanghai’s third annual Music in the Summer Air concert series, this is a chance to listen to the city’s emerging musical talents performing a variety of classical pieces including selections from Russian composer Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. 7.45pm. RMB 60 - 380. Luijiazui Central Greenland, 4008 210 522,

4 August

BIG Youth Day The Desheng Creative Park in Foshan hosts a party for the young people of Foshan including HK electro party collective BrowNsugaR, the Bonjour! Music Group and more. 1.30pm – late. Free. Desheng Creative Park,

4 August

Shanghai Future Tours Learn about Shanghai’s past, present and future, as leading scholars give their predictions on the expected developments in the city and the influences that have made it what it is today. 10am - 12pm. Public tour RMB 260, private tour RMB 290. Urban Planning Exhibition Centre,

Photo Scavenger Hunt The BEAN photo scavenger hunt returns for its second annual event. Participants wander the city in search of photo-ops and lots of other fun challenges before relaxing with a barbeque at Cotton’s on Xinhua Lu. Sponsored prizes will be handed out for the best photographs. 1.30 - 8pm. Each participating team will be asked to donate RMB 100 to help fund BEAN charity projects. Cotton’s Xinhua Lu, 6261 0006, beanshanghai@

5 August

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Taro Saint @ Live Bar Touring in support of their recently released LP, Howling, Beijingbased hardcore heavy metal band Taro Saint rocks Live Bar for one night only. 9 - 11.30pm. RMB 50. Live Bar

Smile Hollywood’s friendly staff is ready to make you smile with their yellow smiley face themed night. 10pm - late. Free entrance for ladies. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

4 - 5 August

8 August

Bumps & Babes Talk: Giving Medicines to Your Child Pamela Quah, Chair of Pharmacy at Shanghai United Family Hospital, answers parental questions and gives advice on taking care of your child’s health. 10am - 12pm. RMB 100, including breakfast. Melange Oasis, 6433 7727,

8 August

On the Wings of Summer Airs For a dose of opera classics such as The Marriage of Figaro and Don Juan, a globe trotting opera trio comprised of sopranos Huang Ying and Zhang Liping and tenor Zhang Jianyi will be one of the highlights of the music festival, Music in the Summer Air. 7.45pm. RMB 60 - 380. Luijiazui Central Greenland, 4008 210 522, www. - Become a Talk Insider!

AUGUST 8 August and 12 August


Hungry for Change Screening at The Wellness Works, Hungry for Change is a new documentary focused on becoming aware of what we eat and how these foods affect our bodies. If you are worried about your health stop by and find out what’s stopping you from reaching your peak health level. RSVPs must be made by e-mail. 8 August, 7.30pm; 12 August, 4pm. The Wellness Works,,

4 August

Lawson’s Creek: London vs Lawson’s It sounds like an absurd oxymoron, but it’s real: organised street drinking. Dozens of Shanghai party faithful descend on the Lawson’s at Dongping Lu and Yueyang Lu. Dress code British aristocracy or Olympians. Lawson’s Creek, www.

9 August

Resume and Job Hunt Workshop At That’s Mandarin you can learn how to write a resume in Chinese to impress all sorts of employers. 7 - 9pm. Free for That’s Mandarin students; RMB 30 for non-members. That’s Mandarin, 5218 6432,

10 August

Mr. Chelonian Shanghai Live Straight up, wholesome pop rock is what Mr. Chelonian brings. Prepare to pogo with out shame. 9pm - late. RMB 60 advance; RMB 80 on the door. MAO Livehouse, 6445 0086

9 August MONO Japanese shoegaze band MONO brings their epic, glockenspielinfused build ups to MAO. Expect to hear tracks from their newest album, My Parents. 8pm - late. RMB 180 advance; RMB 200 on the door. MAO Livehouse, 6445 0086

Muslim Market and Buddhist Temple Tour Experience the Muslim market near Suzhou Creek where you can try lamb kebabs, fresh naan bread and pomegranate juice squeezed right before your eyes. Afterward, enjoy the heritage of the neighbourhood including a nearby Buddhist temple. 11.30am - 2.30pm. RMB 350 per person. UnTour Shanghai, www.

15 – 29 August

Belita Trunk Show Beijing based jeweller Belita unveils its products for the first time in Shanghai in conjunction with the Showroom. Get a chance to meet the designer Elizabeth Genetti over a Champagne reception. 6 - 7pm. Showroom, 6433 1789

17 - 18 August

11 August

Glamour Book Exchange As home to the Shanghai International Literary Festival, Glamour has a large selection of books ready to be exchanged for one of yours. After making a swap, enjoy your new book on one of the comfy sofas in the bar. 2 - 4pm. Glamour, 6350 9988, www.

Gentlemen’s Night

17 August

Eco Art Exhibit Can you turn trash into a treasure? At Touchmedia’s Fourth Annual Eco Art Exhibit you can see more than 200 artworks from local and international artists. Many categories are included, such as photography, painting, video, music, etc. Yueda 889 Mall, 5109 8699, The Suited Monk Workshop Get tips on how to be a success in the workplace by discovering your inner genius and desires from lifecoach Raf Adams, author of The Suited Monk. RMB 3,880, includes refreshments, meal, handouts and a complimentary copy of the book. Radisson New World Hotel, 153 1660 3895

Every Wednesday

Party Queen Let your hair down ladies. Pole dancing and bartender shows with a free open bar await at Club Sky. 10pm - late. RMB 80 open bar for gents. Club Sky, 6255 5626


At Nightfall Canadian dance troupe Sursaut combines elements of surrealism and contemporary dance to weave dreamy sequences for the whole family. Their latest production, At Nightfall is about a shoemaker who embarks on a journey of self-discovery in a magical water forest. 7.30pm. RMB 60-100. Shanghai City Theatre, 5150 9199,

3 August

Roberto Verastegui @ Tody Jazz Bar Grammy nominated jazz pianist Verastegui returns to Shanghai on his world tour, exploring the boundaries of jazz by fusing musical influences from across the globe with tracks from his new album, Meeting Point. Trumpet accompaniment by Li Xiaochuan. 10.30pm. RMB 30. Tody Jazz Bar, 6261 0006

13 August

RAS Modern Chinese History Study Group The Royal Asiatic Society hosts college-level lectures on Chinese history at Melange Oasis. Lectures are offered on DVD with each lecture lasting around half an hour each. Accompanied by an hour of group discussion over dinner. 7 - 9pm. RMB 20 for members, RMB 50 for non-members. Melange Oasis, www.

With Shanghai full of ladies nights, it’s about time something came along for the guys. Well, fellas, here’s your chance. With top end Belgian beers and premium liquors available, escape for the night and enjoy a little freedom from the Mrs. 7 - 11pm. De Refter, 3230 2595

18 August

Chocolate and Cake-Making Workshop Learn how to make delicious chocolates and cakes and take your finished products home to show your friends and family. RMB 298 per person; maximum of ten people per session. RSVP is required. Swissotel Grand Shanghai, 5355 9898,

11 August

Jamie Hutchings

18 August

15 August

Night Market The night market returns to Dada in August with local designers, handmade jewellery by Rossi Elephants and vintage homewares to explore. 8pm - 12am. Dada, 150 0018 2212 - Become a Talk Insider!

Rev Run (RUN DMC) & DJ Ruckus @ Ibiza Rev Run takes over Ibiza for one night only. Expect to relive classic anthems from one of the most influential artists in hip-hop history and boogy on down to hits such as ‘It’s Tricky’ and ‘It’s Like That’. 9pm - late. RMB 120 advance; RMB 200 on the door. Ibiza, 6267 9599

Crticially acclaimed singer/songwriter from Aussie band Bluebottle Kiss strums the strings at Hongkou’s home of rock and roll. 9pm - late. RMB 30. Live Bar, 138 1752 5605

17 August

Stegosaurus? CD Release Local rock band Stegosaurus? celebrates the release of its newest album Purple Pachyderm by throwing a party with free refreshments and pizza from New York Pizza. Dragon Pizza (the band) supports. 9pm - late. RMB 40, includes a copy of the album. Yuyintang, 5237 8662

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Hacker News Meetup For all of the latest technology news, attend the Hacker news meetup where a host of technologists, entrepreneurs and plain old geeks talk about the latest trends hitting the technology market. The first ten attendees get a free round of drinks of their choice. Look for the table with the lucky cat. 7 - 10pm. Abbey Road,

16 – 26 August

Bräugaudi @ Kunshan International Beer Festival Get your lederhosen at the ready; the International Beer Festival is returning to Shanghai. The “Bräugaudi” awaits with freshly imported German food and beer, and an Oktoberfest band flown in straight from Germany to create a light-hearted atmosphere for your pleasure. Prost! 6pm - late. RMB 140 for two half-litres of beer and two snacks. Citizen Activity Center Kunshan,,

18 August

WBK Charity Book Fair William the Beekeeper holds its first ever charity book fair when it opens its new boutique at 87 Wuyuan Lu. Held in the venue’s courtyard, publishers and bookstores including The Bookworm Suzhou, Koryo Tours and Blue Fountain set up their own pop-up shops. 12 - 6pm. William the Beekeeper, 131 6724 3796 Literary Salon Poet and novelist Joe Dunthorne shares his literary experiences and discusses his recently award winning novel, Wild Abandon. 5pm. RMB 75, includes a drink. Glamour,

19 August

Shanghai’s Lilong Culture Take a guided tour through the lilong neighbourhoods of the former French concession. Guided by expert Fanny HoffmannLoss, wander around these narrow alleys and learn why these neighbourhoods are now decaying and how they can be restored. 9.30am – 12.30pm RMB 300. Okura Garden Hotel, 138 1892 2040,

28 August

Mojave 3 British pop rockers Mojave 3 hope to get the crowds in Shanghai bopping with their up tempo grooves. 8pm - late. RMB 280 advance; RMB 400 on the door. MAO Livehouse, 6445 0086

30 August

Intermediate and Advanced Chinese Corner

26 August

831’s Last 8/31 Tour Chinese emo punk rocker’s 831 are out for one last hurrah in Shanghai before their “last 8/31”. That’s right, this Blink 182esque band is breaking up. 8pm - late. RMB 120 advance; RMB 150 on the door. MAO Livehouse, 6445 0086

Aimed at intermediate and more advanced students of Mandarin, That’s Mandarin hosts a Chinese corner to give students the opportunity to learn new vocabulary by discussing real life topics. This week they will be talking about video games. 7 - 9pm. Free for That’s Mandarin students; non-members RMB 20. That’s Mandarin, 5218 6432, www.


19 August

Marketa Irglova Czech folk singer Market Irglova, best known for her performance as the female lead in the cult classic movie Once, takes to the stage in China’s city on the sea. 8.30pm - late. RMB 100 advance; RMB 150 on the door. MAO Livehouse, 6445 0086

Wotou Compound Set in Beijing one year before the liberation of 1949, playwright Liu Heng’s historical drama Wutou Compound is an insightful look into the lives of the working class in the fall-out of World War II. The play focuses on four separate families living in a residential compound and how their lives interconnect. 7.30pm. RMB 180-1,280. Shanghai Grand Theatre, 6217 2426

Black Light Theatre

29 August

International Week: Germany Party the German way with food, drink, music and movies. Remember to bring a student ID for the best discounts. Free entry and cocktail. 8pm - late. Hollywood, 139 1704 8644

Every Wednesday

Old Skool Tunes DJ’s Samu and Choyce Kutz blast you back to the past by spinning tunes from the 80s and 90s. Table reservations available. 8.30pm - 3.30am. Horizen, 5307 6869, info@

1 – 5 August

23 August

Snapshot Shanghai For novice photographers, expert photographer Yolanda von Hagen is on hand to teach you how to use all the features of your camera to capture the best image possible. Learn about ISO, aperture, time setting and white balance. Details of your camera should be sent beforehand. 9.30am - 12.30pm. RMB 300 per person. Luxun Park (Main Entrance), 138 1892 2040,

Beedees Comedy Open Mic In the mood for a good laugh? Check out the latest comedic talents as they crack a few jokes for your pleasure. Brought to you by the people behind Kungfu Komedy. Masse, 5212 5971

24 August

Sweet Summer Sweat Fest II After finishing tours with Bon Iver and Radiohead, American indie rock band Other Lives comes to Shanghai, accompanied by PS I Love You, Daniel Hart and Ben Houge. Also expect special appearances from Shanghai’s very own Battle Cattle and Pairs. RMB 120. 9pm - late. Yuyintang, 5237 8662

Wednesday Night Mixer A light-hearted atmosphere with live music, free finger foods and lots of prizes to be won. Drinks start at RMB 30. 8 - 11pm. Sonik Fly, 5302 6159

Every Thursday

Live Lounge Thursdays Jessica Maurer and Wayne’s Basement hit Barabossa every week to show off their laid back gypsy jazz talents. Tables are limited, so book in advance. Barbarossa, 6318 0220

All Month 25 August Black Light Theatre performs an optical illusion whereby actors dressed entirely in black move props around the stage against a black background, giving the impression the objects are animated. With 46 years of experience, Czech performance troupe Srnec Theatre brings the magical and historic art to Shanghai. 7.15pm. RMB 60-380. Shanghai Oriental Art Centre, 3461 6170,

25 August

Marina Lomazov Piano Recital Fresh from a tour of America, Steinway artist Marina Lomazov brings her celebrated blend of wit and boldness to Shanghai. The Ukrainian-born pianist will be playing works from Haydn, Schubert and Tchaikovsky amongst others. 7.30 - 9pm. RMB 60 - 80. Shanghai City Theatre, 5415 9123,

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Firewind @ MAO Livehouse Rock on into the early hours of the morning with Greek heavy metal band Firewind, as they reach Shanghai in their tour of China with their latest album Few Too Many. RMB 170. 10pm - late. MAO Livehouse, 6445 0086

Li Xiaofei: Assembly Line Chinese artist Li Xiaofei exhibits his collection of interviews, photos and other media of Chinese factory workers from throughout China. 10.30am – 6pm. Closed Monday. OV Gallery, 139 1637 3474, Bell Bar Book Exchange It’s an event for everybody who loves books and Bell Bar has a great collection of used ones. You can get one for RMB 20, bring two of your books in exchange for a new one or you can sell your books for RMB 10. 2pm - 12am. Bell Bar, 138 1777 8890


Checking for a particular event or just looking for something to do? - Become a Talk Insider!


The Ritz-Carlton Beijing Kerry Allen


tea making facilities, and aromatic bath cosmetics and salts to contribute in helping you wind down. Still, if you’re looking to take your relaxation to all new heights, the 17th floor Beijing Spa offers a range of Chinese therapies, a pedicure station and a whirlpool to really leave you feeling pampered. The heated indoor swimming pool and fitness centre can also be found on this level. If even that’s not enough, then the club lounge privileges leave you feeling like a true celebrity, with complimentary food presentations throughout the day. During my stay, I enjoyed a selection of cereals, freshly baked breads and juices for breakfast, and a selection of tiny canapés, cheeses

ecently voted one of the best hotels in the world on the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller Gold List, you enter this luxury 305 room hotel expecting excellence, and excellence is what you get. From the moment you enter the Ritz-Carlton Beijing’s sweet smelling reception and are swiftly checked in, the standards of service that carry on throughout the entire hotel are expectedly fantastic. This is a place you can come to easily unwind after a long day’s shopping in the famous nearby seven-storey silk market, or a toiling trip round the Forbidden City. Still, if it’s business not pleasure that brings you to the ancient capital, over 1,800 square metres of function space including the 1,294 sqm Grand Ballroom and nine meeting rooms, high speed internet access and state-of-the-art audio-visual equipment make any conference, banquet or wedding a breeze. The rooms, which range from 48 sqm upwards, all come decorated with comfortable love seats, boutique dressing tables and a large soft bed in the soothing pastel colours which the Ritz-Carlton worldwide is lovingly known for. Smooth, Egyptian cotton sheets and down featherbeds ensure a pleasant night’s sleep, and you’ll find a complimentary range of Ronnefeldt

and wines from the ‘evening hours’ presentation in the 16th floor executive lounge. Complimentary high speed internet access is available on this level, making it a nice, social place to unwind and the staff, who are trained to know you by name, are on hand to offer a truly personal service. The selection of restaurants and bars within the RitzCarlton Beijing hotel is also what make this our pick for ‘Hotel of the Month’, with top quality service in a range of relaxing environments. On the second floor, the Barolo Italian restaurant serves gastronomic specialities from the Piedmont region of Italy, while the Yu restaurant, with seven private rooms for dinner functions, caters to Chinese tastes, serving dishes from a selection of different regions. With close subway links and a dedicated concierge team on hand to help you find a taxi (which is often difficult in Beijing), getting around the city from this Chaoyang location is easy. Though that being said, spend a single night in this Ritz-Carlton hotel, and you’ll probably not want to leave. Ritz Carlton Beijing. 83A Jianguo Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Tel: (10) 5908 8888. Web: www.ritzcarlton. com/en/Properties/Beijing/Default.htm

The News


The Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel is giving away four dining vouchers to eat in the Cantonese Wan Li restaurant (each valued at RMB 200). For your chance to win, e-mail talkback@talk. and answer this question:

The Renaissance Zhongshan Park hosted RLife LIVE with performances from the “Blondie of China” Nova Heart, culinary creations from David Laris and graffiti art by Shier.

Following one year’s presence in Ningbo, the

Howard Johnson IFC Plaza Ningbo

was officially awarded recognition as the first five star hotel in the Zhejiang city.

On the ‘People’ Page, what colour is the writing on graffiti artist Shier’s t-shirt? (Deadline 25 August)

The Westin Wuhan Wuchang recently received a ‘2012 China’s Top 10 Most Popular Newly Opened Hotels’ award at the Global Pillow Awards. This is the hotel’s seventh award. - Become a Talk Insider!

Crowne Plaza has recently announced the new opening of the Crowne Plaza Shanghai Anting Golf in Jiading district, close to the F1 circuit and the Master Golf Club.

Crowne Plaza Shanghai Harbour City

Following the shark’s fin controversy (see page 6)

Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo, recently visited Wuhan attending the opening ceremony of the PepsiCo Wuhan Factory, and stayed at the Renaissance Wuhan Hotel.

all Fairmont Hotels & Resorts across Asia have announced the removal of shark’s fin from their menus, effective immediately.

was recently awarded ‘2012 China’s Newly Opened Best Architectural Design Hotel’ at the annual Golden Pillow Awards.

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Langham Xintiandi

Gran Melia Shanghai

Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund

Kempinski Shanghai

A Romantic Valentine’s Day: From 23 - 26 August, guests can enjoy a special valentine package including a Deluxe Bund View room stay, breakfast for two and a welcome drink from only RMB 1299 +15% (subject to availability).

Honeymoon Package: From RMB 2,888 a night, lovebirds can celebrate Chinese Valentine's Day in style in a THE ONE Executive Suite. If you stay three nights, the third night is free. Package includes Champagne and flowers on arrival, plus two buffet breakfasts.

Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Pudong

Riva Surya Bangkok

Kempinski Hotel Suzhou

Sofitel Forebase Chongqing

Sheraton Yantai Golden Beach Resort

Sheraton Xiamen Hotel

Le Meridien Xiamen

St. Regis Tianjin

Venice Hotel Shenzhen

Sheraton Dameisha Resort Shenzhen

Chuan Spa Promotion: Throughout August, the Langham Xintiandi offers the opportunity for you to treat your friend or loved one with this special spa promotion. Buy one get one free is available on all signature spa treatments when booked between 1 – 4pm, Monday to Thursday.

Special Introductory Package: Newly opened boutique hotel the Riva Surya offers a special introductory rate at Thai Baht 2,999 (RMB 597) until the end of September. Package includes one night’s stay in an Urban Room, breakfast for two at the babble & rum Café and two Chao Phraya express riverboat day passes.

Happy Weekend Package: RMB 750 + 15% at this Shandong Province resort includes a Seaview Deluxe Room, buffet breakfast for two, high speed internet access and a complimentary voucher for two to the Changyu Chateau. Minimum of two nights stay required.

Timeless Weekend Escape Package: This summer package from RMB 998 + 15% includes a Hai River View Deluxe Room stay, breakfast at the Promenade restaurant, an Italian buffet lunch or dinner, complimentary in-room wi-fi access and late checkout (subject to availability).

48 TalkMagazine 


YHI Earthlight Ritual Promotion: Throughout August, visitors to the YHI Spa can experience the hotel’s two hour signature Earthlight Ritual treatment for only RMB 1,480. Using rose rock salt from the Himalayas and ayurvedic oil, this treatment helps detox, relieve tension and recharge the body’s energy.

Summer Escape Package: The Kempinski Suzhou offers a package with your kids in mind. RMB 1,080 + 15% includes a night’s stay in a deluxe lakeview room, and complimentary breakfast, milk & cookies and Ferris Wheel Park tickets. The kids can play poolside games and try their hand at painting while you relax by the pool.

Leisure Weekend Package: Until the end of this year, the Sheraton Xiamen offers a special rate of RMB 699 + 15% during weekends on its elegant Deluxe Rooms that all the family or a few friends can enjoy, for a quick weekend getaway.

Venice Value Package: Running throughout August, the Value Venice promotion at the Venice Hotel Shenzhen allows two guest's accommodation in a Superior Room, international breakfast and a free meeting package from RMB 1,688.

Ultimate Indulgence: Le Spa at Le Royal Meridien offers a spa package with summer in mind, an aroma flower foot bath and herbal drink followed by executive oriental body scrub and aroma massage for only RMB 890 + 15% (90 mins). Additionally, guests who buy six treatments in advance get another two free.

Premier King Package: Throughout August, guests who book two consecutive nights in a Deluxe Room at Courtyard can enjoy the third free, and a complimentary upgrade to a premier room. Rates start at RMB 988 + 15%; subject to availability.

Summer Collection Package: Until the end of August, the Sofitel in Chongqing is running a special promotion on all its rooms: four nights for the price of three. Offer also includes a free seasonal fruit basket or bunch of flowers and 3pm late check-out.

Summer Package: Until the end of August, a stay in Xiamen’s Le Meridien includes a selection of freebies, including free shuttle bus service to Yundang Lake, complimentary breakfast for two and soft drinks in the Latitude 24 Bar, and free extra bed and breakfast as well as a one hour swimming lesson for children under 10. RMB 870 upwards.

Rediscover the Romance Package: The Sheraton Dameisha offers a Valentines’ package including accommodation in an Ocean View Room, a full cooked breakfast for two, one bottle of Champagne and 4pm late check-out (subject to availability) from RMB 2,500 + 15%. - Become a Talk Insider!


Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Pudong

Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao

Fairmont Peace Hotel Shanghai

Westin Beijing Financial Street

DoubleTree by Hilton Huaqiao–Kunshan

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai

Shanghai Marriott Hotel City Centre

Le Royal Meridien Shanghai

mentally planning where I’d put all of my furniture, rather than contemplating giving in to gastronomic indulgences and signature spa treatments. This is a place that causes you to take stock of your lifestyle choices, rather than temporarily step out of them. With this in mind, from my experience in The ONE, it was less possible to imagine waking up and going for a hotel buffet breakfast than it was ‘making myself at home’ and frying up a hearty breakfast on the room’s built in electric stove. Still, breakfast at the lobby level Lind Bakery is not an experience to be missed. With a fantastic selection of German pastries and speciality egg dishes in the morning, this reviewer can personally testify to having experienced an outstandingly delicious,

healthy breakfast, and something resident Shanghai early-birds should consider accommodating into their hectic schedules when there’s more time than the simple Starbucks-on-the-go. Overall, my stay in The ONE can be described as comfortable and enjoyable and I will definitely be returning to Lind for one of its chili egg speciality dishes. In the meantime, I eagerly await payday, so I can think a bit more about the hotel’s private residency possibility.

Moon Cake 2012: Courtyard by Marriott Shanghai Pudong offers a selection of Western and Chinese style mooncakes for Mid-Autumn Festival: white lotus seed paste with double egg yolks, red bean paste with nuts, green tea with lotus seed paste, and tiramisu with lotus seed paste. RMB 238 / 6 pieces; RMB 218 / 4 pieces; (21) 3887 4500 ext 8039

Sunday 88: There’s nothing better to cure the summertime blues than hanging poolside and enjoying ice cold brews and barbecued meat and veggies hot off the grill. Enjoy a continental breakfast from 8am served al fresco next the pool in the third floor rooftop garden. RMB 88 + 15%; 187 9688 1573

Full Mooncakes: Bauernstube puts a unique take on the classic Chinese mooncake with Chinese tea and coffee flavours including pu'er, oolong, jasmine and da hong pao. You can also find double egg yolk with white/red lotus paste fillings for something more standard. RMB 308 / 8 pieces; RMB 268 / 6 pieces; (21) 6275 8888

Chinese Valentines: Show that special someone you care by treating them to a seafood lunch or dinner with free flow sparkling wine and complimentary chocolates in the Four Seasons’ Café Studio on 23 August. RMB 368 + 15% for lunch/dinner buffet; RMB 378 + 15% for Champagne in Lobby Lounge; (21) 6258 8888 ext 1889

A Legendary Mid-Autumn Gift: Served in a stylish art deco box, the Fairmont’s Mid-Autumn offerings are white lotus paste with single yolk, red bean with a touch of rose, taro with muesli and wholegrain, and green tea flavoured mooncakes. 5% discount to guests placing orders before 30 August. RMB 298 / 8 pieces; RMB 218 / 4 pieces; (21) 6138 6887

Malaysia Food Festival: Enjoy a taste of South East Asia with this special culinary promotion running until 16 September. From 5.30 – 10.30pm throughout the week, guests can enjoy a buffet of authentic Malaysian cuisine prepared by a special guest Malay chef. RMB 258 + 15%; 2312 9888 ext 6724

Heavenly Mooncakes: A range of flavours including low sugar pumpkin and green tea flavours can be found at the Westin Beijing Financial Street. For something sweeter or more exotic, red wine strawberry, spicy beef with lotus paste and XO scallop with five-grains are just some of the flavoursome options. RMB 188 upwards; (10) 6629 7777

The Finest Antipasti Buffet: Cold cuts, pizza, pasta, salads and rich desserts… you don’t need to go to Italy to sample good, authentic Italian food. From Monday to Wednesday, Le Royal Meridien’s Favola restaurant serves up specialties from a variety of regions. RMB 288 + 15%; 3318 9999 ext 7778


The ONE Executive Suites managed by Kempinski Kerry Allen


he newly opened Kempinski project in central Jing’an, The ONE, shows a lot of promise as a commercial entity, with its downtown location making it a good choice for travellers wanting to be smack dab in the thick of it. It also, however, has promise as a residential property, with its convenient transportation links, on-site Tera Wellness Club fitness centre and Lind Bakery. It was particularly in the residential option that I found interest, and although The ONE's RMB 20,000 private residences might be a little out of my price range,

I have found myself all the same since my stay contemplating the realistic possibility of living there. Decorated by interior design firm HBA, The ONE’s ‘lifestyle concept’ suites, which range from 62 – 600 square metres, are decorated in calming creams, with contemporary paintings and stylish vases and pots throughout. My one bedroom suite although towards the smaller (more affordable?) end, was beautifully furnished with a small kitchenette, cheerful cream furniture and more than enough storage space with its built in cabinets and wardrobes. The bedroom came with a king-sized bed, office desk (complete with free high-speed wi-fi) and a cute little window seat with views overlooking Jing’an's commercial shopping streets. The bathroom, with individual rain shower and bathtub, was spacious, well-lit and again with plenty of storage space; more than enough room for a girl to put her many cosmetics. A night in the hotel, and I felt refreshed, but - Become a Talk Insider!

RMB 1,100 + 15% upwards per night. The ONE Executive Suites managed by Kempinski Shanghai. 601 Fengyang Lu, near Nanjing Xi Lu. Tel: 6157 1688. Web:

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Listings If you think you've got something we should know about, email Shanghai TALK at or send a fax to 6083 1119. •


Café 1188 Lobby Level, InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1208


Interactive kitchens and live cooking stations make this brunch a feast for the eyes.

BISTRO BURGER A Mansion Building, 291 Fumin Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 6170 1315

Real handmade burgers with fresh ingredients. Hours: Sun-Thu 10am-midnight, Fri-Sat 10am-4am

BLUE FROG •102-103A, Block 6, Daning Life

Hub, 1918 Gonghe Xin Lu. T: 6631 3920. 207-6 Maoming Nan Lu. T: 6445 6634. Room 3, Green Sports & Leisure Centre, 633 Biyun Lu, Pudong. T: 5030 6426. GF, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5047 3488. 30 Hongmei Entertainment Street, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 5422 5119. Lower Level, Unit 12, Novel City, 131 Tianyaoqiao Lu. T: 3368 6117 The ever-reliable Frog.

茂名南路270-6; 浦东金桥, 碧云路 633号-3; 浦东新区陆家嘴西路168号 正大广场GF27(1楼); 虹梅路3338弄 30号; 天钥桥路131号永新坊地下一层 12室(辛耕路口)

• BURGER KING 132 Yuyuan Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu). T: 6255 2144

Ooh we love a Whopper.

汉堡王: 愚园路132号,近胶州路

• GRILL ROOM 1F, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T: 3858 0888

The steak is great but we love the antipasto and condiment bar!

JW’s California Grill 40F, JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6455

咖啡厅1188:浦东雪野路1188号, 近南码头路,上海世博洲际酒店一楼

C by House of Flour 1228 Beijing Xi Lu. T: 6289 3083 More magic, melting mouthfuls from Brian Tan. 北京西路1228号

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf •Unit 140-141, Shanghai City Centre,

100 Zunyi Lu. T: 6237 1458. Block B, 1F, Jinlinghaixin Building, 666 Fuzhou Lu (near Yan’an Dong Lu). T: 6391 7971. House 10, Lane 181 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi North Block. T: 6387 4248. 915 Huang Jincheng Lu. T: 6209 9212. Azia Centre, 133 Yincheng Bei Lu. T: 5877 9558. 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, Unit GF02, Super Brand Mall. T: 5047 1012. No 2, 99 Xikang Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu). T: 6289 2163. Unit 1, Basement, Plaza KIC, 270 Songhu Lu. T: 6533 3103. Unit 1051B, 1F, Cloud 9 Mall, 1018 Changning Lu. T: 5237 1781. Zendai Thumb Plaza, Bldg 18, 199 Fangdian Lu. T: 5833 0801. Infiniti Plaza ,138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6375 6167 香啡缤: 遵义路100号虹桥上海城一 楼140-141单元; 福州路666号金陵 海欣大厦1楼B座, 近延安路; 太仓路 181弄新天地广场北里10号楼; 黄金 城道915号; 浦东银城北路133号汇亚 大厦101室; 陆家嘴西路168号正大广 场GF02商铺; 西康路99弄-2(南京西 路,近恒隆广场2座); 淞沪路270号创 智天地广场地下一层01单元,创智天 地店; 长宁路1018号1051室龙之梦店; 芳甸路199弄证大大拇指广场; 淮海中 路138号无限度广场2楼

Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm 加州扒房:南京西路399号, 万豪酒 店40楼

• Manhattan Steakhouse 2F, Marriott Hotel Hongqiao, 2270

Hongqiao Lu. T: 6237 6000 x 6633

As fantastic as the steaks here may be, we've also had a mighty fine lobster here.

曼哈顿扒房:虹桥路2270号万豪虹桥 大酒店2楼

All-day dining and the celebrated Peninsula Afternoon Tea with live entertainment.

大堂茶座: 中山东一路32号上海半 岛酒大堂

•Carrefour Gubei Shop; 268, Qbake 原味坊

Shuicheng Nan Lu. T: 3211 0230. Room 107, Infiniti Plaza 1F, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5888 8993. Room 113, Building 1, Xinyi Street, Building 84, 700 Yishan Lu. T: 3469 0036. Carrefour Jinqiao Shop: 1F, 555 Biyun Lu. T: 5888 8993. Jinting Shop: Unit 1-07,1078 Hongquan Lu. T: 3468 7598

家乐福古北店:水城南路268号古北 家乐福1楼. 淮海中路店:淮海中路 138号无限度广场商场1楼107室. 宜山 路店:宜山路700号84栋新宜街1号楼 113室. 家乐福金桥店:浦东新区金桥 碧云路555号. 井亭店:虹泉路1078号 1-07单元

Jamaica Blue •Chevalier Shop: 82 Wulumuqi Zhong

Lu. Shanghai Corporate Avenue Shop: Shop 10, Level 2, 222 Hubin Lu. Ramada Shop: Shop 6, 719 Nanjing Dong Lu Binjiang Shop: 60 Weifang Xi Lu The Exchange: Lobby 101, The Exchange, 299 Tongren Lu Lixing International Plaza Shop: Shop 101,1319 Yan’an Xi Lu. KIC Square Shop: Shop 102A, Building 3, KIC Square, 333 Songhu Lu,Yangpu Central Park Shop: Shop 107, Building 16, Phase 2 Central Park, Apartment 6, Chaoyang Menwei Dajie,Chaoyang District, Beijing Park Avenue Shop: Shop 115, Park Avenue, 6 Chaoyang Gongyuan Nan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing Yosemite Shop: Lobby 1, Yosemite Club, 4 Yuyang Lu, Houshayu Town, Shunyi District, Beijing

亦园店:乌鲁木齐中路82号;上海企业 天地店:湖滨路222号1号楼2层10号 铺;南京东路店:南京东路719号6号商 铺;上海浦东潍坊西路60号(近浦城 路);东海广场店:铜仁路299号东海 广场101;利星国际广场店:上海市长 宁区延安西路1319弄101室;创智广 场店:杨浦区淞沪路333号创智天地三 期102A单元;新城国际店:朝阳区朝外 大街6号新城国际B期16号楼107号商 铺;公园大道店;朝阳区公园南路6号院 4-3号;顺义优山美地店:顺义区后沙 峪镇榆阳路4号优山美地俱乐部

Prime 500 Steak House 3F, Hotel Main Tower, InterContinental Hotel, 500 Hengfeng Lu, Shanghai. T: 5253 9999 x 6336 Slabs of meat are complemented by a collection of premium vintages from the wine cellar.

恒丰路500号,上海浦西洲际酒店 3 楼

Bakery & Deli

• Bauernstube 2F, Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, 5 Zunyi Nan Lu. T: 6275 8888 x 3104

One of the best places in Shanghai to get cold cuts.

农夫之家食品店:上海市遵义南路 5号,虹桥喜来登上海太平洋大饭店2楼

glo London Bakery Cafe 1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu). T: 6466 6565

Freshly-baked goodies await carb lovers here, and there's fresh roasted coffee for a pick-me-up. Hours: 7am-10pm. www.

Costa cafés are springing up all over town. (华美达店) 南京东路715号; (仙乐斯 店) 南京西路388号仙乐斯广场; (港汇 店) 虹桥路1号港汇广场2楼; (Eton 裕 景店) 浦东大道545号; (美罗城办公 楼) 肇嘉浜路1111号; 向城路15号和 17号; 九尊,镇宁路9号; 虹梅路3196号

LOUNGE •GF,JASMINE Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20

Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

Famed for its traditional high tea indulgence presented on tiered silver tea stands. Hours: 8am – 12am. 中国上海南京东路20号 200002

Madeleine Bakery 1F, Hotel Sofitel, 505 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6351 5888 x 4186 玛德莱娜西饼屋: 南京东路505号, 海 仑宾馆1楼

• Palm Court 1F, The Langham, Yangtze Boutique,

740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0743

Serving the Signature Langham afternoon tea with live classical music in the afternoons. 廷廊:汉口路740号朗廷扬子精品酒 店1楼大堂

• Peacock Alley New Tower Lobby Level, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988 Hours: 9am-11pm

Sculpture Park)

北京西路500号 (静安雕塑公园二 号门)

Salon de Ville Waldorf Astoria Club L Level, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

Whisk 1250 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Changshu Lu). T: 5404 7770 Hours: 10.30am-11.30pm. www.whiskcafe.

The Lobby Lobby Level, The Peninsula Shanghai, 32 on the Bund. T: 2327 2888

50 TalkMagazine 


Chinese - Cantonese

Ai Mei 8F, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999 x 7700 Traditional Cantonese, with innovative presentations. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm 艾美中餐厅:南京东路789号上海世 茂皇家艾美酒店(8楼)

Canton Grand Hyatt, 55F, Jinmao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5047 1234 x 8779 Cantonese haute cuisine, contemporary Chinese décor and marvellous city views. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

粤珍轩: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦 大酒店55楼

cha's 30 Sinan Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu). T: 6093 2062 Hong Kong-style canting straight out of the 1950s.

China Bistro 3F, Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel, 159 Henan Nan Lu (near Fuyou Lu). T: 2321 8888 Capturing the essence of great home cooked provincial Chinese cuisine. Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5-10pm

万丽轩: 河南南路159号豫园万丽酒店 3楼(近福佑路)

Crystal Jade •Unit 2F-12A & B, House 6-7, Lane

123 Xingye Lu, South Block Xintiandi. T: 6385 8752. 7F, West Gate Mall, 1038 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Jiangning Lu). T: 5228 1133. 507B, 5F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu

Wan Li Restaurant 2F, Renaissance Shanghai Pudong Hotel, 100 Changliu Lu. T: 3871 4888 x 6612 Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-10pm 万丽轩: 浦东长柳路100号淳大万丽 酒店2层

Set on the grounds of the former British Consulate, a haven of fine food, exquisite antiques and peaceful gardens. 雍福会: 永福路200号

Yue Xuan Tower 2, 1F, 1116 Hongsong Dong Lu. T: 3323 6666

Ye Shanghai 338 Huangpi Nan Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6311 2323


夜上海: 黄陂南路338号新天地

Seriously authentic Cantonese, and the Singaporean chef throws in some great Southeast Asian specialties too!

Modern Shanghainese with a solid dim sum spread and live jazz every weekend. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10.30pm

Chinese - Shanghai

Chateau 599 Lane 599, 1 Fangdian Lu (near Jinxiu Lu). T: 5033 9113 Exclusive access to luxury private lounge with Huaiyang cuisine. 上海市浦东新区方甸路599弄1号 (近锦绣路)

Club Jin Mao Grand Hyatt, 86F, Jinmao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8688 Club Jin Mao of Grand Hyatt Shanghai, one of the most exclusive authentic Shanghainese restaurants. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

金茂俱乐部:浦东世纪大道88号金茂 君悦大酒店86楼

• Fu 1039 1039 Yuyuan Lu (near Jiangsu Lu). T: 5237 1878

Crazy villa with nooks and crannies everywhere. 愚园路1039号,近江苏路

Chinese - Sichuan Chuan •47PinTaojiang Lu. T: 6437 9361.

5F, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 8897. Hotline: 400 820 7706, Delivery: 6209 6209

品川, 桃江路47号, 恒隆广场5层南京 西路1266号

Full House 221 Shimen Er Lu (near Xinzha Lu). T: 6209 1686 Yum... hongshao rou!

MING COURT The Langham Xintiandi, Level 5, 99 Madang Road, Xintiandi. T: 2330 2288

If you crave contemporary Chinese cuisine, then Ming Court is your choice. Specialising in Shanghainese and Cantonese dishes, creating an innovative mix of traditional favourites and modern delicacies.

新天地朗廷酒店: 马当路99号五层


Yi Café 2F, Grand Tower, Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai, 33 Fucheng Lu. T: 6882 8888 x 210

浦东富城路33号, 上海浦东香格里拉大 酒店紫金楼二楼


Sichuan Court 39F, Hilton Shanghai, 250 Huashan Lu. T: 6248 7777 x 1890

• Emerald Garden

天府楼: 华山路250号希尔顿酒店39楼

2F, Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, 5 Zunyi Nan Lu. T: 6275 8888 x 4910 Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

翡翠园中餐厅:上海市遵义南路5号, 虹桥喜来登上海太平洋大饭店2楼

Offers an upscale Sichuan dining experience.

Paradise Garden 6F, Jinmao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5047 7773

Hours: 11.30am-3pm, 5.30-11pm

Specialises in sharks fin, abalone and birds nest. Hours: Mon-Fri 11.30am-2.30pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-3pm. Daily 5-10pm

SHANG-HIGH CUISINE 6F, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel Shanghai. 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T: 3858 0768 / 0760

Fook Lam Moon 2F, River Wing, Pudong Shangri-La, 33 Fucheng Lu. T: 6882 8888 x 25

Jade Chinese Restaurant 5F, Hotel Main Tower, InterContinental Shanghai Puxi. T: 5253 9999 x 6399

赛丽娜: 延安西路488号上海日航酒 店一楼


• Red Beacon Café 500 Beijing Xi Lu (inside Jing'an

A la carte menu with Asian and Western specialties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hours: 6.30am–11.30pm

Le Crème Milano 434 Shaanxi Nan Lu. T: 6433 5208

Sit back, relax and choose from a range of 60 coffee varieties from around the world.

福临门: 浦东富城路33号上海浦东香格 里拉大酒店浦江2楼

The perfect place to contemplate life over a latte.

The Yongfoo Elite 200 Yongfu Lu. T: 5466 2727

羿庭:上海外滩华尔道夫酒店,上海市 黄浦区中山东一路2号

SERENA CAFÉ 488 Yan'an Xi Lu, Hotel Nikko Shanghai. T: 3211 9999

BECA C6, Red Town, 570 Huaihai Xi Lu. T: 6280 7232

Zpark 25F, 1018 Changning Lu (Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). T: 6115 8810

Quintessential Cantonese and Shanghainese specialties. Hours: 11.30am - 2pm, 5.30 - 10pm.

上海外滩华尔道夫酒店上海黄浦区中 山东一路2号

Cafes, Coffee, Ice Cream


Cantonese creations with stunning city views. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.3010.30pm

Deserved reputation for traditional Shanghainese food. Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-10pm

Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

Talk likes to enjoy an afternoon reminiscing at the former news room where Shanghai Club members read their papers and smoked their pipes. Hours: 12-11pm

Chocolate éclairs and other Parisian goodies. Hours: 7am-9pm

豫园咖啡厅:河南南路159号豫园万 丽酒店大堂(近福佑路)

• Dragon Phoenix 8F, Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing

Lu. T: 6472 1982 / 6415 1188 x 80306

小南国:虹梅路3337号; 银城西路 17号; 南京西路1398号;长乐路161号 新锦江大酒店三楼

Contemporary café with open kitchens. Hours: 12pm-11pm

翡翠酒家: 兴业路123弄新天地6-7号 楼F-12A-B;南京西路1038号梅龙镇 广场7楼;虹桥路1号港汇广场507B


Wan Hao 39F, JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6436

Fave of Hong Kongers looking for some good hometown cooking.

Gourmet Café 1F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6289 5733 Costa Coffee Shop B, 1F, Ramada Plaza, 719 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6351 2916. Ciro's Plaza, 388 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6334 6035. 545 Pudong Dadao. T: 6888 1773. Metro Tower: 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu. T: 6426 7854. 15 & 17 Xiangcheng Lu (near Dongfang Lu). T: 5081 1182. Joy Plaza: 9 Zhenning Lu. T: 5238 2901. 3196 Hongmei Lu. T: 6406 5909. 269 Wujiang Lu. T: 6136 1403. 638 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5306 5231. 588 Nanquan Bei Lu. T: 5190 6295

Yi Garden Café Lobby Level, Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel, 159 Henan Nan Lu (near Fuyou Lu). T: 2321 8888

Cantonese, Shanghainese and other regional specialties.

天萃庭: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂裙 房6层

Regional Chinese dishes with seasonal, organic ingredients.

迷•上海餐厅:梅花路1108号上海卓 美亚喜玛拉雅酒店6楼

Sichuan Spice 3F, 500 Hengfeng Lu, Hotel Main Tower, InterContinental Shanghai. T: 5253 9999 x 6358 Sichuan Spice offers a pleasant and memorable dining experience with innovative Sichuan cuisine and elegant environment combining Chinese and Western flavour.


Sichuan Citizen Restaurant •& Bar 30 Donghu Lu. T: 5404 1235

This Sichuanese restaurant, cocktail bar and tea house is an expansion of the popular Citizen Cafe. 龙门阵茶屋川菜馆:东湖路30号

上海恒丰路500号,上海浦西洲际酒 店5 楼

MANCHURIA @ F.C.C. Bldg 11-12, 3-4F, 889 Julu Lu (near Changshu Lu). T: 6445 8082  

A new Cantonese restaurant with a modern design. 上海市巨鹿路889号(11-12幢3-4层) 靠近常熟路

Sheng Hui Tang 2F, InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1172

We love it for its interactive show kitchens and live cooking stations.

盛会堂:浦东雪野路1188号,近南码 头路 上海世博洲际酒店2楼

T’ang Court 2F, The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0800

In Hong Kong, T’ang Court enjoys an envied reputation and two coveted Michelin stars. 唐阁:汉口路740号2楼

Tan Wai Lou Bund 18, 5F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6339 1188 Gourmet Cantonese on the Bund. Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 6-10.30pm

滩外楼中餐厅: 外滩18号5楼,中山东 一路18号

Wei Jing Ge 5F, Waldorf Astoria Club, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

Fancy pants Cantonese at the Waldorf - what's not to love? Hours: Lunch 11.30am-3pm, Dinner 5.3011pm. 蔚景阁 中山东一路2号外滩华尔道 夫酒店5楼

Whampoa Club 5F, Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6321 3737

Superbly inventive food with a dedicated following. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm 黄浦会: 中山东一路3号外滩3号5楼

Xiao Nan Guo •3337 Hongmei Lu. T: 3208 9777.

17 Yincheng Xi Lu. T: 5887 7000. 1398 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6289 1717. 3F, New Jinjiang Tower, 161 Changle

Beauty •5F,South Shanghai Times Square, 93

Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6391 0890. Unit 1, 28 Taojiang Lu. T: 6445 2581. Unit B7-B8, Shanghai City Centre, 100 Zunyi Lu (near Xianxia Lu). T: 6237 2885. 881 Yan’an Zhong Lu. T: 6247 5878. 3F, Citic Square, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5292 5331

Great Sichuan classics served with flair in fantastic surroundings. Hours: 11am-10pm 俏江南:淮海中路93号大上海时代 广场5楼;桃江路28号一座;遵义路 100号虹桥上海城外围街B7-B8单 元,近仙霞路; 延安中路881号;南京 西路1168号中信泰富广场3楼 - Become a Talk Insider!

Chinese - Yangzhou SOAHC Restaurant & Tea •Garden

Bldg 3, Lane 123, Xingye Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6385 7777

It’s chaos spelled backwards! Go figure. 鸿禧茶居: 兴业路123弄新天地南 里3号楼

Villa Du Lac 383 Huangpi Nan Lu (near Xingye Lu). T: 6387 6387

Regularly voted the best dining in town. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30 - 10pm 让乔治法国餐厅:中山东一路 3号4楼

Franck BistroT 376 Wukang Lu, Ferguson Lane. T: 158 2167 6767 / 6437 6465

As French as it gets in Shanghai. Hours: Tues-Sun from 6-10.30pm, Sat & Sun from 12-2.30pm

Global CAFE & LOUNGE •1F,ARTE Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel

Shanghai. 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T: 3858 0718 x 0710 International buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

郁全日餐厅:梅花路1108号上海卓美 亚喜玛拉雅酒店1楼

湖庭: 黄陂南路383号(近兴业路)


• Element Fresh T: 5116 9887

Avenue •91F,100ParkCentury Hyatt, 100 Shijie Dadao. La Creperie •1 Taojiang Lu (near Dongping Lu).

T: 5465 9055 A great selection of galettes, crepes, traditional cakes and cider. Hours: 10.30am - late, last order 11.30pm 桃江路1号,近东平路

TABLE •8F, LA 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu, near Changle Lu.

T: 6218 4616. 563 Shunchang Lu (near Yongnan Lu). T: 6311 3616

Free delivery within 1km. Hours: 10am-10pm

• Sherpa's T: 6209 6209

Serving hungry people in Shanghai since 1999, Sherpa's now works with over 100 international and Chinese restaurants.

Healthy, tasty food and great service. Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri-Sat 7am-12am

新元素:南京西路1376号112室;淮 海中路1028号嘉华中心4&5楼;浦东 陆家嘴正大广场一楼;虹桥路1号港 汇广场; 红枫路331号; 西藏南路228号 永银大厦6楼;延安西路2088号虹桥 嘉顿广场一层;花木路1378号浦东嘉 里城1楼

T: 6215 8777 French twins and chefs Jacques and Laurent Pourcel have Michelin stars. Hours: Daily, 5.30-10.30pm 陕西南路35号8楼近长乐路

Tour •5F, La Jinmao Tower Side Building, 88 Shiji

Dadao, Pudong. T : 5047 5859 Fine French fare in the shadow of the Jinmao Tower. Hours: 11.30am -2pm, 5.30-11pm 拉图餐厅: 浦东世纪大道88号金 茂裙楼5楼

Petit Franck •376LeWukang Lu (inside Ferguson Lane). T: 6437 6465

T: 6888 1234 x 4560

All day dining with a global spread of Chinese, Pan-Asian and Atlantic favourites.

Atrium Café •Lobby, Hilton Hotel, 250 Huashan Lu.

Ginger •299 Fuxing Xi Lu. T: 6433 9437

One of the highest restaurants in the world, and it has multiple show kitchens? Too many views to choose from!

T: 6248 0000 x 1860

Different buffets available through the week, and a Champagne brunch every Sunday. 华山路250号,希尔顿大酒店大堂

Blue Marlin Bar & •Restaurant

689 Lantian Lu, Green City Jinqiao. T: 5030 9676

Features a live band, outdoor seating, happy hour, pool table, catering, company events and family days.

蓝枪鱼餐厅:浦东金桥碧云社区蓝天 路689号(迪卡侬对面)

Healthy fusion food and revitalising gingerinfused teas. 复兴西路299号

Grand Brasserie New Tower Ground Level, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai On the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

Wine alcove? Check. Barista bar? Check. Courtyard garden? Check. And it's part of the Waldorf's great brunch tour! Hours: 6.30am-11pm 百味园:上海外滩华尔道夫酒店, 上 海市黄浦区中山东一路2号

CATHAY ROOM •9F,THE Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing

Grill 56F, Grand Hyatt, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8907

Sparkling Bund views and European home-style dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open daily from 6am -11pm.

烧烤: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦大 酒店56楼

Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888


Tempt your taste buds with succulent steaks and fresh seafood. Hours (dinner only): SunThu 5.30-10pm, Fri-Sat 5.30-10.30pm

on 36 •36F,Jade Pudong Shangri-La, 33 Fucheng


M on the Bund •7F, 5 on the Bund. T: 6350 9988

•TheCACHET Langham Xintiandi, Level 1, 99 Mr & Mrs Bund •Modern Eatery by Paul Pairet

6F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Nanjing Dong Lu). T: 6323 9898 Classy, but not stuffy. Relaxed, without sacrificing the chic factor. Hours: Mon-Fri: 11.30am-2.30pm Tue-Sat: 6.30pm-4am Sun-Mon: 6.30-10.30pm

Madang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 2330 2288

Delivers an innovative assortment of international and Asian dishes. Open for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, guests can indulge in the Cachet’s global epicurean delights throughout the day. 新天地朗廷酒店: 马当路99号五层

The sort of restaurant you read about in Conde Nast magazines and other glossies. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.15-10.30pm 米氏餐厅:外滩5号7楼

Café •38F,Marriott JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6422

Spectacular city views, fresh a la carte and elaborate buffets.

• O on2 2F, The Longemont Shanghai,1116 2

Buffet •2F,Comely Majesty Plaza Shanghai, 719

Lounge & Restaurant •842842Hengshan Lu (near Tianping Lu).

Buffet with city views of Nanjing Lu. Hours: 6am-10pm

Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6350 0000 x 208

T: 5466 0842

T: 6418 6389

Good French fare with even better service.


•JeanNougatine Georges, 4F, Three on the

Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6321 7733 As the casual sibling to Jean Georges, Nougatine features the same top-notch cooking and a menu suitable for all budgets. Hours: 6–11pm

German Bierstube •UnitPapa’s 22-24, Hongmei Food Street, 3338 Hongmei Lu. T: 6465 8880

Shanghai. T: 6888 1234 x 4560

Decent German food for reasonable prices in a cosy, hearty atmosphere. Hours: 10.30am-late.

世纪大道100号上海柏悦酒店87楼, 近东泰路

德国乡村酒吧:虹梅路3338弄, 虹梅 休闲街22-24号 (靠近延安西路)

Door •1468TheHongqiao Lu.

Paulaner Brauhaus •150 Fenyang Lu. T: 6474 5700.

Room •87F,Dining 100 Shiji Dadao, Park Hyatt

T: 6295 3737

Called The Door because it’s full of antique doors. It's certainly unique. 乾门:虹桥路1468号

Hamilton House 137 Fuzhou Lu (near Jiangxi Lu). T: 6321 0586 French comfort food with classic dishes such as French onion soup and tarte tatin.

• Jean Georges

4F, Three on the Bund, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6321 7733

The perfect outdoor lounge and terrace for a casual lunch, dinner or after-work drinks.


Features live preparation of pizza, pasta and a wide range of continental favourites.

Favola 8F, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999

新天地朗廷酒店: 马当路99号五层

Chic Italian restaurant featuring food from various regions of Italy. 法沃莱:南京东路789号世茂皇家艾 美大酒店

Italian Restaurant •1F,Gennaro Mandarin City Clubhouse, 1129 Guyang Lu. T: 2428 6507

A blend of old-world charm and modern convenience with an indimenticabile (unforgettable) atmosphere. Hours: 1210pm (Sun-Fri); 12-11pm (Sat).


Italian restaurant •92 Gioiamia Xuanhua Lu. T: 3250 7188

Kebabs on the Grille 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu. T: 6152 6567

Italian dining and aperitivo venue with a chic bar, a cosy lounge loft and a pool table.



Punjabi •Thumb Plaza, Lane 199, 43 Fangdian

•27F,Giovanni’s Sheraton Shanghai Hongqiao

Lu (near Yingchun Lu). T: 5033 2642. Peace Square, 12-20 Shuicheng Lu (near Hongqiao Lu). T: 6278 8626

Hotel, 5 Zunyi Nan Lu. T: 6275 8888 x 4276

Students flock to the all-you-can-eat-anddrink deal in the evenings.

Sample authentic cuisine from various regions of Italy. Hours: 12-2pm, 6-10.30pm

襄阳路102号 (近淮海路 )

吉范尼斯意大利餐厅:上海市遵义 南路5号,虹桥喜来登上海太平洋大 饭店27楼

• VEDAS 3F, 83 Changshu Lu (near Julu Lu). T: 6445 8100 / 6404 1551

One of the best Indian restaurants in the city. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 6-10.30pm 常熟路83号3楼 (近巨鹿路)


Salvatore cuomo •SuiteTheD,Kitchen 2967 Lujiazui Xi Lu.

Amici 2F, The Longemont Shanghai. 1116 Yan’an Xi Lu. T: 6115 9988 x 8230

T: 5054 1265


Walk inside and be transported to the culinary heart of Italy, where you will indulge in authentic Italian cuisine with a modern touch.

Gondola •16 La Henan Zhong Lu (near Yan’an Dong Lu). T: 6321 9803

If mid-priced homestyle pastas and pizzas float your boat, Gondola’s your ticket.

Traditional Italian food with a touch of Venice.

La Piazzetta Italian •Restaurant

Bacaro Italian Restaurant & Vinoteca Lane 155, 18 Jianguo Zhong Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu). T: 6473 0774

贡多拉意式餐厅:河南中路16号, 近延安东路

Basement B02, Shanghai Bay, 1138 Pudong Nan Lu (near Zhangyang Lu). T: 6888 2993


Bella Mia 10 Baoqing Lu (near Fuxing Zhong Lu). T: 3461 9627

Serves delicious and healthy Italian food and top quality wine. Hours: 11.30am–2.30pm; 6pm–12am.

•6F,Mercato 3 Zhong Shan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6321 9922

This newly opened coastal Italian restaurant offers vibrant cuisine, stylishly rustic décor, and breathtaking Bund views. The menu created by three Michelin Star Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten, features amazing light-as-air pizzas, homemade pastas, and the freshest seafood, graced with the true flavor of Italy. Operating Hours: 5.30pm-1am

1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1172

They have a marble table shaped like Italy. 'Nuff said. 巴赛利意大利餐厅:浦东雪野路 1188号,近南码头路 上海世博洲际 酒店三楼

上海外滩华尔道夫酒店:上海黄浦区 中山东一路2号

Five tables with bistro fare, just like the name says.

Brasserie la fourchette •1 Xiangyang Bei Lu (near Julu Lu).

Hotel, 500 Hengfeng Lu, Shanghai. T: 5253 9999 x 6338


This New York-style fine dining restaurant is elegant without being too formal.

T: 3304 1205

艾露:南京东路789号上海世茂皇家 艾美酒店(大堂楼)

•3F,Basilico InterContinental Shanghai Expo,

Astoria Shanghai on the Bund, 2 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

5 tables bistro •210The Danshui Lu (near Zizhong Lu).

The menu of traditional French dishes comes highly recommended.

All Day Dining •3F,Ecco Hotel Main Tower, InterContinental

XTD elevated The Langham Xintiandi, Level 5, 99 Madang Road, Xintiandi T: 2330 2288

Some of the best Neapolitan pizzas in town!

One of the most extensive selections of Asian and Western cuisines in the city.


789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999 x 7022

东方路889号上海红塔豪华精选酒 店39楼

上海市松江区泗泾镇泗陈公路 3388弄,上海东方佘山索菲特大酒 店1楼

Yan’an Xi Lu. T: 6115 9988 x 8220

Pelham’s •Waldorf Astoria Club L Level, Waldorf

Allure •Lobby, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai,

Dine in style with tranquil lagoons and fresh seafood.

全日制餐厅-元:上海红松东路 1116号,上海虹桥元一希尔顿酒店 二号楼一层

World-class. What more can we say about Jade on 36?


stunning interior design and panoramic views of Pudong. Hours: 6-10.30pm. Set Lunch: Monday-Friday 11.30am-2pm. Sunday Brunch: 11.30am-2pm

Hilton Shanghai Hongqiao. T: 3323 6571

Lu. T: 6882 8888 x 280

A three-story villa that serves contemporary French cuisine. Hours: SunThurs 3pm-2am, Fri-Sat 3pm-late

Vie All Day Dining 1F, Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental, 3388 Sichen Lu, Sijing Town. T: 3761 8888 x 1911

• Essence - All Day Dining 1F, Block 2, 1116 Hongsong Dong Lu,

Laowais love EF! Minimum order RMB 40. No delivery fee. Delivery service covers downtown, Lujiazui and Jinqiao area.

Munchies •974 Wuding Lu, (near Jiaozhou Lu).

Gateway Mall, 1 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6407 5992. 331 Hongfeng Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 3382 1700. 6F, 228 Xizang Nan Lu. T: 6334 3598. 1F, Gubei Garden Plaza, 2088 Yan'an Xi Lu. T: 5116 9887. 1F, Kerry Parkside Pudong 1378 Huamu Lu (near Fangdian Lu, opposite Century Park South Gate)

•2F, Chez Marie Majesty Plaza, 700 Jiujiang Lu / 719 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6350 0000 x 201 Fantastic Australian filet, sirloin steak  and much more.

玛利亚西餐厅:九江路700号/南京东 路719号南新雅大酒店二楼

Citizen Bar and Café 222 Jinxian Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu). T: 6258 1620

Cosy relaxed European decor, first floor coffee house and lounge with wi-fi. Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-12.30am, Sat-Sun 10am-12.30am 进贤路222号, 近陕西南路

宝莱纳:汾阳路150号;太仓路 181弄新天地广场北里19-20号;陆 家嘴西路2967号

•TheStiller's Cool Docks, 479 Zhongshan Lu, near Fuxing Dong Lu - Become a Talk Insider!

Hotel, 100 Changliu Lu. T: 3871 4888 x 6622

A la carte menu and dinner buffet. Hours: 6.30am-11pm

万丽咖啡厅:浦东长柳路100号上海 淳大万丽酒店2楼

Wine Bar & Kitchen •1-2F,NAPA 57 Jiangyin Lu (near Huangpi Bei Lu). T: 6318 0057

Bringing wine experience and enjoyment to a new level in a historical setting.

•913Casanova Julu Lu (near Changshu Lu).

Hands down one of the best Italian joints in town. 巨鹿路913号, (近常熟路)


Saints Restaurant 1F, The Hongta Hotel, 889 Dongfang Lu, Pudong. T: 5050 4567 x 6312 圣思园:浦东东方路889号1楼上海瑞 吉红塔大酒店

COOK •1388TheHuamu Lu, Kerry Hotel Pudong, Shanghai. T: 6169 8888

International a la carte restaurant featuring 11 live theatre kitchens, with a gourmet deli and food hall. Don't miss the laksa! Hours: 6.30am-11pm 厨:上海浦东嘉里大酒店上海浦东新 区花木路1388号

Element Fresh •112, Shanghai Centre, 1376

Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 8682. 4-5F, Kwah Centre, 1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Donghu Lu). T: 5403 8865. GF, Northwest corner, Super Brand Mall, Luijiazui Xi Lu (near Fucheng Lu), Pudong. T: 5047 2060. Shop 163, GF, Grand

Ciao Dining Room and Ciao •Bambino A haven of authentic Italian & Mediterranean dining.

•56F,Cucina Grand Hyatt, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8908

A stylish trattoria that serves traditional Italian favorites. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

Continental delights are the order of the day at this restaurant, along with the impressive Bund view.

Golden Bridge Garden. T: 6210 4495. 1F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu (across from Element Fresh). T: 6447 7577

T8 House 8, North Block Xintiandi, Lane 181, Taicang Lu. T: 6355 8999

Justifiably labelled world class. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 6.30-11.30pm. 太仓路181弄新天地北里8号

T: 6256 8998

Italian eatery lauded for its hearty prix fixe menu and oyster fetish.

1F, The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0800 x 7744


•226Osteria Jinxian Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu).

T: 5403 4528

意庐: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦大 酒店56楼

THE HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT, SKY Restaurant 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 2322 0888

Xintiandi North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu (near Madang Lu). T: 6320 3935. 2967 Lujiazui Lu. T: 6888 3935

Serves bountiful plates of authentic German food and jugs of German grog. Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 12pm2am, Sun 11am-2am

Brasserie •2F,Renaissance Renaissance Shanghai Pudong

Marco •1F,Da103 Dongzhu'anbang Lu,

大马可:东诸安浜路103号1楼;虹桥 路1号港汇广场1楼(新元素对面)

•39F,Danieli's The Hongta Hotel, 889 Dongfang Lu, Pudong. T: 5050 4567

Voted as one of the best Italian restaurants in Shanghai, Danieli's has a

Pane e Vino Ristorante •207-7 Maoming Nan Lu (near Yongjia Lu). T: 5465 2177

Owner/chef Antonio Sciaraffa serves authentic Italian food in a friendly, home setting. 茂名南路207号-7(近永嘉路)

Bistrot •1023Pomodoro Kangding Lu. T: 6218 3798

Authentic Italian food with simple, fresh, healthy ingredients. 静安区康定路1023号

Prego 2F, The Westin Shanghai, 88 Henan Zhong Lu. T: 6335 1888 Faultless Italian in the classy atrium setting of The Westin.

帕戈意大利餐厅:河南中路88号威斯 汀大饭店2楼

Isabelle •19 Trattoria Ji'an Lu, (near Hubin Lu). T: 6384 2322

Isabelle serves simple Italian food that keeps people coming back for more. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5.30-11.30pm

August12  TalkMagazine


SABATINI 1F, South Annex,Wheelock Square,1717 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 3127 8577

Upscale all-you-can-handle teppanyaki - think filets and foie gras. 桃江路28D号 (近衡山路)

An authentic dining experience best ended with its delicious pear and ricotta dessert. Hours: Lunch 11.30am-2.30pm, High Tea 3-5.30pm, Dinner 6-10.30pm

rooftop skyline views. Hours: Thurs-Sun.


Kaiseki ryori eatery that changes its menu almost daily.

•376Acote Wukang Lu (inside Ferguson

误兴路33号 (近淮海中路)

Lane). T: 6437 6465

• KARUKA Bldg 4, 2421 Xietu Lu (near Wanping Five generations of deep frying later, this renowned tempura house branched out to open its Shanghai shop. 斜土路2421号 (近宛平南路)

• Kobachi 56F, Grand Hyatt, Jinmao Tower, 88

Long House Restaurant The Cool Docks, Bldg 7, 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu. T: 6131 3238

181, Taicang Lu. T: 6311 2211

This is Xintiandi chic, with some of Shanghai’s very best Italian food, at high-end prices. 太仓路新天地北里181弄7号

•28F,YU99Bar Jiangbin Road, Luwan

District, Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan T: 5318 8888

Be impressed by the inspiring landscape of Lupu Bridge crossing over the Huangpu River. Dance to the rhythm of the river while enjoying the fine wines with a spectacular view of new post Expo Shanghai.

Shiji Dadao. T: 5049 1234 x 8907

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza •1636CJ Beijing Xi Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu).

日珍: 浦东世纪大道88号金茂君悦

None of those prissy paper-thin crusts here. CJs delivers great big tomatoey pizzas.

上海市卢湾区江滨路99号28楼(打浦 路底)上海绿地万豪酒店


A delightful eating experience.


More sushi options than you can shake a stick at. 徐汇区永嘉路630号

Fitness fiends love the healthy lunch and long salad bar.

• Casa 13 Building 7, Lane 155 Jianguo Zhong Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu). T: 6473 0820

Eduardo Vargas's take on Mediterranean classics.

Haya’s Mediterranean Cuisine 415 Dagu Lu (near Chengdu Nan Lu). T: 6327 0897 / 6295 9511

Flavourful falafels! And don’t miss the takehome dips. Hours: 10am-10pm


大沽路415号 (近成都南路)

•150AMBROSIA Fenyang Lu. T: 6431 3935

Former home of legendary General Bai set in immaculate gardens. Japanese and Korean cuisine cooked on smokefree grills.


Japanese Restaurant •3F,Benkay Hotel Nikko Shanghai, 488 Yan’an Xi Lu. T: 3211 9999

Under the culinary direction of Japanese Chef Kato-san, Benkay offers sushi, tempura and teppanyaki.

弁庆日餐厅:延安西路488号上海日 航酒店三楼

Izakaya Dining Bar •2F,DOZO Wheelock Plaza, South Annex,

1171 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Huashan Lu) Sumo sized lunch sets and late night eats with a buy one get one free special on Asahi draft and select sake from 9pm on weekdays and 10pm on weekends. Hours: Everyday 12-2.30pm, Sun-Thurs 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm-2am

中国上海市静安区南京西路1717号会 德丰国际广场南院2层. 营业时间:午 餐12:00~14:30,晚餐 18:00-2:00 (周 日~周四), 18:00~3:00 (周五,周六). 宵 夜场优惠活动:周日~周四:21:00~2:00, 周五~周六:22:00~3:00,Asahi生啤酒及 壶装月桂冠/松竹梅清酒 买一送一优惠 订位专线: 3127 8558

SHINTORI 803 Julu Lu (near Fumin Lu). T: 5404 5252

Uber-smooth eatery that takes some finding. Hours: Mon-Fri 5.30-11pm, Sat-Sun 11.30am-11pm 新都里无二:巨鹿路803号

• SUN WITH AQUA 2F, 6 on the Bund, Zhongshan Dong Yi

Lu (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6339 2779 Immaculate interior and open kitchen, with an emphasis on delicate seafood dishes. 中山东一路(外滩)6号2楼

SUSHI ABUSE 98 Yanping Lu (near Xinzha Lu). T: 5175 9818

An attempt at sustainable all-you-can-eat sushi.


SUSHI, INC 2F, Citigroup Tower, 33 Huayuanshiqiao Lu (near Fucheng Lu). T: 5877 6551

Haiku's sister restaurant is a solid choice for a sushi lunch in Lujiazui. 花园石桥路33号2楼, 近富城路

SUSHI OYAMA 20 Donghu Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu). T: 5404 7705 20 course omakase menu served by Oyama-san himself

Tairyo 1F, 139 Ruijin Yi Lu. T: 5382 8818. 15 Dongping Lu. T: 6445 4734. 2F, Hengshan Hotel, 543 Hengshan Lu. T: 6433 0899 / 6437 7050. 3F, South Building, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6390 7244. 943 Hongxu Lu. T: 6242 2190. 1288 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6278 3105 / 6278 3106

• Hikari Japanese restaurant Bldg 10, 3911 Hongmei Lu. T: 6242 9186

慕光日本料理: 虹梅路3911弄10号楼

•24Itoya Ruijin Er Lu. T: 6467 1511.

Lane 19, 6 Ronghua Xidao. T: 6219 2286. 3F, Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5382 5777 Great sushi, a classic favourite.

伊藤家:瑞金二路24号;荣华西道 19弄6号;淮海中路381号中环广场3楼

• I.Z.K.Y. Guoson Centre, Block 1, 1F, 388

RMB 160 all you can handle. What more could you want?

瑞金一路139号1楼;东平路15号; 衡山路543号衡山宾馆2楼;淮海中 路283号香港广场南座3楼;虹许路 943号;虹桥路1288号


glo London Gastro Grill 1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu). T: 6466 6565. International favourites straight out of London, guv'nor! Hours: Mon-Sun 11amMidnight.

Daduhe Lu. T: 6095 8888 x 7052

T: 6466 6565. F: 6466 8484

Oak burning smoke BBQ pit and open


Hours: 11:00am-11:00pm

上海市浦东新区芳甸路大拇指广场 199弄19号2楼

Mai Thai Cuisine •1019Chiang Kangding Lu (near Yanping Lu).

璐娜:太仓路181弄新天地北里15幢 单元1

Mexican Kitchen •B1CalCarrefour, Thumb Plaza, 185

Fangdian Lu, Pudong. T: 5033 6637. B1-03, Multi-Media Plaza, 999 Changning Lu (near Zhongshan Park). T: 6340 1923 It's Mexican food, California-style.

Cantina Agave A Mansion, 291 Fumin Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 6170 1310. 357 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu). T: 6886 0706

Big burritos, tacos and a salsa bar to fill you up, and Shanghai's widest selection of tequilas to wash it down.

•2F,Maya Shanghai Grand Plaza, Club

House, 568 Julu Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu). T: 6289 6889

Our pick for the best mid-range Mexican in town.

Lindo •UnitMexico 39, Lane 3338, Hongmei

Entertainment Street. T: 6465 9336 虹梅路3338弄虹梅路休闲街39号

Middle Eastern 1001 Nights Restaurant •4 Hengshan Lu.

We love Marzano’s diablo pizza, cooked in the signature open kitchen. 黄陂南路380号新天地南里


• Macau Portuguese Restaurant

You can never order too many pieces of their excellent shrimp toast.


• Crossroad B5-B6, Shanghai City Centre, 100 Zunyi

新加坡佳肴:南京西路1515号嘉里中 心底楼(近铜仁路)


Aurora B1, Infiniti Plaza, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6375 6770 Scandinavian fine dining, from seafood platters to shashliks.

Southeast Asian

Romantic atmosphere with authentic Indonesian cuisine to boot.

of Persia •B1F,Prince 855 Pudong Nan Lu (near Shiji

Restaurant •ShopShiraz 8, 3338 Hongmei Lu.

Himalaya Nepalese •Restaurant

500 Dongchang Lu (near Pudong Nan Lu). T: 5877 2262

喜马拉雅尼泊尔餐厅:东昌路 500号,近浦东南路

Regional specialties of Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia, especially noodles. 长宁路1018号上海龙之梦万丽酒店26楼

My Nyonya 417 Dagu Lu (near Shimen Yi Lu). T: 6327 0800.

Neat little Malaysian in the middle of Dagu Lu's strip of restaurants. Hours: 11am-10pm 娘惹情马来西亚经典风味餐厅咖啡 屋:大沽路417号,近石门一路

• Tang Pin Shop 7, Novel Place, 133 Tianyaoqiao Lu (near Xingeng Lu).

Brian Tan (of hoF fame) creates Southeast Asian desserts, heavy on the durian.

Lapis Thai 3F, Lane 199, Thumb Plaza, 19 Fangdian Lu, Pudong. T: 5033 9223. Lane 248. 14 Taikang Lu. T: 6473 3989. 285 Hunan Lu. T: 5466 3026. Shanghai Centre, Room 109, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5252 0082

The Rooftop

衡山路811号 (近余庆路)

Siempre Tapas Spanish Bar 1928 Gonghe Xin Lu. T: 2602 2222 x 6028 Hours: 3pm-midnight

Supermarkets 279 Biyun Lu. T: 5030 4415. 268 Shuicheng Bei Lu. T: 6278 1944

City Shop Times Square Store: B1, 99 Huaihai Zhong Lu. New World Department Store: B1, 939 Huaihai Zhong Lu. Shanghai Centre Store: 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. Hongmei Store: 3211 Hongmei Lu Office. Riverside Shop: 1F, West Side Citigroup Tower 33, Huayuan Shiqiao Lu, Lujiazui. T: 6232 7070. Yong Xin Store: Lower Level,131 Tianyaoqiao Lu (near Xingeng Lu). T: 6215 0418 / 6267 4248

Metro 80 Gudai Lu (near Hongmei Lu), Minhang. T: 6480 8888. 383 Baiyang Lu, Huamu Town, Pudong. T: 6892 8888

T: 6248 6970

富民路38号 (近延安路)

Martin Berasategui is known for inventive, modern Spanish cooking and this new venture, in an historic villa within Xujiahui Park, reflects that.

• Bali Laguna 189 Huashan Lu (inside Jing’an Park).

泛亚风情餐厅: 仙霞路369号虹桥美 爵酒店二楼

T: 6248 1998

Consistent performer with a wonderful garden for al fresco Thai dishes.

With graceful and cosy dining ambiance. Hours: 6am-10.30pm

Hongqiao. T: 5153 3300 x 3700

Paradise •38 Coconut Fumin Lu (near Yan’an Xi Lu).

Restaurant Martin 811 Hengshan Lu (near Yuqing Lu). T: 6431 6639

城市超市:淮海中路时代广场店 B1层;淮海中路香港新世界百货 B1层;南京西路1376号;虹梅路 3211号;浦东陆家嘴花园路/石桥路 33号1楼;天钥桥路131号永新坊B1楼 (近辛耕路); 闵行区纪翟路550号华漕 国际生活社区万科红郡别墅西翼

• Asiatique The Flavors of Asia 2F, 369 Xianxia Lu, Grand Mercure

清迈府泰国料理: 康定路1019号(近 延平路)

浦东新区大拇指广场芳甸路199弄 19号3楼;卢湾区泰康路248弄 14号;徐汇区湖南路285号 ;静安区 南京西路1376号109室

It won’t win prizes for the most inventive restaurant name in Shanghai, but at least you know what you’re getting.

Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 5-11pm.

Lapis Thai provides various indoor and outdoor venues which can hold 200 people. Hours: 11am - Late

家乐福: 芳甸路185号; 碧云路279号; 水城北路268号

Singapore Cuisine BF, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Tongren Lu). T: 5298 6126

Celadon 26F, 1018 Changning Lu (Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). T: 6115 8817

波斯王子餐厅:浦东南路855号世界 广场B1楼 (近世纪大道)

虹梅路3338弄,虹梅休闲街;浦东红枫 路259号,近碧云;茂名南路207-4号

Carrefour •185 Fangdian Lu. T: 800 820 0871.

遵义路100号虹桥上海城外围街B5 6单元(近仙霞路)

T: 6473 1178 / 6473 8289

Dadao). T: 6887 3007 / 6887 3006

Designed to sate the cravings of those foodies who it pains to settle on a single dish, tapas brings all the flavors of Spain to your table in one sitting. Hours: 10am-2am

Lu (near Xianxia Lu). T: 6237 2916

巴厘餐厅:华山路189号 (静安公园内)


T: 6465 8345. 259 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu), Pudong. T: 3382 1686. 207-4 Maoming Nan Lu. T: 6415 9567


Still going strong in its great Xintiandi location. Hours: 11.30am-2am

Las Tapas •House 33, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu.

Pizza Marzano – Pizza Express 380 Huangpi Nan Lu, Xintiandi South Block. T: 5383 3999. 1F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6289 8733

•UnitLuna 1, House 15, North Block,

Xintiandi, Lane 181 Taicang Lu. T: 6336 1717

T: 5228 1588

长宁路890号中山公园1B50;淮海中 路1111号105;延安西路3032号;芳 甸路38号199弄大拇指广场1-43;陆 家嘴168号正大广场5楼15A/B;南京 西路1618号



• glo London Rooftop BBQ 1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu).

Pizza Italia 1B50 Zhongshan Park Metro Town, 890 Changning Lu. T: 5241 4870 / 5241 4878. Unit 105, 1111 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6473 9994. 3032 Yan'an Xi Lu. T: 6209 9129 / 6406 9426. 1-43 Thumb Plaza, Lane 199, 38 Fangdian Lu. T: 5033 0102 / 5033 0809. 5F, 15A/B, Super Brand Mall, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5047 0835 / 5047 0836. SB02, City Plaza, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 2477 / 6473 9994

6-7F, 635 Nanjing Dong Lu (near Zhejiang Zhong Lu). T: 6351 7717


KAGEN TEPPANYAKI 28D Taojiang Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6433 3232

Open for dinner only. Hours: 6.30-10.30pm

Hours: 11am-2pm, 5-11pm

J-MIX 1MF, Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel, 1108 Meihua Lu, Pudong. T: 3858 0888

Its private teppanyaki rooms make for good grilling.

Leonardo’s 1F, Hilton Hotel, 250 Huashan Lu. T: 6248 0000 x 1850

T: 6465 9993

They've got all the s's covered: shabu shabu, sukikyaki, sushi and sashimi.

52 TalkMagazine 

Hours: 10am-midnight

Azur 26F, 1018 Changning Lu (Renaissance Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel). T: 6115 8888

Plaza. T: 3214 0024. Lane 248 Taikang Lu (near Sinan Lu). T: 5466 0969

斜土路2905号 (近零陵路). 永嘉路 335号 (近襄阳路).

SHARI SUSHI BAR 630 Yongjia Lu (near Wulumuqi Nan Lu). T: 5466 0320

Fangdian Lu, Pudong. T: 5033 9221


New York Style Pizza •1699 Nanjing Xi Lu, inside Jing'an

Late night chef haunt - they come for the ramen and stay for the Beatles soundtrack. Hours: 6pm-1am



中山东路22号 (近金陵路)


T: 6481 2005. 335 Yongjia Lu (near Xiangyang Nan Lu). T: 5466 6355

NADAMAN 2F, Tower 2, Pudong Shangri-La, Shanghai, 33 Fucheng Lu. T: 5888 3768

•2F,Puli Lane 199, Thumb Plaza, 19

El Willy Tapas & Rice South Bund 22, 22 Zhongshan Dong Lu (near Jinling Lu). T: 5404 5757

This is just one of the many, many Melrose pizza places in the city.

KOTA'S KITCHEN •2905 Xietu Lu (near Lingling Lu).


Go for the tapas, stay for the sangria.

•777Melrose Biyun Lu. T: 5030 3872

鲤鱼日餐厅:恒丰路500号上海浦西 洲际酒店2楼

In addition to the teppanyaki tables, Moonsha provides an excellent Bund view.

Bocado 2F, 47 Yongfu Lu (near Fuxing Xi Lu). T: 180 1727 1340


Japanese Restaurant provides authentic Japanese flavours. Hours: 11.30am –10pm

Lu. T: 6323 1117

Chalet style atmosphere. Hours: Tue-Sun, 5.30-11pm


T: 6415 1666

Koi 2F, InterContinental Shanghai Puxi Hotel, 500 Hengfeng Road T: 5253 9999

• MOONSHA TEPPANYAKI & LOUNGE 3F, 5 on the Bund, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi


The eponymous restaurant of Guillermo "Willy" Trullas packed up its tapas, paellas and other Spanish treats and moved to the Bund. Expect Willy's trademark quirkiness in the decor and yin yang structured menu! Hours: Mon-Sat: 11.30am-2.30pm and 6-10:30pm, Saturday Brunch 11.30am-3.00pm


Sushi, sashimi and yakitori in a stylish interior. Hours: 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30-10pm

Va Bene Shanghai •House 7, North Block, Xintiandi, Lane

Hours: 11am-2pm, 6-11pm 巨鹿路819弄4号

Kappo yu 33 Wuxing Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu). T: 6466 7855

Nan Lu)

Kitchen •LaneNepali 819, 4 Julu Lu. T: 5404 6281

Shanghai Centre

Ma Boon Krong Thailand •Restaurant

Shop 417, Citic Square, 1168 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5292 9238. Room L401, Hong Kong New World Tower, 300 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6335 4337 Tom yum goong at Ma Boon Krong, anyone? Hours: 10am-10pm

玛满矿:南京西路1168号417商 铺;淮海中路300号香港新世界大 厦L401室

Simply Thai •Dongping: 5C Dongping Lu.

Xintiandi: 159 Madang Lu (near Xingye Lu). Hours: Hongmei: 28 Lane 3338, Hongmei Lu Entertainment Street. Hours: 11am-11pm Jinqiao: A6 Jinqiao Pudong Green Sports & Leisure Centre, 600 Lantian Lu. Hours: 11am-11pm IFC: 4F, IFC Mall, 8 Shiji Dadao. Hours: 10am-10pm Hotline: 400 880 7729, Delivery: 6209 6209 Hours: 11am-11pm 11am-12am

The first choice for many discerning Thaifood-lovers in Shanghai. Delivery service now available.

东平店: 东平路5号C座; 新天地店: 新 天地马当路159号 (马当路与兴业路路 口); 虹梅店: 虹梅路3338弄 虹梅休闲 街28号; 金桥店: 蓝天路600号 碧云体 育休闲中心A6; 国金店: 世纪大道8号 上海国金中心四层

麦德龙: 闵行区顾戴路80号(近虹梅路); 浦东花木镇白杨路383号

Pines The Market Place 633 Biyun Lu, Pudong. T: 5030 6971. 427 Jinfeng Lu. T: 5226 4137. 1983 Huamu Bei Lu (Inside Season Villa), Pudong. T: 5833 2204. 18 Lane 896 Jianhe Lu (near Kele Lu). T: 6262 9055. 322 Anfu Lu (near Wukang Lu). T: 6437 6375

Wal-Mart Supercentre Nanpu Bridge Branch: 252-262 Linyi Bei Lu, Pudong. T: 5094 5881

沃尔玛超市(南浦大桥分店):浦东临沂 北路252-262号

Swiss Suisse •1582Chalet Kangding Lu (near Wanhangdu Lu). T: 3353 3887

Features typical Swiss delicacies in a

Thai Gallery •127-1 Datian Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu). T: 6217 9797

Don’t miss the aesthetics while enjoying the authentic Thai food in a tatami seat. Hours: 11am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-12.30am 大田路127-1号 (近北京西路)

Thai House Room 205, Lane 657, 12 Wuding Lu. T: 5169 9217. 518 Jiashan Lu (near Zhaojiabang Lu). T: 5169 9217

This Thai eatery has come to be known as one of the most authentic in town. 泰国家: 武定路657弄12号205室, 近 西康路; 嘉善路518号(近建国西路和 肇嘉浜路)

Table •664Thai Baole Lu, Huacao Town, Minhang. T: 6221 2953. Hours: 11am-10pm

闵行区华漕镇保乐路664号 - Become a Talk Insider!

Turkish Anadolu Restaurant •4-7 Hengshan Lu. T: 5465 0977.

No 1, 156 Xingye Lu (near Madang Lu). T: 5306 7765

Tasty original dishes like hummus, Turkish pizzas, plus well-priced, fresh kebabs. Hours: 10am-2am.

衡山路4-7号; 兴业路156弄1号1层 (近马当路)


•98 kush Yanping Lu, near Xinzha Lu. T: 5175 9822

Fresh take on veggie food. The menu leans decidedly Californian. 延平路98号(近新闸路)

de Provence •4F,L’Arbre Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu (near Caoxi Bei Lu). T: 6426 7698

French-named, fusion-style, vegetarianemphasis restaurant in Xujiahui. Hours: 10am-10pm

普罗旺斯的树:肇家浜路1111号美罗 城4楼,近漕溪北路

Age Veggie •5F,New Super Brand Mall, Lujiazui. T: 5047 1880

Pudong’s answer to Puxi’s slew of nonmeat-eating options. Hours: 11am-10pm 陆家嘴路正大广场5楼

•3F,Vegeatery 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6391 5589

Fantastic faux-meat dishes – plus they serve beer.


Vegetarian Life Style •258 Fenyang Lu. T: 6215 7566.

1F, 77 Songshan Lu. T: 6384 8000. 848 Huangjin Chengdao. T: 6275 1798 Highly commendable chain.

汾阳路258号;嵩山庐77号1楼;黄 金城道848号

Vietnamese Vietnamese •Add:BB18F-21 Super Brand Mail, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, Pudong New Area, Shanghai. T: 6836 9711

VIETNAM @ F.C.C. •1-2F,CLUB Bldg 11-12, 889 Julu Lu (near

Changshu Lu). T: 6445 8082  

Located in an old villa on Julu Lu and serving some of the best Vietnamese cuisine in Shanghai. www.fccshanghai. com 巨鹿路889号(11-12幢1-2层) (近 常熟路)

Beaver •28 The Yueyang Lu (near Dongping Lu).

Bar •115Dada Xingfu Lu (near Fahuazhen Lu).

Bar •280Koala Huaihai Xi Lu (near Panyu Lu).


Dada is a small bar that specialises in affordable drinks, art and film events and electronic indie music.

淮海西路280号 (近番禺路)


Give the Blarney Stone a kiss and breathe in the Celtic aromas of mutton, onions and potato. Hours: 10am-1am

Hours: 10am-10pm

陆家嘴路15号 (陆家嘴公园内);虹桥 路1号港汇广场5楼 (近肇家浜路)

Mekong River 5F, Metro City, 1111 Zhaojiabang Lu. T: 6426 8256


3D Art Bar House 11, Lane 3338 Hongmei Lu (near Yan'an Xi Lu). T: 6465 9833 Hours: 5pm-2am

虹梅路3338弄虹梅休闲街11栋 (近 延安西路)

789 Nanjing Lu 64-66F, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 3318 9999

Upscale hotel bar featuring spectacular 360degree views of the city. Hours: Mon-Thurs 5pm-1am, Fri-Sat 5pm-2am, Sun 3pm-1am

Stone Irish Pub •5A Blarney Dongping Lu. T: 6415 7496


Bounty Rhumerie Bounty Jing’an. 550 Wuding Lu (near Shaanxi Bei Lu). T: 2661 9368. Bounty Xuhui, 47 Yongfu Lu (near Fuxing Dong Lu. T: 137 6451 0616. Bounty X @ Sinan Mansion, 3F & Terrace, 47 Sinan Lu. Unit 33, near Fuxing Zhong Lu. T: 189 1719 7641

武定路550号近陕西北路,永福路47号 (近复兴西路),思南路47号33单元 3楼&天台(近复兴中路)

789 南京路: 南京东路789号(64-66楼)

glo London Lounge Bar:   1 Wulumuqi Nan Lu (near Dongping Lu). T: 6466 6565.

The Bar 2F, The Langham, Yangtze Boutique, 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0734 BRIX •South Bund 22

The Camel Sports Bar 1 Yueyang Lu (near Fenyang Lu) T: 6437 9446

• CJW House 2, Lane 123 Xinye Lu, Xintiandi.

T: 6385 6677 / 6385 2277

For quality jazz and an impressive wine list.

Entertaining visitors in Shanghai? Take them here for a tipple. Hours: Sun-Fri 6pm12.30am, Sat 10am-9.30pm


Bund-side bar with world class terrace and great music. Not cheap, but still jampacked with classy folks on Friday and Saturday nights. Hours: 6pm-12am. 中山东一路外滩18号7楼

Club G Plus Room 428, Xingye Lu, Lane 123, Xintiandi Block 6. T: 5386 8088 新天地兴业路123弄428室

Club Tian Di 3F, Bund 6, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6329 7333

A decadent place to unwind while listening to the live band playing a mix of jazz and classic Chinese songs. Hours: 8pm-late 中山东一路6号3楼

CO2 Cigar Bar 2F, 1116 Yan’an Xi Lu, The Longemont Shanghai. T: 6115 9988 x 8250

The CO2 Cigar Bar is where cigar connoisseurs and those who indulge occasionally gather to share their love of the finer things in life.

Shanghai. 185 Fangdian Lu. Thumb Plaza. Pudong, Shanghai T: 6886 7376. T: 5030 9676. www.bluemarlin. cn.

上海浦东金桥碧云国际社区蓝天路689号 上海浦东芳甸路185号大拇指广场.

• Crossroads Bar & Restaurant 267 Huashan Lu (opposite the Hilton). T: 6248 1588

Relaxed environment with food upstairs and friendly bar staff. Special events on Friday nights. Hours: 12pm-4am 华山路267号,希尔顿酒店对面

• Cuba 1F, Shanghai JC Mandarin, 1225

Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 1888 x 5232

House of Blues & Jazz 60 Fuzhou Lu. T: 6323 2779

皋兰路2号甲 (近思南路)

M2 Club 4F, Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Huangpi Nan Lu). T: 6288 6222

Large club featuring international DJs playing house and hip-hop. Hours: 9pmlate.

Bar •4F,indigo 6 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Fuzhou Lu). T: 6321 5398 Hours: 6pm-2am

中山东一路6号4楼 (近福州路)

Jasmine Bridge 253 Jiashan Lu (near Jianguo Xi Lu). T: 5465 2680

Terracotta warriors overlook the proceedings from niches in the walls. Hours: 11.30am-2am

D’Venue 289 Weihai Lu (near Chengdu Bei Lu). T: 6327 3733 Hours: 8.30pm-3am 威海路289号 (近成都北路)

Lu. T: 6465 8880

Go along for eins steine or two.

虹梅路3338号虹梅休闲街22-24号, 近延安西路

Paulaner Brauhaus •150 Fenyang Lu. T: 6474 5700.

19-20, North Block, Lane 181, Taicang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6320 3935. Riverside Promenade, Binjiang Dadao, Pudong. T: 6888 3935

T: 6433 5710

Hours: 2pm-2am

茂名南路172号 (近永嘉路)

Bo Bo Jiu Lounge •LaneShile 599, 1 Fangdian Lu, Pudong

Manhattan 154 Nanyang Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6247 6656

泰康路288号 (近瑞金二路)

Hours: Wed - Sat 9pm-late.

• M1NT Lounge 24F, 318 Fuzhou Lu. T: 6391 2811 Hours: Every day from 6pm - late. 福州路318号24楼

Mini 98 333 Hengshan Lu (near Wuxing Lu). T: 6433 2896 Hours: 2pm-4am

衡山路333号 (近吴兴路)

Monkey Bar 2F, 807 Zhaojiabang Lu (near Gao’an Lu). T: 6438 9148 The cycle of life: from monkey bars to Monkey Bar. Hours: 10pm-late

衡山路237号 (近高安路)

(near Jinxiu Lu). T: 5033 9113

A Western-style lounge and outdoor cigar bar. Hours: 9.30am-9.30pm 十乐薄薄酒:浦东新区芳甸路599弄 1号(近锦绣路)

•6F,SUGAR 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 6215 8777

Beautiful bar for beautiful people.Hours: Daily, 11.30am-1am 陕西南路35号6楼 (近长乐路)

Club Lounge •LaneT8181, 8 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6355 8999

Comfortable sofas, a great selection of unique cocktails and an excellent wine list. 太仓路181弄新天地广场北里8号

Passage •LaneTime 1038, 183 Huashan Lu (near Fuxing Xi Lu). T: 6240 2588

A perfectly comfortable and nicely unexceptional pub up an alley.

华山路1038弄183号 (近复兴西路)

•UnitTMSK 2, North Block, Lane 181, 11 Taicang Lu, Xintiandi. T: 6326 2227

A coloured glass extravaganza of a bar bang in the middle of Xintiandi. Hours: 1.30pm-1.30am 透明思考餐厅:太仓路181弄北里 11号楼2单元; 牡丹66:南京西路 1266号恒隆广场502

嘉善路253号 (近建国西路)

肇家浜路807号2楼 (近高安路)

at Park 97 •2A Upstairs Gaolan Lu, Fuxing Park (near

Jazz Bar •GF,The Fairmont Peace Hotel, 20 Nanjing

• Moonsha Lounge 3F, 5 on the Bund. T: 6323 1117

Hours Sun-Thu 8pm-2am, Fri-Sat 8pm-4am

Dong Lu. T: 6321 6888

爵士吧 和平饭店中国上海南京东路 20号 200002

Jenny’s Blue Bar •7 Donghu Lu (near Huaihai Zhong Lu). T: 6415 7019 Hours: 1pm-2am 东湖路7号 (近淮海中路)

•142Judy’s Tongren Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu). T: 6289 3715

Relaxed lounge with an extensive martini menu, wine selection and an array of Japanese snacks. Hours: 9.30pm-1am. 中山东一路外滩5号3楼

Entertainment •68 Muse Yuyao Lu (Tong Le Fang).

T: 6218 8166

(同乐坊) 余姚路68号

Room •92F,Music Park Hyatt Shanghai, 100 Shijie Dadao. T: 6888 1234 x 4560

Live Music every Monday to Saturday and Ladies' Night every Wednesday, from 8.30pm to 10.30pm

Shanghai’s longest running party venue. 铜仁路142号 (近延安西路)

Lounge •40F,JW’S JW Marriott Hotel, 399 Nanjing

Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1188 Live entertainment, DJ, a cigar lounge, cheese room and rum and wine tasting room add up to a great evening out. Closed Sunday and Monday.

东雪野路1188号 (近南码头路) 上海 世博洲际酒店一楼

Bar •32F,VUE West Tower, Hyatt on the Bund,

199 Huangpu Lu (near Wuchang Lu). T: 6393 1234 x 6348 Revel in the view from this rooftop bar while sipping cocktails. Hours: Sun–Thu 5pm-1am; Fri & Sat 5pm-2am

Bar & Grill •3F,Wine Shanghai JC Mandarin, 1225

181, Taicang Lu. T: 3307 0798

Vista •Lobby level, InterContinental

Cheap drinks, heavy bass and lot's of space for wacky dance moves.


Kaiba Unit 101, Building D, 528 Kangding Lu (near Xikang Lu). 739 Dingxi Lu (near Yan'an Xi Lu). Taikang Terrace, Room 202, 169 Jianguo Zhong Lu. T: 6280 5688

皋兰路2号甲 (复兴公园内)

Underground •698Windows Nanjing Xi Lu (near Wujiang Lu).

Still the same expansive city views, great music and an emphasis on champagne. Hours: 5.30pm-2am


Sinan Lu).T: 5383 2328

非常时髦酒吧: 黄浦路199号上海外滩 茂悦大酒店西楼三十二楼

Xi Lu. T: 5359 4969 x 6864

Often a refuge for tourists who tire of the Xintiandi circus, but it’s worthwhile for locals too. Hours: Sun-Thu 7am-midnight, Fri & Sat 7am-late


Papa’s Bierstube •House 22 - 24, Lane 3338 Hongmei

M Factory 172 Maoming Nan Lu (near Yongjia Lu). T: 6415 1088




Bar •237QHengshan Lu (near Gao’an Lu).

This rooftop bar features a great Bund view.

Lu). T: 6431 6528

宝莱纳 :汾阳路150号;太仓路 181弄北里;浦东滨江大道富都段滨 江风光亭

M1NT Club 24F, 318 Fuzhou Lu. T: 6391 2811

SKY Bar, THE HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT 8F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 2322 0888


Perfectly gluggable, restoring German grog. Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm-2am, Sat 12pm-2am, Sun 11am-2am


Martini Bar •1F,D&G 6 on the Bund, 6 Zhongshan Dong Yes, that D&G. Cocktails and couture, darling. Hours: 5-10.30pm - Become a Talk Insider!

T: 5383 2328 / 5383 2208

Downstairs lounge and bar in the Park 97 complex.

KABB •House 5, North Block, Xintiandi, Lane

Yi Lu. T: 6339 0268

T: 5877 1231. 5F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu (near Zhaojiabang Lu). T: 6447 9690

Lounge & Bar •2A Lux Gaolan Lu (near Sinan Lu).

The Melting Pot 288 Taikang Lu (near Ruijin Er Lu). T: 6415 8180

Excellent decor, fine wines and – obviously – a wide range of quality cigars. Hours: 5.30pm-12.30am 南京西路1225号1楼

Bay •15Halong Lujiazui Lu (inside Lujiazui Park).

British social pub with relaxed environment (you'd be relaxed after an eight hour Sunday happy hour as well). Hours: 11am-2am, Happy Hour Mon-Sat 4-8pm, Sun 12-8pm

南阳路145号 (近西康路)

Jazz music and classic cocktails remain the star attractions. Enjoy the legendary Old Jazz Band as well as Theo Croker’s Sextet. Hours: 5pm-2am.

Marlin Shanghai •689Blue Lantian Lu, Jinqiao Pudong

For a taste of Old Shanghai, look no further than the Waldorf's Long Bar. Hours: 2pm–1am

Hours: 10pm-late

Cloud 9 87F, Grand Hyatt, Jinmao Tower, 88 Shiji Dadao, Pudong. T: 5049 1234 x 8787

Bar Rouge Bund 18, 7F, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6339 1199

•1377Oscar’s Fuxing Zhong Lu (near Baoqing

Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6322 9988

(near Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu). T: 6321 8447

Shanghai). T: 6248 2777

Long Bar •Waldorf Astoria Club L Level, 2

Mela 145 Nanyang Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6258 1090

Bund Brewery •TheThe Custom House, 11 Hankou Lu

Manhattan •231Old Huashan Lu (across from Hilton Hours: 5pm-5am

南阳路154号 (进西康路)

Table top taps turn this drinking hole into a chugging competition.


Golden Bull has been in HK for 30 years and has now arrived in Shanghai, with an elegant environment and delicate dishes.

Cosmopolitan cocktails, flavoured mojitos and a tapas menu suitable for sharing. Private hire available. Hours: Daily 5pm-late.

A bar-cum-nightclub, perfect for evening soirees of cool cocktails and hot jazz. Happy Hour: 5.30-9.30pm

酒坊:浦东雪野路1188号,近南码头 路上海世博洲际酒店一楼花园及别墅区

Hours: 11am-1am.


Now a retro British pub, this villa used to house liquor factory workers.

Hours: 5.30pm-2am

芭芭露莎会所餐厅:南京西路231号 (人民公园内)

Eddy’s 1877 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Tianping Lu). T: 6282 0521


Xueye Lu (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1188

Hofbräuhaus Shanghai 309 Jinyan Lu (Pudong). T: 6163 3699. 39 Taojiang Lu. T: 6431 2668

Romantic three-story Moroccan themed lounge on a lake hidden in People’s Park. Hours: Sun-Thurs 11am-2am, Fri-Sat 11am-3am. www.

都柏林:浦东银城东路101号,汇 丰大厦2楼

Liquor Factory •InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188


Backroom Lounge 5F, Shanghai Art Museum, 325 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6327 2221

An Irish pub (who’d have guessed it?) for the lads and lasses who live east of the Huangpu River. Hours: Mon-Fri 10am11pm, Sat 5-11pm

Niche 2F, The Westin Shanghai, 88 Henan Zhong Lu. T: 6335 1888 x 7342

Lu). T: 6329 3571


Barbarossa Restaurant & Lounge 231 Nanjing Xi Lu (inside People's Park). T: 6318 0220

Dong Lu, Pudong. T: 6841 2052

T: 5258 8779

The stylish lounge and bar houses a first class selection of fine wines and cocktails.


Exchange •2F,Dublin HSBC Building, 101 Yincheng

Glamour Bar •6F,The 5 on the Bund (near Guangdong

The Avenue 1F, The Podium, InterContinental Shanghai Puxi, 500 Hongfeng Lu. T: 5253 9999 x 6311

Hours Sun-Thu 8pm-2am,Fri-Sat 8pm-4am.

T: 6433 6511


Shanghai •GF,Drop 55 Yuanmingyuan Lu. T: 6329 1373

•2F,el47Cóctel Yongfu Lu (near Fuxing Xi Lu).

If we’ve seen a bigger fish tank in a bar, it was in a Bond film. Mon-Thurs, Sun 6pm1am, Fri-Sat 6pm-3am

upstairs at park 97 2A Gaolan Lu (inside Fuxing Park). T: 5383 2328

DADA 酒吧,幸福路115号 (法华镇路 与平武路之间)

淮海中路1877号 (近天平路)

T: 6339 2779

An art deco inspired cocktail bar with intimate seating and an impressive list of classic cocktails, vintage wines, fine champagnes and whiskeys.

T: 150 0018 2212

Popular, long-standing and mostly gay bar. Mon-Thu 8pm-2am; Fri-Sun 8pm-3am

• Aquarium Bar 2F, 6 Bund, Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu.

Golden Bull Central Plaza Shop: 3F, Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near Madang Lu). T: 6391 5589. IFC Shop: L3-19, ifc, 8 Shijie Dadao, Pudong. T: 6190 8170

中环广场店: 淮海中路381号, 中环广 场3楼; 国金中心店: 浦东新区世纪大 道8号国金中心L3_19

T: 6474 3216

Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6279 1888 x 5306 Narcissus •4 Hengshan Lu (near Wulumuqi Nan

Elegant lounge and wine and tapas bars, plus restaurant. Hours: 11.30am-2pm, 6.30-10pm

衡山路4号 (近乌鲁木齐南路)

Red •393Wine Dagu Lu (near Shimen Yi Lu).

Lu). T: 5465 4755

•162Nelly’s Maoming Nan Lu (near Fuxing Zhong Lu). T: 6473 7838

Hours: 7pm-3am

茂名南路162号 (近复兴中路)


T: 6327 1800

Live bands, “special beers” and cocktails. Hours: 1pm-2am 和韵:大沽路393号

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Bar •300Wunder Liaoyuan Xi Lu (near Dalian Lu). T: 3377 3373

Hours: Mon-Fri 2pm-late, Sat-Sun 12pm-late 辽源西路300号 (近大连路)

46 •46F,X 889 Yanggao Nan Lu, Pudong.

T: 5050 4888

46 floors up in Pudong’s Sofitel. Hours: Sun-Thu 6pm-2am, Fri-Sat 6pm-4am 浦东杨高南路889号46楼

YU Bar 28F, 99 Jiangbin Road, Luwan District, Shanghai Marriott Hotel Luwan. T: 5318 8888

Be impressed by the inspiring landscape of Lupu Bridge crossing over the Huangpu River. Dance to the rhythm of the river while enjoying the fine wines with a spectacular view of new post Expo Shanghai.

上海市卢湾区江滨路99号28楼(打浦 路底)上海绿地万豪酒店

Roosevelt Wine Cellar, THE •HOUSE OF ROOSEVELT

2F, 27 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 2322 0888

House of Roosevelt has one of the largest wine cellars in Asia. 中山东一路27号

Torres Wine Trading Co. •Room 301, Bldg 4, 990 Changping Discoveries •TheWine Cool Docks, Room 101-111, No. 13, 505 Zhongshan Nan Lu. T: 6152 6680

Wine Discoveries offers you a great selection of South African, German, Australian and French wines. Free delivery for one case or six bottles.

Bar •25F,Zpark Zpark Bar, Renaissance

A website that distributes imported wines, Champagne, spirits, food and wine accessories. They can deliver to your door in 24 hours.

Get your drink and your groove on at this hotel bar.


Fuxing Zhong Lu). T: 6431 6275

淮海中路1375号5A座 (近复兴路)


Fine Wines •17FASC & 18F, BM InteContinental

Business Centre, 100, Yutong Lu, Shanghai. T: 6056 1999


Wine Residence by ASC •57 The Jiangyin Lu. T: 6318 0857 ASC藏酒轩:江阴路57号

Cellar •2F,Aussino 1-3 Weihai Lu. T: 5118 1299

Over 800 wines from 200 wineries. Wine club membership, exclusive discounts, tastings and events. Hours: 10am-12am. 黄浦区威海路1-3号

Millesimes •415Aux Shaanxi Bei Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu). T: 5213 7883

Shanghai United Family •Hospital - Dental Clinic


Shanghai Clinic •LaneBioscor 89, 5 Xingguo Lu (near Hunan

Art Dentistry •Room 801, Oriental Centre, 21

Wujiang Lu (near Nanjing Xi Lu). T: 5211 0521 吴江路21号801室

BYER DENTAL Gubei Clinic: 4F, St Michael Hospital, 388 Hongbaoshi Lu (near Gubei Lu). T: 5212 3795 / 138 1671 2008. Cloud Nine Clinic: 5F, 1018 Changning Lu. T: 133 8622 2169 (24 hours). Pudong Clinic: Room 201204, 1275 Yingchun Lu. T: 133 8622 2169 (24 hours) One of Shanghai's largest dental groups, Byer imports its digital detection and treatment systems as well as its dentists.

兴国路89弄5号 (近湖南路)

Huashan Pudong Hospital International Division Managed by United Family Healthcare Ground floor, Area A & B, 525 Hongfeng Lu, Pudong. Appointments: 5030 9907

International clinic with Australian, American and Chinese doctors specialising in plastic/cosmetic surgery, medical skin treatment, natural hair regrowth and cosmetic dentistry.

Fitness & Yoga AUMNIE, YOGA WEAR •Shop: 60 Xinle Lu, 3F, near Xiangyang Bei Lu, T: 5404 3135, Hotline: 4008 111 683

Canadian born, health and wellness inspired. Made for active and mindful living. Also available online. info@aumnie. com, 新乐路60号3楼

Body & Soul Yoga •Building 12, 470 Shaanxi Bei Lu.

No 401, Oneluijiazui Building, 68 Yincheng Lu, Lujiazui. T: 3218 0009

One of the best international yoga centres in Shanghai. 溢修瑜珈: 陕西北路470弄12号, 浦东 银城中路68号4楼,陆家嘴环路路口

Fitness Centre 6F, Hotel Main Tower, InterContinental Hotel Shanghai, 500 Hengfeng Lu. T: 5253 9999 x 6268 A well-equipped fitness centre featuring personalised training programs, plus a sauna, steam room and yoga room.


Global Nutra-Express •Room 606, 261 Yunnan Nan Lu.

T: 138 1848 8508 / 139 1826 5447


Club •LevelHealth 4, InterContinental Shanghai

健身中心:浦东雪野路1188号 (近南 码头路) 上海世博洲际酒店四楼

Huangpu Clinic: Suite 5, 14F, Anji Plaza, 1 Jianguo Xin Lu (760 Xizang Nan Lu). T: 5101 9262. Minhang Clinic: 211 Chengjiaqiao Lu (near Hongmei Lu). T: 6461 6550

German-managed clinic for integrative medicine, treating acute and chronic diseases in internal medicine, gynaecology, acupuncture, etc. English, German, French, Spanish and Chinese consulting. 黄浦门诊: 建国新路1号14楼5室 (近 西藏南路); 闵行门诊: 中谊路880号 (近七莘路)

Canadian Evergreen Family Health Centre 1286 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6270 6265 虹桥路1286号

Asia •21F,Healthline HSBC Tower, 101 Yincheng Dong Lu, Pudong. T: 6215 3513

European and US style insurance plans. 银城东路101号汇丰大厦21楼

Huashan Worldwide Medical •Centre

12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. T: 5288 7250. Out-patient clinic: 8F, Building 1. Night Emergency: 15F, Building 6. T: 6248 3986 / 6248 9999 Hours: 8am-10pm (out-patient clinic), 10pm-8am (night emergency)

International Peace •Maternity and Child Health

Hospital of the China Welfare Institute 910 Hengshan Lu (near Tianping Lu). T: 6447 0399 / 6407 9476

剑河路2000号; 常德路218号

Cellar Door Wines •1-103A, 508 Jiashan Lu.

A massive 24-hour gym with amenities galore and something for the entire family.

Hospital, 197 Ruijin Er Lu (near Shaoxing Lu). T: 6437 7445

1388 Huamu Lu. T: 6169 8856

WellNess •668MeHuai'an Lu (near Xi Suzhou Lu). Classes for kickboxing, yoga and more.



Cheese & Fizz •119 Madang Lu, North Block,

Xintiandi Plaza. T: 6336 5823. Unit 111A, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 8298. Unit GF28, 168 Lujiazui Xi Lu, Pudong. T: 5041 1695 French gourmet food and bottles of bubbles and table wines.

新天地店: 新天地北里马当路119号; 上海商城店:南京西路1376号上海 商城111A; 正大广场店: 浦东陆家嘴 168号GF28

East Meets West Fine Wines •Room 202, Man Po International

Business Centre, 660 Xinhua Lu (near Dingxi Lu). T: 6282 4966

新华路660号万宝国际商务中心 202室

• EnoteCa Wine Lounge and Boutique

53-57 Anfu Lu (near Changshu Lu). T: 5404 0050. 58 Taicang Lu (near Ji'nan Lu). T: 5306 3400 安福路53-57号(近常熟路); 太仓路 58号(近济南路)

Fine Wines •409Jointek Weihai Lu (near Shimen Yi Lu).

T: 6340 0955

Representative office and retail store.

骏德酒业:威海路409号 (近石门 一路)

Napa Reserve 383 Weihai Lu. T: 6340 0418



Cidi Dental Clinic •Room 706-708, 495 Jiangning Lu. T: 5115 4575


Dr. Zhou’s Dental Clinic •Room 3001B, Jianhui Mansion, 922

Body Fit •717OZHuai'an Lu (near Xi Suzhou Lu). T: 6288 5278 / 135 6424 0374

Thai boxing studio run by tough-guy Tomer Oz.

Wellness •2F,One Block C, 98 Yanping Lu (near Xinzha Lu). T: 6267 1550

China’s first carbon neutral gym offers an exclusive club environment and the latest innovations in fitness from Technogym. 延平路98号C幢2楼

Hengshan Lu (next to the Pacific Department Store, Xujiahui). T: 6447 0390

Pure Tai Chi Jing’an Centre: 402, Building 12, 470 Shaanxi Bei Lu

Raja Yoga Xujiahui Club: 3F, 88 Xingeng Lu. T: 6427 4318. Caobao Lu Club: 7F, 93 Caobao Lu. T: 6484 9557. Wanda Club: 3F, 189 Zhengtong Lu. T: 3511 1093


General and Cosmetic Dental Centre of Shanghai United Family Hospital and Clinics 1139 Xianxia Lu. T: 5133 1909 仙霞路1139号

Health Care Medical •andGlobal Dental Centre Room 301, Kerry Center, 1515 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 5298 6339


The first international member of IHRSA in China, Raja has more than seven clubs in Shanghai.

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8am-7pm; Sat-Sun: 9am5pm.

SoFit •Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Huanghe,

Dental Care •3040Hygeia Yan’an Xi Lu (3721 Hongmei Lu,

A fitness facility that embraces a holistic approach to physical and spiritual wellbeing. Hours: 6am-10pm

上海全康医疗中心: 南京西路1515号 上海嘉里中心301室

Hongqiao Pearl City). T: 6406 1866 / 137 6127 5978

Asia •3F,Orthodontics Ciro’s Plaza, 388 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6473 7733


Dental •7F ProShine JH Plaza, 2008 Huqingping Lu. T: 5988 5898

Free door-to-door delivery from a climatecontrolled warehouse within 24 hours of order, from Monday to Friday.

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Lujiazui Xi Lu. T: 5047 1790

延安西路3040号; 虹梅路3721号

Retailer specialising in wines from Napa Valley and Sonoma. Free wine tastings every Friday.

Summergate •T: 6329 4433 x 109

Dental Clinic •7F,Care Room 9, Super Brand Mall, 168

The Shanghai international •aesthetic clinic

Suite 208, 1275 Yingchun Lu, Pudong


Dulwich College Shanghai •(DCS)

DCS Main Campus: 266 Lan'an Road, Jinqiao, Pudong DUCKS Campus: 425 Lan'an Road, Jinqiao, Pudong T: 5899 9910

上海德威英国国际学校:主校区:上海 浦东金桥蓝桉路266号 幼儿园:上海浦东金桥蓝桉路425号

United Family Minhang Clinic Shanghai Racquet Club, Ground Floor Clubhouse. Lane 555 Jinfeng Lu, Hua Cao Town, Minhang District. T: 2201 0995

衡山路910号 (近天平路)

Australian wine specialist with the city's only free tasting section.

KERRY SPORTS •Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai, 4F,

T: 5466 6936

Hongqiao: Unit 504, 3211 Hongmei Lu (above City Shop). T: 6446 6766. Pudong: Unit 46-47B Thumb Plaza, 199 Fangdian Lu. T: 5033 3053

Body & Soul – Medical •Clinics

Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu, Pudong (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1188

218 Changde Lu. T: 6279 3551

children's technology •workshop

A comprehensive clinic that offers family medicine and counselling services for the whole family. Hours: Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm.,

Brachetto d’Acqui •2000 Jianhe Lu. T: 6262 1377.

1139 Xianxia Lu. T: 2216 3900 (hospital) / 2216 3922 or 2216 3936 (appointments) / 2216 3999 (24 hour emergency hotline)

A purpose built, full service, internationally accredited hospital that offers a full 24/7 emergency room. Hours: Mon-Sat, 8.30am-5.30pm.

Hours: Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm

Hours: 10am-5pm.

Dr. Harriet Jin's Dental Surgery Room 1904, Hui Yin Plaza, 2088 Huashan Lu (near Hongqiao Lu). T: 6448 0882

Shanghai United Family •Hospital

Lu). T: 6431 8899

8 Quankou Road (near Linquan Road), Changning District. T: 2216 3909


•UnitYangjiu 5A, 1375 Huaihai Zhong Lu (near


Hours: 10am – 7pm T: (400) 882 0506

Hours: 8am-8pm.,

Wulumuqi Zhong Lu). T: 5403 6548 / 5403 0594

Zeal •South Bund 22

Shanghai Zhongshan Park Hotel, 1018 Changning Lu. T: 6115 8818

Dental 思迈登齿科: •4F,Smile 215 Hefei Lu.

(near Changle Lu). T: 6249 3246

黄浦区中山南路505号老码头,13号 楼101室

Small bar crammed with artsy types until the wee hours.

Turns out there is room for another Bund Bar with Lujiazui views.


Wine-Link •House 18, Lane 228 Anfu Lu (near

南昌路125号 (近茂名南路)

Lu. T: 6267 7979 x 807

(Yin Yang) •125YYs Nanchang Lu (near Maoming Nan Lu). T: 6466 4098

District. T: 3868 5118 / 139 1890 7562

3388 Sichen Lu, Sijing Town, Songjiang. T: 3761 8888

SofitTM健身中心: 上海黄河佘山索 菲特大酒店,松江区泗泾镇泗陈公 路3388弄

Health Services

Vision Eye Clinic •12F,New New Outpatient Building, Ruijin Comprehensive eye care clinic. Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm.


Parkway Health Medical •CENTRES

Parkway Corporate Office, 7F, 108 Zhaojiabang Lu. Gleneagles Medical and Surgical Centre, 4F, 389 Nanjing Xi Lu. Shanghai Centre Medical and Dental Centres, 203-4 West Retail Plaza, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. Specialty and Inpatient Centre, 2/3F, 170 Danshui Lu. Hongqiao Medical Centre, 2258 Hongqiao Lu. Jinqiao Medical and Dental Centre, 51 Hongfeng Lu. Mandarine City Medical Centre, Mandarine City, Suite 30, 788 Hongxu Lu. 24-hour appointment service. T: 6445 5999

上海城门诊部:南京西路1376号上 海商城西峰601室; 金桥门诊部: 浦东金桥红枫路300弄16号(近碧云 路); 古北门诊部:伊犁南路491号(近 黄金城道)

WHS •Shanghai Centre: 1F, 106D, 1376

Nanjing Xi Lu (across from HSBC Bank). T: 6289 8511. Kerry Parkside, 1378 Huamu Lu, B130B (across from Watsons). T: (400) 611 0212

One-stop-shop health store chain providing professional guidance on imported health & wellness products from around the world.


Active Kidz shanghai Room 601, 3211 Hongmei Lu (near Chen Jiaqiaozhi Lu). T: 6406 6757. Pudong: Ramada Plaza, 18 Xinqiao Lu (near Biyun Lu). T: 3872 6770 (Wed-Fri) Community-run, non profit organisation that provides quality athletic programs for expatriate children.

AKS是一个对外籍儿童提供优质体育 活动的非营利性的社会组织。活动包 括足球,棒球,篮球,体操,芭蕾, 网球等。浦西:虹梅路3211号601 室 (陈家桥支路) ;浦东:新金桥路 18号华美达大酒店1楼, T: 3872 6770 (周三至周五)

Shanghai Gleneagles •International Medical, Dental & Surgical Centre 4F, 389 Nanjing Xi Lu, Tomorrow Square (same building as the JW Marriott Hotel). T: 6375 5588

Internationally-trained medical staff and state-of-the-art facilities. Dentistry, family medicine, general surgery, gynaecology and more. Hours: Mon-Fri 8.30am5.30pm. 南京西路389号明天广场4楼

Shanghai International •Hospital

525 Hongfeng Lu. T: 3871 9999 x 1222

上海国际医院:上海市浦东新区红 枫路525号

Shanghai Landseed Hospital 7F, 937 Yan'an Xi Lu

Internationally trained medical team provides family medicine, gynaecology, general surgery, pediatrics, and more. 延安西路937号7楼


Room 101, Lane 980, 3 Shilong Lu (near Lao Humin Lu). T: 5206 6273

A multi-disciplinary practice focusing on the educational setting, with a genuine understanding of the challenges faced by schools, teachers, parents and children. They assist in identifying and treating academic, communication or social problems using evidence-based systems. 徐汇区石龙路980弄3号101室(近老 沪闵路)

International School •384Fudan Guoquan Lu. T: 6511 1292 / 6433 1258

I Mandarin Shanghai Centre: Suite 721, Shanghai Centre. T: 3222 1028. Xintiandi: Suite 1906, Hong Kong Plaza South Tower. T: 3308 0508. Hongqiao: Suite C207, Shang-Mi Ra Commercial Centre. T: 3223 1046. Xujiahui: Suite 2008, Grand Gateway Tower. T: 5451 0234. Dongfang Lu: Suite 11D1, Purple Mountain Hotel. T: 6867 1330

上海商城721室; 香港广场南座 1906室;C207港汇广场2008室; 紫 金山酒店11D1室

International Division of •Shanghai International Studies University 295 Zhongshan Bei Yi Lu (near Guangzhong Lu). T: 6516 0844

上海外国语大学附属外国语学校:中 山北一路295号,近广中路

American School •AlleyLivingston 177, 29 Tianshan Lu (near Xiehe Lu). T: 6291 2509

www. 天山路177弄29号

Mandarin Family – The •Language Centre of Chinese

Jinqiao Campus: Room 302, Lane 199, 40 Biyun Lu (near Biyun Carrefour). T: 5030 9916 金桥校区:碧云路199弄40号302室

Mandarin House •Plaza 66 Centre. T: 6288 2308.

Xintiandi Centre. T: 6390 6979. Pudong, Lujiazui. T: 5054 0033


Miracle Mandarin •Xuhui Campus: 1195 Fuxing Zhong 东方路1678号

新闸路1851号604室 (近胶州路)

1678 Dongfang Lu. T: 5873 2020

International 24 hour Alarm Centre for medical emergencies that require evacuation. First aid kits and training available.

14F, Complex Building, Huashan Hospital, 12 Wulumuqi Zhong Lu

Specialists from around the world in the fields of orthopedics, physiotherapy, sports medicine, and neurology.

Shanghai Children’s Medical •Centre


American-Sino Ob/Gyn •Service

Sino United Health Shanghai Centre (Portman) Clinic: Suite 601, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6279 8920. Jinqiao Clinic: Lane 300, 16 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu), Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 5030 7810. Gubei Clinic: 491 Yili Nan Lu, Gubei. T: 6124 9979

百汇(上海)医院管理有限公司: 肇嘉浜路108号7楼;南京西路389号 明天广场裙房4楼;南京西路1376号 203-204室;淡水路170号2-3楼; 虹桥路2258号;浦东金桥红枫路 51号;虹许路788号名都城30号底层

T: 6295 0099

easyMandarin Xinzha Lu Campus (main campus): Suite 604, 1851 Xinzha Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu). T: 6253 2235 / 5213 1815.

School •2F,Brain 126 Ronghua Dong Dao.

T: 6295 0461 荣华东道126号2楼

The British International •School

Pudong: 600 Cambridge Forest New Town, 2729 Hunan Lu. T: 5812 7455. Puxi: 111 Jinguang Lu, Huacao Town, Minhang District. T: 5226 3211

沪南路2979号600; 闵行区金光路 111号

Lu (Shaanxi Nan Lu Metro Exit 1). T: 6474 9716. Jing’an Campus: Lane 90, 50 Qinghai Lu (Nanjing Xi Lu Metro Exit 2). T: 6218 3629.

复兴中路1195号(陕西南路路口); 青海路90弄50号(近南京西路);

Montessori Children •Academy

56 Lingshan Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 5075 5472 浦东金桥灵山路56号2000弄


New Concept Mandarin •T: 5228 2950

Rainbow Bridge •International School

999 Mingyue Lu (near Yunshan Lu), Jinqiao. T: 5899 0380


2381 Hongqiao Lu (inside Shanghai Zoo). T: 6268 9773 / 6268 3121

Preschool, kindergarten, and elementary grades one to six.

Shanghai American School •Minhang Campus: 258 Jinfeng Lu, - Become a Talk Insider!


Facilities include infinity baths, steam showers, body spray, wet and dry saunas.

• Shanghai montessori

Highly regarded spa in the Westin, for massages and spa treatments.

Club Mayson Shanghai House 2, 3911 Hongmei Lu. T: 6262 8077



Hongqiao ECE Campus: 2212 Hongqiao Road, Shanghai.T: 6261 4338. Hongqiao Campus: 1161 Hongqiao Lu. T: 6261 4338. Pudong Lower School: 800 Xiuyan Lu. T: 5812 9888. Pudong Upper School: 198 Hengqiao Lu. T: 5812 9888. Hangzhou Campus: 78 Dongxin Lu, Hangzhou. T: (571) 8669 0045


Bronze Bodies •209A, Infinity Plaza, 138 Huaihai

CMM Spa 598 Hengshan Lu (near Wanping Lu). T: 5466 0505

虹桥ECE校区:虹桥路2212号 ;虹 桥总校:虹桥路1161号 ;浦东小学 部:秀沿路800号 ;浦东初高中部:横 桥路198号;杭州校区:东新路78号

Zhudi Town. T: 6221 1445. Pudong Campus: 1600 Lingbai Gong Lu

KINDERGARTEN Qingpu Campus 1230 Zhuguang Lu. T: 5988 6688

闵行校区: 金丰路258号; 浦东校区: 凌白公路1600号


Shanghai Community •International School

kindergarten Xuhui Campus 21 Donghu Lu. T: 5403 7699

Shanghai Melody Mandarin Training Centre T: 6228 0588 / 6228 0586

Shanghai Singapore •International School

Minhang Campus: 301 Zhujian Lu. T: 6221 9288. Xuhui Campus: 1455 Huajing Lu. T: 6496 5550

闵行校区: 极地路288号; 闵行校 区: 朱建路301号; 徐汇校区: 华泾路 1455号

Shanghai United •International School

Hongqiao Campus: 999 Hongquan Lu, Minhang. T: 3431 0090. Gubei Secondary Campus: 248 Hongsong Dong Lu, Minhang. T: 5175 3030. Pudong Campus: 48 Xueye Lu, Pudong. T: 5886 9990. Shangyin Campus, 185 Longming Lu, Minhang. T: 5417 8143. Jiao Ke Secondary Campus: 55 Wanyuan Lu, Minhang. T: 6480 9986

上海协和双语学校 虹桥校区:虹泉 路999号,近金汇路。古北中学校 区:红松东路248号。浦东校区: 浦东新区雪野路48号。尚音校区: 龙茗路185号。教科实中校区:万源 路55号。

Yew Chung International •School

Gubei Campus: 18 Ronghua Xi Lu. T: 6219 5910. Hongqiao Campus: 11 Shuicheng Lu. T: 6242 3243. Pudong Campus, Regency Park: 1817 Huamu Lu. T: 5033 1900. Pudong Campus, Century Park: 1433 Dongxiu Lu. T: 5045 6475

古北校区: 荣华西道18号; 虹桥校区: 水城路11号; 浦东校区御翠园: 浦东花 木路1817号, 浦东校区世纪公园: 浦 东东绣路1433号

BILINGUAL Kindergarten 1481 Huqingping Lu (near Zhuguang Lu). T: 5988 6116 沪青平公路1481号

Banyan Tree Spa 3F, The Westin Shanghai (Westin Residences), 88 Henan Zhong Lu (near Yan’an Dong Lu). T: 6335 1888

Zhong Lu. T: 6335 3091. Suite 1FB, Silver Tower, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tongren Lu. T: 6247 7377 上海市卢湾区淮海中路138号无限度 广场209A;铜仁路258号1楼B室

Sunflower International •Kindergarten 云间路418号

International pre-school and kindergarten for children aged 20 months to 6 years. Tiny Toddler class for children aged 12-24 months every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon.

科苑路88号德国中心3号楼(近龙东 大道);瑞金二路266号 (近泰康 路);南昌路66号, (近雁荡路)

Dragonfly Crossroads @ Donghu 2F, 218 Xinle Lu, Xuhui District (near Donghu Lu). T: 5403 6133

闵行区:古美路50号(近莲花路) 徐汇区:复兴西路43号

Art Kindergarten •75 Xuhui Wuxing Lu (near Hengshan Lu).

Hours: 12pm-12am


T: 6474 4595



APSARA Spa •457 Shaanxi Bei Lu (near Beijing Xi

Lu). T: 6258 5580

Adopting from ancient Cambodian wellness philosophies, APSARA SPA brings you a heavenly experience that rejuvenates your body and mind with spa rituals & facial care. Services include signature Royal spa rituals, relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials, pampering body therapies (body scrub, wrap and Jacuzzi), nail spa, waxing and pre-natal treatment. 馨园水疗: 陕西北路457号(近北京 西路)

COLORISTE 2F, Diage Complex, 20 Donghu Lu. T: 5404 7861

Diva Life Nails & Beauty Tower 3, German Centre, 88 Keyuan Lu (near Longdong Da Dao). T: 2898 6078. 266 Ruijin Er Lu (near Taikang Lu). T: 5465 7291. Nanchang Lu (near Yandang Lu). T: 6384 2033

50 Gumei Lu (near Lianhua Lu). T: 6480 8933. 43 Fuxing Xi Lu (near Yongfu Lu). T: 6431 3788

南京西路店:吴江路15号 (近上海电 视台);浦东店:梅花路1071号 (近国 际博览中心);浦东南路1078号

Hours: 10am-10pm. www.cmmbeauty. com


Shanghai TV Station). T: 5213 5823. 1071 Meihua Lu, Pudong (near the International Expo Centre). T: 6093 6068. 1078 Pudong Nan Lu. T: 2023 5935

Founded by Asia’s hair colourist master, Jun Laung, COLORISTE is a stylish and chic choice for hair colour, styling and care.

418 Yunjian Lu. T: 5030 3681

HAIR SALON SPA •15AMANI Wujiang Lu (next to the

Beauty Farm Shop 210, Central Plaza, 381 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 6391 6789. Shop 332, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6288 4646

Professional aromatherapy by certified practitioners. Expert skincare and beauty treatment by certified practitioners. 淮海中路381号210店铺;南京西路 1266号恒隆广场332店铺

Beauty Salon Room 1701, Kun Yang Business Centre, 798 Zhaojiabang Lu. T: 6473 8572

Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat 20 Donghu Lu. T: 5405 0008. Villa 5, Lane 3911 Hongmei Lu. T: 6242 4328. 206 Xinle Lu. T: 5403 9982. 386 Hongfeng Lu, Jinqiao, Pudong. T: 3872 6996. 2F, 218 Xinle Lu. T: 5403 6133. Pudong Kerry Parkside, Retail L119, 1378 Huamu Lu. T: 2025 2308. 646 Baole Lu. T: 6221 9770. Room 202, 322 Anfu Lu. T: 5406 0680. 193 Jiaozhou Lu. T: 5213 5778 Contemporary Asian retreat. Hours: 10am-1am.

东湖路20号;虹梅路3911号5号别 墅;新乐路206号;浦东金桥红枫 路386号;新乐路218号;浦东花木 路1378号;保乐路646号;安福路 322号202室;胶州路193号


Benson’s Salon •Puxi: 778 Jiangning Lu (near

Haifang Lu). T: 6277 8778. Pudong: 1208 Biyun Lu, Jinqiao (near Hongfeng Lu).T: 5030 3878

Specialising in Western colouring and Japanese hair straightening techniques.

浦西店:上海市江宁路778号(海防 路口);浦东店:上海市浦东金桥碧 云路1208号(红枫路)

Bioscor Shanghai Clinic Lane 89, 5 Xingguo Lu (near Hunan Lu). T: 6431 8899 International clinic with Australian, American and Chinese doctors specialising in plastic/cosmetic surgery, medical skin treatment, natural hair regrowth and cosmetic dentistry. 兴国路89弄5号 (近湖南路)

BAMBOO 7 •3F-C1, 37 Shuicheng Nan Lu. T:


A future-orientated school with a diverse and compassionate community. Its goal is for its students to enter the world as well-balanced, global citizens. 青浦区联民路555号

Kindergartens Creativity Kindergarten •T: 6482 0881

6209 8400. Huaguang Shop: 3308 Hongmei Lu. T: 5422 1271. Biyun Shop: 1198 Biyun Lu. T: 5030 8406. Jiuzhou Shop: 3F, 3219 Hongmei Lu. T: 5175 9168. Meihua Shop: 985 Meihua Lu. T: 5059 9059. Luocheng Shop: 12 Shuicheng Lu. T: 6295 0300. Pucheng Shop: 708 Pucheng Lu. T: 5877 1788. Xintiandi Shop: 586 Madang Lu. T: 3331 7117. Yingchun Shop: 1130 Yingchun Lu. T: 6856 7122. Huangjinchengdao Shop: Room 201, 735 Huangjinchengdao Lu. T: 6208 9200. Dapu Shop: 550 Xujiahui Lu. T: 5465 9959. Dagu Shop: 508 Dagu Lu. T: 3366 2778

A trendy salon set in the midst of the form er French Concession offering a high level of professional standards. 

75 Wuxing Lu. T: 6437 3773

Shanghai MeiMei Montessori •Kindergarten 1129 Zhuguang Lu. T: 3319 9422

上海美美双语幼儿园: 徐泾镇诸光路 1117弄20弄


Charme Hair Sculpture Room 106, 308 Anfu Road (near  Wukang Lu). T: 6433 9929


宛平南路592号 (近零陵路)

Hours: 11am-9pm.



592 Wanping Nan Lu (near Lingling Lu). T: 6469 0445

BrowhOus, The Brow Salon 158 Xinle Lu (near Xiangyang Lu). T: 5403 0011

Hours: Noon-2am

Little Eton Bilingual •Kindergarten

Essensuals 杭州大厦一店;杭州大厦 二店;昆明店;宁波店;福建店。

Lane 88, Huichuan Lu (near Changning Lu). T: 5273 5525

Kindergarten •1361Fortune Dongfang Lu. T: 5458 0508


Massage •29Butterfly Wuxing Lu. T: 6466 5882.

Comprehensive and total care for children. Children from all over Shanghai are welcome.

Play group and Edu Drama programs for children from 6 months to 8 years in English and Mandarin. Preschool, nursery and kindergarten classes also available.

Essensuals Salons Essensuals Hangzhou Shopping Centre I. T: (571) 8678 6560. Essensuals Hangzhou Shopping Centre II. T: (571) 8510 2126. Essensuals Kunming. T: (871) 363 3950. Essensuals Ningbo. T: (574) 8389 9868. Essensuals Fujian. T: (595) 8391 9999/8366 6789

Chang Massage Lane 177, 183 Fumin Lu (near Julu Lu). T: 5403 6919

Bamboo Leaf No. 403 Oneluijiazui Building, 68 Yincheng Zhong Lu, Lujiazui. T: 5010 6656

Massages, waxing and manicures by experienced, well-trained therapists with complimentary sandwiches. They also offer a therapist's training course, if you’d like to learn how to massage your family members. 清云居: 浦东陆家嘴银城中路68 号时 代金融中心403 - Become a Talk Insider!


Chengcheng Massage 51 Fumin Lu (near Yan’an Zhong Lu). T: 6289 3210 Uses fragrant oils combined with traditional Chinese massage. House calls available. Hours: 11am-2am 富民路51号

Chuan Spa 3F, The Langham, Yangtze Boutique. 740 Hankou Lu. T: 6080 0722

Eurosun Tanning B1, 376 Wukang Lu (near Hunan Lu). T: 6126 7628

Dedicated to delivering a smart tan, Eurosun boasts state-of-the-art tanning beds. Hours: 9.30am-9pm 武康路376号(近湖南路)

Evian Spa by Three 2F, Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu (near Guangdong Lu). T: 6321 6622 Hours: 10am-10pm 中山东一路外滩3号2楼

Franck Provost •3182 Hongmei Lu, T: 6446 6928.

No 466, 4F, Grand Gateway, 1 Hongqiao Lu, T: 6407 3172. GF, 35 Shaanxi Nan Lu (near Changle Lu). T: 6267 5171

August12  TalkMagazine


Global leading hair salon features highly trained stylists and colourists. Hours: 10am-10pm

虹梅路3182号;虹桥路1号港汇广场 4楼466铺;陕西南路35号,1楼4号商 铺(长乐路)

Oh’s Chiropractic Centre Room 1202, Mingzhu Building, 55 Shuicheng Nan Lu (opposite Carrefour Gubei Store). T: 6209 5546 Adjustment, neuromuscular, spine, joint, exercise and relaxation. Hours: 9.30am8pm. 水城南路55号明珠大厦1202室

Olden Resort Massage 678 Shaanxi Bei Lu (near Wuding Lu). T: 6217 8628. Hours: 12pm-2am. 636 Yongjia Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6445 1729 Hours: 12pm-3am

陕西北路678号(武定路路口); 永嘉路 636号 (近衡山路)

Oriental Taipan Massage and Spa 39 Donghu Lu. T: 6415 8880 Green Massage •Xintiandi: 58 Taicang Lu (near

Shunchang Lu). T: 5386 0222. Xujiahui: 88 Xingeng Lu (near Tianyaoqiao Lu). T: 6468 7076. Shanghai Centre: 202 West Retail Plaza, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu (near Xikang Lu). T: 6289 7776. Lujiazui: 304, 3F, The Shops & Restaurants, Shanghai World Financial Centre, 100 Shijie Dadao (near Dongtai Lu). T: 6877 8188. Hours: 10:30-2am. Jinqiao Branch: T: 2023 6727

Indulge in the pleasure of luxurious massage. Seek out the perfect balance of body, mind and spirit through the caring hands of our trained masseuse. Free serving of healthy fruit juices and snacks. Hours: 12pm-1am.

amenities and services. All cards. Hours: 6am-11pm


TONI&GUY Salons •TONI&GUY Times Square. T: 5351

3606. TONI&GUY Shanghai Centre. T: 6279 8806. TONI&GUY Green City Jinqiao Shanghai. T: 5030 5521 / 5030 8022. TONI&GUY Super Brand Mall. T: 5047 2298 / 2828 6691. TONI&GUY Cool Docks Shanghai. T: 5098 8016. TONI&GUY Taikoo Hui Guangzhou. T: (20) 8754 2113 / (20) 8754 2116. TONI&GUY Sinopec Guangzhou. T: (20) 3892 2110 TONI&GUY Gingko Shopping Mall Kunming. T : (871) 5264 262. TONI&GUY Wuhan Tiandi. T: (27) 8270 1115. T: (28) 8665 0277. TONI&GUY Mix Mall Shenzhen. T: (755) 2290 9505 TONI&GUY上海时代广场店;上海商 城店; 上海金桥店;上海正大店;上 海老码头;广州太古汇店;广州中石 化店;云南昆明店;武汉天地店;深 圳万象城店

Zen Palace Massage 41 Mengzi Dong Lu (near Liyuan Lu). T: 3308 0893

Centre, between Big Bamboo & Malone’s). T: 6279 0170

Friendly, professional, high quality service in a convenient location. Hours: 10am-10pm

TRAVEL Airlines

• Air France Room 3901, Ciro's Plaza, 338 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6350 9268

Cathay Pacific Room 2101-2104, Shanghai Square Office Tower, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: (400) 888 6628

Quan Spa 21F, Renaissance Shanghai Yuyuan Hotel. 159 Henan Nan Lu. T: 2321 8888


Comprehensive day spa. Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-9pm, Sat-Sun 10am-9pm.

Senses •Shop 413, Plaza 66, 1266 Nanjing


Le Spa 10F, Le Royal Méridien Shanghai, 789 Nanjing Dong Lu (near Xizang Zhong Lu). T: 3318 9999 A contemporary, urban day and wellness spa. Plus, sauna, steam rooms, gym, aerobics, plunge pools and indoor pool with outdoor sun deck. 南京东路789号艾美皇家酒店10楼

A classy contemporary sanctuary – enjoy the tree-top view of the French Concession in Moroccan-style daybeds. Hours: 11am-9pm, 11am-7pm (weekends) 武康路376号五楼(近泰安路)

• Shanghai Wonjin Medical Beauty Hospital

Floor 3-4, 111 Yili Nan Lu. T: 5116 0088 Painless hair removal,TCM Message, PL, yellow lazer

• The Living Room Day Spa 55 Xiangyang Bei Lu (near Changle

• Sino Spa 5F, Regal Jinfeng Hotel, 318 Jingang

Holistic day spa in Shanghai, in a 70 year old colonial house. Hours: 10am-10pm

An enjoyable and relaxing indulgence. Hours: 7am–10.30pm

Lu). T: 5404 6007

Lu, Jinqiao. T: 5899 3838 x 3374

襄阳北路55号 (近长乐路)

水疗:浦东金桥金港路318号富豪金 丰酒店五楼

MIC •MIC Channel One. T: 3131 5145.

SOSPA •Sofitel Shanghai Sheshan Oriental, 3388

Offers the ultimate experience in luxury and relaxation, allowing guests the ability to unwind and indulge their senses, while conveniently remaining within 35 minutes of downtown Shanghai.

MIC Hongqiao Parkson. T: 6237 0083. MIC Cixi, Zhejiang. T: (574) 6393 3555. MIC Shaoxing, Zhejiang. T: (575) 8511 6660

Make-Up by Kate Noble for MAC Cosmetics

An Australian make-up artist, Kate Noble has 10 years experience in Shanghai. In 2006 she started her own company, which provides make-up, hairstyle, body painting, and wardrobe services. Her work has appeared in ads for Crocs, Shangri-La Hotels, Colgate, and KOHLER, as well as in magazines like Esquire (China), Estetica Protagonist (Italy) and Talk. www.

Lu. T: 6289 7007

青籁水疗: 南京西路1376号上海商城 东峰8楼

The Village Retreat 2F, 6 Dongping Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 6466 5123

Vita Spa 7F, Hotel Sofitel, 507 Nanjing Dong Lu. T: 6351 5888 x 59

Fully equipped gymnasium and professional massage facilities. All cards. Hours: gymnasium 6.30am-11pm, sauna 6.30am2am, spa 9am-3am 南京东路507号7楼

VILLY'S NAIL STUDIO 123 Wulumuqi Bei Lu (near Yuyuan Lu and Beijing Xi Lu). T: 3255 8131

With the comfiest chairs and some of the best base coat in town, Villy’s offers the whole package (which includes complimentary wi-fi and wine or tea. SPECIAL PROMOTIONS 1) Book Manicure or Pedicure get Paraffin wax 50 per cent off. 2) Come Mon-Fri during lunch break (11am-2pm) get free sandwich (Reservations only). Hours 10am-10pm 乌鲁木齐北路123号 (近愚园路和北 京西路口)


2582. 3211 Hongmei Lu, Suite 606 T: 6406 8220. 566 Biyun Lu. T: 6105 9581

Lane 288 Huaihai Xi Lu. T: 138 0195 5944


EVENTS CHINA •21F,GLRoom 2107, Information

Created in 1978, GL events is today a major player in the event market through its three main activities: venue management, event management and services. They have a presence in over 15 countries through almost 80 establishments.,

浦东新区民生路1403号上海信息大 厦2107室

Jamy Yang & Associates •Design Inc.

Room 307, Design Centre, East China Normal University, 896 Zaoyang Lu. T: 6280 2294 Fashion, stationery, furniture and homewares, digital products, information directing systems, public facilities and retail display.

杨明洁联合设计机构: 淮海西路570号 上海红坊商务社区C3-203/204


•86Lollipop Wulumuqi Zhong Lu. T: 5403

Hours: 9am-6pm Stock up on baby gear, apparel, furniture and toys at this kid-friendly store.

Collection •60 Marrow Tianlin Dong Lu. T: 6481 0027

One of the brands owned by the Nacor group, famous for luxury home furnishings. 美雍家居:田林东路60号

Putuo Shanghai •LaneModena 58, 1 Tongchuan Lu, Putuo. T: 6117 7668 上海品尊名致精品酒店公寓: 普陀区铜川路58弄1号

RURU STUDIO 若然雅居 •Private Concept Studio

873, Wuding Lu (near Changde Lu) T: 6211 5095

Hours: 10am-10pm. This private concept studio located in the heart of Jing' an district features women's and men's, clothing, a cafe and a private art centre. The vision is to create a place with "art life". www. Appointment only. 武定路873号 (近常德路)

BCN •614GRISS Julu Lu (near Xiangyang Bei Lu). T: 6247 2964

This cute little boutique located in the heart of the former French Concession stocks authentic Italian, French & Spanish styles, including hot brands like Etxart & Panno, IKKS, Sita Murt, Siste's and Guarapoall. 巨鹿路614号 (近襄阳路)

Simply Life •Unit 101, Xintiandi, 159 Madang Lu, T: 5108 7090

Your personal travel assistant in China is here! Still fed up with searching hotels and booking air tickets for your business trip or family vacation? Tell them your request and let them do the rest.

(near Taicang Lu). T: 6387 5100. 9 Dongping Lu (near Taojiang Lu). T: 3406 0509


Lanson Place Jinlin Tiandi Residences Lane 168, 3 Xingye Lu. T: 2306 1888

Song Fang Maison de Thé 227 Yongjia Lu. T: 6433 8283


Travelzoo Room 1601, Centro, 568 Hengfeng Lu (near Shanghai Railway Station). T: 6056 1000

A home away from home.

Lanson Place Jinqiao •Residences

恒丰路568号恒汇国际大厦1601室 ( 近上海火车站 )

Lane 399, 18 Zaozhuang Lu, Pudong. T: 5013 3592

Yu Massage 370 Wuyuan Lu (near Wukang Lu). T: 5403 9931

Yuan Spa Lower Lobby, Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Lu. T: 6393 1234 x 6527


生活经艳:宜山路407号筑园1层 1-5号近裕德路

Flight Centre •

Barefoot Portraits 4F, 668 Huai'an Lu. T: 136 3649 9378

Combining traditional Asian therapies with modern techniques, The Spa offers a full range of fitness classes, body work,

GRACES FLORAL •AptTHE 101, Block 5, Huaihai Xi Garden,

China's leading online travel services provider.

建国店:建国西路122号(近陕西南 路); Village店: 东平路6号(近衡山路) Village二楼

• •

Designer furniture and home accessories that are functional with a twist of fun.

Hours: 10.30am-9pm.

House calls available, taxi fare payable by the client. Hours: 11am-2am

The Spa 4F, 250 Huashan Lu (in the Hilton Shanghai). T: 6248 0000 x 2600

Long stay accommodation for both singles and families. Fraser Suites offers a more flexible way to stay in Shanghai.

Design Center, 407 Yishan Lu. Huaihai Store: Room B002B/B002C, Infiniti, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu.

Ctrip T: 400 820 6666

Lane 600, 1 Yincheng Zhong Lu, Lujiazui. T: 6378 8888

LZ LifeZtore •Yi-Shan Store: Room 1-5, 1F, Living


Au Nom de la Rose 122 Jianguo Xi Lu (near Shaanxi Nan Lu). T: 6415 3686. The Village, 6 Dongping Lu (near Hengshan Lu). T: 5465 9125

A multidisciplinary and holistic approach to well-being including physiotherapy, restorative massage, skincare and body treatments inspired by Wudang wushu. Hours: 10am-11pm

SPA InterContinental Shanghai Expo Level 4, InterContinental Shanghai Expo, 1188 Xueye Lu, Pudong (near Nanmatou Lu). T: 3858 1460

M20 Nail Salon Unit 21-22F Building, Lane 123 Xingye Lu (at Xintiandi Plaza). T: 5306 1955

Country Holidays Silver Block, 5F, Unit 5A, Jiu An Plaza, 258 Tongren Lu

Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 6253 3076

These one- and two-bedroom homes are close to expatriate communities, international schools and European supermarkets.

Specialises in fine quality Chinese teas and premium blended French teas.

Sophia Clothes Spa 1156 Kangding Lu. T: 6231 7736

Free pick up and delivery (next day service available). 康定路1156号

Vedic life Shop 104, Building 5, Highstreet Loft, 283 Jianguo Xi Lu. T: 5466 0715  

Lemon Zest offers factory direct prices up to 40 per cent below the brand names and a lifetime warranty against defects.


Lemon Zest 1 Taojiang Lu. T: 6466 9099

A complete lifestyle store with products from India, Indonesia and Vietnam.,

Linen and embroidery. Hours: 10am10.30pm.

Huamu Lu. T: 6169 8856


• SPA AT KERRY SPORTS Kerry Hotel Pudong Shanghai, 4F, 1388

Strip, Ministry of Waxing 158 Xinle Lu (near Xiangyang Bei Lu). T: 5403 0011 Hours: 11am-9pm daily.

129 Datian Lu (near Beijing Xi Lu). T: 6289 9090

Annabel Lee – Exquisite Chinese Silk Bund Flagship Store: Lane 8, 1 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu. T: 6445 8218. Xintiandi Store: Unit 3, House 3, North Block, Lane 181 Taicang Lu. T: 6320 0045

上海市松江区泗泾镇泗陈公路 3388弄,上海东方佘山索菲特大酒店 SOSPATM水疗中心

洲际水疗馆,浦东雪野路1188号(近南 码头路),上海世博洲际酒店四楼.

• B Plus Travel Room 7A, Block A, Jiafa Building, Lane


Sichen Lu, Sijing Town. T: 3761 8888 × 1555

Highly skilled professional therapists incorporate the wisdom of natural healing to invigorate and restore harmony to your body.

• Fraser Suites Top Glory Shanghai

Traditional artworks, plus centuries-old antique furniture.

Travel Agencies

Lingerie & Me •Room 28, Building 5, Lane 1173,


Xuan Antique Furniture •50 Jin Huashi Lu. T: 5425 0613

FIve star TCM and aromatherapy make for one heady spa trip!

Hours: 10am-12am.

Shui Urban Spa 5F, Ferguson Lane, 376 Wukang Lu (near Tai’an Lu). T: 6126 7800

Just BB is a new generation of nude makeup for beautiful women.

Water’s Edge 85F, Park Hyatt Shanghai, 100 Shiji Dadao. T: 6888 1234 x 4250

Urban Retreat Wellness & Spa •8F, Shanghai Centre, 1376 Nanjing Xi

• •

淮海中路300号香港新世界大厦B3; 浦东蓝天路600号3楼

Xi Lu. T: 6288 2188. Shop 202, 1138 Pudong Nan Lu, Pudong. T: 6888 2995

Just BB T: (400) 8202 203

With gymnasium, infinity edge pool, juice bar, indoor spa garden and relaxation areas. Hours: 10am-10pm

300 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 5383 6633. 3F, Jinqiao Megafit Sports Club, 600 Lantian Lu, Pudong. T: 5030 6005

GIn One Spa No. 15 Entrance, 1F J-life, Jinmao Tower, 88 Shijie Dadao. T: 5103 6767

Dragonair Room 2101-2104, Shanghai Square Office Tower, 138 Huaihai Zhong Lu. T: 400 888 6628 / 400 881 3368 (realtime flight information)

Hours: 10am-9pm (10pm Fri, Sat).


Ultra-luxury private apparel for modern chic women. Visitors by appointment only.

Tower, 1403 Minsheng Lu, Pudong, Shanghai. T: 5269 4890 Emirates Airlines Room 3302, Zhong Xin Buliding, 1466 Nanjing Xi Lu. T: 3222 9999

Spa •B3,Sensations Hong Kong New World Tower,

private customers.,

嘉柏(中国)国际货运代理有限公 司:上海市普陀区绥德路729弄75支 弄59号嘉柏大厦


• Glamour Nail Salon 208 Nanyang Lu (behind Shanghai

56 TalkMagazine 




Professional manicurists.

Zen Massage Lane 210 Wuyuan Lu (near Wulumuqi Zhong Lu). T: 3368-1227

愉庭保健会所: 五原路370号(近武康路口)

Includes 12 spa treatment rooms, a 24 hour fitness centre, swimming pool, whirlpool, steam and sauna rooms, a beauty salon and a juice bar. 源Spa:黄浦路199号上海外滩茂悦大 酒店底层大厅 淮安路668号4楼

CROWN RELOCATIONS Crown Worldwide Building, Lane 72975, 59 Suide Lu. T: 6250 8820

Crown Relocations, a division of the Crown Worldwide Group, serves over 10,000 customers from over 250 locations in 55 countries, providing domestic and international transportation of household goods, transit protection, storage services, home and school search, inter-cultural training, expense management, policy consulting, program administration and other relocation services. The company serves corporations, diplomats and

MEDIA SALES Earn good money - commission plus basic - representing the city's most read, most known, and most loved monthly city-life magazine - Talk! New vacancies exist for educated, persuasive, talented, ambitious young people looking to break into media, or to take the next step in their media careers. Send resume to to arrange interview. - Become a Talk Insider!



The Amazing Spider-man


Ice Age: Continental Drift

Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street) takes the viewer on a bumpy ride of sinful decadence gone wrong with his latest flick about the success of two savvy businessmen and the greed of one ruthless cartel queen. Ben (Aaron Johnson) and Chon (Taylor Kitsch) are honest men who seem to have fostered an ideal balance of love and friendship with blonde bombshell O, short for Ophelia (Blake Lively). That is, until Elena (Salma Hayek), an unscrupulous and very determined Mexican business woman, decides that she wants in on their lucrative business operation as well. What ensues is utter chaos. After Ben and Chon reject her offer, the fiery and spiteful Elena kidnaps O and holds her as ransom until the men cave in to her demands. What results is a series of violent and messy events with both sides (American versus Mexican) revealing what lengths they will go to defend what’s theirs. Savages is an exciting film with a contemporary spin on the classic western plot, with the addition of a few American political undertones that feel, at times, a bit too close for comfort (such as when Ben’s and Chon’s D.E.A. friend Dennis (John Travolta) warns the men, “Don’t mess with Walmart”). For a film of such deranged elements, it is a smart source of insightful revelations, and the viewer comes away questioning the cultural markings behind what a ‘savage’ really is: is it a sloth or is it a beast? Melissa K Trias

Since Spiderman first did its bit to net audiences back in 2002, Hollywood has been milking the superhero cash cow incessantly and without mercy. And as its hand beckons us once more inside theatres barely five years after the last Spiderman franchise, it is only natural to enter with a degree of hesitation. The Amazing Spider-man however does achieve partial redemption in providing some depth into the so far largely overlooked story of Spiderman’s origin. There’s a notable absence of the endless explosions characteristic of the genre, in place of a grounded and, dare I say, emotionally complex plot, which loyal fans will enjoy. The Amazing Spider-man follows Peter Parker’s (Andrew Garfield) first relationship with college crush Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) and his dealings with developing supernatural powers after a genetically modified spider bites him. Director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) also devotes generous screen time to developing the hero Parker’s relationship with his aunt and uncle (Martin Sheen) and the so far neglected story of his parents’ disappearance, leading to a more fleshed out character than previous incarnations. Still, action-seekers, fear not. The Amazing Spider-man makes excellent use of 3D with the “Webb cam”, letting the audience see the action first hand through Spiderman’s eyes with nifty first person camerawork as he slings across Manhattan rooftops. Overall, however and perhaps surprisingly, what the film will be remembered for is its emotional sentiment, not for its jaw-dropping CGI action sequences. Christian Seiersen

Ted has been long anticipated as the first motion picture of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, and as comedies go, it’s pretty darn funny, but perhaps falls flat of being the makings of an Anchorman-style cult classic. Still, lovers of the highly acclaimed 2010 comedy The Other Guys will like Ted, which sees Mark Wahlberg starring in lead role as John Bennett, a 35 year old whose best friend is a talking teddy bear (voiced by MacFarlane). John Bennett was previously a lonely eight year old kid, whose wish for his favourite teddy bear to come to life mysteriously came true. The film takes place over 20 years later, after short-lived fame has wound down for Ted, and John is starting to settle down with his girlfriend of four years, Lori Collins (Mila Kunis). John and Ted are still best friends and housemates, but slackers who sit around drinking beer and watching 80s TV shows all day, which brings John’s relationship with Lori into friction. In the meantime, the foul-mouthed and womanising Ted finds himself being pursued by Donny (Giovanni Ribisi), a stalker who idolised him as a child. As the plot goes, there’s nothing really fresh on offer, but MacFarlane and Wahlberg are both excellently funny in their individual roles, and the house party scenes starring Flash Gordon star Sam J. Jones are comedy gold. Still, this isn’t one you’ll be quoting for days afterwards; on the contrary, you’ll have probably forgotten most of what you’ve seen. Kerry Allen

It may seem like a bygone era, when Ice Age first charmed audiences with its palatable blend of originality and visual inventiveness ten years ago. And after watching Ice Age: Continental Drift, a fourth attempt to re-thaw the franchise, the first instalment will be remembered covetously. Ice Age: Continental Drift mainstays some similarity to the previous Ice Age films: Manny the Mammoth (Ray Romano), Diego the SabreToothed Tiger (Denis Leary) and Sid the Sloth (John Leguizamo) becoming separated from their loved ones after the ancient continent Pangea splits abruptly. The culprit? You guessed it, the bulbous-eyed squirrel Scrat whose doomed attempts to bury his nut have singularly reshaped earth’s history. Stranded on an iceberg, the intrepid trio’s journey home is hindered by a malicious crab, giant waves and a Simian pirate king (Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage). The producers play out the trademark Ice Age themes of comradeship and familial commitment in a transplanted maritime setting, but apart from an eerie encounter with a Siren, the arctic visuals lack the innovation that made animated films such as Finding Nemo so popular. Not even the hasty introduction of hip-hop duo Drake and Nicki Minaj as trendy Mammoths can prevent the film’s slip into the abyss of mediocrity. The slap-stick humour will appeal to younger audiences but for weary parents facing a summer that also saw the release of Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted, the question is: would you rather be roasted or frozen to death? Christian Seiersen

Walking the Tycoon’s Rope

The Long Earth

Purple Pachyderm

By Robert Wang Blacksmith Books, pp 379

By Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter Doubleday, pp 352

Bigong Bijing's College Companion for the Well Dressed Man

Walking the Tycoon’s Rope is an interesting and inspiring autobiographical account detailing the success of entrepreneur and solicitor Robert Wang, who went from extreme poverty in his birthplace of Ningbo - which he escaped when he was five years old at the time of the Chinese Civil War - to being a successful business magnate in Hong Kong and Singapore. And indeed Wang’s story is an interesting one, especially in the later chapters as he shares his experiences of working and dealing with some of Hong Kong’s most powerful business tycoons. But the overly emotional and dramatised telling of certain events (which in themselves sometimes lean towards disjointed as Wang attempts to recall long streams of dialogue he had with certain people) lends away from credibility and more towards the dramatic. In its essence, Walking the Tycoon’s Rope is a personal, more than a professional account of one man’s life story, and his struggles and successes along the way. Wang is a likeable narrator, and effective in putting the reader in the scenes in which he has found himself in over the years. Readers will particularly find interesting the personal accounts of Wang’s younger years as he struggled with being a Chinese national living in Hong Kong. Still, sadly Wang’s use of lofty prose make this a difficult book to warm to, and the reality is that while Wang has not achieved international status, his book will only enjoy short-term recognition. Steph Buckingham

The two biggest names in British sci-fi join forces in this engrossing and thought-provoking novel. The Long Earth examines what might happen if infinite parallel worlds were discovered and made accessible alongside Earth. Pratchett and Baxter examine how the inhabitants of Datum, the Earth we know, react to a sudden abundance of resources and space, with the book predominately focusing around two characters: Joshua, a natural ‘stepper’ and Lobsang, a Tibetan motorcycle repairman. Of course there are challenges that arise; iron cannot be carried over into these other worlds, leaving the pilgrims migrating into the new worlds in a true pioneer state. Problems also develop in the home world with the collapse of economic markets and increasing dissatisfaction, as a result of the significant number of people who can not 'step' into the new worlds. On top of all of this, the new Earths turn out to maybe not be as uninhabited as everyone had imagined.  With so much happening in The Long Earth, not everything is concluded and what is seems to be done so quite abruptly. This is the first book in a series which, many people, like myself, may find themselves wishing they’d avoided committing to. The Long Earth is after all immensely readable, the characters are warm and fully realised and there is something marvellous in Baxter’s and Pratchett's descriptions of multiple Earths. Like it or not, I am now fully committed to discovering what else the Long Earth may bring. Robyn Hughes




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Bigong Bijing

The release of Bigong Bijing's eight-track debut is a testament to the 'other side' of rock music in Shanghai. For many, the centre of the rock-o-sphere in Shanghai has always been firmly centered around Yuyintang with an occasional nod to MAO Livehouse for bigger shows. However, Bigong Bijing has recently built up a following for itself at Hongkou District’s Live Bar, rarely venturing south to play gigs anywhere else in the city. The name of the track 'We're the Livebar Band, You're the Livebar Crowd' says it all. The 23 minute album is straight up, nononsense punk. There's nothing groundbreaking musically; it's just a good time. The lyrics are crass; the tracks '无所谓' ['Whatever'] and '十八 代' ['Eighteenth Generation'] both carry refrains with Chinese expletives. The voices are rough and sometimes out of tune. Still, depending on your views of punk music, none of these are bad things. What the band might lack in refinement, they more than make up for in zeal. Lead singer and guitarist Lao Bi is especially noteworthy for the energy in both his guitar playing and his singing. The blistering riffs he lays down on both ‘无所谓’ and 'Shanghai Strikes Back (都得死)' hook the listener immediately. And whether he's wailing in Chinese or English, he's brash and bold, the perfect orator of musical mayhem. It's enough to get Shanghai's rock faithful to head out to Hongkou for a listen. Tom Mangione


Stegosaurus? is a band unafraid to put a question mark after their name, unsure whether they or anyone else should take themselves seriously. While many rock bands look to produce music that's in some way profound, Stegosaurus? are really just trying to have fun. However their second album shows that despite the happy-go-lucky attitude, there's a lot of good tunage worth more than just a chuckle. The opening track 'Dance or Die' blends wide post-rocky soundscapes and blistering solos from Rainbow Danger Club's Michael Corayer with a stilted, robotic refrain of “Dance or die!” Musically, it's all over the place with sudden changes in dynamic and style, the perfect prelude for what's to come. Which in a nutshell is this: imagine a hyperactive child let loose on a theme park recounting his adventures with musical precociousness. The nu-metal intro of 'Monkey Island' reverts to a ska style verse which tells the story of monkeys trying to build a flying machine. The chorus, half in Chinese, encourages the monkeys to take flight. And after a long build of discordant guitars, a sudden and poignant Muse-like vocal line appears in 'Lament of the Lilacs', arguably the album's most serious effort. Of course, there are moments on the album that are downright silly. 'Mama' switches between screaming and falsetto child singing before going into a country-western styled break with Mongolian throat singing. And 'Stinky Tofu' is a punk song with puns in Chinese about making out. Tom Mangione August12  TalkMagazine





August Trivia Quiz

Life coach, trusted personal counsellor and astrologer, Linda Joyce’s client list includes well-known celebrities and international business titans looking to merge the world of the intuitive with the practical. Author of the best selling book The Day You Were Born, the book is now in its 11th printing.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat our monthly brainbuster, take our summer fruits themed quiz and prove your brainy talents! Be sure to answer the Sherpa’s Bonus Question for your chance to win RMB 800’s worth of free food from Shanghai’s number one delivery service.

Linda Joyce

Mercury goes direct on the 8th, and things will come together, giving you enough strength for the next step. Your personal life is changing, and that change will continue for some time. You will find you need a vision to hold on to, a focus to keep you away from doubt, and passion to bring forth your happiness.

VIRGO (23 Aug – 22 Sept): Your ruler, Mercury, goes direct on the 8th and it’s time to end repetition and add something new to your life. With Jupiter in Gemini, the ruler of your 10th house of career, you will expand, either through accepting one of the many opportunities that are coming your way, or because you must.

PISCES (19 Feb – 20 Mar): Stop playing it safe. Put yourself first without guilt. Know what you need to make yourself happy. When you are aware of your desires and act on them, then you will help others do the same. Balance between giving and receiving can only be achieved if you first learn to take care of yourself.

LIBRA (23 Sept – 23 Oct): Venus, your ruler, moves into Cancer on the 8th, making you more introspective than you want to be at this time. You desire certainty, but that won’t come until the fall. So enjoy the end of the summer and have a good time, laugh and be happy, that’s what life is all about.

ARIES (21 Mar – 19 Apr): Life requires an integration of the practical and the spiritual. Since you tend to be all or nothing, finding a balance sometimes is not your strong point – but it’s a lesson you must learn. So give up some of your idealism and you won’t fall so hard when reality enters the picture.

SCORPIO (24 Oct – 21 Nov): The Pluto Uranus square is making you profoundly aware of how your thoughts influence your choices and actions. As famous writer and poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “A man is what he thinks about all day long,” so pay attention to what occupies your thoughts – it’s determining your future.

TAURUS (20 Apr – 20 May): Indecisiveness can be an issue until you have experienced life and travelled a variety of roads. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake, or take a “wrong” turn and end up in a different place to that you had imagined. The journey before you should include spontaneity; it allows the universe to contribute.

SAGITTARIUS (22 Nov – 21 Dec): Authority is a Sagittarian issue; you dislike taking orders from anyone. It’s time to stop opposing the boss and understand what makes him/her tick. Pay attention to their likes and dislikes, know their wounds and what sets them off, then you won’t be surprised by their actions, you’ll be prepared. CAPRICORN (22 Dec – 19 Jan): Follow your inspiration—your inner voice will never let you down. It’s time to combine your natural talents with opportunity, timing and courage. Adjustments in your life will need to be made, and if you’re not afraid of change, your leap of faith will take you to a whole new level.

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GEMINI (21 May – 21 June): Security is something you desire, but no amount of money will make you feel safe. Faith is the only thing that will bring a feeling of security. Never forget, your thoughts create your reality, so think positive. Jupiter in your sign is giving you the strength and support you need to do what has to be done. CANCER (22 June – 22 July): Show the world what makes you unique by adding your own perspective to what’s happening. No one will know how you feel unless you tell them. Cancers tend to hold too much in, and then get angry at the world for not knowing what they want. Say what you mean, and do what you say.


True or False? The strawberry is not actually a berry.



Apart from the cashew, what is the only other fruit that grows seeds on the outside?


Is the banana a berry?

True or False? The U.S. has the largest apple production in the world.


True or False? Apples float in water because they contain up to 25% air.


4 6

11 12 13 14



In Singapore, which fruit is illegal to carry on public transportation?


Which fruit has a higher vitamin C level, an orange or a kiwi? What fruit is credited as helping cure scurvy on long sea voyages in the 19th century? True or False? Unlike bananas, grapes don’t ripen after being picked.

What common fruit is also known as the Chinese gooseberry? What fruit is known as ‘the King of fruits?’ What country does the peach originate from? True or False? There are over 7,500 types of apples.

American actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a daughter, whose name is a type of fruit. Which fruit is this? True or False? Batology is the study of brambles, i.e. blackberries and raspberries.


AQUARIUS (20 Jan – 18 Feb): This month it’s essential to distance yourself from other people’s problems. You carry a desire to improve the world through the power of your being – and it will get you into trouble. It doesn’t help to make others feel safe when they need to face their fears. Allow others to grow up.

1) True, it’s a berry like fruit. 2) Yes it is, as it carries its seeds inside) 3) True 4) Durian fruit 5) Kiwi 6) Citrus fruits like limes and lemons 7) True 8) Strawberry 9) False, China has 10) Kiwi 11) Durian fruit 12) China 13) True 14) Apple 15) True

LEO (23 July – 22 Aug): The tensions in your life are caused by an inner battle, not current events. You are being challenged to live your values instead of just believing in them. Let go of instant gratification and realise that the important things in life take time to develop. Accept the truth of the moment and peace will be yours.

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