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Genesis 1:1-­2  "In  the  beginning  by  the  Firstborn  God  created  the  heavens  and  the  earth.  Now   the  earth  was  formless  and  empty,  darkness  was  over  the  surface  of  the  deep,  and  the  Spirit  of   God  was  hovering  over  the  waters."     ■  From  this,  we  can  see  that  Jesus  was  involved  in  creation     ■  Keep  in  mind  is  that  the  Bible  is  not  a  scientific  textbook   What  are  the  Various  Christian  Views  of  Creation?   View  #1  –  Historic  Creationism   In  this  view,  Genesis  1:1  records  the  making  of  all  creation  by  God  out  of  nothing,  or  “ex  nihilo.     This  view  leaves  open  the  possibility  of  both  an  old  earth  and  six  literal  days  of  creation.   View  #2  –  Young  Earth  Creationism   In  this  view,  God  created  the  entire  universe,  including  Adam  and  Eve,  in  six  literal  twenty-­‐four-­‐ hour  days.  This  view  is  almost  always  accompanied  with  a  belief  in  a  young  earth  as  it  seeks  to   be  faithful  to  the  biblical  text  while  not  giving  much  credence  to  the  scientific  claims  of  such   things  as  an  old  earth.   View  #3  –  Gap  Theory   In  this  view,  Genesis  1:1  explains  a  first  creation  that  happened  perhaps  billions  of  years  ago.   Then,  a  catastrophic  event,  likely  the  fall  of  Satan  from  heaven,  left  the  earth  in  the  destroyed   condition  of  Genesis  1:2.  God  responded  to  this  disaster  by  recreating  the  earth  in  six  literal   days.   View  #4  –  Literary  Framework  View   In  this  view,  Genesis  1–2  is  intended  to  be  read  as  a  figurative  framework  explaining  creation  in   a  topical,  not  sequential,  order,  and  is  interpreted  metaphorically  and  not  as  literal  twenty-­‐four-­‐ hour  days.       ■  Read  Exodus  20:11  (literal  days)   View  #5  –  Day-­‐Age  View   In  this  view,  God  created  the  universe,  including  Adam  and  Eve,  in  six  sequential  periods  of  time   that  are  not  literal  twenty-­‐four-­‐hour  days.  The  problem  with  this  view  is  that  the  six  days  of   creation  seem  to  clearly  be  literal  days.   View  #6  –  Theistic  Evolution   In  this  view,  God  essentially  began  creation  and  then  pulled  back  from  working  directly  in   creation  to  instead  work  through  the  process  of  evolution.  The  only  exception  would  be  God   involving  himself  directly  again  in  the  making  of  human  life.  For  the  most  part,  this  view  accepts   the  hypothesis  of  evolution  but  seeks  to  insert  God  as  the  creator  of  matter  and  overseer  of  the   evolutionary  process.  This  view  also  believes  that  species  evolved  over  a  long  period  of  time,   which  requires  an  old  earth.   Discussion  vs.  Division  in  the  Church   Our  goal  is  to  discuss  the  different  views,  but  not  split  over  them.  The  church  is  in  agreement   that  God  created  everything.  That  God  created  everything  is  the  non-­‐negotiable,  but  how   creation  happened  is  an  open  issue.   What  does  Creation  Reveal  about  God?   Based  on  Genesis,  creation  reflects  something  of  God.   1.  God  is  eternally  uncaused  and  exists  before  creation   2.  God  is  living  and  life  comes  from  God   3.  God  is  independent  and  creation  is  dependant  on  Him     ■  What  else  does  Creation  reveal  about  the  character  of  God?     ■  What  does  knowing  that  God  is  our  Creator  do  for  your  relation  to  God  in  your  walk?                                      How  does  this  knowledge  help  you  love  Our  Savior  and  Creator  more?    

Doctrine Part 3 - Creation: God Makes  

Doctrine series part 3, Creation: God Makes