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Strategy for the Top Curated by Professor Bob de Wit Startdate 19 november 2012


Course Strategy for the Top Startdate 20 november 2012 Dates live webinars Tuesday 20 november, 8:00-9:30pm Tuesday 27 november, 8:00-9:30pm Tuesday 11 december, 8:00-9:30pm Tuesday 18 december, 8:00-9:30pm Teacher(s) Prof.dr. Bob de Wit

(Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University and director of Strategy Works Rotterdam)

Language English

Work load 22 hours in total / average 4,5 hours per week For who C-level, directors, partners, entrepreneurs, senior management Books Strategy: Process, Content, Context Good to Great Corporate Social Responsibility - t.b.d. Costs â‚Ź995,- ex VAT / books included Apply Contact or +31620954571

ABOUT THIS COURSE This course lasts five weeks and is offered completely digital. Participants will attend 4 live webianrs in the evening (8.00-9.30pm), in which Bob de Wit will share his insights and knowledge on the specific topic. We aim to make the webinar as interactive as possible by stimulating and moderating a valuable dialogue between you, your fellow participants and the teacher and guest speakers. Last but not least we will present and study some of your cases brought in via the weekly assignments.

PROFESSOR BOB DE WIT This Course is designed by Prof. dr. Bob de Wit, Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University and director of Strategy Works Rotterdam. Bob de Wit has written Strategy books used by the top business schools in the world. His coauthored book ‘Strategy: Process, Content, Context is the number 3 book sold in the world at universities and business schools. To learn to know Bob in advance, you can watch the video on the left side, where he explains this course.


CURRICULUM Webinar 1: 'Understanding Key Strategic and Leadership Issues' Strategic and leadership issues differ from most other issues. Most issues (such as operational issues) can be characterized as ‘puzzles’ that can be solved. To be successful one needs to understand the problem, collect all relevant information, and find the best solution. Strategic and leadership issues can best be characterized as ‘dilemmas, ‘polarities’, or ‘paradoxes’. There are more than one and often conflicting objectives, contradicting information, multiple perspectives and no best solution. Bob de Wit will characterize these issues with examples, and use participants’ cases in an interactive session. Teacher: Bob de Wit Date & time: Tuesday 20 november, 8:00-9:30pm Webinar 2: 'Perspectives on Corporate Strategy' There is no such thing as a best corporate strategy for all organizations in all industries. Key is the specific context, such as the company size, the industry, the culture and the leadership style. However, there are concepts and perspectives that are useful when applied well, and best practices to learn from. In this highly interactive lecture, Bob de Wit will introduce the concepts and perspectives, provide many examples, and discuss cases from participants. Teacher: Bob de Wit Date & time: Tuesday 27 november, 8:00-9:30pm Webinar 3: 'Reconciling Strategic Paradoxes to Improve Innovativeness' One of the most challenging issues of companies is to enhance innovativeness and new growth while remaining efficient and cost-focused. This paradox of exploration and exploitation is difficult to deal with, because of the different and also conflicting underlying processes, control systems and reward mechanisms. Although difficult, processes to reconcile the paradox have been developed and proved useful. Best practices and examples of successful reconciliations will be discussed by Bob de Wit in this interactive lecture, and participants’ cases will be discussed. Teacher: Bob de Wit Date & time: Tuesday 11 december, 8:00-9:30pm Webinar 4: 'Consequences of Corporate Responsibility and Social Media' The importance of corporate responsibility and social media are often underestimated and hardly understood, and as a result delegated to the marketing or communications department. However, societal responsibility is a fundamental and sustainable development, while social media provides societal stakeholders a powerful tool to influence companies. As a consequence, the power balance between shareholders and societal stakeholders will be changing, and companies need to re-invent stakeholder management. Bob de Wit will discuss the topic and future consequences in an interactive lecture. Teacher: Bob de Wit Date & time: Tuesday 18 december, 8:00-9:30pm BOOKS You will receive the following books - at your company or home adress - in order to Good to Great - Jim Collins Strategy: Process, Content, Context - Bob de Wit & Ron Meyer Harvard Business Review Book about Social Responsibility - to be decided



BENEFITS Main advantages of our digital executive courses at a glance: • Toplevel teachers (MBA+) with extensive practical experience • Outside office time, so no loss of productive hours and less pressure on agenda • No travel time and additional costs (hotel expenditures) • Competitive price: to 4x cheaper than similar courses at traditional business school • Books included - delivered at home or compnay adress by • Assignments to transfer freshly gained knowledgde & insights into own practice REFERRALS

Below several reactions from people who participated in previous courses

“Although you’re not physically together you really feel connected” “My personal experience with this way of learning: fast, effective and interactive” “Great way how the interaction with participants is organized. Great real world examples” “High energy and entertaining learning!”

Strategy for the Top - Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit  

Crowdale course Strategy for the Top by Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit.

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