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MAY 2010

CROSSROADS YOUTH HAPPENINGS UPWARD INWARD OUTWARD Hey Crossroads Youth! I cant believe that May is already here. This year has gone by so quickly and it is not going to stop anytime soon. We had a great month last month with our POWER sermon series. Teaching about the power of the resurrection and how we are empowered by God through the Holy Spirit. On our Baptism of the Holy Spirit night we had 4 students respond to receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and I believe our Lord is faithful and they all received. Now it is time to put into

practice what we learned about God empowering us. This month we will be busy with baccalaureate, graduation party, graduation service, and... you guessed it... MORE GRADUATION! We want to make sure we honor our graduates for the hard work they have put in this school year. All of our graduates parents are invited to the special service we will be having for them on Wednesday night May 19th. We hope to see all of you there.


Let me encourage all of you with one final word to remember that you can do ALL things through Christ! Don始t be afraid to reach out to someone. Even if you are rejected, use the power that God has given you to be His witness. I promise you God will deliver.



Outreach The outreach this month will be held on May 5th and 12th from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. at Pastor Mark’s house. There are around 40 to 50 kids that pass by his house every day on their way home from school. We are going to grill out hot dogs, hand out waters and invite all of them to church. Make sure you get involved!








S 1 Homegroup Bonfire



5 Wednesday Night Service




10 WHS Choir Concert @ WHS


12 Wednesday Night Service



15 Homegroup



19 Graduation Party







26 Wednesday Night Service




30 Leadership meeting


Water Baptism

Ice Cream Social


16 Baccalaure ate Leadership meeting

Senior Dinner in Bricktown

WHS Graduation

WHS Evening W/ Arts @ WHS

Missions Car Wash @ Chick Fil A

Coach Graduation



Don’t miss the bonfire on

Our missions team will be

May 1st at Josh McGuire’s

hosting a Car Wash on May


15th from 10 a.m. - 2p.m. at

May 15th homegroups

the Chick-fil-A on I-240. Make

will be at Pastor Mark’s

sure to stop by and support

house. Contact Pastor Mark

our Youth Missions!

for directions to either of these events


SHS Graduation

NHS Graduation

MHS, DCHS, MCHS Graduation

ICE CREAM SOCIAL Come join us after the evening service on May 2nd for ice cream and our pie in the eye contest!

Photo Captions Left: Bryce Hatton chowin’ down on some tasty baby food as a part of our food relay during WIPEOUT Bottom: Aaron Rowin doing his best impression of the Phamtom of the Opera

JUNIOR HIGH HAPPENINGS Hey Junior Highers! There is a lot going on this month that you can get involved in. This month is not only for the High School seniors. We have our Homegroups Bonfire on May 1st at Josh McGuires house. Be there at 5:30 PM for all of the fun and excitement. We will also have another homegroups on May 15 at Pastor Mark’s house. Contact Pastor Mark or Mary for directions at

Of course there are the wednesday night services where you can connect with all of your friends. Remember there are only a few weeks left of school so if there is that one friend you want in church make sure you bring them these next couple of weeks. Have a great month!

We also have our two outreach dates of May 5th and 12th at my house starting at 2:30PM. Get there anytime you can. We will be handing out hotdogs and drinks to the students in my neighborhood. Yes I know its a wednesday but we are hoping to get them to church that night.






Cody is in the 10th grade at SouthMoore High School. His favorite class this year has been History.

When he’s not at school or church, he likes to skate, wrestle, play football, run track, and he likes to jump in creeks, which usual results in injury

He LOVES Chinese Food

2 Timothy 4:7



High School Happenings Graduation! Graduation! Grduation!. That is all I have to say about the High School happenings. We have so much geared around graduation it’s not even funny.

I was born and raised in Katy, Texas. I met Cory at Katy High School and we started dating about a year after I graduated. We married after a short 7 months of dating! Here we are 9 years later in Oklahoma City with 2 beautiful girls. I was saved when I was 3 months pregnant with Lilly. I decided that I wanted my children to know God. I wasn’t raised in church at all growing up and I wanted better for my kids. My husband and I received our call to the youth ministry in May of 2009. My goal as a youth sponsor is to be there for these kids and to help grow them in the word of our Lord. I want to be that life line to Him that they may not other wise see or reach. Since being involved, I have fallen in love with each and every student and look forward to my time with them on Wednesday nights. Thank you for sharing them with me.

The first thing we have is our graduation service on May 16th. That afternoon (May 16th), we have the Moore Public Schools Baccalaureate at Crossroads Church at 3PM. We will then have the Senior Dinner that Monday night. Seniors will need to meet at the church at 6PM. Our Wednesday Night Graduation Service will be immediately followed by the Senior Party at Joe Johnston’s house. Its is going to be a busy week. Not to mention all of the graduations that are going on that week. Here is a list on graduations:

Right: A few of our seniors Sarah Kiper and Jolie Young cheesin’ for the camera


Westmoore High School - May 18th @ 7PM @ Cox Center Southmoore High School - May 21st @ 7PM @ Cox Center Midwest City High School - May 22nd @ 9AM @ 1st Southern Baptist Del City High School - May 22nd @ 1PM @ 1st Southern Baptist Moore High School - May 22nd @ 4PM @ Cox Center Coach Graduation - May 27th @ 6PM @ Crossroads Church Norman High School - May 28th @ OU Those are the graduations that I have. Hope you all have a great senior week and a great month!


LETTER FROM PASTOR MARK AND MARY This is going to be a great month and I cant wait to see what God does in our services. I can already tell you guys are hungry for more than just an average relationship with God. We are going to press in to Him like never before and we are going to reach out to students like never before. I hope a lot of you will be able to join us at my house the next two weeks for our outreach. We will be handing out hot dogs and drinks to the students in my neighborhood. These students could be your friends so if you want a chance to reach out to one of your friends be there. I want to encourage you to continue to be Upward.Inward.Outward in everything that you do. God is the number one thing in your life so keep Him where He is supposed to

be. Remember that there are people that you are around every single day that you need to reach. I cant do it, your parents cant do it and your friends cant do it, you have to. Last thing is to continue to read the word and do what it says. Become a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We love you guys! In Christ, Mark & Mary Thornton

2010... The year of PURPOSE!

May Birthday’s Chris Sanders Jr. - May 12th Rachel Shubert - May 18th Riley Porterfield - May 22nd

Prayer Request’s • Please pray for a quick recovery and easy surgery for Ally Babcock. • Pray for God to move in the Youth Ministry in a big way. • Stephen Hardy has an unknown disease and mother has cancer. • Aaron Rowin has a hiatal hernia and gastritis. • Aubree Bennett has an unspoken medical issue. Pray for healing!

May Youth Newsletter  

Youth events for May 2010

May Youth Newsletter  

Youth events for May 2010