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The Perks of Being on

CAMP STAFF It is not easy serving 4,000 youth each summer. It takes the best and brightest to deliver a memorable camping experience. Nearly 400 members join camp staff each season to support four primary camps that make Crossroads of Ameica Council one of the largest and most successful camping locales in the Midwest. Camp areas vary by location, but include: • STEM • Sustainability • High Adventure • Waterfront • Nature • Communications • Shooting Sports • Field Sports • Horse Corral • Outdoor Skills • Dining Hall • Health Lodge • Commissioner

“I thought it would be really cool to work here because then I can make an impact on the Scouting and give back to the community.” - Sean Keegan, Camp Krietenstein Staff 2015

“Camp is a time for personal growth and a time to enrich the lives of kids. It’s the best way to spend a summer.” - Chris Myers, Scoutcraft 2005

As part of the camp staff expect to: • Work with youth; • Teach life-long skills; • Lead exciting programs; • Be in the great outdoors; • Enjoy food and lodging; • Earn a compeditive wage; • Meet new friends and be surrounded by great people; • Give services to a worthwhile organization.

To apply for a camp staff position, submit your application online at:

Ransburg Scout Reservation • Facebook: @RansburgBSA • 7599 Waldrip Creek Rd. Bloomington, Ind., 47401

Camp Krietenstein • Facebook: @CampK1922 • 6445 E. Co. Rd. 575 N. Center Point, Ind., 47840

Camp Belzer

Camp Kikthaweund

• Facebook: @campbelzer • 6102 Boy Scout Road, Indianapolis, Ind., 46226

• Facebook: @CampKikthawenund • 7651 W. 500 N. Frankton, Ind., 46044

2017 camp staff flyer  
2017 camp staff flyer