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After listening to thousands of residents such as ODE president David Schutten (right), the DeKalb School Board will on a plan that includes fewer closings. 12

A Marietta company has been awarded the $30.9 million contract to build congestioneasing collector/ distributor lanes where I-20 and I-285 merge. 5

The nominations are in and it’s time to determine who offers the best goods and services in East Metro Atlanta. The ballot is online and on pages 8&9.

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February 12, 2011

Volume 16, Number 42

First lady brings obesity fight South By Jennifer Ffrench Parker

Jennifer Ffrench Parker / CrossRoadsNews

First lady Michelle Obama spoke to a crowd of more than 5,000 at North Point Community Church in Alpharetta on Feb. 9.

ond-highest rate of childhood obesity in the country. Before her speech, Obama visited Burgess-Peterson Academy and helped hand out snacks of fresh blueberries. She also toured the East Atlanta school’s organic garden. She unveiled a public service campaign highlighting being active that will reach 33,000 media outlets. At North Point Church, she told the crowd that lined up for hours to hear her that changes in what we eat are under way because parents asked for them. “You asked for more fresh, nutritious food in your communities,” she said. “So we’re working to bring more grocery stores into under-served areas. You wanted healthier, more affordable options on those grocery store shelves. So food manufacturers made a ‘Healthy Weight Commitment,’ pledging to cut 1.5 trillion calories a year from their products. “And Wal-Mart promised to sell products with less sugar, salt and trans fat – and to reduce prices on healthy

On the first anniversary of Let’s Move! ­– her campaign to fight childhood obesity – first lady Michelle Obama told an Atlanta crowd of more than 5,000 people that the initiative has become a movement. “We’ve seen changes at every level of our society,” she said, “from classrooms, to boardrooms, to the halls of Congress.” Nationally, nearly one in three children is overweight or obese, and health experts say this may be the first generation of children who will have shorter life spans than their parents. But Obama said Let’s Move has started a national conversation and is gaining momentum. Obama, the mother of two girls – Sasha and Malia – who are the same age as the children targeted by Let’s Move, said she picked North Point Community Church in Alpharetta to make her anniversary speech because she wanted to reach parents from all different backgrounds with kids of all different ages. She came to Georgia on Feb. 9 because it has the sec- Please see OBAMA, page 2

Ex-Judge Baffled by Treatment Lawyer: Mobley received raw deal after resignation By Jennifer Ffrench Parker

On Jan. 17, DeKalb State Court Judge Barbara Mobley was riding in a pickup truck through the streets of Stone Mountain waving and smiling in the annual Martin Luther King Jr. parade. On Feb. 4, Mobley, who was the only African-American State Court judge, had penned her resignation and abruptly left the bench. That same day, the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission, which regulates judges, filed 16 allegations of judicial misconduct against her to the Georgia Supreme Court and permanently banned her from requesting or accepting elected or appointed judicial office in the state of Georgia. “This prohibition commences immediately and carries forward permanently,” the consent order said. It also said that she will not seek, request or accept senior judge status for any court. In her two-sentence resignation letter to Gov. Nathan Deal, Mobley, who was reelected in November unopposed for a second four-year term, said her departure was effective noon on Feb. 4. “I want to thank the people of Georgia and DeKalb County for allowing me to serve,” she wrote. The allegations against Mobley ranged from improper use of public employees for personal matters and other non-judicial business, to using probationers to provide services and labor to Greenforest Baptist Church, where she is a member, to engaging in ex parte communications with litigants and attorneys, and restricting public access to

Carla Parker / CrossRoadsNews

What a difference two weeks make. On Jan. 17, DeKalb State Court Judge Barbara Mobley participated in the annual MLK Day parade in Stone Mountain on Jan. 17. On Feb. 4, she resigned abruptly amidst allegations of judicial misconduct.

the her courtroom. The allegations of judicial misconduct also charged her with “repeatedly and persistently failing to promptly rule and to dispose of matters before the court which resulted in inexcusable delay in numerous cases, some in excess of four years,” and for “allowing an extensive travel schedule to take precedence over judicial matters resulting in excessive delays and inexcusable neglect of matters pending before the court.” Deal accepted her resignation that same day. Her lawyer Jackie Patterson said Mobley got a raw deal from the Judicial Qualifications Commission. “She only resigned because she was told

that her complaint was not to be made public,” he said Thursday. Patterson said he negotiated the agreement with the commission’s director, Jeff Davis. “They did not publish the allegations against other judges when they resign,” he said. “What would be the motivation to resign if the allegations are made public? Judge Mobley could still be on the bench and just be facing a hearing.” Patterson said he does not know why the commission treated Mobley differently. “We thought the case was behind us,” he said. “When I got a phone call from an AJC reporter asking me about 16 allegations, I

was flabbergasted.” Davis could not be reached at press time. Patterson said he is upset that the complaint was made public. “We will write a letter next week to the JQC complaining about the way she was treated,” he said. Patterson, an Atlanta-based lawyer, said there is no remedy for what was done to Mobley. “The governor has already accepted her resignation,” he said. “That’s why we are so upset. Why resign if there is no benefit to Please see MOBLEY, page 3




February 12, 2011

“I am struggling to get African-American parents to see the value of their kids participating in a fitness program … after listening to her, I know I’m on the right track.”

Message strikes chord for local mom who raised obese child OBAMA,

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items like fresh fruits and vegetables.” Obama said that over the past year, the country has seen the first signs of a fundamental shift in how we live and eat. The event was co-hosted by the Rev. Cynthia Hale, pastor of Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur. Ray of Hope’s choir was among the performers before Obama’s speech, and a large contingent of its members was among the audience. The first lady said that because parents asked for more information about the food they buy their kids, we’re seeing better, clearer labels on beverage cans and many other products in our grocery stores. “You asked for better food in your kids’ schools – the kind of balanced meals you’re trying to make at home. So we’re putting salad bars in 6,000 schools across the country. “Congress passed the Healthy, HungerFree Kids Act, historic legislation that will provide healthier school meals to millions of American children. And more than 2,000 professional chefs have signed up to help local schools develop healthier menus.” Because parents asked for better role models, Obama said that they have recruited professional athletes to encourage kids to stay active, and because they asked for healthier communities, 500 mayors have committed to tackling obesity in their communities. “They’re building bike paths, they’re planting gardens, they’re starting youth sports leagues and so much more,” she said.  To offer parents advice to keep their kids healthy, Obama said they launched a public service campaign and to provide helpful tips on exercise and nutrition.   “The American Academy of Pediatrics is now urging doctors to not just screen kids

Jennifer Ffrench Parker / CrossRoadsNews

First lady Michelle Obama greets the crowd in Alpharetta on Feb. 9. The choir of Ray of Hope Christian Church in Decatur performed before her speech on the childhood obesity battle.

for obesity, but to actually write out prescriptions for exercise and healthy eating. And under the Affordable Care Act, these screenings will be fully covered by insurance so you won’t have to pay a penny out of pocket.” Obama does more than talk about healthy eating for kids. In March 2009, she and 25 fifth-graders from Bancroft Elementary in Washington broke ground on the South Lawn for a 1,100-square-foot organic garden that grows 55 vegetables, herbs and berries year-round for use in the White House kitchen and donation to soup kitchens in the nation’s capital. She has used the garden not only to provide food for the first family’s meals and formal dinners, but to educate children about healthful, locally grown produce.

In a speech peppered with personal anecdotes, Obama said that although the campaign is gaining momentum, we still have a long way to go. “For parents like us, this isn’t just a public health threat. It’s not just some abstract issue that we read about in the newspaper. This is personal. This is emotional. It’s one of those things that keeps us lying awake at night.” Patricia Hardsty, owner of Generation Next Sports Performance Facility, a fitness and weight-loss center for children 5 to 15 years old in Lithonia, said Obama inspired her to keep plugging away. “She was a great motivator for me. I am struggling to get African-American parents to see the value of their kids participating in a fitness program, but after listening to her,

I know I am on the right track.” Hardsty opened the center last August after raising an obese child. It offers an afterschool program with one hour of physical activity daily and sessions on nutrition. She said she founded the center to help parents transform their overweight kids before they become obese adults. When her son was 17, Hardsty said he was diagnosed with high blood pressure and high cholesterol. “He was 303 pounds,” she said. “When I looked back at it, his obesity started when he was 5 years old. When they are small, we think they are cute when they are overweight until they become 12 and 14 and we realize we have a problem. If we can get the kids when they are young, they will never have to be obese adults.” Hardsty said she was happy to hear Obama say pediatricians can now prescribe programs for overweight and obese children. “That’s where my program comes in.” Obama pointed out that obesity doesn’t just stop at childhood. She said that 27 percent of 17- to 24-year-olds are too overweight to serve in our military. On a recent visit to Fort Jackson in South Carolina, she said she found out that the recruits they’re seeing today are the kids who were born back when public schools across the country started cutting physical education and sports. Parents are changing the equation because they have a voice, Obama said. “When we come together and use that voice, we can change the way companies do business. We can change the way Congress makes laws. We can transform our schools and our neighborhoods and our cities. And today, I want to urge everyone to keep using that voice, keep standing up and demanding something better for our kids.”



February 12, 2011


“We believe this will appropriately address the desires of an individual’s family and friends to note their passing.”

Roadside memorial now available DeKalb Jail gets new medical contract Families and friends of traffic accident victims can now pay tribute to their loved ones with a memorial sign along federal and state highway right of way in Georgia. The Georgia Department of Transportation said Feb. 8 that families can now rent a 15-inch, round white signs with the blacklettered message: “Drive Safely: In Memory and the deceased’s name. DOT Commissioner Vance C. Smith Jr. said the sign served a dual purpose. “We believe this will appropriately address the desires of an individual’s family and friends to note their passing while allowing the department to maintain safety and uniformity along our roadways,” he said. There is a $100 fee for fabricating and installing the sign, which will remain in place for one year. After that period, it will be removed and given to the requesting sponsor. The memorial sign program is similar the DUI memorial for people killed by motorists driving under the influence. GDOT, the General Assembly and the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council began the DUA program in 2006 and said it will continue.

The new program is open to family or friends (with approval of immediate family) of individuals killed in accidents on federal and state routes on or after July 1, 2010, The sign can be requested by submitting a written application, the accident report and the $100 fee to the DOT’s maintenance engineer. More information and the application forms are available at DOT maintenance personnel will erect the sign at the edge of the mowing limits as close as practical to the accident scene, except in active construction zones or if prohibited by local laws. These fatality memorial signs are the only such markers, remembrances or tributes allowed on federal or state right of way. GDOT said all other roadside memorials will be removed for safety reasons. It said all gathering, ceremonies and other activities at the signs areas pose safety hazards and will not be allowed. For more information on the DUI victims memorial signs, visit

DeKalb County Jail inmates are now receiving medical services from Correct Care Solutions. Announcing the contract with the Nashville, Tenn.-based correctional health care provider, Sheriff Thomas E. Brown, said he is looking forward to their guidance in transitioning the provision of care to even greater efficiency and effectiveness. “It is important that we partner with a provider that has the same vision and dedication to Thomas Brown provide quality medical services to inmates housed in my facility,” Brown said. The services under the new contract became effective Jan. 1 with four annual renewing periods. The DeKalb Jail houses more than 3,400 inmates, and provides medical, basic dental, and mental health care to inmates as needed. Its medical facilities include an infirmary and clinics that have the capacity to handle from triage and trauma to routine and special needs. The medical contractor provides a medical staff to include a medical director, supported by a certified team of medical professionals. Correct Care Solutions is the nation’s third-largest correctional health care provider serving nearly 57,000 people in 17 states. Also partnering to provide mental health and dental services are MHM Correctional Services Inc. and Quality Plan Administrators. T:7.5” For more information, visit


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Deal to pick new state judge 1

Murder suspects commits suicide A DeKalb County Jail inmate charged with killing his wife was found dead in his cell Feb. 8, an apparent suicide by hanging. The Sheriff ’s Office said Desta M. Tesfai, 47, who lived in the Lenox Summit complex on East Club Drive in Atlanta, was being held on a first-degree murder charge in the Jan. 23 stabbing death of his wife, Genet Abay, 35. He was found in his cell, hangDesta M. Tesfai ing by the rope from his laundry bag. Jail medical personnel attempted to resuscitate Tesfai before pronouncing him dead. His body was taken to the DeKalb Medical Examiner’s Office to determine the exact cause of death.

Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Lt. General Russel Honoré (U.S. Army, Ret.)

Rodney Peete Holly Robinson Peete

Rita Mack


resigning?” This week, a number of DeKalb lawyers privately expressed sadness at Mobley’s departure. They said that it was an awesome responsibility to be the only black judge on the DeKalb State Court bench. Now they say they are looking to see if Deal will appoint an African-American to replace her. Brian Robinson, the governor’s spokesman, said Tuesday that Deal’s Judicial Nominating Commission has begun work on finding a replacement. “Members of the DeKalb County Bar will be notified,” Robinson said. “The opening is announced in the county’s legal organ and on the State Bar’s Web site.” He gave no timeline for filling the vacancy. The governor’s appointee will serve two years before facing election. Genet Hopewell, a past president of the Decatur Lawyers Association who had tried cases before Mobley, would not comment on her case but she said our system of justice allows for complaints to be made against the court. “Ultimately, a lot of those complaints have been found to be without merit,” she said. “We did not get to that point.” Hopewell said she could understand why Mobley chose to resign. “It would have taken a lot of time, a lot of money and a lot of stress,” she said. “It is understandably that one might not want to go through that grueling process.”

What do an Actress, Quarterback, Educator, Entrepreneur and General have in common?

They come from every walk of life, but they share one vision – a selfless commitment to enriching their communities. McDonald’s® Annual 365 Black® Award salutes our honorees for working hard every day to make a difference. For more information, visit


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February 12, 2011

Please do everything in your power to stop this project. It is not at a stage where construction can’t be terminated.

DeKalb County’s furniture policy indefensible Congratulations on the very well-written “Furniture policy costly for DeKalb” article in your Jan. 29 publication. Please describe the process by which it can be nominated for a national or state journalism award. Your story goes to the core of why so many tax-paying residents of DeKalb County are losing or have lost confidence in their local government. While no laws were broken and no written policies were intentionally violated, it is inconceivable to think such practices can

The CEO and commissioners have a choice: Lead the way by being consistent, transparent, accountable and closing such glaring policy loopholes, or continue to just talk the talk and defend the status quo. Joe Arrington

be tolerated, much less defended. This is especially true during the last three years, with tax revenues falling, emergency reserves drained to zero, new libraries unable to open, and county offices

being closed. Within 30 days after approving the 2010 budget that included furlough days and unpaid holidays for police, fire and emergency personnel, the CEO and two commission-

ers bestowed large pay increases to their selected staff. Did they care or think no one would notice? Taxpayers get no better government than deserved. We must demand an end to the hypocrisy. The CEO and commissioners have a choice: Lead the way by being consistent, transparent, accountable and closing such glaring policy loopholes, or continue to just talk the talk and defend the status quo. It’s up to each of us. Joe Arrington lives in Stone Mountain.

Family Dollar project is unsuitable on so many levels Commissioners Johnson and Watson: I am a seven-year resident of DeKalb County and I reside in District 5. I read a story in CrossRoadsNews yesterday regarding a Family Dollar store under construction near the intersection of Snapfinger Road and Wesley Chapel Road, and your stated opposition to this project. I wish to express my opposition to this project as well on the following grounds (some of which you alluded to in the news story): 1) The addition of another low-end retail business to an area that already has a plethora of them does not contribute to the economic growth and revitalization of the community. The economic demographics of the area warrant and demand more upscale retail establishments. By continuing to permit a concentration of such low-end businesses in the neighborhood, you tacitly encourage more such development of this nature. It also sends a message to other prospective business investors considering higherend investment that such an investment would not be viable or welcome in the community. 2) The proposed location for this project is terrible! It will be practically in the middle of the parking lot of the only post office within two miles. As you can see currently, even the construction has made vehicle access to the post office difficult. Once this project is complete, I can’t see

Quick Read

Roadside memorial now available


Families and friends of traffic accident victims can now pay tribute to their loved ones with a memorial sign along federal and state highway right of way in Georgia.

how parking will be adequate for both this store and post office patrons. The density and proximity of the resulting traffic within that small area combined with the near completion of the GDOT project widening Snapfinger Road is likely to be not only inconvenient but also potentially dangerous. In view of how many citizens in the area (including myself) who use that post office on a weekly and sometimes daily basis, this becomes a quality of life issue in my view. 3) The CrossRoadsNews story stated that the project did not require commission approval because the property is already zoned commercial. As such, the CrossRoadsNews story also stated that the county’s development department approved the development permit in October of last year. If this is true, it makes me wonder if the

officials in the development department (who work for me and you!) are aware of your vision and expectations for the area in terms of commercial and economic development. Please do everything in your power to stop this project. Although it appears the foundation has already been laid, it is not at a stage where further construction can’t be terminated. I understand you have already contacted the company’s executives and conveyed your concerns about the suitability of this project for the area. The simple fact that they were able to circumvent the commission’s review does not mean that it is an attractive commercial development suitable for our community. We, the citizens and taxpayers in the community and their elected officials, get to make that judgment and determination. If necessary, please convey to these executives that the community would be willing to consider a boycott of this establishment if our concerns and wishes are not taken seriously. The one thing that business owners and developers understand is money or the potential absence of it when pursuing a business enterprise. Finally, I’d like to commend the editors of CrossRoadsNews for bringing this story to the attention of the community. Good work! Thank you for your attention to my thoughts and comments. Ken Taylor lives in District 5.

Tax seminar for small business

Macy’s showcasing Eunice Johnson’s fashions 11

I understand you have already contacted the company’s executives and conveyed your concerns about the suitability of this project for the area. The simple fact that they were able to circumvent the commission’s review does not mean that it is an attractive commercial development suitable for our community.


Ex-IRS tax examiner and auditor Jean Rahman will speak about tax advantages for small-business owners at a Feb. 17 brown bag seminar at the DeKalb County Maloof Auditorium.

GDOT awards $30.9 million contract for I-20 CD projects 5 Storm underscored need for emergency readiness 10 The contract for the Collector/Distributor project on I-20 has been awarded. The Georgia Department of Transportation announced the contract for $30.9 million to Marietta-based C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc. on Feb. 7.

Biden announces highspeed rail proposal to move Americans 5 Within 25 years, 80 percent of Americans will have access to high-speed rail, according to a comprehensive plan announced Feb. 8 by Vice President Joe Biden.

The January snow and ice storm that affected 70 percent of the state and paralyzed metro Atlanta for almost a week was our first taste of severe weather for 2011, and Ready Georgia is turning the spotlight on preparedness.

Holliday to lead national nonprofit


After 12 years with the DeKalb Board of Health, Dr. Christopher Holliday is leaving to become CEO of a national nonprofit, Communities Joined in Action Inc.

Fashion lovers can explore some of the couture designs from Ebony Magazine’s Eunice Johnson’s private collection Feb. 24-28 at Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta.

Expo celebrating black culture


African-American history buffs of all ages can experience a rich and diverse heritage at the Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo at Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta through Feb. 28.

South DeKalb bears most school closings under new plan 12 Interim Superintendent Ramona Tyson reduced the number of school closings to eight from 14, and the ax is still falling heavily on the schools in South DeKalb.

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February 12, 2011


The proposal will place high-speed rail on equal footing with other surface transportation programs.

GDOT awards $30.9 million contract for I-20 CD projects The contract for the Collector/Distributor project on I-20 has been awarded. The Georgia Department of Transportation announced the contract for $30.9 million to Mariettabased C.W. Matthews Contracting Co. Inc. on Feb. 7. It was one of 19 new contracts valued at $45 million awarded by the GDOT for transportation improvement projects across the state. The South DeKalb project, which has been in the works for years, will redesign the congested I20/I-285 interchange in South DeKalb with a system of collector/distributor lanes along I-20 between I-285 and Panola Road. It will redesign 4.7 miles of I-20 eastbound to eliminate the significant weaving that takes place between I-20 eastbound traffic exiting at Wesley Chapel and vehicles entering I-20 east from I-285.

Two eastbound CD lanes will be constructed parallel to and on the south side of I-20. The work is expected to begin this spring and is scheduled for completion by August 2013. The CD lanes are designed to improve mobility and safety in this corridor essentially by moving the heavy local traffic between I-285 and Wesley Chapel Road from I-20 eastbound and onto the CD lanes. Other projects awarded from the DOT’s January letting included widening a portion of State Route 23 in Candler County and several highway resurfacings throughout the state. For more information on the projects, visit Administration. Travelers can call 511 for updated information about construction projects on interstates and state routes. For more information, visit www.511ga. org.

Construction of collector/ distributor lanes along I-20 are schdeuled to start this spring.

Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Biden announces high-speed rail proposal to move Americans Within 25 years, 80 percent of Americans will have access to high-speed rail, according to a comprehensive plan announced Feb. 8 by Vice President Joe Biden. The plan will help the nation reach President Barack Obama’s goal outlined in his State of the Union address on Jan. 25. The proposal will place high-speed rail on equal footing with other Joe Biden surface transportation programs and revitalize America’s domestic rail manufacturing industry by dedicating $53 billion over six years to continue construction of a national high-speed and intercity passenger rail network. It is part of Obama’s commitment to win the future

by rebuilding America’s roadways, railways and runways and will lay a new foundation for economic opportunity, job creation and competitiveness. Making the announcement with U.S. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood during a visit to Philadelphia’s historic 30th Street Station, Biden said that infrastructure is one of the key places where the nation cannot afford to sacrifice. “As a longtime Amtrak rider and advocate, I understand the need to invest in a modern rail system that will help connect communities, reduce congestion and create quality, skilled manufacturing jobs that cannot be outsourced,” he said. “This plan will help us to do that, while also increasing access to convenient high-speed rail for more Americans.”

He said the president’s 2011 budget will invest $8 billion in expanding Americans’ access to high-speed passenger rail service to focus on developing or improving three types of interconnected corridors: n Core Express: These corridors will form the backbone of the national high-speed rail system, with electrified trains traveling on dedicated tracks at speeds of 125-250 mph or higher. n Regional: Crucial regional corridors with train speeds of 90-125 mph will see increases in trips and reductions in travel times, laying the foundation for future high-speed service. n Emerging: Trains traveling at up to 90 mph will provide travelers in emerging rail corridors with access to the larger national high-speed and intercity passenger rail net-

work. LaHood said the investment in America’s high-speed rail network will keep us on track toward economic opportunity and competitiveness in the 21st century. “It’s an investment in Ray LaHood tomorrow that will create manufacturing, construction and operations jobs today,” he said. The long-term commitment builds on $10.5 billion the Obama administration has already devoted to a national high-speed rail system. It also streamlines the DOT’s rail programs, making it simpler for states, cities and private companies to apply for grants and loans.

Black history belongs to all of us. It’s not just other people’s stories from the past. It’s how these stories are passed down, reflected upon and used to start new chapters. In our schools, in the workplace and in the community, new leaders are taking a stand and creating positive change every day. This shows us that Black History is alive and well. And this is why we celebrate. Wells Fargo honors Black History and all pioneers of progress.

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February 12, 2011

You don’t quit your job without a plan unless you’re being sexually harrassed or abused, or there’s some matter of principle at stake.

Sanford among DeKalb Development Authority new members South DeKalb Realtor Bobbie Sanford has added another board to her heaping plate of community service. On Feb. 8, she was one of three new members approved by the DeKalb Board of Commissioners to serve on the Development Authority of DeKalb County. The other new appointees are Gas South president and CEO Kevin Greiner and Georgia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce CEO Tisha Tallman. Sanford, who is the widow of Commissioner Porter Sanford III, founded Sanford Realty, the county’s first minority- Bobbie Sanford Kevin Greiner Tisha Tallman owned real estate company, in 1965. Her company, Coldwell Banker Sanford Realty Co. Inc., is on Snapfinger Woods east corridor Community Improvement District. Drive in Decatur. She also served on the DeKalb Ethics Commission. She is president of the Wesley Chapel Community OverGreiner has led the Atlanta-based natural gas provider, lay Coalition that is spearheading the formation of an I-20 which has more than 250,000 residential, business and gov-

ernmental customers throughout the state, since its launch in 2006. He has more than 12 years of experience in the energy industry. Greiner, who is the 2012 chairman-elect of the DeKalb Chamber of Commerce, is an officer of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and chairs its health care policy committee. He also serves on the boards of the Metro Atlanta Chamber and the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau. Tallman is the leader of the GHCC, its foundation and the Hispanic American Center for Economic Development. Under her leadership, GHCC received a 2009 Legacy of Leadership Award from Spelman College. She serves on numerous boards of directors, including Junior Achievement and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce.

Tax seminar for small business DeKalb Contract Compliance DeEx-IRS tax examiner and audipartment, will give business owners tor Jean Rahman will speak about tips on audit-proofing their busitax advantages for small-business nesses and discuss the most comowners at a Feb. 17 brown bag mon tax deductions for business seminar at the DeKalb County owners. Participants also will find Maloof Auditorium. out what to do if they are audited Rahman, who is now the foundby the IRS. er and CEO of the Institute of The seminar is free and drinks Financial Freedom & Investment Jean Rahman and desserts are provided, but parSolutions, realized while working for the Internal Revenue Service that a lot ticipants must bring their own lunch. Register at contract@dekalbcountyga of Americans lacked understanding of basic tax laws. She founded the institute to educate .gov. The Maloof Auditorium is at 1300 Comtaxpayers. She said she also created her company to help people lower their taxes, get out merce Drive in downtown Decatur. For more information, call 404-371of debt and create wealth. The 12:30 to 2 p.m. event, hosted by the 4730.

Girlfriend really needs to grow up Dear Dave, I’m fairly responsible with finances, but my girlfriend is in a terrible financial situation with a lot of credit card debt, an expensive car payment, and a big, fancy apartment. Plus, she just quit her job because she didn’t like it anymore. Now, she’s thinking about filing bankruptcy and thinks us moving in together will help solve her problems. If she can’t handle her finances on her own, what’s going to happen if we get together? Can you help? – Dino Dear Dino, This is someone to keep dating, not marry right now or move in with, and see if she changes her spending habits. You’d have a very tough life being married to this woman, unless she makes some real attitude adjustments where her money is concerned. I can’t say if she’s technically bankrupt, but she definitely needs to move into a cheaper apartment and sell the car for starters. Still, bankruptcy’s not going to solve anything if she’s got a heart problem. By this, I mean if she buys stuff to try and make her happy and lives beyond her means in the process. Lots of people have the idea that they are what they drive, or they are where they live. Those are heart problems, and that’s the way I was many years ago until I had some sense knocked into me by going broke. Then, I realized I had to stop and make some changes. This doesn’t mean that she isn’t worthy of your love or she’s a terrible person, but it does mean that the girl has got some growing up to do. Money matters aside, you don’t quit your job without a plan unless you’re being sexually harassed or abused, or there’s some matter of principle at stake. Leaving one job for another is OK. But the idea of deciding you just don’t like something, and walking away from it when you’ve got a bunch of bills, is just plain irresponsible. She’s probably not bankrupt, but there

are some definite character issues that need to be addressed. Hopefully, you two can work through this together. – Dave

Pair should see marriage counselor Dear Dave, My husband likes to borrow money on fix-up projects around the house. He says he knows how to manage money and will pay the loans back quickly. The other day, he came to me for money to make the payment on the latest loan he took out. Then, he started fussing at me when I didn’t have the money to make the payment. It’s not the first time this sort of thing has happened. How can I make it stop? – Crystal

Dear Crystal, This guy needs a swift kick in his rear end! He says he knows how to manage money, but he doesn’t know how to save up to rewire the garage? It sounds to me like you’ve got an overgrown teenager on your hands instead of a husband. It’s bad enough that he can’t take care of his own responsibilities, but then he turns around and fusses when you won’t do it for him. That’s ridiculous! Marriage is all about unity. Once the rings go on those fingers it’s a we thing, not a me thing. Husbands and wives should work together to form a game plan that will help them win in life, and that includes finances. I think you should take the money he’s asking for and use it to see a good marriage counselor. There are some real issues here that need attention. You guys need to deal with them, and create a real marriage, before this situation gets any worse! – Dave

February 12, 2011





February 12, 2011

Best of E

Vote for the best that East Tell Us Who’s Best! Who gives the best haircut in East Metro Atlanta? Where is the best car repair shop or BBQ joint? Walking trail? Most romantic restaurant? Vote now for the Best of East Metro in our annual Reader’s Choice Awards. Winners of these awards will be honored at our Best of East Metro / Small Business Expo on April 23 at the Mall at Stonecrest. Please complete and return your ballot by March 31, 2011 (no photocopies, please). Or, go to www.eastmetromarket. com and vote for your favorites online.

Public Affairs Best Local Activist q Joe Bembry q Gil Turman q John Evans q Karen Davenport

Most Beloved Elected Official

Best Church Choir

Best Caribbean Rest

q John Lewis

q St. Philip AME Church

q Kool Runnings

q Stan Watson

q First African Presbyterian Church

q Eat Right

q Sheriff Thomas Brown

q Berean Christian Church

q Hank Johnson

q Saint Philip AME / W.N. Griffin Gospel Choir

Best Italian Restaura

q Rainbow Park Baptist Church

q Figo

q Larry Johnson q Gail Davenport Most Beloved Public Official

q Green Pastures

Best Mexican Restau Best Dance Ministry

q Mibarrio

q Gwen Keyes Fleming

q Tamba Issa, First Afrikan Presbyterian Church

q Pesos Mexican Cant

q Commissioner Lee May

q Berean Christian Church

Best Soul Food Rest

q St. Philip AME Church

q Hodge’s

q New Life

q Thelma’s

q Steen Miles

Most Active State Legislator q Stephanie Stuckey Benfield

q Robert's

q Coach Williams

Best Outreach Ministry

q Stacey Abrams

q Camp of Champions

Best Bakery

q Billy Mitchell

q Blessings on Wheels

q Royal Caribbean Ba

q Pam Stephenson

q Berean Christian Church

q Sweet n’ Sinful

q Rainbow Park Baptist Church

Best Local Entrepreneur q AiJalon Inc. Adult Day Health Care q Victoria Attmore-Pengel q LaTasha Lewis q Brenda Jackson q Anthony “Tony” Royal, Chick-fil-A q Greg Levett q Ron Brown q Robin Smith and Paul Turner, Pesos Mexican Cantina Best School Board Member q Tom Bowen

Best Civic Organization q Stone Mountain-Lithonia Chapter, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority q AKA - Lambda Epsilon Omega Chapter q DeKalb Chapter of NAACP q Cedar Grove Neighborhood Association Best East Metro Landmark q Aijalon Inc.

q St. Timothy School q Berean Christian Church q Greenforest-McCalep CAC

q Garlic

q The Mall at Stonecrest

q Exotic Thai, Stonecrest

Community of Faith Best Large Church

Best American Restaurant

q St. Philip AME Church

q Chick-fil-A at Turner Hill

q Ray of Hope

q Java Delight Cafe

q Berean Christian Church

q Parker’s On Ponce

q New Life Baptist Church

q Barbara C. Campbell

q St. Pius H. S.

q The Earl, Flst Shoals Ave., Atlanta

q Sarah Copelin Woods

q Pamela Williams Aijalon Adult Day Health

Best Christian School

q Arabia Mountain

q Beulah Baptist church,

Citizen of the Year

q New Life Baptist Church

Dining Best Asian Restaurant

q Jay Cunningham q Eugene Walker

q Olive Garden

q Sauced

Best BBQ Restaurant q Fox Brothers

Best Small Church

q Robert’s

q Poplar Springs Baptist Church

q Community Q

q First African Presbyterian

q Mabels

q New Hope Christian Ministries

q Smokey Bones

q Lilly Hill Baptist Church

Best Takeout q Las Brasas q Gut Busters

q Pesos Mexican Cant

q Chick-fil-A at Turne q Java Delight Cafe Best Pizza q Savage Pizza

q Davido’s on Covingt q Avallino’s

Best Late Night Eats

q Pesos Mexican Cant q Waffle House

Most Romantic Rest

q Parker’s On Ponce q Arizona’s Best Restaurant for

q Pesos Mexican Cant

q Parker’s On Ponce q Applebee’s q Arizona’s Best Chicken Wings

q Poplar Springs Baptist church,

Best Family Dining Restaurant

q Robert James

q Rainbow Park Baptist Church

q Gladys and Ron’s Chicken & Waffles

q Pesos Mexican Cant

q Gretchen Smith

q Cathedral of the Holy Spirit

q Pesos Mexican Cantina

q Davido’s on Covingt

q Bethel Family Church

q Folks

q Java Delight Cafe

q First Atlanta Wesleyan Church

q Piccadilly

q American Deli

q Rochelle Candeller Best County Commissioner q Kathie Gannon q Lee May q Larry Johnson q Stan Watson

q Highland pub

You can also vote for your favorites online at Click on the “Best of East Metro” banner and follow the directions...

February 12, 2011

East Metro



Metro Atlanta has to offer


Best Restaurant When Someone Else Buys

Best Financial Institution

Best Health Club

q Red Lobster

q Citizens Trust Bank

q Power Kicks Tae Kwon Do

q BB&T

q Tadda’s Fitness Camp

q Parker’s On Ponce


q Arizona’s Best Breakfast



q RBC Bank Best Health Clinic Best Law Firm

q Kendrick Family Practice

q The Secret Firm

q Ria’s Bluebird Cafe

q Oakhurst Medical Center

q Davis & Bozeman Law Firm


q Boykin Edwards Jr., PC

q South DeKalb Center for Health Living

q Chick-fil-A at Turner Hill Road

q Noreen Banks Ware

q Gut Busters

q BJH Attorneys at Law

Best Running or Jogging Track

Best Event Planner

q Arabia Mountain

q Java Delight Cafe

taurant Best Restaurant Service

q Benita Osbey

q Pesos Mexican Cantina

q Kimberly Cameron


q Brenda Jackson & Associates

q BaSix Knowledge Academy

Best Barbershop

q Woodward Academy

q Chick-fil-A at Turner Hill Road q Java Delight Cafe

akery Best Sunday Brunch

q Sweet Melissa’s q Carpe Diem


er Hill Road

Best Supermarket q Wal-Mart Memorial Drive q Publix - Flat Shoals Parkway q Publix - S. Hairston q Kroger - Flat Shoals Pkwy

q Nicks Barber Shop q Ultimate Barber Shop Best Hair Salon q The Good Hair Shop q Acts of Valor




q Excell Preparatory Center q St. Timothy School Best Day Care q Excell Preparatory Center q Aijalon Inc Adult Day Care q Kingdom Kare Academy

q Dynasty Hair Salon

Fun for All Best Movie Theater

Best HVAC Service

q Movie Tavern

q Shamari

Buy & Sell Best Auto Dealer - Used

q Lu Woodson - Alpha Climate Control

q Ultimate Benz

Best Orthodontist

q Malcolm Cunningham Auto Gallery


Best Private School

q Don Janelle Day Spa

q Bowman’s HVAC


q Stone Mountain Park

q Craig Williams q North Georgia Orthodontics

Best Auto Repair

q AMC Theater q Gallery at South DeKalb Best Place to Meet New People q Java Delight Cafe q Pesos Mexican Cantina Best Free WiFi q Chick-Fil-A At Turner Hill Road

q Gibbs Garage

Best Dentist

q Service 1st Auto Care

q Heard & Heard Dental

q Panera

q Ultimate Benz

q Spa Dental

q Pesos Mexican Cantina

q Dr. Diane Stephens Best Car Wash First Date



q Village Hand Car Wash

Vote Online @

q California Gold q Upscale Cleaning q So Fresh And So Clean q Zoom Express Car Wash q Cartopia Services Rendered


Best Mall


q Gallery at South DeKalb q Mall at Stonecrest q North DeKalb Mall q Northlake Mall Best Real Estate Agency q Gretta Thomas q Tobias A. Jackson Best Insurance Agent q Devon Hudson, State Farm q Les Kemp, Allstate

Tell Us About Yourself First Name:_ ____________________ Last Name:_________________ Address:_ ________________________________________________ City: _ __________________________ State: _____ Zip: ___________ Phone Number: _ __________________________________________ Email Address:_____________________________________________ Age:

❍ 18-34 ❍ 35-49 ❍ 50-65 ❍ 65+


❍ Male ❍ Female

Mail or deliver your completed ballot to CrossRoadsNews, 2346 Candler Road, Decatur GA 30032, or vote at Photocopies of ballots are not accepted.




February 12, 2011

“When Georgians are prepared to survive independently, the potential for tragic outcomes is greatly reduced.”

GEMA: Storm underscored need for emergency readiness The January snow and ice storm that affected 70 percent of the state and paralyzed metro Atlanta for almost a week was our first taste of severe weather for 2011, and Ready Georgia is turning the spotlight on preparedness. Charley English, director of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security, is urging residents to take precautions to get ahead of bad weather. “Take time now to prepare Charley English for the extreme weather that the rest of the year can bring,” English said during Severe Weather Awareness Week, which ended Feb. 11. English said that tornadoes, storms and floods can devastate our communities, but that the effects can be minimized if we’re prepared. Preparing for one emergency may arm you against many types of disasters, he said. “Our goal is for all residents to be their own first responders and to be able to help others in the event of a natural or man-made disaster.” GEMA says that during severe weather, emergency workers might need at least 72 hours to open roadways and restore utilities. “When Georgians are prepared to survive independently, the potential for tragic outcomes is greatly reduced,” the agency says. GEMA is urging families to program their NOAA Weather Radio and create Ready Profiles at to get a customized checklist Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews of emergency supplies and a tailored family comThe Jan. 9 winter storm dumped snow, sleet, freezing rain and ice on metro Atlanta, paralyzing the area for nearly a week. munications plan.

Be your own first responders The Ready Georgia campaign urges residents to: n Prepare for severe weather. Make a Ready kit of emergency supplies for your home, car and office. Include at least 3 gallons of water per person for drinking and sanitation. Have at least a three-day supply of nonperishable food. Other items include a battery-powered or hand-crank NOAA Weather Radio and extra batteries, flashlight and extra batteries, first aid kit and a whistle to signal for help. A face mask will help filter

contaminated air, and plastic sheeting and duct tape will keep shelter in place. Have moist towelettes, garbage bags and plastic ties for personal sanitation; wrench or pliers to turn off utilities; local maps; specific items for children, family members’ special needs or pets; cash or travelers checks; important documents in a waterproof container; and blankets and warm clothes.

members. It might be easier to make a longdistance call than to call in town. Identify a meeting place near your home where family members can meet if separated during severe weather as well as a meeting place away from your home if your neighborhood is not accessible. Map out evacuation routes and always keep at least a fourth of a tank of gas in your car. Know your insurance policies and whether your home is in a flood zone.

n Plan for severe weather. Be sure every family member knows important phone numbers for schools, offices, home and emergency services. n Stay informed about severe weather. Identify an out-of-town contact to Find out what type of disasters could communicate among separated family occur and how you should respond, and

learn your community’s warning signals and evacuation plans. Familiarize yourself with the terms that are used to identify severe weather, such as advisories, watches and warnings, and monitor NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, television and the Internet for updates. Ready Georgia is a statewide campaign that is designed to educate and empower Georgians to prepare for and respond to natural disasters, pandemic outbreaks, potential terrorist attacks, and other large-scale emergencies. For more information, visit www.ready or

Holliday to lead national nonprofit Office of Chronic Disease PrevenAfter 12 years with the DeKalb tion, Office of Injury Prevention, Board of Health, Dr. Christopher Office of Infectious Diseases, Holliday is leaving to become CEO and Office of Epidemiology and of a national nonprofit, CommuStatistics. nities Joined in Action Inc. For his last 10 years at the The Seattle-based company, board, Holliday was the facilitator which recently relocated to Atof the Clarkston Health Collaboralanta, does policy and coalition tive, which started in 1994. He calls work with states to ensure 100 percent access to health care and Christopher Holliday the collaborative a vehicle to make sustainable changes in the community. elimination of health disparities. His last day is Feb. 18. He said his new During his career with the Board of Health, Holliday, who is a community psy- office will be located in the Georgia Health chologist, was division manager for Health Policy Center in downtown Atlanta. Assessment and Promotion. He oversaw the

Session on knee, hip replacements

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in the Greater Atlanta area for more Residents suffering from joint than 24 years. His specialties include pain can learn about the latest medical and surgical treatment of advances in knee and hip replacearthritis, total joint replacement ments on Feb. 24 at the DeKalb surgery, hip resurfacing, fracture Medical Theatre in Decatur. care and sports medicine. Dr. Maurice Jove, an orthoA complimentary tour of the pedic surgeon, will discuss the new Joint Solutions Center will take benefits of each procedure at the place at 5 p.m. 6 p.m. session that is free to attend Maurice Jove DeKalb Medical is at 2701 North and will include a question-andDecatur Road. For more information or to answer segment. Jove, who practices in Decatur and Snell- register, visit or call ville, has provided orthopedic care to patients 404-501-9355 (WELL).



February 12, 2011


Š2009 Feld Entertainment

“Trees also provide shade and beauty and make our community a better place to live.�

Eunice Johnson’s coutaure collection will be on display At Macy’s Lenox Square Feb. 24-28. The collection is travelling to 10 Macy’s stores nationwide in February.

Macy’s showcasing Eunice Johnson’s fashions Fashion lovers can explore some of the couture designs from Ebony Magazine’s Eunice Johnson’s private collection Feb. 24-28 at Macy’s Lenox Square in Atlanta. The collection is presented by Macy’s Department Stores and Johnson Publishing Co. in celebration of the beauty, fashion and lifestyle of the life of legendary stylist, who was married to Ebony founder John Johnson. The “Ebony, Fashion Fair Cosmetics and Macy’s Celebrate Eunice Johnson� retrospective debuted at Macy’s

Herald Square in New York City on Jan. 27 and will tour 10 Macy’s locations across the country during February. During the exhibit, Macy’s will showcase some of the couture designs from Johnson’s private collection that were featured in the famed Ebony Fashion Fair shows. The collection includes designs from acclaimed designers like Lanvin, Yves Saint Laurent, Vivienne Westwood, Carolina Herrera, Stephen Burrows and B. Michael. Macy’s Lenox Square is at 3393 Peachtree Road N.E., in Atlanta.

Seedlings for grabs at Decatur trees festival Music, information about protecting the environment and free tree seedlings will be available at the Feb. 12 Nalley Tree Festival on the Decatur Square. The noon to 3 p.m. festival marks the kickoff of “Together We Can Plant 10,000 Trees,� a green initiative led by Nalley BMW, Infiniti and Nissan in Decatur. The campaign’s other campaign partners include the city of Decatur, DeKalb County, Park Pride, Trees Atlanta and Keep DeKalb Beautiful. The event is a precursor of Georgia’s Arbor Day, which will be Feb. 18. The tree festival, which will be held annually, will also include children’s activities and educational literature from local municipal and environmental organizations. Participants can also sign up for volunteer opportu-

nities for organized group plantings throughout the year within the city of Decatur and DeKalb County. “Together We Can Plant 10,000 Trees,� is a yearround, local initiative with multiple organized tree plantings. Melissa Corey, a spokes person for Asbury Automotive Group, Nalley Automotive Group’s parent company, said trees are great to have around. “Trees not only create oxygen and filter groundwater, but also provide shade and beauty and make our community a better place to live,� she said. Between Feb. 13 and March 31, DeKalb residents can visit the dealership’s showrooms on the 1600 block of Church Street during business hours to pick up complimentary tree seedlings. Distribution will resume in November.

Some of the exhibit tables include vinyl records of Motown singers, photographs of Negro Baseball League players, historical books, African-American art as well as displays on the Tuskegee Airmen and the Buffalo Soldiers. President Barack Obama, Michael Jackson and Michael Jordan are among luminaries featured. The first African-American Disney princess as well as old utensils Grandma used are part of the expo. Greenbriar Mall is at 2841 Greenbriar Mall Parkway S.W. For more information, call 404-966-2137 or visit

Audition for talented youngsters Kids ages 7 to 16 who can sing, dance, or possess other talents can audition for the “Youth for Excellence� Talent Showcase on Feb. 12 in Scottdale. The 1 p.m. auditions will be held at the Worshippers Interceding for Excellence Church. Kids who have positive gifts that will be edifying to youth and to the Kingdom of God can audition. The talent show will be held Feb. 27 at the church. It will feature Pastor Phil Williams & Lil’ Jimmy Productions, a duo that fights against child obesity. Prizes includes studio time for singers and songwriters, and video production time for performers. Worshippers Interceding for Excellence Church is at 3096 North Decatur Road in Scottdale. For more information, call 404-455-6678.

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Fashions Framing Framing Classes Gift Wrapping

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Jewelry Hand Bags Art Flowers

Thur-Fri 11am-5pm Sat 11am-3pm

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“Come on and be a part of the vision� First Afrikan Church is an Afrocentric Christian Ministry that empowers women, men, youth and children to move from membership to leadership in the church, community and the world. 5197 Salem Road Lithonia, GA 30038 Praise & Devotion Worship Service Sundays at 10 a.m.

Join us for Bible Study Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

Pastor Phil Williams & Lil’ Jimmy will perform at the talent show on Feb. 27.

(Valid for select performances only. Excludes Circus CelebritySM, Front Row, VIP and Club seats.)


Expo celebrating black culture African-American history buffs of all ages can soak up a rich and diverse heritage at the Sights & Sounds Black Cultural Expo at Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta through Feb. 28. The exhibit features kings and queens of ancient Africa and pioneers in culture, art, science, industry and religion. It includes collections on the civil rights movement and early African-American doctors, scientists and entrepreneurs. More than 8,000 pieces of art, documents, artifacts, video, book collectibles and memorabilia chronicle the historical passage of African-Americans from the root existence of Africa to present-day America.


770-981-2601 “We are building far beyond our years.�

Rev. Dr. Mark A. Lomax

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February 12, 2011

“I know that [Tyson] is really for the students and for the employees. Whatever decision that is made I feel it will be great.”

South DeKalb bears brunt of school closings under new plan By Carla Parker

Interim Superintendent Ramona Tyson reduced the number of school closings to eight from 14, and the ax is still falling heavily on the schools in South DeKalb. Seven of the eight schools – five elementary, one middle and one high schools – picked for closure are in South DeKalb. Tyson presented her redistricting and consolidation plan to the DeKalb School Board on Feb. 7 after hearing from thousands of DeKalb parents. Her recommendations, which will change the attendance lines for 8,989 students, call for the closure of the following elementary schools – Atherton, Glen Haven and Peachcrest in Decatur, and Gresham Park and Sky Haven in Atlanta. Avondale Middle School and Avondale High School also will be closed, but under her plan, Avondale High will stay open to house the DeKalb School of Arts students. Medlock Elementary in north Decatur also will close. Instead of centralizing the magnet program as earlier recommended by school system consultants, Tyson opted to leave them intact, but she wants to transform Flat Rock Elementary into a theme school and Bouie Theme School into a neighborhood school. School Board members will vote on the redistricting and consolidation plan on March 7. Tyson’s recommendations come in the wake of complaints from thousands of parents and residents that the process was moving too fast, that there was not enough financial data to support the closures, and that the magnet programs should not be centralized. She said that while making the recommendations, her primary concern was the students in DeKalb schools and that the new plan reflects community input.

Carla Parker / CrossRoadsNews

Connie Boone spoke on behalf of Sky Haven Elementary School, which has been picked for closure, at the Feb. 7 meeting where interim Superintendent Ramona Tyson presented her plan.

“Is there a plan that makes everyone happy? No,” Tyson said. “These difficult decisions will allow the school district to redirect, in just the first year alone, $12.4 million toward improving student achievement.” The redistricting and school closings will help eliminate 11,310 empty seats across the county, which has cost the district millions of state funding. In the new plan, only 5,125 seats will be eliminated, leaving 6,185 open seats. The schools targeted for closing are among 22 elementary schools with fewer than 450 students. The school district said the state funds schools with more than 450 students and that the consolidation will allow it to access more state funding. The students from the closed schools will be merged into eight other low-enrollment schools to increase their sizes.

“Eliminating these seats is a significant first step in paving the path of the 2020 vision plan,” Tyson said. Under the 2020 vision, the district wants elementary schools with 900 enrollment. Tyson says her plan will save the district $12,419,393 annually and $124,193,390 over 10 years. The schools saved from closure are Bob Mathis, Rock Chapel, Toney, Livsey, Wadsworth Magnet, and Kittredge Magnet. Among Tyson’s recommendations: Atherton students will move to Canby Lane, Rowland, and Snapfinger. Glen Haven students will relocate to Midway, Rowland, and Snapfinger. Gresham Park students will go to Clifton, Flat Shoals, McNair District Learning Academy, and Meadowview. Peachcrest students will move to Midway

and Snapfinger. Sky Haven students will relocate to McNair District Learning Academy and Meadowview. Medlock students will go to Laurel Ridge and McLendon. Avondale Middle students will move to Bethune, Columbia, Freedom, and Shamrock middle schools. Avondale High students will relocate to Clarkston, Columbia, Druid Hills, and Towers high schools. Tyson reassured school employees and parents that no jobs will be lost because of redistricting and school closures. She said all resources will follow students to the new locations. Jerrie Williams of Stone Mountain said she supports Tyson’s recommendations and is happy that teachers won’t lose their job. “I know that [Tyson] is really for the students and for the employees,” she said. “Whatever decision that is made I feel it will be great.” Connie Boone did not like the plan. “A smaller environment is more conducive to the student’s development,” said Boone, who spoke on behalf of Sky Haven during the public comment section of the meeting. She said the school needs to remain open because most students work better in a smaller setting than a larger one. Two public hearings are planned on March 1 and March 3 for parents, teachers and DeKalb citizens to have their say on the recommendations ahead of the board’s vote. The meetings will be at the Board of Education Administrative and Instructional Complex , 1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd. in Tucker. Parents can view the maps with all the attendance line changes, at www.dekalb.k12

Meeting will address bullying

Plus-size prom dresses sought for needy teens

Quentin Fretwell, director of student relations for the DeKalb School System, will discuss bullying in schools on Feb. 17 at the South DeKalb Parent Council monthly meeting. The 6:30-to-8 p.m. meeting takes place at Columbia Middle School, 3001 Columbia Drive in Decatur. Fretwell will discuss bullying and its effects on students emotionally, verbally and physically. For more information, call Donna Priest-Brown at 404-3868454.

DeKalb residents can donate new or gently used prom dresses sizes 12 and up to Plus Size Clothing Recyclers for teens struggling to afford outfits for the prom. The Decatur thrift shop is collecting the age-appropriate dresses for students going to the 2011 prom. Donated gowns must be clean with no stains, rips, missing buttons, missing zippers or discolorations.


Store owner LeToya Turner said the dresses will be donated to girls in need, and dress donors will receive a $5 in-store credit. Plus Size Clothing Recyclers is at 1781 Columbia Drive in Decatur. The store is open Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information, call LeToya Turner at 678791-6264.

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February 12, 2011





February 12, 2011

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Timeshares SELL/RENT YOUR TIMESHARE FOR CASH!!! Our Guaranteed Services will Sell/ Rent Your Unused Timeshare for CASH! Over $95 Million Dollars offered in 2010! (800)640-6886

Travel Costa Rica 10 Days from $995. All Inclusive Vacation Packages. Free Brochure: Call 1-800-CARAVAN See all Tours Now: Visit

Reader Notice As a service to you – our valued readers – we offer the following information: This newspaper will never knowingly accept any advertisement that is illegal or considered fraudulent. If you have questions or doubts about any ads on these pages, we advise that before responding or sending money ahead of time, you check with the Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud Line and/or the Better Business Bureau. They may have records or documented complaints that will serve to caution you about doing business with those advertisers. Also be advised that some phone numbers published in these ads may require an extra charge. In all cases of questionable value, such as promises or guaranteed income from work-at-home programs, money to loan, etc., if it sounds too good to be true –­ it may in fact be exactly that. This newspaper cannot be held responsible for any negative consequences that occur as a result of you doing business with any advertisers. Thank you.




February 12, 2011

Affordable Wedding Photography


Room for Rent - close to Hwy. 124 & Rockbridge Rd. Retirees welcome. Own furnished bedroom & bathroom. Must have transportation. Call 404-8255794. Large Cozy Cottage. I-20, Wesley Chapel Road. Furnished, pool & utilities included. Section 8, Divorcee, Elderly or Disability Ok. 770-558-1227. $0 Move in if Qualified! 3 Bedroom 2 bath $795/month. HUD Welcome! 5 minutes to school, Marta, I-20 & Panola Rd. $795 voucher or $2400 month income required. 770-306-8087. 770905-5354

HAIR CARE/SALON Licensed Hairstylist and Barber needed, Must have clientel. Please Call 404-626-2212

HELP WANTED $14.56 hourly, 74 year old Company. Full - Part time, Training provided, (customer relations). Stone Mountain & Lithonia Area. 678-221-1850. Rocky Jones.

LANDSCAPE/LAWN CARE Lawnmax & Associates Leaf removal, Bobcat work, French drainages, concrete work, Wood Fence. 770-593-1382

REAL ESTATE I buy houses. Any Condition/Any Area. 404-246-9975.

SERVICES Affordable Home Repairs/ Remodeling. Interior/Exterior Painting. Basement Remodeling. Pressure Washing. Plumbing & Tile. Licensed & Insured. Free Estimates. Call Derrick 678-4690071.

real estate

Henry County For Sale $200,000 5br, 3ba, Separate living room & dining room, 4-side brick, over 1/2-acre lot, Hardwood floors 1st level, 5 years young. E. Howard, 678-859-2758

ATL 1ST REALTY 770-981-8111

MARKETPLACE RATES Place your MarketPlace line ad here – up to 20 words for $25. Additional words are $3 per block of five words (maximum 45 words). Boxed Ads (with up to 3 lines bold headline): $35 plus cost of the classified ad. Send ad copy with check or credit card information and contact phone number (if different from ad) to MarketPlace, CrossRoadsNews, 2346 Candler Road, Decatur, GA 30032, or e-mail to marketplace@ Our deadlines are at noon on the Friday one week prior to publication, unless otherwise noted.

Sponsored By

The DeKalb Workforce Housing Initiative Program

Saturday, Feb. 26, 2011 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. DeKalb Association of REALTORS® 1414 Montreal Road Tucker, GA 30084 (Marta Bus 125 to Montreal Road) Pre-Registration is required. To Register or for more information: Call 770-493-6100 ext. 1004 or go to

FREE 1040 EZ and Electronic Filing Taxes • IRS Representation • Debt Consolidation Consulting • Business Returns

8 Day Guided Tour with Canal Cruise Available at


+ tax & fees


(678) 518-8501 Evenings and weekends available

Call 1-800-CARAVAN


public notice

1.875x2Suburban_PANAMA.indd 1


Visit Us In Our New Location




& Upholstery

AT $1.00 A YARD

FREE FABRIC WITH UPHOLSTERY (you only pay for labor) [Expires Feb. 26, 2011]


(678) 974-8089 Mon-Sat: 11am- 6pm

(In the Piggly Wiggly shopping center)

Find Local Goods & Services


PANAMA 995 Since 1952 $


8 to 10 day guided tours USA, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica. Free 28 Page Brochure.

5211 Covington Hwy Decatur, Ga. 30035


Tues-Sat: 10am-5pm

Hourly Rate for Special Events

FREE HUD APPROVED Homebuyer Education Workshop For DeKalb County Service Workforce Workers

2130 Candler Road • Decatur, GA 30032


Weddings Start at $500

1/12/11 12:56:25 AM

Public Notice of Auction

To be held at SYKES SELF STORAGE 3228 Snapfinger Road Corner of Snapfinger & Flat Shoals Decatur, GA


The following units will be up for auction for non-payment on Feb. 19, 2011 at 10 a.m. Bell..............................#33 Dickle..........................#63 Domineck....................#15 Franklin.......................#96 Hall .............................#37 Hawthrone ..................#35 High ............................#40 Holloway.....................#56 Lane ...........................#66 Leggett .......................#18 Lewis ..........................#36 Luckett................#70, #76 Serrant........................#85 Shivers........................#77 Simpson......................#32 Utley ...........................#17 Washington.................#26 Williams ......................#60 Any questions about this Auction should be directed to Sam Richmond, Property Manager at 404-559-7653

Emissions Test Limited Time Offer

4527 Glenwood Road • Decatur, GA 30032 404-288-1600 • 404-289-0186 (Fax)

transportation Roundtrip transportation to school, daycare, tutorials, field trips PARTIAL SCHOOL LISTING

Leadership Academy Chapel Hill Middle Redan Middle DeKalb Academy Lithonia Middle Princeton Elem. Champion Middle Murphey Candler Stephenson Middle Wynbrooke Elem. Arabia Mountain Pine Ridge Elem. DeKalb School of the Arts

(770) 374-7384

If you’re reading this ad, chances are your customers are, too! Call 404-284-1888 for Advertising Opportunities & Information

All s graph photo tured p a c e ar lly digita

Contact Newburn Reynolds at


public notice

Notice of Public Sale of Personal Property

Georgia Self Storage Act (210-215)

Metro Self Storage

Notice is hereby given that the undersigned self storage units will be sold at a public sale by competitive bidding, in their entirety to the highest bidder, on or after February 23, 2011 to satisfy the lien of the Lessor, with Metro LLC as managing agent for Lessor, for rental and other charges due from the undersigned. The said property has been stored and is located at the respective address below. The sale will be held at the first of the following addresses, listed in order, and will begin at 9:30AM or after on said date and will continue hour by hour until all units are sold at each location. Metro Self Storage: 6231 Hillandale Dr, Lithonia Ga. 30058 D414 - Shenell Sanders H978 - Keenan White C370 - Tamekia Lampley H993 - Timia Graham C317 - Carlton Allen G829 - Tikema Thompson C315 - Shonte Dulin G825 - Laquency S. Bounds B255 - Sherri Brown G804 - Elizabeth Epps A131 - Marvin Parkman Jr. F778 - Shenneta Hinds A126 - Wetonah M.P. Parkman F757 - Tara Warren A124 - Stephanie Rice F750 - Bobbie Martin A120 - Maita Green F741 - Frank Davis A117 - Carolyn Alvin E554 - John Davis A112 - Rhonda Lasha Gleaton F739 - Yolanda Arnold A103 - Edwina Paschal G851 - Monique Offutt Metro Self Storage: 5951 Covington Hwy, Decatur, GA 30035 D413 - Sherian Hayward I910 - Barbara Hill E505 - Anthony Millin I911 - Kimmy J. Jones E579 - Fawn Alston I937 - Roland L. Carter E595 - Kecia Sherelle Roney I939 - Carrie Ann Mouzon E609 - Denise Richard J124 - Kenneth David Jackson F627 - Caritas Card K1101 - Zodie Green F629 - Sarah M. Lay K1110 - Paula McMath F643 - Pavaline E. Gordon K1138 - Stephen Lomax F667 - Huglon Renard Mclaurin K1144 - Antwan Scruggs G727 - Richard Wilson L1240 - Robert Brown Metro Self Storage: 1491 N Hairston Rd, Stone Mountain Ga. 30083 1007 - Dan Contracting Co 8064 - Ila Ivery 2033 - Tiffany Christopher 8065 - Marie Childress 3011 - Aisha Walker 8101 - Daleshun Grier 3064 - Newton Green 8189 - Latoya Johnson 4008 - Ashley Coleman 9026 - Willie Garrett 6034 - Marquita Hudson 9034 - Laura Edwards 8005 - Valerie Charleston-Godfrey 9092 - Nicholas Martin 8015 - Terrance Beard 9097 - Lisa Salter 8017 - Shauntique Robinson 9102 - Marie Sylla 8053 - Patrice McDonald-Lundy The undersigned self storage units will be sold at a public sale by competitive bidding, in their entirety to the highest bidder, on or after February 25, 2011. Metro Self Storage: 4268 Winters Chapel Rd. Doraville Ga. 30360 Unit A-104 - George Lockwood Unit B-152 - Cornetta Enterprises Unit A-118 - Saidah Daniels Unit B-165 - Bryce Farris Unit A-142 - Jose Oscar Urbina Unit C-116 - Clinton Ancrum Unit A-150 - Acess Fitness, LLC Unit C-140 - Fabio Buitrago Unit A-151 - Michael Moss Unit D-110 - Cornetta Enterprises Unit A-152 - Cornetta Enterprises Unit D-113 - George Lockwood Unit A-154E - Tenishala Orr Unit E-105F - Lidia Logan Unit B-106 - Heritage Fine Floors Unit E106 - Timothy J Goodwin Unit B-129 - Russ Darrow The contents consist of general household goods, furniture, boxes, mattresses and miscellaneous items. The terms of the sale will be cash only and must be paid for at the time of sale. All goods are sold as is. Metro Self Storage reserves the right to withdraw any or all units, partial or entire, from the sale at any time. All contents must be removed completely from the property within 48 hours or sooner.



Malcolm Cunningham Ford

February 12, 2011

Malcolm Cunningham LinCoLn

CheCk Out Get IntO these smart luxury InCredIble WIth all-neW speCIals! teChnOlOGy

Malcolm Cunningham Auto Gallery

Ride In Style With The Executive payment!



2010 Ford Fusion Stk#A1403 Sale price $12,995, $1000 Down, 72 payments of $199 at 3.9% ApR plus, Tax, Tag And Title With Approved Credit.

2007 Cadillac CTS

2011 lInCOln mkZ

2011 Ford

STk#A1404 All power, Leather, Tilt Steering, CD & More!



per mo.




Lease for

MSRP: $41,365 Malcolm Cunningham Discount: $4,000 Rebate: $3,000

per Mo.

Lease for 24 months with $2597 due at signing including $0 security deposit. 10,500 miles per year and 15¢ per mile thereafter plus tax, tag, and title with approved credit. Offer expires at month end.


Voice Activated Navigation


You Pay: $34,365


14,995 199


Or Buy For Only


per Mo.

$2000 Down, 72 payments of $199 at 3.9% ApR plus, Tax, Tag And Title With Approved Credit.

2008 Nissan ALTIMA

Prices Plus Tax, Tag, And Title With Approved Credit.

STk#A1405 All power, Low Miles, priced Right!

2011 lInCOln mkx VIN#2LMDJ6JK8BBJ13875

2011 Ford


15,595 199



Or Buy For Only


per Mo.

$2500 Down, 72 payments of $199 at 3.9% ApR plus, Tax, Tag And Title With Approved Credit.

MSRP: $48,860 Malcolm Cunningham Discount: $6,000 Rebate: $1,500

Lease for

7 500

You Pay: $41,360



Prices Plus Tax, Tag, And Title With Approved Credit.

per Mo.

2011 lInCOln navIGatOr VIN#5LMJJ2J51BEJ03546

Lease for 24 months with $2829 due at signing including $0 security deposit. 10,500 miles per year and 15¢ per mile thereafter plus tax, tag, and title with approved credit. Offer expires at month end.

prices plus, Tax, Tag And Title.

we now rent & Sell truckS!

2011 Ford



MSRP: $63,780 Malcolm Cunningham Discount: $6,000 Rebate: $3,000


You Pay: $54,780



Prices Plus Tax, Tag, And Title With Approved Credit.


$ Lease for

per Mo.

Lease for 36 months with $2429 due at signing including $0 security deposit. 10,500 miles per year and 15¢ per mile thereafter plus tax, tag, and title with approved credit. Offer expires at month end.

5675 Peachtree Industrial Blvd


2005 Ford Focus Auto, All Power, CD, Very Nice, Stk#A1376A ........... $6995 2007 Chevy Monte Carlo Auto, All Power, Very Sporty! Stk#A1407 $10,995 2008 Dodge Charger Auto, All Power, Tilt Steering, Stk#A1437 .... $11,995 2009 Ford Mustang Sporty Horse, Ready to Ride, Stk#A1365 ...... $13,995 2010 Toyota Camry All Power, Tilt Steering, CD, and More, Stk#A1412 . $14,995 2011 Hyundai Sonata The NEW Body Style, Mini Benz look! Stk#A1380 $16,568 2008 Cadillac CTS New Body Style! Stk#A1444 ............... $17,995 2007 Cadillac DTS Ride in Style 7 days a week! Stk#A1414 ........ $17,995 2007 GMC Sierra SLE EXT Cab Work Horse! Stk#A1443 $19,995 2006 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate PKG, and More! Stk#A1413 ... $19,995 2008 Acura TL Extra Nice Ride, Ready For The Town In Style. Stk#A1411 ... $20,995 2008 BMW 528 Clean, Clean, Clean and Priced to Sell!!! Stk#A1441 .... $22,295 2008 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer Edition Leather, CD, Rear Entertainment Unit & More! Stk#A1410 $24,858


4 year/50,000 mIle

nO-CharGe maIntenanCe

4-year/50,000-mile Limited Maintenance Plan. Coverage includes a maximum of eight regularly scheduled maintenance services. See dealer for qualifications and complete details. Program ends 12/31/11.

5675 Peachtree Industrial Blvd


Qualified Service Technicians Needed! We Are Growing Again Apply Within!

service special! OIL CHANGe & CAr WAsH




valId Only at malCOlm CunnInGham autO GrOup

Must Present Coupon When Order Is Written. Not Valid With Any Other Offer. One Coupon Per Visit. Up To 5 Quarts, Diesels And Some Models Slightly Higher. Expires 2/28/2011.

Got A Dent? Got A Ding? Get A Free estimate! All Insurance Claims Welcome. Open 6 Days a Week. I-20, Exit Wesley Chapel To Snapfinger Woods Drive


5C (10.5”) X 16” 24700-MCFO (2-12) Crossroads FC (lm)




All New LINCOLN My Touch

CrossRoadsNews, February 12, 2011  

CrossRoadsNews, February 12, 2011