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Free Pregnancy Clinic in Charleston Welcome To Our Pregnancy Clinic! Cross Roads Pregnancy Care Center is Charleston’s only medical clinic offering Free Pregnancy Tests andFree Ultrasoundsto women facing unplanned pregnancies. We also offerFree Pregnancy Options Counseling to help you explore all pregnancy options. Our center is staffed with experienced medical professionals and caring peer counselors. Our mission is to come alongside women just like you and to offer the practical and emotional support you need in order to make a positive choice in the midst of a difficult life situation. We will listen to you. If you need to confirm that you are pregnant or to learn about your pregnancy options, please call us at304-344-4511 or the use theRequest An Appointmenticon to request an appointment. Or you may WalkInduring our regular business hours on Monday through Friday. Cross Roads also offers a full range of parenting support programs including Free Maternity and Baby Supplies, Free Pre-Natal Education , and Free Parenting Classes. We also offer services to women who struggle with issues relating to a past abortion. Cross Roads does not offer abortion services or make referrals for abortion.

Cross Roads is an authorized medical clinic that offers women Free Pregnancy Tests and Free Ultrasound Services. Before an abortion can be obtained, it is necessary to verify the viability of pregnancy. If you test positive for pregnancy, our caring and professional medical staff will provide you with a Free Ultrasound to verify the viability of your pregnancy.

Call: 304-344-4511 today to make an appointment with our medical clinic or make an Online Appointment using the icon above. How much does an abortion cost? An abortion may be expensive. Depending on which abortion clinic you go and the stage of pregnancy, the cost of an abortion may range from $400 to over $2,000. Should I get a free ultrasound before I go? Yes. The viability of your pregnancy must be determined before you can have an abortion. If you have not yet received an ultrasound to verify this, you may request an appointment at Cross Roads today to obtain a Free Ultrasound that will be performed by our qualified and caring medical professionals. Call us at 304-344-4511 today to make a free and confidential appointment or use the Request an Appointment Icon on this page.

Pregnancy Whenever you have sex, there is always a chance for pregnancy. If you think you may be pregnant, please contact us for an appointment to take a free and confidential pregnancy test. During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes. Some common symptoms of early pregnancy include a missed period, nausea, breast tenderness, frequent urination, tiredness and mood swings. If you think you might be pregnant, you will need to take a pregnancy test. Please contact us for an appointment to take a free and confidential test. Pregnancy tests check for a hormone called HCG that is produced by the embryo during pregnancy. The longer you wait to take the test, the more accurate it becomes. It is best to wait until your first missed period before you take a pregnancy test. You can test sooner, but you may need to take a confirming pregnancy test later.

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Free Pregnancy Clinic in Charleston  

Cross Roads Pregnancy Care Center is Charleston’s only medical clinic offering Free Pregnancy Tests and Free Ultrasoundsto women facing unpl...

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