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Welcome to the 67th Annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. As you visit the barns, shopping areas and attractions, you’ll discover we are definitely “more than an 8 second ride!” We are honored that the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo was chosen by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) as the LARGE INDOOR RODEO OF THE YEAR for the 11th consecutive year! There are a number of factors contributing to the continued success of our PRCA Rodeo including our animal athletes and spectator-friendly format featuring a winner for each rodeo event every performance. Additionally, we contract only NFR-quality bucking stock and only the top money-winning contestants in the world are eligible to enter San Antonio. If you are looking for top-notch, high intensity rodeo, we’ve got it! While on the grounds you will find multiple interactive exhibits, shows and educational areas that will appeal to all ages. Many of these exhibits are designed to allow our visitors to learn about the agriculture and its importance to daily life. We are also home to a family friendly, carnival, petting zoo, pony rides, wine garden and of course, all the mouth watering “fair food” you can imagine! Be sure to stop by and watch the youth shows taking place from Youth Rodeo to one of the world’s largest junior livestock shows.

An event of this size cannot take place without the support of the 6,000 plus volunteers all dedicated to our mission statement – “A volunteer organization that emphasizes agriculture and education to develop the youth of Texas.” combined with our sponsors and outstanding staff members. Please join us in thanking our generous sponsors for their contributions, efforts and representation; their partnership with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is integral to our success. Since our inception, we have committed $160.1 million to this effort and $12.2 million in 2015 to education in the form of scholarships, auctions, grants, endowments, calf scramble and show premiums paid to the youth of Texas. On behalf of the volunteers and sponsors we want to welcome you to our show. We truly hope you enjoy your experience with us. Welcome and “Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!”

Cody Davenport President 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 1




To the SOLD OUT Team Roping Classic March 11-12, 2016

2 MEET & GREET PASSES With George Strait















Chairman of the Board










Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President

Vice President


4 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Vice President

Vice President


Vice President

KEITH MARTIN Vice President



The Assistant Vice Presidents are a group of former chairmen who work closely with both the Executive Committee and the Committee Chairmen in the planning and day-to-day operations of the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, as well as supporting S.A.L.E. events and fundraisers throughout the year. The AVP’s provide invaluable assistance to the volunteer leadership year round.











Lifetime Assistant Vice President


Lifetime Assistant Vice President


JACKIE VAN DE WALLE Lifetime Assistant Vice President



Lifetime Assistant Vice President


Lifetime Assistant Vice President 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 5


- DIRECTORS Dan B. Adams

Marcus Demel Jr.

Gary Joeris

Sarah Novak

Michael Link Sommer

Anne Ahlschwede

John W. Dent

Paula Marie Johnson

William Ki C. O’Berry

Joe Soules

Stephen W. Albert

Miltie Devin

Sue Jones

Tricia O’Connell

Aaron Staas

Dena L. Allen

Karen K. Dudek

Wayne Anthony Katz

Terry Olivarri

Andrew Staskavage

Jean Anno

Guy Lee Durden

Patrick B. Kelly

Michael Kent Osteen

Scheri L. Arnold

Paul W. Dvorak

Jim Stephens

Barbara Kelso

Lawrence Ray Padalecki

Francisco J. Arocha

Jennifer Dylla

Tracie Lee Kelso

Pat Paxson

Howard L. Stich III

Russell K. Bading

Mary Eaton

James Kinney

Alex Pena

Eldred Gene Baldwin Jr.

Bill H. Ethridge

Tracie Kiolbassa

Samuel Perez Jr.

Robin S. Baldwin

Jimmie Ruth Evans

Michael Kirkpatrick

Fred J. Petmecky

Jack D. Ballard

Richard W. Evans Jr.

Olive Anne Kleberg

Tony Pieprzyca

Trish Ballard

Billy Feuge

Richard M. “Cardo” Kleberg IV Paul E. Pittman

Roy Trey Baring III

Vonda M. Fischer

Richard M. “Tres” Kleberg III

Jeff Potthoff

Melanie Barker

W. Sheldon Fitch

Paul H. Klinksiek

Hampton D. Pratka

Debbie Barnett

Michael J. Forkenbrock

Daneane J. Koehl

Barbie Puckett-Todd

D.R. Barr

Shauna Forkenbrock

Ervin Kotzur

Tammy Quinters

Jenesee Beaudoin

Debbie Frerich

Kelly Kuehler

Bernie Ramirez

Courtney Tarbox

J. Scott Beckendorf

Duane Frerich

Scott Lamoureux

Gloria Ramirez

Jason Tarbox

Sandra J. Bench

Patrick Frost

Douglas M. Lansing Jr.

Charles Bradley Reece

Gary Tate

Jennifer Bialek

Shannon Galloway

Big John Thomas Leifester

Randy Reiley

Merle Taylor

Sherry Blow

Eddie Gammill

George Lieck

Eileen K. Reina-Weidner

Sandy Teinert

Candy Bridges

Gilbert Garcia

Patricia Lynn Lindblom

Steve L. Reuthinger

Steve Bridges

Duane E. Garza

Nancy B. Loeffler

Michelle Richter

Elaine Van De Walle Thompson

Neal S. Brodbeck

Larry D. Gembler Jr.

William Long

Ward Richter

Andrea Tondre

Joy D. Brown

Cindy Gidden

Adam Lopez

Penny Riley

Diana Turner

Kevin D. Brown

Richard Gonzales

Stephen Luman

Courtney R. Ringelstein

Ronnie Urbanczyk

Jennifer L. Burkholder

Gus Gonzalez

Tony Magaro

Charlene Roeber

Terry Urbanczyk

Matt Burkholder

Juan Gonzalez

Melissa Kaye Mahula

Philip Ray Roeber

Randy Vaclavik

John M. Canavan III

Marty Gonzalez

Linda Mairs

Melanie Rohling

Lupe Valdez

Dru Scott Canion

Susan Gonzalez

Edwin Michael Martin

Richard Ruiz

Jackie Van De Walle

Jacqueline Carabajal

Keith R. Gordon

Richard H. Martinez

W. Marvin Rush II

Jason R. Walker

James M. Caruth

David Guion

Cody McBrearty

Eva R. Salazar

Sara Stumberg Walker

Ronnie Chakales

Brian W. Harle

Holly Kristen McBrearty

Gus Salazar

Scott E. Chakales

Brenda K. Harris

Scott A. McBrearty

Jake R. Wells Jr.

Eddie Sanchez

John O. Chessher

Elizabeth A. Hassell

A. Kirk McClelland

Frances Sandera

Jim Welsh

Travis B. Chipman

Heather C. Haynes

Georgette McCue

Robert Sandera

James F. Clingman Jr.

Joe N. Haynes

Roy McCue

Dale Ray Sands

James “Jay” Clingman

Tina Altgelt Haynes

Kathy McGuffin

Holly Sawyer

Mark S. Colaw

Wimberley Hearn

Sandra K. Meeks

Tonya Schmid

Allen Cole

John Henderson

Wallace Meeks

Keith Schmidt

Lanisa Cole

B J Hendler

Mark Metcalfe

Donald Ray Schubert II

Fred Rusty Collier Jr.

Jerry Hill

Suzane Mitchell

Michael Schwandt

Richard A. Collier

Ryan Hill

John Moon

James N. Scofield

Scott Conover

Roy Holley

Kenneth Moore

Robert J. Scofield

Dinah Nell Covert

Clarence Buster Noel Horlen

Kim J. Moore

Mark A. Seal

Clifton J. Wood

Bryan L. Cowan

Joe E. Hutchison

Valerie L. Moore

Jeffrey Ray Sefcik

G. Bailey Woods Jr.

Gary Craig

Kathryn “Kay” Hutchison

Ruben Musquiz

Gene Serene

Kathryn Holly Wright

Michael R. Cunningham

Gary Jarzombek

Norm L. Nevins

Jackie M. Simmonds

John B. Zachry

Cody Davenport

Clinton C. Jenschke Jr.

Kurt Newton

Brenda Slinkard

William Thomas Zappe

Dean Davenport

Bill Jerman

H.M. Northington Jr.

Keith Smith

Michelle Zipp-Courtney

6 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Rita Stich Stephen Stokinger Kathy Stout Randy Stout Charles Strickland Michael H. Sullivan James Sutter Clint N. Swindall Heather Swindall

Terri Foster Weynand Renee R. Wheat Than TW Wheat Eric Whipple Mary Lou White W. David White Scott A. Wiatrek Delia Willis Amy M. Wise


- EMERITUS Joe Ray Ackerman

Cindy T. Dawson

Doris Ann Johnson

Dwayne Padalecki

Robert Wagner

Linda Ackerman

Vincent Dawson

Mark M. Johnson

James T. Palmer

Shirley Wagner Kenneth W. Wagoner

Tracy Adams

Albert De La Garza Jr.

Michael G. Johnson

Bert Pfiester

Shirley Ahr

Leroy Denman

Linda Justis

Mary Jo Phillips

Mary Wagoner

Leroy Albrecht

Bonnie Eckhardt

Robert E. Justis

George “Moose” Ploch

Dick Wallrath

Charles Seb Allen

Ralph Edwards

Nancy S. Kellner

Paul E. Ploch

Watt Wardlaw Lee Weathersbee Jr.

Steve Alwais

Annella Egbert

Brenda R. Kincaid

David W. Poole

Ernesto Ancira Jr.

Tom Egbert

Ken Knight

Jimmy J. Prue

David Weaver

Jim Tobe Atkinson

Joe M. Ernst

John H. Kothmann, Jr. DVM

Jerri P. Puckett

George Mitchel West

Mike Bachofer

Ruben Escobedo

Al N. Lambrecht

Susan Quigley

James Herschel West

Roy Baring Jr.

Jack Estess

John Robert Lane Jr.

Becky Quiroz

Sol West III

Libba Barnes

Vic Estrada Sr.

John F. Leflore

Raul Quiroz

John White Jr.

Arlene Barr

Vic G. Estrada Jr.

Billie Rae Light

Ard E. Richardson III

George Roy L. Wight Jr.

Mark Barrett

Tex Farnsworth

George E. Light III

Kent Roach

John Keith Willborn

Osborn Barrett

George Faucett

Walter Scott Light

Betty Lou Roberts

Bobby Joe Wood

Kenneth R. Bell

Rugeley Ferguson

Ted Liljenwall

Jim Roguski

R. K. Wurzbach

Richard H. Bennett

Frances Ferro

Tom Loeffler

Karl J. Russell

John Yturri

Tom Benson

Hugh A Fitzsimons Jr.

W.R. Low

Dora Salinas

Thad M. Ziegler

R.T. Biggers D.C.

Tom C. Frost

George Lowrance

Elmo Sample

Jo Ann Zimmermann

John A. Bitter III

Jeannette Galin

John B. Luce

Billy Warren Schieberle

Vernie D. Bodden

Jack V Gates

Donna Markey MD

Joseph F. Schreiber Jr.

Edward Allen Bode

Joe Gibson Sr.

Keith L. Markey MD

Rick Scott

Russell Knute Boldt

Don Glasscock

Don E. Marshall

G.T. Bucky Shodrock

Bob Bowen

Steven R. Gomez

Keith Martin

Sharon L. Shuler

Patricia Bowen

Jack Edward Gorman

Roy G. Martin

Betty Smith

Shari Bowen

James W Gorman Jr.

Frank J. Martinez

James Smith

Tibaut Bowman

Beverly Gray

Douglas C. May

Patti Smith

Jon Box

Hugh A Halff Jr.

Rex Mayhew

Roy F. Smith

Brett Bradford

Bunnie Hamilton

Red McCombs

Ann Sorrell

Sherry Bray

John A. Hamilton

Terry McDonald

John Brent Sorrell

Bradford R. Breuer

Dwayne Harlan

William McDonald

Scott Sorrell

Vernell Pape Burch

Billy Harris

Jay McGuffin

Carleton B. Spears

Rodney Bush

Gayle Harris

Steve Mejia

Martin Spiekerman

Charles Butt

George Harris

A. L. Windy Miller

Tom Stolhandske

Patricia C. Cantu

John R. Harrison

Bill Rob Miller

David J. Straus II

Chuck Carabajal

Reese L. Harrison Jr.

Bobby Joe Buzz Miller

Joe R. Straus Jr.

Marion T. Carson

G. Jim Hasslocher

Laurie Miller

Kathy Tarbox

George Casseb

James C Hasslocher

Billy Moore

Tom Tarbox

Diane L. Chase

Robert C Hasslocher

Myfe Moore

Barbara Tidwell

Tony Chase

Bruce Hathaway

Tom Moorman

Bill Tidwell

John H. Chavana

Bobby R. Hawkins

Peggy Murphy

Lisa Tompkins

Maxine K. Chavana

Duane Heady

Gary Nagel

Robert L. Tooke

Daniel G. Clark

Glen Hoffman

John Nava

Mary West Traylor

Vivion A. Collier

Sandi Hoffman

Dalton F. Neill

Richard Traylor

Robert L. Cook Jr.

Dan Holley

Boyd E. Newby

Samuel Clyde Tumey

Eloise Creek

W. G. “Bub” Hundley III

Judy Newby

Joe Lee Valadez

David Crumrine

Bob Hyatt

Carl Newton III

Dick Vetters

Elmer Crumrine

Tom Janoe

W.M. Noble

Sharron Vetters

Dan E. Crutchfield

Fabian L. Jendrusch

Valerie Jo Oates

Lee Vogel

Berkley Dawson

Clyde Johnson III

Bob G. Ownby Jr.

Wallace D. Vogel 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 7

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HHEARTY BEAN DIP IINGREDIENTS 1 can (16 oz.) Rosarita® Traditional Refried Beans 1 can (10 oz.) RO★TEL® Hot Diced Tomatoes with Habaneros, undrained 2 cups shredded Cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese blend 1 can (2.25 oz.) sliced ripe olives, drained

¼ cup sliced green onions

¼ cup chopped fresh cilantro

DIRECTIONS 1. Combine beans, undrained tomatoes, cheese, olives, onions, cilantro and garlic salt in medium saucepan. Heat over medium-low heat until cheese melts and dip is bubbly, stirring often. 2. Serve with tortilla chips or vegetables, if desired.

¼ teaspoon garlic salt

Tortilla chips or fresh cut vegetables, optional

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- CONTENTS Introduction President’s Message............................. 1 Executive Committee........................... 4 Assistant Vice Presidents.................. 5 Board of Directors.................................. 6 Board of Directors Emeritus............... 7 Cowgirls Live Forever......................... 12 Family Fair................................................14 Rodeo Fair Grounds Map....................16 About the Cover................................... 22

Entertainment Hunter Hayes......................................... 30 Martina McBride................................... 30 Pitbull........................................................ 31 Becky G.................................................... 31 Toby Keith................................................ 34 Casting Crowns.................................... 34 Jason Derulo.......................................... 35 Randy Houser........................................ 35 Billy Currington...................................... 38 Trace Adkins........................................... 38 Chris Young............................................. 39 Old Dominion.......................................... 39 La Maquinaria Norteña........................42 Alan Jackson...........................................42 Brad Paisley............................................ 43 Brantley Gilbert..................................... 43 Gary Allan................................................ 46 Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo................. 46 Turnpike Troubadours w/ Xtreme Bulls..................................47 Chris Stapleton w/ PRCA Rodeo Finals......................47

Let’s Rodeo San Antonio Rodeo Format........................................ 53 Grand Entry............................................. 54 Stock Managers................................... 56 Past San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo PRCA Champions................ 58 Rodeo Contestants............................. 60 AT&T Arena Records............................ 62 Rodeo Announcers & Clowns.......... 70 National Anthem Singer.................... 71 Mutton Bustin’.......................................74 Exceptional Rodeo................................74 Calf Scramble.........................................74 2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Animal Athletes....................76 2015 World Champions..................... 78 Bareback Riding.................................... 80 Steer Wrestling.................................... 82

10 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Team Roping........................................... 86 Saddle Bronc Riding............................ 88 Tie-Down Roping.................................. 90 Barrel Racing.......................................... 92 Bull Riding................................................ 94 Xtreme Bulls........................................... 96

Horse Show Horse Discovery featuring Rodeo Experience..........................102 Barrel Racing........................................102 Horse Skillathon.................................102 NCHA Cutting......................................104 Open Horse Show...............................104 Paint Horse Show...............................104 Quarter Horse Show..........................106 Ranch Gelding Stakes and Sale....106 Select Sale...........................................106 Team Penning......................................108 Youth Horse Challenge....................108 Youth Rodeo.........................................108

Livestock Show Champion Steer Drive......................116 Junior Market Barrow Show...........117 Junior Market Broiler Show............117 Junior Market Goat show................117 Junior Market Lamb Show..............118 Junior Market Turkey Show............118 Junior Agricultural Mechanics......118 Agricultural Public Speaking Contest..............................................119 Agricultural Science Fair.................119 Beef Skillathon....................................119 Sheep Skillathon................................120 Swine Skillathon.................................120 Intercollegiate Judging Contests............................................120 Junior Meat Judging Contest & Junior Dairy Judging Contest....122 Food Challenge...................................122 Junior Commercial Steer Show....124 Wildlife Recreation & Management Contest..................124 The Judges...........................................124 Junior Shoot-Out................................125

Committees Ag Mechanics Committee..............132 Ambassador Committee.................134 Auction Committee...........................136 Bar-B-Que Committee......................138 By-Laws Committee.........................140

Calf Scramble Committee..............142 Cowboy Church Committee...........144 Cowboy Golf Classic Committee.146 Fajita Corral Committee..................148 Family Fair Committee.....................150 Go Rodeo Roundup Committee....152 Grounds & Security Committee...153 Hall of Fame Committee..................156 Recognition of 2016 Hall of Fame Inductees..........................................157 Hall of Fame Committee Person & Volunteer of the Year................158 Past Hall of Fame Inductees..........158 Horse Show Committee..................162 Hospitality Committee....................164 International Committee................166 Invitational Golf Tournament Committee........................................168 Junior Shoot-Out Committee........170 Let’s Rodeo Ball Committee..........172 Livestock Committee...................... 174 Medical Committee...........................180 Membership Committee.................181 New Frontier Club Committee.......182 Nominating Committee...................184 Operations Committee....................185 Past Chairman of the Board...........186 Past Chairman Committee.............187 Past Presidents..................................188 Past Presidents Committee..........189 Public Affairs Committee...............190 Raffle Ticket Committee................192 2015 Raffle Ticket Prizes & Winners..........................................193 2015 Raffle Committee 500 Club............................................194 Ranch Rodeo Committee................196 Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee........................................198 Rodeo Program Committee...........200 Rodeo Retail Committee.................202 Rodeo Ticket Committee................204 S.A.L.E. for Kids Committee...........206 Scholarship Committee..................208 School Tours Committee................209 Souvenir Committee........................210 Trail Ride Committee.........................212 Trail Ride Queens................................213 Western Art Committee..................216 Western Heritage Parade Committee........................................218 Wildlife & Natural Resources Committee........................................220 Wine Committee................................222 2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition Winners.223

Scholarships We Couldn’t Do It Without You..... 234 Scholarship Recipients Map..........235 4-H Foundation...................................236 Ag Mechanics......................................237 Alamo Colleges Foundation, Inc...237 Angelo State University..................238 Bexar County 4-H...............................238 Bexar County FFA...............................238 Calf Scramble......................................238 Community of Churches for Social Action....................................239 East Central High School................239 FFA Association..................................239 Horse Show..........................................240 Judson High School...........................240 Junior Shoot-Out................................240 Livestock..............................................242 Lytle High School...............................243 Madison High School........................243 Market Show........................................244 North Central Texas Academy at Happy Hill Farm...........................246 O’Connor High School.......................246 Our Lady of the Lake University...246 Pioneers Youth Leadership............246 Prairie View A&M University..........246 Sam Houston State University.....246 School Tours........................................248 Southwest Texas Junior College.248 St. Mary’s University........................248 Sul Ross Rodeo...................................248 Texas A&M Rodeo Club....................249 Texas A&M San Antonio..................249 Texas A&M Veterinary Medicine..249 Texas High School Rodeo Association......................................249 Texas Lutheran University..............249 Texas Tech Ranch Horse Team......249 Texas Tech University Rodeo........249 Texas Wildlife Associaton Foundation........................................250 Trinity University................................250 University of the Incarnate Word................................250 University of Texas Health Science Center.................250 University of Texas San Antonio..251 West Texas A&M................................251 Student Western Art Top 25.........252



ss a an n a an n tt o on n ii o o ss tt o oc ck k ss h ho ow w & & rr o od de eo o San Antonio San Antonio Alamo Ranch Marketplace

5615 1604Marketplace North AlamoWRanch 210.647.3090 5615 W 1604 North 210.647.3090 Austin Highway 1350 Highway AustinAustin Highway 210.824.6400 1350 Austin Highway 210.824.6400 Bandera Road 11558 BanderaBandera Road Road 210.523.1872 11558 Bandera Road 210.523.1872 Blanco Road 18310 Blanco Blanco Road Road 210.495.6488 18310 Blanco Road 210.495.6488 City Base Landing 3214 SE Military City Base LandingDrive 210.337.9333 3214 SE Military Drive 210.337.9333 DeZavala Road 5189 De Zavala DeZavala Road Road 210.699.6100 5189 De Zavala Road 210.699.6100 Forum Shopping Center 8371 Parkway ForumAgora Shopping Center 210.945.2000 8371 Agora Parkway 210.945.2000 Huebner & Babcock 5803 Babcock Road Huebner & Babcock 201.694.4553 5803 Babcock Road 201.694.4553 Ingram Park 6565 IngramIngram Park Road 210.767.9193 6565 Ingram Road 210.767.9193 Ingram Park Mall 6301 Loop 410 # VC9 IngramNW Park Mall 210.684.6521 6301 NW Loop 410 # VC9 210.684.6521 Marbach at 410 8221 Marbach Marbach at 410Road 210.673.2777 8221 Marbach Road 210.673.2777 McCreless Marketplace 4110 S NewMarketplace Braunfels Avenue McCreless 210.531.2919 4110 S New Braunfels Avenue 210.531.2919 Medical Center 4715 Medical Medical CenterDrive 210.615.5293 4715 Medical Drive 210.615.5293 North Star Mall 7400 North San StarPedro Mall Avenue #10 210.342.1196 7400 San Pedro Avenue #10 210.342.1196

Pavilions North Pavilions North 27 NE Loop 410 27 NE Loop 410 210.524.9084 210.524.9084 Potranco Road Potranco Road Road 10634 Potranco 10634 Potranco Road 210.520.5575 210.520.5575 Rolling Oaks Mall RollingNOaks 6909 Loop Mall 1604 East 6909 N Loop 1604 East Ste 2072 Ste 2072 210.651.6637 210.651.6637 Schertz Schertz 6038 FM 3009 6038 FM 3009 210.590.4500 210.590.4500 Seguin Road SeguinFM Road 7010 78 7010 FM 78 210.310.2244 210.310.2244 South Park Mall South SW Park Mall Drive #108 2310 Military 2310 SW Military Drive #108 210.927.1680 210.927.1680 Southwest Military Southwest Military 2660 SW Military Drive 2660 SW Military Drive 210.921.3190 210.921.3190 Stone Oak Stone North Oak FM 1604 East 1555 1555 North FM 1604 East 210.495.7453 210.495.7453 Stone Ridge Stone Ridge 20831 US 281 20831 US 281 210.402.7307 210.402.7307 The Rim The RimW Interstate 10 18203 18203 W Interstate 10 210.698.8200 210.698.8200 The Shops at LaCantera The Shops at LaCantera 15900 La Cantera Parkway 15900 La Cantera Parkway Ste 12000 Ste 12000 210.696.0700 210.696.0700

New Braunfels New Braunfels Walnut Avenue

WalnutS Avenue 1031 Walnut Avenue 1031 S Walnut Avenue 830.620.1200 830.620.1200 West Pointe Village West Pointe 1663 W StateVillage Highway 46 1663 W State Highway 46 830.626.0434 830.626.0434

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Julianna Hawn Holt


Nancy B. Loeffler



Olive Anne Kleberg


Helen Kleberg Groves

Carolyn Johnson Karen Hixon




Delia W. White

Joan Kelleher & Roxie Hayne


Janey Briscoe Marmion


Jimmie Ruth Evans


Charline McCombs



Sara Stumberg Walker, Heather Haynes, Lee Marie Lee, Kim Johnson, Margye Northington, Fannie Lewis Thomas, Alice Lindsay Welder, Ashley Irvin Weaver, Jimmie Ruth Evans, Nancy Loeffler and Olive Anne Kleberg

2015 EVENT CHAIRS AND ADVISORS Jimmie Ruth Evans, Nancy B. Loeffler, Olive Anne Kleberg, Lee Evans Lee, Heather C. Haynes Sara Stumberg Walker, Camille Jones, Alice Lindsay Welder, Ashley Irvin Weaver and Emily Miller Reaser

2014 EVENT CHAIRS AND ADVISORS Heather Haynes Kraft, Lee Evans Lee, Sara Stumberg Walker, Jimmie Ruth Evans, Olive Anne Kleberg, Camille Jones Tassos,

Ashley Irvin Weaver, Alice Lindsay Welder and Nancy B. Loeffler


Heather Haynes Kraft, Lee Evans Lee, Sara Stumberg Walker, Jimmie Ruth Evans, Olive Anne Kleberg, Camille Jones Tassos, Ashley Irvin Weaver and Alice Lindsay Welder


Heather Haynes Kraft, Lee Evans Lee, Jimmie Ruth Evans, Nancy B. Loeffler, Sara Stumberg Walker and Ashley Irvin Weaver

2009-2010 EVENT CO-CHAIRS AND ADVISORS Lee Evans Lee and Heather Haynes Kraft

2008 - 2009 HONORARY CHAIRWOMAN Nancy Loeffler


2006 HONORARY CHAIRWOMAN Olive Anne Kleberg


Lee Evans Lee and Heather Haynes Kraft, Jimmie Ruth Evans, Olive Anne Kleberg, Nancy B. Loeffler, Sara Stumberg Walker and Ashley Irvin Weaver

The 11th Annual Cowgirls Live Forever Scholarship Luncheon and Fashion Show held on February 4, 2016 at the Pearl Stables exceeded its fundraising goals for the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Scholarship Fund. The sold-out event featured fashions presented by Julian Gold. Thanks to all of those who supported this event. 12 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo



DRIVE THE ALL NEW CAVENDER CADILLAC 1604 at IH35N 2 1 0 . 2 2 6 .7 2 2 1 I c a ve n d e r c a d i l l a c.c o m



are presented, as well as the colorful history of the industries. Product displays, demonstrations, interactive video, and feed samples are just a few of the educational tidbits provided. Live animals are also on exhibit for everyone to see. Take time to view wool and mohair displays, hatching of chicks, and other interesting activities. DAIRY CENTER Presented by H-E-B – The Dairy Center presents all aspects of milk production, dairy products, and their roles in agriculture. The milking parlor will feature real cow milking demonstrations with interaction and educational fun built into the show.



Sponsored by Wells Fargo – Horse Discovery provides the opportunity to learn more about horses and the sport of rodeo. Exhibits include displays of horses, their uses and their role in today’s world. The Rodeo Experience feature provides an up-close exploration of rodeo events, including interactive and hands-on exhibits. Expert clinics and demonstrations present fun and informative insights into horse training methods, riding types, horse care and ways to enjoy time spent with horses. STUDENT WESTERN ART EXHIBIT The top 25 selections from our recent Student Western Art Competition will be on display in the Expo Hall (West Entry Hall) during the entire Stock Show & Rodeo. The Grand Champion artwork will be featured as the cover of our Souvenir Program. These top 25 selections were auctioned at the Brisco Museum. AREA 2

LIVESTOCK ANIMAL ADVENTURES Sponsored by Texas Farm Bureau – The Animal Adventures exhibit is designed to help folks gain a better understanding of the relationship between the everyday uses of animal products and the importance of agriculture. This interactive exhibit is open daily with various activities involving audience participation. The various stages of animal production 14 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

CROWN COWBOY CORNER Sponsored by Crown Royal – Round up your friends or make new ones at the Crown Cowboy Corner! Come to the “Corner” and enjoy dancing, music & beverages. Stick around and catch nightly re-runs and rodeo highlights on one of three big screen TV’s. It’s THE spot to meet your friends. The Crown Cowboy Corner is located in the courtyard, just outside the AT&T Center. Catch up on previous shows; engage in dancing and many other exciting activities prior to and following the PRCA Rodeo and concert entertainment in the AT&T Center. BUD LIGHT COURTYARD Sponsored by Bud Light – Bands in the AT&T Courtyard will entertain you before and after each rodeo performance with live music every day to get you ready for the rodeo or help you celebrate into the night. Don’t miss out on meeting friends and making new ones at this hotspot!

- FAMILY FAIR RODEO STAR EXPERIENCE This rodeo ticket package allows the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo fans a prime opportunity to meet & greet with the Professional Rodeo contestants before each rodeo performance. The highlight of the Rodeo Star experience is being escorted down to the rodeo dirt for the concert performance and seated around the rotating stage.

FOOD COURT From the traditional rodeo fare items like funnel cakes, hamburgers, corndogs, turkey legs, to the new authentic Chicago hot beef sandwiches, the Food Court is sure to have delicious treats that will satisfy anyone’s taste buds! If it’s fried, it’s here- with fried cinnamon rolls, fried Bacon, fried Twinkies, and fried Kool Aid. The Kahuna’s Ice Cream Desserts stand, the Taco Factory and SO MUCH MORE! Bring your family and your appetite and enjoy the Food Court area with plenty of seating for everyone!



FOOD COURT VAN DE WALLE FAJITA CORRAL 30TH ANNIVERSARY Sponsored by Simply Fresco & Rosarita Refried Beans – The Fajita Corral is operated by volunteers from the Fajita Corral Committee as well as many corporate volunteers, with proceeds benefiting the Scholarship Fund. To date the Fajita Corral has raised nearly $3 million to support the education of Texas youth. If you have a taste for great Texas barbeque, this is the place to eat! Mouth-watering, brisket, beef or chicken fajitas, great dumplings and baked potatoes will fill up even the hungriest of Stock Show & Rodeo guests.


The ultimate in family fun and entertainment! For the young and the young at heart! SHOPS AT THE RODEO The Shops at the Rodeo, located in the Freeman Coliseum, Expo Hall 2 (behind the Freeman Coliseum Exhibit Hall), and the Horse Show Arena showcase a variety of products from more than 650 hand-selected vendors. Home furnishings, accessories, leather goods, custom boots, clothing and jewelry, candy and more can be found. From shabby chic to Old West, there is something for all tastes! Shopping exhibits are open to the public Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m.-8 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 15

- FAMILY FAIR MONTEJO RODEO CANTINA The Rodeo Cantina presented by Montejo - will showcase some great regional and local Spanish, Reggaetón, and Norteno bands. Stop by and listen to some hot, new and popular acts performing at different times throughout the day. Located across from the Rodeo Hall Fame. FORD TRUCK CORRAL Located near the carnival, the Ford interactive space is fun for the entire family! See Ford’s impressive lineup of SUVs and trucks.

WINE GARDEN Presented by H-E-B – Experience the Rodeo in a new way this year at the Wine Garden! Come sample and purchase winning wines from the 7th Annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Wine Competition. Every Saturday there will be educational seminars with featured food and wine pairings. Every Sunday is Mimosa Brunch, 10:30 AM - Noon. “Meet you at the Wine Garden!” COORS COLD RIVER SALOON Sponsored by Coors – this venue showcases regional and local Texas music acts performing throughout the Rodeo. The Coors Cold River Saloon is located at the Carnival Entrance in Family Fair Area 5. SWIFTY SWINE PIG RACES A professional, fast-paced, action-packed show that is visually exciting and keeps audiences on their toes as the pigs race to the finish line. The audience is guaranteed to go “hog wild” as “Swifty the Pig” shows off his diving skills. There is also an educational segment incorporated into the show called “P.U. Piggie University,” which provides valuable information about pigs and their importance to medical science.

16 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

PONY RIDES The pony rides provide children the opportunity to experience how it feels to saddle up like a cowboy or cowgirl! PETTING ZOO Our petting zoo allows you to interact with hand-raised friendly animals. The zoo contains a wide variety of exotic and domestic animals. “BUCKAROO FARMS” LITTLE BUCKAROO FARM A Truly Texas Family Experience is sponsored by H-E-B in cooperation with the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and others. Exhibits offer visitors a chance to see the agricultural origins of the food and fiber needed for daily living. Exhibits show agricultural production from farm and ranch to the kitchen table. Exhibits and displays include a honeybee exhibit, Bexar County Master Gardener’s booth, rainwater harvesting display, and an indoor garden display.

- FAMILY FAIR BEXAR COUNTY MASTER GARDENER Horticulture-related exhibits and activities include: • Sales of new rodeo tomato and ornamental plants • Gardening advice from experts • Vegetable gardening displays • Limited-space gardening • Greenhouse growing CHILDREN’S DISPLAYS AND ACTIVITIES • Farm animal displays • Treats from H-E-B for kids visiting farm-related exhibits OTHER DISPLAYS/PRESENTATIONS ACTIVITIES • Tree giveaway with San Antonio Parks and recreation • Texas Beekeepers Association honeybee display and educational presentation • Rainwater harvesting demonstrations

BEXAR COUNTY MASTER GARDENERS INFORMATION BOOTH 2016 RODEO TOMATO PICK-UP Saturday, February 13th 9am – 2pm (or while supplies last!) Adopt a Tree Give Away Saturday & Sunday, Feb 13th & 14th 10am-1pm Make Your Own Love Bugs! Sunday, February 14th 12pm – 2pm KLUP Station 930AM, live garden show Saturday, February 20th 9am – 2pm (or while supplies last!) Adopt a Tree Give Away Saturday & Sunday, Feb 20st & 21st 10am-1pm Make A Terrarium Necklace! Saturday, February 27th 3pm – 4pm How to Make a Rain Barrel Saturday & Sunday, Feb 27th & 28th 10am-1pm Pot-A-Plant Activity

COWBOY BOOT CAMP Cowboy boot camp is a completely self-contained attraction with 10 hands-on activity stations. Fun for the whole family! • Gold Panning • Horse Shoes • Cowboy Campout • Milk a Cow • Learn to Lasso & Steer Roping • Dress Like a Cowboy • General Store • Cowboy Craft & Face Painting • Saddle, Bridle & Grooming Station • Pedal Tractors

SAN ANTONIO STOCK SHOW & RODEO HALL OF FAME Features memorabilia from the first 66 years of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and spotlights members of the organization who have been inducted into this prestigious hall of honor.

FOOD CHUCKWAGON FOOD SAMPLING Presented by Acosta stop by and try some new products that are sure to be a family favorite from sponsors you know and love! CHUCKWAGON COOKING Chuck Wagon cooks demonstrate Dutch oven cooking while dishing out free samples to the public. Enjoy cowboy stew, pinto beans, buttermilk biscuits and peach cobbler. COWBOY COUNTRY Tommy Worrel will provide entertainment throughout the grounds with his turn of the century Wild West character performances. 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 17


TEXAS WILDLIFE EXPO TEXAS WILDLIFE EXPO Presented by Texan Original – Located across from Freeman Coliseum, the Texas Wildlife Expo will showcase 20,000 square feet of the great outdoors with demonstrations, exhibits and educational sessions. The mission of this area is to educate and entertain the general public about Texas wildlife. These indoor exhibits will feature the importance wildlife and natural resources. OFFICIAL SOUVENIR BOOTHS These booths are operated by volunteers of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Souvenir Committee. Booths are located on Bickett Drive north of the main Family Fair exhibits, on Freeman Blvd. next to the International Room, inside the Texas Star Marketplace concourse, and in the center of the Expo Hall. Stop by to check out the latest in Rodeo merchandise. WADE SHOWS CARNIVAL The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo is proud to welcome one of the largest carnival providers in the United States. Wade Shows provides a variety of rides from extreme to mild in order to satisfy rodeo patrons of all ages. New rides this year are the Twister and Hurricane. Lil’ Partner Land – An area of the carnival designed specifically to meet the needs of parents with young children. Challenge a friend and test your skill level at any of the games and win one of the many prizes. Last, but not least, top off your good time with a taste of the mouthwatering foods served on the Midway, such as funnel cakes, turkey legs, candy apples and cotton candy. TEXAS PARKS AND WILDLIFE LIFE’S BETTER OUTSIDE.® The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is providing a hands-on experience for families, with outdoor recreational activities and learning though “Life’s better outside.®,” a fun filled event taking place February 26th-February 28th from 10:00am-6:00pm in Family Fair (Area 5 -27). Adults and Children will be introduced to healthy lifestyle choices, and the opportunity to engage in outdoor activities such as: archery, habitat puzzles, rock wall climbing, camping basics, backyard bass fishing and more!

18 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

2016 FEATURES BRICK FEST LIVE Brick Fest Live is a LEGO Fan Experience built to inspire, educate, and entertain with LEGO bricks. For the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo, Brick Fest Live will outfit a 15,000 sq. ft. tent with LEGO attractions, exhibits, activities, and merchandise to create a memorable experience all guests, at any age, and any level of LEGO fandom. GYPSY TIME TRAVELERS Michel Olson and Christy Horne are a husband and wife team who have history ringing in the ears of millions of people across the USA! They travel all across the United States in “Florence” their Recreational Castle, Blacksmith Shop and Stage Rig. They combine fabulous storytelling with anvil accompaniment and have created an award winning Stage Show. Michel and Christy have created 25 different shows featuring Christy’s incredible storytelling and Michel’s Master Blacksmithing. Michel creates between 4 - 25 items at each show - items like, unicorn shoes, pony shoes, dragons, s hooks, salt spoons, belt hooks and many others. H2O EXHIBITS New to our Texas Wildlife Expo this year, this unique interactive display will feature a 40 foot Future Fisherman Tank. H2O Exhibits will provide children a chance to catch and release one of over 1500 fish that will be swimming around the tank. SCHOOL TOURS Sponsored by HEB – The School Tours program gives young students and their teachers the opportunity to learn about agriculture and experience the Stock Show through educational activities. School Tours are offered to students in Kindergarten through 3rd grade. High school aged members of Texas 4-H, FFA, and FCCLA serve as Tour Guides for the School Tours program.


Looking for an ADVENTURE? • 830.438.7400 ®









My inspiration was Caitlin, my friend, riding her horse. It was the perfect opportunity for a photo. I started studying art in junior high and have continued through high school. My medium of choice was colored pencil. I completed this piece in roughly 50 hours. I have applied to several universities but still have not decided where I want to go.


The interesting details from the surrounding scenery like the liveliness of the cattle, horses and riders were my inspiration. Oil paint was my choice of medium for this piece. I have been studying art for 10 years and it took one hundred plus hours to complete this piece. My plans are still up in the air about attending Trinity University or the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Each December, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Western Art Committee holds a Student Western Art Contest for local Texas high school students. Judges select the top 25 entries for auction. On Thursday January 28, 2016, the Student Western Art Auction was held in the Jack Guenther Pavilion at the Briscoe Western Art Museum. Each student received a scholarship in the amount of the winning bid (certain restrictions apply). The Western Art Committee is able to support the art students through the help of auction buyers and sponsors. The Top 25 pieces of student art are on display throughout the 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in the EXPO Hall. Please visit the exhibit and learn about supporting emerging artists and volunteering. We look forward to seeing you there! 22 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Alamo Colleges Foundation and students of the Alamo Colleges thank the San Antonio Livestock Exposition for supporting our students’ success for a quarter of a century.



5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5

Double D Ranch Lucchese Old Gringo Union of Angels Dian Malouf Clint Orms Silversmiths Ryan Michael Tasha Polizzi

18007 IH-10 W•San Antonio, TX (210)-319-3001 •

Call (210)-319-3001 for transportation arrangements

WHAT BRINGS US TOGETHER AS A COMPANY, SETS US APART AS AN INSURANCE PROVIDER. To our 500,000+ member families, THANK YOU. Thank you for rating us “Highest Customer Satisfaction Among Auto Insurers in Texas.” This is the fourth consecutive year the Texas Farm Bureau Insurance Companies have received an award from J.D. Power for auto insurance customer satisfaction. Call today for a FREE 360 Review® and see how we have life covered.


Texas Farm Bureau Insurance received the highest numerical score among auto insurance providers in Texas in the proprietary J.D. Power 2012-2015 U.S. Auto Insurance StudiesSM. 2015 study based on 46,256 total responses measuring 8 providers in Texas and measures opinions of consumers with their auto insurance provider. Proprietary study results are based on experiences and perceptions of consumers surveyed March - April 2015. Your experiences may vary. Visit


- ENTERTAINMENT Hunter Hayes Thursday, February 11 7:00 PM Hailed as a “country-rock-blues guitar hero in the making” by the Los Angeles Times, five-time GRAMMY nominee Hunter Hayes is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who roared onto the music scene with his Platinumselling, No. 1 selftitled debut album and chart-topping sophomore album,

Storyline, on Atlantic Records. With three No. 1 singles already under his belt (including the multi-Platinum smash “Wanted,” “Somebody’s Heartbreak,” and “I Want Crazy”), Hayes delved into unprecedented territory with the digital and streaming release of his latest single, “21.” He just wrapped the Wheels Up Tour with Lady Antebellum and will launch his 21 Tour this fall.

Martina McBride Friday, February 12 7:30 PM Martina made history with her most recent album EVERLASTING as the first solo female artist to debut at #1 on the Top Country Albums chart with an independently released and distributed album in the chart’s 50-year history. The project also marks her fifth chart-topping debut.To date, she has sold over 18 million albums, which have included 20 Top 10 singles and six #1 hits. She has earned more than 15 major music awards, 30 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

including four wins for Female Vocalist of the Year from the Country Music Association, as well as being honored with the Covenant House Beacon of Hope Award and Music Business Association’s prestigious 2015 Harry Chapin Memorial Humanitarian Award for her philanthropic efforts on behalf of domestic violence and using her voice throughout her musical career with songs like “Independence Day” and “A Broken Wing.” The petite powerhouse’s EVERLASTING TOUR has sold out shows across the country and Rolling Stone Country lauds: “It’s familiar music coming from one of the most recognizable voices of any genre, yet with a stage plot unlike anything in McBride’s illustrious 22-year career.”

- ENTERTAINMENT Pitbull Saturday, February 13 1:00 & 7:30 PM Armando Christian Perez, known around the world as Pitbull, is an internationally successful musician, performer, business entrepreneur, fashion icon and actor. His rise to popularity exemplifies the American Dream: He began on the streets of Miami and now commands stages around the world. Away from the spotlight, he is also an education advocate. From Mr. 305 to Mr. Worldwide, he transforms challenges into positive experiences and lives by a personal code that balances hard work with enjoying life. Pitbull’s career sales have exceeded six million albums and 70 million singles

worldwide. He has scored #1 hits in more than 15 countries, his videos have over eight billion views, and his social media reach matches audiences of some television networks. Throughout his career, Pitbull has partnered with superstars and up-and-coming artists across genres to deliver songs that inspire, songs that celebrate (especially his beloved Miami) and songs that transform any location – whether a backyard party, corporate mixer or a trendy nightspot – into an opportunity for everyone to have fun. For Pitbull, life is a celebration, and he will continue to live up to being Mr. Worldwide in 2016, when he receives a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and launches his next world tour.

Becky G Sunday, February 14 1:00 PM Ever since Becky G signed with Kemosabe, the Sony Music Entertainment record label founded by hitmaker Dr. Luke, her life has gone from zero to sixty. The 17-year-old singer, songwriter, and rapper who does chores - cleans the bathroom or watches her three younger siblings - is also a Cover Girl. Becky’s sound (which she describes as “urban pop with a bit of Latin spice”) and relatable personality have connected with a steadily expanding audience of fans who call themselves “Beasters”. She has been featured on singles by Cody Simpson (“Wish You Were Here”) and Cher Lloyd (“Oath”), and racked up 3.4 million YouTube views for her cover of Kesha’s “Die Young,” featuring her own verses. “I ‘Becky G’ed’ it up,” she says with a laugh. When Dr. Luke showed one of her early music videos to, the multiplatinum producer and Black Eyed Peas frontman immediately wanted to work with her. The two came up with “Problem,” a remix of which features and is included on the soundtrack to the animated film Hotel Transylvania.

“If people pay attention to the lyrics they will know who I am, which I think is really important. You want people to have a feel for what you’re about. Also, when I write, I like to tell a story, because what draws me in as a listener is wanting to know what’s going to happen or how the story ends.” In this case, however, Becky’s story is only just beginning. Her recent achievements include being selected as one of Cover Girl’s newest (and youngest faces), wrapping her first major support tour with Austin Mahone, and appearing on the cover of the April/May issue of Girls’ Life Magazine. She has also been nominated for two Radio Disney Music Awards, for Best New Artist and Artist With The Best Style, and will perform at the awards ceremony in April. Becky is also looking forward to opening for Katy Perry on select dates on Perry’s “Prismatic” tour in October and finishing her debut album for Kemosabe/Sony Music Entertainment. 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 31


he $18 million renovation of the Freeman Coliseum is almost complete. The home of countless community events, and entertainment memories for 66 years will continue to serve Bexar County and South Texas as a regional gathering place. Plus, the grounds have two brand new buildings – a 200,000 square foot Cattle Barn and 46,000 square foot Expo Hall 2.

Building Life Memories is Our Business!

2016 Board of Directors

Rudy Rodriguez

Johnny Guerra

Inez Cindy Gabriel

Gerry Telle

Fernando Reyes






Visit for more information or call 226-1177

- ENTERTAINMENT Toby Keith Monday, February 15 7:00 PM From his first No. 1 smash “Should’ve Been A Cowboy” to his upcoming album 35 mph Town, Toby Keith has been one of the most consistent self-directed hit makers of his era. From one of his previous collections, Clancy’s Tavern, the lead single, “Made In America,” topped the charts as one of the fastest rising songs in a long line of chart burners from Keith’s pen. The second hit, “Red Solo Cup,” has become the most remarkable and commercially successful country single in recent memory with a viral video with more than 30 million views while having topped the top downloaded country songs charts. The first single from his upcoming album, “Drunk Americans,” debuted at No. 1 Most Added on both the Billboard and Country

Aircheck/Mediabase charts. At the core of Toby’s unparalleled success is his songwriting, which has powered an astounding succession of hit songs to the tune of more than 85 million BMI performances on commercial radio stations worldwide. This summer Toby was inducted in to the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, and he has been honored by the Nashville Songwriters Association International with its Songwriter/ Artist of the Decade distinction, is a three-time BMI Country Songwriter/Artist of the Year and was named the American Country Awards’ Artist of the Decade. His albums have sold more than 38 million copies, ranking him among the top-selling all-genre artists on Billboard’s Top 200 Artists of the Decade. Keith is also Billboard’s No. 1 Country Artist of the Decade and No. 1 Country Songwriter of the Decade. His tours, including 2014’s Shut Up And Hold On Tour, long sponsored by Ford Trucks, have drawn more than one million fans each year for the last decade. This year’s Good Times & Pick Up Lines Tour presented by Ford F-Series kicked off on May and continues through the year with shows in major cities including Chicago, St. Louis, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

Casting Crowns Tuesday, February 16 7:00 PM With 8.8 million albums sold to date— including one RIAA Double Platinum Album, three Plati-num and six Gold records, and two Platinum and four Gold DVDs—Casting Crowns remains the top-selling act in Christian music since 2007. The awardwinning group—consisting of Mark Hall (lead singer/songwriter), Melodee DeVevo (violin, cello, vocals), Brian Scoggin (drums), Megan Garrett (piano, keyboards, vocals), Juan DeVevo (guitar, vocals), Chris Huffman (bass guitar, vocals) and Josh Mix (lead guitar, vocals)—got its start as a youth group worship band originally based in Florida. Today, each of the seven members remain active in student ministry 34 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

at their respective churches in Atlanta, where Hall is serving in his 23rd year in youth ministry as student pastor at Eagle’s Landing First Baptist Church. The band recently wrapped its headlining “Thrive Tour,” which visited 76 cities

throughout 2014 in support of their seventh studio offering, Thrive (Reunion Records/Beach Street Records).

- ENTERTAINMENT Jason Derulo Wednesday, February 17 7:00 PM Numbers don’t lie, and the facts remain that singer, songwriter, and dancer Jason Derulo’s success ranks up there with some of the best-selling, radiodominating pop and urban artists of the day. In the six years since he ascended from his beginnings writing songs for Lil Wayne, Pitbull, Diddy, Sean Kingston, and others, Derulo has sold over 50 million singles worldwide and racked up over two billion views on YouTube and one billion plays on Spotify, thanks to his uncanny ability to find new angles to tried-and-true trends. This has led to 11 career-defining platinum singles, including “Want to Want Me,” “Whatcha Say,” “In My Head,” “Ridin’ Solo,” “Don’t Wanna Go Home” and “It Girl.” His radio audience is over 17 billion (with 11 of his songs reaching the Top 10 on the Top 40 charts include four #1’s) and he boasts over 20 million social media fans and followers. Derulo’s 2014 album, Talk Dirty, spawned five platinum singles that sold a collective 16 million units worldwide including: “The Other Side,” “Talk Dirty” (feat.

2 Chainz), “Marry Me,” “Wiggle” (feat. Snoop Dogg), and “Trumpets” — propelling Derulo into an elite cadre of artists, including Drake, Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Rihanna, Beyoncé, and Taylor Swift, who have scored five platinum singles from one album. The track “Talk Dirty” itself sold over six million singles worldwide and became a No. 1 around the world, while dominating radio charts in the U.S. in 2014. Derulo shows no sign of slowing down. In June 2015, he released his fourth studio album Everything is 4 (Warner Bros. Records) that merges his pop, dance, and urban sensibilities and finds him truly hitting his stride as a genredefying artist.

Randy Houser Thursday, February 18 7:00 PM With an inimitable voice the New York Times describes as “wholly different, thicker and more throbbing, a caldron bubbling over,” Randy Houser racked up three consecutive No.1 hits and more than four million in singles sales to date with his Stoney Creek Records album, How Country Feels. He topped the charts with the title track, “Runnin’ Outta Moonlight” and “Goodnight Kiss” (also his first No.

1 as a songwriter) and earned critical acclaim for his powerful delivery of the Top 5 smash and CMA Song of the Year-­nominated “Like A Cowboy.” Houser’s new single, “We Went,” is in the Top 25 and climbing at country radio and available at digital retailers now, with a new album forthcoming. He is currently touring with Luke Bryan on the Kick The Dust Up Tour and will launch his own We Went Tour this fall.

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 35

$10 Off RegulaR DinneR*

- ENTERTAINMENT Billy Currington Friday, February 19 7:30 PM Though Billy Currington’s latest album bears the breezy title Summer Forever, the talented Georgia native has spent more than a decade in the spotlight proving he’s truly a man for all seasons. Possessing one of the most smooth, distinct voices in any genre of music, Currington is equally skilled at delivering upbeat summertime anthems and exploring the complexities of life and love with a poignant ballad. On Summer Forever Currington delivers both with a collection of songs that will take the listener on an riveting musical journey and leave them breathless at the end of the ride. A well-respected songwriter and compelling vocalist, Currington has developed a reputation as a maverick, an artist who follows his own instincts and is keenly tuned into his audience. His songs are relatable and his live shows have the feel of a friendly family reunion

that turns into a raucous party. Possessing one of the most smooth, distinct voices in any genre of music, Currington is equally skilled at delivering upbeat summertime anthems and exploring the complexities of life and love with a poignant ballad. On his sixth album, Currington teams with Grammy nominated producer Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, the Band Perry) to weave a sonically inventive and lyrically substantive collection. “I’m real proud of this project,” Currington says with a grin. “I think Dann had a lot to do with how great it sounds. He’s like the man behind the curtain. Most everything he touches seems to turn to gold. Look at his track record---all the songs he ever put out and where they went. Most of them went to number one. He’s a magician.”

Trace Adkins Saturday, February 20 1:00 PM Trace Adkins’ trademark baritone has powered countless hits to the top of the charts and sold over 10 million albums, cumulatively. His hit list includes “You’re Gonna Miss This,” “Ladies Love Country Boys,” “Songs About Me,” “Every Light In The House,” “Hillbilly Bone (Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins),” and “Just Fishin’,” to name a few. The Grammy-nominated member of the Grand Ole Opry is a TV personality, actor, author, spokesman for the Wounded Warrior Program and the American Red Cross, for whom he raised over

38 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

$1.5 million dollars as winner of NBC’s All-Star Celebrity Apprentice. In recent years, Adkins has performed seven USO Tours. In his 2007 autobiography, A Personal Stand: Observations and Opinions from a Freethinking Roughneck, the former oil-rigger recounted his rise to fame, brushes with death, and battles with personal demons. Trace has played a tough as nails biker in The Lincoln Lawyer (starring Matthew McConaughey), and a wise oracle of a tattoo artist in the family-friendly film Moms’ Night Out (starring Patricia Heaton, Sean Astin, Sarah Drew). He also developed and hosted GAC’s “Great American Heroes” honoring every-day heroes.

- ENTERTAINMENT Chris Young Saturday, February 20 7:30 PM RCA Nashville’s Chris Young earned the seventh #1 single of his career recently with the RIAA Gold-certified title track to his I’m Comin’ Over album, and now, his first co-produced collection debuts at #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart, with first-week sales of 57,147 according to Nielsen Music.

Already hailed as “the strongest album of his career” by All Music, I’m Comin’ Over further builds on the foundation Young has established across his first four albums: crafting authentic country music of today, while reflecting a deep passion for the roots and traditions of the format.

Old Dominion Sunday, February 21 1:00 PM

Blending old-fashioned country charm, lyrical wit and rock n’ roll grit into radiofriendly hook-heavy pop nuggets, Old Dominion have emerged as one of the hottest breaking bands in country music. Their gut-punch of a new self-titled EP, which Rolling Stone Country says is dashed with “fuzzy guitars, catchy licks and even a little rap,” is highlighted by the back porch smack

of undeniable single “Break Up With Him” and the bruising “Shut Me Up,” and is the product of the five-piece band, which includes singer Matthew Ramsey, lead guitarist Brad Tursi, multi-instrumentalist Trevor Rosen, bassist Geoff Sprung and drummer Whit Sellers. They’ve spent seven years honing their craft, each making a name for themselves in Nashville by penning songs for the likes of

Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Kenny Chesney and more. Now it’s nothing less than the country rock outfit’s defining moment. After a summer on the road with Kenny Chesney for 18 stadium dates as part of The Big Revival Tour and with their debut single “Break Up With Him” Top 10 and climbing, this is Old Dominion’s moment. 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 39

- ENTERTAINMENT La Maquinaria Norteña Sunday, February 21 7:30 PM

The band was formed in Roswell, New Mexico by former Los Rieleros vocalist Polo Urias in 1994, with sax player Keith Nieto, percussionist Erick Urias, accordionist/ keyboardist Jimmy Torres, and drummer Aarón Urias. The group signed up to Fonovisa that same year, debuting with the release of Polo Urias y Su Máquina Norteña. The sound of the band is often compared to Los Rieleros, in that it is hardcore norteño -- raw, romantic, and unmitigated by the sheen of Latin pop production. In 2006, Nieto split with Urias and formed his own version of La Maquinaria Norteña with his brothers Rory on accordion and Tony on drums, Sergio “Fly” Soto on vocals (formerly of Los Braveros

de Peñas), Ivan Gutierrez on bass, and Randy Perezon electric guitar. Their self-titled debut album appeared on Fonovisa in 2007, followed by No Existen Barreras in 2008, and La Nueva Era in 2009. After extensive touring and a bus accident that nearly claimed their lives, the group took a rest and even briefly reunited with Urias. Vive en Mi, their fourth album, was issued in late 2013, and was their highest charting set to date, entering the regional Mexican chart in the Top Ten. El Fenómeno was a released the following year, featuring even better production standards. The recording further expanded the band’s reputation as a touring act, earning them places on stages with Rene Camacho’s La Arrolladora Banda El Limón and many others; the set even charted outside their traditional Mexican Regional genre for the first time. In the summer of 2015, La Maquinaria Norteña issued the single “Para Que Amarte,” which placed well inside the Mexican Regional Top Ten. It was followed quickly by “Corazón Herido,” “Qué Haré Sin Ti,” and “Qué Tiene Él.” The album, Ya Dime Adiós, was released in the fall.

Alan Jackson Monday, February 22 7:00 PM The man from rural Newnan, Georgia, who claims he is just a “singer of simple songs,” has sold nearly 60 million albums worldwide and ranks as one of the 10 best-selling male vocalists of all-time in all genres. He has released more than 60 singles—registering 50 Top Ten hits and 35 #1s (including 26 Billboard #1s). He has earned more than 150 music industry awards—including 18 Academy of Country Music Awards, 16 Country Music Association Awards, a pair of Grammys and ASCAP’s Founders and Golden Note Awards. Jackson received the first-ever ASCAP Heritage Award in 2014 having earned the title of most-performed country music songwriterartist of ASCAP’s first 100 years. He is a member of the Nashville Songwriters Hall of 42 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Fame and the Grand Ole Opry. Alan Jackson is one of the most successful and respected singer-songwriters in music. He is in the elite company of Paul McCartney and John Lennon among songwriters who’ve written more than 20 songs that they’ve recorded and taken to the top of the charts. Jackson is one of the best-selling artists since the inception of SoundScan, ranking alongside the likes of Eminem and Metallica. Jackson’s latest album, Angels and Alcohol, arrived to widespread acclaim this past summer. His music is also the subject of a 2015 box set, Genuine: The Alan Jackson Story.

- ENTERTAINMENT Brad Paisley Tuesday, February 23 7:00 PM

Brad Paisley is a critically acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist and entertainer whose talents have earned him numerous awards, including three GRAMMYs, two American Music Awards, 14 Academy of Country Music Awards and 14 Country Music Association Awards (including Entertainer of the Year), among many others. He has been a proud member of the Grand Ole Opry since 2001. Paisley has written 20 of his 23 #1 singles with the first being his 1999 hit “He Didn’t Have To Be” and his most recent, “Perfect Storm,” from his chart-topping 2014 album Moonshine in the Trunk. In

support of his current hit, “Country Nation,” Paisley recently completed his Country Nation College Tour presented by Zaxby’s, which included various stops at college campuses around the U.S. On January 21, he’ll launch the 2016 winter leg of his highly successful Crushin’ It World Tour, continuing across the U.S. and Canada during the winter months with special guests Eric Paslay and Cam.Paisley has partnered with Boot Barn® and developed an exclusive line of jeans, hats, T-shirts, jewelry, belts and woven shirts called Moonshine Spirit by Brad Paisley.

Brantley Gilbert Wednesday, February 24 7:00 PM Dominating with the GOLD-certified Just As I AM (The Valory Music Co.), Brantley Gilbert notched his first #1 Billboard Country Albums debut and holds the thirdhighest Country debut of 2014 as well as a Top 10 spot on this year’s Top Albums chart (Soundscan). The album produced his latest single “One Hell of an Amen;” the PLATINUM-certified #1 hit “Bottoms Up” and the Top 10, GOLD-certified “Small Town Throwdown,” featuring labelmates Justin Moore and Thomas Rhett. The Georgia native has racked up five #1 singles, impressive album sales, multiple award show nominations from the CMA,

ACM, ACA, AMA, ACC and CMT Music Awards, in addition to being named 2013 ACM Awards New Male Artist of the Year. Brantley’s previous project, the PLATINUM-certified Halfway to Heaven Deluxe, produced two PLATINUM-certified #1 hits – “You Don’t Know Her Like I Do” and “Country Must Be Country Wide.” As a celebrated songwriter, he has also penned #1 songs “My Kinda Party” and “Dirt Road Anthem” for Jason Aldean, among others. 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 43

- ENTERTAINMENT Gary Allan Thursday, February 25 7:00 PM With the allure of a modern day outlaw, Gary Allan has won over fans, peers and critics with his signature blend of smoldering vocals, rebellious lyrics and raucous live performances. While becoming a force on the country music scene, Allan has remained true to his artistic voice each step of the way. Allan is currently finishing up a new album slated for release next year. His last album, SET YOU FREE, topped the Billboard 200 (Pop Chart), a career first for Allan. The album also made its debut at the top of the Billboard Country Album chart (for the fourth time in a row),

Pat Benatar is acknowledged as the leading female rock vocalist of the ‘80s – a feat marked by her unprecedented winning of four consecutive Grammy Awards between 1980 and 1983, as well as three American Music Awards – but Benatar and Giraldo remain a rock ‘n’ roll powerhouse today, selling out concerts and still wowing audiences after over three decades in music together. Theirs is a chemistry that will, undoubtedly, be thrilling music-lovers forever. Neil “Spyder“ James Giraldo, has been a professional musician, producer, arranger and songwriter for over four decades now, changing the face of the pop charts throughout the 1980s with his collaborator, muse and wife, Pat Benatar. More than just an explosive steel bending guitar player, Giraldo’s innovative vision helped him create the signature Benatar sound, from its inception. His impressive back catalog includes more than 100 songs written, produced, arranged and recorded for Benatar, as well as many hits he helped create for John Waite, Rick Springfield (Number One, Grammy-winning classic “Jessie’s Girl” and Top Ten hit “I’ve Done Everything For You” included), Kenny Loggins (Top Twenty hit “Don’t Fight It” – also Grammy-nominated), Steve Forbert, The Del Lords, Beth Hart and countless others. In the spring of 1979, producer and writer, Mike Chapman, introduced Giraldo to an up-and coming

singer who had recently signed to Chrysalis Records. While impressed with the young vocalist, Chapman felt she needed a musical director/ partner who could establish a more aggressive sound. The vocalist was, of course, Pat Benatar and, in Giraldo she found someone as strong as her, someone who could match the same fire power, someone who could inspire, while being inspired by her. Shortly afterwards, the world was introduced to Giraldo and Benatar’s enduring partnership and rock ‘n’ roll love affair via her platinum 1979 debut album, In The Heat Of The Night, which included the classic “Heartbreaker,” as well as the Giraldo-penned hit, “We Live For Love”. The following year, Benatar and Giraldo cemented their place in music history forever, by being the first female and first guitarist, respectively, to ever appear on MTV, with the video for “You Better Run,” taken from 1980’s Grammy winning album Crimes of Passion– an album that also included the gold-certified single, “Hit Me With Your Best Shot.” 46 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

and produced his fifth #1 country radio chart topper with “Every Storm Runs Out Of Rain.”To date, he has sold over 7 million albums, been certified platinum on three back-to-back albums, and gold twice. Allan has five #1 hits at country radio and nearly a cool dozen Top 10 hits to his credit. He’s described as “dark and dreamy” in Entertainment Weekly, “soulful and rough around the edges” in Playboy and deemed a “maverick” by Rolling Stone. He sells out venues as a headliner from NY to LA, appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with JimmyFallon, Live with Kelly and Michael and Jimmy Kimmel Live.He has also landed on the covers of Country Weekly, Pollstar and People magazine.

Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo Friday, February 26 7:30 PM


Turnpike Troubadours Saturday, February 27 1:00 PM Times are tough for just about everyone these days, especially for those who live in what is often referred to as the “flyover states,” in the heart of the country. People have become tougher, their skins have grown thicker and they have become much harder to win over. That especially holds true when it comes to the music that rolls into the bars, music halls and honky tonks of their towns. The overwhelming success that Turnpike Troubadours have had on the so-called Red Dirt circuit of those states says a lot about

the quintet’s authenticity and fire, particularly because their music is not exactly what that scene in known for producing. The band – which took its name from the Indian Nation Turnpike that connected so many of the smaller towns where they cut their teeth – gradually evolved from offering acoustic explorations of tunes by Townes Van Zandt and Jerry Jeff Walker to kicking out three or four sets a night of full-throttle roadhouse country – tinged with the punk rock attitude that was in the air during the

members’ teen years. “We all pretty much grew up with hardcore country music around us,” says Felker. “I mean, sure, there was rock stuff in there, but the real old-school stuff, plus exposure to folks like Jason Boland and Cross Canadian Ragweed, really affected what we were playing. We’re really a product of both our influences and our environment. It wasn’t something that we sat in a room and dreamed up in one day.”


Chris Stapleton Saturday, February 27 7:30 PM Chris Stapleton boldly introduced himself to the public at-large in 2015 with the release of his breakthrough debut album, Traveller. Released in May on Mercury Records Nashville,Traveller initially debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard Country Albums chart with more than 27,000 albums sold, making it the best-selling first week by a debut country artist in 2015. The album also received immediate and extensive critical acclaim and landed him bookings on “Late Show with David Letterman,” “The View,” “Late Night with Seth Meyers” and “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” among others. Following a historic turn on the CMA Awards -- Stapleton is the first artist to win Album of the

Year, Male Vocalist of the Year and New Artist of the Year at the same awards - Traveller became the first album to re-enter the Billboard 200 allgenre album chart at No. 1, where it stayed for two straight weeks. Stapleton capped off the year with four nominations at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards --Album of the Year, Best Country Album, Best Country Song (“Traveller”) and Best Country Solo Performance (“Traveller”). Renowned and respected in Nashville, Stapleton has co-written six No. 1 hits for some of country music’s biggest stars and has continually worked as an in-demand session musician, providing masterful backup vocals and guitar work to countless pieces of music. 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 47

The Only Venue For Your Las Vegas

EQUESTRIAN EXPERIENCE Whether you’re planning, participating or spectating, we’ll make your event the finest it can be. ■ 4,600-Seat Equestrian Arena ■ Priefert Pavilion, Featuring

2 New Competition Arenas ■ 1,200 Climate-Controlled Horse Stalls ■ 75,000 Sq. Ft. of Convention Space ■ 80,000 Sq. Ft. Exhibit Hall ■ 2,160 Rooms & Suites ■ Casino ■ 11Great Restaurants ■ 640-Seat Bingo Room ■ Race & Sports Books ■ 22-Table Poker Room ■ Showroom ■ Spa & Fitness Center ■ 16 Movie Theaters ■ 64 Lanes of Bowling ■ Kids Arcade

1-866-796-7111 •



RODEO FORMAT IGNITES ENERGY AND COMPETITION Welcome to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo! We are the eleven-time Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) Large Indoor Rodeo of the Year, one of the major stops for Professional Rodeo contestants hoping to head to the Wrangler National Finals, AND the only regular season PRCA rodeo to award over $1 million in prize money! This year’s show is bigger, better, and more competitive than ever! Our rodeo format not only provides a more thrilling experience for you—our fans— but it also amplifies the odds of winning for our PRCA contestants. In 2016, contestants will be competing for $1.675 million in prize money! We use a tournament style format, placing contestants into five brackets. This means 10 contestants for every event compete in one bracket. Each bracket is made up of three consecutive performances. Contestants have an opportunity to win money every performance that they compete in. With their total earnings combined at the end of their bracket, the top four money earners move on to the semi-finals. This advancement process is the same for the finals. For more detailed information regarding advancement, please refer to the bracket on the opposite page. With a rodeo that ensures fans high-intensity, top-caliber rodeo performances, it’s easy to see why people say, “Let’s Rodeo San Antonio!” 52 | 2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


- STOCK SHOW & RODEO 2016 Rodeo Format Bracket 1 Bracket 2 Bracket 3 Bracket 4 Bracket 5 Feb 11 Feb 12 Feb 13

Feb 13 Feb 14 Feb 15

Feb 16 Feb 17 Feb 18

Feb 19 Feb 20 Feb 20

Feb 21 Feb 21 Feb 22


Semfinal 1

Semfinal 2

Feb 23 Feb 24


Finals Feb 27

2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 53



BEXAR COUNTY PALOMINO PATROL AND DRILL TEAM Mr. Jack Sellers founded the Jack Sellers’ Bexar County Palomino Patrol in 1951 especially for the Grand Entry of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and has since opened every performance. The Patrol carries the American Flag in a special “Salute to America” presentation. The Patrol is known for its beautiful Palomino horses, silver saddles and the riders’ rhinestone uniforms which add a unique look and feel to the Grand Entry. The Drill Team honors Texas heritage and spirit by carrying the Texas Flag. Members of this team must have excellent horsemanship abilities due to the fast paced action they provide. The uniform consists of custom chaps in black and silver leather, matching tack and western shirts. The Drill Team adds an exciting addition to the Grand Entry.

Officers President

STEVE TURVEY Vice President




CHUCK CARABAJAL Asst. Drill Captain

KRISTEN PARKER Lt. Drill Captain


54 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Palomino Patrol Members (Silver Saddles)




Palomino Patrol Alternates

Flag Presenter




2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 55


What’s a rodeo without the Animal Athletes? Here at the San Antonio Rodeo, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible stock for our contestants. In order to do that, we rely on two Stock Managers: Rhett Beutler with Beutler & Son Rodeo Company and Binion Cervi with the Cervi Championship Rodeo Company. Based just north of Elk City, Oklahoma, Rhett Beutler makes up the fourth generation of the family-owned Beutler & Son Rodeo Company. By reaching out to stock contractors throughout the United States, Rhett coordinates some of the best bulls in the industry to compete in our bull riding events. Also a family-run business from Sterling, Colorado, the Cervi Championship Rodeo Company continues to thrive because of the efforts of brothers, Binion and Chase Cervi. The Cervi’s recruit outstanding bucking horses used for bareback and saddle bronc riding in San Antonio. Not only do both contracting companies produce multiple, top-caliber rodeos yearly, but they have had multiple of their own animals compete at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada. 56 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

You will see many of both Beutler and Cervi’s stock over the 18 days of rodeo. With the collaborative efforts of these two family operations, stock from all over the country is hand-selected to come to San Antonio. They work tirelessly to insure that the best animals are available and ready for every rodeo performance. This requires multiple contact points and having a good understanding of each animal’s mannerisms. Not only do these managers help with overseeing the stock, they also play an imperative part in making sure that our rodeo goes smoothly from start to finish. Whether opening a gate or sorting the animals, they make every effort to make the show run effectively and efficiently. Our managers and their crew ensure the stock is hauled safely in and out of the arena, that the animals are loaded in the chutes in the correct order, and even give helpful hints to the contestants about the animals’ habits and behaviors. Whether it is bucking horses or bulls, our stock managers continue to coordinate and bring together the best-of-the-best for all of our performances, guaranteeing a great ride every time the gate opens!



1996 Champions

2000 Champions

Bareback Riding: Marvin Garrett Belle Fourche, SD

Bareback Riding: Mark Gomes - Nickerson, KS

Team Roping, Header: Trent Cornelius - Nacogdoches, TX

Steer Wrestling: Byron Walker - Ennis, TX

Steer Wrestling: Tommy Cook - Hockley, TX

Team Roping, Header: Chaise Burleson - Katy, TX

Team Roping, Heeler: Perry Bigbee Stephenville, TX

Steer Wrestling: Clay Nohavitza - El Campo, TX

Team Roping, Heeler: Tooter Flack, Jr. - Bryan, TX

Team Roping, Header: Tee Woolman - Llano, TX

Saddle Bronc: Billy Etbauer - Ree Heights, SD

Team Roping, Heeler: Rich Skelton - Llano, TX

Tie-Down Roping: Fred Whitefield - Hockley, TX

Saddle Bronc: Billy Etbauer - Edmond, OK

Women’s Barrel Racing: Kelly Bruner - Millsap, TX

Tie-Down Roping: Herbert Theriot - Poplarville, TX

Bull Riding: Ty Reeder - Corinne, UT

Women’s Barrel Racing: Kristie Peterson Elbert, CO

2001 Champions

Bull Riding: Philip Elkins - Fort Worth, TX

Steer Wrestling: Bob Lummus - Folsum, LA

1997 Champions

Team Roping, Header: Charles Pogue Ringling, OK

Bareback Riding: Cleve Schmidt – Belle Fourche, SD

Bareback Riding: Pete Hawkins - Weatherford, TX

Team Roping, Heeler: Britt Bockius Claremore, OK

Saddle Bronc: Bret Franks - Goodwell, OK Tie-Down Roping: Fred Whitfield - Hockley, TX Women’s Barrel Racing: Denise Adams-Fae - Lufkin, TX Bull Riding: Cody Buller - Glendive, MT Xtreme Bulls: B.J. Schumacher - Hillsboro, WI

2005 Champions Bareback Riding: Royce Ford - Kersey, CO

Steer Wrestling: Ross Nevala - Sebeka, MN Team Roping, Header: Clay Tryan - Midland, TX Team Roping, Heeler: Patrick Smith - Midland, TX

Saddle Bronc: Shawn Morehead - Corrine, UT

Saddle Bronc: Alan Bandy - Wainwright, AB, Canada

Steer Wrestling: Marvin Salway - Tucson, AZ

Tie-Down Roping: Fred Whitfield - Hockley, TX

Tie-Down Roping: Jeff Chapman - Athens, TX

Team Roping, Header: Randy Polich - Aztec, NM

Women’s Barrel Racing: Janet Stover - Rusk, TX

Women’s Barrel Race: Terra Bynum - Lubbock, TX

Team Roping, Heeler: Nick Sarchett Scottsdale, AZ

Bull Riding: Philip Elkins - Keller, TX

Bull Riding: B.J. Schumacher - Hillsboro, WI

Bareback Riding: Roger Lacasse – Edmonton, Quebec

Saddle Bronc: Billy Etbauer - Ree Heights, SD Tie-Down Roping: Stran Smith - Tell, TX Women’s Barrel Racing: Kay Blandford - Stockdale, TX Bull Riding: Clint Bronger – Roscoe, MT

1998 Champions

2002 Champions

Bareback Riding: J.D. Garret - Belle Fourche, SD

Bareback Riding: J.D. Garrett, Jr. - Grandview, TX

Steer Wrestling: Craig Cavaness - Brenham, TX

Steer Wrestling: Ronnie Fields Oklahoma City, OK

Team Roping, Header: Jason Steward - Llano, TX Team Roping, Heeler: Randon Adams Logandale, NV Saddle Bronc: Rance Bray - Dumas, TX

Steer Wrestling: Steve Duhon - Sonora, TX

Barrel Racing: Molly Powell - Sims, MT

Team Roping, Header: J.P. Wickett - Sallisaw, OK

Bull Riding: Jason McClain - Kiowa, CO

Saddle Bronc: Bret Franks - Goodwell, OK Tie-Down Roping: Johnny Emmons - Granbury, TX Women’s Barrel Racing: Peyton Raney - Boyd, TX

2006 Champions

Steer Wrestling: Trav Cadwell - Oakdale, CA

Bareback Riding: James Boudreaux Hackberry, LA

Team Roping, Heeler: Trevor Brazile - Decator, TX

Xtreme Bulls: Dustin Elliott—North Platte, NE

Tie-Down Roping: Jeff Chapman - Athens, TX

2003 Champions

Bareback Riding: Lan LaJeunesse - Morgan, UT Steer Wrestling: Bryan Fields - Conroe, TX

Team Roping, Header: Matt Sherwood Queen Creek, AZ Team Roping, Heeler: Walt Woodard Stockton, CA Saddle Bronc: Rusty Allen - Lehi, UT Tie-Down Roping: Matt Shiozawa - Chublock, ID Women’s Barrel Race: Chani Payne Sulphur Springs, TX Women’s Barrel Race: Deb Renger Okotoks, AB, Canada Bull Riding: Wesley Silcox - Payson, UT

Bull Riding: Thad Bothwell - Fort Pierre, SD

Team Roping, Header: Jason Stewart Royal City, WA

1999 Champions

Team Roping, Heeler: Mike Beers Powell Butte, NV

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 17): Matt Austin Willis Point, TX

Saddle Bronc: Mike Outhier - Utopia, TX

2007 Champions

Bareback Riding: Kelly Wardell - Bellevue, ID Steer Wrestling: T.W. Snyder - Colbert, OK Team Roping, Header: Charles Pogue Ringling, OK

Tie-Down Roping: Jade Connor - Iowa, LA Women’s Barrel Racing: Sherry Cervi - Marana, AZ

Team Roping, Heeler: Britt Bochuis Claremore, OK

Bull Riding: Steve Turner - Cochrane, AB, Canada

Saddle Bronc: Bobby Griswold - Moore, OK

2004 Champions

Tie-Down Roping: Fred Whitfield - Hockley, TX Women’s Barrel Racing: Janet Stover - Jacksonville, TX Bull Riding: Aaron Semas - Auburn, CA 58 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Xtreme Bulls: Cory Melton - Keithville, LA

Bareback Riding: Cleve Schmidt Belle Fourche, SD

Steer Wrestling: Trevor Knowles Mount Vernon, OR

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 3): Jarrod Ford - Greeley, CO

Bareback Riding: Will Lowe - Canyon, TX

Steer Wrestling: Shawn Greenfield - Lakeview, OR Team Roping, Header: Speed Williams DeLeon, TX Team Roping, Heeler: Dean Tuftin - Prineville, OR Saddle Bronc: Cody Wright - Milford, UT Saddle Bronc: Taos Muncy - Corona, NM Tie-Down Roping: Josh Peek - Pueblo, CO


CHAMP O I O E N D SO R 2013 Champions

Bull Riding: Cody Buller - Glendive, MT

Team Roping, Header: Colby Siddoway Hooper, UT

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 1): B.J. Schumacher - Hillsboro, WI

Team Roping, Heeler: Matt Zancanella Aurora, SD

Steer Wrestling: Clayton Moore - Pouce Coupe, British Columbia

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 17): Luke Haught - Weatherford, TX

Saddle Bronc: J.J. Elshere - Quinn, SD

Team Roping, Header: Drew Horner - Plano, TX

Tie-Down Roping: Trevor Brazile - Decatur, TX

2008 Champions

Women’s Barrel Race: Lindsay Sears - Nanton, AB, Canada

Team Roping, Heeler: Buddy Hawkins, II - Columbus, KS

Women’s Barrel Race: Kelly Maben - Spur, TX

Bareback Riding: Justin McDaniel - Porum, OK Steer Wrestling: Brad Morgan - Brandon, MS Team Roping, Header: Turtle Powell - Alpine, TX Team Roping, Heeler: Travis Graves - Jay, OK Saddle Bronc: J.J. Elshere - Quinn, SD Tie-Down Roping: Clint Robinson - Ogden, UT Women’s Barrel Race: Terra Bynum Colorado City, TX Bull Riding: Chance Smart - Philadelphia, MS Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 1): Chance Smart - Philadelphia, MS Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 17): Wesley Silcox Payson, UT

2009 Champions Bareback Riding: Heath Ford - Greeley, CO

Steer Wrestling: Joey Bell, Jr. - Athens, TX Team Roping, Header: Kaleb Driggers - Albany, GA Team Roping, Heeler: Brad Culpepper Ashburn, GA Saddle Bronc: Heith DeMoss - Heflin, LA Tie-Down Roping: Monty Lewis - Hereford, TX

Bareback Riding: JR Vezain - Cowley, WY

Saddle Bronc: Tyler Corrington - Hasting, MN

Bull Riding: Ardie Maier - Timber Lake, SD

Tie-Down Roping: EJ Roberts - Stephenville, TX

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 4): Dustin Elliott North Platte, NE

Women’s Barrel Racing: Shada Brazile Decatur, TX

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 20): Corey Navarre - Weatherford, OK

Bull Riding: Josh Koschel - Nunn, CO

2011 Champions

Bareback Riding: Steven Peebles – Redmond, OR

2014 Champions

Bareback Riding: Kaycee Feild - Payson, UT

Steer Wrestling: Wyatt Smith – Rexburg, ID

Steer Wrestling: Stockton Graves - Newkirk, OK

Team Roping, Header: Erich Rogers – Round Rock, AZ

Team Roping, Header: Chad Masters Clarksville, TN

Team Roping, Heeler: Cory Petska – Marana, AZ

Team Roping, Heeler: Jade Corkill - Fallon, NV

Saddle Bronc: Wade Sundell – Coleman, OK

Saddle Bronc: Heith DeMoss - Heflin, LA

Tie-Down Roping: Jesse Clark – Portales, NM

Tie-Down Roping: Cody Ohl - Hico, TX

Women’s Barrel Racing: Sabrina Ketcham – Yeso, NM

Women’s Barrel Racing: Britany Fleck Mandan, ND Bull Riding: Ardie Maier - Timber Lake, SD Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 4): Shane Proctor Grand Coulee, WA Xtreme Bulls (Feb.19): Cody Whitney - Asher, OK

2012 Champions

Bull Riding: Sage Steele Kimzey – Strong City, OK Xtreme Bulls: Sage Steele Kimzey – Strong City, OK Steer Roping: Cody Lee – Gatesville, TX

2015 Champions

Bareback Riding: Kaycee Feild - Spanish Fork, UT

Bareback Riding: Steven Dent - Mullen, NE

Steer Wrestling: Seth Brockman - Wheatland, WY

Steer Wrestling: Ethen Thouvenell - Napa, CA

Team Roping, Header: Kaleb Driggers - Albany, GA

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 5): Clayton Savage Casper, WY

Team Roping, Header: Nick Sartain - Dover, OK

Team Roping, Heeler: Travis Woodard -

Team Roping, Heeler: Kollin VonAhn - Durant, OK

Stockton, CA

Xtreme Bulls (Feb. 21): Douglas Duncan Alvin, TX

Saddle Bronc: Chet Johnson - Sheridan, WY

Saddle Bronc: Rusty Wright - Milford, UT

Tie-Down Roping: Justin Maass - Giddings, TX

Tie-Down Roping: Cory Solomon - Prairie View, TX

2010 Champions

Women’s Barrel Race: Angie Meadors - Blanchard, OK

Women’s Barrel Racing: Sherry Cervi - Marana, AZ

Steer Wrestling: Luke Branquinho Los Alamos, CA

Bull Riding: Cody Teel - Kountze, TX

Xtreme Bulls: Tanner Learmont - Cleburne, TX

Xtreme Bulls: Kanin Asay – Powell, WY

Steer Roping: Neal Wood - Needville, TX

Women’s Barrel Race: Mattie Little - Ardmore, OK Bull Riding: Spud Jones - Tohatchi, NM

Bareback Riding: Micky Downare - Hartsel, CO

Bull Riding: Chandler Bownds - Lubbock, TX





1. de la Cruz, Cesar..........Tucson.................TR 2. duPerier, Callie.............Boerne, TX......... GB 3. Adams, Colin.................Deloraine.............BB 4. Aldridge, Doug..............Carthage, MO.....SB 5. Allen, Guy.......................Santa Anna, TX..SR 6. Anderson, Rhett...........Anabella..............TR 7. Anzick, Shelly...............Shepherd, MT.... GB 8. Armes, Bray...................Ponder............... SW 9. Asay, Kanin....................Powell..................BR 10. Askey, Jeff..................Athens.................BR 11. Athan, Teddy..............Livermore............BB 12. Atwell, Corey..............Moravian Falls....BR 13. Aus, Tanner.................Granite Falls, M..BB 14. Bach, Joel ..................................... San Augustine, T. TR 15. Bail, Jesse...................Camp Crook........SB 16. Barker, Reid................Comfort...............BR 17. Barnes, Jake...............Scottsdale, AZ...TR 18. Barrios, Bryce.............Bluff Dale, TX.....BR 19. Bartlett, Joe...............Boardman, OR....SR 20. Bass, Kaley.................Kissimmee, FL... GB 21. Bean, Jana Ft.............Hancock, TX...... GB 22. Begay, Derrick............Seba Dalkai.........TR 23. Bennett, Caleb...........Tremonton..........BB 24. Bessert, Sammi.........Grand Junction. GB 25. Biglow, Clayton..........Clements, CA.....BB 26. Bilby, Jared.................Bridgeport..........TR 27. Bingham, Tim..............Honeyville, UT....BR 28. Bird, Dustin.................Cut Bank, MT......TR 29. Blackwell, Jade..........Rapid City...........SB 30. Blasingame, Ty...........Ramah..................TR 31. Blessing, Jarrett........Paradise..............SR 32. Boardman, Cimarron ........................................Stephenville, TX.CR 33. Boore, Allen................Axtell, UT.............SB 34. Bowen, Dustin............Waller, TX............BR 35. Bowers, Kyle...............Drayton Valley....BB 36. Bownds, Chandler.....Lubbock..............BR 37. Bradshaw, CoBurn.....Beaver.................SB 38. Branco, Stan...............Chowchilla........ SW 39. Branquinho, Luke.......Los Alamos, CA.SW 40. Brasfield, Newt..........Lane, OK..............BR 41. Brazile, Trevor ....................................Decatur, TX.CR TR SR 42. Breaux, Morgan.........Tomball, TX........ GB 43. Breding, Parker..........Edgar, MT............BR 44. Brennecke, Kyle.........Stephenville, TX.BB 45. Breuer, Casey.............Mandan, ND........BB 46. Breuer, Ty....................Mandan, ND........BB 47. Brockman, Seth.........Wheatland, WY.SW 48. Brown, Billy Bob.........Carbon, TX..........TR 49. Brown, Jake................Hillsboro..............BB 50. Brown, Luke................Stephenville.......TR 51. Brown, Rory................Edgemont, SD....TR 52. Brunson, Bart.............Terry, MS............ CR 53. Buckaloo, Bubba........Kingston, OK.......TR 54. Bugenig, Billy..............Ferndale, CA..... SW 55. Buhler, Jeremy...........Abbotsford.........TR 56. Burger, Mary...............Pauls Valley, OK.GB 57. Burk, Blair....................Durant................. CR 58. Cain, Twister...............Gonzales, TX......TR 59. Campbell, B.J.............Aguila...................TR 60 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

60. Campbell, Leo............Amarillo, TX........SR 61. Cannon, Clint..............Waller, TX............BB 62. Capper, Pamela..........Cheney, WA....... GB 63. Cardoza, Russell........Terrebonne.........TR 64. Carlisle, Randall.........Athens................ CR 65. Carroll, Shay...............Prineville, OR......TR 66. Carter, Vickie.............Richfield, UT...... GB 67. Caylor, Justin.............Sulphur Springs.SB 68. Cervi, Sherry..............Marana, AZ......... GB 69. Champion, Richmond ........................................The Woodlands..BB 70. Chase, Mike................McAlester, OK....SR 71. Clark, Beau..................Belgrade............ SW 72. Clark, Jesse................Portales.............. CR 73. Clark, Josh..................Belgrade............ SW 74. Clements, Mason......Sandy, UT............BB 75. Conrado, Ivy...............Hudson, CO........ GB 76. Cook, Tommy..............Waller, TX.......... SW 77. Cooper, Clay O’Brien.Gardnerville, NV.TR 78. Cooper, Clint...............Decatur.............. CR 79. Cooper, Jake..............Monument..........TR 80. Cooper, Jim Ross......Stephenville.......TR 81. Cooper, Tuf.................Decatur, TX........ CR 82. Corkill, Jade................Fallon...................TR 83. Corrington, Tyler........Hastings..............SB 84. Costa, Marcos...........Childress, TX..... CR 85. Cox, Blane...................Cameron............. CR 86. Cox, Wyatt Arroyo.....Grande.................TR 87. Crawford, Charly.......Prineville.............TR 88. Crawley, Jacobs........Boerne.................SB 89. Crawley, Sterling.......Stephenville.......SB 90. Creasy, Luke...............Lovington............BB 91. Cress, Brody...............Hillsdale..............SB 92. Crowser, Troy..............Whitewood, SD..SB 93. Cure, Hunter...............Holliday.............. SW 94. Danley, Lon.................Tularosa, NM.......BR 95. Davis, Bryce................Ovalo, TX.............SR 96. Davis, Dalton..............Holcomb, KS.......SB 97. Davison, Cole.............Roosevelt...........TR 98. Deckard, Blake...........Wagoner..............SR 99. Denny, Grant..............Minden.................BB 100. Denny, Wyatt...........Minden.................BB 101. Dent, Steven...........Mullen..................SB 102. DeMoss, Cody.........Heflin, LA.............SB 103. DeMoss, Heith Allan ........................................Heflin, LA.............SB 104. DeShon, Kody..........Helena, MT..........BR 105. Diaz, Britany.............Solen, ND........... GB 106. Diaz, Isaac................Desdemona........SB 107. Dice, Rachel.............Livermore, CA.... GB 108. Downing, Shawn.....Silver Star, MT. SW 109. Driggers, Kaleb........Albany..................TR 110. Dugger, B.J...............Three Rivers.......TR 111. Durfey, Tyson...........Weatherford..... CR 112. Eaves, Paul...............Lonedell...............TR 113. Edge, Cole................Durant, OK......... SW 114. Edler, Jacob D..........Alva, OK............. SW 115. Egusquiza Jr., Manny ........................................Marianna.............TR 116. Eldred, Brennon.......Sulphur................BR 117. Eldridge, Dakota W.Elko..................... SW 118. Elliott, Blade............Centreville..........BB

119. Elliott, Cla.................Nanton, AB..........SB 120. Elliott, Tag.................Thatcher..............BR 121. Elshere, Cole............Faith, SD..............SB 122. Erickson, Chase......Helena.................BB 123. Erickson, Ty..............Helena............... SW 124. Etherton, Shayde Tree ........................................Borden............... SW 125. Evans, Jason...........Glen Rose, TX.....SR 126. Feild, Kaycee............Spanish Fork......BB 127. Ferley, Chad.............Oelrichs...............SB 128. Fisher Jr., Vin...........Andrews, TX.......SR 129. Fisher, Dan...............Andrews, TX.......SR 130. Fisher, J. Tom...........Andrews, TX.......SR 131. Foltyn, Clayton........Winnie..................BR 132. Ford, Heath..............Slocum................BB 133. Foss, Austin.............Terrebonne, OR..BB 134. Freed, Pace..............Chubbuck............TR 135. Frost, Joe.................Randlett..............BR 136. Fugate, Denton.......Dixon, MO............BR 137. Ganter, Jackie.........Abilene, TX......... GB 138. Garr, Brian.................Belle Fourche, S.SR 139. Garrett, Shorty........Dupree.................SB 140. Garten, Brady..........Claremore, OK....SR 141. Geipel, Patrick.........Westcliffe..........BR 142. Gilbert, Gary New....Underwood....... SW 143. Gillespie IV, George R ........................................Hamilton.............BB 144. Glover, Chris............Keenesburg, CO.SR 145. Good, Shay...............Midland, TX.........SR 146. Grant, Morgan.........Didsbury............. CR 147. Graves, Stockton...Alva, OK............. SW 148. Graves, Travis..........Jay........................TR 149. Gray, Adam...............Seymour, TX...... CR 150. Gray, Ryan................Cheney................BB 151. Green, Layton ......................................Meeting Creek, A.SB 152. Guelly, Deb...............Okotoks, AB....... GB 153. Guenthner, Scott....Consort, AB...... SW 154. Guy, Nick...................Sparta................ SW 155. Halderman, Casey..Wharton, TX.......TR 156. Hale, Garrett............Snyder, TX...........SR 157. Hanchey, Shane......Sulphur, LA......... CR 158. Hannum, Olin...........Malad, ID........... SW 159. Hansen, Jordan.......Okotoks...............BR 160. Harrell, Kinney.........Marshall, TX........TR 161. Harter, Bradley........Loranger..............SB 162. Hartness, Rod.........Pawhuska, OK....SR 163. Hass, Clayton..........Terrell, TX.......... SW 164. Hawkins II, Buddy...Columbus............TR 165. Hazen, Jule...............Ashland, KS...... SW 166. Hendrick, Justin......Huntsville, TX.....TR 167. Herren, Chet............Pawhuska, OK....SR 168. Herrin, Hunter..........Apache............... CR 169. Herrmann, Shelby...Stephenville, TX.GB 170. Hill, Beau West........Glacier.................BR 171. Hill, Bobby Joe.........Mexia, TX............TR 172. Hillman, Jett............Purcell, OK...........TR 173. Hirdes, Blake............Turlock, CA..........TR 174. Hofer, Logan............Magrath, AB....... CR 175. Holder, Dillon............Eugene, MO....... CR 176. Hoskins, Doyle........Chualar................TR 177. Howlett, Jamie........Snyder, TX...........BB

178. Hughes, Westyn.....Caldwell, TX....... CR 179. Irwin, Kyle.................Robertsdale..... SW 180. Jacob, Taylor............Carmine, TX....... GB 181. Jacoby, Elliot...........Fredericksburg..BR 182. Jamison, Adam........CANADA..............BR 183. Jarrett, Ryan............Comanche......... CR 184. Jayne, Evan..............Marseille.............BB 185. Jess, Garrett...........Coulee City.........TR 186. Johansen, Cody......Kersey..................BR 187. Johnson, Brad.........Reva, SD............ SW 188. Johnson, Chet.........Douglas...............SB 189. Johnson, Meghan...Deming, NM....... GB 190. Johnson, Mike.........Henryetta, OK... CR 191. Johnson, Sherrylynn ........................................Henryetta, OK... GB 192. Jones, Blaine...........Templeton, CA.. SW 193. Jones, K.C.................Decatur, TX....... SW 194. Jones, Marty............Hobbs, NM..........SR 195. Kastner, Trevor........Ardmore, OK.......BR 196. Kelly, Brittany..........Paso Robles, CA.GB 197. Kelly, Dugan.............Paso Robles, CA.TR 198. Kelton, Chance........Mayer...................SR 199. Kelts, Samuel..........Millarville.............SB 200. Kennedy, Laura........Quitman, AR...... GB 201. Kesler, Quinn............Holden, UT..........TR 202. Ketscher, Jordan ...................................Squaw Valley, CA... CR 203. Key, David.................Stephenville.......TR 204. Kight, Layna.............Ocala, FL............. GB 205. Kimzey, Sage Steele ........................................Strong City.........BR 206. Kirby, Jesse James ........................................Dodge City..........SB 207. Kirchenschlager, Dakota ........................................Morgan Mill, TX..TR 208. Kirkland, Ty...............Lufkin, TX............SB 209. Knapp, Scottie .................................. Albuquerque, NM....BR 210. Knowles, Blake........Heppner............. SW 211. Knowles, Trevor.......Mount Vernon.. SW 212. Koontz, Kory.............Stephenville, TX.TR 213. Kruse, Cassidy........Gillette, WY....... GB 214. Laduke, Nick............Livermore............SB 215. Lait, Matt..................Stavely................BB 216. Lake, Alexa...............Richmond, TX.... GB 217. Lambert, Sterling...Fallon................. SW 218. Landingham, R.C.....Paso Robles........BB 219. Lanham, Zeb............Sweet..................BR 220. Larsen, Orin..............Inglis....................BB 221. Larsen, Tyrel.............Inglis....................SB 222. Lauer, C.A.................Buffalo, OK.........SR 223. Laughlin, Braxton....Westlake, LA..... CR 224. Laughlin, Christine.Pueblo, CO......... GB 225. Laye, Clint.................Pocatello, ID.......BB 226. Lee, Cody..................Gatesville, TX.....SR 227. Leggett, Julie..........Kamloops, BC.... GB 228. Lewis, Brent.............Pinon....................SR 229. Lewis, Monty...........Hereford............. CR 230. LeMond, JoJo..........Andrews, TX.TR SR 231. Little, Benette.........Ardmore, OK...... GB 232. Lockhart, Lisa..........Oelrichs, SD....... GB 233. Lohse, Reo...............Kaycee.................SR 234. Londo, Ben...............San Luis Obispo.SB



235. Long, Jake................Coffeyville..........TR 236. Lord, Levi..................Sturgis, SD..........TR 237. Lowe, Will.................Canyon, TX..........BB 238. Lucero, Martin.........Stephenville, TX.TR 239. Lufkin, Joe................Sallisaw...............SB 240. Lunak, Buck.............Cut Bank.............BB 241. Luttrell, Tanner........Oroville, CA.........TR 242. Mackenzie, Ryan.....Homedale, ID......SB 243. Malone, J.C..............Hooper, UT......... CR 244. Mariluch, Megan.....Daingerfield, TX.GB 245. Markham, Cale........Vinita...................TR 246. Martin, Casey..........Sulphur.............. SW 247. Mason, Dallee..........Weiser.................BR 248. Masters, Chad.........Cedar Hill, TN......TR 249. Mays, Brenda...........Terrebonne, OR. GB 250. McBride, Will............Ogallala, NE........SR 251. McCartney, Cody....Ottawa Lake...... CR 252. McClaugherty, Landon ........................................Tilden, TX.............SR 253. McDonald, Rocky....Colonia Juarez...BR 254. McDonald, Sarah Rose ........................................Brunswick, GA... GB 255. McGinn, Howdy.......North Powder, OR... SR 256. McKnight, Tyler.......Wells, TX.............TR 257. McLeod, Katelyn.....Whitesboro, TX.GB 258. McLeod, Michele....Whitesboro, TX.GB 259. Melancon, Jeremy Ray ........................................Huntsville, TX.....SB 260. Melvin, Jace.............Fort Pierre, SD.. SW 261. Milan, Tanner............Cochrane, AB.... SW 262. Miller, Bart................Pleasanton, NE..BR 263. Miller, Justin............Billings.................BB 264. Mills, Travis..............Gillette, WY........SR 265. Mills, Trent................Gillette, WY........SR 266. Minor, Brady.............Ellensburg...........TR 267. Minor, Jake...............Ellensburg, WA...TR 268. Minor, Riley...............Ellensburg, WA...TR 269. Montero, Trenten ....................................Winnemucca, NV...BB 270. Moody, Tyrell............Edgemont, SD....TR 271. Moore, Clayton ................................. Pouce Coupe, BC... SW 272. Moore, Timber.........Aubrey, TX.......... CR 273. Morgan, Shelley......Canton................ GB 274. Motes, Ryan.............Weatherford......TR 275. Mousseau, Matt.....Hensall............... SW 276. Mulligan, Sean.........Coleman, OK..... SW 277. Muncy, Taos.............Corona, NM.........SB 278. Murray, Guthrie.......Miami, OK............BR 279. Murray, Tillar............Fort Worth, TX.. GB 280. Nelson, Tyler............Victor...................BB 281. Newman, Nevada....Melstone.............BR 282. Nicholes, Brady.......Hoytsville, UT.....SB 283. Nogueira, Junior......Scottsdale, AZ...TR 284. O’Connell, Tim..........Zwingle................BB 285. O’Mara, Jacob..........Baton Rouge......BR 286. Ohl, Cody..................Hico, TX.............. CR 287. Olson, Logan............Flandreau............TR 288. Orman, Jake.............Prairie...................TR 289. Otero, Michael Lowndesboro, AL... CR

290. Parker, Kali................Wendell, ID......... GB 291. Parrott, Rowdy........Mamou.............. SW 292. Parsonage, Jared....Maple Creek.......BR 293. Pass, Aaron..............Dallas...................BR 294. Patterson, Rocky....Pratt.....................SR 295. Pearce, Ace..............Washington, TX.TR 296. Pearson, Cody.........Tucson.................TR 297. Pearson, Tyler..........Louisville........... SW 298. Peebles, David.........Redmond.............BB 299. Peebles, Steven......Redmond, OR.....BB 300. Peek, Josh................Pueblo, CO.. CR SW 301. Pelton, Jordan.........Halliday, ND........BB 302. Petska, Cory............Marana................TR 303. Pharr, Tim..................Resaca, GA........ CR 304. Philipp, John............Washington, TX.TR 305. Philipp, Shane..........Washington, TX.TR 306. Plemons, Lawson...Axtell....................SR 307. Poindexter, Martin.Stephenville, TX.SR 308. Poppino, Brodie.......Big Cabin, OK......SR 309. Powell, Turtle...........Stephenville.......TR 310. Pozzi Tonozzi, Brittany ........................................Victoria, TX........ GB 311. Pozzobon, Ty............Merritt.................BR 312. Pratt, Jake................Ellensburg.......... CR 313. Prcin, Tyler................Alvord, TX........... CR 314. Price, Taylor..............Huntsville............BB 315. Proctor, Coleman....Pryor, OK..............TR 316. Pruitt, Riley..............Gering, NE.......... CR 317. Quaney, Cody...........Cheney, KS......... CR 318. Ratliff, Winn.............Leesville, LA.......BB 319. Ray, Boogie..............Mabank, TX.........TR 320. Real, Joaquin...........Santa Paula, CA.SB 321. Reilly, Devan............Sheridan..............BB 322. Richard, Rhen..........Roosevelt, CR....TR 323. Richards, Tom..........Humboldt, AZ.....TR 324. Richardson, Carley.Pampa, TX.......... GB 325. Riemer, Reese.........Stinnett.............. CR 326. Robinson, Clint ................................. Spanish Fork, UT..... CR 327. Robinson, Pistol......Coolidge, TX.......BR 328. Roche, Baylor...........Tremonton........ SW 329. Rogers, Erich...........Round Rock........TR 330. Rogers, Garrett.......Baker City, OR....TR 331. Rose, Adam..............Willard, MO.........TR 332. Ross, Corey..............Liberty Hill, TX....SR 333. Rostockyj, Cody......Lorena..................BR 334. Rudolf, Brad ...................................Winnemucca, NV...SB 335. Saebens, Billie Jack ........................................Nowata, OK.........TR 336. Sanderson, Caleb...Hallettsville, T....BR 337. Santucci, Sean........Prineville........... SW 338. Sartain, Nick............Dover, OK............TR 339. Savage, Clayton......Yoder....................BR 340. Scales, Tyler.............Severance, CO...BB 341. Scheer, Cort.............Elsmere...............SB 342. Schlegel, Joel..........Burns, CO............BB 343. Schmidt, Chuck......Keldron, SD.........SB 344. Schnaufer, Kelley....Pueblo, CO......... GB 345. Schuelke, Taygen....Newell, SD...........SB 346. Sechrist, Bryson.....Apache............... CR 347. Sellers, Jay...............Waurika, OK........SR

348. Selz, Lane.................Bakersfield, CA..BR 349. Shawnego, Joseph.Oakdale, CA........TR 350. Sherwood, Matt......Pima.....................TR 351. Shiozawa, Matt.......Chubbuck, ID..... CR 352. Shofner, Cooper......Jasper................ SW 353. Shofner, Jacob........Huntsville, TX... SW 354. Silver, Tooter............Quitman, AR..... SW 355. Simpson, Levi..........Ponoka.................TR 356. Skelton, Rich...........Llano, TX..............TR 357. Slone, Ace................Cuero, TX............ CR 358. Small, Zac.................Welch...................TR 359. Smidt, Caleb............Bellville............... CR 360. Smith, Clay...............Broken Bow, OK.TR 361. Smith, Garrett Rexburg.......................BR 362. Smith, Patrick..........Lipan....................TR 363. Smith, Ryle...............Oakdale.............. CR 364. Smith, Sterling........Stephenville...... CR 365. Smith, Stran.............Childress............ CR 366. Smith, Thomas........Barnsdall, OK......SR 367. Smith, Will................Marshall, MO......SB 368. Snedecor, Scott......Fredericksburg. SR 369. Snow, Cody..............Los Olivos...........TR 370. Solomon, Cory.........Prairie View, TX. CR 371. Sonnier III, Joey.......New Iberia, LA....SB 372. Spreadborough, Sam ........................................Snyder, TX...........SB 373. Stall, Brett .................................Detroit Lakes, MI......BR 374. Stipes, Jesse...........Salina, OK............TR 375. Stockton, Alicia......Stephenville, TX.GB 376. Struxness, J.D.........Appleton........... SW 377. Suggs, Shane..........Granbury, TX.......SR 378. Sumpter, Wade.......Fowler, CO......... SW 379. Sundell, Wade.........Coleman, OK.......SB 380. Swint, Megan...........Lithia, FL............. GB 381. Swor, Cade...............Winnie................. CR 382. Taton, Ora.................Rapid City, SD....SR 383. Tavenner, Dirk..........Rigby.................. SW 384. Taylor, Fallon............Whitesboro, TX. GB 385. Taypotat, Ty Fast.....Regina, SK...........BB 386. Teel, Cody.................Kountze...............BR 387. Teller, Cullen.............Pierce, CO...........TR 388. Thiel, Britta..............Belle Fourche, S.GB 389. Thomas, Anthony The Kimberly, BB 390. Thomas, Calyssa....Harrold, SD......... GB 391. Thomas, Jason........Benton, AR........ SW 392. Thoreson, Gus.........Belt, MT...............SB 393. Thurston, Zeke........Big Valley.............SB 394. Tierney, Jess............Hermosa, SD......SR 395. Tierney, Paul David.Oral, SD................TR 396. Tillard, Casey...........Glenrock, WY......SR 397. Tillard, Troy...............Douglas...............SR 398. Tonozzi, Garrett.......Fruita...................TR 399. Torres, Jonatha.......Ocala....................TR 400. Tribble, Garrett........Bristow, OK.........BR 401. Tryan, Brady.............Huntley, MT........TR 402. Tryan, Chase............Helena, MT..........TR 403. Tryan, Clay................Billings.................TR 404. Tryan, Travis.............Billings.................TR 405. Tsinigine, Aaron.......Tuba City.............TR 406. Tutor, Bill...................Huntsville............BB 407. Tyan, Levi..................Wallace, NE.........TR

408. Vezain, JR.................Cowley................ BB 409. Vick, Dylan................ Oakdale..............BR 410. Vold, Jake................. Ponoka................BB 411. VonAhn, Kollin.......... Blanchard, OK....TR 412. Vosler, Aaron............Cheyenne, WY. SW 413. Votaw, Dalton James ........................................Porter.................. BR 414. Wade, Tyler...............Terrell, TX............TR 415. Waguespack, Tyler. Gonzales, LA.... SW 416. Walker, Mary............Ennis, TX............ GB 417. Wall, Kimmie............Roosevelt, UT.... GB 418. Wallace, Ty...............Collbran, CO........BR 419. Waltz, Tyler...............Martin................. BB 420. Watkins, Ryan.........Morgan Mill........ CR 421. Watson, Jake...........Hudsons Hope.. SB 422. Wells, Joe.................Cisco, TX.............SR 423. Welsh, Bobby...........Gillette, WY........BR 424. Welsh, Jill.................Parker, AZ........... GB 425. Whatley, JB..............Gardendale, TX..SR 426. Whitaker, Kyle .........Chambers, NE.. SW 427. Wickett, J.P. ............Sallisaw, OK........SR 428. Wiley, Chase ...........Charlotte, TX......TR 429. Williams, Chase ......Stephenville, TX.CR 430. Williams, Ralph........Skiatook, OK.......SR 431. Williams, Victoria....Kiln, MS............... GB 432. Willis, Paige..............Bristol, FL........... GB 433. Wilson, Kash............Gooding, ID.........BB 434. Wood, Neal...............Needville.............SR 435. Woodard, Travis......Stockton.............TR 436. Woodard, Walt.........Stephenville, TX.TR 437. Woolsey, Steve.......Payson, UT..........BR 438. Wright, Carmel........Roy, MT............... GB 439. Wright, Cody............Milford.................SB 440. Wright, Jake.............Milford.................SB 441. Wright, Rusty..........Milford, UT..........SB 442. Wright, Spencer......Milford.................SB 443. Yates, Marty............Stephenville, TX.CR 444. Young, Trey...............Dupree.......... SD CR 445. Ziegelgruber............Kim Edmond, OK.SR

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 61



Bareback Riding

Tie-Down Roping

2011 KAYCEE FEILD | 93 points on Brother

2003 JADE CONNOR | 6.8 seconds

“Brother” owned by JK Rodeo Company

Steer Wrestling 2014 TIMMY SPARING | 3.0 seconds

Team Roping 2012 KALEB DRIGGERS and JADE CORKILL | 3.8 seconds

Saddle Bronc Riding 2008 TAOS MUNCY | 92 points on Cool Alley “Cool Alley” owned by Kesler Championship Rodeo Company

62 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Barrel Racing 2013 SYDNI BLANCHARD | 13.68 seconds

Bull Riding 2010 ARDIE MAIER | 94 points on Cyclone “Cyclone” owned by Andrews Rodeo Company

Xtreme Bulls 2004 B.J. SCHUMACHER | 95 points on Mr. USA “Mr. USA” owned by Diamond G Rodeos


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2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 65

66 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

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(830) 393-6485 Floresville

2016 San Antonio11/14/2013 Stock Show &4:13:06 Rodeo |PM 67


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Broo ks C ity B ase Of fice | 3201 Sidney Br ooks | San An t o n io , TX 7 8 2 3 5 | (2 1 0 ) 6 7 8 -3 3 0 0 | w w o o ksc it y -ba s e . c om



RODEO ANNOUNCERS SPONSORED BY: Hadley Barrett, is back for his 28th year with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Born in North Platte, NE, Hadley now lives in Kersey, CO, where he loves to golf, fish and work with horses. He was raised in the cattle business, has competed in all rodeo events, and is frequently seen on horseback during the opening ceremonies at various rodeos. He is not only a colorful rodeo announcer, but a popular singer, interviewer and all around entertainer. Hadley’s achievements include: PRCA Announcer

Randy Corley, the 2015 PRCA Announcer of the year, is back for his 17th year with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Corley of Silverdale, WA, has been selected PRCA announcer of the year 12 times: 1984, ’90-’96, ’98, 2003, 2011 and 2015. He was also the Original Coors Rodeo Showdown Announcer from 1993-1998; Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo Announcer: 1987, 1997 and 2008; and the Caldwell (Idaho) Night Rodeo Announcer from

of the Year, 1983, ’85, ’89, and 2002; World Cup Announcer, Australia; seven time Canadian Finals Rodeo Announcer; Copenhagen Cup Finale (Mesquite, Texas) Announcer, 2000; Prairie Circuit Announcer of the Year, 1979; NFR announcer, 1968, ’76, ’79, ’83 and 2008; NFR Television Announcer 1980-’90, ’94-2004; World Champion Awards Banquet host for ESPN 1994-’98; and Madison Square Garden Rodeo Announcer. Hadley was inducted into the PRCA Hall of Fame in 1999 and the Rodeo Hall of Fame in 2008.

1982-2011. In 2005, he and his daughter, Amanda became the first father-daughter tandem to work the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo as announcer and timer. He says being mentally prepared before reaching for the microphone is the most difficult aspect of announcing. Corley estimates he spends four to five hours preparing for a performance. Corley, a former bareback and bull rider, started announcing rodeos after graduating from the Ron Bailey School of Broadcast in Seattle in 1978.


There are two types of dirt heroes: bullfighters and barrelmen. Not only are both protectors for the bull riders, they are also additional entertainment for the crowd. A bullfighter has many duties while in the arena. Not only does he serve as a distraction so the rider can dismount the bull safely, but becomes a human barrier should a cowboy be bucked off and have trouble getting to his feet. If a rider’s hand becomes caught or “hung-up” in the rope, the bullfighters selflessly and intentionally put themselves in harm’s way to detangle the cowboy. These experts love one thing more than the adrenaline rush of being in front of a bull: helping cowboys do what they love, safely. The barrelman may have a bit more commentary and get a few more laughs from the crowd than the bullfighters do, but he must also remain alert while on the dirt. While sitting atop his barrel, he must be ready to dive in at any time, not only to protect himself, but also to serve as a barrier for both cowboy and bullfighter alike. While both barrelmen and bullfighters are entertaining and fun to watch, they always keep their priority at the front of their minds: keeping the riders safe. The 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo welcomes Cody Webster, Chuck Swisher, Nate Jestes and barrelman Leon Coffee. 70 | 2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


- SINGER Dr. Mark Jones is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who maintains his private practice in San Antonio, Texas. He is the founder of the Trinity Program, which is a recovery program that helps people “Resolve, Restore, and Retrain: Resolve their Past, Restore their Health and Retrain their Thinking” ( When Dr. Jones was six years old, his mother brought him and his brother to sing gospel music in small, country churches in East Texas. As a result, he has been singing for Cornerstone Church and John Hagee Ministries since 1974 for the 20,000 member congregation and worldwide broadcast. He has performed at many events such as: Texas Governor Perry’s Prayer Breakfast, President Ronald Reagan’s Day of Prayer, San Antonio Spurs basketball games, the David Robinson Benefit, and more. Through the years, Dr. Jones has opened in concert for The Oakridge Boys as well as other major premier gospel concerts, and has been singing the National Anthem at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo since 1991. Each time he sings, he considers it a God-given gift and opportunity. Dr. Jones has four children and has been married to his wife, Theresa, since 1981.

2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 71

FAVOR O I T E ES D O R MUTTON BUSTIN’ SPONSORED BY: Mutton Bustin’ is a crowd favorite! It is a fun-filled competition where a few lucky youngsters have a chance to ride on the back of a running sheep for six seconds. Each participant receives a trophy, a hand-cast Mutton Bustin’ champion belt buckle, a special Mutton Bustin’ bandana, and the memory of a packed arena cheering them on! Participation is limited to boys and girls who are between the ages of 4-7 years old and weigh less than 55 pounds.

EXCEPTIONAL RODEO In 1983 the PRCA Exceptional Rodeo was formed by bull rider, Bryan McDonald and Ruth Dismuke-Blakely, a speech and language pathologist with a rodeo and riding background. Each child is partnered with a cowboy, cowgirl or clown. The 45-minute rodeo, complete with announcer and all, gets under way with the contestant and his or her partner going through the goat ribbon relay, dummy steer roping, riding the hand‑rocked bull and bronc, a broomstick barrel race, and dummy steer wrestling. Each child receives a t-shirt, cowboy hat, bandana, lariat, contestant number, personal recognition, trophy, and a photo with their partner. But more importantly, they earn a new sense of belonging and increased selfworth.

CALF SCRAMBLE SPONSORED BY: The Calf Scramble is another crowd favorite. In the Calf Scramble, 24 determined 4-H and FFA members compete to coax, catch and halter one of the 12 calves across the winner’s line. The 12 successful scramblers receive a certificate to purchase a breeding animal to be raised and brought back to be shown at the livestock show the following year.

74 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

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Bareback Riding

Tie-Down Roping

Steer Wrestling

Barrel Racing

Team Roping - Header

Bull Riding

COOL WATER Owned by: Andrews Rodeo Co. TWO GUNS Owned by: Wade Sumpter

SPOOK Owned by: Cory Solomon ATLAS Owned by: Trip DuPerier

DRAKE Owned by: Kaleb Driggers

SAVAGE Owned by: D&H Cattle Co.

Team Roping - Healer

Steer Roping

SUG Owned by: Travis Woodard

Saddle Bronc Riding KILLER BEE Owned by: Beutler & Son Rodeo Co.

76 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

CURLY BILL Owned by: Neal Wood

San Antonio Roses “A volunteer organization that emphasizes agriculture and education to develop the youth of Texas”

The San Antonio Roses are a group of women (and a few good men) dedicated to enthusiastically bidding on and pushing the nal purchase price up until the last steer is sold! Since 2004, the SanAntonio Roses have participated in purchasing 264 steers and have placed in the Top 25 Auction Buyers three times! For more information contact



Bareback Riding

Steer Wrestling

Team Roping (Header)

Team Roping (Heeler)





Saddle Bronc

Tie-Down Roping

Barrel Racing

Bull Riding




Redmond, Oregon

Stephenville, Texas

Holliday, Texas

Huntsville, Texas

Durant, Oklahoma

Boerne, Texas

Tuba City, Arizona


Strong City, Oklahoma


Trevor Brazille Decatur, Texas

78 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


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2015 Bareback Riding Champion KAYCEE FEILD |


With nothing to hold but a “rigging” or suitcase-like handle on a strap secured comfortably behind the horse’s front legs, the cowboy must maintain balance and control while the horse bucks and pitches. A “flank strap” is secured around the horse’s hind end which tells the animal it’s go-time! The ride is judged on the cowboy’s spurring motion in coordination with the horse’s movement, as well as the bucking action of the animal. A rider is disqualified if he fails to have his heels touching the animal above the point of the horse’s shoulders when it makes its first jump, known as the “mark-out” rule. Additionally, the rider cannot touch any part of the horse or himself during the 8-second ride. A high-scoring ride is in the high 80s or 90s out of a possible 100 points.

80 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $23,315.14

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INGREDIENTS 1 can (15 oz.) Wolf ® Brand Chili, No Beans 1 can (15 oz.) Ranch Style® Beans, undrained 1 bag (10 oz.) tortilla chips 1½ cups shredded Cheddar cheese 1 can (10 oz.) RO★TEL® Original Diced Tomatoes & Green Chilies, drained Optional, add guacamole, sour cream, sliced ripe olives or sliced green onions

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2015 Steer Wrestling Champion SETH BROCKMAN |


Sometimes referred to as “bulldogging,” steer wrestling is an all-out battle of strength. The cowboy starts out on horseback in a three-sided fenced area known as “the box.” A rope, known as the “barrier,” is attached to the steer and serves as a head start for the animal. Once the cowboy nods to indicate his readiness, the gate is opened and the steer exits the chute. When the steer reaches the end of the rope, the barrier is released and the cowboy takes off in pursuit. If the cowboy leaves before the steer, a 10-second penalty is added to his final time and referred to as a “broken barrier”. If the cowboy reaches the steer, he dismounts using strength and leverage, slows the animal by digging his heels into the dirt and maneuvers the steer to the ground. In order to catch the sprinting steer, the bulldogger relies on a “hazer”, which is another mounted cowboy running beside the steer. Time stops when the steer is on its side with all four feet pointing in the same direction.

82 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $23,172.57

REPUBLIC SERVICES—ALWAYS AT YOUR DISPOSAL Experienced, Trained Team of Professionals Customer Focused Responsible Environmental Partners Flexible Service Programs

RECYCLING MATTERS. It matters to our quality of life and to our future generations, making the environment one of the biggest customers Republic Services serves. The 300 employees of Republic Services’ San Antonio operations are proud to be doing their part to protect the state’s natural resources through recycling and other eco-friendly programs. At homes and businesses across the country, we take care of the environment through our ongoing commitment to recycling, renewable energy and helping our customers meet their sustainability initiatives. Republic Services, a leading waste services company, provides collection, recycling and disposal services to 8 million residential, commercial and industrial customers throughout the United States. Call or visit us online to find out more. 210-304-2700 or 800-275-4234


2015 Team Roping Champions



Total Earnings: $21,034.07

This is the only true team event in rodeo - one “header” who ropes the head of the steer and one “heeler” who ropes the heels, or feet, of the steer. Each contestant begins in their respective “roping box” - a three-sided fenced area with a chute containing the steer in the middle. Similar to Steer Wrestling, a breakaway rope or “barrier” is attached to the steer and released once the steer reaches its advantage point The “broken barrier” rule also applies with a 10-second penalty added to the team’s time. Once the steer is out, the header leaves the roping box in pursuit of the steer, roping it around the horns, neck, or a horn-neck combination. He then turns the steer quickly to the left so the heeler has a shot at both of its hind legs. The clock stops when their horses are facing each other and their ropes are pulled tightly. If the heeler catches only one leg, a five-second penalty is added. A fast time in the Team Roping is less than 4 seconds.

86 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo




Total Earnings: $21,034.07











2015 Saddle Bronc Riding Champion RUSTY WRIGHT |


Saddle bronc riding is rodeo’s classic event since it derived from the practice of “breaking” or training saddle horses in the Old West. The contestant sits in a standard saddle attached to the back of the horse - but with no saddle horn. For leverage, he holds a thick “rein” or rope that is attached to the horse’s halter, which can only be held with one hand. When the gate swings open, the cowboy must adhere to the “mark-out” rule in which he must have his heels touching the animal above the point of the horse’s shoulders when it makes its first jump. Otherwise, the cowboy will be disqualified and given a “no score.” Synchronization with the horse’s movements earns higher scores. When the horse’s front feet are on the ground, the rider’s heels must be in front of the horse’s shoulders, toes turned out. As the horse resets for its next move, the cowboy brings his heels to the back of the saddle, all the while anticipating the animal’s next jump. If the contestant touches any part of the horse or himself with his free hand during the 8-second ride, he will be disqualified. A high-scoring ride is in the 80s or 90s out of a possible 100 points.

88 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $22,245.88

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2015 Tie-Down Roping Champion CORY SOLOMON |


Like many rodeo events, tie-down roping can be traced back to the working ranches of the Old West. The roper begins his run from “roping box,” with a barrier rope across the open front. The box is adjacent to a chute, containing the calf. One end of the breakaway barrier is looped around the calf and released as soon as the calf reaches its advantage point. If the roper beats the calf out of the chute, a 10-second penalty is added to his final time and considered a “broken barrier.” Once the calf is caught by the cowboy’s loop, the horse is trained to come to a stop and pull back to remove any “slack” or extra rope to keep the calf still. The cowboy quickly dismounts and sprints down his rope to the calf and turns the calf by hand, referred to as “flanking”. If the calf is not standing when the cowboy reaches it, he must allow the calf to stand before he proceeds to flank it. Once flanked, the roper ties any three of the animal’s legs together with a “pigging string” - a short looped rope. To signal that his run is complete, the contestant throws his hands in the air. He then remounts his horse and must wait six seconds to ensure that the calf does not kick free. If the calf does not remain tied, the roper receives no time. At San Antonio, a fast run in is less than 7 seconds.

90 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $23,457.70

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2015 Barrel Racing Champion SHERRY CERVI |


Arranged in a triangle, barrel racers must run around all three barrels in a pattern known as a “cloverleaf” being careful not to turn one over. Riders may begin on the left or the right barrel first, but the pattern cannot be broken. Horses must be not only swift, but accurate in their ability to maneuver around the barrels with ease and agility. If the rider or the horse makes contact with a barrel, it can be touched in order to keep it from falling. If not, each fallen barrel adds a penalty of fiveseconds to the rider’s final time. The sport is timed to the hundredth of a second. An “electric eye,” or automatic stopwatch serves as the timer on the arena floor and starts and stops once the horse and rider run in front of it. At San Antonio, fast run is less than 14 seconds.

92 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $21,941.56


2015 Bull Riding Champion



One 2,000 pound animal paired against one 150 pound man ensures an adrenaline rush for those brave enough to climb in the chutes. To stay on, the rider grasps a flat braided rope or “bull rope” which is wrapped around the bull’s chest just behind its front legs. One end of the bull rope, called the “tail”, is threaded through the loop on the other end and fastened around the animal. The rider then wraps the tail around his hand holding the rope, sometimes weaving it through his fingers to further secure his grip. When the chute gate opens riders must stay on for eight seconds, while a twisting, bucking mass of muscle tries anything to buck them off. If the contestant makes contact with the animal or themselves with their free hand, they receive no score. Points are based on rider’s ability to stay on, as well as the bull’s bucking action. Extra points are awarded to those who are controlled enough to spur their bull with one or both of their dulled spurs. A high-scoring ride is in the high 80s or 90s out of a possible 100.

94 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $22,898.40


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2015 Xtreme Bulls Champion TANNER LEARMONT |


The top 50 PRCA Bull Riding contestants in the world are eligible to compete in the San Antonio Xtreme Bulls event. Qualification is based on the top 45 contestants from the 2015 PRCA Rodeo Season and the top 5 contestants from the 2016 PRCA Rodeo Season. Contestants must also be entered and compete in the San Antonio PRCA Rodeo in order to be eligible for the Xtreme Bulls event. The San Antonio Xtreme Bulls performance is broken into 4 sections of bull riding and where contestant gets one ride on top of a near 2,000 pound bucking bull. The contestants with the top 12 highest-scoring rides will have the chance to get on one more bull in the Championship Round. The contestant with the most money earned based on highest-scored rides will earn the coveted title of San Antonio Xtreme Bulls Champion!

96 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Total Earnings: $20,592.27

Presenting Sponsor

Stop by booth #720 in Expo Hall 2 at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to see us in 2016. Toll Free 800-426-2074 ✯ Shop Us 24/7 @

P.O. Box 193 2295-5 Bulverde Rd Bulverde, TX 78163

100 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

THE CATHOLIC University for Academic Excellence Since 1852

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 101



Horse Discovery provides the opportunity to learn more about horses and the sport of rodeo. Rodeo Experience feature provides an up-close exploration of rodeo events including interactive and hands-on exhibits. Sit in a bronc saddle, swing a rope, and slide your hand in a bull rider’s rope. Throughout Horse Discovery, horses are on display for viewing while exhibits and demonstrations invite learning about horses’ uses and their roles in our world. Experts present fun and informative clinics into horse training methods, riding types, horse care and ways to enjoy time spent with horses.

BARREL RACING Barrel Racing contestants compete against the clock to run a cloverleaf pattern around three barrels. The horse and rider are allowed a running start and time is recorded by a highly accurate electronic eye. The contestant may begin on the left or the right side, but must follow the pattern and turn correctly around a barrel. Touching a barrel is permitted, however knocking over a barrel results in a five second penalty. A good barrel racing horse must possess not only speed and agility, but also a good temperament and a big heart. American Quarter Horses are often favored for this event because of their ability to sprint short distances and turn on a dime. American Paint Horses, Appaloosas, and Pintos are also popular mounts.

HORSE SKILLATHON The Horse Skillathon is an innovative contest designed for students to showcase their knowledge of horses and the horse industry. Contestants apply their book knowledge during a written exam and then perform tasks at hands-on stations. Finally, during a speech round they demonstrate their ability to communicate knowledge of industry issues. The Horse Skillathon is an exciting way for horse enthused students to demonstrate their talents and horse knowledge in a competitive event.

102 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

To know San Antonio is to love San Antonio.

Our local vista Our local heroes

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Nobody loves San Antonio more than Wells Fargo. We’ve been in San Antonio a long time; it’s home to more than 6,000 team members who serve customers at 45 locations, and we want to help make San Antonio a great place for everyone. That’s why Wells Fargo contributed more than $1.7 million to community development, education, and local nonprofits in 2015, and why our team members logged more than 30,000 volunteer hours. The only thing growing faster than San Antonio is our love for it.

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- HORSE SHOW NCHA CUTTING FEATURING THE MERCURIA NCHA WORLD SERIES OF CUTTING Cutting is one of the most exciting horse sports to watch, and the Horse Show hosts a world class competition approved by the National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA). In competition, horse and rider must work as a team selecting, or “cutting” individual heifers out of the herd and demonstrating their ability to keep it from returning to the group. Horses must react with very little direction or instruction from the rider to receive top scores. The horse’s lightningfast, smooth maneuvers are breathtaking and awe-inspiring to observe. Years of careful training are invested in each horse, fine-tuning the natural instincts that selective breeding has instilled. This is one of the most exciting events for rider, horse, and spectator.

OPEN HORSE SHOW The Open Horse Show welcomes people of all ages and horses of all breeds. Horses are not required to be registered, and participants do not need a membership with any association or club. The Open Horse Show provides those seeking a fun and competitive environment with an excellent opportunity to participate in a major stock show. Classes include English, Western, Trail, Equitation, Halter and Color.

PAINT HORSE SHOW Native American Indians and cowboys alike treasured the forerunners of today’s Paint Horse for their hardiness and spectacular color patterns. Though still admired for their colorful coats today, strict bloodline requirements have also ensured a horse of superior conformation and ability. Today’s Paint Horse has the intelligence, disposition, and color that make it an ideal partner for pleasure riding, racing, ranching, showing, or rodeoing all over the world. The Horse Show hosts a growing Paint Horse competition approved by the American Paint Horse Association (APHA). These athletic and versatile horses will compete for awards in Halter, English, Western, Trail and Equitation classes.

104 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

- HORSE SHOW QUARTER HORSE SHOW The Quarter Horse is an American original. In fact, it was the first horse breed developed in America, tracing its origin all the way back to the Colonial era. These horses are heavily muscled and compact, and were originally bred to run a short distance faster than any other horse. Today, the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) is the world’s largest horse breed association, and Texas is ranked #1 in Quarter Horse population. Known for its versatility and athleticism, the Quarter Horse is also highly intelligent and has an excellent temperament. They can be found on the ranch, in the show ring, on the trail, and in the rodeo arena throughout the world. Classes include English, Western, Cutting, Trail, Equitation and Halter.

RANCH GELDING STAKES AND SALE UNDERWRITTEN BY: ESPUELA DE PLATA, D&D TEXAS OUTFITTERS AND WRANGLER The Ranch Gelding Stakes and Sale features an exclusive selection of the finest ranch horses in the nation. These high-quality geldings will be judged and scored on their ability to perform several skills and maneuvers related to actual ranch work. This includes roping, opening gates, cutting, and picking up feet in the pasture. The sale will begin at the conclusion of the competition. The Ranch Gelding Sale has grown in popularity throughout Mexico and the western United States.

SELECT SALE UNDERWRITTEN BY: DON PEDRO MEXICAN RESTAURANT The San Antonio Select Sale is an elite Quarter Horse and Paint Horse auction for buyers and sellers. Over 1,000 horse enthusiasts annually attend this sale, where they have the opportunity to bid on over 250 high-quality horses. The Select Sale features consigned horses from the top bloodlines in the nation, excellent conformation, performance horses for any type of riding and one of the largest selections of color available anywhere. Come see why so many people year after year find that special horse in San Antonio. 106 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 107

- HORSE SHOW TEAM PENNING Team Penning began as a demonstration of ranching skills and quickly became a popular competitive event. Quick horses, determined riders, and a touch of luck are the main components of a winning team in this sport. Cattle are numbered in groups of three, and each team (consisting of three riders) draws a number. The team then has sixty seconds to cut their three designated cattle out of the herd, drive them down the arena, and confine them in a pen. Team Penning is a fast-paced and exciting event which always draws a large, enthusiastic crowd. Times of the winning teams are often separated only by fractions of a second. It is one of the fastest growing equine sports, attracting professional riders and trainers, as well as weekend enthusiasts. The United States Team Penning Association (USTPA) sanctions the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Team Penning, which features some of the sport’s best competitors.

YOUTH HORSE CHALLENGE The Youth Horse Challenge is an innovative new competition testing knowledge, skills, and abilities related to horsemanship. Contestants designate a horse teammate to begin working with at home, then compete at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Horse and rider teams will participate in rounds including completing a record book, demonstrating knowledge of tack and equipment, exhibiting groundwork skills with their horse, and riding the horse in rail and obstacle classes. Ultimately, this event will showcase these young horsemen as the future of the horse industry.

YOUTH RODEO UNDERWRITTEN BY: BOLNER’S FIESTA PRODUCTS Since its debut in 2014, the Youth Rodeo has become the fastest-growing, most successful horse event at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. With over 1,000 entries annually, the competition features rodeo’s brightest young athletes. Youth strive for the fastest times in a variety of rodeo events including Pole Bending, Goat Tying, Barrel Racing, Tie-Down Roping, Ribbon Roping, Breakaway Roping, and Team Roping. These events are growing in popularity with youth everywhere as a way to showcase horsemanship and athletic skills in the rewarding and fast-paced sport of rodeo. 108 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Proud Sponsor of the San Antonio

Junior Livestock Auction

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 109

MECHANICAL HORSE Lewis A. Rygg Patented Feb 14, 1893 No. 491,927

DE SIGN IT. BUILD IT. RIDE IT. Agricultural Business | Agricultural Communications | Agricultural Education | Agricultural Engineering and Technology Animal Science | Construction Management | Design and Development | Electronics Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology | Engineering Technology | Equine Science Industrial Safety Management | Interdisciplinary Agriculture | Pre-Veterinary Medicine/Animal Science Plant and Soil Sciences | Wildlife Ecology | Wildlife Management

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emergency shelter

healing where

foster care/adoption services


community services 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 111

AT&T reminds you to keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone. When you’re behind the wheel, nothing is more valuable than your life, or the lives of others. It Can Wait®

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DORNBURG LAW (361) 570-4444

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The greatest compliment you can give is a referral

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 115


Each year during the last Friday night rodeo performance in the AT&T Center the Livestock Show is given the opportunity to showcase one of the most prestigious line-ups for Texas steer show participants. Folks from across the state make it a point not to miss this performance on the rodeo schedule, so they can witness this event each year. Those who attend this performance will have the opportunity to admire each Champion Steer and Reserve Champion Steer from all breeds shown by our young contestants during our Steer Show. The Champion Steer Drive is where each contestant will have one last chance to present their steer to the judge to decide who will represent the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo as Grand Champion Steer and Reserve Grand Champion Steer. The contestant and steer who wins Grand Champion will be awarded the prestigious McGimsey Trophy. Just what is the McGimsey Trophy? For steer exhibitors‌it’s like the Heisman Trophy! Established in 1949 by B.B. McGimsey, the infamous McGimsey Trophy is awarded annually to the exhibitor who takes the honors of Grand Champion Market Steer. If you can claim this prestigious victory, you will go down in the stock show history. Your name will proudly be displayed on a plate on the trophy, along with all other past winners. The trophy is awarded each year and will continue to be until 2050. At that time, the trophy will become the property of the Witte Museum, where it will remain on permanent display.

116 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

OCK S T H S O E WV I L Junior Market Barrow Show As one of the largest market hog shows in the nation, this is one of the highlights of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. A two person judging panel will evaluate thousands of barrows shown by Texas 4-H and FFA members over the six day show. Barrows are shown by weight within their respective breed. Breeds competing are Berkshire, Chester White, Crossbred, Dark Crossbred, Duroc, Hampshire, Landrace, Poland China, Spot, and Yorkshire. Exhibitors are hopeful to place high enough in their class to earn a spot in the Junior Livestock Auction. Judges rank the barrows on various traits including expected carcass value and skeletal correctness.

Junior Market Broiler Show Pens of three broilers (6-13 week old chickens raised for meat production) are on display during the Junior Market Broiler Show. These Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors are well versed in poultry production and are challenged with showing a pen of birds that have uniformity and meet the current demands of the poultry industry. Broiler exhibitors are competing for the opportunity to earn a spot in the Junior Livestock Auction.

Junior Market Goat Show The Junior Market Goat Show has become a popular show for the Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors. Boer cross goats are predominately shown due to their added muscled as compared to other breeds. Goats are shown by weight and are not divided into breeds. There are twelve classes and the top nine placing goats in each class are able to sell in the Junior Livestock Auction.

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 117

OCK S T H S O E WV I L Junior Market Lamb Show Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors show in one of four different breed divisions of the Junior Market Lamb Show; the breeds are Fine Wool, Fine Wool Cross, Medium Wool, and Southdown. Within each breed division lambs are shown by weight and judged on characteristics such as muscle, leanness, and structural correctness. The judge will rank the lambs in class to determine which lambs are eligible for the Junior Livestock Auction. The winning lambs of each breed division then compete for Grand Champion honors.

Junior Market Turkey Show Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors will raise pens of turkeys for several months and select their very best to show at the San Antonio Stock Show. Exhibitors may compete in the Turkey Hen Show in 2016. These birds are carefully judged on how they best meet the current demands of the poultry industry. Winners in the Hen show are eligible for the Junior Livestock Auction.

Junior Agricultural Mechanics Held the last weekend of the Stock Show & Rodeo, the Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show focuses on Texas 4-H and FFA members’ expertise to design and construct agricultural mechanics projects and tractor restoration projects. A variety of projects are constructed by these talented exhibitors including livestock equipment, trailers, and agricultural machinery. As well, exhibitors may restore tractors that range from early 1900 era models to more modern tractors built in 1990. Exhibitors may compete as individuals or in teams of up to six members. Judging focuses not only on the craftsmanship of the exhibitors, but also their documentation and interaction with the judges’ panel. 118 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

OCK S T H S O E WV I L Agricultural Public Speaking Contest The Agricultural Public Speaking Contest is designed to enhance the communication skills of future agricultural leaders. This also promotes interest in the various facets of agriculture including natural resources and policy making. Texas 4-H and FFA participants are challenged to write and present a six to eight minute speech in one of the following divisions: Agribusiness, Ag Communications, Ag Policy, Ag Technology, Agriscience, Animal Science, Horticulture, Livestock Show Ethics, Natural Resources, Plant Science, and Western Heritage. The top contestants advance and compete in an impressive final round.

Agricultural Science Fair The Agricultural Science Fair is an opportunity for Texas 4-H and FFA members of all ages to demonstrate their knowledge of the scientific method using an agricultural context. Students with a natural curiosity about how things work and “what would happen if...� develop and carry out an experiment of their choice, then display and present their results. There are six divisions into which a student may enter his or her project: these include Animal Systems, Environmental Sciences/Natural Resource Systems, Food Products & Processing Systems, Plant Systems, Social Systems, and Power, Structural, and Technical Systems.

Beef Skillathon The Beef Cattle Skillathon is a knowledge based competition designed to enhance the educational experience of exhibiting at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo by incorporating production and industry perspectives for the Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors. Contestants will be challenged with questions, skill stations, and a public speaking component encompassing various facets of the beef cattle industry. This contest is not only designed for those exhibitors who show beef cattle projects, but also those students who simply have a strong interest in the beef cattle industry. Exhibitors compete in age divisions, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior with the subject matter tailored for that age group.

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 119

OCK S T H S O E WV I L Sheep Skillathon The Sheep Skillathon is a knowledge based competition designed to enhance the educational experience of exhibiting at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo by incorporating production and industry perspectives for the Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors. Contestants will be challenged with questions, skill stations, and a public speaking component encompassing various facets of the sheep industry. This contest is not only designed for those exhibitors who show sheep projects, but also those students who simply have a strong interest in the sheep industry. Exhibitors compete in age divisions, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior with the subject matter tailored for that age group.

Swine Skillathon The Swine Skillathon is a knowledge based competition designed to enhance the educational experience of exhibiting at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo by incorporating production and industry perspectives for the Texas 4-H and FFA exhibitors. Contestants will be challenged with questions, skill stations, and a public speaking component encompassing various facets of the swine industry. This contest is not only designed for those exhibitors who show swine projects, but also those students who simply have a strong interest in the swine industry. Exhibitors compete in age divisions, Junior, Intermediate, and Senior with the subject matter tailored for that age group.

Intercollegiate Judging Contests Colleges and universities from across the nation travel to the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to compete in the intercollegiate judging contests. The two contests hosted are Livestock Judging and Wool Judging. Livestock Judging focuses on contestants ranking cattle, goats, sheep, and swine on their desirable characteristics and defending their decisions to a group of judges. Wool Judging includes grading fleeces, judging classes of fleeces, and presenting reasons to justify their rankings. The students on these judging teams practice year round to hone their skills which better prepares them to be successful in these contests and upon graduation. Contestants have a strong background in livestock and/or wool production, but it is the critical thinking and communication skills that allow them to be competitive in the workplace. 120 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Junior Meat Judging Contest & Junior Dairy Judging Contest Junior Judging Contests are popular to Texas 4-H and FFA participants because of their value in terms of developing critical thinking and communication skills. A broad variety of contests are hosted each year at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo to meet the diverse interests of our ors. ors may compete as individuals or in teams in the following contests: Consumer Decision Making, Dairy Judging, Horse Bowl, Horse Judging, Livestock Judging, Meat Judging, Poultry Judging, Wildlife Habitat, and Wool Judging.

Food Challenge The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo hosts a Food Challenge Show modeled after the hit TV Series “Iron Chef.� This Food Challenge gives both FFA and 4-H students from across Texas the chance to showcase their cooking skills, but also requires the students to know preparation, nutritional facts, and origins of ingredients. Exhibitors compete as individuals in this competition in which they are randomly assigned into one of four categories: Bread & Cereal, Fruit & Vegetable, Main Dish, and Nutritious Snacks. The top placing exhibitors in each category advance to the Final Challenge for additional prizes and awards.

122 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

OCK S T H S O E WV I L Junior Commercial Steer Show The commercial steer show is open to Texas 4-H & FFA members. This contest highlights the commercial cattle industry and provides a learning experience emphasizing selection, record keeping, feeding, animal health, industry standards, public speaking, and technical knowledge.

Wildlife Recreation & Management Contest The Wildlife Recreation and Management Contest is unique in that industry professionals developed this competition. These individuals make up the Wildlife Alliance for Youth (WAY) and members work with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo’s Judging Sub-Committee to host this event. The competition includes nine question areas that address skills used daily by wildlife managers and biologists. Contestants must master plant identification and preferences, habitat evaluation and management, compass and placing, outdoor safety, biological facts, techniques, and Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunting and Fishing Regulations. The competition is held in a natural wildlife setting and presented with real-life scenarios to which they must respond. Three and four-member teams compete in this event.

The Judges The difficult task of choosing a champion weighs on the decision of the judge, a seasoned expert in their respective field. Nothing compares to the excitement that today’s dedicated agricultural-minded youth experience when showing their project in the show ring. Emotions run high as the exhibitors anxiously await the judge’s decision. These youngsters, FFA and/ or 4-H members, invest a great deal of time and devotion to their livestock project for several months. They go the extra mile to feed, exercise, fit, and show their animal to the best of their ability in hopes of trying to claim top honors at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Over 20,000 livestock entries will be judged during the two week stock show. 124 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

SHOO T R O O I UT N U J The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Junior Shoot-Out offers qualifying Texas 4-H and FFA members the opportunity to compete in shotgun shooting sports for scholarships and prizes. In this highly competitive event, individuals shoot in Open Boys, Open Girls, Age Group and Lewis Class divisions. Qualifiers in each division advance to the Finals Event, which allows them a full day to display their impressive shooting skill. Contestants attend this four day event at the 671 acres of rolling hills of the National Shooting Complex in northwest San Antonio. Since it began in 2013, the Junior Shoot-Out has grown into the richest youth clay target competition in the country. Shotgun shooters between the ages of 9 and 18 travel from across the state to compete in trap, sporting clays and other shooting games. Shooting clinics with classroom and field instruction are taught by industry professionals for contestants, parents and coaches. This enhances the development of the young competitive shooter by introducing them to a variety of training programs and techniques. The mission of the Junior Shoot-Out is to promote excellence in the shooting sports and academic achievement through attention to education, commitment and gratitude.

HUB Zone, DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE Alamo City Constructors is a small business specializing in all areas of site work and paving. Services include asphalt paving and mill, airfield maintenance, concrete paving, misc. concrete, street and parking lot reclamation. 1716 S San Marcos, Suite 215 San Antonio, TX 78207 210-226-3100 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 125

Thank You! “The San Antonio scholarship will play a huge role in funding my education. Thanks to this scholarship, I will be able to learn the valuable information necessary to receive my degree and achieve all of my career goals.” Jill Wright, Class of 2017 Major: Poultry Science Minor: Chemistry High School: Sandra Day O’Connor

Department of Poultry Science Aggie Leadership Council; Poultry Science Club; College of Agriculture & Life Sciences Student Council; Texas A&M University National Champion Poultry Judging Team

Over the years, the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has provided more than $550,000 annually in scholarships to Texas A&M University students, allowing them to achieve their goals and shape the future. We are grateful for your support!

Enriching Our Youth

Improving Our Health

Feeding Our World

Growing Our Economy Protecting Our Environment

   

 


         



 

   

          


When it comes to supporting our community, we mean business.

Texas Capital Bank is proud to support the San Antonio Junior Livestock Auction.

Member FDIC


2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 129

Specializing in Development, Design, Construction, and Furnishing of Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

Proud Sponsor of The San Antonio Livestock Exposition (SALE) 21726 Hard Oak Blvd San Antonio, TX 78258 Phone: 210-479-2500 Fax: 210-479-2507

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 131


MARCUS DEMEL, JR. | Chairman JARED BORIACK | Vice Chairman The Ag Mechanics Committee coordinates and manages the Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show held during the last week of the Stock Show & Rodeo. The Junior Agricultural Mechanics Show is open to qualifying Texas FFA and 4H members which construct projects such as agricultural machinery, trailers, livestock equipment, outdoor equipment, and tractor restoration. Committee members will be involved in hosting the event as well as set-up, soliciting funds and prizes, and providing hospitality to our exhibitors.

Austin Trey Aiken

Marcus Wayne Cargill

Ryan Allan Heger

John Fred Lockley

David E. Phillips

Richard C. Smith

Kim Leah Aiken

Neal Carmichael

Rene A. Hernandez

Sherry Lockley

Dominic Potter

Richard A. Smith

John LJ C. Anderson

Mark D. Carroll

David D. Hill

Jessika Marie Magaro

Hampton D. Pratka

Ward Leonard Smith

Bill Ayers

George Michael Chavan

Steven Hoenes

Rich Maler

Alex Ramirez

Steven G. Snow

Richard Gary Baltes

Scott Lee Clinch

Joshua Hohn

Rollin Mangold

Mary Elizabeth Real

Ashley A. Stone

James Dan Barrow

Elaine L. Davis

Kristen Hohn

Keaton Dale McInnis

Patrick Julian Real

Karen Sue Stone

Justin R. Beard

Danielle De La Cruz

Kelly Lee Holmes

Jamie Kathleen Melancon Aline Herrera Rice

Randy Beard

Marcus Demel, Jr.

Bryan Peter Jones

Kevin Mello

Roger Riojas

Judilynn Sunden

Larry Belzung

Sheila Ann Demel

Carroll T. Keller

Michael Mello

Phil Rodgers

Russell D. Sunden

Mike F. Besson

David Michael Duffin

Keith T. Keller

Quinton W. Mello

Albert Ruiz

Deborah A. Thoede

Mike Bombek

Cecil James Dykes

Kahlub L. Kenyon

Janie M Mott

Melissa V. Ruiz

Russell John Thoede

Caroline Elisabeth Boriack

William M. Frazar

Lisa Christine Kidd

Walter Mott

Micaela Irma Ruiz

Charles Turner

Jared K. Boriack

Gabriel Guerro

Mark S. Kidd

Ashley Nagel

Karl J. Russell

Arturo L. Vasquey

Jason Michael Gwinn

Justin Kirby

Sandy Nagel

Marvin Jeffrey Satcher

Bernard Warwas

Michael Russell Gwinn

Carilyn A. Kosub

Paul Christian Neal

Dominic Scaramozi

Joseph Warwas

Anthony W. Haass

Marilyn Kowalik

Stuart Nietenhoefer

Richard L. Schobinger

Chelsea Lauren White

Gladys Haecker

Garrett Heath Kuhlmann

Jennifer Norton

Joseph E. Settlemeyer

Adriana C. Woods

Michael L. Brock

Thomas Benjamin Hartman

Jerrett V. Lamb

Leonard Norton

Anton Shadrock

Douglas Scott Woods

George Brooks

John Hartnett

Amanda Lane

John Louis Oppelt

De’Ann Shadrock

Kendal Paige Woods

Scott D. Bryan

Marla M. Heger

John Robert Lane, Jr.

Robert Alan Patterson, II

Stephen D. Sigler

Tyler Bane Woods

Ed Lobash

James Clifton Pennington James Ralph Smith, Jr.

Jarvis Boriack Roberta Caroline Boriack Paul Brewster Carol Ann Brock


Rocky Stone

Mike Wayne Zimmerman




RDO Equipment

Paul and Mary Worley

Steven Snow

Texas Farm Bureau

Rush Enterprises, Inc.

Stanco Safety Products

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Inc.

Southern Tire Mart

SILVER SPONSOR $10,000-$34,999

Dunn Welding Equipment Lincoln Electric Zachry Holdings

RESERVE SPONSOR $2,500-$4,999

BLUE RIBBON $500-$999 Alamo Outdoor Signs, LTD.

Holt Cat

AAirgas USA, LLC

ALG Truck & Trailer Repair


Pete and Elta Grace Pennington

All Points Communication

GRAND SPONSOR $5,000-$9,999 Hypertherm, Inc. Romar USA

TROPHY SPONSOR $1,000-$2,499 Maverick Testing Laboratories

H.R. & Sandra Browning John Lane & Associates Morales Feed

Lone Star Silversmiths

RED RIBBON $250-$499

WHITE RIBBON $100-$249 Lytle State Bank

Keller Material LTD.

Roger & Maryanna Christiansen

Roark Ranch, LLC.

Donald G. Nield, DMD

Community National Bank, Castroville, Hondo & Lytle

CiCi’s Pizza

Fit for Work Frankie Magee Jarvis & Roberta Boriack Sam Jones & Mary Crow

Russell & Deborah Thoede

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 133


CINDY GIDDEN | Chairman KAREN DUDEK | Vice Chairman The Ambassador Committee promotes the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo throughout South and Central Texas by participating in festival, fair and holiday parades from March through mid-December. The Ambassadors also participate in a series of goodwill tours each January. The tours assist in developing interest, participation and attendance at all fundraising events. The Ambassadors also host Rodeo Star Experience patrons during each Rodeo performance.

Helen E. Abbott

Debbie Butler

David Mark Fuentes

Ashley Lynn Jordan

Trudy Ann McCarty

Haley Nicole Ristow

Peggy Turner

Jamie Acosta

Tracy Lee Campbell

Robin Gerlich

James R. Jordan

Douglas Casillas

Cindy Gidden

Jessica Leigh Keller

Wayne James McCarty

Carlos Rene Rodriguez

Edward Vargas

Mike Guppy Acosta Dennis F Allen

Sandy Chimento

Rocky Gidden

Tammy Kemp

Chester McDougald

Debbie Rusch

Carol J. Connally

David Goerke

Belva B. Kimble

Judy McDougald

Charles R. Salinas

Susie Vargas

Mel Arguijo Susan Atkins

Aimee N. Corona

Cynthia A. Gonzalez

Lucky E. Knutson

Janie McInnis

Linda C. Bailiff

Joseph Corona

Whitney C. Grohman

Gail Kosarek

Brenda Lea Schneider

Ann Baird

Maria Corona

Morris L. Gwinn

Loretta Kusek

James A. Baird

John A. Cotham

Barbara Hall

Thomas Kusek

Amanda Mae Barnett

Brenda J Coughlin

Tom Hannasch

David Scott Lane

Brett James Barnett

Jarrott Wilkinson Crews

Treva Hannasch

Laura Lynn Lane

Dawn Barnett

Jennifer Anne Crown

Jack Harper

Mary Litteral

Mary Joyce Barnett

Thomas R. Crown

Sue Harper

Charles M. Lockhart

Robert Barnett

Betty Jean CruzCantwell

Elaine Harrell

Sunny Barr Sam Bauder

Susan Smith

Cindy Lynn Merrill

Deena Springer

Edward Joe Moore

Eleanor K. Sprowl

Shawn Renee Muenster

Kimberly Michele Steindorf

Karen Lockhart

Cassandra Newcomb

Carolyn Linda Stobaugh

Carol Elaine Hauck

Billie Longoria

Sissy Nothnagel

Leslie Hecox

Henry P. Longoria

Lawrence J. Nuckols

Jiordynn Tayelor Stoll

Beth Rollins Henry

Tenelle Lozano

Kelly Diane Perkins

Douglas Troy Henry

Rene Luis

Pamala Jan Perkins

Jeanne Henry

Shelly Marquart

Adeline Pierdolla

Nina Hernandez

Gary Martin

Tracie Lyn Pierdolla

Ruben Hernandez

Ruthie Matocha

Jacquelyn Pryor

Jeanette D. Hodon

Justin McCarty

Marlene R. Quick

Karen K. Dudek

Larry T. Hodon

Karen C McCarty

Pati Rae Rhodes

Marina Dufresne

Leonard G. Holmes

John T. Rice

Thomas Joseph Dufresne

Virginia E. Holmes

Lauren Amber McCarty Perry McCarty

Glen Aldon Ririe

Robert Tom Easley

Iris Jean Humphreys

Karen F. Ririe

Ann Marie Fuentes

Mary Ann James

Scott Edward McCarty

Carla D. Davis

Armin C. Bendele Morgen Clairisa Bernhard

Gladys De La O Randy D. Dixon

Dottie L. Biediger

Rick Lee Dixon

Patricia Bowen

Bailey Renee Drayton

Charlotte Breiten Michael Edward Breiten Michael Breiten Judy Ann Burns

Leonard Earl Smith

Sam W. McNabb

Gerald De La O

Marian Bownds

Ryan Thomas McLendon

134 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Betty Horan

Penny Riley

Craig Alan Ristow

Roland J. Vargas Antonio Vega Alma Jean Villarreal Gary E. Vosburg Judith Gayle Vosburg Donna Wiatrek Jerry Lee Wiatrek Donna Jane Wiemers Norma Williams Sandy J. Williams Henry Joseph Witek

Edward Chuck Strey

Shelley Diane Witte

Patti Strey

Donna G. Woodard

Genie Stroud

Connie Gene Yell

Michelle Tackitt

Marylin Fay Yell

Sam Albert Talerico

Clynton Dale Yow

Judy Irene Taylor

Janie R. Yow

James C. Thompson

Albert Zarazua

Judy K. Thompson

Traci Zarazua

Jacilyn Wheat Trammell

Abran Brown Z Zavala

Michael Avry Turner

Bella Zavala

Mike Turner

Candy Zavala

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SunnyD is a Proud Supporter of the

San Antonio

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MARK METCALFE | Chairman DEAN DAVENPORT | Vice Chairman The Auction Committee solicits cash contributions and pre-sale orders for the purchase of animals during the Junior Livestock Auction. The Auction Committee provides individuals and businesses the opportunity to financially support our young market animal exhibitors in their pursuit of education.

Joe Ray Ackerman

Pierce M. Broach Jr.

Cindy T. Dawson

Christine E. Felux

William “Bill” Harrison Sr.

Linda Ackerman

Neal S. Brodbeck

Suzanne Day

Lorilee Katheryn Franke

Eric Hathaway

Lane Brandon Allen

Kody Barrett Brown

Albert De La Garza Jr.

Shawn J. Franke

Kimberly J. Heinen

Nicole Balderas

Jennifer L. Burkholder

Joey Decker

Aimi Freeman

Jennifer Ann Henefey

Joseph Quinton Ballard

Matt Burkholder

Collin Mark Degge

Denice Fryar

Shanna Herbert

Danny E. Barsch

Terry Lynn Caldwell

David Francis Deschaine

Kelley E. Fryar

Jamie Hines

Hugh Trey Henry Batchelder III

Jeffrey Carroll

Ernie David Dewinne

Casey Alexander Gabel

Ronald Charles Hodges

Russell A. Beck

Carlos Casas

A.J. DiCaro Jr.

Michael S. Gabel

Glen Hoffman

Celia “Sally” Casas

Art Dietel

Patrick Sean Gage

Sandi Hoffman

Jonathan Casas

Brad Dietrich

Harold Butch Galm Jr.

Brandi Hollingshead

Kenneth R. Bell

Melissa Alexandria CasasCarver

David Drastata

Eddie Gammill

Matthew Thomas Hoover

Rusty Belz

Darren Casey

Greg Drott

Gwen Gammill

Jennifer Hunter

Benjamin F. Bendele II

Tom Cook

Anthony Wayne Dupont

Janna Rae Garrett

John D. Hunter

John Bendele

Cathy Cowan

Deborah K. Eckel

Marty Garza

Steve Ison

Patrick Bendele

Bobby Craft

Joseph Lee Edwards

Robin Gerlich

Matthew Thomas Janysek

Mark Berridge

Diana L. Craft

Annella Egbert

Wayne Frederick Geyer

Ronald Jaroszewski

Mike F. Besson

Kaitlyn Rae Craft

Jennifer Beth Egbert

Lukin T. Gilliland Jr.

Gary Jarzombek

Victoria Ann Bewley

Gary Craig

Jim Guy Egbert

Sondra L. Grohman

Clay Jett

David Biesenbach

David G Croft Jr.

Tom Egbert

Robert Grubb Jr.

Gary Joeris

Audra Elaine Bloxsom

Jim Crosby

Ty Egbert

Irma Gutz

Gail Johns

Jerry L. Boles

Barbara Cuellar

Gilbert William Ellis

Blake Daniel Halbardier

Clyde Johnson IV

Jon Box

Walter Allen Cutsinger

Vic Estrada Sr.

Adam Wade Harris

Vanessa Meagan Johnson

Marla Box

Jana Zamzow Dauphin

Vic G. Estrada Jr.

David Harrison

Allen Koehn

Brett Bradford

Dean Davenport

James Felan

Mike Harrison

Gerald Koenning

J. Scott Beckendorf Sophie Rose Beckendorf

136 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Kelly M. Krisch

Mark McMurray

Pat Paxson

Albert Charles Schmidt Jr.

Terry A. Tschirhart

John Lamey

Mark Metcalfe

Alice Pearson

Dustin Lee Schmidt

Terry Urbanczyk

Sara Elizabeth Lanham

Gary Moore

Gregory R. Pearson

Lisa G. Schmidt

Chris Van Der Weide

Edward S. Lee, C.W.I.

Tracy D. Moore

Kevin Scott Petermann

Courtney Lynn Schneider

Rudy Villanueva

Marshall Leiber

Beverly Morrell

Barbara Reininger

Mike Schultz

David Waldrip

Jackie Leonard

Rick Morrell Jr.

Marvin Reininger

Kevin Sells

Michael Walser

Melvyn Levine

Broghan Paige Moy

Ralph Arthur Rendon

Lisa A. Shoumaker

Rad Weaver

Blaine Austin Lewis

Karen Mueller

Timothy Austin Reynolds

Blaine Dustin Shupe

Michelle Marie Weber

David Lindley

Lanham Napier

Meagan Roberts Richter

Charles Allen Smith

Rodger Welch

Kimberly Lindley

Lisa Neil

Michelle Richter

Jeff Smithers

Mark Edward Wengler

Craig Lindsey

Kurt Newton

Ward Richter

Shawn Soechting

Mercedes Eytcheson West

N.B. Luker

Rebecca Newton

James W. Riedel

Tiffany Soechting

Clifton Wetz Jr.

Joel Nicholas Lutz

Dennis J. Niemeyer

Clint Rodriguez

C. Jason Spence

Betsy Whalen

Nathan Patrick Lutz

David Olivares

Cathy Roman

Shay R. Stephens

Andrea Nichole Willis

Melissa Kaye Mahula

Julie Anne Olson

Nicole C. Roman Latka

Rita Stich

William D. Wiseman

Jennifer Mancha

Rebecca L. Olson

Derek Andrew Rosson

Joe Gordon Taylor

Sam Womble Jr.

Michael H. Martel

Robert “Chuck” Olson

Cathy Rubiola

Justin Thomas Taylor

Jacob Ryan Wray

Debbie Lynn Martinez

Robert (Bo) Conrad Olson

Houston Garrett Ruple

Alan Tegeler

Patty Ann Wright

Matthew Juan Martinez

Michael Ondrasek

Lana Sue Ruple

Nancy Tegeler

Brad Wuest

Zack Maxey

Jacqueline Ilene Owen

W.M. “Rusty” Rush

Savannah Gray Thode

Bob Wunderlich

Vicki A. Mayorga

Terry Vaughn Parker

Danny Saenz

Sarah Eileen Tomka

Wayne Zamzow

Brad Maze

Leslie Paxson

Melanie Saenz

Joey Tomlinson

A. Kirk McClelland

Maci Catherine Paxson

Michael Schaub

Barrett Michael Tondre

Thomas McGhee

Mike J. Paxson

Tonya Schmid

Janell Trevino

Proud to sponsor the 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Wells Fargo Commercial Banking Group Mark Metcalfe, Regional Vice President | 210-856-5148 Ryan Frames, Market Manager | 210-856-5132 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 137



AARON STAAS | Chairman JACKIE SIMMONDS | Vice Chairman The Bar-B-Que Committee produces and coordinates the annual Bar-B-Que Cook-off and Festival. As one of the larger committees, this committee welcomes new volunteers anxious to network and help produce one of the organization’s major fundraisers and bar-b-que cook-offs in the state of Texas. The event will be held January 27 & 28, 2017.

Candy Ables

Shelley Ann Brill

Gilbert L. Aguilar

Jason Jay Briseno

Ramiro Kenneth Aguilar

Denny Bunting

Hayley Kim Alexander

Brad Willam Burns

Justin Alexander

Brian Camp

James Phillip Anderson

Laura Campbell

Ryan K Antonovich

Bryan Catalani

Brooke Arnott

Shaunna Maree Cates

Kent Arnott

Rita Champion

Ramiro Ray Arriaga

Sonya Charo-Griego

Lawrence E. Baca

McKenzie Anne Christensen

Thomas Prio Prioleau Ball IV

Allen A Cockrell

Colleen Lois Bartee

Susan Coleman

H. Alex Bartee

Walter Craig Coleman

Ashley Nicole Bass

Debie Cone

Lisa Beere

Hensley Cone

C.J. Bicknell

Curtis Conroy

Brad J. Boyd

Ellen Copeland

Nan M. Boyd

Rafe Taylor Corley

Bradley Jene Brandenburg

Joseph Corona

Sharon Brandenburg

Chuck Cothren

Regina Bridges Stephen Bridges

Maria Corona Roxann M. Cotugno Devon Kane Dannhaus

138 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Jessica Autumn Dannhaus

Rishanne Gail Frech

Travis Wayne Haecker

Paul H. Hopper

Shannon G. DeLaune

Lisa Ann Gallegos

Travis Joseph Hall

Jeff Horny

David John Gamboa II

Brian Conway Hamilton

Rodney Rene Hubbard

Angela Garcia

Meghan Kristine Hansen

Jennifer Hunter

Herman Wayne Garcia

David Hansmann

John D. Hunter

Marco Nicol Garcia

Sarah Elise Hardy

Jacob K.O. Johnson

Yvette Garcia

Chris Harlan

Jamalyn K.L. Johnson

Jerry Don Glazener

Kimberly Raegan Harp

Will Johnson

Vikki Gomez

William Ray Harris Jr.

Mike A. Jones II

Aspen Sunshine Gonzalez

Deborah Camille Heflin

Lindsay Carolyn Jung

Russell William Epperly Sr.

Christine Gonzalez

Javier Hernandez

Kevin Bumper Kaufman

Joaquin Hernandez

Yanique Sean Keyes

Wendy F. Epperly

Melissa Louise Gossett

Roxanne Hernandez Juarez

Sean Patrick Kidd

Dana L. HernandezVillareal

John Peter Kirschbaum

John W. Dent Kristi F. Dent Miltie Devin Hank Dietz Veronica Dietz Tammy Dullnig Jane Elizabeth Dwyer Daniel Earnest

Allison Joy Everett Ryan lee Everett Hillary Joan Everts Julie Fenton Lori Fitch W. Sheldon Fitch Samantha Ann Fitzsimon Payton Flynn Scott Flynn

Joshua Gonzalez Thomas James Gossett Madalynne Renee Greer Makayla Renee Greer Makenzie Anne Greer Sandra Kay Greer-Smith Misty Renee Greget Nick Manuel Griego Jim Grigsby

Monica Marie Foerster

Anton “Tony” E. Hackebeil

Kellie Faye Fox

Brenda Hackebeil

Christopher Martin Herron

Kyle Kieke Charles Grady Koehl Mandy Koehl

John H. Hidalgo

Stephen L. Kosub

Stephanie Hidalgo

Jamie L. Kowatch

Ronald Charles Hodges

Leticia Lafuente

Joanne Holbrook

Catherine Carter Land

Christine Mayorga Holloway

Kelly Jean Land

William B.J. Edward Holloway IV

Victor Jose Leon

Alan Lara

DeLisa Leopold

Reagan Makenzye Moon

Pogue IV

Leticia Sanders

Scott Allen Stanush

Dan J. Weatherford

Phillip Skip Elmo Lietz II

Tanna Moon

Nanette Portenier

Jennifer Schaefer

Sheila Steubing

Valerie S. Weatherford

Jaime Stephan Limas

Margie Moore

Christina Post

Jenifer Lynne Scheibe

Stephen Stokinger

Tiffany Ann Lohrke

Ryan Moraniec

Mike Post

Debbie A. Schifanella

Kevin Stowers

Leonard Trey Anthony Weinand III

Vivian A. Lohrke

Leslye Mozisek Tonkin

Brandon Keith Price

Mitch Schifanella

Heide Strzelczyk

William K. Lohrke

Michael Bret Mullins

Ricardo Ramos

Cheryl Anne Schillings

Todd Strzelczyk

Morgan Anne Londrie

Mark R. Muncaster

Jeff Rankin

Shad Richard Schmid

Jeffrey Lozano

Toby Vanessa Muncaster

Stacey Rankin

Kevin Kenyon Schmitt

Christopher Chandler Sturgis

Randall Scott MacNaughton III

Anthony Thomas Munoz

Deborah Ray-Miller Debbie Real

Stephy Nichole Schoelman

Laura Malone

Brian Shawn Munoz Karen Neighbors

Jenny Reeves

Barbara Neveu Bryant

Lonnie Ray Reeves

Alexandra Helen Nicol

Felix Rendon

J.J. Nieto

Josh Matthew Reneau

Valerie Nieto

Kenny Reneau

John Charles Obadal III

Lauren Amanda Reneau

Lydia Fransisca Ontiveroz

Lisa Reopelle

Jocelyn Ozuna Gunnels

Dianna Marie Reuthinger

Andy Martin Alexis M Martinez Teri Elizabeth McBlain Cody McBrearty David Michael McCormick Sandra Kimiko McCormick Erin Margaret McGarvey Mona Kay Meikle George “Trae” E. Metz II William Drake Mikeska Elisa Michele Montes Ashton Nicole Moon Barbye Moon Brian Moon John Moon

Lawrence Padalecki Jr. Denise Parker Sam Wayne Parker Cathy Sue Piccolella Joseph Anthony Piccolella Jr. Irish Plant Jennifer Leigh Pogue Marshall Sheppard

Scott Reopelle Carlos Rocha Ema Marilin Rocha Arnie Rodriguez E. Griffin Rogers III Carlos Javier Ruiz Jr. Michelle Ruiz Diana Lizette Salcedo Erin Sanchez

Calvin Schonefeld Shannon Schonefeld Marlee Ashton Scott Randal B. Shaw Don Jean Shows Jr. Genevieve Shows Jordan Curtis Shows Jackie M. Simmonds Lauri Jehl Sims DVM R. Russell Sims Zachary Sledge Amanda Marian Smith William Cory Smith Jimmy Spruill Tracy Spruill Aaron Staas Kathleen E. Staas

Timothy Gene Wenzel Suzanne White John Keith Willborn

Kimberly Marie Sturgis

Christopher E. Williams Sr.

Bradley Shawn Tankersley

Christopher S. Willis Delia Willis

Kasie Fey Tankersley

Mary Anne Wilson

Courtney Tarbox

Travis Blake Wilson

Jason Tarbox

Ron Winn

Emily Louise Thompson

Kaitlan Sandra Winter

James Thompson

Amy M. Wise

Kenneth Trees

Bill Wise

Julie Uecker

Heather Witt

Ashley Noelle Van Booven

Barbara Marie Wollenzin

Joshua Chilton Vance

Greg Ray Wright

Suzanne A. Vance Scott Anthony Villareal Amber Dawn Wallace James Michael Wallace John Benson Walls Valerie Walls Rhonda Marisa Weakley

Jonathan Worley Kathryn Holly Wright Kyle Ray Wright Patty Ann Wright Rebecca Wright Kevin Wayne Yancy Stephanie Ann Young John Allen Zakrison

Nothing tops the tower Exceptional dining at chart house

Observation deck with incredible views

4D Theater Ride: Skies over texas

739 E. Cesar E. Chavez Blvd. • San Antonio • 210-223-3101 • 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 139


DAVID WHITE | Chairman James M. Caruth Cody Davenport Brenda K. Harris Nancy B. Loeffler Norm L. Nevins Jeff Potthoff W. David White

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo 2016 Souvenir Program 1966 Junior Market Barrow

140 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


ADAM LOPEZ | Chairman STEPHEN LUMAN | Vice Chairman The Calf Scramble Committee coordinates the Calf Scramble event held during each rodeo performance. The committee is dedicated to supporting FFA and 4-H students in the purchase of a breeding animal to be raised and exhibited the following year at the stock show. In addition, the committee organizes and oversees the annual Boots ‘N Shoot fundraising event that benefits the Calf Scramble program.

Adam Reissner

Sally Travis

Shiloh Alastuey

Gary Cheatham

Donna Gann

Adam Huron

Roy Martinez

Melvin Allen

Mike Ciardello

Charlie Garza

Rhonda Hurt

Jennifer May (Conlee) Royce Renfro

George Allen

Scheli Climer

Beto Gonzales

Rhonda Hurt

Sonja McCullough

Dennis Reynolds

Laura Wagener

Gena Alvarez

Bobby Conlee

Zack Johnson

Dominique McNeely

Susan Rice

Harrison Watts

Scheri Arnold

Jo Ann Conlee

Denora (DeeDee) Gonzalez

Emily Meisel

Paul Richardson

Alice Wight

Mark Bedgood

Jason Connally

Steve Grams

Tom Jones Laura Jones

Paul Merkel

Charlie Riha

Roy Wight

Nadine Berger

David (Dave) Cope

Lauren Kenney

Dan Meyer

Mary Riha

Danny Williams

David Bitterman

Ryan Coy

RC King

Kevin Meyers

Kevin Riley

Caroline Williams

John Blankenship

Laura Dash

Kim Kiolbassa

Lindsey Kristin Miller

Justin Robbins

David Williams

Heather Blewett

Matthew Dash

Brenda Knight

Anna Miller

Megan Schier

Kim Winton

Mike Blount, Sr.

Lou DeLao

Carmen Knolle

Clay Miller

Hank Sebastian

Trey Wooten

Edward Bode

Renessa Denney

Justin Haby

Betty Krahn

Doreen Morris

Kate Shuman

Steve Zimmerman

Jim Bowden

Marshall Denney

Stephen Morris

David Skinner

Ryan Zwicke

Tim (TJ) Brackeen

Jerome Desalme

Christopher Harborth Bruce Krahn David Kriewald JM (Jay) Harmon

Rebecca Morrison

David Sladek

Cassandra Braddy

Perry Donop

Heather Hart

Samantha Krivacka

Ron Morrison

Patsy Sladek

Bobbie Brietzke

Paul Dvorak

David Heal

Scott Krueger

Sandy Nagel

Tracy Smith

Lisa Burns (Ponce)

Patrick Escalante

Nadine Heal

Teresa Krueger

Mark Olivarria

Will Steubing

David Burton

Tammy Owens Esquivel

Gregory Hendrix

Laurence Kurth

Mary Beth Owen

Jason Strawn

Stacey Hendrix

Adam Lopez

Tom Owen

Wayne Stroud

Mark Hoffman

Stephen Luman

John Padulo

Laurie Holmes

Rhonda Luman

Mike Ploch

Charles (Bryan) Stuckey, Jr

Kenneth Holston

Bryan Mabe

Chad Pope

Peter Horst

Cimber Mabe

Monty Portis

Roland Horst

Dusty Mansour

Travis Reed

Jennifer Sue Bush Rodney Bush Byron Buzzini Betty Carlson David Carlson Donald Castro

Max Evetts Melissa Fohn David Fraser Josie Fraser Reagan Freudenberg John (JD) Fuguay

142 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Elizabeth (Beth) Greenblum Bill Grimes Donna Grubb Jonathan (Gus) Gustavson

Kelly Styles Margi Summers Todd Summers Patric Todd

Tom Travis


- DONORS Beirne,Maynard & Parsons, LLP

Paul & Betsy Dvorak

Bill’s Tractor & Equipment

E-Flow Electric

Rush Enterprises, San Antonio TX


Four Points Stop

In Memory of Rub Reidel

In Memory of Clarence Albert

Kelly & Pat Frost

AIP, Inc.

Johnson Show Stock

Reagan and Kelsey Freudenberg

Alamo Heights Rotary Club

Los Cuernos & Peggy’s Circle V

Fuquay, Inc

Capital Farm Credit

RAC Ranch, LLC

Garlic Jim’s Famous Gourmet Pizza

Chuck’s Transport

Sun Coast Shavings Company

Global Team Solutions

Edward Jones Investments - Elsa Crawford


Godai Sushi Bar & Restauant


Express Oil Change & Tire Engineers Service Centers Tim & Karen Hixon (x2) W.S. Steel Structures Holt Cat The Champion Group In Memory of Edmund H. Krahn Lake Truck Lines


McCoy’s Building Supply

William Grimes E. Gulck Col. & Mrs. J.M. Harmon III Hendrix Auto Repair Roland H. Horst In Memory of Bill Wagener

Myrta F. Thompson

Adkins Material, LLC

Medical Committee

Dennis & Rose Jupe - Jupe Feeds

American Sales & Service

Northside Ford

Mark & Tina Jupe

Baker Triangle

NuStar Energy

Lone Star Special Tees

Bear Oil Company, Inc.

Ranch Hand

James & Norma Meisel

Fleetpride Heavy Duty Parts, San Antonio, TX

SOS Liquid Waste Haulers LTD Company

Mesquite Bean Restaurant

Friesenhahn Paving, LLC

T.R. Ranch - T.W. & Renee Wheat

Moss and Associates

Joan & Herb Kelleher Charitable Foundation

TCT Oil Brokers

North Park Lexus

Randall & Mary Lyn House

The Okonite Company

Keith O’Gorman

Reynolds Transportation

Thompson Hunting Lodge

On The Grind Coffee

T & W Truck Tire Center, San Antonio, TX

Tom & Mary Beth Owen

Pro Field Services, Inc.

Kelly & Tracy Dickens

Vilore Foods / Jumex

Paul & Mylissa Richardson

Tesoro Empolyees

Williams Supply Company

Justin Robbins

Alamo Marble

Boundless Hunting

George Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Ferny Rodriguez/Mr. & Mrs. David Rodriguez

Alterman, Inc.

Carl & Betty Sample

Anytime Fitness - La Vernia TX

Sebastavon Ranch

Berger Land Surveying

SRK Enterprises, Inc.

David & Kyong Bitterman

J.R. & Janet Smith

John & Christine Blankenship

Southwest Electrical Contracting Services

JC Bowden

St. Anthony Hotel

CCC Group

Texas Trophies

Carrizo Feeders

The Delphi Groupe, Inc.

Gary & Mary Sue Cheatham

Wack’em & Stack’em

Comfort Air Engineering Inc / Pimo Plumbing Inc.

Eli & Vivian Urbanczyk

Nolton Connally

Yelton Custom Homes, Inc.

CENTURY DONORS $1,200+ Marshall & Renessa Denney Cobblestone Concrete, Inc. In Memory of Nikki Williams Texas Independent Automotive Assoc Alexander Oil Co. - Seguin TX Argyle Security Doggett Freightliner of South TX LLC IES Commercial BAMC Redevelopment Partners, LTD

Barbie Cowey




KEITH SMITH | Chairman LARRY GEMBLER | Vice Chairman The Cowboy Church Committee provides an opportunity for fellowship by coordinating a non-denominational worship service held on Sundays during the stock show & rodeo. A special effort is made to reach out to exhibitors and volunteers who give their time on Sundays during the rodeo as well as rodeo contestants who are on the road and unable to worship at their home churches. In addition to helping with Sunday services, various committee members reach out to the other committees to offer pre-meeting prayers and meal blessings. The Cowboy Church mission: To glorify God by sharing His spirit throughout all aspects of the rodeo. We will accomplish this mission by offering relevant worship opportunities, raising the awareness of Cowboy Church to our five primary audiences, being fiscally responsible with the resources provided, and maintaining a strong volunteer base. Nancy Abbott

Margaret Cluck

Roy Holley

Keith Martin

Stormy Blake Owenby

Geoffrey D. Shaffer

Angela Barclay

Steven Gerald Coker

Jim B. James

Tracie J. Martin

Ernestine Owings

Mark R. Shaw

David Barclay

Lee “Sonny” Corbin Jr.

Mary Ann James

Frank L. Martinez

Deanna Elaine Pintirsch

Sharon Shaw

Diana Belew

Debbie Currie

Brett Joiner

Lupita Serrano Martinez

Nora Pullin

Keith Smith

Brenda L. Black

Yvonne Davenport

Tammy Jupe

Julie L. Martini

Ron Pullin

Natalie Neff Smith

Howell B. Black

Rita Arlene Desselle

Kaitlyn lea Kelly

Debra Darlene Mathis

Anthony Lee Quinters

Charles Stanley

Leigh B. Black

Candy Donohue

Tom H. Menchaca

Paul Jason Quinters

Charlie Cowboy Stanley

Karen Bragg

J. D. Dunson

Richard M. “Tres” Kleberg III

Shelby Kay Quinters

Jean Stanley

Kevin Bragg

Don Etscheid

Ivy M. Lanier

Cindy Lynn Merrill Donelle Meyer

Tammy Quinters

Teresa Stanley

Candy Bridges

Fernando Reyes Felan

James A. Reeves

Jay Harold Strawn

Steve Bridges

Cameron Elizabeth Gembler

Kevin Michael LaRue

Dawn A Milberger Louis C. Milberger Jr.

Linda Reeves

Heather Swindall

Kennedy Logan Gembler

Butch Joseph Leist

Bobby Moody

David Farias Reyes

Joe Lee Valadez

Larry D. Gembler Jr.

Gordon Adrail Lindley

Tracye Moody

Penny Riley

Wesley H. Walters

Madison Renee Gembler

Timothy E. Lucas

Gary Nagel

Kimberly Roberts

Avery Elizabeth Wheat

Michelle Colleen Gembler

James W. Maddox

Stanley Patrick Nipper

John Dean Robeson

John Matthew Wheat

Nancy O’Quinn

Randall H. Romo

Donald Mark Wilson

Payton Collen Gembler

Jay Maddox

Frank Olivarez Jr.

Craig Rose

Helen Louise Worthy

Bryan David Owenby

Kevin Thomas Ryan

James C Worthy

Drucilla Owenby

Patricia Dianne Ryan

Richard Glen Britz Casey Marie Carpenter Jamie Lynne Carpenter Tammy Carpenter Dru Cessac Charles W. Cheatham Retired Todd Chandler Cheves

Jerry McCoy Godwin Richard Hobbs

Kimberly Lanier Vicki Latka

Jared W. Maddox Lisa Kay Maddox




TRACTORS The HOLT Core Value of "COMMITMENT" focuses on loyalty and a mutual desire to succeed. We support events that sponsor scholarships for Texas students. The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo organization is one of the largest and most successful programs in the country and we are proud to be affiliated with the Go Rodeo Roundup!


3302 South W.W. White Road, San Antonio, Texas 2016 HOLT CAT


TERRY OLIVARRI | Chairman WALTER FELTS | Vice Chairman The Cowboy Golf Classic Committee oversees the Cowboy Golf Classic Tournament during the annual Stock Show & Rodeo. Proceeds from the Cowboy Golf Classic Tournament benefit the Justin Cowboy Crisis Fund and the ProRodeo Hall of Fame.

Candy Ables

Debra Colbath

Iris Ford

Jennifer Jones

Sylvia Owen

Sarah Sosa

Jaidyn Allen

Walter Darbyshire III

Orlando Garza

Judy Kalka

Bryan Parman

Jennifer Swinney

Suzette Allen

Arron Davis

Elvira Gonzales

Kevin Kaufman

Laurel Patterson

Michael Tinch

William Allen

Robert Doyle II

Glen Gonzales

Ashley Kemple

Ray Patterson III

Wendi Trammell

Gwendolyn Barber

Jay Ellis Jr.

Humberto Gonzales

Laura Klus

Becky Perry

David Treiber

Raul Barberena Jr.

Merrill Ellis

Scott Gorton

Gilbert Lopez

Marvin Perry

Susan Treiber

Baylee Becker

Jorge Esparza

Elizabeth Greenblum

Naomi Lopez

Mandy Pruitt

Sheila Vacek

Ken Bishop

Sandra Fairley

Garrett Greenblum

Amanda Loredo

Kit Ramzinski

Anthony Vaught

Carole Blair

Cecilia Felts

Therresa Hernandez

Gregory Lugo

Darrell Rios

Andrew Wagoner

Cynthia Blankenship

Tyler Felts

Rosalina Hizon

Dana Lyro

Jeffery Royce

Charles Walls

Alicia Bracey

Walter Felts

Ethan Holbrook

Dusty Mansour

Stephen Schimmel

Adelita Winters

Cynthia Carrasco

Carlos Fernandez

Joanne Holbrook

Jamie Martin

Gene Seaman

Stephen Winters

John Carrasco

Carol Fernandez

Kerry Huffstutler

Theresa McNair

Jeannette Seaman

Susan Yohn

Frank Castellano

James Fillpot

Leslie Ingram

Courtney Miller

Joshua Seaman

Laura Zaik

John Cave

Marissa Finnerty

Jordan Jackson

Johnny Moreno

Mariah Seaman

Christopher Cockrill

Timothy Finnerty

Toni Jackson

Richard Ojeda

Taylor Shelden

Glenn Cockrill

Kenneth Fischer

Randy Jaso

Johanna Olivarri

Afton Smith

Sherrill Cockrill

Stephanie Fischer

Howard Johnson III

Terry Olivarri

Jennine Smith


146 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

SPECIAL THANK YOU! The Cowboy Golf Classic Committee would like to thank all who participated in the Cowboy Golf Classic. We would also like to thank the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Executive Committee, Assitant Vice Presidents, and Staff for their tireless efforts to host this magnificent event. Without them we would not have been able to have such a successful event. GIDDY UP!!!

THANK YOU TO OUR COWBOY GOLF CLASSIC SPONSORS: Crown Royal Terry and Ronnie Urbanczyk Justin Boots McBee’s BBQ and Catering Chenega Global Services, LLC Frost Bank Alamo Music Center All-Tex Pipe and Supply Alamo Water Softeners Blacktoppers Technology, Inc. Davenport Drilling Joe Soules Lawman Security

Links Strategies, LLC Rockin R Union Pacific Universal Form Tops D&D Kelley and Pat Frost Seymour’s Garage The New Frontier Club Verbalocity, Inc. Accurate Courier Service ALLBRITE Construction ALLBRITE HVAC Casino Fun, Inc. D hanging W Discount Movers

Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant Fred & Sheri Petmecky Hollywood Park Automotive Insurance One Jackie VandeWalle Jefferson Bank KCM Cabinets, Inc. Law Offices of Peter J. Stanton Leon Springs Dance Hall Multi Electric Splashtown Steve and Candy Bridges Northside Ford

Stewart Title Glazers Cavenders Boot City Top Golf San Antonio Megavape SWBC Gunn-Lee & Cave Aveda Cox Media Walker Myers Clayton & Clayton PC Cuatro T Construction Mr. Rooter American Abatement, LLC Astro Body Shop

Bret Roszell, Raffle Committee CD Tire/Alamo Truck Accessories Emser Tile Hill Country Truck Store H.O.W. Foundation Jennifer Mack Dr. Kathren McCarty Jett Transport Jordan-Sitter and Associates Link Sommer / Merrill Lynch Lone Star Radiator Company Lone Star Tire Service

Mission Foods My Shop Tint, Alarm & Car Audio Ranch Rodeo Committee Robin Saunders Shanan Wagoner Eddie, Gwen, and Shelby Gammill The Thai Hut Stray Grape Urban Winery Titan Electric USI Southwest Wommack Chevrolet KMAC Construction Services, Inc.

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 147


SHANNON GALLOWAY | Chairman CHARLES STRICKLAND | Vice Chairman The Van De Walle Fajita Corral began serving fajitas in 1986 to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. The group did not become an official committee until 2005. Volunteers have cooked and sold thousands of fajitas, tacos, ribs, and more. The efforts of the committee volunteers, along with volunteers from the San Antonio business community have contributed over $2 million to the Scholarship Fund.

Jay P. Akin

Tammi Burris

Virginia F. Dominguez

Nancy S.P. Guajardo

Sean Klinksiek

George Jerome Aktines

Doris Butler

Amanda Lourine Eldridge

Blanca Guzman

Tammy Klinksiek

Brandy Michelle Allen

Edward C. Cadena

Arthur Louis Erfurth

Debbie C. Hall

Frank Gene Kocurek Jr.

Charles Bion Allen

Pam Canellis

Beverly J. Erfurth

Colleen Elen Harris

Steven Wayne Kocurek Jr.

Joy Ibarra Alonso

Diana Cantu

Justin Scott Erfurth

Tisha K. Harvey

Marianne D. Kupcho-Huizar

Toni Marie Altum

Jennifer Anne Cappuccio

Jeannie Marie Espinoza

Jonathan Hawkins

Jose V. Landeros

Joshua Mark Anzaldua

Steven Phillip Cappuccio

Melissa Espinoza

Alma Hayes

Bonnie Lentz

Deborah Jean Archer

Andrew Hemenway Cardwell

Ernest G. Estevis Jr.

John W. Hayes

Regina M. Lopez

John M. Austin

Manuel Carranza

Kelley Farinelli

Kimberly J. Heinen

Theodor Lorentz

Michelle R. Baird

Lester J. Carroll

Jeff Felty

Bobby Joe Hindman Jr.

Faith Madrigal

Anna Maria Barfoot

Connie Irene Carter

Kenneth Edwin Felty

Brandon Mark Hollas

Salvador Marquez

Cory Alec Barnes

K. C. Carter Sr.

Debra L. Fonseca

Kimberley Hollas

Rick Martinez Jr.

Kathryn Celeste Barnes

Manuel Castaneda III

J.T. Forth

Eric W. Horton

Jason Wayne McInnis

Russell Lee Beard

Genevie Rozele Chavarria

Mary Louise Fruge-Medford

John David Horton

Jennifer Marie Melton

Sandra Beard

Felicia Clarey

Glen G. Gale II

Lyndsey M. Horton

Roxanne Mimms

Dustin Gene Beaudoin

Timothy Brian Clarey

Richard A. Galindo

Shelly Horton

Peggy Moreth

Jenesee Beaudoin

Ryan John Coldewey

Shannon Galloway

Kurt Howard

Ruby Munoz

Travis James Bock

Sylvia Susanna Cortez

Melissa Galvan

Richard T. Huizar

Lisa G. Nation

Anthony B. Bosworth

Marvin P. Cotton

Charlie Tito Garcia

Marty Hutchison

Valarie Neeley

Nancy Bridgers

Jean M. Coussons

Lois J. Garza

Deborah Velasquez Jaime

Christi E. Netting

Billie Broitton

John Douglas Craig Jr.

Carl W. Gass

Cindy Jenkins

Sissy Nothnagel

Jackie Browning

David T. Danysh

Becky A. Grady

Michael Allen Jones

Laura Rosa Nuno

Brook Ashlee Buckelew

JoAnn Davis

Lonnie R. Grady

Vickie Louise Jones

Brian O’Connor

Cody Burris

Valerie Ann Dominguez

Lynn Marie Greenwood

Paul H. Klinksiek

John Blake Ostrander

148 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Jerry Pacheco

Steve Reyes

Gilbert Stanley-Medford

David W. Titus Jr.

Richard Jonathan Wilcox

Elizabeth Palfini

Amy L. Rodriguez

Jane V. Stone

Edward M. Valdez

Adam Wilks

Joseph Palfini

Cynthia Marie Rodriguez

Charles Strickland

Chris Van De Walle

Tina E. Williamson

Jerry Pawlik

Dana Joyce Rose

DeAnn Strickland

Donna L. Van Wychen

Linda M. Woodruff

Barbara June Perez

Mary Ann Y. Saenz

Jill Strickland

Brenda Vavricek

Lisa Faye Woods

Noemi Lund Perez

Curtis Schultz

Charlie Teamann

Charles Vincent

David Wormser

Phil A. Persyn

Andrea Schwake

John Doug Thienpont

Jodi Vincent

Laura D. Wormser

Dallas Ike Pipes

Kevin W. Schwake

Douglas Allan Thomas

Cal Campbell Wallace

Steven H. Young

Cesar O. Quilantan

Gilda Ann Silva

Bert M. Thompson

Robert E. Walthall

Sam Zaragoza Sr.

Valerie K. Reed

Cara Sport

Candace Dawn Thompson

Sharon K. Walthall

Ruby Zertuche Zbranek

Patricia Ann Reyes

Christopher Shawn Sport

Lavonne Thompson

William A. Whitlock



2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 149


MIKE OSTEEN | Chairman DON SCHUBERT | Vice Chairman The Family Fair Committee helps organize and support the events and grounds entertainment that patrons have come to enjoy each year during the Stock Show & Rodeo. The Family Fair area is comprised of the carnival, educational displays, the food court and pavilions. Along with supporting the exhibitors and assisting with the activities in the Family Fair area, the committee is also responsible for the landscaping and overall grounds development and presentation.

Mike Guppy Acosta

John Bray

Paul H. Hopper

Sarah Migura

Peter Rico

Frank E. Tuttle IV

Jerry Allan Aelvoet

Sherry Bray

Douglas J. House

Michael W. Mitchell

Anthony Rene Rios

Frank E. Tuttle V

Gilbert L. Aguilar

Candy Bridges

Kyle Mason House

Shelbie Lynne MItchell

Christina Rios

Tammy Tuttle

Ricardo Aleman

Gilbert Brysch

Victoria Agnes Izbinski

Michael Stanley Moore

Olga Rios

LeAnne Marie Wiatrek

Dena L. Allen

Joyce Buie

Shelly Cecile Johnson

Nicole Moore

Randy Robertson

Jerry L. Williams

Mike Allen

Judy Cantu

Diana A. Johnston

Diane Moreno

Denise Rodriguez

Bobby Joe Wood

Tyler James Allen

Ronald M. Carpenter

Paulette Keller

Reginald Mote

Bella Zavala

Roland Allen Ames

Bella C. CervantesOverfield

Genny Kraus

Tiffany Marie Oles

Griselda “Gracie� Rodriguez

Callie Brynn Cole

Jerome Jerry Kraus

Sheila Kay Olsen

James P. Lay

Bruce H. Osborne

Randall Lingo

Chandler B Osborne

Steven Lipsey

Hope Amanda Osteen

Adrian A. Lopez

Jordan Elizabeth Osteen

Izel G. Lopez

Michael Kent Osteen

Raymond Thaddeus Lopez Sr.

Diane Pfeil

Kent Woliston Lorentz Jr.

Angie Pinkard

Ellen Andrus Garrett Lee Angier Gary J. Angier Justin James Angier Tina Angier Jessica Armendariz Brenda Bartosh Barbee Lauren Jynette Barloco Jeannine Lee Bean Shianne Alexandra Bean James A. Blocker Jr. Lillian Blocker Jim L. Blodgett Rosalinda Blodgett Cullen Allen Bray Jarrett Bray

Lanisa Cole Samuel Thomas Cole Misty Breanne Collins Leighette V. Davidson Todd Lamar Davidson Thomas De La Garza Cindy Dees William G. Dees Garrett John Kirk Delong James JD Michael Diaz Michael Shawn Douglas Carmen Cecilia Falcon Kenneth Fater Larry Guzman Walt Leigh Hood

150 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Caitlyn Rose Lyssy Diana L. Martinez Mike Martinez Douglas C. May Nan May Julie McClure Jason Shawn Migura

Larry Pfeil

Martin V. Rodriguez Grace Saenz Frank Sanchez Shalyn Virginia Schroeder Donald Ray Schubert II Gary Scott Sharon Scott Jimmy Clayton Seales

Garrett Pinkard

George Ernie Ernest Simmons

Daxton King Priddy

Billy Anderson Smith

Delaney Lynn Priddy

Brooke Leigh Smith

Sal Priddy

Sherry L. Smith

Roland R. Puente

Meghan A. Spears

Susan Reynolds

Katrina Marrie Suire

Edie Rico

Carson Wayne Tuttle


SAN ANTONIO ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES SACU is the member-owned credit union that’s been serving San Antonio since 1935. We’re the union of savers and borrowers. Created and guided by the members we serve, we’re inspired by people, not profit. Visit us at

Federally insured by NCUA


MICHAEL “LINK” SOMMER | Chairman KEITH SCHMIDT | Vice Chairman The Go Rodeo Roundup Committee hosts the can’t-miss San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo event of October! The event is one of the largest fundraisers of the year for the Scholarship Fund and the hard work and dedication of this committee is what makes it all possible. Guests enjoy gourmet catering, a full assortment of beverages, and entertainment from some of country music’s greatest entertainers. The committee is made up of people from all ages, professions and backgrounds. Committee member duties include coordination of door prizes, silent and live auction items, decoration and theme planning, ticket sales to the event, and of course, inviting your friends, family, colleagues, and clients to the big event! Tracy Adams

Ronnie Chakales

Wes Hayes

Melissa Ann Misenhimer

William Vernon Scott

Shirley Ahr

Robert “Erik” Chall

Peggy Henderson

Brian Wade Mitchell

Michael Andrew Sides

Valerie Ahr

Bonnie Darlene Cunningham

Orlando Herrera

Suzane Mitchell

Karen S. Smith

Sarita Garcia Akin

Jimmy Dean Dietz

Troy Austin James

Samuel Brent Montgomery

Tresmon Andrew Smith

Brad Ryan Allen

Allen L. Dolsen

Vanessa Meagan Johnson

David H. Murray

Michael Link Sommer

Chris Barker

Dottie Donohue

Kirk L. Kendrick

Elizabeth Murray

Christopher Felts Stong

Debbie Barnett

Kevin Donohue

Rhonda J. Kendrick

Ruben Musquiz

Sandra Swift

Katy Barnett

John T. Dudley

Amy C. Kolb

Vincent K. Ney

Lindsey Elizabeth Trcka

Arlene Barr

Lisa Johnston Dudley

Rick A. Kolb

Mary Ann Norris

Stephanie Castor Trevino

Cynthia Barr

Tanya Duelm

Rhonda Dail LeGrand

Tim O’Krongley

Meagan Upshaw

D.R. Barr

Martha Faye Dupnik

Jeffrey Scott Lewis

Hill Ojeda

Dick Vetters

Becky Beck-Marshall

James Dusek

Billie Rae Light

Richard Ojeda

Sharron Vetters

Hailey Caryn Bolner

Troy Dusek

George E. Light III

Theodore Franklin Popham Sr.

Kenneth W. Wagoner

Bob Bowen

Nancy Elliott

Janna Ligon

Hampton D. Pratka

Mary Wagoner

Shari Bowen

Dusty Evans

John B. Luce

Marco Xavier Ramirez

Teri Lynn Wenglein

Gena Brown

Heath Evans

Jon-James Tristan Maldonado

Phillip Thomas Read

Chelsea Lauren White

James Kevin Brown

Austin Lee Fikes

Don E. Marshall

Clifton S. Recker Jr.

Dawn Wiley

Kevin Brown

Briana Celize Flewelling

Roger Marshall

Glenda J. Recker

Phillip B. Wiley

Vernell Pape Burch

Mitchel Alan Flewelling

Jenna Leigh Martinez

Scott Reed

J.P. Wilkins

Royce Albert Burell

Jeannette Galin

Eliza McGuairt

James P. Ross

Mandi Worley

Jennifer L. Burkholder

Gilbert Garcia

Sandra K. Meeks

Lee Scott Sandell

Matt Burkholder

Bryan Matthew Gonzales

Wallace Meeks

Donna Kay Schirmer

Jarod Matthew Cain

Jeffrey Lance Hall

Doug Mercer

Heather Anne Schmidt

Georgia Nicole Cantu

Brian W. Harle

Nancy Mercer

Keith Schmidt

152 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


SUE JONES | Chairman PATRICIA LINDBLOM | Vice Chairman The Grounds and Security Committee serve as the first welcoming point for volunteers, rodeo participants, personnel, and media who enter the Stock Show & Rodeo. The committee is also responsible for distribution of parking stickers, gate passes and committee badges. The Grounds and Security Committee handles general questions about parking, items left or misplaced on the grounds, and the overall rules and regulations of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The Grounds and Security Committee office is located inside the West Gate entrance adjacent to Police Headquarters.

Kalyn Marie Baskin

Kathryn Jean Dodson

Joe B. Janysek

Susan D. Reed

G.T. Bucky Shodrock

Michael Beers

Cash Ferrill

Linda A. Janysek

Frank W Robinson

Linda Jene Snoga

John Butler

Frances Ferro

Sue Jones

Gerard J. Rogers

Linda Jene Snoga

Juliette Lovice Butler

Clifton Grumbles

Patricia Lynn Lindblom

Jason M. Rogers

Jeffrey J. Snyder

Daniel S. Causey

Linda Hall


Michelle R Rogers

Courtney Weyrich

Wade Cleary

Travis Hall

David McEathron

Sharon J. Rogers

Jimmy Weyrich

Tommy Davis

Joe Hamilton

William McManus

Charles H. Romans

Greg Whitlock

Jason Dixon

Billy Harris

Marc A. Notzon

M.R. “Reese� Rose

Edgar Don Dodson

C. J. Havrda

Mary Jo Phillips

Donna L. Shodrock

Gus Martinez

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 153

Proud SuPPorter of the San antonio Stock Show and rodeo 1-855-900-HAUL •

15080 Tradesman Drive

San Antonio, Texas 78249



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The Barbecue Place... With So Much More!

2567 Goliad Rd. 333-6162 Sun.: 11:00am to 3:00pm Mon. thru Sat. 11:00am to 8:00pm SPECIALS EVERYDAY SPECIALS:

M o n d a y s : Chicken and Dumplings or Chicken-Fried Steak T u e s d a y s : Chili or Sauerkraut and Sausage W e d n e s d a y s : Meatloaf T h u r s d a y s : Beef Stew or Chicken-Fried Steak F r i d a y s : Fried Catfish or Roast Beef S a t u r d a y s : Beef Tips on Rice Sundays: Turkey and Dressing

Barbecued Brisket, Ribs, Chicken, Ham and Sausage. A Variety of Vegetables and Salads, Pies and Cakes.

We Cater for all Occasions or at any Job Site

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 155


KENNETH MOORE | Chairman SAMMY PEREZ | Vice Chairman The Hall of Fame Committee is responsible for gathering and organizing all information regarding the history of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The committee also hosts the annual Hall of Fame Induction. They receive nominations for individuals to become Hall of Fame inductees. Inductees are individuals who have contributed to the development and success of the Stock Show & Rodeo. During the show, the Hall of Fame Committee mans the Hall of Fame building and helps patrons, sponsors and donors who are passing through, learn about those inducted into the Hall of Fame, the origins of the Stock Show & Rodeo, and the rich history of the show.

David Wayne Burris

Norma Jean Gharbi

Jane Merritt

Tom Reininger

Scarlet Ann Tate

Daniel G. Clark

Bailey Nicole Glenewinkel

A. L. Windy Miller

Travis Adam Rutledge

Raymond C. Trevino

Darryl Jalett Conner

Kimberly Louise Glodich

Ashley N. Miller

Dina Ann Salazar

Barbara Valdez

Lynda Mary Conner

Adam Gonzales

Lyle Miller

Judy Scofield

Ruben Valdez Jr.

Eloise Creek

Judy K. Gorbet

Kenneth Moore

Pamela Scribner

Janice Van Slambrouck

Bryan Crouch

Tim Martin Gunn

John D. Padulo

Howard G. Seaton

Kathy Waclawczyk

Jean C Crouch

Tracey Deanne Gunn

Samuel Perez Jr.

Marilyn Seaton

Clarence J. Weichold

Mark K Davis

Brooke Irey

Cody Prescott

Tiffany Nicole Shockley

Jolene D. Weichold

Frank A. Dodson Jr.

Cynthia Ann Keller

Katie Shurbet Prescott

Terry David Skinner

Mary N. Williams

Martha Kaye Fenn

George Lieck

Doris Reiley

Stanley Ray Smith

Sharon Wong

Adela H. Flores

Jo Ann Low

Randy Reiley

Ora Ann Strey

Terry Wong

Moses Flores

W.R. Low

George Reininger

Otto F. Strey Jr.




Please join the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo family in commending these three outstanding examples of integrity and giving. Their features will be hung amongst many distinguished individuals on the walls of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is open during the 67th Annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, February 11 through February 28, 2016.

JAMES “FULLY” CLINGMAN Agriculture and education have always been Fully Clingman’s passions. He grew up on a farm and worked with steers and dairy cattle before ending up at Louisiana Tech University. While there, he earned his degree in Animal Husbandry and a minor in Organic Chemistry. Clingman’s journey with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo began as a guest at the Junior Livestock Auction. He knew then that not only did he want to support the rodeo financially, but he also wanted to become a member. In 1991, he did just that, by becoming a Life Member and in 1992 a Director. Not long thereafter, Clingman was elected to the Executive Committee where he has served

FRED PETMECKY Fred Petmecky’s relationship with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo began in 1951 by showing lambs through his 4-H group. He attributes much of his early success, ethics and leadership to both 4-H and FFA. Petmecky earned his degree from Trinity University in 1961. Fred and his wife, Sheri became integral -members of the Jack Sellers Bexar County Palomino Patrol. Fellow San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo colleagues call Fred a kind and selfless man. Other committees Petmecky has been involved with include Junior Livestock Auction, Raffle, Special Projects, Bylaws, Membership and Trail Blazers. Petmecky’s leadership skills have shined through as

SHERI PETMECKY Sheri Petmecky’s love for agriculture and in particular, horses began as a child. After graduating from Oklahoma State University, she moved to Dallas to work as a conventions manager for the Inn at Six Flags. Sheri married her husband, Fred in 1968, and they moved to San Antonio in 1970. Her San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo volunteer career started as a member of the Junior Livestock Auction committee. However, it was while watching her first Rodeo Grand Entry when Sheri fell in love with the silver-saddled Jack Seller’s Palomino Patrol. “She said, ‘I’m going to do that’ and knowing Sheri, when she said she was going to do something, she normally got it done. It was a couple of years later that she was sitting on a Palomino horse with that silver saddle, starting a new life of fun and excitement,” said her husband, Fred. The Petmeckys continued

since 1993, only taking off a term from 98’ to 99’. Clingman’s positions at H-E-B and his unsurpassed business skills enabled him to become instrumental in cultivating new buyers for the Junior Livestock Auction. One of his ideas, still in place today, is corporate luncheons and breakfasts held to gather members of the community interested in participating in the auctions. Aside from being an influential leader with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Clingman is also known in the community as a leader of multiple organizations and non-profits such as YMCA and The United Way, to name a few. Clingman feels honored to be added to the list of Hall of Fame inductees and hopes to continue his work at the rodeo in years to come. Director in 1984, Chairman of Bylaws and Membership Committees, Palomino Patrol President, as well as serving on the Executive Committee 2005-2015 and President of the organization from 2009-2012. “I don’t know if it is a good reputation, but many people did call me “’The Peoples’ President’. I was proud of that. I felt like I was accomplishing what I was here to do” said Petmecky. The time he cherishes the most was spent working alongside his wife, Sheri, and getting to know the numerous volunteers of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. After being inducted into the Hall of Fame, Petmecky plans to continue volunteering and possibly exploring new committees. to ride with the Palomino Patrol from 19861998 and made it a family affair by bringing their daughter into the Patrol while she was in college. Sheri became a life member of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in 1982 and a director in 1988. During her more than 30-year tenure with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo, Sheri lent her time to the Jr. Livestock Auction, Raffle, Special Projects, Scholarship and Trailblazers committees. Her many accomplishments included being Chairman of the Raffle Committee from 1989 to 1994, Palomino Patrol treasurer from 1991 to 1998, and Chairman of Special Projects from 1995 to 2005. Sheri even found time to oversee the 2nd edition of the Cowboy Country Cookbook. Family and friends described Sheri as optimistic, strong-willed, and joyful in all she did. Sadly, Sheri passed away April 19, 2015. She will be deeply missed but always appreciated by her Stock Show & Rodeo family. 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 157



Chairman: Marcus Demel com: Adriana Woods vol: Jim Smith


JUNIOR SHOOT-OUT Chairman: Bill Ethridge com: Kathy Ethridge vol: Russ Arnold

Chairman: Eric Whipple com: John Braden vol: Skip Lietz




Chairman: Mike K. Osteen com: Pete & Edie Rico vol: Michael Douglas


Chairman: Cindy Gidden com: Adeline Pierdolla vol: Justin McCarty

Chairman: M. Link Sommer com: Valerie Ahr vol: Gena Brown



Chairman: Mark Metcalfe com: Melissa Mahula com: John D Hunter


Chairman: Sue Jones com: Jimmy Weyrich com: Kathryn Dodson


Chairman: Kenneth Moore com: Jan Van Slambrouch com: Lyle Miller



Chairman: Adam Lopez com: Larry Routh vol: Max Evetts

Chairman: Wayne Anthony Katz com: Katina Dekay vol: Gerald Silva



Chairman: Keith Smith com: Jay & Lisa Maddox Vol: Mary Ann & Jim James

Chairman: Sandy Bench com: Allison Rowland vol: Joshua Balencia



Chairman: Terry Olivarri com: Scott Gorton vol: Tony Vaught

Chairman: BJ Hendler com: Tricia Kocurek vol: Barbara Lindley



Chairman: Tracie Kelso com: Trish O’Brien vol: Sophia Benedetti


Chairman: TW Wheat com: Renee Wheat com: Joe Esparza


Chairman: Sarah Walker vol: Adriana Rodriguez vol: Gene Serene


Chairman: John Henderson RODEO PROGRAM PARADE com: Thomas Linerode Chairman: Frank Arocha Chairman: Alex Pena vol: Robyn Harred com: David & Shelia Boudreau com: Derek Thurmond MEDICAL vol: Richard & Dora Orr vol: Denver & Angela Munoz Chairman: Jeff Potthoff com: Julie Dylla RODEO RETAIL WILDLIFE & NATURAL vol: Stefany Wampler Chairman: Jack Ballard RESOURCES com: Kristy Allen Chairman: Johnny Canavan vol: Harry Tetens NEW FRONTIER CLUB com: Larry Barr Chairman: Jim Welsh vol: Bruce Rutkowski com: Todd Fleming RODEO TICKET com: Mike Klar Chairman: Kelly Kuehler WINE com: Joy Berberek Chairman: Dinah Covert OPERATIONS vol: Kelly Tosh com: Dawn Windhorn Chairman: Gary Tate vol: Bill Cook com: James Murray Phillips Jr S.A.L.E. FOR KIDS vol: Richard Scott Wesley Chairman: Scott Lamoureux com: Marty Dusek PUBLIC AFFAIRS vol: Matt Maroney Chairman: Michael J. Forkenbrock SCHOOL TOURS com: Anselmo Duarte Chairman: Andrew Staskavage vol: Caree Collman com: Jeffery Ray Sefcik vol: Staci Lee Krueger


Chairman: Aaron Staas com: Todd Strzelczyk vol: Scott Villareal

Chairman: Shannon J. Galloway com: Jonathan Hawkins com: Richard Galindo

Chairman: Rita Stich com: Edna Otto vol: Lorraine Wright



Chairman: Eddie Gammill com: John Douglas Permenter vol: Rogelio Juarez Gomez

Chairman: James Sutter com: Phyllis M. Tondre com: David Kinsey


Chairman: Richard Gonzalez com: Gary Williams vol: Hank Kruse


Joe Freeman Harry Freeman Mary Nan West


Mark Brown Perry Kallison


Tom Bell A.J. Ploch Nat Prassel


Fred R. Collier Walter Joyce, Jr. LeRoy Smith


E.W. Bickett Fred Shield


Perry Shankle Joe Morris


H.B. Zachry William B. “Bill” Cunningham Norm Nevins

158 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


H.A. Fitzhugh Edward W. Cassin, Jr. George E. Light, III


Governor Dolph Briscoe Weldon Alvis “Butch” Roberson George “Moose” Ploch


Jim Tobe Atkinson Charles Butt Sidney A. Lindsay, Jr.



Joe Bunn Clyde Johnson Rub Riedel W. Marvin Rush

Jimmie Ruth Evans Kathy Tarbox Tom Tarbox


Jackie Van De Walle Richard M. “Tres” Kleberg, III Danny R. Adams


Keith Martin James M. “Jim” Caurth Steve Bridges

Eloise Creek Dan Puckett Bobby & Georgett Hawkins

Thurman Barrett, Jr. Tom C. Frost Dr. Jake Wells




James “Fully” Clingman Fred Petmecky Sheri Petmecky

Tim E. Lucas Agent

21790 Bulverde Road Suite 101 San Antonio, TX 78259-2186 Bus 210 494 6700 Fax 210 494 6726

The greatest compliment you can give is a referral

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 159

Working with Texas oil and gas operators Working with Texas oil and gas operators since 1987 on compliance with crude oil and natural gas since 1987 on compliance with crude oil and natural gas severance taxes and sales & use taxes. severance taxes and sales & use taxes. Clayton & Clayton, P. C.

120 Austin & Highway, Suite P. 105C. Clayton Clayton, SanAustin Antonio, TX 78209-5339 120 Highway, Suite 105 (210) 828-2661 San Antonio, TX 78209-5339 (210) 828-2661

Clayton & Clayton, P. C. supports the youth of the San Antonio P. Livestock Exposition. Clayton & Clayton, C. supports the youth of the

San Antonio Livestock Exposition.


WAYNE KATZ | Chairman KEVIN BROWN | Vice Chairman The Horse Show Committee assists with various horse events held during the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo including a youth rodeo, cutting, breed and open shows, barrel race, team penning, horse sales, youth horse challenge and a skillathon contest. Contributions include the set-up of facilities, welcoming and stalling horse exhibitors and operations both in and out of the show arena. In addition, the Horse Show Committee educates visitors about horses and the sport of rodeo through the Horse Discovery exhibit, and also maintains feed stores serving participants across the grounds.

Jill K Acha

Johnathan Alan Bierstedt

Jennifer Denise Cano

Connie L. Daubenmire

Pat Esparza Jr.

Alyce Nicole Acosta

Jerry Billquist

David Z. Cantu

Dion Davis

Cassandra Ferrell

Gerald F Acuna

Jacob E. Blackmon

Jennifer Irene Cantu

Dena De La Fuente

Nancy Yvonne Fillmore

Yvonne Acuna

Melissa Leigh Blohm

Robert “Skipper� Carr

Derek Robert De La Fuente

Angelique Fletcher

Jesse R Adams

Joan Bobrukiewiez

Rene E. Carreon Jr.

Bobby DeHay

Bianca Estela Fletcher

Karen Marie Ahl

Edward Allen Bode

Harley Casper

Danette DeHay

Melissa Fowler

Joshua Marc Alcoser

Glen Wallace Boenig

Tiarra Dawn Castro

Bryan J DeKay

Don Lawrence Freeman

Marc Alcoser

Danielle Carriere Bolton

Carl A. Chapman

Katina DeKay

Bradley Andrew Frerich

Matthew Erik Alderman

Matthew Clayton Bowers

Dan E. Cheatum

Paul Deschner

Debbie Frerich

Vick Alexander

Elva Marie Bradley

Daniel G. Clark

Diana Dillon

Duane Frerich

Haley Melicent Altomare

Jeritza Bradshaw

Wanda R Clark

Bobby Dobson

Matthew A Frerich

Laurie Badders

Larry Reed Bratten

Richard Clute

Matthew Dale Dockery

Pamela K Gaba

Sunny Jon Bailey

Mary Adams Bratten

Ernest Lee Coburn

Emily Doherty

David Gamez

Kristin Barker

Georgia Frances Bratton

Jo Ann Coburn

Todd Dorn

Victoria E Gannaway

Melanie Barker

Brianna Nicole Brewer

Jeri Coldewey

Mike Doss

Vivian Ann Gardiner

Patricia Barrera

Barbara Jean Brown

Cristi Collett

James Dowlearn Jr.

Cindy Gedraitis

Michelle Lee Barrett

J.D. Brown

Chelsea Anna Connors

John Daniel Downey

Cheryl Acosta Gillespie

Courtney J. Barritt

Jason Brown

Cheryl Cook

John R. Downs

Barbara L. Gilliam

Cliff E. Barrow

Kevin D. Brown

Sonia Corona

David Drake

Kevin Gillin

Kevin Albert Bauer

Loretta Brown

Andrew Flynt Cox

Heather Drake-Donohue

Ceasar Jerry Gomez

Krystal Dawn Bean

Paige Emily Brown

John William Cranek Sr.

Kendal Kay Draycott

Juan B Gomez

Landon Bednarz

Fredrich Matthew Brymer

Betty Jean Cruz-Cantwell

Betty J. Dukes

Bobby Gonzales

Brandy Bielke

Stephanie Buck

CJ Cunha

Brandy Durand

Danny Joe Gonzales

Dawn L Bierstedt

Bonnie C Byrd

Dannielle Jeannine Cupples

Theresa A. Escobar

Luis Gonzales III

162 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Cristina Marie Gonzalez

Katti Kay

Donelle Meyer

Tony Pieprzyca

Tracy Lynn Smith

Chad T. Gottschalk

Brenda J. Keener

Shane Meyer

John Pintirsch

Fallon A. Smith-Ziegler

Joan Graham

Missy Keller

Wayne Meyer

Shane Piper

Miles Edward Smitherman

Betty Gregory

Susan Rene Kelley

Cody Michaud

Teal Chanell Piper

Ashley Nichole Snader

Deborah A Grigsby

David Wayne Kendall Jr.

Christophe D. Milani

Morgan Pizana

Grant Leslie Snyder

James Lee Grimshaw

Mandy R. Kendall

Stephani Kaye Milani

Ethan Zachary Ponce

Luly Snyder

Mary Morgan Grimshaw

Creola Carol Kennedy

Jacob Matthew Milikien

Rose Marie Portillo

Kerry Jean Stanush

Lorena Guillen

Ali Megan Kersh

Janie E. Milikien

Katelen Postert

Mark Stanush

Anton “Tony” E. Hackebeil

Audra Kight

Jennifer Milikien

Ken Pundsack

Marc Stefonowicz

Brenda Hackebeil

Iris V. King

Joshua Milikien

Ann Quinn

Eddie Charles Stocks

Grant Michael Hagar

Lamar King

Marshall B. Milikien

Samantha Nicole Quinn

Amy Stuart

Jim D Hagemann

Janet L Klabunde

Christy Lee Miller

Sandra Dianne Racer

Scot Stuman

Holly D Hagle

Christopher Chamberlain Kleberg

Kellie D. Mitchell

Doug Ragan

Brittany Ann Taylor

Aleisha Leigh Klouzek

Heather Montgomery

Cory S. Rakowitz

Jerrett D. Taylor

Shirley A. Montgomery

Shawn Rakowitz

Jessica Lynn Toledo

Denise L. Moore

Sherry L. Rakowitz

Dallas Marie Trevino

Claudia Mora

Kathy Arretta Ray

Jose M. Trevino II

Jose E. Morales II

JoAnn Reininger

Nadine Conrardy Trevino

Lisa Darlene Morgan

Natalie Lynn Reynolds

Donna H. Turner

Jimmy W. Murphy

Kellan Rhodes

Jeri Twenter

Marijane Murray

Joslin Rice

Hannah Leeann Uhl

David Myers

Travis Deon Richardson

Andrew Jonathan Valenzuela

Marlene D. Nash

Bobby L. Rigdon Sr.

Meghan Leah Valenzuela

Deborah C. Nell

Debbie Stanford Rittimann

Anne Van Dyke

Christi E. Netting

Kerry Robertson

Jami Sue VanNoy-Banta

Sharon Kay Neumann

Dustin Gene Rodriguez

Mike Varelans

Bernie Newburg

Craig Rose

James Christopher Venable

Kevin S. Newman

John A. Roselius

Janis R. Venable

Terri Newsom

Mary Kathleen Rozelle

Rick Vera

Kyle Chance Nichols

Patricia Lee Rudd

Christopher Washington

Brian P. Nix

Carolyn S. Ruiz LVN

Ray Washington

Deborah Nobles

Donna L. Ruiz

Gary Weers

Carey Allyson Nowacek

Gilberto Ruiz

Dale Wenzel

Patrick B. O’Brien

Ann E. Sammis

Derek J. Wenzel

Dee Ann Oates

Sonia Samora

Durwood Woody Wenzel

Thomas W. Oates

Denise Marie Schaetter

Arlene Whitaker

Vernon “Marty” Martin Oebel Jr.

Joe P. Schaetter

Barbara White

Christine Louise Oestreich

Mike Otto Scheile

Ben Williams

Maggie Schneider

Paul Williams

Melton W. Schultz

Matthew A. Wilson

Pamela McCarty Schultz

Justin Kyle Winston

Michael J Seal

Maris Wise

Perry Seely

Samantha Madeline Wise

Kathleen Elaine Seesengood

Richard Wiseman

Esther Sell

Paula Jane Wisness

Sarah Sell

Dorothy Wolf

Kelsey Victoria Selvidge

Barbara Marie Wollenzin

Michael Selvidge

Bruce Wollenzin Sr.

Sandra Lee Selvidge

Christopher Wollenzin

Michelle Sessa

Christopher Lee Wollenzin

Debra Vera Settles

Charlene Wyatt

Renee Shedelbower

Barbara A. Youngs

Gary A. Shelton

Patricia J. Zappe

Christian Michael Sherwood

William Thomas Zappe

Nicole D. Sherwood

Amee Lynn Zinsmeyer

Sharon L. Shuler

Lorrie Zinsmeyer

Rhonda Hammack Michelle Hanson Mary Jo Haselhorst Yolanda Frances Heinz Joe Hernandez John Miller Herring Jordan Nicole Hickman Meta Joan Hickman

Karen Ann Kosub Kenneth Kotara Stacey Lynn Kotzur Catherine Cecelia Kramer Karen Marie Kramer Stacy Kruse

Charles “Chuck” H. Hobbs DVM

Michael K. Lange

Gerald A. Hoffman

Cissy Latham

Maureen Jane Holcomb

James Doyle Leasman

Mike Holcomb

Wanda Leasman

Julie A Hollinshead

Debra Lehmann

Randy Hollinshead

Wayne Neal Lehmann

Denise Holm

Edna Lewis Levy

Brittney L. Honeycutt

Louis A. Levy

Melissa Honeycutt

William Timberlake Liles

Cole Lawson Horner

Brandon Tweeder James Lingenhag

April Lynn Howell Christopher Kit Howell Julie Hubertus Savannah Hubertus

Mary Jo Larsen

Lauren Lynne Littlefield Harvey “Butch” Locke Irma Lopez

Jennifer Elaine HumlicekCortez

Gwyn Lorch

Bob Hyatt III

Tina Marie Lynn

Elena Hyatt

Thomas Maigret

Cody Jackson

Marlena A. Marotta

Melissa Jackson

Kimberly M. Marsh

Lauren Elizabeth Janoe

Stewart Marsh

Jody Jentsch

Leonard J. Martinez

David Edward Jimenez

Weston Martinez

Frank F. Jones III

Zachary Perfecto Martinez

Linda Jones

James Mason

Kathleen Jordan

John A. Maurer

Liz Jordan

Billy Jack McClatchy

Jose Juarez

Emily Marie McClelland

Kenneth James Jurgajtis

Mark Beuford S. McClelland

Lisa Ann Jurgajtis

Sherra McClelland

Linda Justis

D’Lynn McGinty

Robert E. Justis

Gabrielle Nicole Melchor

Michael Kane

Kristie Lynn Menchaca

Brian Timothy Kastner

Donna Jo Mendez

Cody Wayne Katz

Mark Anthony Mendez

Sean Katz

Charles Robert Meyer

Wayne Anthony Katz

Chelsea Meyer

Joey Paul Lutz

Baldemar “Pete” Olivarez Celia Olivarez Mary Beth Elizabeth Owen Thomas Jefferson Owen II Dewey J Owens Eugene Jason Padilla Carol Palmer Roy Lee Palmer Tanya J. Palmer Floyd Parham Jr. Patricia Joanne Park Amy Parker Curtis Parker Jack W. Pearce Martha Pecina Denise Pena Manuel Pena Jr. Cresencio Perez Jack D. Petty Lori Pieprzyca

Gerald J. Silva Joe Mack Sipper Sr. Lisa Christian Smith 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 163


SANDRA J. BENCH | Chairman JOY D. BROWN | Vice Chairman

The Hospitality Committee extends a warm welcome to guests as they enter and move about the grounds. It is the goal of the Hospitality Committee to ensure that all guests enjoy their rodeo experience. This is accomplished by being highly visible, extremely helpful and very approachable. The committee supports the efforts of the Marketing Department by providing attendees with up-to-date information, schedules and maps, as well as aiding guests in locating their destinations, ATM machines, lost family members, and more. The Hospitality Committee embodies the true spirit of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo by delivering extraordinary service with a smile. SUB COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN

Robin Cloberdants

Cheryl Lynn Gordon

Courtesy Shuttle

Derek Clow

Keith R. Gordon

Carla Jean Kutz

Information Booths

Warren H. Crawford

Jennifer Ham

Brian Scott Lang

Keith Gordon

Dan E. Crutchfield

R. Dwayne Ham

Gregory Michael Lee

VIP Transportation

Kevin W. Curtis

Don Harris

C. J. Littlefield

Dan Crutchfield

Brad Reece

Stephen W. Albert Maria Elena Ammerman Joshua John Balencia Scott H. Barlow Sandra J. Bench Ross Benton Jim Bischoffberger Tracy Lynn Bishop Barbara Gail Breeden Leah M. Brosig Joy D. Brown Lee Carsten Martha Ann Castro James S, Cheslock 164 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Saundra Elaine Korth

Kris Dawson

Rebecca Hernandez

Deanne Luther

Timothy Ray Dawson

Sharon Marie Herrera

Joel Luther

Thomas E. Dvorak

Michael Edward Holdman

April Karen Lynham

Melissa Ehrman

Mary E. Hope

Tony Magaro

Charlene J. Elolf

Brittany Marie Hopkins

Ricky Neal Marbach

Lareta A. Ennis

Kelly Margaret Hurst

Ruthie Matocha

Jack Estess

Tom Janes

Amanda Leigh McDermand

Ernesto B. Estrada

Jennifer Johnson

Cheila Chandler McKay

Frederick “Rick� Foster Fischer

Ken Johnson

Brenda Lee Melton

Augie Flores

Russell M. Johnson

Janice Elaine Mendez

Cindy Gabel

Dennis Patrick Kelley

Jule Christina Mendez

Carlos Garza Jr.

Heather Lee Kelley

Denise Gail Miranda

Will Garza Jr.

Leslie D Kelley

Amanda Theresa Molina

Willie Garza Sr.

Ashley Marie Kemple

Marceline Sonny Molina III

Jaime L Gonzales

Frances Elina Kloss

Don R. Moore

Leticia Gonzalez

Timothy S. Kloss

Carrie Doiron Moos

Marie Antoinette Morrell

Lee Redoux Jr.

Lori Sears

David Isaac Vasquez

Lawrence J. Nuckols

Carolyn Joyce Reece

Herschel Lee Sheiness

Juan G. Vasquez

Marcella Lynn Palaferri

Charles Bradley Reece

Carter Neil Shillig

Bill Warren

Chantal Papp

Charles Robert Reece

Holly Beth Sieg

John Matthew Wheat

Sherri Gaylene Payton

Tracy Michelle Reece

Elizabeth Gail Simer

Lee Parker Whetherhult

Terry W. Payton

Scott Bradley Reuter

Jacqueline Joy Skrivanek

Albert J. White

Allen W. Poerner

Kerry Ann Reyna

Barbara Smith

Emily Elizabeth Wiatrek

Diana L. Poerner

Willis James Riggs

Brian E. Smith

Herman C. Wolf

Deborah Ann Porcher-Max

Harry Bruce Roberts

Jennifer Anne Smith

Donna G. Woodard

Anthony S. Powers

Wendi Lynne Todd Roberts

Keith Smith

Carolyn Wright

Brenda Sue Prestage

Arnie Rodriguez

Ron Joseph Stiles

Sarah Lee Wright

Christopher K. Priddy

David Rosow

Diane Swoboda

Barbara Yates

Letisia Ann Quintana

C. Allison Rowland

Joel Swoboda

John-Michael Zertuche

Roxanna Raabe

John Mark Roye

Rebecca Throckmorton

Diana A. Zuniga?

Gloria Ramirez

John Sada

Sandy E. Torres

Stephanie Elizabeth Ramirez

Karen Sue Sada

Henry Uriegas



A FULL SERVICE SIGN COMPANY For Over 28 Year ! Multi Tenant Pylon Signs Electronic Outdoor Displays LED & Neon Channel Letters Commercial Real Estate Signs Vehicle Graphics Entry Monuments



2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 165


BJ HENDLER | Chairman DRU CANION | Vice Chairman The International Committee strengthens relationships with leaders of Mexico and other visiting countries with agricultural interests. The International Room is designated for these “meetings” and filled with pertinent information to be given out. The information provided and relationships built by the committee benefit and promote the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo and the agricultural industry as a whole. Dan Adams

Jennifer Berridge

David Domsch

Sarah Hendler

Tricia Kocurek

Hannah Menger

Paul Rangel

Michael Steck

Rose Adams

Elvia Birdsong

Bonnie Eckhardt

Richard Hobbs

Stacey Kucera

Charlotte Miniard

Susan Reed

Debra Thayer

Anne Ahlschwede

John Bloss

Joan Ehlers

Kathy Hoermann

Blanca Laborde

Ken Miniard

Myrna Reyes

Arthur Tolbert, III

Marrie Aldridge

Larry Boleman

Linda Ellis

Ethan Holbrook

Juan Laborde

Rock Mogas

Ben Richards

JoAnn Tolbert

Robert Allen

Todd Brockwell

Manuel Figueroa

Joanne Holbrook

David Lamm

JIm Monaghan

Edmundo Rios, Jr.

Dick Vetters

James Alley

Vernell Burch

Stephanie Flores

Nancy Hunt

Shawna Lawson

Ryan Moore

Norma Roberson

Patricia Walkovak

Manuel Amparan

Byron Buzzini

Jeffrey Foerster

Patricia Jasso

Barbara Lindley

Dalton Neill

Cody Roberts

Brett Ward

Kathleen Arndt

Rodolfo Cadena

Mark Forgason

Rachel Jasso

Sabrina Lochner

Bryan Nelson

Mindy Roberts

Jamie Ward

Richard Baltes, USAF

Britanni Canion

Norman Froboese

Sandra Jasso

Andy Lopez

Robin Nelson-Ross Paul Rossbach

Tonette Webb

Sandra Barlow

Dru Canion

Pamela Gilbert

Sonrisa Jasso

Allen Lowak

William Ki O’Berry

Cathy Rubiola

Pedro Webber

Margaret Cluck

Crystal Gonzales

Jennifer Johnson

Nancy Marion

Sylvia Owen

Ruben Sepulveda, Jr. Elizabeth West

Courtney Davis

Jan Henderson

Libba Barnes Annette Bendele Armin Bendele Richard Bennett

Melissa Keahey

Jose Martinez

Gary Payne

John Small

Henry Whitman

Lorenzo Delgadillo B J Hendler

Eileen Kennedy

Jayme McClister

Dorah Putney

Thomas Smith

LaTanya Woods

John Doak

John Kocurek

Megan McDonald

Stephanie Ramirez Wayne Stanush

Marsha Hendler


San Antonio Belt and Pulley Co.

J.D. Hudgins Ranch

Property Group

Heather Hatton

A Career in Education (ACE)

Catalena Hatters

Boss Game Systems

Wack’em & Stack ‘em

American Brahman Breeders Association

Sage Capital Bank

Capital Farm Credit

No Le Hace Farms

Kawasaki of Universal City, Texas

Chloe Wine Collection

100 Club of San Antonio

Independent Bank

IronWolf Manufacturing LLC

Gordon Pate

Texas Department Of Agriculture

Brown & Company Insurance Services

Briscoe Museum

TD Rentals Burk Insurance Agency

Cheryl & John Draper Casino Fun Elvia Birdsong & Peggy Murphy

166 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Aggieland Title XTREME RANCH SALES & LEASING Alexander Livestock Wells Fargo Sexing Technologies Peggy and Bill Skoruppa Heriberto “Berto” Guerra, Jr. Spirit of Texas Bank First American Commercial

Geekdom Schaefer Natural Bridge Caverns Mumme’s Inc RST Construction Inc. Beefmaster Breeders United International Brangus Breeders Association Live Oak Beefmaster Breeders Association

South Texas Beefmaster Association Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau Tito’s Handmade Vodka Bolner’s The Barn Door BottleCap Cookers

Tractor Supply is proud to sponsor the

2016 SAN ANTONIO STOCK SHOW & RODEO. At Tractor Supply, we work hard to make shopping for you and your animals quick, easy and always convenient. That’s why we stock our shelves with more brands and more selections to keep everyone happy. From name brand feed and forage to fencing, fly control, animal health supplies, maintenance and power equipment, you’ll find everything you need at unbeatable prices, all at one stop, every day of the week.


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EDDIE GAMMILL | Chairman CODY MCBREARTY | Vice Chairman The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo’s Invitational Golf Tournament Committee organizes and hosts the annual Tee‘R Up Golf Tournament in September. The tournament consists of 36 teams of five players each. Proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund.

Manuel “Manny” Andrade

Daniel Brookover

Andy Encino

Brenda Guenther

Edward J. Killea

Mike Meyer

Crystal Renee Arguijo

Regina Burks

Chad Epp

Shirleen Guenther

Kristen Alexandra klein

Tracie Micklitz

Connie Burris

Terry E. Epp

Todd Knutson

Troy Micklitz

Ed Calhoun

Barbara Jonny Etheredge

Stanton Walter Guenther Frank E. Guerrero

Lajuana S. Kubany

Jeff Moczygemba

Donna L. Kurtz

Justin Moczygemba

Ben Lambrecht

Edward Joe Moore

James P. Lambrecht

Janet Elaine Moore

Ellen R. Long

Toni Moorhouse

Damian G. Luna

Mark Morkovsky

Melina Mastrojohn

Lisa Mueller

Jason E. Maule

James Murray

Cody McBrearty

Kelly Murray

Holly Kristen McBrearty

Candace Coryne Neal

Katie McBrearty

Lori Oefinger

Scott A. McBrearty

Charles Cordell Ogburn

Craig McClain

Linda Jane Ogburn

Bobbie McGinn

Edna L. Otto

Robert E. McGinn

Johnnie W. Parker Jr.

Bryan McIlhany

Bobby Permenter

Laurie Ann McIlhany

Don C. Phillips

Shawn McMane

Carolyn Pillot

Lesley Jayne McMurray

Vicki L. Ploch

Debbie Ann Ayers Donny Wayne Ayers Felicia Baldwin Tom Baldwin Pat Baring Carolyn Bates Barbara D Beal Roger Jacob Beal G. Ronald Bento Shannon M Best Mark Biediger Shirlene Biediger Gloria J. Bienek Lauran Elise Bienek R.T. Biggers D.C. Pamela Bone Stephen W. Bone David M. Bones Jeannie Bricker

Kelsey Lyn Calhoun Kimberly Kate Calhoun Linda Carr Rene Cervantes Dru Cessac

Mason Randal Etheredge

Christopher John Haaland

Ashley Montalbo Fitzsimmons

Elizabeth Haaland

Clarence Ciomperlik

Shawn Robert Fitzsimmons

Kathryn Ciomperlik

Catherine G. Flanigan

Rachael Morgan Clutter

Claudia FlemingHowlett

Tammy M. Colson Cheri Lin Conn Werk Mackoy Cook Carl Phil Crane Jr. Marvin Davis Rita Arlene Desselle Margot Donohue Robert P. Donohue Ed Eanes Robert L. Eaton

168 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Ashley Hatch Glenda Hatch Thomas “Billy” Hatch Kimberly A. Hatfield Cindy Anne Hay

Johnny Forrest

Michael Sean Hay

Tammy Ann Freeman

Randall Hays

Renita Rachelle Fullam

Steven T. Hays

Kimberly Diane Funk

Lindsey Marie Herrera

Eddie Gammill

Andrew L. Holland

Gwen Gammill

Amy Hughes

Adam Gomez

R. Mack Irwin

Rogelio Juarez Gomez

Karisha Lanett Kandis

Ruby Gomez

Justin Randal Keck

Jeanie Powell

Mark Anthony Schnuriger

Howard L. Stich III

Deidra Troy

Tony J. White

Dianne Reavis

Kenny Schrader

Rita Stich

Rosemary Tyler

Cody Wiatrek

Tim J. Reininger

Nancy Scott

Thomas Stinson

Anthony J. Vacek

Norman Wiatrek

Patrick Lawrence Resendis Jr.

Elizabeth T. Small

Andrea Tausch

Elizabeth Vacek

Richard Dwayne Wilkins

Shirley Marie Richter

Russell Smith

Travis Tausch

Bob Vallance

Laura Anne Wilkinson

Ward Richter

Sally Smith

Teresa Temple

Nadene Vallance

Annie Zoll

Dale Ross

Virginia Ginger Smith

Susan Thompson

Lori Lynn Van Dyke

Gail Zoll

Beatriz C. Saucedo

Kristy Sommers

Larry Thurmond

Beverly J. Wallis

Greg Zoll

Deyanira Cervantes Saucedo

Carleton B. Spears

Barbara Tidwell

Taylor Noel Wallis

Tony Saucedo

Robert Bobby Stanley

Shanna Toborg

Bill Warren

Michele Suzanne Schleicher

Bobby Stennett

Sammy Torres

Lisa White



Cart Sponsor

Eagle Donors


Antoniette Zuehl Moorhouse

Johnny & Heather Moore

Comet Cleaners

Johnson Bros. Bakery Supply

Comet Neon

Joshua Austin DDS

Eddie & Gwen Gammill

Kelly & Jeanie Powell

Edward & Evelyn Eanes

Kevin Hornung

Evea Hass

La Cantera Golf Club

Breakfast Sponsors

Lost Draw Cellars

La Fonda

MarmonMok Architecture

Loftin Equipment Lone Star Material Handling


Roland Gutierrez Ron Hoover Co. of Boerne

Lloyd & Shanna Toborg

Schleicher & Associates

M.K. Davis Restaurant

Tait Environmental Services

Manuel Andrade

Texas Star Steaks - SA

Nagels Gun Shop

Abandon Property Advisors Ad Pro Specialties, Inc. Always Atascosa Caliente Harley Davidson Crawford Rejects Delgado Construction Donna Kaye Gott Dr. Neil Haddock Evans & Associates Real Estate FPRST G & G Contracting Co.

Buckle Sponsor Urban Concrete

Universal Form Tops

Jourdanton State Bank

Beverage Sponsors

KCM Cabinets, Inc

Argonaut Management

LD Systems

Champion Plumbing & Air

Grande Truck Center

Michael and Susan King Morkovsky-Powell Morlandt Electric New Frontier Club Pure Party Ice Rivet’s Welding Service Rocking JD Holdings Rush Truck Center - SA Silver Eagle Southwest Electrical St. Mary’s University Shady Oaks Ranch STRIKE Team Lambrecht The Schuchart’s Tidwell Ranch

Special Prize Sponsors Stewart Title

Neals Lodge, Concan

Sponsors and Donors ACS Decorative Concrete Amicia Hine Anne Wilkerson & Tom Stinson Barbara Ethridge Bobby Stennett

Double Eagle Donors


Abandoned Property Advisors

Caliente Harley Davidson

Brenda Geunther Chuck’s Transport ERA Troy Realtors Industrial Site Services Leoncita Ranch, Ltd. Vincent & Cindy Dawson Westar Alamo Land Surveyors

Jason Maule

Brown Chevrolet & Brown Dodge Chrysler Jeep C.J. Fleming-Howlett Cleary Zimmermann Engineers Cosper & Associates Crawford Electric Supply-Company Ellen Spelman Fey’s Boat & Camper Storage Guadalupe Gas Co

Watson Foundation

J. Alexanders Restaurant

Wells Fargo

Jack Ballard

Noland Property Maintenance Pleasanton Country Club Quarry Golf Club Randolph Brooks FCU Redi-Carpet Real Estate Stewards Renita Reavis Riverhill Golf Club Robert Kilpatrick Russell Smith SALE Golf Photo Committee San Antonio Jewelry Santex Truck Centers SilverHorn Golf Course Spud Ranch of New Braunfels SWMCO The Wash Tub Wild West MC The Real Alumni of Sam Houston

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 169


BILL ETHRIDGE | Chairman The Junior Shoot-Out Committee organizes and administers a youth shotgun competition held in conjunction with the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. Qualifying Texas 4-H and FFA members compete in a Trap Event, Sporting Clays Event and other shooting games. At the 2015 event, over $235,000 was awarded in scholarships and prizes. The Junior Shoot-Out will be held February 18-21 at the National Shooting Complex in northwest San Antonio. The mission of the Junior Shoot-Out Committee is to promote excellence in the shooting sports and academic achievement through attention to education, commitment and gratitude.

John Michael Alaniz

Sean McLelland

Michael Hampton

Donnice Thode

Shayne Roberson

Kevin Ethridge

Tommy Allmand

Doug Mercer

Morgan Harbison

Steve Thode

Brenda Rodriguez

Stephen Ethridge

Russ Arnold

Steve Milam

Michael Hessong

Ford Wagner

Clay Rodriguez

JD Fontenot

Barney Brown

Dino Nelson

Brooks Holzhausen

Charlie Wilson

Rick Rodriguez

Royce Graff

Laurie Daughtrey

Andy Newcomb

John Imboden

Bailey Woods

Joe Schreiber

Kris Hampton

Gill Del Bosque

Michael Reuwer

Allen Lawson Amber Schwarz James Edgmon Edward Mann Ed Stiteler Kristen Elizondo Nicki Martin Frank Tejeda Kathleen Ethridge 170 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

2015 Event Sponsors

Brad West • Bill & Kathy Ethridge • Mrs. Laura Berry • Lee DeLaune • Keetch & Associates Insurance


SINCE 1896



RITA STICH | Chairman WARD RICHTER | Vice Chairman The Let’s Rodeo Ball Committee produces one of the major fundraising events for the Scholarship Fund. The Ball is held in January in the Freeman Coliseum and provides a spectacular night of first-class entertainment, dining and dancing

Diana Lynn AdkisonGumpp

Jan Randall Carver

Donna K. Gott

Bobbie McGinn

Linda Schuk

Jean Tucker

Eddie Aleman Jr.

Rene Cervantes

Barry James Green Jr.

Robert E. McGinn

James N. Scofield

Stanley Tucker

Arlene B. Chalkley

Glenda Hatch

Ronnie Mensch

Jim Shelton Jr.

Rosemary Tyler

Chad Clark

Thomas “Billy” Hatch

Frances Messer

Mariann Shelton

Terry Urbanczyk

Cody Clark

Beatrice N. Huber

John Derick Miesen

Cody A. Sommers

Donna V. Valdez

Sharon Cleveland

Shannon Lea Janssen

Danielle Nicole Miller

Kristy Sommers

Kelly Van Burkleo

Patti Coley

Sandy Jimenez

Buba Lee Nollkamper

Edward James Soto

Tammy M. Colson

Steven R. Jimenez

Rhonda Jean Nollkamper

Elizabeth Helen Soto

Elizabeth Kaye Van Wicklen

Pamela Sue Connors

Kathy Johnson

Lori Oefinger

Colton Sterling Spaugh

Denis Cotton

Paul P. Johnson Jr.

Edna L. Otto

David Spaugh

Martha Cotton

Brent Jones

Julie Otto

Rhonda Spaugh

Marvin Davis

Rebecca King-Walker

Casey Kevin Pearce

Robert Bobby Stanley

Jeff Alan Dillahunty

Lajuana S. Kubany

Angie Pinkard

Howard L. Stich III

Frederick Michael Distefano

Charles Luna

Thomas Alvarez Quintero Rita Stich

Margot Donohue

Jason Thomas Mann

Erin Elizabeth Randall

Alicia Encarnacian Martin Meagan Roberts Richter

Janie Arnold Felicia Baldwin Tom Baldwin Raymond Matthew Barrera III Carolyn Bates Barbara D Beal Roger Jacob Beal Gail Lynn Beaver Tommy Beaver Jr. Diane L. Beavers Robert Lynn Beavers Mark Biediger Shirlene Biediger David A. Blank Jr. Jeanette Blount Kym Marie Bolado Margo K. Bolton Terri Jean Byers Alma Rosa Cantu

Jenny Fischer

Claudia Fleming-Howlett Annette Mathis Loretta Jane Galindo Larry C. Mathis Eddie Gammill

Gwen Gammill Marco Nicol Garcia

David Raymond Garfield Elizabeth Ann Carmichael Jr. Gwen Breaden Carver

Becky Martin

Laurie Gilmore

172 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Michelle Richter Reagan James Richter Shirley Marie Richter

Cody McBrearty

Ward Richter

Holly Kristen McBrearty

Grace Saenz

Katie McBrearty

Suzie Sanii

Scott A. McBrearty

Robin Schaffer

Donnie McGilbra

Chris A. Schenk

B. J. Voigt Bill Warren Nancy Warren Karen Sue Waters Chris Ryan White Lisa White

Thomas Stinson

Shawna Lynn White

Danielle Michelle Stokinger

Laura Anne Wilkinson Michael Dean Williams

Kelly I. Tant

Erin Asjley Wilson

Jason Tarbox

Steven Bruce Winston Sr.

Kathy Tarbox

Lorraine Wright

Tom Tarbox

Nila Wunderlich

Teresa Temple

Annie Zoll

Meeyen To

Gail Zoll

Sharon K. Town Mary Traugott

Adolphus Rodeo Ad 2013 mech_Layout 1 11/8/13 2:27 PM Page 1

Texas Flavors from a Texas Favorite! AdolphusÂŽ Rice first reached Houston grocery shelves in 1938 and quickly became a family tradition. You can count on Texas-grown Adolphus Rice for outstanding and consistent flavor and quality. For this Black Beans & Rice Burger recipe and more, visit

Your hometown favorite!

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 173


JOHN HENDERSON | Chairman BRYAN COWAN | Vice Chairman The Livestock Committee assists with all aspects of the Livestock Show. From welcoming contestants as they arrive on the grounds, to the operational set-up of the show rings, the Livestock Committee has a place for everyone among its 16 sub-committees. They assist with over 12,500 contestants and more than 20,000 livestock entries that pass through the gates each year. Committee volunteers vary in background from no previous livestock experience to others who are experts in the field. Duties may include: leading contestants through check-in, distributing information, assisting in the loading and unloading of animals and equipment, and assisting with various auctions and scholarship ceremonies. During the show, many of the subcommittees run 24 hours a day, allowing volunteers the flexibility to work around their daily schedules. Atrav Stephen Abbott

Steve Alwais

Chad David Bachhofer

Ryan J Baring

Cathy Bittle

Stephen Wayne Abbott

Linda Joyce Alwine

Mike Bachofer

Ashley Brunner Barr

Debbie Elaine Black

John Douglas Adams

Richard G Alwine

Justin Bading

Laura Barrios

Darrell Black

Elisabeth Sarah Aguirre

Destiny Maria Anderson

Renee Bading

Jose Luis Barrios

Douglas Black

Jerry D. Aguirre

Alexis Lee Anderson

B. Richard Baer

Kayla Marie Bauer

Maxine Black

Travis Ahlhorn

Megan Rose Anderson

Virginia T. Baer

Larry W. Bauer

Thomas B Black

Tanner Blake Ahoyt

Sharon Cherie Anderson

Beverley Baertich

Jerry R. Baumann

Lester L. Blackburn

Taylor Austin Ahoyt

Terry Anderson

Ann Baird

Brian Baumann

Liz Blackburn

Larry Ray Aikins Jr.

George Lawrence Andrews

James A. Baird

Yvonne Bautista

John T Blackwell

Corey Albert

Brenda Lee Aniol

Laurie Baird

Tiffany Sue Bednarz

Julie Blair

Brenda Albrecht

Frank Aniol

Tanya L. Baird

Jeff Alfred Bednarz

Ginger L. Bodiford

Leroy Albrecht

Mark Anthony Aniol

Thomas M Baird

Amy Bednarz

Marvin Boeck

Rebecca Margo Aldrich

Adriana Michelle Applewhite

Tommy M Baird Jr.

Brittany C. Bednarz

Sandra Boldt

Curt W Alexander

Reginald Applewhite

Keith Balcar

Mark Conrad Bell

Denise Kay Bowen

Joe L. Alexandre III

J.J. Arevalos

Concepcion Concho Banda

Jimmy Bellinger

Kevin Wayne Bowles

Tyler James Allen

Stacey Leigh Armstrong

Ann Marie Banduch

Pablo Javier Benavides

Marian Bownds

Kertis Allen

David Hampton Armstrong Jr.

Clarissa Brianna Barboza

Jennifer Lynn Bendele

Leslie Fallon Boyd

Dena L. Allen

Robert Lee Arnn Jr.

Maria Linda Barcalow

Annette L Bendele

Garrett Bradley

Keenon Dewayne Allen

Ashlee Paige Arnn

Edward Scott Barcalow

Lance Alan Benes

Kirstin Bradley

Mike Allen

Susan Arnold

Thomas Joseph Barcalow

Selena Marie Bernal

Lynn Bradley

Brooke J. Alumbaugh

Denise Marie Ashcraft

Krystal Colleen Baring

Leonard A Berry

Patricia A Bradley

Allex Roy Alvarado

Chase Atwell

Roy Trey Baring III

Linda Berry

Jennifer Leahann Brady

Nicholas Alviar

William J. Baca

Roy Baring Jr.

Lee Biegert

Dawn Brake

Susan Irene Alwais

Charmaine Baca

Mary Baring

Vernor E Bippert

Harold “Trey� Bramble

174 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

James Matthew Brandt

Kathryn Ciomperlik

Thomas Lee Digby

David Fletcher

Jason Geigenmiller

Siera Gayle Brantley

Austin Charles Cisneros

Taylor Jameson Dobie

Melvin Danny Fletcher

Peggy Lynn Georg

Kimberlee L Bratcher

Patrick Martin Clarke

Mark Doerfler

Brandon Fletcher

Brenda S Gibbens

Woodrow Bratcher Jr.

JaeVon Marquel Clemons

Luis Raul Dominguez Jr.

Chad Fletcher

Molly Belitzer Gilbert

Tobin W. Brauchle

James H Cleveland Jr.

Jerry Dennis Douglas

Lisa Lynn Fletcher

Scott Ryan Gleeson

Lance Christopher Breland

Ryan Garland Coble

David Douglas

Scott Fletcher

Christine Mischelle Glover

Tyler Ray Briner

Chrystal Eileen Coble

Denise C. Douglas

John J. Flieller

Jesse Daniel Godines

Risen Kay Britton

Garland Coble

David A. Drewes

John A. Flores

Homer Godines

Kaleb Andrew Brogdon

Allen A Cockrell

Brandon Driesbach

Gregory J. Flores

Adam Gomez

John Austin Brogdon


Ron Driggers

Dorothy Foley

Gerardo “Jerry” Gomez

Matthew Todd Bronstad

Janice Collins

Jackson Ray Driggs

Leslie Ford

Eddie Gomez

Daylan Ray Brooks

Joe Collins

Aubrey Drzymala

Betsy Lynn Foster

Marsha Gomez

Terry Brooks

Richard D. Collins

Bonnie Drzymala

Greg Franckowiak

Steven R. Gomez

Zeffalon B Brooks

Craig P Conley

Daryl Roger Dube

Vince Franckowiak

Vikki Gomez

Tanya Brooks-Warnasch

Amy Cynthia Corbin

Mary J. Ducharme

Mandy Marie Franco

Nicole Ann Gonzales

Jamie Jean Brown

Brandy K. Covington

Jared M Ducharme

Albert John Franz Jr.

Sarah Danielle Gonzales

Carl L. Brown

Rudy Covington

Jody M Ducharme

Gary P Freasier

Melanie Lynn Gonzales

Chuck Kevin Brown

Jana L Cowan

Joe M. Ducharme

Kevin Charles Freeman

Cynthia Lorraine Gonzales

Dustin James Brown

Darryl S. Cowan

Donald Y. Duffin

Robin Freeman

Arleen Gonzales

Marlo Brown

Bryan L. Cowan

Rye Gregory Dugosh

Tommy Andrew Friese

Roy V. Gonzales

Morgan B Brown

Darlene A. Cox

Suzanne Dugosh

Cathy D. Friese

Hailey Nicole Gonzalez

Les Broyles

Thomas O Crain

Paul Anthony Duran

Wesley Eric Friesenhahn

Jose Armando Gonzalez

Robbie Broyles

Jack Crain

Kenneth Durden

Janet Marie Friesenhahn

Daniel H Gonzalez

Sydney Lyn Buford

Samantha Jo Cravens

Charleen M. Durden

Karla M. Friesenhahn

Denise C. Gonzalez

Hanna Faith Bullard

Stephen Earl Cravens

Guy Lee Durden

Valerie Frizzell

Eduardo Gonzalez

Halle Madison Bullard

Nancy Jo Crist

Melissa Michele Dylla

Shawn F. Fuller

Juan Gonzalez

Stefanie Dawn Bullard

Brian Michael Cromeens

Joshua Thomas Dziuk

Jeanette A. Fuller

Rosario V. Gonzalez

Scott Edward Bullard

Veronica Crum

Brian Eason

Peggy A . Gaitan

Amanda M. Gordon

Jeff Burnette

Betty Ann Cruz

Cheryl D Easson

Paul E. Gallego

Shari Elaine Grahmann

Rodney Burriola

Chris A Curless

Peter James Easson

Richard Anthony Gallego

Alicia Nicole Granato

Robert Burt

Glenda Curtis

Michelle Eastman

Felix J Gallego

Gary Wayne Granato

Gary Lee Burton IV

Cheryl D’Amico

Rhett Eaton

Antonio C. Galvan III

Kenneth Sam Granato Sr.

Brenda Y Burton

Tim D’Amico

Dave Randall Edmiston

Sally Galvan

Kenneth S Granato Jr.

Paul Stewart Byrne

Toby Daniels

Heidi Edwards

Antonio Galvan Jr.

Edward Allen Grant

Andre’ Cabrera

Corbin Ryley Dannhaus

Jacki Edwards

Christopher Gamboa

David N. Gray

Michelle Ann Calhoun

Rick Darling

Connie Lee Edwards

Estella Gamboa

Samantha R. Greathouse

Barry M Calhoun Jr.

Lindsey E. Dauer-Seifert

Loyd Edwards

Alta Garces

Jon Greathouse

Coleman Ray Calloway

Joe Davila Jr.

Vivian Edwards

Brittany Jean Garcia

David Alan Green

Cristina Rosa Camarillo

Kendall Lauren Davis

Jeffery M. Eichman

Jeremy Angelo Garcia

Robyn R. Gregory

Antonio Jesus Camarillo

Jeffrey Rein Davis

Dane Elliott

Gabriel Rene Garcia

Robert Wilson Gregory

Ashley Nicole Cammack

Felicity Marie De Hoyos

Dorene Elliott

Elaine Patricia Garcia

Thruston J. Griffin

Kelly J. Camp

Venus Cassandra De Hoyos

Jennifer Lynn English

Christina A. Garcia

Preston Foster Grobe

Dennis Campbell

Cynthia Marie De Hoyos

Matthew Lee Esper

Gary N Garcia

Robert Martin Grounds

Patricia Yvette Cantu

Erick De La Cruz

Kathryne K Esper

Juan Manuel Garcia Jr.

Savanna Rae Grounds

Michael A Capps

David De La Cruz

Mark A. Espinoza

Linda Rose Garcia

Rene Orlando Guerra


Nancy De La Cruz-Rangel

Tim Charles Farrow

Amanda Marie Garibay

Felipe Roberto Guerra

Edith R. Casias

George B. De La Garza

Julis Ray Felger

Caroline Creel Garrett

Frank Guerrero Jr.

Robert A. Casias Retired

Danielle Ashlee Dear

Brenda Feuge

Jacob Michael Garza

Andrew Guevara

Johnny Cavazos

Mason Deering

Billy Feuge

Victor Garza Jr.

Karen Marie Gulick

Christopher Celis

Raymond Trey Victor DeIorio, III

Jason Wayne Feuge

Juan Anthony Garza III

Janet Gunderson

Adrian Cervantes

Tommy Delgado

Jeremy Feuge

Joshua Anthony Garza

Luis Gutierrez

Andrew J. Cervera

Donald W Demoin

Amanda Lynn Filippone

Vada Garza

Jacob Gutierrez

Christopher Bryce Chanler

Dustin Wayne Demoin

Becky Kahleen Finley

Monica Marie Garza

Bernie Gutierrez Jr.

Robert Chapman

Amy M. Dennis

Joshua Fischer

Michael Garza

Abel Guzman

Tanya LeAnne Chessher

Guy Jason Dever

Keith M Flach

Martha Garza

Shelly Rene Haecker

Lorene Chilek

Gail G. Diaz

Dana Anne Fleming

Cynthia Beatrice Garza

Gladys Haecker

Albert V. Chilek

Mark A. Diaz

Rob Edward Fleming

Juan Anthony Garza Jr.

Ralph Haecker

Ty Chumbley

Edward J Dick Jr.

William T. Fletcher

Shelby L Gayre

Daniel James Haegelin

Cindy Cilfone

Justin Lee Digby

Carolyn J Fletcher

Marlisa “Lisa” Gayre

Dana Hahn 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 175


Jennifer J. Hale

Cheyenne Aubree Hines

David Charles Jaster

Whitney Adair King

Pete LeBeouf

Dennis E. Hale

Marla Diane Hines

Brandon John Jendrusch

Katy R. King

Connie Westbrook Ledford

Greg Hall

James Lee Hines

Brittany Michelle Jennings

Debra J. Kiolbassa

Gladys Boeck Lee

Jack Hall

Darrell K. Hodge

Shauna LeeAnn Jenschke

Kyle William Knetig

Joe Edward Leggett II

Julie Hamilton

Sharon Kay Hofferichter

Charles Jeremy Jenschke

Calvin W. Kneupper

Pat Leiber

Laura Ann Hamilton

Bill Hofferichter

Clinton C. Jenschke Jr.

Joyce I. Kneupper

Shelby Leinneweber

Barbara Hand

Philip Hofferichter

Margaret Jenschke

O. L. Kneupper

Kristy Leinneweber

Bobby Hand

Stephanie Hoffman

John Wesley Jerman

Ruthie Kneupper

Victor Jose Leon

Meghan Kristine Hansen

Yvette Deann Hogan-Camacho

Jeffrey Mark Jerman

Scott Kneupper

Craig Lindig

James Hanus

Lori Hohmann

Lawson Wells Jessee

Steven Wayne Kocurek Jr.

Aaron Michael Lindsey

Brett Thomas Harmon

Shanna Holbrook

Shavonne Renee Jessup

Richard Casey Koehl

Thomas Linerode

Richard Harmon

Clyde M. Holekamp

Jennifer Carol Johnson

Daneane J. Koehl

Shelly Lynn Liska

Robyn Marie Harred

Justin Gregory Hollis

Richard Bradley Johnson

Makayla Paige Koehler

Deann Little

Darren Harrington

Amanda Holman

Eric Allen Johnson

Phillip Douglas Koehler

David Loera Jr.

Roxanne Michelle Harris

Jeremy Nelson Holman

Laurel Suzanne Johnston

Kevin Lee Koenen

William K. Lohrke

Donna Lea Harris

Lance Holmes

Albert Dale Jonas

Karen Jean Koepp

Vivian A. Lohrke

Kathy M. Harris

Melody Holtsford

Mike Jonas

Mark A. Koepp

Tiffany Ann Lohrke

Robert Wayne Harris

Allen Holtsford

Kirby Dakota Jones

Lois Kolodziej

Dan L. Long

Jason D. Hart

Lana Holzmann

Cory Gyden Jones

Eric Koltermann

Jacob Long

Jan Hartl

Phillip M. Holzmann

Jay P. Jones

Lynda DeAnn Kosub

John H. Long

Susan P. Hartzog

Stephanie Laura Hornsby

Ramiro Juarez-Ramos

Stuart Allen Kosub

Justin Allen Long

Stan Harvey

Miranda Kay Hosek

William Brent Junker

Joslyn Renee Kotzur

Patricia Ann Long

Cathleen Hauschildt

Mary Ann Howell

Justin Mark Jupe

David Allen Kriewald

Richard Long

Justin David Hawkins

Charlie R. Howell

Tina Denise Jupe

Mary Kroll

Eunice A. Lopez

Stephanie Jane Hawley

Brittany Lynn Howell-Colon

Scott Edwin Jury

Cassie Krueger

Robert Lopez Jr.

Luke Healy

Lauren Howes

Eileen Marie Kainer

Curtis Krueger

Margaret Lovett

Michael Healy

Brian Howes

Harvey Kainer Jr.

Donna Krueger

Milton J. Lowak

Tanya Harrison Hedgepeth

Cindy Howes

Harvey Kainer

Gavin Krueger

Steven J Lowak

William Howard Hedgepeth

Matthew Ryan Howton

Jason Charles Kainer

Shane Kuhlman

Theresa Lowak

Iris F. Hegemier

Amy Hudson

Pat Kainer

Tiffany Anne Kuhlman

Janet Lowther

Kay L. Heihn

Sandra Huesing

Joshua Ryann Kalich

Kyle Wayne Kuhlman

Jeffrey Lozano

Kevin Scott Heinze

Lynn Hughes

Josh Kalich

Bonnie Kuhlman

Loraine Luensmann

Jim Heitkamp

Amy Catherine Huizar

Greg Kanning

Gerald Kuhlman

Bill H. Luensmann

James Hemby

Thomas Gene Hummel Jr.

Wes Kariger

Rick Laden

Christy Luster

Lera Danielle Henderson

Garret Hunter

Linda A. Kariger

Richard Andrew Landgrebe

Bobbie Lyons

John Mark Henderson Jr.

Monica Hunter

Cassandra Kearns

Manual Landin

Morgan J. Lyons

Colby Henderson

Sheri Hurley

Daniel C. Kearns

Tyler Lamar Landry

Wayne Michael Lyssy

Elizabeth Henderson

Sabina Huston

Keith W. Keilmann

Kari Beth Langbein

Monica Lyssy

Cody R Henderson

Korena Kay Hutchison

Kevin Keller

Ivy M. Lanier

Shelby Lynn Madden

John Henderson

Joe Angel Ibarra Sr.

Trey Collin Kelley

Timothy J. Lanier

Linda Madden

Lauren Ashley Henderson

Steven Iredale

Alyssa Nicole Kelley

Christine L. Lansford

Calvin L. Madden

Alyssa Hernandez

Tyler Garrett Ivey

Lloyd A. Kelley

T. R. Lansford DVM II

Steve Magaro

Sandra Herrera

Hailey Madison Ivey

Courtney Kellner

Kane Laramore

Kari Beth Mahalitc

Kenneth Lester Herring

Timothy Ryan Ivey

Charley R. Kellner

Albin Laskowski

Darlene L. Mahavier

Stephen Hibler

Garrett Arlin Ivey

Denise Kellner

Sally Laskowski

Ronald A. Mahavier Sr.

Tom Hickerson

Allen Lee James

James Kellner

Clifford Dale Latting

Jon-James Tristan Maldonado

Richard Hilbig

Ronnie S. James

Sharon Kemp

Amanda Jo Laurent

John T. Malenky

Chris Hill

Gerald Janda

Darrell Scott Kennemer

Susan Veronica Lavenant

Bobby Margo

Chelsey Dawn Hines

Juan Alfonso Jaquez Jr.

Kenneth Kensing

Javier Lavenant

Darlene Margo

Chalee Erin Hines

Mark Jaskinia

Caroline Kensing

Ashley R. Lawson

Jeronimo Michael Marin IV

Channa Ray Hines

Ricky Jaskinia

Charles W. Kerns Jr.

Judi S. LeBeouf

Julie Ann Marin

176 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Brier Colton Markgraf

Cheryl Marie Michalec

Jeff Navarro

Diane Lynn Pawlik

Tami A. Ramzinski

Chance Michael Markgraf

Stacy Mikolajczyk

Lauren Elizabeth Navarro

Fabian J. Pawlik

Jon Casey Ransleben

Edward E. Marshall III

Jason Mikolajczyk

Patricia Navarro

Derek W. Pawlik

David Wayne Raymond

John Matthew Martin IV

Chelsea Nicole Mikulenka

Candace Coryne Neal

Jeffery Pawlik

Deborah Real

Michelle Martin

Cody Dean Miller

Mitchell Arnold Neal

Annette Martin Payne

Dianell Michelle Recker

Leah Ann Martin

Frieda Christine Miller

J.T. Neal Jr.

Matthew Pedrotti

Jason A. Reese

Edwin Michael Martin

Laura Delaine Miller

Brigette S. Neal

Terry Pedrotti

Walter Reitz

Lorie Martin

Randy Dean Miller

Howard E. Nesmith II

Sidney A. Peel

Geovana Anne Renfroe

Marcella Ann Martin

Marion Miller

Eric Nichles

Geraldine L Pena

Jeffrey Allen Rheiner

Allen Blain Martin

Jarred Randall Miller

Matthew Lane Nickles

Fay Penning

Rex Rheiner

Bradley Martin

Jerry Paul Millership

Darrell Nickles

Scott D. Penning

Virginia Rhoades

Curtis H. Martin

Wade Patrick Milligan

Leon Lynn Nickles Jr.

Rebecca Monique Pepper

Matthew Ryan Richardson

Joshua Martin

Gary D. Minor

Daniel Nickles

Robert V. Peppler Jr.

Dionne Nicole Rinehart

Melissa A. Martin

Kyle Anthony Mireles

Stephen Niestroy

Carlos Perales

Thomas Lawrence Rinehart

Nancy Martin

Tyler Lee Mitchell

Paul Noak

Christopher Aaron Perez

Craig Alan Ristow

Sharon Martin

Jacquelene K. Mitchell

Barbara Noblitt

Glenn Adam Perez

Charles Ristow

Miguel Martinez

Diana L. Moczygemba

Bob Norman

Tina M. Perkins

Barbara Ristow

Richard F. Martinez

Richard James Moczygemba

Michael W. Norris

Howard (Rock) S Perry II

Haley Nicole Ristow

Florencio A. Martinez Jr.

Gregory Lee Mokry

Kristi Kay Norton

Thomas Oscar Persyn

Ferdinand Rivera

Mike A. Martinez

Linda Marie Montellano

Connie Norton

Kenneth Peterek

Brittany Rivera

Steatson Martin-Spinks

Jon Eric Montez

W. Glenn Norton

Linda Peterek

Dana Rochelle Robel

Rick C. Mathis

Samuel Brent Montgomery

Bonard Charles Norton

Timothy S. Petersen

Sandra J. Robles

Joshua Michael Maurer

Elizabeth E. Mooney

Sarah Novak

Debbie Lynne Petree

Basileo Daris Rocha III

Joshua Maxey

Trey Mooney

Chris Oates

Goldie J. Petri

Wayne E. Rode

Justin Reid Maxey

Travis Austin Moore

Mary Elaine Oberlender

Terry Jean Pfeil

Laurie Ann Rodriguez

Sharon Kay Mayes

Cory Moore

John Patrick O’Hanlon Jr.

Paul Wallis Pfeil

Randy Rodriguez

Dennis Jay Mayes

Rode Moore

Jessica N. Ohlenbusch

Zachary Darrin Pfrang

Adriana Rodriguez

Travis Mayfield

Keith Moore

Samantha Ohlenbusch

Clayton Phelps

Brenda Lee Rodriguez

Wade Mayfield

Denny Moore

Julie Ann Ohlenbusch

Paul R. Philippus

M. Clayton Rodriguez

Joley Mayfield

Margie Moore

John D. Olfers

Corey Wayne Pierdolla

Steve A. Rodriguez

Mark Mayfield

Michael Neil Moore

Nancy O’Quinn

Colby John Pierdolla

Sheila Ann Rogers

Tracey Dawn McBee

Ashley Morales

Heath A. Orth

Cody Pierdolla

Robert W. Rogers

Clay McBee

Gerry Edwin Morgan

Mata Orth

John Joey Pierdolla

Tom Rogers

Betty McCain

Rick Morgan

Cheyanne J. Osburn

Jimmy Pierdolla

Stephanie L. Rossman

Jim McCain

Larry C. Morphey

Jackie Osburn

Whitney Pigg

Dean Rowe

Julie Diane McConathy

Linda A Morphey

Kathy L. Ott

Jeffrey Morgan Plain

Brandon Carver Rowland

Bobby McConathy

Cindy Morris

Greg L. Otto

Amanda Joy Plate

Denise Lynn Royce

Jacob Hunter McCourt

Larry Morris

Jeffery A. Otto

Jacob A. Plont

Randol P. Royce

Cindy McCourt

Christine Moss

Julie Otto

Kimberly Holzmann Plont

Donna L. Ruiz

Terry McFadden

Paul T. Moss

Randy Scott Otto

Kennewth Ray Polasek

Diana Rumfield

Tracy McGhee

Larry Wayne Mueller

Ralph Ozuna

Lena J. Polendo

Kathy Rae Rushing

Tammy Lynn McGhee

Susan Mueller

Hallie Rae Pace

Beverly Poth

James “Danny” Ryan

Jalyn Marie McGuffin

Doug Muenchow

Paden Pace

Margaret Powers

Nadine P. Sabo

Jay McGuffin

Darnell Ann Muenchow

Ronald Glenn Pace

Jessica Price

Robert David Saldana

Kathy McGuffin

Kevin Wesley Munk

Tracy L Pace

Michele Price

George San Miguel

Patrick C. McNamara II

Justin Anthony Munoz

Lawrence Padalecki Jr.

Katalina Angelique Pruneda

Lauren Rose San Miguel

Eric Scott Mechler

Stephen R Munoz Jr.

Lawrence Ray Padalecki

Hector Pruneda III

Miranda Ashley Sanchez

Ronnie Mechler

John G. Murphy

Brenda Padalecki

Hector Pruneda Jr.

David Sanchez

Gilbert Medina Jr.

Don Murray

Tiffany Ann Palmer

Isabel Pruneda

Joe G. Sanchez

Michele Ann Medina

Jenny Murray

Troy D. Palowski

Russell Pruski

Linda Joyce Sanderson

Donna Jo Mendez

Ryan Murray

Liche` Marie Paredes

Gerry L. Pruski

Trish Sapp

Mark Anthony Mendez

Shelley Mutz

Susan Rochelle Parker

Michael Puzon

Ashley Nicole Sargent

Chelsea Mendiola

Barbara Muzny

Reagan Paige Parks

Linda Ramey

Anthony G. Savely

Martin Hector Mendiola

Richard Muzny

Tyler Parrish

Randy Ramey

Charles F. Sawers

Amanda Menley

Denae’ Myers

Robert Paschal

Nicole Ramirez

Cindy Sawers

Meagan Leigh Merchant

Jaime Lynn Nack

Garrett Wayne Pawelek

Raymond C. Ramirez

Jim E. Schaefer

Susan Merchant

Jennifer Nack

John Edmond Pawelek

Denise M. Ramos

Tyler James Scharnhorst

Ronnie Lee Merecka

Kayla Lenegh Nash

Laurie Pawelek

Alicia Ramsey

Chris H. Scharnhorst

Steve Meurin

Jackeline Nash

Scott Pawelek

Gerald David Ramzinski

Corey Scheel 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 177


David Wilbert Schick

Albert L. Sodrok

Bennie Thibodeaux

Blake Gibson Vaughn

Allison Michelle Wells

Nancy Schick

Erica Soechting

Jake Tyler Thigpen

David X. Vidaurri

Charles Wessling

Bobby A. Schick

Blake Edward Soechting

Misty Thompson

Mara Emily Vig

Ronnie Westbrook

Becky Lee Schieberle

Joe Soriano

Celeste Thornton

Brad Douglas Villa

James M. White

Randall S. Schieberle

Paul Soriano

Thera Hope Marie Thurmond

Jose Felipe Villa

Sara M. White

Billy Warren Schieberle

Clint Wayne Spaeth

Hope Thurmond

Irma Villa-Tristan

Ashley D. Whitmire

Sondra Schieberle

Hailey Jordan Speer

Adam Derek Thurmond

Sylvia Villescas

Melissa Whitworth

Richard R. Schleicher

Michael C. Spencer

Clint Tiller

Doug E. Vrabel

Karen Lynn Wildman

Stephen Michael Schmedding

Jake Spinks

Kaitlynn Beth Tinoco

Alexis Nicole Wagner

Sutton Daniel Wilford

Michael Lawrence Schmedding John Staffel

Margaret Tinoco

Katie Nicole Wagner

Tammy Yvonne Wilford

Tim Schneider

Christopher Stanford

Jeremy Tinoco

Douglas Wagner

Deborah Wilkerson

Phyllis Marie Schnerer

Robert Bobby Stanley

Joseph Baldemar Towers

David Wagner

Nathan O. Wilkerson

Jeffery Alan Schnoor

David Stanteen

Victoria Nicole Townley

Theresa Wagner

Richard Earl Wilkerson

Jeff Schrader

Travis Jay Stehle

Denise Eileen Townley

Belinda Carol Walker

Chassadi L. Wilkinson

David James Schreck

Rebecca Stensgaard

Robert Trammell

Dale R. Walker Jr.

Brianna L. Wilkinson

Shaun Joseph Schroeder

Candi Stensgaard

Brenda A Travieso

Jason R. Walker

Ronnie Dale Wilkinson Jr.

Mark Christian Schulze

Emmalee A. Sternes

Toby T. Travieso

Arnold John Walla

Ali Wilkinson

Matthew Dalton Schwarz

Keith Leland Sternes

Ashley Treat

Travis John Walla

Theresa Willett

Brandi Lynn Schwarz

Carol L. Sternes, BSN RN

Debra H. Treat

Melissa Ann Wallace

Bridgett D. Willett-Faglie

Ronald D. Schwarz

Virginia Stevens

Sam Treat

Cory L. Wallace

Jason Scott Williams

Tommy Scogin

Jerry Stevens

Jonathan David Treutle

Michael Wade Wallace

Sara Williams

Michael Allen Scott

Melissa Stevens

Joe A. Trevina

Donna Wallace

Debra Williamson

Shannon M. Scott

Claire Rubiola Steves

Vincent Trevino

Carrie Wallis

Tim Williamson

William Christopher Seaman

Adam Strzelcyzk

Erika Trevino

Duane Allan Wallis

Chere Wilson

Ben W Seifert

Mary Stulsas

Michael Trevino

Nancy Walter

David Winkelmann

Andrew Daniel Sheets

James Stulsas

Hunter Cole Turner

Martin Eugene Wampler

Brian Matthew Witherell

Cheryl Sheets

Stacy D. Stulsas

Morgan Lee Turner

Patty Jean Wampler

Dwight Richard Woerner

Cody Wayne Shelton

Shirley Ann Sturgeon

Ashley Lynne Turner

Mark Ward

Gregory Woodriff

Donna Shelton

Jay Lynn Sturtevant

Kayela Michelle Turner

Watt Wardlaw

Gregory Woodruff

Katie Marie Sheppard

Charlie Suarez

Stacy Lee Turner

Anthony Michael Ware

Jerry Wayne Woods

John F. Sherrill

Jacque Lee Sullivan

Brandon Kyle Turner

James A. Warner

Mary R. Worley

Sharon L. Shuler

Robert E. Sullivan

Raymond Turner

Janis Warner

James Paul Worley

Michael Andrew Sides

Brian Sullivan

Tim Turner

Aaron Taylor Washko

Barbara A. Wright

John Silver

Cindy Sullivan

Jerome Tymrak

Scott Robert Watson Jr.

Johnny P. Wright

Shirley A. Silver

Michael H. Sullivan

Jason Vacek

Emily Morgan Watts

Charlene Wyatt

Jackie M. Simmonds

Stephanie Sullivan

Kathy Vacek

Georgiana Watts

James R. Wyatt

Gayle J. Simon

Cody Sultenfuss

Michael Vacek

Julia Way

Margie Yanta

Allen Slater

Clarence E. Sultenfuss Jr.

Melida Borrego Valdes

Dan J. Weatherford

Rodda Yates-Dunham

John Joe Smallwood

Sarah E. Sultenfuss

Hector Valdez Jr.

Valerie S. Weatherford

Gregory Joseph Young

Chelsea Caye Smith

Travis Ray Swan

Rosanne Valdez

Kim Webb

Lendin Lee Yowell

David Wayne Smith

Pacer Cierra Swann

Elma Valdez

Carolyn Weidner

Darin Yowell

Toby Smith

Bradley W. Tabbert

Reba Renee Valdez

Cody S. Weinheimer

Diana Ytuarte

Greg Smith

Madison Lee Tafolla

Russell Valdez

Grace Johanna Welch

Christian J. Zambrano

Billy Barte Smith

Christine L. Tafolla

Casey Dawn Valentine

Madison Warren Welch

Celeste Zbitowsky

Max Allen Smith

Lee O. Tafolla

Melody Roxanna Vann

Jannalyn Welch

Joan Zezula

Patricia Ann Smith

Katrina R Taylor

Leslie Vann

Jason Welch

Chris Ziegler

Tyler Smith

Donna S. Taylor

Normando I. Varela

Jerry Warren Welch

Nicole Marie Zigmond

Ethan James Snoga

La Vern Taylor

Walter Ray Vasbinder

Julian Warren Welch

Jo Ann Zimmermann

Morgan Elizabeth Snoga

Christopher Lee Taylor

Audrey Berniece Vasquez

Robyn Welch

Ralph E. Zimmermann

Derek Snoga

Gregory Taylor

Karen Vasquez

Rosa Irene Wells

Arthur Ponch Zulaica

Howard Snoga

Elizabeth Grace Tennant

Julie Vaughn

Charles Van Pelt Wells II

Sharon D. Snoga

Nicole Ja’nette Thibodeaux

David Vaughn

Nancy Wells

178 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

© 2016 Texas Mutual Insurance Company

Proud SPonSor of the San antonio Stock Show & rodeo

Working Safe, Celebrating Dividends. We built a community called Work Safe, Texas, and we think you’re going to like it. It’s safe, it’s responsible—and it’s rewarding. How rewarding? We’ve given $1.6 $1.8 billion in dividends to businesses in San Antonio and throughout the state who share our commitment to working safe. The reason is simple: good companies don’t wait until there’s an accident to start caring about employees—and, as their workers’ comp provider, neither do we. We’re Texas Mutual, and from the Riverwalk to the Rodeo, we want to put your business at the corner of Safety and Dividends.

Learn more about safety-focused workers’ comp at For a quote, call your agent. While we can’t guarantee dividends every year, Texas Mutual Insurance Company has returned $1.6 $1.8 billion to safety-conscious policyholder owners since 1999. Texas Mutual Insurance Company is rated ‘A’ by A.M. Best Company.


JEFF POTTHOFF | Chairman STEVE REUTHINGER | Vice Chairman The Medical Committee is made up of medical professionals, including physicians, nurses, paramedics, emergency medical technicians, athletic trainers, and others with medical training. The committee provides emergency services to visitors, volunteers, committee members, exhibitors, staff and competitors during the annual Stock Show & Rodeo, as well as during several other fundraising events. Membership is subject to specific guidelines for the Medical Committee.

Chris Almedia

Julie Elaine Dylla

Michael Ray Hayes

Carmen Lott

Jeff Potthoff

Robert K. Vosburg

Irma Alonzo

Melanie Kathleen ElliottZepeda

Sandra Hegar

Leah Raye Mabry MD

George Marc Powell

Nancy Walea

Ronald R. Fikes

Racheal Ann Henshaw

Gregory Madison

Stefany M. Wampler

Norma Jean Hernandez

Donna Markey MD

Sandy PowersCatterton

Joe D. Herre

Keith L. Markey MD

Robert Williams

Karla Herre

Bailey Carrin McAllister

Robert Joseph Rainbolt Jr.

William Ray Hilburn Jr.

Viola DeAnn McHorsePotter

Richard Alva Isaac Roy Alvarado Jean Anno Mechelle Bastian Dawn Marie Bendele Wendy McLain Brown Rosa Marie Burrous Linda Darlene Carle Natalie Chilton Travis B. Chipman Tyler Bailey Chipman Stephanie Wynette Christensen Pamela Cielencki Michael Darrell Collins Kami Coolidge Jesse Davila A.J. DiCaro Jr. Kelly Lynn Dixon Mike Dixon Nicole Draleaus Dennis Lee Duff Teresa B. Duff

George Flores Jessica Rae Gallegos Edward James Garcia Gabriel Christopher Garcia Anna Garza Charles D. Gauthier Cee Cee Jorean Gibson Gus Gonzalez Susan Gonzalez Greg Goodwiler Gregory Donald Gordon Jr.

DeAnna Kay Hill Steven S. Hooper Tiffany M. Hooper James Howard Jennifer Hughes Kevin Hughes Roni Sue Hutson Dallas Nicole Janike Alfredo Jimenez Jr.

Jerry Greeson

Catherine Anne Johnson

Kristen Nicole Guerra

Brett Joiner

Kyle Wayne Guerra

Cynthia Juarez

Duane Hannasch

Stephanie Keiningham

Patricia Harrell

Roxie Klinksiek

Ronald Harrell

Chad Kenneth Lee

Janie Harrison

Amy Aline Legg

Jimmy L. Harrison Sr.

Samantha Ann Logue

180 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Neil Meade Christy Lynn Meredon Jose Ramon Morales Melissa A. Morales Martha Elena Moreno

Raynez Reid Steve L. Reuthinger David Allan Roberts Vida Rodrigues Aubrey L. Sanders Jr. Robert Wheeler Sanderson III

Haley Ashton Moss

Kathleen Elaine Seesengood

David Muehe

Harry Camp Stevenson

Christina Naranjo

Julie Stuckey

Vanessa Navarro

Marty Paul Taglauer

Terri Newsom

John Mark Tisdel

Carmen L. Ortiz

Austin Jean Torisk

Pablo Ortiz

Collin Valadez

Erin Yvonne Perez

Joe Lee Valadez

Linh Peterson

Logan Thomas Valadez

Kimberly Ann Polasek

Samantha Valadez

Michelle Ann Portis

Shawna Nicole Verrett

Mike Post

Susan Kay Vogel

Terri A. Watt Russell Thomas Zepeda Susan Zodin



Chairman The Membership Committee reviews all Life Membership applications and recommends acceptance or rejection to the Executive Committee those applicants eligible under SALE Bylaws. Membership Committee (left to right): David Guion, Rusty Collier, Sue Jones, Edwin Martin, (bottom center) Ricky Collier

  



    


2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 181


JIM WELSH | Chairman TRISH BALLARD | Vice Chairman The New Frontier Club Committee provides support and oversight required to provide comfortable restaurants and clubs for rodeo patrons, volunteers and life members. There are both public and membership-only venues for guests and rodeo fans to enjoy during the Stock Show & Rodeo. These venues are The Saddles and Spurs Club, The Terrace Club and The New Frontier Club. Membership fees help support the Scholarship Fund and various auctions.

Brandy A. Alonso

Sandy Collier

Scott Hermes

Laura J. Pett

Rick G. Stone

Christopher M. Alonso

Vivion A. Collier

Cindy Herrin

Roxanna Raabe

Kathy Stout

Craig A. Baker

Gary Cram

Elizabeth Hill

Molly Rappmund

Randy Stout

Dana Ballard

Eloise Creek

Jerry Hill

Scott Rappmund

Jason Tinoco

Jacob Ballard

Michael R. Cunningham

Megan Elizabeth Hill

Barbara Ruth Rathburn

Michael Traugott

Trish Ballard

Michael Ryan Cupp

Ryan Hill

Deanna Renee Rathburn

Teresa Z. Tuma

Brian Wheeler Bell

Linda Danielczyk

Bradley Dee Howell

Terry Lynn Rathburn

Jim Uptmore

Carla Bell

Kenneth Davis

Lynette Joeris

Tim Rathburn

Joseph Matthew Urh

Brandy Bielke

Mark Anthony De Leon

Traci Keylich

Ryan Hall Ridlehuber

Monica Yvonne Warnke

Beth Blackwell

Peggy Ann De Leon

James Kezar

Gregory Ray Rinehart

Jim Welsh

Amy Blanford

John Dlugosh

Mike Klar

Debra Sue Rose

Kenneth Wilson

Craig Blanford

Krista Dorn

Robyn K. Klar

Jay Rose

Sherry Wilson

Sarah Elizabeth Boucher

Ernest Elizondo Jr.

Dawna Kim Larson

Juan R. Saucedo

Heather L. Wittig

Shannon Nannette Bowen

Donald W. Fischer

Joshua Larson

Mark Schroeder

Robert Todd Wittig

Erin Bowman

Vonda M. Fischer

Brittany Leann Mair

Tim Shanks

Nancy Yarbrough

Ann L. Broussard

Todd E. Fleming

Kristine Mair

Tina Nicole Shanks

Scott D. Bryan

Danielle Marie Flores

Rick Medders

Allison Brooke Sharawi

Isaac Cardenas

Emilio Flores

Steve Mihalski

Harris Douglas Sharawi

Bill Cayer

Judy Lynn Flores

Tara Ann Mihalski

Sheryl A. Sharawi

Crystal Cayer

Migdalia A. Flores

Margie Moore

Shela Riley Shaw

Diane L. Chase

Roger P. Flores

Leslye Mozisek Tonkin

William S. Shaw II

Tony Chase

Rosie Luna Flores

J. Bailey Mullins III

Gene L. Smith

David F. Clark

Jason Derek Garner

James Cleveland Nau Jr.

Patti Smith

Alana Suzanne Collier

Christina Anne Hanna

Jonathan M. Pett

Steven Wayne Smith

182 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Alamo City Harley


DHW Well Services

Altermann Electric

Chucks Transport, inc.

Frontier Services

Atascosa Doge

Coonrod Electric Co., Inc.

Grizzly Completion Services

Better Built Enterprises, Inc.

Crawford Electric

Hansco Demolition Co.

Bill Hall, Jr. Trucking, LTD.

Dermatology Associates of S.A.

Intercoastal Contractors

Bill Miller BBQ Bravo Roofing

DWI Dude

Jon Petts San Antonio Glass Services Karis Resources, LLC KGC Construction Services L O Transport

J. Hill Construction

NALCO Mike Davis

OSC Energy, LLC. Plant Interscapes Raymond James & Assoc. Rubiola Commercial Realty SAFEFLO SanTex Truck Center Transworld Leasing


2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 183


BILL JERMAN | Chairman Nominating Committee pictured above (left to right): Richard Martinez, Jackie Simmonds, Bill Jerman, Rita Stich, Kenneth Moore, BJ Hendler, Dinah Covert, Allen Cole and Brenda Harris. Not pictured: John Cananvan III

Powerhouse Mortgage Corporation NMLS # 1247314 Brenda Guenther Mortgage Banker NMLS # 295620 210-391-8546 Phone 210-384-9050 Fax

Homefront Realty Jacquelyn Pryor Real Estate Broker 210-710-0151 Phone

The Best Real Estate Team In Texas 184 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


GARY TATE | Chairman BERNIE RAMIREZ | Vice Chairman The Operations Committee is made up of dedicated, hard-working members that work before, during and after the stock show. The primary responsibilities of the Operations Committee include setting up, maintaining and breaking down the rodeo arena inside the AT&T Center, and the various facades and signs around the show grounds. They acquire the equipment needed by all committees for the setup and maintenance of their various events, obtain and distribute supplies and materials for committees, provide signage for various events and committees, perform minor construction for various projects throughout the year, and assist other committees as needed. The main objective is to keep the show running as smoothly as possible. Justin Adams

Mark Brown

Jeffrey Harlan Dubose

Terry McDonald

Bill Sammis

Tracy Adams

Renea D. Brown

Linda A. Ebest

William McDonald

Dale Ray Sands

Comer Andy Alden

Robert Fred Butler

Mary Lee Fey

Sally Mickey

Sherry Sue Sands

Leticia R. Alumbaugh

Steven James Carpenter

Melfred B Fey

Beverly A. Miller

Jana Seibert

Raymond L Alumbaugh

Barbara Chessher

Billy Jean Fish

Leavie E. Miller

William Dwayne Skrivanek

Justin Bading

John O. Chessher

Joe Gibson Sr.

Billy Moore

Jeri Stanfield

Clifton Ray Bailey

Tanya LeAnne Chessher

Richard A. Gibson

Kenneth Null

Larry Pete N. Stanfield

Jeanette Bailey

Troy Chessher

Carolina Patty Gueldner

Chad Everett Pargmann

Jimmy Stanley

Katie Bailey

Tracy J. Coffey II

Dwayne Harlan

Chase Aric Pargmann

Amanda L. Stark

Larry Bailey

Clinton Reed Collier

Jeffrey Heye

James Murray Phillips Jr.

Gary Tate

Michelle Bailey

Renese Collier

Dan Holley

Paul E. Pittman

Kristin Tate

Brandy Baker

Scott Conover

Ervin Kotzur

George “Moose” Ploch

Matthew W. Tate

Brian Barnes

Wendy Conover

Douglas M. Lansing Jr.

Paul E. Ploch

Samuel Clyde Tumey

Carl Allen Barnes

Robyn Conover-O’Bryan

Gerald Mainz

Bernie Ramirez

Richard Scott Wesley

Gail Ann Boldt

Lynann Cowan

Diane H. Martinez

Roman D. Reina

Clifton J. Wood

Clint Brown

Randy L Cowan

Rex Mayhew

Brandon Robinson

Beau Zinsmeyer

Laura Brown

Paul Opie Danielczyk

Jon McAnarney

Clayton J. Roguski

Randy Zinsmeyer

Leann Sharron Brown

Rachel G Diaz

Joy McDonald

Jim Roguski


2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 185

















KATHY TARBOX | Chairman TRACY ADAMS | Vice Chairman The Past Chairman Committee is comprised of former Committee Chairman and Life Time Assistant Vice Presidents. They are all leaders who bring years of experience to the Show. For the past several years, they have hosted behind the scene tours of the Rodeo grounds for special guest groups. Many of these people come from all over the country and are members of other Stock Shows, Rodeos, and Fairs. We have hosted groups of 12 to as many as 65 or more. All enjoyed the tours and have learned about and how our more than 6,000 volunteers make the Show a success!

Joe Ray Ackerman

Duane French

Windy Miller

Jerri Puckett

Terry Tschirhart

Tracy Adams

Bruce Hathaway

Laurie Miller

Raul Quiroz

Jackie Van De Valle

Russell Bading

Glen Hoffman

John Moon

Billy Schieberle

George ”Mitch” West

Jack Ballard

Kay Hutchison

Kim Moore

Scott Sorrell

Renee Wheat

Roy Baring

George Light

Boyd Newby

Randy Stout

Scott Beckenworf

Tony Magaro

Tricia O’Connell

Kathy Tarbox

Frances Ferro

Edwin Martin

Bob Ownby

Tom Tarbox

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 187




1952-1973, 1974-1977



























188 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo









RICHARD M. “TRES” KLEBERG, III | Chairman JIM CARUTH | Vice Chairman

1993 Reserve Grand Champion Lamb

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 189


MICHAEL FORKENBROCK | Chairman ROBERT SCOFIELD | Vice Chairman The Public Affairs Committee has the responsibility of gathering information from patrons for a marketing survey. The committee is also responsible for the media check-in and transport of all media crews. In addition, the Public Affairs Committee acts as a liaison to the city, county and military organizations, encouraging their participation in the Stock Show & Rodeo and its annual events. The Public Affairs Committee also promotes and manages the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo’s “Rodeo Wrangler Kid’s Club.” This fun, interactive group of youngsters enjoys being the first to hear announcements from the Stock Show & Rodeo, as well as receive invitations to pre and post rodeo events. The committee also produces a show highlights video that is shown during each rodeo performance in the AT&T Center. The Communications Sub-Committee consists of volunteers and media personnel whose function is to provide information and publicity to promote the events of the Stock Show & Rodeo. In addition to developing public service announcements for radio and television, the sub-committee serves as the voice for announcements made on the grounds as well as frequently serving as Master of Ceremonies for many of the annual fundraising events. Mary Keith Albert

Randy Carroll

Joe R. Duarte Jr.

Jesus Raymundo Fuentes

Brian Martin Jones

William L. Albert Jr.

Randy Chase

Herman Wayne Garcia

Larry Glen Jones III

Jesse Jay Alejandro

McKenzie Anne Christensen

Anselmo Robert Duarte, AVS Ret.

Royce Jost

Margaret Algereto

Orlando Cisneros

Diana Yvette Elizalde

Madalynne Renee Greer Makayla Renee Greer

Jerry King

Ken Ashworth

Susan Cochran

Makenzie Anne Greer

Gregory Kirkland

Marcia Ashworth

Carene Michelle Collman

Sandra Kay Greer-Smith

Michael Kopplin

Caleesta Grace Autenrieth

Pam Conlin

Bryan Scott Griffin

Roger Hart Kramer

Christina Ann Autenrieth

Allen Shane Courtney

Raymond Grimes

Susanne Noel Larsen

Russell Lee Autenrieth Jr.

Theresa Lyn Crose

Kerri Gullion

Geoffrey Graham Long

Alvin Bailey

Doriann Rochelle Damerau

Ronnie Gullion

Mary Reid Long

Brenda Bartosh Barbee

Gail Beth Damerau

Gilbert G. Guzman

Tom Long

Colleen Lois Bartee

Paul Davila

Briana Lea Hall

Larry Macune

H. Alex Bartee

Brenda Davis

Travis Joseph Hall

Jill K. Malmer

Randall Steven Bartel

J. Wed Davis II

Leigh Leigh Harrelson

Larry Max Marble

Luz Maria Bella-Cruz

James De Young

Sharon Louise Hearn

Ariece Ashley Marek

Megan Bishop

Mike DeLa Fuente

Shawna Lee Hearn

Jeri Dawn Martin

Anna Blair

Donna A. Dennis

Wimberley Hearn

Eissa Marie Martinez

Delia Blair

Marolyn Logan Diaz

Vicky Helm

Jennifer Lee Maun

Alan W. Boedeker

Michelle Nicole Diaz

Roy Holley

Mackenzie Marie McCrea

Sandra Haverstock- Boedeker

Salvador Diaz

Justin Lee Holliday

Dolores O. Medellin

Jonny Lee Brown

Bailey Renee Drayton

Bill Jackson

Edward A. Medellin Sr.

Mark Carrillo

Antoinette Marie Duarte

Julia Anna Johnson

Nancy Meier

190 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Pete Elizalde III Russell William Epperly Sr. Wendy F. Epperly Helen M Epstein Norman C. Epstein Eloy Espinoza James Berry Fleming James Robert Fleming Melisa Leigh Fleming Amanda Gail Flores Carol Kay Forkenbrock Michael J. Forkenbrock Shauna Forkenbrock Zachary Forkenbrock Andrea Frankland Andy Edwin Frankland Carla Naoma Frost Lisa Marie Frost-Garcia

Melissa Mejia

Romario Partida

Sarah Rohling

Karon Shouse

Ryan Douglas Traphagan

Richard Mejia

Gail Pavlovsky

Ted J. Rohling

James G. Silliman Jr.

Elizabeth Rhea Trudell

Steve Mejia

Hannah Christina Piontkowski

Francine Rowden

Diane Smilgin

Peter James Trudell

Shelly Miles

Nanette Portenier

Brandon Lee Ruiz

Victor Edward Smilgin

Crystal Valdez

Keith S. Mirrer

Anna M. Ramos

Brandy Marie Ruiz

Hal H. Smith

Samantha Nicole Varela

Patricia Morris

Jose E. Ramos III

Richard Ruiz

Nancy Renee Smith

Larry Villines

Thomas Glynn Morris Jr.

R. Dean Reading

Rosemary Ruiz

William Cory Smith

Lynlie Marie Wallace

Matthew Cory Navarrez

Rebecca Ann Creed Richardson-Sonnen

Laurie Ann Rush

Richard Daniel Sonnen

John Benson Walls

Nydia Marithza Rios

Rafael Salazar Jr.

John Christopher Stevens

Valerie Walls

Cheryl Anne Schillings

Ashley Nicole Strey

William Wesley Wolf

Ryan F. Schroeder

Norma Lee S. SultemeierOefinger

Chelcee Ann Wynn

Susan Thibodeaux

Michelle Zipp-Courtney

Melody Celeste Navarrez Boyd E. Newby Judy Newby Robbie Jo Nicolai Robert G. Oefinger Steven Orr Antonio Partida

Cecile Elena Robichaud Elaine Rodriguez Zaira Imelda Rodriguez Olga Rodriguez-Alejandro Melanie Rohling

Daniel Joseph Scofield James N. Scofield Kathleen A. Scofield Robert J. Scofield

Dawn Thompson

John Allen Zakrison

Micheal Layne Tidwell


2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 191


JAMES SUTTER | Chairman EILEEN WEIDNER | Vice Chairman The Raffle Ticket Committee sells tickets for the annual raffle held during the final performance of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The committee supports Texas youth by raising funds for the purchase of animals during the Junior Livestock Auctions. Throughout the calendar year, this committee sells raffle tickets to individuals and companies wishing to enter for a chance to win an array of prizes. The committee also sets up at various locations during the Stock Show & Rodeo to sell raffle tickets to “last minute” purchasers.

Gerald D. Aldorf

James Devno

Patty Hall

Noe Lopez

Ernie James Phrampus

Cynthia A. Alexander

Mark R. Eichelbaum

Debra Hannasch

Debra Gail Lowry

Anne Pittman

Ronald S. Alexander

Justin S Erfurth

Howard L Haring

John Eugene Lowry

Cindy Pittman

Arvelene Amari

Cora Erskine

Sue Hassell

Terri Lynn Mabry

Diane R. Pittman

Laura Arriaga

Lee Ann Ferguson

Judy R. Hill

Eric A Martinez

Randall R. “Randy” Pittman

Glenn Baker

Dusten Fitch

Rhonda Hilla

Richard Martinez

Valerie Polasek

Jack Ballard

Renee Foshee

Reginald Roy Holley

Robert McGloin

Wanda Knippa Polasek

Cyndi Blackmon

Cassandra Gallegos

Elva (Joy) Hutchinson

Gilbert Medina

Allen J. Pozzi

James A Boatright

Lisa A. Gallegos

David W. Jauer

Christina Mendez

Sandra Ramirez

Marla Bombenger

Ida Gamez

Michele Jean Jay

Geno Mendiola

Donna Kay Reed

Kourtney K Bowen

Isaia Gamez

Brianna Nicole Ree Johnson

Cynthia Ann Moorman

Rick Reed

Patricia Bowen

Julio Gamez

Anna Kersch

Philip H Moorman

Vonda L Reed

Tiffany Bowen

Ricardo Garcia

Chuck Kersch

John Nava

Ralph R. Reina

Faythe E Brunk

Mary Jo Garcia Biggs

Rose Kersch

Lisa Antoinette Nava

Joshua Reyna

Rudy R. Cardenas

Louis F. Gawlik

Charles Kersch Jr.

Will Ann Nava

Keith L. Rickwartz

Jeff R. Carlson

Amy Gibson

Gayle Ketchum

George C. Noyes

Kerry D. Roberts

Lisa Colligan

Marissa Leal Gonzaba

Audra Leigh Kight

Edson Ortiz

Edwin D Robinson

Suzie Ann Copes

Melissa Gonzales

David Kinsey

Jose Ortiz

Alberto A. Rodriguez

Pamela Coufal

Patricia Gonzales

Stacie Kinsey

Heath Rust Osborn

Grace A. Rodriguez

Scott Crady

Leticia M. Gonzalez

Christine Knight

Heather Osborn

Regina A. Rodriguez

Melissa K. Davis

Marty Gonzalez

Glenn L. Knoblauch

Brandon Payne

Charmaine Rogers

Mike Davis

Angi Goode

Wanda Lennox

Darcie Payne

Clyde C. Rogers

Richard Delgado

Herculana Guel-Escobar

Joe B. Long

Shirley Perez

Victoria Rogers

Donald Derby

Brenda Guenther

Cynthia L. “Cindy” Lopez

Jackie L. Perry

Bret Roszell

192 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Floyd Salinas

Robert W. Sims

Sarah Tausch

Phyllis M. Tondre

Irma J. Walston

Ashley M Sanchez

Autumn “Nikki” Smith

Alise Tejeda

Ronald “Ron” Tondre

Mariah L Warden

Matt Austin SanchezGallegos

Evelyn J. Smith

Joe Jesse “Jay” Tejeda

Mary Traugott

Eileen Reina Weidner

Dale Sauer

Sherry Snider

Mandy Tellander

Curtis S. Trull

Walter W. Weidner

Mitchell R. Sowards

Celina Terrones

Terry A. Tschirhart

Annie Williams

George Spangler

Amelie Tinajero

Fran H. Turner

Kathy S Williams

Carleton B. Spears

Carmela Tinajero

Diana G. Vasquez Guadiano

Marty Williams

Jim Sutter

Kim Tindall

C’leste M. Villarreal

Daniel E. “Danny” Wyatt

Sue Sutter

Andrea Tondre

Janie R. Villarreal

Lamar Schulz Jeannette Schwandt Michael Schwandt Andrea Lynne Siebold





























Phone (




2016 JUNIOR LIVES e - Saturday Evening, Feb. 27, 2016 Drawing after Final Rodeo Performanc Prizes not redeemable for cash. Prizes are not transferable.

must be redeemed by April 30, Do not have to be present to win;



Super 1. 2016 Ford F-150 FX4

Dealers the control of The South Texas Ford circumstances or causes beyond Must be 18 yrs or older. If, due to Vin #1FTEW1EG8GFA46327 (Tax, Title & License not included). the right to substitute the vehicle. becomes unavailable we reserve and S.A.L.E. the vehicle type listed

e 50HP Boat with Suzuki 4 Strok 2. 2016 Blue Wave 160 V-Bayin Aluminum Trailer Outboard Motor & McCla (Tax, Title & License not included).

Must be 18 yrs or older.

in UTV g VI 6-Person 4WD All Terra 3. 2015 Yamaha Vikin Yamaha Corporation Fun Center Boerne, TX and Courtesy of Yamaha

ion Your Choice: for 4 nights / 7 Night Cruise for 4. Dream Vacat for (2) two St. John or St. Thomas with Hotel New York With Hotel for 3 Nights / First Class and processing fees not included)

Approximate Value:


Approximate Value:


Approximate Value:


Approximate Value:


First Class for (2) two night hotel stay. (Taxes Caribbean / Coach Travel to London with 5 (SOME RESTRICTIONS APPLY) (2) on Celebrity Cruise Line for Alaska or the

$5475.00 Approximate Value: d in Sterling Silver, 18 Karat Suite, Exquisitely Crafte 5. Ladies 3 piece Jewelry and Bracelet. ngs Earri Ring, onds. Yellow Gold and Diam $3,995.00 Approximate Value: (907-500-001) ine / 12,000 Watt Generator 6. Bobcat 250-Welding Mach $3,000.00 Approximate Value: (FV6036E5) 7. Amsec 34-Gun Safe $2,199.00 Wood Approximate Value: Natural Traeger Genuine of Bags 3 Includes Grill - Model BBQPIG . 8. Traeger Wood Pellet Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service of y $2,000.00 Courtes Value: ces. ate BBQ-Sau of Approxim Pellets along with an Assortment n Felt Hats 9. His & Hers 100x Stetso $2,000.00 City Approximate Value: Courtesy of Cavender’s Boot 8’ x 12’ x 8’ with Options 100 mile radius of San Antonio 10. Storage Shed -Creativ e Builders - Delivered within $1,450.00 Approximate Value: Courtesy of Alco Leather Boots 11. Pair of Handcrafted Compa ny - Sharon Little $1,200.00 Approximate Value: Courtesy of Little’s Boot Spurs of Pair & Saddle, Saddle StandEstes 12. Western Pleasure Bill $800.00 Approximate Value: San Antonio - 2 Night Stay 13.The Westin Riverwalk, The Westin Riverwalk at Tax & Room es Includ Total Prizes:$110,114.00




$1.00 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 193


Greater San Antonio McDonald’s Operator’s Assoc.

SASCO-San Antonio Steel Company, Ltd.

Auto Xtras


Freddie Battah

HLS Express Lube Inc.

Cowtown Boot, Co.

FSG Electric

Industrial Site Services, Inc.

Sitterle Vision Source - Dr. Scott Sitterle

Bailey Mullins Baird Foundation Repair

Cram Roofing Company, Inc.

FSG Lighting

Texas A&M University - San Antonio

South Texas Ford Dealers

Bear Oil Company, Inc.

G & G Contracting Co.

StateWide Service Co.

Curney, Farmer, House & Osuna, P.C.

Strike, LLC

Texas Pride BBQ

Curney, Farmer, House & Osuna, P.C.

ACIFIC - Hotel Life 1600 Sheets

Timekeepers Gate Guards Security

Gamez & Gamez Facility Solutions, LLC

Jim’s Restaurant

Voyager Energy Services: Pipleline Construction

Augies Alamo City BBQ Barbed Wire AA Best Bail Bond Alan Hydraulics Brake Check Brake Check Carlson’s Flooring CFC Engineering, LLC

Belken Insurance Associates -Susan Belken Bexar Towing Bexar Transportation, LLC Biedenharn Cattle Company Big State Electric, Ltd.

Curtis Hunt Restorations, Inc. Dale’s Collision Repair, Inc. Dale Tabaka Dale Sauer Homes


Bill & Sondra Schieberle

1st Choice Mortgage Services - Brenda Guenther

Bill Jerman

1st Fire Protection Services, LLC

BJ & Jennifer Hermes

Dean W. Greer, Attorney at Law

Blend Document & Record Retrieval

Deep South Barrels

A-1 Scale Service A & E Microwave Services

B. G. Metals, Inc.

Blue Armor Security Services, Inc.

David and Stacie Kinsey Davidson Troilo Ream & Garza

DenMar Construction Company, Inc.

Charles and Teena Myers

AAMCO Transmissions Ingram & Speedway

CMI - Drug Testing Administrators

A Great Group of Friends

Bret Roszell

CT Metalworks & At The Ranch Outfitters

ABC Commercial Services

Brin & Brin, P.C.

Aldorf, G Friend

Brian Harle

Debra Lowry - Rocking JD Holdings, LLC

A/C Technical Services, LTD

Dini Moorhouse 1st Scentsy Consultant

Bryan & Kimberly Ackley

ABYX Business Systems, Inc.

Donald & Elaine Doege

BTK Family Holdings

Diamond Edge Services

Action Tree Services LLC

Double S Paving, Inc.

Bussey’s Flea Market

ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services

Aelvoet - Kuebel Ranch

DP Pipeline Consulting, LLC

C. Jason, S. Gage & S. Danger Spence

Dr. Mary Jo Garcia Biggs

Fire Alarm Control Systems, Inc.

Alamo Concrete Products Co.

Hornberger Fuller & Garza, Inc. Hydraulic Supply & Service Co. John Lowry & Family JR and Janet Smith JW’s Bracken Saloon Industrial Site Services, Inc. Industrial Site Services, Inc. Industrial Site Services, Inc. Kelley & Pat Frost Konica Minolta May Family MKM River Place Ranch M & M Metals Inc. One Source Medical Group Performance Equipment Service

Afton Electric, LLC Alamo Sign Solutions Albert Stickelbault Alterman, Inc. Akin, Doherty, Klein & Feuge, P.C., CPA’s A. L. Boeck & Company, Inc. Alamo City Constructors Alamo Drafthouse Cinema All About Me Day Spa All Seasons Feeders, LTD All Texas Electrical Services Altex Electronics, Ltd.

Border Construction Services

Cabinets Plus, LTD: RodriguezDuran Family

Dalyn & Jackie Drake

Carl J. Kolb P.C. - Attorneys

Dayton Lease & Pipeline Services, Inc.

Casino Fun, Inc. Carleton B. Spears, P.C. Attorney at Law

Drewry Martin Architects

CertaPro of NW San Antonio

Dwayne & Rosie Hofstetter

Christina Mendez, Independent Distributor

East End Glass Co.

Cindy & Vincent Dawson Circle TF Ranch - Tommy & Fran Price

Climate Control Heating & Air

Pizza Hut

Alpha Machine & Repair

Professional Interior Upholstery, LLC

Apple Pest Control and Lawn Development

Republic Services

Art & Janet Dietel

Ring Cattle Company

Artcom Communications

S & B Infrastructure Private, Ltd.

ASAP Plumbing #2 ASG Energy, LLC

194 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Dr. Roy Gonzalez, Jr. Orthodontist

Caraway Ford - Nixon, TX

Amy Zitko

Anthony’s Planet Pickup, Inc. Anthony Heye

Dimensions Contracting

Cal-Tex Interiors, Inc.

Chester’s Hamburger Co.


DFW Movers & Erectors, Inc.

Dr. Scott, Mackie, & McKenna Kimble

Ameriprise Financial - John Trusela Andrew G. Ramon, Attorney at Law

Dennis Ashley

Clean Scapes Landscaping Coastal Chemical/N-SPEC Pipeline Services

Dusten Fitch

ECKO Construction Ed La Grone

Gary & Celeste Turner Gary Wheatley - IBTX Risk Services Geo-Solutions, Inc. Georgia Kellner Linhart, LLC Gerald & Debo Eckel GLI Distributing Graef Plumbing, LLC Greenwise Landscape - Kevin & Cristina Greg & Elizabeth Radabough Groomer’s Seafood Growing Solutions Landscaping Gruene Hall - Texas Oldest Dance Hall Helotes AG Booster Club, Inc. Hill Country Barn & Fence Hill Country Electric Supply Hoffman Reporting & Video Service Hollerbach & Associates, Inc. Hollywood Park Automotive, Inc. Hollywood - Crawford Door Co. Hospital Klean Solutions, Inc Hot Rod Welding, LLC Howard L. Haring IES Commercial ING - Boehmer, Pfeffer, & Poppe In Memory of Kirk Colyer

Eggemeyer Land Clearing LLC

In Memory of Mort & Margaret Roszell

EJ Phrampus Enterprises Carwashes San Antonio

ISS Facility Services Inc - San Antonio

Eldridge Electric Company

J.A.G. Transport

Enter Park - Oliver Gunnels

J. D. Pauerstein, Attorney at Law

Eric & Stacie Albert & Family

Cogdell Shooting Academy

EmPower Wealth Advisors

Coldwell Banker D’Ann Harper Realtors

E-Z Bel Construction, L.L.C. Executive Security Systems

Comet Signs

Family Leisure

Comfort Zone Window Tint

Flieller Insurance Agency, Inc.

Commercial Kitchen Parts & Service

Freddie E. Harris Sand & Clay

Corporate Travel Planners / Rennert Travel

Gabriels Pest Control

Frederick R. Zlotucha Attorney at Law Freedom Security, Inc.

James & Susan Sutter Jill & Mark Metcalfe Jim Filipowicz & Associates Restoration Joe & Kay Hutchison John and Barbara Lowry Johnny & Makaela Dresch & Family Jordan Ford

Joyce Ann & Bernard Warwas

McBee’s BBQ Pleasanton

RK Group

Shaw Company Remodeling

Kathryn Goertz

Meagan & Jaelyn Lowry

RDO Equipment Co.

Shawn & Lori Franke

Kathleen O’Shea

Mechanical Maintenance of Texas (HVAC)

R.E.C. Industries, Inc. San Antonio

Sherwin Williams Paints

Merrill Lynch

Reagan Nentwich

Midnight Rodeo S.A.

Reasonable Remodelers

South Texas Bindery, Inc.

Thrivent Financial – Danny Dean/Philip Maass

Mike & Kami Besson Serendipity Cakes

Rebecca Creek Distillery, LLC

South Texas Realty Services

Tim & Debbie Horny

Southwest Wheel

Tom & Maudie Bell

Miss Rodeo Texas

Richard Allen Co.

Spahn Law Firm

Tom’s Glass Service, Inc.

Stagg Restaurants LLC St. Hedwig Feed & Supply

Tom Romanello - Legacy Mutual Mortgage

Stanley and Leslie Woelfel

Trader Joe’s Quarry Village

Steve’s Plumbing & Heating Co., Ltd.

Tracy D. Moore

Strike, LLC

Troy Construction LLC

Stone Creek Custom Homes Jesse Pigott

TSM Digital Printing - John Beck

Sunbelt Rentals

Turney Lighting & Electric

Systematic Communications

Twin Peaks DeZavala

Team Moeller Insurance Agency

W. Jeffrey Kuhn, Attorney

Keith Zars Pools Kerry & Kimberly Roberts Kestrel Energy Services, LLC Kestrel Engineering, Inc. KGC Construction Services Kim Tindall & Assoc Court Reporting Svcs Kinetico Quality Water Systems Kyle Erwin Construction, LLC Labor on Demand Law Office of Hector Gonzales III Law Office of Michael Miller Law Office of Shawn C. Brown, PC Lenz Contractors, Inc. Lindow Stephens Treat, LLP Lindsey M. Schlepp, D.D.S. Live Oak Investors Lone Star Radiator Co, Inc Lonestar Special Tees Lou Ann Blair Luttrell + Villarreal Law Group Lytle State Bank M. K. Davis Restaurant & Bar Melissa Davis Matera Paper Company, Ltd.

Mission Asphalt, LLC Mission Pharmacal Company

Renee Foshee, JD CPA Richard & Debbie Ojeda / Black Tie Affairs Catering

M. K. Davis Restaurant & Bar Melissa Davis

Richter Drywall

National Building Service (Janitorial)

River City Steel & Recycling

New Mexico Rentals, LLC O’Haver Plumbing, LTD. Oak Island Gardens Padgett, Stratemann & Co., LLP

Rimkus Consulting Group Robert & Darlene Lewis & Family Roger & Ashley Flores & Family Ron & Cindy Alexander

Pamela & Joe Ramon III

Roofguard - LLC Roofing & Maintenance

Pat & Denise Bendele

Ry Dan Group

Patrick O. Ingram Appraisals, LLC

San Antonio Glass Service

Patt Cantu PMI Pipe Steel & Supplies Pool Buoy Prime Source Payroll Primo Painting Contractor, Inc. Quarter Moon Plumbing A/C & Heating Quest College

San Antonio Hispanic Police Officers Organization San Antonio Roofing, Siding & Windows San Antonio Sweeping Service

Thomas Moy & Sons Water Well Drilling, Inc. Thompson Print & Mailing Solutions

SOS Companies

Traugott, Inc.

Wayne Wright Lawyers

Terra Klean Solutions, Inc

Webb Eye Associates

Texas Corrugators - South Texas Region II, LLC

Weber Electric Western States Fire Protection Co.

Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems

Whitley’s Lock & Key

Texas Industrial Electric

Wild West S.A.

Tezel & Cotter

Whitecotton Ranch - Fred Whitecotton

The Bank of San Antonio

Sandra’s Billiards - Mike’s Place

The Chakales Family

Schertz Bank & Trust

The Grass Is Greener…. Landscape, Inc.

Window World

The Falls Night Club

Witte’s BBQ & Steak House Wommack Chevrolet

R Hernandez Drywall, Inc

Schmidt Mechanical Group, Inc.

Master Marine - George Noyes

R.K. Contractors - Keith Richwartz

Seymours Garage

The Law Offices of Dustin Whittenburg

Mary Douthit, DDS

R.K. Construction

Shannon - Monk, Inc.

The Struthoff Company, Inc.

Shannon K. Anderson

The Total Source - Brian Alston

Mark & Ashley Kellermeier Marnie Garcia

Xtreme Construction & Services Zach Lowry

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 195


ERIC WHIPPLE | Chairman TREY BARING | Vice Chairman The Ranch Rodeo Committee hosts the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo’s South Texas Ranch Rodeo Finals. The top six teams from the previous year’s Ranch Rodeo circuit qualify for an invitation to this prestigious event for an opportunity to compete for the Championship Title. The fast-paced events included in the Ranch Rodeo are exciting to watch and guaranteed to make you want to see more. Ranch Rodeo events are backed by hundreds of years of ranching heritage that showcase the cowboy athletes who will do just about anything to claim the Championship Title. A limited number of tickets are available for this event. Proceeds from ticket sales and sponsorships benefit the Scholarship Fund. Kristina Allen

David Christopher Beck

Austin Fredrick Dicks

Bonnie Marie Ramirez

Kendall Wayne White

Joey Astling

Jon Box

McKennon Edgar Laas

Josh Matthew Reneau

W. David White

Tonya Marie Barina

John Willaim Braden

Phillip Skip Elmo Lietz II

Jimmy Spruill

Amy M. Wise

Mary Anne Baring

Brian C. Cox

Bennett A. McEwen Jr.

Paul Villarreal Jr.

Roy Trey Baring III

Cody Davenport

John Moon

Eric Whipple

1993 Broiler Grand Champion

196 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


TRACIE LEE KELSO | Chairman GEORGETTE MCCUE | Vice Chairman The Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee provides a warm Texas-size welcome to all PRCA and WPRA contestants and their immediate family during the annual Stock Show & Rodeo. The committee strives to provide a family environment for the contestants and their family members while they are competing in San Antonio. They serve over three hundred warm, nourishing meals per performance in the comfortable, cozy, and friendly Hospitality Room. The committee hosts a contestant autograph session, which enables contestants to interact with the fans. The Rodeo Contestant Hospitality Committee is also responsible for organizing and hosting Mutton Bustin’ participants. The greatest hospitality in Texas is offered in the hopes of making contestants feel welcome and wanting to return to our show in the future. Holly Adams

Floyd Brown

Jeanette Giron

Roy McCue

Kimberly Roberts

William Stanley

Justin Adams

Adam Buck

Kobi Gunther

Tammy Miller

Philip Roeber

Taylor Starr

Brian Anderwald

Greg Burger

Jason Harmon

John Mitchell

Frances Sandera

Jennifer Tejeda

Paulino Arguijo Jr.

Bailey Drayton

Arty “Chip” Hawkins Jr.

Deserai Mosmeyer

Philip Sandera

Larry Thompson

Sam Ballow

Brent Engelke

Victor Huerta

McKenna Mosmeyer

Robert Sandera

Roy Tschirhart Jr.

Maren Banus

Betty Evans

James Jorgensen

Cheryl Mounger

Canna Scheib

Brandon Turner

Daniel Benedetti

Dalton Evans

Linda Kariger

John Nipp

Carl Scheib

David Weaver

Sophia Benedetti

Herman “Bud” Fisher

Barbara Kelso

Marie Nipp

Clinton Scheib

Michelle Wheiles

Teresa Benedetti

Frances Garcia

Carolyn Kempf

April Noahubi

Brenda Schuh

Meredith Wright

Ruth Bond

Joel Garcia

Gregory Kempf

Trisha O’Brien

Ronnie Schuh

Dee Zavadil

Lindsay Berchelmann

Nickey Garcia

Dr. Kimberly Klein

Katie Parker

Gayle Simon

Sherry Betts

Brandon Gilbert

Charlene Lietz

Sandy Peak

Carol Smith

Guillermo “Willie” Zepeda

Alyssa Brauchle

Gerald Giron

Tammy Loagan

Melanie Reid

Willard Smith


Drayton Realty

Galm Real Estate, LLC

Mertz Sausage

Roeber Cattle

Snoga’s Bar-B-Q

Billy Long Enterprises

Finck Las Encinas Ranch

James Murry

Mission Golf Cars

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q

Black Tie Affairs

Flowers Bakery

Las Palapas

Morlandt Electric

S.A. Packing

South Texas Cattle Women’s Association

CiCi’s Pizza

Fratello’s Deli

M.K. Marlow

Sam Ballow

Dr. Kimberly & Edward Vaughn

Frito Lay

McCoy’s Building Supply

Napa Flats Wood Fire Kitchen R.C. Page Construction

Sandera Custom Homes

South Texas Erectors Surlean Wheeler’s Feed

COMMITTEE VOLUNTEER & LIFE MEMBER OF THE YEAR TRISHA O’BRIEN - Life Member of the Year 198 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

SOPHIA BENEDETTI - Volunteer of the Year


FRANK AROCHA | Chairman JOCELYN OZUNA GUNNELS | Vice Chairman The Rodeo Program Committee raises monies for the Scholarship Fund by: (1) selling advertising in the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Souvenir Program and (2) selling advertising on the benches and barrels located throughout the Stock Show & Rodeo grounds. The committee compiles, sells, and distributes the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Souvenir Program at the AT&T Center and at other locations throughout the grounds. The annual Souvenir Program contains comprehensive information about the Stock Show & Rodeo and provides “behind-thescenes� details on the people, places and events held during the entire run of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.


David Boudreau Rich Orr

Shelia Boudreau

Reba Malone

Rich Orr

Harley Small

Delane Bruce

Val Martinez

Chris Phillips

Jim Small

Doug Campbell

Jalyn McGuffin

Denise Phillips

Lacy Small

Steve Carmichael

Kathy McGuffin

Andrew Schwartz

Craig Stone

Dustan Chalupecky

Clarissa Montanio

Pat Scott

Morgan Stone

Frank Arocha

Jackee Chalupecky

James Morgan

Rick Scott

Cyrena Wills

Frank Arocha, Jr

Mark Dunn

Karen Morgan

Robby Scott

Julius Womack

Kim Arocha

Richard Gonzales

Steven Muniz

Shaelynn Scott

Eileen Woolsey

Madison Arocha

Jocelyn Ozuna Gunnels

Carin Norton

Tricia Scott

David Boudreau

Tom Hannasch

Dora Orr

Weston Scott

200 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Visit for tons of dairylicious resources: • Nutritional information and health benefits • Recipes for kids and grown-ups • Dairy farming details, including profiles of the farmers who make it all possible



KRISTY ALLEN | Chairman DARYL PRUITT | Vice Chairman The Rodeo Retail Committee assists the commercial exhibitors who provide San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo patrons with a diverse shopping experience. Farm and ranching equipment and supplies, as well as the latest fashions in western clothing, furniture, jewelry and art, are all exhibited during the show. Volunteers of the Exhibit Committee assure continued excellence, quality and diversity of the exhibit

Dalton Adkinson

Sandra Fenrich

Audrey Katcsmorak

Kathy Pruitt

Tom Styles

Kristina Allen

Victor Furches

Katy King

Yvonne Ramirez

Harry Tetens

Ellen Andrus

David Garfield

William Long

Candace Reinhard

Lani Thorton

Robert Arevalo

Alberto Gonzalez

Mandy Lopez

Hugh Roberson

Donald Walston

Jim Bauer

Dennis Green

Susan Marbach

Janet Robinson

Clarence Weichold

Audra Baumann

Michelle Guillory

Ray Martin

Carolyn Salmans

Jolene Weichold

Dale Brown

Bernetta Haden

John Martin

Wesley Salmans

Renee Wheat

Garret Bukowski

Colby Henderson

Cheryl Mitchell

Eric Sedillo

Nelzane White

Carol Calderon

Robin Henderson

Allan Moczygemba

Garrett Sedillo

Kara Williams

Naomi Diehl

Patricia Ingram

Jacqueline Moczygemba

Stacy Sedillo

Calvin Winn

Mark Dominguez

Riley Jacks

Marion Morrison

Cecilia Shadrock

Douglas Young

Genevieve Dudek

Sherry Jacks

Gina Neill

Dorothy Slaughter

Trish Young

Valarie Elliot

Gabriella Jimenez

Gerald Peeler

Jimmy Stanton

Craig Fenrich

Darren Jurek

Linda Phillips

Kelly Styles

Mathew Fenrich

Heather Jurek

Daryl Pruitt (Vice Chair)

Mary Styles




KELLY KUEHLER | Chairman JAMES KINNEY | Vice Chairman The goal of the Rodeo Ticket Committee is to share the rodeo experience and sell rodeo and carnival tickets. This dedicated group of volunteers work with area businesses by providing online links for ticket purchases; being present at remotes taking place at various places of business to sell tickets; performing general ticket sales to companies and individuals, as well as performing other community outreaches to numerous civic, military, professional, and charitable organizations.

Dawn Badilla

Buster Horlen

Steven Sanchez

Michelle Grell

Joanna Tones

Tammy Harwood

Samantha Rankin

Jo DeLonga

Mary Meskill

Monica Torres

Leslie Paiz

Stephanie Castor-Trevino

Trish Lowe

Jennifer Sheets

Porfilio Torres

Barbara Bartlett

Evelyn Hutchinson

Angelicque Schmidt

Lauren Guerra

Kelly Tosh

Duane Heady

Richard Riley

Bobby Ehrig

Gary Meuth

Michael Tosh

Carrie Pruski

Paul Clarke

Catherine Madden

Robert Simmons

Andrew Traeger

Joy Berberek

Bobby Justice

Greg Schmidt

Joe Hall

Megan Traeger

Ramon Hernandez

Robyn Riley

Carli Elliott

Lori Miller

Lowell Tucker

Cynthia Ramos

Claudia Collins

Kyle Madden

John Smith

Mary Urey

Sherry Bettersworth

Audrey Katcsmorak

Renee’ Scull

Baillie Hardister

Connie Vela

DeAnna Hester

Cody Roberson

Gilbert Garcia

Cheryl Monroe

John Vela

Lee Ramos

Traci Cook

Theresa McNair

Albert Sosa

Jerry Williams

Rebecca Boyd

Keith Kinney

Julie Seale

Kathreyn Harris

Anita Woodward

Sue Hewson

Johnny Romero

Jennifer Georg

Charlotte Muniz

Deborah Woodward

Dora Rangel

Brian Cromeens

Mona Meikle

Deena Springer

Luke Woodward

Georgia Cantu

Sara Leal

Sandra Servantez

Shilo Harris

Mark Zatarain

Laura Hilbig

Ray Ross

Tammie Gilligan

Melissa O’Rourke

Ellen Rankin

Maggie Cromeens

Rick Mesa

Kimberly Straughan

Carissa Cartagena

Andres Lopez

Gary Sheets

Merle Taylor




SCOTT LAMOUREUX | Chairman BAILEY WOODS | Vice Chairman The S.A.L.E. for Kids Committee hosts a fundraiser which includes a live and silent auction, fully catered dinner, live music and dancing. The S.A.L.E. for Kids event proceeds are donated to the Junior Livestock Auction and to the Scholarship Fund. The committee welcomes new members in March and April of every year.

Barclay Adams

Libby Broadnax

Cally Kothman

Tricia O’Connell

Kathe Welder

Jason Adkison

Cody Courtney

Scott Lamoureux

Walter Park

Bailey Woods

Joe Aycock

Jonathan Dear

Katie Leonard

Kim Rohlfs

Sunnie Woods

Dana Barber

Caroleene Hardee

Mike McComas

Mary Rowe

Clint Worth

Kevin Barber

Kylene Helduser

Matt Maroney

Greg Rubiola

Bianca Zuniga-Horner

Chris Blake

Trey Horner

Robby Nussbaum

Gable Sadovsky

Lauren Bracken

Patrick Hurley

Chris O’Connell

Hutch Sealy

Rob Bracken, Jr.

Will Kothman

Jordan O’Connell

Ashley Voss


FA McComas, Inc.

Williams Crow Mask

Dykema Cox Smith

River City Waste

Catto & Catto, LLP

Gunn Automotive Group

Padgett Stratemann

Griffith Laboratories


Dynamic Systems, Inc.

Performance Contracting, Inc.

Wells Fargo

Bella Bridesmaids

South Texas Realty Services

North Park Toyota of San Antonio

Mechanical Reps, Inc.

Hadafew Cookin’ Crew

Texas Purple Sage

Cole Brack

C&K Lawn Services

Los Gallos Peligrosos

Ashley Voss

Chris & Stephanie Wilde

Pamela Gilbert Hurley Funeral Home Kreager Law Firm Lima Law Offices

RL Worth & Associates Johnson Controls, Inc. Hidden Falls Adventure Park

Aladdin Cleaning Sanger Altgelt

Peloton Commercial Real Sunnie & Bailey Woods Mission Restaurant Estate Supply Mary Rowe


206 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Jay & Ashley Korbell Sadovsky & Ellis, PLLC


JACKIE SIMMONDS | Chairman The Scholarship Committee promotes and reviews scholarship proposals submitted by colleges, universities, agricultural-focused organizations and associations that assist in the development of Texas youth to assure the fulfillment of the organization’s mission. The committee provides annual recommendations to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval. Committee members represent the volunteers of San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo at scholarship award presentations during the Stock Show & Rodeo, as well as throughout the year at special events and ceremonies that recognize the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo scholars.

1365 S. Main Boerne


Kenneth R. Bell

Terri Foster Weynand

Scott E. Chakales

John White Jr.

Jackie M. Simmonds

Amy M. Wise



Medical Offices


Looking to relocate or add a branch of your practice in the Boerne Area - Call regarding the single or multiple office spaces available for lease.

208 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Shawn J. Franke, PE, SECB, M.ASCE

For Information Call: (210) 392-1727

549 Heimer Rd., San Antonio, TX www. Firm Registration No. 3388

Established 1996


ANDREW STASKAVAGE | Chairman VALERIE MOORE | Vice Chairman The School Tours Committee offers a fun and educational program designed for young people to learn about the rodeo, livestock and the important role agriculture plays in the economy. Kindergarten through third grade students are guided around the Stock Show & Rodeo by local FFA, 4-H and FCCLAA high school tour guides. The students get a taste of Texas heritage and witness first-hand the fun and excitement offered at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The School Tours Committee also hosts the annual Youth Day competitions and festivities on the grounds at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Debbie Andrada

Lindsey Frazier

Linda Mairs

Lorie Kaye Schniers

Carol Swan

Mystee Arnold

Jason Phillip Galindo

Jacob Paul Martinez

Robert E. Schoeler

Kevin Swan

Katharine Jae Barnhill

Laurie M. Gibson

Terri Martinez

Alice Schoggins

Bill R. Teinert

Brian Lee Benchoff

Alice Golla

Jo Ann Massengale

Jerry Schoggins

Sandy Teinert

James Perry Beyer

John Charles Grof

Farrel Eugene Massey Jr.

Audra E. Schulz

Scott Marcus Teinert

Sharon A Bishop

Jessica Hernandez

Carla Mata

Jarrett Coleman Sefcik

Monique Valadez

Monique Bitoni

Shanna Holbrook

Matthew Jeremy Miranda

Jeffrey Ray Sefcik

Liliana Valdez

Stephen Bitoni

Marie Hrncir

Krystal Rose Moczygemba

Justin Ray Sefcik

Laurie A. Van Dyne

David Blow

Kaylee Elizabeth Ites

Valerie L. Moore

Janet Lee Smith

Christopher Michael Weaver

Sherry Blow

Lisa Jendrzey-Barnhill

Maggie R. Mullins

Nic Smith

Lawrence Nathan Winters III

Adriana Blow-Price

March Allen Kedrowski

Sandy Earlene Murphy

Ann Sorrell

Kristee Jill Wirebaugh

Brittany Blow-Smith

Kyle Leonard Kimmick

Susan Null

John Brent Sorrell

Conner N. Campbell

Lauren Kirkland

Jason C. Pfeffer

Lacey Sorrell

Debbie Lynn Cavaness

Emaleigh Kneupper

Kimberly Allison Phelan

Scott Sorrell

Krystle Revae Cowey

Erhard A. Kneupper Jr.

Daria Zonia Reyes

Vicki Sorrell

Vivian Colleen Crook

Joyce H. Kneupper

Haleligh Ricks

Justin Nicholas Stanford

Tina Crouch

Carlos Kraly

Cameron Elizabeth Riedel

Parker Madeline Staples

Ray Culak

Matt Krueger

Julie Ashton Riedel

Andrew Staskavage

Linda Mae Daniel

Staci Lee Krueger

Kevin Lee Riedel

Ella Dane Staskavage

Deborah S. Demoin

Jennie Lou Leeder

Paul A. Riggs

Karen Staskavage

Abby Rayna Fields

Marshalyn Lott

Weldon Riggs

Mitchel Jacob Staskavage

Maddy Kate Fields

Cynthia Lichelle Lowery

Courtney R. Ringelstein

Sophia Josephine Staskavage

Luis Ramon Fiqueroa

Erma Jean Lund

Cheryl Schmidt

Patricia Ann Styra

Roxanne M. Forrest

James Absher Machetta II

Sheri Schmidt

Amy Swan

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 209


RICHARD GONZALES | Chairman ELDRED “GENE” BALDWIN | Vice Chairman The Souvenir Committee is dedicated to promoting the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo by selling official San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo merchandise. This committee runs four booths during the show that stock a myriad of items. A partial list of the items includes caps, T-shirts, insulated mugs, koozies, buckles, and jackets. Proceeds benefit the Scholarship Fund.

Gloria Anderson

Colleen Cody

Celia Garcia

Ted Liljenwall

Diana Sue Puckett

Brenda Slinkard

Kelly Anderson

William J. Cody

Lalie Soto Gomez

Kathryn Lowrie

Jaime Ramirez Jr.

Rachel Solis

Ronda Anderson

Susan Coleman

Tom Lowrie

Shelley M. Rappmund

Linda J. Spear

Diana Lynn Atkins

Haley Sue Lynn Cook

Katherine Denise Gonzales

Christina Reyes

Aaron Todd Stehle

Melinda Ann Cruz

Richard Gonzales

Judy Lynch

Lisa Marie Austin

Janalyn Marie Marcx

Michelle Reyes

Courtney Stone

Harry F. Ayers

Michael Cruz

Frank L. Martinez

Sonya Rhodes

Melisa Michele Stoops

Robert Pete Ayers

Stacey Cruz

Julie Riojas

Shannon Swan

Tanya L. Baird

Betty Jean CruzCantwell

Sean F. Habina

Holly McCall Charles Brooks McIver

Ruben T. Rios

Terry L. Swan

Debbie Currie

Pat Halpin

John A. McIver

Natalie Rivas

De Ette Szydloski

Cindy Czerwien

Cathy Harmon

Jennifer JoAnne McQueen

Tony Rivas

Jacquline Tellez

Christine Diana David

Laura Ann Hawthorne

Michael Montgomery

David A. Rodriguez

Harry B. Trappe

Pamela Ann Dickens

Gilbert Hernandez

Anita S. Moore

Reannon Foster Rodriguez

Raelene Tschirhart

Laura Michelle Doege

Bonnie Jean Hunter

Paula Moore

Bertha Romo-Rios

Vance Dwayne Doege

Pat Hyatt

William E. Moore

Brandon Rowton

Amy Colleen Verdecanna

Brian Lee Belcher Diana Elizabeth Benavides

Traci Renee Donaho

Jessica Lynn Johnson

Peggy Murphy

Alec Michael Sanchez

Heather Christine Doty

Tammy Kemp

Denae’ Myers

Courtney Rae Sanchez

Diane Frances Besfer

Victoria Lynn Douglas

Monica Keyser

Susan Nentwich

Eddie Sanchez

Edward Bettis

Mark H. Dunn

Geri Kierum

Donna Neubauer

Robert Schero

Shelley S. Bettis

Mary Joe Dzierzanowski

Tracie Kiolbassa

Patricia Ochoa

Kevin Kenyon Schmitt

Robert M. Blanco

Vicki M. Espensen

Danielle Krueger

Mary Jane Ortiz

Loyette Schott

Gerald E. Brooks

Charlene Ewing

Hank Kruse

Dwayne Padalecki

Lorine Schultz

Manuel Buitron

Julie Forner

Holli Michelle Kruse

Rosalie R. Perales

Debbie Shaw

LaNae’ Christine Williams-Manning RN

Jesse Camarillo

Andrea Frankland

Kristi Heather Kyler

Ana Maria Perez

Holly Shaw

Delia Willis

Patricia C. Cantu

Andy Edwin Frankland

Bonnie Akers Kyrisch

Betsy Peterson

Sharon Shaw

Andrew Carranza

Joelene Denise Gaertner

Lindsay Lara

Neil Plumb

Patricia Lynn Sherwood

Eldred Gene Baldwin Jr. Robin S. Baldwin Zachary Tyler Baldwin Linda S. Barnes Yvette Barton Lana Lanae Bass

210 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Efrain Gonzalez Debbie S. Green Laura L. Hacker

Katherine Marie Vela Jeannie Vidal Brian Wayne Walsh Jeffrey James Walters Deanna Weisenberger Willma Jean Whitehead Gary L. Williams Janet Lynn Williams



Bank Branches

Mortgage Branches

Sonora 102 E. Main • Sonora, TX 76950 • 325-387-3861 San Angelo 5710 Sherwood Way • San Angelo, TX 76901 • 325-949-0099 2502 Southland Blvd. • San Angelo, TX 76904 • 325-947-2100 Boerne 122 West Bandera • Boerne, TX 78006 • 830-331-9118 Bulverde Singing Hills • Coming Soon

Boerne 31134 IH-10 West • Boerne, TX 78006 • 830-755-4635 San Angelo 3443 Knickerbocker Rd. • San Angelo, TX 76904 • 325-716-1744 Bulverde Singing Hills • Coming Soon Member FDIC


THAN “TW” WHEAT | Chairman LUPE VALDEZ | Vice Chairman The Trail Ride Committee works with the Trail Riders Association in its efforts to promote the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. More than 3,500 riders from 12 locations in South and Central Texas give up the comforts of home and take to the open road on horseback and in wagons to celebrate our western heritage. The ride concludes on the first Saturday of the Stock Show & Rodeo in grand fashion as each of the trail ride groups are recognized as they ride into the AT&T Center.

Omar Aguirre

Jerry Chessher

Nick Gregg

Angel Martinez

Summer Trevino

Bonnie Alberthal

Joshua Chessher

Cleve Handley

Luis Martinez

Biddy Ree Valdez

Bruce Alberthal

David Coble

Randy Haas

Donald Malicoat

Lupe Valdez

James Baird

Darrell Coe

Jeremy Helbert

Wayne McCarty

Al Walpole

Richard Barnett

Joe Coldewey

Shelly Helbert

Patrick McMullen

Melanie Walpole

Eleazar Becerra

Kyle Coleman

Myrna Herndandez

Brian McWhorter

David Weidefeld

Brandy Bielke

Mark Dickson

Santiago Hernandez

Cathy McWhorter

Dixell Wheat

Mike Blount

Alana Drew

Randell Hover

Jerry L. McWhorter

Nathan Wheat

Charlotte Breiten

Michael Dunn

Al Hyatt

Bobby Pieprzica

Renee Wheat

Michael Breiten Jr.

Dan Duran

Pat Hyatt

Bubby Pieperzica

TW Wheat

Mike Breiten

Johnny Ervin

Ricky Hyatt

Cathy Roman

Steve Williams

Bull Brewer

Donna Esparza

Marty Jones

Nicole Roman

Charlie Wootan

Lupe Briseno

Joe L. Esparza

Travis Koch

Pat Scott

Joyce Wootan

Mary Alice Briseno

Cicero Evans

Mike Latka

Rick Scott

Arlis Young

Donna Busselman

Daniel Friesenhahn

Nikki Latka

Robby Scott

Arthur Young

Robby Busselman

Ray Garcia

Jennifer Conlee May

Tricia Scott

Ryan Butler

Barbara Gibson

Les Mathews

Missy Sultenfuss

Carlos Cabello

Rip Gibson

Emily Martin

Adrian Trevino


212 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


Mesquite Allie Friesenhahn, La Grande Allison Benitez, GRA Trails Tori Verboom, Laredo Yazmin Bernal, Hill Country Kristyn Phillips, Cowboy Capital Isabelle Morgan, Texas Trail Katarina Leist, South Texas Angelica Carreon, Kerr County Miranda Mireales.

The 2016 Trail Ride Queens appeared at the 2015 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Bar-B-Q on the Freeman Coliseum Grounds: Hill country Kristyn Phillips, South Texas Angelica Carreon, Texas Trail Katarina Leist, Mesquite Allie Friesenhahn, GRA Trails Tori Verboom, La Grande Allison Benitez, and Old Chisolm Natalie Trammell.

2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo | 213

Summer Steer Jackpot Supporting the Kollin Long Initiative

Show dates for 2016: Ollie Liner Center Plainview, Texas We hope to see you all there!

For more Information contact: Buddy Long: 432-661-7700 Theresa Long: 432-664-9548 Karter Long: 432-201-0032 Kendall Long: 432-201-0027 Katie Long: 432-209-0233

All proceeds benefit the Kollin Long Initiative, supporting the youth of Texas. Thank you for your continued support!


SARA STUMBERG WALKER | Chairman DIANA TURNER | Vice Chairman The Western Art Committee is an eager committee who looks forward to putting their efforts into our local, innercity, and surrounding communities’ high school students and their western artwork. The committee’s goal is to assemble the artwork submitted during the December competition for judging and display the top pieces for patrons to enjoy during January at the Briscoe Western Art Museum and also in February during the annual Stock Show & Rodeo. The majority of the committee’s preparation is accomplished from August through February. The annual Student Western Art Auction is held in January at the Briscoe Western Art Museum.

Meredith Alvarez

Elaine Forrest

Brenda Kiolbassa

Jim Reeves

Gus Salazar

Twyla Toler Benson

Richard James Foss

Suzanne LaRocque

Linda Reeves

Annette Sendemer

Elvia Birdsong

Lenn Funkhouser

Christa Leach

Katie Reynolds

Mike Senneway

Elizabeth M. Bomer

Mike Gonzales

Janie Martinez

Joanna Rios

Gene Serene

Leonard Bucsanyi

Sylvia Gonzales

Michelle May

Glen A Ririe

Cindy Serene

Jennifer Burkett

Sam Grandy

Carol Lynn McDonald

Karen Ririe

Katy (Eaton) Silva

Clayton Carabajal

Debra Gray

Shannon Neil

Bruce Eric Rivera

Crystal Steadham

Hope Carabajal

Bonnie Heinemeyer

Lauren Newburn

Salina Rivera

Alice Tejeda

Jackie Carabajal

Joe Hely

Debra Nolen

Adriana Rodriguez

Frank Tejeda

Chuck Carbaral

Irma Hernandez

Sylvia Owen

Rick Rodriguez

Carol Thompson

Mary Eaton

John Hernandez

Joyce Phillips

Raquel Rubio

Rick Thompson

Bud Fisher

Judy Hickman

Brandy Pundt

Roland Rubio

Rebecca Throckmorton

Rosie Flores

cindy jennings

Cameron Redding

Eva Salazar

Julie Ward-Acree



turner+cleveland Certified Public Accountants



ALEX PEĂ‘A | Chairman JENNIFER DYLLA | Vice Chairman The Western Heritage Parade & Cattle Drive Committee helps produce an annual parade held prior to the start of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This parade hosts an array of entries from beautiful longhorn cattle to colorfully decorated wagons and cultural dancing groups. Many infantry groups and native heritage groups are also a part of this amazing display of western heritage and culture at its finest. The parade begins at Christus Santa Rosa Hospital in downtown San Antonio and travels down Houston Street to Alamo Plaza where children can enjoy games and activities after the parade.

Raymond Adams

Danny Burton

Eddie Mark Gomez

Lynn Holloway

Judy McDougald

Melinda Sanchez

Tracy Adams

Edward Anthony Canalez

Ernest Gomez

Anita L. Hopkins

Ruth Marie Medellin

Oscar Sepulveda

Jeffery D. Anderson

Patricia C. Cantu

James Gabriel Gomez

E. Winn Hopkins

Sandra K. Meeks

Derek Thurmond

Rhonda Anderson

Almalinda Casias

David N. Gray

David A. Jalufka

Wallace Meeks

Hope Thurmond

Ervey N. Banda

Ronnie Chakales

Austin Edward Green

Fabian J. Jarzombek Jr.

Brandon Bienek

Bonnie Marie Clutter

Dawn Green

Kimberly Ann Jarzombek

Mark Clarence Misenheimer

Thera Hope Marie Thurmond

Stacy Black

Christopher Edward Clutter

Jeremy D. Green

Konstant Edmund Jarzombek

Phillip Lee Montgomery

Frances Joy Tijerina

Angela Munoz

Leticia Tijerina

Michael Jenschke

Avalon Lucero Munoz

Juan Gabriel Trevino

Roger Lee Jones

Denver Munoz

Veronica Valdez

Jim Keeter Jr.

Tristan Ariana Munoz

Dick Vetters

James Thomas Lancaster

Jennifer Michelle Nash

Jeb Vetters

Jennifer Lancaster

Kelly Elizabeth Nash

Sharron Vetters

Alex Pena

Daneen Voigt

Jeffrey Kenneth Pierce

Mark A. Voigt

Joseph E. Ponce

Kenneth W. Wagoner

Hampton D. Pratka

Mary Wagoner

Lindsey Jeanne Prentice

William Bandit Williams

Valeriano Reyna

Cliff Winkler

Charles Ristow

Tracy Winkler

Cody Kenneth Roberts

Melissa Raye Winston

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Chance Matthew-Adam Bratton

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218 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Nathaniel Quentin Green Oliver Leroy Gunnels Jr. Andrea Allcia Haas Jacob Taylor Haas Jason Todd Haas Brian W. Harle Darren Harrington Wyatt Milton Harris Cindy Renee Harvey James R. Harvey Barry Royce Hevner Jordan Lin Hevner Levi P. Hevner Sandra Hevner John Hoffman Laura J. Hoffman Mary Hoffman Hal Holloway

Monica Langley Sullivan Latka Tina Latka Patricia M. Leonard Mamie Louie Lew Alexis Diana Long Margaret Ann Long Patti Chryl Massey William S. Massey Chester McDougald Holly Dee McDougald

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JOHN CANAVAN, III | Chairman SCOTT A. WIATRAK | Vice Chairman The Wildlife Committee produces the Texas Wildlife Expo. It is the goal of the committee to help ensure that future generations are provided ample opportunities to understand, appreciate, learn to protect, and enjoy the great outdoors. The Expo has an array of attractions and demonstrations designed to create fun, inviting ways to learn about the Texas outdoors. The Wildlife and Natural Resources Committee was formed so that wildlife and natural resources, integral elements of agriculture, could be showcased alongside of, and in the same manner as traditional agriculture.

James Arnett Baird Jr.

Theresa Marie Casals

Roger Hill III

Mark W. Malesky

Pam A. Reed

Jimmie H. Barr

Jonathan B. Cluck

Rhonda Hilla

Kari Lynn McAnally

Keith L. Rickwartz

Larry Steve Barr

Daniel John Cortez

Lori Hohmann

Larry L. McBride Jr.

Bruce John Rutkowski

Hana G. Blain

Gary Craig

Brooks Patrick Holzhausen

Juan Mendez Jr.

John Taylor Rutkowski

Sara K. Blain

Bengie Ralph Daniels

Emily Jo Johnston

Robin Lee Mendez

Brian Keith Scheele

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Archie Donaho IV

Johnny Johnston

Mark J. Metzger

Erika Ann Sudz

David Brimager

Kyle Logan Dorsett

Jamie A. Jones-McBride

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Bruce Edward Toppin III

Madison Bailey Brown

Julia Faye Fischer

Matt Lasswell

Connie Norton

Amy Torisk

Patti Lynn Brown

Lee Jason Fischer

Marion Christine Lee

W. Glenn Norton

Tracy M. Torisk

Ricky Brown Jr.

Ronald W. Fischer

Robert J. Lee

Cindy Osborn

Duane L. Westerman

Robert James Burk

Donna F. Fisher

Shirley A. Lee

Jerry W. Osborn

Karen Lynn Westerman

John M. Canavan III

Phillip Troy Fitch

Eddie Leibold

John Mo Parsons

Terri Foster Weynand

John Milton Canavan IV

Deborah M. Ford

Natalie Kay Leibold

Jack D. Petty

Preston Anthony Wiatrek

Rebecca Canavan

Frank Boyd Haring

Big John Thomas Leifester

Jaime Ramirez Jr.

Scott A. Wiatrek

Buffy Jo Carr

Jeff Franklin Hetrick

David Brian Littlepage

L. Gene Reed

Sherri Wiebush


220 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo


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DINAH NELL COVERT | Chairman The San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo wine events were established in 2009 and became an official Committee in 2011. The Wine Committee hosts three (3) annual events; the International Wine Competition held in late October, the Champion Wine Auction held in January and the Champion Wine Garden which is open during the 18-days of the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. The Champion Wine Auction and Wine Garden are the premier events for the Wine Committee. These events raise thousands of dollars to benefit the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo Scholarship Fund with an emphasis on the advancement of Texas Viticulture. Alice Marie Allen

Loretta J. Carter

Lauren Hilary Fisher

Breanne Henderson

Lisa J. Kurth

Lawrence A. Allen

Michael B. Carter

Andrea Fontenot

Leandra Marisa Hernandez

Shelly Kay Laursen

Debra Lynn Ayars

Brannon Juan Caseres

Kelly Lynn Fowler

Lynsey Hernandez

Ginia Littlepage

Patricia Marie Ballard

Juan Caseres

Christopher Roy Frazier

Humberto Herrera Jr.

Delia Lively

Stephen Michael Ballard

Toni Lane Clark

Tammy Ann Freeman

Dennis Hickl

Mary Longloy

Carroll S. Barbour

Stephanie Jarzombek Clester

Denise Marie French

Donna Hickl

Louise Lowak

Carol Baring

Roxanne Coleman

Keith Caleb Funk

Jennifer Michelle Hiller

Sharon Lubianski

Richard Louis Baring

Jan Cook

Yvonne Galindo

Monica Hines

Julie Lucas

Louis Duke Estel Barnes III

William Denman Cook Jr.

Estella Gamboa

Heidi Holcomb-Rinehart

Cimber Mabe

Lisa Lynn Barrera

Ellen Copeland

Donna J. Gann

Sandy Hornberger

Joseph Edward Mandell

Bart Wayne Barry

Denis Cotton

Joe Frank Garcia

Rosie Hrobar

Pamela Sue Mandell

Roxanne Barry

Martha Cotton

Mary Jo Garcia-Biggs

Rose Mary Hughes

Sharon E. Manning

Jennifer Marie Bell

Dinah Nell Covert

Norma Irene Garza

Brenda Irey

Patricia Maroney

Matthew Henry Benavides

Hannah Covert

Diane L. Godwin

Cindy Lerma Martinez

G. Ronald Bento

Patricia Eileen Cowley

Lisa Michelle Gonzales

Samantha Teresa Moore Jacks

Jennifer Bialek

Nancy Crockett

Joyce Melinda Gordon

Paula Marie Johnson

Laura Margarita Mendiola

Brandi Blow

Lori Lynn Diamond

Shelby Elizabeth Gordon

Kinsey Bowie

Beth Leigh Dixon

Donald Richard Gray

Mary Coy Brannan

McKenzie Doss

Lori Ellen Gray

Siobbain Anders Buckley

Albert Estrada

Deborah Grimshaw

Courtney L. Bukowski

Barbara Jonny Etheredge

Laura Marie Gulbransen

Chas Douglas Campbell Campbell

Edgar Fischel

Kelsey Kirksey Hagar

Sue Carletti

Janice W. Fisher

Jackie C. Havely

John Fisher

Michelle Healy

Treva Ann Carpenter

222 | 2016 San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo

Susan Elizabeth Jones Paulette Keller Stephanie Kelley Theresa A. Kirkpatrick Jacqueline M. Klause Sylvia Elizabeth Kneupper Harold Ray Knox Ragan Dean Koenig Kimberly Kay Kreider-Dusek

Amanda Ann McQuade Christy Lee Miller Clarinda Miller Kenneth Joseph Miller Lisa Ann Mlcak Connie Moore Kristy Morgan Mary Mulkey Kristin Dawn Muse

Elaine Margaret Newcomb

Cleda S. Patton

Stace’ Staglik Rust

Steven Siebert

Laurie Tuttle

Karen Marie Noack

Cole Daniel Pena

Donna Salazar

Elizabeth Jeanne Sitomer

Karen Vann

Nicole Marie Noack

Denise Pena

Rafael Salazar Jr.

Carleton B. Spears

Roman Gabrial Venegas

Karen Marie Noak

Johnie Jo Piper

Sue Annette Salmon

Debbie Speegle

Kimberley Linnea Vickers

Jo Beth Nye

Therese Platts

Barbara Ann Saurman

Audrey L. Staudt

Bill Warren

Todd Robert Nye

Paige Susan Pullin

Howard G. Seaton

Kimberley Jean Stevens

Nancy Warren

Krystal Pack

Gloria Ramirez

Marilyn Seaton

Robert Shawn Stevens

Mark Wendell

Travis Pack

Emeterio Hoyos Rios

Ruben Sepulveda Jr.

Raelynn Ann Stolowski

Albert J. White

Arnoldo Palacios

Sandra Rios

Sheryl Sepulveda

Saleha Sultan

Sutton Daniel Wilford

Leah Ann Pastrano

Randall Lee Anthony Robinson

Tanya Diann Shelton

Linda Summers

Tammy Yvonne Wilford

Roland Patrick Pastrano

Adriana Rodriguez

Janet Sherrill

Dawn Taylor

Dahn Windhorn

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Kym Roguski

Mary Helen Sibley

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