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A Comprehensive Search Optimization SEO Web Site To Promote Raiders (Classic) This article will focus on a comprehensive introduction to professional search engine optimization search websites such as the promotion of the understanding optimization, through this article you learn how to master the entire knowledge of search engine optimization , at the same time this particular paper additionally introduces a user-friendly vocabulary SEO understanding , whether a person are still the basis of SEO first year class, through the introduction of the paper, you can look for SEO website optimization and promotion of the more comprehensive understanding of the following will begin to research optimization search engine optimization Web site to advertise the journey , I desire you all a happy learning! 1, the target words Key goals What does this mean ? crucial objectives: to recognize means through analysis of the words from the Web site from the main words , Tongsudejiang indicates : According to the website of the product or support may be used to target the key term search. Key goals of these functions : a , the target words as a general title from the page; b, is the general goal of keywords 2-4 words consisting of a term or phrase, most of the phrase ; d , the target words in the search engines have a particular number of daily search volume stability. Key goals of research users on the website are services and products , there is a request, or even on the Web site's content of great interest. the main content from the site round the goal to start Key words. 2, the actual Long tail Keywords What is the lengthy tail keywords ? research into the site's research traffic and key words, we discover that: for that average small Web site, the goal of bringing keywords flow websites account for the vast majority from the total research traffic. Web site exists within the directory pages, content pages will also have a flow of words, but a few. the actual Long tail Keywords: web site refers to non-target words, it brought about a flow of search keywords , called lengthy tail keywords. crucial features of the actual tail along with : a , a long, frequently 2-3 words , even the expression. w , present in the content of the page , in addition to the content material of the page

title additionally exists within the content. c, amount of searches is very reduced and unpredictable. d , long tail keywords provide customers into a customer's product site probability much lower compared to target words. e , there are a many large and medium-sized lengthy tail keywords site, bringing its complete volume is very large. For example: For example, expert network station ( of each article, each of the directory are intending the words (just about all on the station , station master, such as leisure , head from the Institute, a tool station, station house and so on ), these words constitute a long tail website of the main flow. The number of the ratio of 60%. warm Tip: big and medium-sized industries search engine optimization site from the main ability lies in the planning from the long tail keywords. 3, the position of the keywords Key words on which position? On the page where there is the best keywords ? Search engines believe that pages are often positioned important words. a , first of all keywords in each of the paragraphs within the article; b, page label mind (for example: explanation Tag-description tags , keyword tags, etc.) should be placed words ; d , page image of the alt tags should be written in the words ; d , the words can be viewed as as a subdirectory; e , other webpages about the words , do not forget to add the link and point to that page. Key words to add , should be given to the Web site directed at users, instead than search engines. Do not use any kind of means to con the search engine. Posicionamiento web

A Comprehensive Search Optimization SEO Web Site To Promote Raiders  

warm Tip: big and medium-sized industries search engine optimization site from the main ability lies

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