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After community outcry, county officials rethink the decision to close the 47-year-old Scott-Candler Library on April 1. It will stay open until June. 3

Known by the ancient Incas as “the mother of all grains,” quinoa is high in fiber, glutenfree, and rich in magnesium, phosphorous and iron. 11

An orchestra comprising 80 fourth- and fifth-graders from four elementary schools will perform at the state Capitol on March 30. 13

Library to stay open longer

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Packed with protein

March 26, 2011

Orchestral excellence

Volume 16, Number 48

Linda Carter resigns after 10 years as clerk of Superior Court By Jennifer Ffrench Parker

After serving 10 years as DeKalb’s second African-American clerk of Superior Court, Linda Carter resigned effective March 24. Carter, who would have been up for re-election for a fourth four-year term, tendered her resignation to Gov. Nathan Deal Thursday. She gave no reason for her sudden departure but named Debra DeBerry, her chief deputy for judicial and administration, as her

successor. To keep the job, DeBerry would have to run for election in 2012. While Carter’s resignation seemed sudden, sources close to her office said her departure was no surprise to her emLinda Carter ployees. Carter did not return telephone calls at press time, but friends say she had been hav-

ing health issues and felt it was time to go. The clerk of Superior Court manages all court and land records for DeKalb County. In 2000, Carter was a relative unknown in DeKalb politics when she challenged Jeanette Rozier, who was the first African-American to win election to the office in 1996. Rozier was a longtime South DeKalb resident and active NAACP worker with a long history of public service. Carter, a former criminal law clerk in Harris County, Texas, had relocated to South DeKalb just 12 years

earlier. She beat the pavements to introduce herself to voters and defeated Rozier in a runoff. Four years later in 2004, she faced six challengers, including Rozier, who was trying to make a comeback. In her third run for the office in 2008, Carter handily defeated her lone challenger, winning 86.1 percent of the vote. Since that re-election, she has kept a low profile and has rarely been seen at community meetings.

Gasification Plant on Hold Lithonia resident Gerald Sanders spoke against Green Energy Partners’ proposed biomass gasification plant at the March 22 zoning public hearing.

Commissioners defer action on permit for 60 days By Jennifer Ffrench Parker

The DeKalb Board of Commissioners pulled back this week on approving the county’s first biomass gasification plant. At its March 22 zoning public hearing, the four commissioners present at the meeting voted unanimously to defer their decision on Green Energy Partners’ Special Land Use Permit application until their May 24 meeting. Both Lee May and Stan Watson, in whose Commission 5 and 7 districts the proposed $60 million plant will sit, said they needed more time to gather information about any environmental or health effects that the plant will have on the community and its residents. District 6 Commissioner Kathy Gannon and District 2 Commissioner Jeff Rader were also in attendance. May said he wants to bring in a third party to review the process and tell him what the hazards are. May said he has attended several community meetings and has heard the concerns of citizens. “You are concerned about what effect this will have on your health,” he said. “It’s a valid concern.” May said he is hoping to find someone or a group that both the developers and the residents can agree on to provide that opinion. “We need to take a closer look to answer all the questions,” he said. Watson said that he is going to talk to the Environmental Protection Division and others to get an understanding about the issues of health and environmental racism. “Deferral will give us a chance to do that,” Watson said before supporting the full-cycle 60-day deferral. It was standing room only for many at the hearing as opponents and supporters of the plant packed the Maloof Auditorium for the board’s first hearing into the application. Marietta-based Green Energy Partners is seeking to lift existing conditions on the

Photos by Jennifer Ffrench Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Plant opponents wore “Vote NO” tags on their black shirts while Green Energy supporters sported green shirts at the crowded hearing before the DeKalb Board of Commissioners.

property and get a SLUP to build the plant on the property that is zoned M-2 for heavy industrial use. The opponents, mostly residents of Lithonia, wore black with the word “NO” pinned to their shirts. Green Energy Partners’ supporters wore green shirts. Gerald Sanders, who lives a quarter mile

chips into electricity using a non-emission gasification technology. It plans to sell the electricity to Georgia Power Co. and says it will take 100,000 tons of wood chips to generate 10 megawatts of electricity to power 7,000 homes. Patrick Ejike, chief operating officer of Aku-Bata Group LLC, which is managing the county application process for Green Energy, said only indirect heating will be applied to the wood chips. “There is no combustion at the plant,” he said. “No flame comes into direct contact with the wood chips. There are no ashes.” Ejike told the commissioners they should vote for the project based on the science and the facts. “This is safe based on the codes of the county,” he said. Residents have been fighting the plant since it was first proposed last summer on the grounds that it will be harmful to their health and to the environment. They say enough is not known about the health effects of emissions from the gasification process that will be used. The project was first proposed for a 26-acre site in the city of Lithonia, but the

from the plant’s proposed site, told the commissioners that he did not recognize any of the people wearing the green shirts. “They must have bused them in,” he said. “I know they don’t stay in Lithonia.” Green Energy Partners has a 20-year contract with DeKalb County to collect and convert residential tree clippings and wood Please see BIOMASS, page 6




March 26, 2011

Parents talked with dozens of summer camp operators and children enjoyed an afternoon of fun activities at Stonecrest.

Scenes from the 2011 Summer Camp Expo

Jennifer’s Dance Company members were crowd pleasers with their energetic routines at CrossRoadsNews’ 2011 Summer Camp Expo at the Mall at Stonecrest.

Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews

The display by Big Thinkers Science Exploration, an eight-week camp for rising kindergartners through fifthgraders who love science and like to build gadgets, captured the attention of youngsters at Stonecrest.

Jennifer Ffrench Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Carla Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Kelli Ffrench-Parker (left) and Brittany Carter modeled summer camp fashions from Macy’s during the Expo fashion show.

Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Jennifer Ffrench Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Little ones are entertained by a clown making balloon creations.

Exhibitors’ colorful displays filled the mall. At top right, Vennerette Robertson of Lithonia won a gift basket, while publisher Jennifer Parker (bottom photo, from left) presented a $500 camp scholarship to Jamie Dugas of Winder for daughter Dajah with help from emcee Pam Holmes.

Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews

March 26, 2011




With the intervention, the branch will now stay open with reduced hours. It will be closed Friday and weekends.

After outcry, Scott-Candler Library to stay open until June 30 By Carla Parker

The Scott-Candler library branch in Decatur will remain open until June 30 and after kids go on summer break. The library on McAfee Road was slated to close April 1 as part of cost-cutting measures to plug a $3 million, or 22 percent, decrease in the library system’s budget. Following a community uproar last week, the board of trustees and DeKalb Commissioner Larry Johnson delayed the closing. They announced the reprieve at a March 22 meeting called by the Friends of the Scott-Candler Library to lobby for keeping the branch open. Johnson told the meeting of about 50 people that they will revisit the situation after the DeKalb Board of Commissioners’ midyear budget review in June. Alison Weissinger, the library system’s acting director, said the library staff and board of trustees heard the cries of the community. “We tried to be responsive to the community and their needs.” The trustees voted March 9 to close the 47-year-old branch, eliminate Sunday opening hours at most branches, cut Friday and Saturday hours at four branches, and cut night hours one day a week at all branches. With the intervention, the branch will now stay open with the reduced hours. Effective April 4, it will open Monday and Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Wednesday and

Carla Parker / CrossRoadsNews

More than 50 people attended a March 22 meeting called by the Friends of the Scott-Candler Library to lobby to keep the branch open. The reprieve was announced at the meeting.

Thursday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It will be closed Friday and weekends. Johnson said the compromise was made to keep the branch open for the kids. “We have young people who got the CRCT test, SAT, finding scholarships, finding jobs, and they need this library to use the computers,” Johnson said. With a tight county budget, Johnson said the DeKalb Library System must come to the commissioners with efficiencies before they set the millage rate in June. “That’s when we’ll finally know what budget you will have so we’ve bought some time,” he said.

Twelve-year-old Sekondi Landry, who started a petition to save the branch, said he was very happy to hear that the library was staying open. “We need the library here because there is nowhere else to study,” said Sekondi, who is home schooled. “A lot of people don’t have computers so they come here to use the Internet.” Nathan Knight, his great-grandfather, said his great-grandson started the petition when heard he that the library was closing. “He went through the community to get signatures,” Knight said. “He got 97 signa-

tures to save this library. We use this library and we’re proud of it.” Knight said he understands that the county has to make cuts because of the bad economy but children should not have to deal with “adult problems.” “They don’t understand a $5 million budget,” he said. A replacement library is under construction on Candler Road, next door to the Candler Road Senior Center. It is expected to open in early 2012. Vivian Moore, who lives off Glenwood Road and uses the Scott-Candler Library, said she doesn’t want the branch to close at all but that she is OK with the reprieve. “I am happy they are not closing the library in the middle of the school year,” she said. “People use that library and kids need access to it to do their homework.” Moore said dozens of people signed up for the Friends group and they will work with the county and the library system to ensure that the new branch opens on time. The library system has three new branches – Stonecrest, Hairston Crossing and Salem/Panola – completed at a cost of $16.6 million that are sitting locked up because it does not have the staff to operate them. “Look at the Stonecrest Library,” Moore said. “It’s a beautiful library, but it is closed. We don’t want that to happen here.” The county now plans to open those branches in April and May.

Accomplice gets probation in slaying Deal gets eight nominees for two By Carla Parker

Amanda Dove, who drove the getaway car in the murder of Jameelah Qureshi, was sentenced to 15 years of probation for her role in the crime. Superior Court Judge Clarence Seeliger sentenced Dove on March 17. Dove, who pleaded guilty to accessory after the fact, felony false statement and felony obstruction charges, cooper- Amanda Dove ated with the district attorney in the trial of triggerman Luis A. Porras, who is serving life without parole plus five years for the murder. The state had recommended a 15-year sentence, with three years in prison and 12 years of probation to follow, but Seeliger gave her probation instead. Porras gunned down 40-year-old Qureshi on Aug. 15, 2009, in the driveway of her Lithonia home. The fiancée of DeKalb County Police Sgt. D.A. Thomas was the mother of Porras’ former girlfriend. Qureshi had disapproved of her daughter dating him. On Feb. 15, a DeKalb jury found Porras guilty of malice murder, two counts of felony murder, possession of a firearm during commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a first offender probationer. Dove testified against him.

The two were arrested on Aug. 24, 2009, and after lying to police twice, Dove confessed that Porras shot and killed Qureshi and that she drove his green pickup truck from the scene. She spent four months in jail before making bond on Dec. 22, 2009. Erica Allen, Qureshi’s cousin, said she feels torn about Dove’s sentencing. “I feel she should have done some more jail time,” Allen said. “I understand her role in the case and I’m thankful for her coming forth with the truth, but she still had a role in the crime.” Chris Gully, whose son witnessed the killing, said she was very upset about the sentencing. “It doesn’t matter if she didn’t pulled the trigger, she was there. She knew what [Porras] was going to do, she watched him shoot Jameelah and she drove the truck afterward.” Under her probation, Dove must have substance abuse evaluation within 30 days of the plea and alcohol and drug screens, have a job or attend school, and live with her parents for the first year. She cannot have contact with Porras or the Qureshi-Thomas family. She also must pay restitution in the amount of $10,367. Gully said she is moving her family from the area for fear of a gang retaliation. “She was on drugs and in a gang. If she could help him kill someone, then what makes you think she won’t help someone else to kill?”

DeKalb State Court vacancies Eight DeKalb lawyers have been picked by the Judicial Nominating Commission for consideration by Gov. Nathan Deal to fill two DeKalb State Court vacancies. The nominees are Akintunde Akinyele, Akintunde Akinyele a senior assistant district attorney; Scott Bonder, a partner at Fried & Bonder LLC; Stacey Hydrick, a partner at Hedrick Law LLC; Asha Jackson, a partner at Carlock, Copeland, and Stair LLP; Gregory Lohmeier, an assistant attorney general; Johnny Mason Jr., administrative law judge at the State Board of Workers’ Compensation; Matthew McCoyd, a DeKalb County senior assistant district attorney; and

Eleanor Ross, a Fulton County executive assistant district attorney. Deal will pick two of the nominees to fill the positions vacated by Barbara J. Mobley and J. Antonio DelCampo. Mobley resigned her Johnny Mason Jr. judgeship on Feb. 4 to fend off a judicial misconduct investigation by the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission. DelCampo, one of two Hispanic judges on the bench, voluntarily quit Feb. 16, citing financial hardships. His resignation was effective March 15. Deal will begin interviewing the nominees in early April. It was unclear at press time when he will make the appointments.




March 26, 2011

It is estimated that Georgians send $250 million worth of recyclables to landfills every year and pay an extra $100 million to bury that material.

Recycling benefits us in so many ways 2346 Candler Rd. Decatur, GA 30032 404-284-1888 Fax: 404-284-5007

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Am I the only one who can see the air? I often ask myself this while driving into downtown Atlanta. Our lifestyle does impact our environment, so I’m writing this letter about why recycling in De­ Kalb County is important and inviting you to make an investment in our future by getting involved in the curbside recycling program. In 1968 there were only 3.5 billion people on the planet. This year the world’s population will hit 7 billion. This population explosion is requiring us to do things differently. America represents about 309 million people or just 5 percent of the world’s population, but we generate 30 percent of the world’s waste. On average, Americans generate 4.3 pounds of trash per person per day. In Georgia that average is 4.9 pounds per day. It is estimated that 40 percent of what goes into our landfills is recyclable. Yes we understand that preserving the environment may not be one of our top priorities, but please consider how recycling impacts our economy and community.

Recycling creates jobs We have become a disposable society based on convenience. We don’t want to take that extra minute or pay a small fee to recycle. Everything produced requires raw materials, energy, water and transportation. When we throw paper,

plastic, and aluminum into our landfills, we are discarding valuable materials that can help Georgians get back to work and increase revenue for many of our businesses. Georgia is the second-largest pulp and paper producer in the nation and employs 25,000 Georgians. Our state is home to 22 paper mills, most of which use at least some recycled content; nine use 100 percent recycled fiber. One-third of all the PET plastic, including water and juice bottles, recovered in North America is used by Georgia’s carpet industry. The recycled plastic industry in Georgia represents $1.5 billion in annual sales and employs 36,000. Local recyclers can’t get enough material to send to manufacturers. Atlanta is home to Novelis, the largest aluminum recycler in the world. Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable and takes 95 percent less energy to recycle an aluminum can than it takes to mine the aluminum ore and make a can from scratch. It is estimated that Georgians send $250 million worth of recyclables to landfills every year and pay an extra $100 million to bury that material.

Investment in the future Recycling is one of the most basic practices we can do to promote sustainability in our own community. There is overwhelming scien-

tific evidence that the climate has changed in the past 100 years with automobiles and the industrial revolution. The combination of increased population and advances in technology is changing our environment and impacting our quality of life. Because of our use of fossil fuels, carbon gases are being trapped on the earth, which compromises our planet, creating extreme weather conditions such as 70-degree temperatures in February and 100 inches of snow on the East Coast. Floods, tornadoes and hurricanes are becoming more widespread. Childhood asthma has significantly increased. According to the Clean Air Campaign, last year Georgia students missed 1 million days of school because of asthma and respiratory illness. Can we afford to use products one time then discard them as trash without a second thought or can we consider getting the maximum number of uses out of basic raw materials? Make an investment in DeKalb’s future. Call DeKalb Sanitation at 404-294-2900 to get started recycling. For more information, visit http://www. tation/san_Residential_Curb side_Recycle.html. Michelle Wiseman lives in Tucker.

Stop the Wilson Welding access road Please stop the construction of the access road between Wilson Welding and the Snapfinger Lake subdivision. If “quality of living” for South DeKalb residents is a true focus of local representatives, this access road into our neighborhood brings forth a great question: Who are you working and fighting for, residents or this neighboring business? Here is a quick overview of what is taking place in our neighborhood. DeKalb County has agreed to build an access road to assist

Wilson Welding vehicles in making left-hand outbound turns at the entrance of Snapfinger Lake. The county thought nothing of our neighborhood, never asked for our opinions, and held no public hearing. As a matter of fact, the access road was never voted on by our CEO or commissioners. This access road is already eradicating our quality of living. The road is an eyesore, will decrease the value of our homes, and will cause congestion with respect to incoming and outgoing traffic.

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Scott-Candler Library to stay open until June 30 3

The Scott-Candler library branch in Decatur will remain open until June 30 and after kids go on summer break.

Greater Piney Grove celebrates loan payoff


Up to this point, local representatives have seen no reason to respond to our concerns. But I urge our residents and the entire South DeKalb family to let your voices be heard. Contact CEO Burrell Ellis; Commissioners Stan Watson and Larry Johnson; state Rep. Rahn Mayo; and DOT Commissioner Robert Brown. Every voice is of value when preserving and enhancing the quality of living in South DeKalb. A. Le’Nard Harris II lives in Decatur.

Franklin at Stonecrest


Multi-platinum-selling gospel artist Kirk Franklin will celebrate the release of his new CD at the Mall at Stonecrest on March 31.

GEMA urges tornado preparedness


SDCHL is a free clinic that served 1,953 residents in 2010. So far this year, we have seen 37 new patients and 121 return patients in just 16 hours of service. Renee Ranson

Please make your health care a priority On March 2, I received a call. Volunteer William Thigpen had suddenly passed away. His wife, Tshean Thigpen, is also a volunteer. William Thigpen was a recent graduate of Everest Institute-Decatur campus HVAC program. He was diliRenee Ranson gently looking for employment and put his family’s needs above his need for his medication. He would get his meds next time – bills were due. I am disenchanted by the debate regarding the right and need for health care by the government. The South DeKalb Center for Healthy Living is a free clinic that served 1,953 community residents in 2010. So far this year, we have seen 37 new patients and 121 return patients in just 16 hours of service. My heart is heavy. Funds are low. Providers are needed. Most of all, while the government churns the brew of bureaucracy, the community residents that cast votes are going without health care for a year or more. Some cannot fill their prescriptions, are on the verge of diabetic coma, are on the verge of or have damaged their kidneys. Wake up! Call your representative. Reach out to a free clinic. Donate. Volunteer. Help us help others. Take care of yourself! Renee Ranson is executive director of the South DeKalb Center for Healthy Living in Lithonia.

Career Day puts students in touch with professionals 12 Students at DeKalb High School of Technology-South got some insights into what it takes to be successful during the school’s first Career Day.

Bouie students to Hawaii 12

Times may be tough, but members of Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church in Atlanta have much to be thankful for.

Spring is here and so is tornado season, and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency is encouraging all residents to turn to now to get prepared.

Nine plus-size girls receive free prom dresses 6

Gluten-free quinoa offers complete protein 11

Free cheerleading camp in Lithonia 13

Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has been eaten by people in the Andes of South America for 3,000 to 4,000 years.

Girls ages 7 to 15 years old can learn cheer, dance and other techniques at a free cheerleading camp in Lithonia on April 2.

Prom is a special time for high school juniors and seniors, but for nine girls, the 2011 prom will be extra special. Circulation Audited By

Discovery/Gifted students from E.L. Bouie Traditional Theme Elementary School are in Hawaii this week.

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“In a financial climate where the world is yet in a recession, God has smiled on this body of believers.”

Greater Piney Grove celebrates loan payoff Times may be tough, but members of Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church in Atlanta have much to be thankful for. After paying off its $400,000-plus mortgage note earlier this month on its Promised Land at East Lake project, the 7,000-member church held a Mortgage Burning Ceremony on March 20 during its three Sunday services. The church purchased the 30-acre property in 1996 to build a 90-unit assisted living and memory care community for people 55 and older adjacent to the existing church property. That debt lingered as the church worked to build senior housing with partner Bright Communities. The debt was retired after pastors, deacons and the congregation voted overwhelmingly in February to pay off the debt immediately. That Promised Land project is slated for completion in spring 2012. During the ceremony, William E. Flippin, the church’s senior pastor, told the congregation not to rest on its laurels. He said that members need to remain focused as the church moves forward. Plans include building a new worship center within the next three to five years. Flippin said that neither he and church leaders nor the congregation can take credit for the accomplishment. “God gets all the credit. We trust him more tomorrow than we did yesterday.” Church administrator James D. McWhorter said they were celebrating and worshipping God for being debt-free.



March 26, 2011


Cemetery Facts Dwayne Green Tara Garden Chapel

Q: If I purchased cemetery plots and made funeral arrangements, what do I do if I move out of the area?

The Rev. William E. Flippin ceremoniously burns Greater Piney Grove Baptist Church’s $400,000plus mortgage note on its Promised Land at East Lake project on March 20.

“In a financial climate where the world is yet in a recession, God has smiled on this body of believers,” he said. The church, which had humble beginnings 97 years ago on Bell Street in the Sweet Auburn District, relocated from Boulevard in Atlanta’s Old Fourth Ward district to Glenwood Avenue in DeKalb County in November 1971. It has steadily upgraded and expanded its buildings, campus and ministries, paying in full for the projects ahead of schedule. Its Family Life Center, constructed in

1996, exceeded its original cost, but the $1 million-plus mortgage note was burned in 2003 – half the time of the original loan. The church also suffered a setback in 2003 when a mentally ill member set fire to the church. It rebounded with a “From Ashes to Assurance” campaign. Last year, through the efforts of its Million Dollar Campaign, its bus and church loans were retired. Greater Piney Grove is at 1879 Glenwood Ave. S.E. For more information, visit www. or call 404-377-0561.

Help sought in hit-run

Ex-cop sentenced in sex case

A driver who fatally struck a pedestrian in Lithonia is still on the run. The DeKalb County Police Department’s Traffic Specialist Unit is asking for the public’s assistance in locating the driver who hit and killed 59-year-old Dennis Greer on March 21. Detectives said Greer was walking along the 7500 block of Union Grove Road shortly before 9 p.m. when he was struck by an unknown vehicle. The driver immediately fled the scene and failed to render aid. Investigators determined that Greer was walking eastbound in the westbound lane of Union Grove when the accident occurred less than 300 yards from his home. Detectives believe he was walking along the curb because of the lack of sidewalks. There were no witnesses to the accident; however, a passer-by observed Greer’s body in the roadway and alerted police. Anyone with information is asked to call 404-294-2600.

A former DeKalb police officer will serve 30 days in jail and must register as a sex offender for forcing two women to perform oral sex on him in lieu of arrests. Javier Garces pleaded guilty to two counts of sodomy and one count for violation of oath of office in Judge Clarence Seeliger’s courtroom on March 14. Garces, who was on duty at the time, forced two different women to perform Javier Garces oral sex on him in January and February 2009 in lieu of arrests. Seeliger sentenced Garces to three years to serve 30 days in jail. He must also register as a sex offender. District Attorney Robert James said Garces’ actions were inexcusable. “Instead of upholding his oath of office, he preyed on the very people he was tasked to protect,” James said.

!"#$%&'#()*)+('#,+#-%)#./01&.-&,+'#,/# the funeral home or cemetery where you originally made your arrangements – and where you plan to move. If you’ve purchased a site in an independent cemetery, moving may mean selling your plot, which can involve unexpected paperwork and fees. Our cemetery is part of the Dignity Memorial® network, the nation’s largest provider of quality funeral and cemetery services. With our National Transferability program, if you move more than 75 miles away from your original residence, any other cemetery in our network will honor your arrangements. A planning professional will help you adjust your plan and select new property. If you have paid for your cemetery arrangements in advance, you will be guaranteed the valueequivalent of your plan and chosen property. # 21.++&+3# 4,56# 0+.1# 6)'-&+3# *1.7)# in advance is so important for your peace of mind and that of your family. We assure you that any plan you make with us will be honored and transferred to the Dignity Memorial location of your choice, worry-free. Dwayne Green has over 20 years experience in the funeral industry and is a licensed funeral director associated with Tara Garden Chapel, a member of the Dignity Memorial® network serving the Atlanta South community. He frequently offers funeralrelated advice and counseling to area families. For information or to ask a question, contact Dwayne at 770-471-7171.




March 26, 2011

“We wanted to collect 100 dresses and we got that and more. The community stepped up and gave us some nice dresses.”

Nine plus-size girls receive free prom dresses By Carla Parker

Prom is a special time for high school juniors and seniors, but for nine girls, the 2011 prom will be extra special. The students received a free prom dress from Decatur-based Plus Size Clothing Recyclers on March 19 after writing an essay on “what my community means to me.” The thrift shop on Columbia Drive, which caters to women sizes 12 and up, collected age-appropriate dresses from the community to give to teens who are unable to afford dresses for the prom. This year’s prom season kicks off on April 1. LeToya Turner, who co-owns the stores with Yesha Jackson, said the donations from the community help them reach their goal. “We wanted to collect 100 dresses and we got that and more,” Turner said. “The community stepped up and gave us some nice dresses.” The shop has about 90 prom dresses left and Turner said the other dresses will be sold for $15 to $25. Turner and Jackson, who are both plussized women, said plus-size girls struggle to find age-appropriate dresses that fit and are affordable. “It’s a challenge being a size 28 and going to the prom,” Turner said.

Yesha Jackson (left) and LeToya Turner collected age-appropriate prom dresses from plus-size women to donate to girls who were unable to afford them.

Carla Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Last September, after exchanging clothes for years, Turner and Jackson began collecting clothes for plus size women and selling them for $25 or less. They opened Plus Size Clothing Recyclers on Columbia Drive in December. “Someone who is a size 30 can’t find and outfit for $25,” Turner said. Their store sells tops, jeans, dress pants, dresses, skirts, shoes and purses.

The women purchase clothing at garage sales, the Internet and other thrift stores. “Not only do we recycle clothing but we also recycle money into the community,” Turner said. The store recycles its inventory in three months. After 30 days, unsold clothes are marked down. Sixty days after that, they are donated to the Atlanta Union Mission homeless shelter.

Forum offers details about new jobs law Entrepreneurs and small-business owners can learn about new tools and offer comments at the “Jobs Act Tour” event on March 30 in Atlanta. The free, one-day forum, which starts at 9:30 a.m. at the Loudermilk Center, highlights new tools and resources coming out of the Small Business Jobs Act that was signed into law on Sept. 27, 2010. Sessions will include opportunities to comment on new federal contracting provisions and to learn about new Small Business Administration resources targeted at increasing access to capital, expanding exporting, and providing more counseling and training. SBA experts and leaders are hosting the event. Sessions range from opportunities in accessing capital, new SBA loan programs, resources for counseling and training, exporting opportunities for small businesses, and a round table for current and prospective SBA lenders. The Loudermilk Center is at 40 Courtland St. N.E. For more information and to R.S.V.P., visit

Green Energy CEO disputes residents’ claims of environmental racism BIOMASS,

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Lithonia City Council voted it down in December. Green Energy Partners now proposes to build the 79,710-square-foot plant on a 21.12-acre property at 1744 and 1770 Rogers Lake Road, just outside Lithonia city limits. Ruby Bozeman-Davis, a co-founder of the Unhappy Taxpayer Voter Association, asked commissioners at Tuesday’s meeting how many times residents must tell the county they do not want the plant. “At what point will you stop allowing this in our community?” Bozeman-Davis asked. “We say, ‘No we don’t want it in our community.’ Our children have asthma. “Our women have breast cancers. We know we have more cancers in South DeKalb. What is it that we have to do to tell you we don’t want it?” She said that the promise of lots of jobs is a lie. “This Green Energy is not good for us,” she said. “All they are doing is harming our community. I know that I won’t be here 30 years from now, but my grandbabies will be here. I want them to be safe.” Residents also told the commissioners that Lithonia already has too many landfills

Green Energy Partners files Marietta-based Green Energy Partners has a 20-year contract with DeKalb County to collect and convert residential tree clippings and wood chips into electricity using a non-emission gasification technology. The company is seeking a Special Land Use Permit to build a biomass gasification plant on 21.12 acres at 1744 and 1770 Rogers Lake Road in Lithonia. Size of proposed plant . ............................................................ 79,710 square feet Cost of proposed plant ....................................................................... $60 million Jobs during construction .................................................................................. 479 Permanent jobs ................................................................................................. 98 n Dec. 6, 2010 – Lithonia City Council rejected a proposal to build the plant on a 26acre property on Bruce Street within the city of Lithonia. n Jan. 5, 2011 – Application for a Special Land Use Permit and modification of the zoning conditions filed with DeKalb County.

and that adding a biomass gasification plant revenues for the county is worth that.” When he took the to the area would amount to environmental podium to rebut the resiracism. The proposed site is across the street dents, Neville Anderson, from Rogers Lake Landfill and a county waste Green Energy Partners transfer station. CEO, told the commisAndrew Bostic, who lives a mile from the sioners that the reports site of the proposed plant, said he has seen being used by the residents the studies that show that even brief exposure speak to the gasification to carbon monoxide is harmful to health. of municipal solid waste “I am adamantly against getting a headache every day,” he said. “No amount of Neville Anderson and not wood chips. “When I look at that report I grow alarmed,” he said. “But it is not our project. The information the citizens are basing their opposition on is not our project.” Anderson said permits have been issued for gasification plants across the Southeast and that the Georgia Environmental Protection Division has approved 17 permits statewide. “A gasification plant is operating in Con­yers behind Wal-Mart for five years and there have been no complaints,” he said. “In

the Southeast, 180 other communities have approved these plants.” Anderson said that they have found no empirical evidence that the plants are harmful. “Their [residents’] concerns are based on incorrect data,” he told the commissioners. Anderson said plants have been permitted in Rome, the University of South Carolina, in Vermont, and in Forsyth County. “Forsyth is a white county,” he said. “Where is the environmental racism?” Anderson said that the “Deborah Jackson-led campaign” has been virulent in its opposition to the project, which will create nearly 500 jobs during construction and 98 permanent positions. “It will have a $98 million impact on the county and the state,” he said. “The Georgia EPD is not wrong. The U.S. government is not wrong, and this BOC is not wrong as you act on facts, not emotions.” Lithonia City Council member Deborah Jackson told the commissioners that the opposition to the plant was not a “Deborah Jackson-led campaign.” “This is a community movement that I happen to be a part of,” she said. Theresa Walker, wife of the late DeKalb Commissioner Lou Walker, said she is supporting the plant because it is a good project. “No way would I support a project that is detrimental to the community,” she said. “Green Energy is our future and we don’t want to be left behind.” Sanders brought his own photos of the site to counteract the images included in Ejike’s presentation. “They want to act like this is a wasteland,” he said. “This is wooded land. Like I said, they are telling you one thing. …”

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March 26, 2011






March 26, 2011

“What I am trying to remind everybody is that fear may continue to knock on our door, but that doesn’t mean we have to answer.”

Franklin to sing at Stonecrest Concert to aid Japan relief efforts proof of purchase. Multi-platinum-sellFranklin is also the ing gospel artist Kirk New York Times bestFranklin will celebrate selling author of “The the release of his new Blueprint: A Plan for CD, “Hello Fear,” with a Living Above Life’s live performance at the Storms” and the host Mall at Stonecrest on and executive producMarch 31. er of the talent show Franklin, known for “Sunday Best,” BET’s his foot-stomping, hiphighest-rated gospel shaking gospel, hip-hop, program that is headed pop and R&B albums, for its fourth season. consistently tops multiple In January, he reBillboard charts. ceived the Thomas “Hello Fear,” which A. Dorsey Notable hit stores March 22, is his Achievement Award 12th album. Its 15 songs from the Stellar Awards come at a time of natural for “Are You Listening,” disasters, global financial which gives voice to distress and American the needs of Haitian mortgage collapse. earthquake victims. Franklin says he recFranklin says there ognizes that these soulis something for everytrying times are “moone on the CD. ments” to seek God and “What I am trying go inward to excise the to remind everybody is cancer of trepidation. that fear may continue He calls “Hello Fear” his emancipation proc- Gospel great Kirk Franklin will perform to knock on our door, March 31 at the Mall at Stonecrest to but that doesn’t mean lamation. “As a kid, I struggled celebrate the release of “Hello Fear.” we have to answer,” he with always feeling as if I was living under a said. Franklin is taking the musical messages cloud of fear,” Franklin said. “I was often displaced by my family and never feeling settled of “Hello Fear” on the road in the “Com... always harboring a sense of uncertainty.” edy Gospel Tour,” a cross-promotion with The 7 p.m. concert takes place on the acclaimed comedian/author/radio host Steve Harvey. mall’s lower level near Macy’s. The Mall at Stonecrest is off I-20 at The seven-time Grammy Award winner also will meet and greet fans who purchase Turner Hill Road. For more information, the CD from DTLR at Stonecrest and show visit

Distinguished organist at Spelman Tuskegee University choral mu1997. sic director Wayne Barr will bring He holds a Doctor of Musical the curtains down on Spelman ColArts degree from the University lege’s 2011 Harreld-James Organ of Michigan with the organ as Recital Series on March 27. his major instrument. He also Barr will appear at 4 p.m. in has two master’s degrees from Sisters Chapel, the final performer Southern Methodist University, in the series. The series, which is in one with an emphasis in organ its fifth year, celebrates the classical performance and a second in Wayne Barr sounds of organ music through the choral conducting. His underperformances of distinguished artists. graduate work was completed with high Barr has been an assistant professor and honors at the Westminster Choir College director of choral activities at Tuskegee since in New Jersey. 2001. He came to the university from Detroit, The Sisters Chapel is at 350 Spelman where he was minister of music and organist Lane S.W. in Atlanta. For more informaat Hartford Memorial Baptist Church since tion, visit

Spring Fish Fry & Marketplace Delicious Food • Fellowship • Music • Vendors

Saturday, April 2, 2011 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Hot Fish Sandwiches Fish Plates with 2 Sides Cold beverages Kilombo Academic Cultural Institute

Superstar violinist Hilary Hahn and acclaimed Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa will perform in a March 27 benefit concert at Clayton State University’s Spivey Hall for victims of the recent Japanese earthquake and tsunami. The musicians who were forced to cancel a recital tour of Japan because of the natural disasters volunteered for the benefit concert. It begins at 3 p.m. Valentina Lisitsa Proceeds will benefit Direct Hilary Hahn Relief International’s Japan Relief and Re- wig van Beethoven’s “Spring” Sonata in F major, plus additional works for violin and covery Fund. The organization provides medical assis- piano by Fritz Kreisler, Sergei Prokofiev and tance to improve the quality of life for people other composers. The program also features Hahn pervictimized by disaster. For their February 2009 concert at Spivey forming music by Johann Sebastian Bach for Hall, Hahn, a Grammy Award-winning unaccompanied violin and Lisitsa performmusician, and Lisitsa played to a sold-out ing a solo piano work. Reserved seats are $75. For tickets, visit house. For this concert, they will perform Lud- or call 678-466-4200.

Tibet Week kicks off at Emory The diverse Tibetan Buddhist culture will be on display during Emory University’s 11th annual Tibet Week, March 28 to April 2. The observance will feature music, art, lectures, panel discussions, and exhibits for both adults and children. It kicks off at noon on March 28 with an opening ceremony on the Emory quadrangle. It will feature Tibetan Sangsol smoke offerings led by Geshe Lobsang The annual observance at Emory University features Negi, director of the Emory-Tibet music, art, lectures, panel discussions and exhibits. Partnership, and monks from Drepung Los- Norbu, leading Tibetan activist; and other eling Monastery Inc. of Atlanta. prominent Tibetans. The discussion will be The ceremony will be followed by live from 7:30 to 9 p.m. in the Carlos Museum exhibitions of the Tibetan Sand Mandala Reception Hall. created by monks from Drepung Loseling Tibetan singer-songwriter Techung Monastery and Butter Sculpture by Sonan will perform “Tibetan Songs of Love and Dhargye in Emory’s Michael C. Carlos Freedom” on April 2 at the Performing Arts Museum, 571 Kilgo Circle. Exhibitions Studio, 1804 N. Decatur Road. The 8-to-10 continue throughout the week in the Carlos p.m. concert is free, but seating is limited. Museum with lectures, films and guided Visitor parking is available in Fishburne meditations. Parking Deck, 1672 N. Decatur Road. On April 1, there will be a panel discusFor a complete schedule of Tibet Week sion, “Will Tibet Survive?” Panelists include activities, visit Lobsang Nyandak, the Dalai Lama’s repFor more information, e-mail tibet@ resentative to the United States; Jamyang or call 404-712-9296.

Newspapers focus of genealogy talk Families researching their history can get valuable tips March 27 on using old newspapers to gather information on their ancestors. Writer/historian Lemoine Deleaver Pierce will speak on the subject at the 3 p.m. meeting hosted by the metro Atlanta chapter of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. The meeting at the Auburn Avenue Research Library in Atlanta will be facilitated by Stanley Thomas. The society says that African-American,

mainstream and foreign newspapers are a valuable and often overlooked source of information in a family history search. Pierce, a retired legal studies professor, will demonstrate how newspaper morgues, archived microfilm collections, interlibrary loans, and Library of Congress collections can provide critical information on family members. The Auburn Avenue Research Library is at 101 Auburn Ave. N.E. For more information, visit www

Spring has sprung, and so has...

Acts of Valor Salon Introducing Marilene Knight offering Esthetic Services, Facials, Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasions, Individual Lashes, and Make up. Terrolyn Peoples has also joined the group!

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March 26, 2011






March 26, 2011

On March 29, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics supporters are hosting a “Get the Lead Out: Why Is Lead Allowed in Lipstick?” fund-raiser.

GEMA urges tornado preparedness Coalition advocates for safe cosmetics

Spring is here and so is tornado season, and the Georgia Emergency Management Agency is encouraging all residents to turn to now to get prepared. Ready Georgia offers simple steps for getting ready for violent and usually unexpected storms that can crop up across Charley English the state. Charley English, GEMA/ Homeland Security director, has posted a primer – Tornadoes: A Crash Course on Survival – on Get Although tornado season officially lasts from March through May, twisters can Ready, the official blog of Ready form at any time of the year and at any time of day. Georgia. Among his recommendations: And get prepared

n Create a profile to generate a custom Ready kit checklist and family communications plan so you and your loved ones will know what you need, how to shelter in place, and how to reconnect if you are separated during the disaster. n Include a NOAA Weather Radio in your Ready kit for official news, alerts and instructions as they become available. Know the terms: A tornado watch means a tornado is possible in your area; a warning means a tornado has been spotted in your area, and you need to take shelter immediately. n Make sure everyone knows where to go if a tornado Know the warning signs warning is issued (basement or interior hallway). n Dark ominous skies that have an almost greenish hue English said Hurricane Katrina brought 18 toror tinting. nadoes to Georgia in 2005, the most tornadoes ever n Loud roar, similar to an oncoming freight train. reported in a single day in August. In March 2008, a n Low-hanging wall cloud, appearing as though the tornado touched down in downtown Atlanta, becoming cloud bank drops off at a steep edge. a first in Georgia’s tornado history. n Hail or heavy rain followed by a dead calm or a fast, For more information, visit intense wind shift.

Know the facts n Tornado season officially lasts from March through May annually, but tornadoes can form at any time of the year and at any time of the day. n Tornadoes are more frequent between 3 and 9 p.m. due to cold and warm air rising. n One of five tornadoes strikes with little or no warning. n Tornadoes are almost always a part of a thunderstorm system.

Environmental leaders and advocates for safe cosmetics and personal care products are raising awareness with two gatherings this month in metro Atlanta. On March 28, Rutherford and Laura Turner Seydel are hosting a party at EcoManor, their home and the Southeast’s first Gold LEED-certified residence, so that advocates and supporters can meet Campaign for Safe Cosmetics national director Mia Davis, Breast Cancer Fund’s Julie Holman and Environmental Working Group’s Heather White. L. Turner Seydel On March 29, environmental leaders supporting the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics are hosting a “Get the Lead Out: Why Is Lead Allowed in Lipstick?” fund-raiser. Tickets for the evening of education, organic food, drink, entertainment and goodie bags are $50. The 6-to-9 p.m. event will be at the Opera, 1150 Peachtree St. in Atlanta. Participants also will receive a signed print from nationally renowned artist Gail Foster. The campaign is a national coalition of nonprofit health and environmental groups working to eliminate harmful chemicals from personal care products and shift the $50 billion beauty industry to safer alternatives. State Rep. Stephanie Stuckey Benfield, co-chair of the host committee with Laura Turner Seydel, said consumers may or may not know that there is no limit to what can go into personal care products. This includes lead, known cancer-causing chemicals and other ingredients linked to health concerns. S. Stuckey Benfield For more information and tickets, visit and search for Calendar of Events. The Web site is home to “The Story of Cosmetics” video, and it offers an online cosmetics safety database created by the Environmental Working Group. Families can research the products already in their home and find safer products for use. The searchable database matches the ingredients in more than 60,000 shampoos, makeup, deodorants and other personal care products with 50 toxicity and regulatory databases.

Measles still a public health threat Acting state epidemiologist Anil Measles cases are on the rise T. Mangla says immunization is nationally, and children and adults the most effective way to stop the in Georgia are being urged to spread of this preventable disease. ensure that their vaccinations are Locally, the DeKalb County up-to-date. Board of Health says a single case The Georgia Department of of measles is considered a public Community Health’s Division of health emergency and that all loPublic Health says that measles, cal cases should be reported to the which is highly contagious, incu- Anil Mangla Board of Health immediately. bates in about 10 days. It can be Measles can be prevented by the comtransmitted through contact with respiratory secretions and through the air by coughing bination MMR – measles, mumps, rubella – vaccine. All children should receive two and sneezing. Symptoms include fever, runny nose and doses, with the first dose recommended at cough followed within three to four days by 12 to 15 months and the second at age 4 to a rash that starts at the hairline and spreads 6 years. All adults should receive at least one dose unless they have proof of immunity. over the body. For more information, visit www.dekaPossible complications can include ear infection, pneumonia, and rarely neurologi- or /disease/measles.asp or call 404-294-3700. cal complications and death.



March 26, 2011


Quinoa can be served hot as a side dish, chilled and added to salads, or sprouted and served raw.

Gluten-free quinoa offers complete protein Dear Chef Asata: I’ve heard about a grain called “quinoa” and that it can provide protein. What is it and how do I cook it? ­– K. Dorey, Lithonia Known by the ancient Incas as “the mother of all grains,” quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) has been eaten by people in the Andes of South America for 3,000 to 4,000 years. Its popularity has risen recently because of its nutritional benefits. It is one of the few plants that offer a complete protein source through a balanced set of amino acids. Quinoa is also high in fiber, gluten-free, and a good source of phosphorus, magnesium and iron. It’s an excellent addition to a healthy diet as both a whole grain and a lean protein source. Vegetarians and omnivores alike can benefit from adding quinoa to their diet. While quinoa is prepared like a grain, it’s not a true grain but a distant relative of beets, tumbleweeds and spinach. It has a quick preparation and is a good substitute in recipes calling for couscous or rice. Cooked quinoa is fluffy like couscous and has a nutty flavor similar to brown rice. Life Chef Asata Reid Commercially, quinoa comes two ways: bulk or boxed. Most boxed quinoa has already had the bitter coating – saponin Because quinoa is gluten-free, the – rinsed off. However, if the bitter, soapy grains are now being processed coating hasn’t been removed, quinoa should and turned into flour and pastas be soaked and rinsed in a fine strainer repeatedly to remove the bitterness and possible that are excellent substitutes for indigestion associated with the saponin. people intolerant of gluten. Quinoa is simple to prepare. Add to boiling water, cover, reduce the temperature and cook for about 5-10 minutes Quinoa can be served hot as a side dish, or until it’s al dente, or just tender to the bite. chilled and added to salads, or sprouted and

Eating Healthy

Spring green quinoa

served raw. Sprouting, or germinating, raw quinoa actually boosts its nutritional value by activating enzymes and enhancing its vitamin content. Because quinoa is gluten-free, the grains are now being processed and turned into flour and pastas that are excellent substitutes for people intolerant of gluten. The Ancient Harvest brand is available in many local grocery stores and the DeKalb Farmers Market. Look for the green box. Got questions for chef? E-mail chefasa Chef Asata Reid is making the world a healthier place, one plate at a time. She teaches healthy cooking classes through Life Chef LLC. For recipes, articles and class information, visit

1 cup uncooked quinoa 2 cups chicken or vegetable stock 1 small onion, diced 3 cloves garlic, minced 1 bunch thin asparagus, trimmed and cut into 2-inch pieces 1 cup green peas 1 bag of baby spinach 1 bunch parsley or mint, chopped Zest and juice from 2 lemons 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, cold pressed Bring stock to a boil, add quinoa, reduce heat, simmer 5-7 minutes or until the quinoa is tender. Set aside. Meanwhile, heat oil in a pan over medium high heat. Saute onion until tender, add garlic and cook until aromatic, about 3 minutes. Add the asparagus and green peas and cook until the asparagus has become bright green and is still crisp, 3-5 minutes. Stir the cooked quinoa and the spinach into the vegetables and remove from heat. Stir in the herbs, lemon juice and olive oil. Transfer to a serving dish. Serve immediately. For added flavor, sprinkle with 4 ounces of feta cheese, pine nuts or walnuts.


Healthfield Hospice Makes a Difference “I wish we had known sooner what help hospice can really provide,” says Marie McCoy, daughter-in-law of Steve McCoy. “Without Healthfield Hospice, we would not be able to care for Steve at home.” Mr. and Mrs. McCoy have been caring for their father for the past few years and says without the care of hospice, they would not be able to keep him at home where he very much desires to be with his family. So many families and patients go without because they do not understand that hospice is really about hope. Hospice is about living each day, one day at a time. We live in a world where so many people are doing without their medications and meals because they simply can’t pay the cost. “Steve is on a lot of medications that we would not be able to afford. Hospice is paying for the medications and supplies related to his hospice diagnosis and his pull-ups. “We could not have him at home if it were not for the love and care of Healthfield Hospice,” says Marie. Mr. McCoy has been on hospice service for about one year and looks forward to seeing his certified nursing assistant Betty Finley and Registered Nurse Amy Boan. “I look forward to seeing them each time they come out,” says Steve. “If I’m having a bad day, they always seem to make it better.” “The staff at Healthfield not only takes care of Steve, but they also care about our family. Whether it be during the day or late at night, I know I can call and someone will be there,” says Marie. Betty Finley says that hospice is her calling. “I

have a story to tell,” says Betty. “Fourteen years ago I prayed for God to send me my purpose and he did. I can’t imagine doing anything thing else but hospice care because I make a difference.” Betty has been a dedicated Healthfield Hospice employee for the past 14 years. “We want everyone to know that hospice is a wonderful gift and it does not mean you are giving up

hope. If you know someone who may be facing a terminal illness, give Healthfield Hospice a call and they can tell you all about their services. We really could not do it without them,” says Marie. “Don’t wait until it’s too late to call,” says Marie. “I wish I had only known about this service when I was caring for my mother. We definitely could have used the support and care. We are blessed to have them now!”

Hospice is paid for by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies.

If you would like someone to talk to you about the benefit of hospice care, please call Healthfield Hospice at 770-389-5760.




March 26, 2011

The changes will cut HOPE funding for 180,000 of Georgia’s 200,000 HOPE scholars to 90 percent of current tuition levels.

Starting this fall, HOPE scholarships harder to get and keep By Carla Parker

DeKalb high school students will now have to graduate with a 3.7 GPA and earn a 1200 score on the math and verbal sections of the SAT to get the full amount of the HOPE scholarship. Gov. Nathan Deal signed the Enduring HOPE legislation, House Bill 326, on March 15. Voting 136-32, the House approved the amended bill on March 10. Members passed the original version but voted again because the Senate made some changes. The new criteria, effective this fall, will dramatically cut the lottery-funded scholarship program to keep it from going broke. Deal said changes will close a $300 mil-

lion shortfall in the next year. “We have pulled HOPE and Georgia pre-k from the brink of bankruptcy and we have preserved our state’s elite status for having the most generous benefit programs in the nation.” The changes will cut HOPE funding for 180,000 of Georgia’s 200,000 HOPE scholars to 90 percent of current tuition levels. The HOPE scholarship will no longer cover the cost for books and fees. Students who get HOPE and lose it will have just one chance to regain the award, and remedial classes will only be covered at technical colleges. The pre-k program, also funded through the Georgia Lottery, will be shortened from 180 to 160 days and class size will increase by two students to 22 each. The cuts also will reduce pre-k spending by $54 million.

State Rep. Billy Mitchell said Democrats were not in agreement with all the changes but that with the Republicans in control of the budget, it was hard to bring the benefits to the community. “The Democrats just aren’t in control of the process and all we can do is negotiate.” Mitchell said students will have to work hard to meet the new expectations. “I hope we’ll have more students to receive the 3.7 GPA,” he said. “There have not been many students in our community to get a 3.7 GPA and I hope that will change.” Under the new rules, students who maintain a 3.0 GPA will still get HOPE, but the amount will be tied to lottery revenue, not tuition, and could vary annually. For this fall, students will receive 90

percent of current tuition rates, meaning their award will not cover double-digit hikes expected at some campuses. Students also will get low-interest loans to cover the difference between tuition and the scholarship. Students who qualify for full HOPE scholarships under the new rules will have to maintain a 3.3 GPA in college to keep it. Among the changes, students attending private colleges will see their award drop to $3,600 from $4,000. For the first time, technical college students must maintain a 3.0 to keep the award. The bill will cap the commission retailers receive for selling lottery tickets and put a limit on the bonuses given to Georgia Lottery employees.

Career Day puts students in touch with professionals Bouie students

Students at DeKalb High School of Technology-South got some insights into the world of work and what it takes to be successful during the school’s first Career Day on March 15. Entrepreneurs and professionals from businesses and organizations gave students information about careers that are available in the various disciplines and the education and training requirements for jobs in demand along with information about current and future trends in the industry. The speakers also emphasized the importance of a good attitude, a mind to work, appropriate dress, and workplace etiquette and protocol as well as good skills. Representatives from Alpha Medical Contractors, Bonserva Primary Care, American Professional Institute, C.D. Moody Construction, DeKalb County Schools Police Department, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Kids R Kids, Malcolm Cunningham Ford, and MARTA Police Department spoke to the students at Career Day. Hair stylist and actor Jason Griggers and Mark Winne from WSB Jason Griggers, a noted hair stylist and actor, spoke to students at DeKalb High School of Technology-South on March 15. TV-Channel 2 Action News also participated.

Congressional Art Competition offers big rewards Student artists can vie for $23,500 in scholarships in the 2011 Congressional Art Competition and get the opportunity to have their work displayed at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. The competition is open to all high school students in Georgia’s 4th District, which includes portions of DeKalb, Rockdale and Gwinnett counties. Entries can be painting, drawing, prints and mixed media artwork as well as comput-

er-generated art, photography and collage. Entries may be up to 32 inches by 32 inches – including the frame – and may be up to 4 inches in depth. The deadline is April 14. Fourth District entrants will be eligible for $2,500, $5,000 and $10,000 college scholarships from the Art Institute of Atlanta and a $6,000 scholarship from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Individuals and schools can enter the

competition. Schools are allowed up to five entries. For guidelines and application forms, visit All entries must be received in U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson’s district office at 5700 Hillandale Drive, Suite 120, in Lithonia, by April 14. For more information, contact Betty Dixon at and 770-987-2291.

off to Hawaii

Discovery/Gifted students from E.L. Bouie Traditional Theme Elementary School are in Hawaii this week. Thirty students from the Lithonia school, accompanied by parents, school principal Dr. Audrey Brooks and teacher Rozalyn Todd, left Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on March 24 for a seven-day trip visiting the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park in Hilo. The trip is part of Bouie’s mission to take students to visit all 58 national parks. So far students have skied Maggie Valley, N.C.; toured Hoover Dam in Nevada; and visited the Petrified Forest, the Painted Desert and the Grand Canyon in Arizona. They also visited Yosemite National Park in California. Todd, the Discovery/Gifted Program’s support specialist, said the trip is all about exposing the students to new experiences. Each time different students make the trip. “I always felt kids need more exposure to experiences outside of the classroom in order to grow,” she said. The students also will visit Dole Plantation for a guided tour of a working pineapple plantation, the USS Arizona Historic Site, the Polynesian Cultural Center, Onekahakaha Beach State Park, and a beekeeping facility. Todd also said the students are going to Hawaii because it is the birthplace of President Barack Obama. She was impressed by a comment he made about Hawaii. “He said, ‘What’s best in me, what’s best in my message is consistent with the tradition of Hawaii.’ And that is what our students need, consistency in their education.”

Emory receives $14.4 million gift Emory University Advantage Financial Aid Program got a $14.4 million boost in February from the estate of alumnus James E. Varner Jr. Varner, a 1943 graduate who died on March 6, 2010, left the bulk of his estate to the Emory College of Arts and Sciences for student support. The Emory Advantage program was established in 2007 to offer financial assistance to undergraduate students from families with annual incomes of up to $100,000. Through the program, need-based grants reduce the education debt burden for undergraduate students at Oxford College, Emory College of Arts and Sciences, the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, and Goizueta Business School. Since its inception, nearly 1,300 students have benefited from the program. Varner’s gift is part of Campaign Emory, a $1.6 billion fund-raising endeavor that combines private support and Emory’s people, places and programs to make a powerful contribution to the world.



March 26, 2011


Music in Our Schools Month was created in 1973 to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children.

Elementary schools orchestra to perform at State Capitol By Carla Parker

Members of the Fiddle-Monic Orchestra, fourth- and fifthgraders from four South DeKalb elementary schools, will play in a noon concert at the Capitol on March 30.

Eighty students from four South DeKalb elementary schools will be filling the north wing of the State Capitol with Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” and other music on March 30 in celebration of Music in Our Schools Month. The students are members of the Fiddle-Monic Orchestra made up of fourth- and fifth-grade orchestra students from Cedar Grove, Clifton, Narvie J. Harris and Oakview elementary schools. They will perform at noon just as state legislators and Capitol employees are headed for lunch. Orchestra teacher Vanessa Fanning, who teaches at the four schools, formed the combined orchestra 10 years ago. She says it performs five to six times a year at school and community events. For the Capitol concert, the students also will play “Fiddle-Monic,” written for them by Fanning, and “Viva la Vida” by the British alternative rock group Coldplay. Music in Our Schools Month was created in 1973 by the Music Education National Conference to raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music. The month also offers music teachers the opportunity to bring their music programs to the attention of the school and the community and to display the benefits of music to students of all ages.

Carla Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Disney star coming to Stonecrest

College golf scholarships for girls

also plays three instruments – Disney star Roshon Fegan drums, piano and guitar. will be setting aflutter the Fegan’s latest track, “I Am,” hearts of tween and teen girls released in February, is more at the Mall at Stonecrest on than just a catchy song. It also April 2. has an inspiring message to Fegan, who stars as Ty teens to be who you want to Blue in the hit Disney Chanbe and reach for the stars, the nel comedy “Shake It Up,” theme of his life and career. will sing, rap, dance and sign As Ty Blue on “Shake It autographs at the 2 p.m. apUp,” Fegan plays the talented pearance on the mall’s lower and popular older brother of level, near Macy’s. Rocky Blue. The show follows The 19-year-old multitalthe adventures of CeCe Jones ented star, aka “Ya Boy Ro,” and Rocky, background dancis best known for his role ers on “Shake It Up Chicago.” as Sander Loyer in the DisIt also chronicles their misadney Channel movie franchise ventures on and off the set and “Camp Rock.” He also has their troubles and rising social appeared on the hit TV series status at school. “Monk” and in the feature film Disney Channel’s Roshon The Mall at Stonecrest is “Spider-Man 2.” off I-20, Exit 75, on Turner He writes and produces Fegan will perform April 2. all of his own music under his independently Hill Road. For more information, visit www owned record label, 3inaRo Records. He

High school senior girls who are planning on attending a college or university and have played golf during high school can apply for $1,250 and $5,000 college scholarships from the LPGA Foundation. The Marilynn Smith Scholarship will award seven scholarships in the amount of $5,000 each to students planning to play competitive golf in college. The $5,000 Dinah Shore Scholarship will be awarded to one student who will not be playing on a competitive collegiate golf team. Minority students who plan to play collegiate golf and are in financial need can apply for the $1,250 Phyllis G. Meekins

Free cheerleading camp in Lithonia Girls ages 7 to 15 years old can learn cheer, dance and other techniques at a free cheerleading camp in Lithonia on April 2. Judah Praise Cheer & Dance is hosting the one-day camp from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Lucious Sanders Recreation Center. Girls who have little or no cheer experience will learn cheer routine, sideline

routines, dance skills, basic motions, stunts and jump techniques. Participants must be DeKalb County residents and must register by March 31. The recreation center is at 2484 Bruce St. in Lithonia. To register, visit or call 404-326-4098.

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Scholarship. The Dinah Shore Scholarship was established in 1994 by the LPGA Foundation to honor the late Dinah Shore, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, a Hollywood entertainer, and an honorary member of the LPGA Tour Hall of Fame. Professional golfer Marilynn Smith established the scholarship named for her in 1999 with the proceeds of a golf tournament she organized. The Phyllis G. Meekins Scholarship was established in 2006. The deadline for all three scholarships is May 13. For the criteria and application forms, visit


God’s Vision March 26, 2011 Ministries Church


invites you to recycle your

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God’s Vision Ministries Church


invites you to recycle your “gently worn” shoes

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March 26, 2011



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FOR RENT/LEASE Senior Housing Community (60+ ) Decatur LOVING SAFE SENIOR Community.Live like a “Golden Girl” for less. Share house w/other seniors.Pvt Rm Avail.On Marta. Emma Cares (770) 885-2537. House for Rent, Belvedere Community 3 Br 1.5 Bath Brick Ranch on Large lot. Hardwood throughout, newly renovated, car port, central A/C, section 8 accepted, $850/mo one month security deposit. call (404) 556-1144 Lithonia- 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath

Financial The Samuel Group, Inc.

townhouse. $900/month + $600 deposit. Section 8 ok. Near schools, Mall, Walmart, Marta, I-20. 770-786-7148/404-2845831. DeKalb/E. Atlanta - 1bd/1ba duplex, appliances, W/D. connection, CHA. hardwood floors, large back yard. $595/mo. 404.661.2706. Lithonia. Total electric. 3 bedroom. 2 bath. 2 car garage. Wood floor. Deck. Nice area. $900/month. 770-322-3797 or 770-833-9398. One & Two fourplex. Your good job is your deposit. $800 - $900 month. Utilities included. Marta. Laundry Room. 678-755-5955.

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provided. 74 year old Company. Stone Mountain & Lithonia Area. 678-221-1850. Rocky Jones

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Notice is given that articles of incorporation which will incorporate My Father’s House Mentoring Service, Inc., will be delivered to the Secretary of State for filing in accordance with the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. The initial registered office of the corporation will be located at 4737 Mayer Trace, Ellenwood, Georgia 30294, and its initial register agent at such address is Benjamin C. Johnson II.

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High Blood Pressure & Type II Diabetes RESEARCH STUDY Local physicians are studying the investigational use of two approved and marketed high blood pressure medications in people with type 2 diabetes.

home services

You may be eligible to participate in this study if you have been diagnosed with type II diabetes and have, or think you may have, high blood pressure.

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To qualify you must be on a stable diabetes treatment, but not taking insulin. Qualified participants receive study-related care, including physical exams, lab services and high blood pressure medication at no cost. You will also continue taking your diabetes medication. Compensation for time and travel may also be available.

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tax services

To learn more about this study for type II diabetes and high blood pressure, please call:

 

  

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& Upholstery

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Health & Fitness


First Baptist Church is looking for a Minister of Music. Please send resumes to 2394 Gresham Rd., Atlanta, GA 30316



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Malcolm Cunningham Ford

March 26, 2011

Malcolm Cunningham LinCoLn

CheCk Out It’s Not Just Luxury... these InCredIble It’s smarter speCIals! than that.

Malcolm Cunningham Auto Gallery

Ride In Style With The Executive payment!



2008 Camry Stk#A1432, Sale price $14,595, $1500 Down, 72 payments of $199 at 3.9% ApR, plus Tax, Tag & Title With Approved Credit.

2010 Chevrolet MALIbU

new 2011 lInCOln mkZ

New 2011 Ford


per mo.

STk#A1489 Auto, power Windows, CD, and More!

MSRP $35,180 • VIN# 3LNHL2G0BR757307




Lease for

Lease for

per Mo.

Lease for 24 months with $2597 due at signing including $0 security deposit. 10,500 miles per year and 15¢ per mile thereafter plus tax, tag, and title with approved credit. Offer expires month end.

399 0



per Month


13,995 199

$ Due at Signing

Lease for 36 months, with $0 due at signing, including $0 security deposit, 10,500 miles per year, 20¢ per mile thereafter with approved credit. Plus tax, tag, and title.

new 2011 lInCOln mks

Or buy For Only


per Mo.

$1000 Down, 72 payments of $199 at 3.9% ApR, plus Tax, Tag & Title With Approved Credit.

2008 Jeep GRAND ChEROkEE LAREDO STk#A1445 Auto, power Windows, power Locks, CD, priced Right!

MSRP $44,595 • VIN#1LNHL9DR9BG600304

New 2011 Ford


14,975 199



Or buy For Only


per Mo.

$2000 Down, 72 payments of $199 at 3.9% ApR, plus Tax, Tag & Title With Approved Credit.

Lease for

Lease for

per Month


Due at Signing

Lease for 36 months, with $0 due at signing, including $0 security deposit, 10,500 miles per year, 20¢ per mile thereafter with approved credit. Plus tax, tag, and title.

per Mo.

new 2011 lInCOln mkX MSRP $39,995 • VIN#2LMDJ6JK6BBJ07637

Lease for 24 months with $2829 due at signing including $0 security deposit. 10,500 miles per year and 15¢ per mile thereafter plus tax, tag, and title with approved credit. Offer expires month end.

prices plus, Tax, Tag And Title.

we now rent & Sell truckS!

New 2011 Ford

F-150 SUpERCAb Lease for

529 0



per Month



Due at Signing

Lease for 36 months, with $0 due at signing, including $0 security deposit, 10,500 miles per year, 20¢ per mile thereafter with approved credit. Plus tax, tag, and title.


$ Lease for

per Mo.

Lease for 36 months with $2429 due at signing including $0 security deposit. 10,500 miles per year and 15¢ per mile thereafter plus tax, tag, and title with approved credit. Offer expires at month end.

5675 Peachtree Industrial Blvd


2000 Ford taurus Almost New, Clean, Clean, Clean, Stk#A1482 .. $4995 2000 Ford ranger Extra Clean, Must See, Priced Right!!! Stk#A1483 $5995 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Auto, Power Window, Power Locks, Sport Wheels, Stk#A1400 $8995 2009 kia rio Gas Saver, Auto, Power Window, Power Locks, Stk#A1461 $9758 2007 chevrolet Monte carlo Power Windows, Power Locks, CD, Sporty!!! Stk#A1407 $9995 2009 toyota Yaris Auto, Gas Saver, Economical, Stk#A1450 ..$11,675 2008 Honda Accord Auto, Power Windows, Power Locks, CD and More! Stk#A1485 $15,558 2007 Buick lucerne Auto, Chrome Wheels and More! Stk#A1440 ..$15,750 2008 chrysler 300 Auto, Chrome Wheels, CD, Nice Ride! Stk#A1441A $15,895 2007 BMw 328 coupe Sunroof, Leather, Sporty, Stk#A1487 $21,898 2008 BMw 528 Sunroof, Leather, Extra Nice, Stk#A1484 ...$22,758

4 Year/50,000 mIle

COmplImentarY maIntenanCe

4-year/50,000-mile Limited Maintenance Plan. Coverage includes a maximum of eight regularly scheduled maintenance services. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Program ends 12/31/11.

5675 Peachtree Industrial Blvd


Qualified Service Technicians Needed! We Are Growing Again Apply Within!

service special! OIL CHANGe & CAr WAsH




ValId OnlY at malCOlm CunnIngham autO grOup

Must Present Coupon When Order Is Written. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. One Coupon Per Visit. Up To 5 Quarts, Diesels And Some Models Slightly Higher. Expires 3/31/11.

Got A Dent? Got A Ding? Get A Free estimate! All Insurance Claims Welcome. Open 6 Days a Week. I-20, Exit Wesley Chapel To Snapfinger Woods Drive


5C (10.5”) X 16” 25263-MCFO (3-26) Crossroads FC (nb)



499 0