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Holiday security tips

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An estimated 300 homeowners attended the HomeSafe Georgia event hosted by 4th District U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson at Salem Bible Church in Lithonia. 6

Home security experts warn against leaving clues like an overflowing mailbox or social media messages that can advertise to thieves that you’re away on vacation. 7

“Elf,” the 2003 movie about an orphan raised as an elf, will be screened at the Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Library in Decatur. 8

Homeowners get help



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December 15, 2012

Volume 18, Number 33

Gasification plant approved for tax incentives By Jennifer Ffrench Parker

The controversial biomass gasification plant that Green Energy Partners is pursuing in Lithonia has been approved for property tax incentives to help it secure financing for its bonds. Jim Monacell, the DeKalb Development Authority legal counsel, confirmed on Dec. 13 that the authority approved the 10-year tax abatement for the proposed $60 million plant on April 10. With the incentives, Green Energy Partners would pay only 35 percent of its property taxes on the 21.12-acre property in its first year of operation. Monacell said the taxes would increase

by 6.5 percent a year, until the company is paying 100 percent in its 10th year of operation. Since the approval, Monacell said nothing further has happened. “The company tells us that it still intends to move forward, but no further action has taken place,” he said. Neville Anderson The bond funding and tax abatement are guaranteed for a year and can be canceled. Neville Anderson, Green Energy’s president and CEO, requested the 10-year abatement in an April 9 e-mail to the county’s

economic development director, Charles Whatley; Monacell; Shelbia Jackson; and Ernest Gilchrist of the Office of Economic Development. He told the authority that “some form of credit enchancement” was necessary to sell the $53 million in bond funding that the Development Authority approved for the project on Feb. 14. Green Energy, which is based in Athens, has been pursuing air permits to build the plant despite mounting opposition from residents and the nonprofit Citizens for a Healthy and Safe Environment. On Dec. 18, the Georgia Environmental Protection Division is hosting a public hearing into its air permit application.

Clarkston Lights Up

The city of Clarkston lit up the skies with fireworks at its annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Santa Arrival on Dec. 8. Sudden rain forced revelers to seek cover under umbrellas, but it did not dampen the holiday spirit. The Christmas tree is now lit nightly outside the Clarkston Woman’s Club on Ponce de Leon Avenue.

Curtis Parker / CrossRoadsNews

The public hearing takes place at 6:30 p.m. at the Lou Walker Senior Center, 2538 Panola Road in Lithonia. Deborah Jackson, a CHASE member, said she was unaware that Green Energy had sought a tax abatement for the plant Deborah Jackson until a reporter called her. “When it was initially proposed, we were told that it would be personally financed by Mr. Anderson,” she said. “Now two years later we are finding out that there is no real money Please see GREEN ENERGY, page 5

Omilami nominated for TV role Afemo Omilami of Stone Mountain got a nod from the 2013 NAACP Image Awards for his role in the Lifetime madefor-television movie “Steel Magnolias.” Omilami is nominated for outstanding actor in a television movie, miniseries or dramatic special. Lifetime’s remake of the 1980s movie with an all-black cast, which aired in October, led all cable shows with seven Afemo Omilami nominations, including a nod for best outstanding television movie, miniseries or dramatic special. It was directed by Atlanta director Kenny Leon. Lifetime and HBO garnered the most nominations for cable networks. The 44th annual NAACP Image Awards show takes place Feb. 1 and will air live on NBC. “Steel Magnolias,” a Southern story of love and friendship, is based on the 1987 play by Robert Harling and the  beloved 1989 film starring Sally Field, Dolly Parton and Julia Roberts. Omilami starred alongside Queen Latifah, Phylicia Rashad, Alfre Woodard and Jill Scott. Since 1999, he has starred in more than 20 movies, including “Remember the Titans” and “Drumline.” His competition for the award includes Cuba Gooding Jr. for “Hallmark Hall of Fame’s Firelight,” which aired on ABC; Michael Jai White for “Somebody’s Child” and Rockmond Dunbar in “Raising Izzie,” which both aired on GMC TV; and Tory Kittles in “Steel Magnolias.” Omilami is married to Elisabeth Omilami. Together they run the nonprofit Hosea Feed the Hungry and Homeless organization.




December 15, 2012

“He is out there with no clothes, no money and no ID. I thought these places were here to help, not throw him out on the street.”

Mom asks for help to find son Military suicides get attention By Stormy Kage

On Nov. 10, his mother filed a missing person report with DeKalb Every night, Senella Watson County Police. twists and turns in her bed. The day before ThanksgivThe Decatur mother says she ing, Mekka Parish, police public has been unable to sleep well since information officer, said that her 35-year-old son, Haile Watson, Haile Watson was spotted barewho is mentally ill, went missing foot on Nov. 21 outside DeKalb on Nov. 7. Medical by two security guards “I don’t know if he’s dead or Haile Watson and administrative personnel. alive,” she said. “It’s cold and dangerous out At the time, Parish said the workers did not there. I am so afraid.” know who he was and told him to go away. Watson said her youngest son was diag- That news only added to his mother’s nosed with schizophrenia at age 25. worry. He was living in Tennessee working as a “He is out there with no clothes, no truck driver for Western Express for the past money and no ID,” she said. “I thought these three years but had a mental breakdown this places were here to help, not throw him out spring and came to live with her in May. on the street like he is a dog.” On Nov. 2, he took a small ax and started Parish said they have sent a “Be on the cutting the limbs and branches off the crape Lookout” to the Atlanta Police Department myrtle trees in their yard and cutting up her and MARTA stations. But as of now, that is patio furniture. all they can do. “I was worried so I called the Crisis CenSenella Watson said Haile Watson, who ter on Winn Way in Decatur,” she said. attended Clarkston and Redan high schools, The center picked him up and kept him was a champion swimmer who swam with over the weekend, and on Nov. 6, Haile Wat- the Gold Swim team in Atlanta. son was sent to Georgia Regional Hospital. She said it’s very unlike him not to get in On Nov. 7, Watson said her son called her to touch. She is so devastated that she is unable say he was hospitalized at DeKalb Medical on to function and is now suffering from heart North Decatur Road and did not have his ID. palpitations. When she called the hospital an hour later, “I got a heart monitor from the doctor she was told her son was released to At- ’cause I feel my heart is jumping out of my lanta Union Mission, a homeless shelter. chest,” she said. “I teach dance at a senior She said his older brothers, Eric and Paul, center, but now I’ve stopped. I just can’t tried for the next three days to find him. function.” They went to the mission on Bolton Road in downtown Atlanta several times and called Want to help? numerous times. Haile Watson is an African-American They never found him. man with brown eyes. He weighs 230 pounds Family friends and even a local motor- and is 5 feet 10 inches tall. If you see him, call cycle club are also on the lookout. Senella Watson at 770-879-1027.

By Ken Watts

Fourth District U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson and a bipartisan group of 35 senators and representatives have joined forces to turn back a rising tide of military suicides. They want Congress to include an antisuicide provision in the fiscal year 2013 National Defense Authorization Act. The provision written by Johnson would allow military commanding officers and mental health professionals to prevent tragedies by talking to service members about the firearms they own personally. The suicide prevention language also would allow counselors to encourage personnel to safely store those weapons in a military facility or use a gunlock. The House of Representatives passed the bill on May 18. The Senate passed its own version of the bill on Dec. 10 without addressing suicide and sent it to a

House-Senate conference committee where differences between the two versions are worked out. Johnson and Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) sent a letter to the leadership of the House and Senate Armed Services committees urging them to adopt the suicide prevention language in the final bill. They said the suicide provision is not an attempt to limit gun rights or an individual’s ability to own a firearm, but is simply an attempt to add a common-sense tool to prevent tragic deaths. Johnson and Kerry said the law created confusion as to whether military commanders can discuss privately owned weapons with service members who appear to be a threat to themselves or others. They say keeping the new language in the final 2013 authorization bill would clear up any ambiguity. The House and Senate are scheduled to vote on the final version next week.

Grant for veterans’ home repairs Senior Connections has finished The nonprofit Senior Conmillions of dollars of repairs to nections has received a $150,000 senior-owned and -occupied homes grant from the Home Depot in metro Atlanta through a series Foundation to repair homes of awarded grants. Typical repairs owned by senior veterans or include roof repair or replacement; their surviving spouses. plumbing and electrical repairs; Debra Furtado, CEO of Seheating and cooling system repairs; nior Connections, said the grant and replacement of rotting wood. creates a great collaboration. In 2011, the foundation an“We will be able to help Debra Furtado veterans and their families already on our nounced a three-year, $30 million initiative waiting list, many who couldn’t qualify to address the housing needs of veterans. For more information, visit www.senior under other programs,” she said. In the past decade, Chamblee-based

DeKalb County CEO Burrell Ellis reminds you of the Best Practices for Proper Disposal of


(Fats, Oils, and Grease)

F.O.G. enters plumbing through garbage disposals, sinks and toilets. It coats the inside of plumbing pipes and also empties into DeKalb County’s sewer system. Here are three simple guidelines to help keep F.O.G. out of our pipes and sewers:

1. 3.


fats, oils or grease into a sealable container, allow it to cool and throw it in the trash. Do not pour down the drain or toilet.


SCRAPE plates and cookware before washing.

Do not throw scraps of any kind down the drain. Instead, place them in waste containers or garbage bags.

WIPE excess grease from all plates, pots, pans, utensils, and surfaces with a paper towel before washing. Throw the greasy paper towels away.

Plumbing and sanitary sewer systems are simply not designed to handle the F.O.G. that accumulates in pipes. When it gets into the pipes and hardens, blockages occur and cause sewage to backup and overflow out of manholes or into homes. This is expensive for you, and for the County. The damages caused by fats, oils and grease in the sewer system are costly to repair. Over time, they increase the costs of our water and sewer services.

F.O.G. directly impacts your wallet! DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management 1580 Roadhaven Drive * Stone Mountain, GA * (770) 270-6243



December 15, 2012


“The big thing about it is you have to crawl before you walk. We didn’t get a chance to crawl. We went straight to running.”

House delegation seeking input from citizens for 2013 session By Ken Watts

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver responds to a question at a delegation town hall meeting on Dec. 13. Behind her are Reps. Scott Holcomb and Tom Taylor.

Ken Watts / CrossRoadsNews

Members of the DeKalb House delegation got an earful from residents of Central DeKalb at their first legislative town hall meeting on Dec. 13. About 50 residents attended the meeting at Cross Keys High School to voice concerns about annexation and the rush to cityhood. Trey Benton, who lives in the new city of Brookhaven, wants the General Assembly to slow down the process of forming cities to better assess the impact on the people who’ll live there and the unincorporated county left behind. “The big thing about it is you have to crawl before you walk,” Benton said. “We didn’t get a chance to crawl. We went straight to running.”

The meeting was attended by Reps. Mary Margaret Oliver (D-Decatur), Michele Henson (D-Stone Mountain), Mike Jacobs (R-Atlanta), Tom Taylor (R-Dunwoody), Scott Holcomb (D-Atlanta), and Dar’shun Kendrick (DLithonia), who is the delegation’s secretary. The 17-member DeKalb House delegation is meeting with citizens before the General Assembly convenes on Jan. 14. Upcoming meetings are: n Jan. 8 at 6:30 p.m. – Porter Sanford III Performing Arts and Community Center, 3181 Rainbow Drive in Decatur. n Jan. 10 at 6 p.m. – Agnes Scott College, Rebekah Scott Hall, 141 E. College Ave. in Decatur. For more information, call 404-656-0311.

Eddie Moody comes out of retirement to be Lithonia’s police chief By Jennifer Ffrench Parker

Retired DeKalb County Police Chief Eddie Moody will be the city of Lithonia’s new police chief effective Dec. 17. Moody, who left the county Police Department in 2004 after more than 30 years, will head Lithonia’s force of five sworn officers and 18 reserve officers. He said the position represents a coming home of sorts for him. Eddie Moody “The attraction is that this is a place I grew up in,” said Moody, who attended elementary and high schools in the city. “I will be able to contribute to a city I call home.” Moody, who was born in Redan, went to Bruce Street Elementary and High School until it and the county’s other segregated black schools closed in 1968.

He graduated from Lithonia High School, its successor, in 1972. For many years, Moody lived a few miles from the city in unincorporated Lithonia. He now lives “temporarily” in Loganville but says he still owns a house there. Moody said he took the job because a couple of people asked him to. “It was nice to be asked,” he said. He said he is joining the city with an open mind. “I will follow the direction of the mayor and council and bring a level of professionalism to the job,” he said. “I’m big on community policing and I will create an atmosphere where it will be valued.” Moody said the department doesn’t have any state or other certification so it would be good to get it certified. He also would like to work on a five-year plan for the department. Since he left the county, Moody, an avid fisherman, said he has been mostly trying to

fish as many lakes as he can find. After he retired, he bought himself a boat. “I have done some bass fishing tournaments,” he said. “I just enjoy being on the lake.” Moody was a much-loved police chief in DeKalb County. He was forced into early retirement by then-CEO Vernon Jones, who wanted to pick his own chief. Since then, Moody said he has been mostly retired with the exception of three years between 2008 and 2011, when he worked as a special investigator with the U.S. Investigation Service doing security clearances for the federal government. Moody will be Lithonia’s first police chief in a year. Its last police chief, Kennis Harrell, resigned in December 2011. Acting Chief Washington Varnum Jr. was fired in September after he lost his certification from Georgia’s Peace Officers Standards and Training

Council and arrest powers. The action came after an investigation found that Varnum acted unethically in his own self-interest in 2010 before he joined the city when he served an eviction warrant for past-due rent on himself and checked a box saying that he could not be found. While the Lithonia police force is a fraction of the size of the county force, Moody said problems are problems, and that he will bring a level of professionalism to the city. Mayor Deborah Jackson said the city is very privileged to have someone like Moody who has a tremendous level of experience and an impeccable reputation. “The council and I are excited about Chief Moody’s working with the Police Department to help raise the standards and quality of service provided to the community,” she said. “Chief Moody told us he was ready to leave retirement, and we are glad that he wants to work in the community he grew up in.”



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December 15, 2012

Can you imagine what kind of environment the mix of middle and high schoolers will bring?

‘Redistricting plan’ for schools flawed, misguided By Byron L. Merritt

Never underestimate the power of a group. As we were sitting in the DeKalb School Board meeting on Dec. 6 listening to the revised proposal being discussed by the board members, fellow parent Tenesha Kelley pointed out two critical points about the revised plan: n Our children are still being rerouted the same way as the earlier proposal; n The revised proposal is very specific about the work being done on other schools but vague when discussing Southwest DeKalb High School.  The phrasing they use is “add capacity.” What does this mean – trailers? The suggestion to convert Southwest DeKalb, Cedar Grove and McNair high schools into sixth through 12th grades had everybody’s blood boiling, and rightly so. It is interesting how quickly the

“Most telling of all is that this five-year strategic plan does not spell out the future for the ‘magnet school program’ at SWD. This is the bigger problem confronting us that I see.” Byron L. Merritt

board capitulated on this point, so quickly my alarms starting going off. Why throw this out and pull it back so quickly? Could it be that the real target of this plan is to dismantle the Southwest DeKalb High magnet/band programs? Both the magnet program and the award-winning marching band are the crown jewels of South DeKalb. These two programs are intricately woven together. Many magnet students are in the band.  The family atmosphere that has been created in the band permeates the entire school, and it extends to the entire southwest DeKalb com-

munity. You can feel this spirit as soon as you set foot on the Southwest DeKalb High School campus. Even students who are not in the band or in the magnet program benefit from this dynamic generator of community pride that produces academic excellence and outstanding young people. It is a high honor to say you attend SWD.  So why would the Board of Education tamper with the most successful educational model in the county? Why not add resources to it? Changing Chapel Hill Middle will disrupt the feeder mechanism to Southwest DeKalb High.

We have band members at Chapel Hill Middle School who already plan to attend Southwest DeKalb High to continue their band activity and hopefully garner a band scholarship to college. Why is this already successful model being tampered with? Surely the board knows this. By shunting the middle school magnet students to Knollwood, you make the disruption to SWD Magnet permanent. Most telling of all is that this five-year strategic plan does not spell out the future for the “magnet school program” at SWD. This is the bigger problem confronting us that I see. The “redistricting plan” in its present form is so flawed and misguided that we should demand a no vote on the whole thing and make them start from scratch.  Byron L. Merritt is the father of a freshman magnet student at Southwest DeKalb High School.

Biomass plant will add to pollution Rethink combining traffic-related pollution – let’s not Businesses within the Lithonia compound the problem. community have been allowed to Moreover, the plant will emit notoriously pollute the air and have tons of hazardous air pollutants even failed to meet the Environsuch as carbon monoxide, nitrous mental Protection Agency’s health oxide and formaldehyde that are standards. In fact, DeKalb County’s known to cause cancer and birth arsenic level is about three times the defects. Cancer is the second leadEPA guideline and formaldehyde ing cause of death in Georgia and is a whopping 58 times the EPA Marcia G. Hunter 30 percent of these deaths are due guideline. Despite this, Green Energy Partners wants to lung cancer. More importantly, 12 percent to open a biomass plant in the community of Georgia’s children have asthma. Let’s raise of my birth that will produce as much par- the next generation with clean air and a fair ticulate matter of a coal plant the same size. chance at a healthy life. Green Energy Partners wants us to Particulate matter will penetrate our lungs, harming all of us – especially our neighbors believe that their plant is “green” and will with asthma and other respiratory illnesses. produce clean energy, but this is simply not The facility will also require about 7,500 true. Join me and other concerned citizens tractor-trailer truckloads of wood chip fuel on Dec. 18 for a public hearing at the Lou per year, which equals one per hour. Imagine Walker Senior Center. Marcia Glenn Hunter is a former mayor the diesel emissions that will affect our community. DeKalb County already has enough of the city of Lithonia.

Quick Read

middle, high schools

Good schools, services and businesses invite homeowners. DeKalb at this point is no longer inviting. A large percentage of elementary schools have been closed in South DeKalb, creating a mass exodus of young families to areas in Georgia where schools are near where they live. Some allowed their homes to go into foreclosure. Others left and are renting them out. Now Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson is attempting to combine middle and high schools. That is a bad move. What are the advantages for the middle schooler? Can you imagine what kind of environment the mix of middle and high schoolers will bring?  This not a good mix. I beg Superintendent Atkinson and the DeKalb School Board to rethink and not move forward with this plan. A. Jean Richardson lives in Decatur.

Gasification plant approved for tax incentives 1

Moody out of retirement to be Lithonia’s Police Chief 3

Nonprofit clinic still seeking funds 7

The controversial biomass gasification plant that Green Energy Partners is pursuing in Lithonia has been approved for property tax incentives to help it secure financing.

Retired DeKalb County Police Chief Eddie Moody will be the city of Lithonia’s new police chief effective Dec. 17.

The financially strapped South DeKalb Center for Healthy Living in Lithonia is still trying to raise funds to keep its doors open.

Omilami nominated for NAACP Image Award


Afemo Omilami of Stone Mountain got a nod from the 2013 NAACP Image Awards for his role in the Lifetime made-for-television movie “Steel Magnolias.”

Mom asks for help to find son


Every night, Senella Watson twists and turns in her bed. She says she has been unable to sleep well since her 35-year-old son, who is mentally ill, went missing on Nov. 7.

Study group to issue report on City of DeKalb 5 Church shows love to those in need 8 A Senate Study Committee investigating a city of DeKalb heard Thursday that there are no easy answers.

300 homeowners turn out for HomeSafe event 6 The U.S. economy is showing signs of recovery, but plenty of people are still struggling to keep their homes. An estimated 300 homeowners attended the second HomeSafe Georgia event hosted by 4th District U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson.

More than 70 homeless individuals will get a duffel bag filled with a blanket and personal care items from Healing Stream Ministries’ outreach program on Dec. 15.

School Board to vote on draft of redistricting plan 9 DeKalb School Board members will vote on a draft of Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson’s controversial redistricting plan on Jan. 7 so that the public can comment on it.

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December 15, 2012


GreenLaw is encouraging residents to turn out in large numbers to tell the EPD why the plant is a bad idea.

Study group to EPD hosting Dec. 18 hearing at Lou Walker Center issue report on Proposed $60 million gasification plant City of DeKalb GREEN ENERGY,

By Mary Swint

A Senate Study Committee investigating a city of DeKalb heard Thursday that there are no easy answers. At its final of four meetings on Dec. 13, Jim Grubiak, general counsel for the Association County Commissioners of Georgia who lobbies for counties at the State Capitol, told senators that consolidation of city and county governments into one government body is a growing trend in both urban and rural counties. Grubiak said that creating a city of DeKalb from all the unincorporated areas of the county would be “messy and very complicated.” He said one issue would involve elected officials, who could not serve on both the city and county government. Supporters of a city of DeKalb want to stifle the annexation of county areas into cities and enable DeKalb to collect utility franchise fees that are available only to cities. Annexations also cost counties license and permit fees. The Senate committee will prepare a report by the beginning of the 2013 legislative session on Jan. 14. The report will be distributed to the whole General Assembly. Grubiak told Sens. Gloria Butler, Gail Davenport and Fran Millar at Thursday’s meeting that the state could authorize urban counties to levy franchise fees and give urban counties a voice in annexation issues. The Study Committee also included Sens. Jason Carter, Steve Henson, Emanuel Jones and Ronald Ramsey. Jones was the only member not to attend any of the meetings. Grubiak said DeKalb commissioners used to have some discretion in approving annexations but that law was repealed more than six years ago. Now cities can annex county land, and counties are powerless to stop them. Joe Arrington, a resident of Stone Mountain who spoke at the meeting, said the answer was not to “put up a big fence” to keep people in a super city. He said legislation that requires a county to transfer assets like parks to a new city at a deep discount, instead of the reasonable value, has given more incentive to create cities. If the legislation was revised so cities would pay a more realistic cost, “this would be a big caution flag,” he said. State Rep. Michele Henson told the senators that an agreement between Fulton County and Sandy Springs set the precedent for transferring county property to a new city “for cents on a dollar.” She said the flawed formula was put into legislation and the Legislature should look at changing it. HB 203, adopted in April 2010, set the purchase price for parks and recreation centers at $100 per acre and provided a formula for the purchase price for county fire stations, beginning at $5,000. The law applies only to DeKalb and new municipalities created after Jan. 1, 2008. DeKalb Commissioner Jeff Rader pointed out that a state law sets out a formula for distribution of the 20 percent of DeKalb’s HOST revenue that is used for infrastructure improvements. “Fifty percent of the 20 percent is going to cities, which is more than the percentage of the population they represent,” Rader said. Fulton is almost all cities, and Millar asked Grubiak what role the county would have going forward if DeKalb continues this trend with a city of Stonecrest, Tucker or Northlake. Grubiak said that counties are subdivisions of the state and are required to provide services like courts, voter registration, medical examiner, jail, property assessments, tax collection, health services and libraries.

from page


and they are looking to get taxpayer support to finance this project, which the community is opposed to and which is clearly not a good economic development for the county.” Jackson, now mayor of Lithonia, was on the City Council in 2010 when the project was first proposed within the city limits of Lithonia. It was voted down by the council, and the Rogers Lake site outside the city limits was picked. Jackson said all the bond funding and tax abatements are contingent on Green Energy securing environmental permits to build. “That’s why this hearing on Dec. 18 is so important,” she said. “The community should come out and express their concern to EPD, which will make the decision.” Jackson said Green Energy is seeking permission to pollute the air to a certain level but that Lithonia is already home to a landfill, a transfer station and heavy truck traffic. “We are saying that the community’s right to breathe should take precedence over Green Energy’s right to pollute,” she said. “Even a minor source of pollution is too much for a community already burdened by other sources of pollution.” Anderson said on Thursday that he will attend the Dec. 18 hearing. “Apart from that I have no comment,” he said. After Tuesday’s hearing, the community has until Dec. 20 to submit written comments to EPD before it reviews and makes a final determination. Atlanta-based GreenLaw also said this week that it is encouraging residents to turn out in large numbers to tell the EPD why the plant is a bad idea for the county. Anderson has said that Green Energy will only use “yard waste” for the fuel source at the 79,710-square-foot plant. When it was first proposed in 2010, Anderson told residents at a Lithonia meeting that there is no smoke, odor or noise from the plant. He said gasification plants are being built because of the push for renewable energy.

MARTA board re-elects chair The MARTA board has re-elected its current officers to serve in 2013. DeKalb representatives Frederick L. Daniels remains as chairman and Harold Buckley Sr. as treasurer. The unanimous vote was taken Dec. 3. Daniels is executive vice president of Atlanta-based Citizens Trust Bank, and Buckley is owner/broker of Precision Realty in Decatur. Also re-elected are  Vice Chair Barbara  Babbit Kaufman, an entrepreneur who represents Fulton County, and former educator and sales director Juanita Jones Abernathy of Atlanta as secretary.  Daniels said it was a great privilege to be selected for another term.  “As we welcome our new general manager/CEO Keith T. Parker, we look forward to working together to  operate a safe, reliable, efficient and fiscally sound transit system that contributes to the economic success and quality of life  of this region and state,” he said.  The board sets policy and makes decisions for MARTA. It is made up of four representatives from DeKalb, three each from Atlanta and Fulton, and the state transportation commissioner. The Georgia Regional Transportation Authority executive director is a non-voting member.

Athens-based Green Energy Partners has a 20-year contract with DeKalb County to collect and convert residential tree clippings and wood chips into electricity using a non-emission gasification technology. It proposes to build a 79,710-squarefoot plant at a cost of $60 million on 21.12 acres at 1744 and 1770 Rogers Lake Road in Lithonia. Green Energy says the 11.85-megawatt wood gasification power plant will sell electricity to Georgia Power Co. It will take 100,000 tons of wood chips to generate 10 megawatts of electricity, enough to power 7,000 homes. The plant will generate 650 jobs during construction and 25 permanent jobs once it opens. Here are highlights of the proposed plant’s timeline to date: n July 13, 2010 – DeKalb County signs a 20-year contract to sell 40,000 tons of wood chips annually to Green Energy Partners for $200,000 a year. n Dec. 6, 2010 – Lithonia City Council rejects a proposal to build the plant on a 26-acre property on Bruce Street within the city of Lithonia.

GreenLaw, the nonprofit firm that provides legal and technical assistance to environmental organizations and community groups throughout Georgia, says Lithonia’s air is already polluted and fails to meet EPA health standards. “Green Energy Partners’ proposed plant

n Jan. 5, 2011 – Green Energy applies for a special land use permit and modification of the zoning conditions to build on the property zoned M2 heavy industrial. n April 13, 2011 – Green Energy applies to the Environmental Protection Division for air permit. n May 6, 2011 – EPD highlights 15 deficiencies in the application for the construction and operation of the gasification plant and requests “a complete response to all the above information by July 5.” n June 14, 2011 – Board of Commissioners unanimously approves a special land use permit to allow construction of the plant. n July 13, 2011 – Citizens for a Healthy and Safe Environment files lawsuit in DeKalb Superior Court accusing the county of ”contract zoning.” It says that the county contracted with Green Energy, then approved the zoning to allow the plant. n July 20, 2011 – Green Energy withdraws its EPD permit application for the installation of a wood gasification process to generate electricity after the EPD highlighted 15 deficiencies in the application. n Feb. 14, 2012 – DeKalb Development Authority approves $53 million in bond funding for proposed biomass facility.

will compound this problem by producing harmful air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and formaldehyde,” it said in a Dec. 11 statement. “The facility will also require about 7,500 tractor-trailer truckloads of wood chip fuel per year, generating unnecessary diesel emissions.”




December 15, 2012

Statewide, DeKalb ranks third with 13,514 foreclosures through November. Gwinnett and Fulton top the list.

300 struggling homeowners turn out for HomeSafe event By Ken Watts

The U.S. economy is showing signs of recovery, but plenty of people are still struggling to keep their homes and fight off foreclosure in DeKalb County. An estimated 300 homeowners attended the second HomeSafe Georgia event hosted by 4th District U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson on Dec. 8 at Salem Bible Church in Lithonia. The five-hour session, co-hosted by Georgia’s Department of Community Affairs and HUD-certified housing counseling agency D&E, provided residents with information about programs that could help them avoid losing their homes. Johnson said DeKalb, with its high foreclosure rate, has weathered a tough storm. “It hit us tougher than other parts of the state and other parts of the nation,” he said. Statewide, DeKalb ranks third with 13,514 foreclosures through November 2012. Gwinnett and Fulton top the list with 17,721 and 14,695 respectively. Abandoned homes overgrown with weeds and debris dot the landscape in DeKalb and

Carrie Harris, president and CEO of D&E, addresses participants at the Dec. 8 HomeSafe Georgia event at Salem Bible Church in Lithonia.

Ken Watts / CrossRoadsNews

have lowered property values. In 2010, the Department of Community Affairs got $340 million from the U.S. Treasury Department’s Troubled Asset Relief Program. The money was part of President Barack Obama’s Hardest Hit initiative to prevent

avoidable foreclosures. Johnson said that effort grew into the HomeSafe program, which offers interest-free loans to help struggling homeowners pay their mortgage. HomeSafe Georgia organizers say only about $50 million has been spent, an indication that many who could benefit aren’t

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aware of the help that’s available. Xerone Pledger, D&E’s director of operations and marketing, said the HomeSafe Georgia sessions are designed to give home­ owners an opportunity to talk in person with counselors. “We’re just trying to disseminate information and let people know that the monies are there for the unemployed or underemployed,” she said. HomeSafe Georgia helps homeowners who have suffered a hardship due to unemployment or underemployment and are able and willing to work or are seeking new or better employment. Applicants must have been current on their mortgage before becoming unemployed or underemployed and cannot be more than six months behind on the mortgage at the time of application. Pledger says there are other loss mitigation programs for homeowners who are more than six months delinquent and have foreclosure notices. One example is the federal Home Affordable Modification Program, which can cut qualified mortgage interest rates as low as 2 percent for a limited time. Pledger said housing counselors become advocates for applicants. “We have people in place who can walk them through just to see what they qualify for,” she said. “Most of the time they will qualify for something unless they’re in active bankruptcy and we can’t do anything to help them.” Johnson’s office and D&E say they’re planning more HomeSafe events in the next few months and are working out the dates and locations. For more information, call D&E at 770961-6900.

Holiday budget may reduce stress Setting a budget and sticking to it can help cut down on holiday stress and make for a better holiday season. That is the word from the Better Business Bureau, which says that many consumers overspend during the holidays and start off the new year mired in more debt. Although retailers are anticipating an increase in holiday spending over last year, that doesn’t mean you have to spend more. The National Retail Federation says U.S. shoppers will spend just under $750 on average on their holiday purchases this year with a record percentage of shoppers expected to buy online. The BBB has again teamed up with Clearpoint Credit Counseling Solutions to offer financial tips to help consumers manage expenses and stay clear of debt. To get started, check out its Holiday Planner Calculator at /clearpoint-holiday-tips/clearpoint-holiday -budgeting-calculator.html. It offers tips to help compartmentalize holiday budgets into categories like gifts, travel and food and adjust holiday spending. Tips include: n Make a list. Jot down a list of the people to whom you wish to give a holiday gift. n Set a limit. Look at your budget to see what amount you can afford to spend in total, then set limits for the amounts you will spend on each person. n Do your research. Many retailers are offering holiday deals, but it’s always a good idea to comparison shop. Online prices may be better, but don’t forget to factor in shipping costs. n Plan your purchases. Decide on what items you will buy online and which items you will purchase at local retailers. For more information and to check out the BBB Business Reviews before you shop, visit

December 15, 2012




“When a child cannot see the blackboard, they often miss out on crucial education.”

Telltale signs of holiday travel invite criminals to your home While you’re away on holiday, don’t advertise that you’re on vacation, home security experts warn. They offer some simple steps to help to ensure that your home will be the way you left it when you arrive back from your travels: Inform a friend/trusted neighbor of your travel plans and ask them to watch your home while you are away. Have this neighbor also collect your mail and newspapers to reduce the exterior signs that you are away. Be cautious with a “vacation away message” on your home answering machine or voice mail. Incoming wrong numbers and advertising phone calls will readily allow strangers to hear you are away from home. With current online tools, it is now easy to back-trace a telephone number and gain the originating address. Be careful with your social media posts. Posts about “preparing to head out of town”, “on the road,” “will be gone for 10 days,” and “finally arrived in New York” can actually tip off malicious social media surfers to the fact your home is unoccupied. “Check-

Ask a friend or trusted neighbor to collect mail and newspapers to reduce the exterior signs that you are away on holiday, home security experts advise.

ins” and location tags posted to your social media provider can indicate you are away. Even with the most stringent privacy settings, Facebook and Twitter are not secure from malicious online surfing. Contact your home alarm monitoring company and alert them of your travel plans. If an activation is detected, some moni-

Nonprofit clinic still seeking funds The financially strapped South DeKalb Center for Healthy Living in Lithonia is still trying to raise funds to keep its doors open. The nonprofit center’s “Christmas in November” fund-raising campaign fell short of its goal, raising less than half of the $8,000 sought. Executive Director Renee Ranson said they still need to raise $4,169 Renee Ranson to help the volunteeroperated center provide health screenings and primary care to the unemployed and uninsured. She said they are grateful for the

$3,831 raised so far and are continuing fundraising efforts. Dec. 15 will be the final day of services at the clinic for 2012. “We shall look forward to serving the community next year,” she said. The primary care clinic operates on the second and fourth Saturdays. Services include diabetes and hypertension care. Donations can be made at www.healthy using PayPal or by check payable to SDCHL. The South DeKalb Center for Healthy Living is at 2699 Klondike Road. For more information, e-mail or call 770-484-2777.

Donations sought for vision care Individuals and families can help provide eyeglasses for low-income adults and children with a $25 donation to Georgia Lions Lighthouse. The Atlanta-based nonprofit, which provides eyeglasses, eye surgeries and hearing aids, is seeking to raise $80,000 by Dec. 31 so that it can get a $20,000 award from an anonymous donor. It is $15,000 from its goal. Sarah Gardener, Lions Lighthouse program manager, said about 1.5 million people in Georgia need access to vision and hearing care but cannot afford it. Over the past six years, the nonprofit

has gone from helping 900 to 7,000 people annually. In DeKalb County, it has spent $81,711 to provide for 549 residents with glasses and other vision services. It serves patients who fall below 200 percent of the federal poverty guideline. Gardener said good vision is important. “When a child cannot see the blackboard, they often miss out on crucial education,” she said. “When a parent cannot see to drive, or worse, drives without proper vision care, it puts everyone on the road at risk.” Donations can be made at For more information, call 770-738-4679.

tors will automatically call police instead of attempting to contact you first, saving valuable time. Install timers on lighting inside your home to turn on at dusk and off at dawn,

providing a sense that your home is occupied. Close your home’s first-floor blinds or curtains – taking away the opportunity for someone to “window shop” at your home. Leave the second floor open though to provide the appearance of your home being occupied. Ensure all your windows and doors, including your main garage doors, are locked and secure. Gather your “hidden” keys outside. You never want to leave keys outside as most burglars know the telltale signs of where those keys are hidden. Most importantly, be especially careful at home and away because criminals don’t take a holiday. Be wary of people you don’t know who come to home or car doors. Be careful when shopping and out in public with your phones, purses and personal belongings. Always lock items out of sight in cars and always lock up your home and cars.




“We learn about God’s love inside the walls of the church, and we show his love outside of the walls.”

Holiday comedy packed with laughter The comedy “Elf ” starring Will Ferrell will be screened on Dec. 21 at the Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Library in Decatur. The 2003 film, which co-stars James Caan and Zoey Deschanel, is rated PG. It is 95 minutes long and screening begins at 1:30 p.m. Ferrell plays Buddy, an orphan who is raised as an elf at the North Pole. After inadvertently wreaking havoc on the elf community due to his ungainly size, Buddy is sent to the United States in search of his true identity. “Elf ” is directed by Jon Favreau. The library is at 1282 McConnell Drive in Decatur. For more Will Ferrell’s ungainly size makes him a conspicuous elf during his sojourn at the North information, call 404-679-4404. Pole. The movie screens at Toco Hill-Avis G. Williams Library on Dec. 21.

Church shows love to those in need More than 70 homeless individuals will get a duffel bag filled with a blanket and personal care items from Healing Stream Ministries’ outreach program on Dec. 15. Then on Dec. 22, the Lithonia church will help disadvantaged children. Its pastor, Elder Gerard Scroggins, said members will hand out about 72 care packages that include socks, hats and other essentials from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. along Glenwood Road, near the interstate on Wesley Chapel Road, around the I-75/I-85 interchange to I-20, near University Avenue in Atlanta, and other areas. “We’ll go where needed,” he said.

Scroggins said the church has fewer than 15 adult members but not to judge them by their size. “It’s a small congregation, but they do big work,” he said. The toy giveaway for children ages 2 to 16 will take place from noon to 4 p.m. on Dec. 22 at the church. Scroggins said they have enough toys for 150 children. “We learn about God’s love inside the walls of the church, and we show his love outside of the walls,” he said. Healing Stream Ministries is at 2470 Bruce St. For more information, call 770728-5372.

Join us for Bible Study Wednesdays at 7 p.m.

5197 Salem Road Lithonia, GA 30038

770-981-2601 “We are building far beyond our years.”

Monthly song circle for those who love to sing People who love to sing for fun can join the song circle in East Lake on Dec. 28. Genres ranging from folk, old standards, spirituals, political songs, pop, freedom songs, country and show tunes will be sung. Organizer Bob Goodman say participants take turns choosing from more than 1,400 songs. “I love to sing and I just wanted a place nearby for other people who like to sing,” he said. The song circle is open to all and takes place on the fourth Friday of every month at 7:30 p.m. Participants will meet at the East Lake Commons CoHousing Community located at 2302 Dancing Fox Road in Decatur. The group usually wraps up at about 10 p.m., but Goodman said quitting time is flexible. “We just keep singing until we’re ready to go,” he said. For directions or more information, call 404-378-5424.

Decatur Library screens ‘Maltese Falcon’ Film noir aficionados can see Bogie at his finest in “The Maltese Falcon” on Dec. 18 at the Decatur Library. The 1941 classic, which stars Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor and Peter Lorre, will be screened at 2 p.m. and runs about 100 minutes. In the gritty crime drama, Bogart plays a private detective, Sam Spade, who takes on a case with three eccentric criminals, a gorgeous liar, and their quest for a priceless statuette. The screening of the Oscar-nominated movie, which has been placed on the National Film Registry, is part of the Golden Classic Films series especially designed for those 55 and older. The Decatur Library is at 215 Sycamore St. in Decatur. For more information, call 404-370-3070.

Handmade goods at Ujamaa Fest

“Come on and be a part of the vision” First Afrikan Church is an Afrocentric Christian Ministry that empowers women, men, youth and children to move from membership to leadership in the church, community and the world. Praise & Devotion Worship Service Sundays at 10 a.m.

December 15, 2012

Rev. Dr. Mark A. Lomax

Shopping, music and food will be available at the second annual Ujamaa Fest at the Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center on Dec. 22. Ujamaa is the Kwanzaa principle for cooperative economics. Kiyomi Eschoe, who created the Ujamaa Fest with her husband, Mark Eschoe, said the noon-to-6 p.m. event is a great opportunity to learn more about Kwanzaa while adding a cultural flair to the season.

More than 20 artists and merchants of handmade goods including food, jewelry, clothes, shoes, crochet items, and home décor will be at the festival, which attracted about 400 people last year. The event is free and participants must R.S.V.P. on The Porter Sanford III Performing Arts Center is at 3181 Rainbow Drive in Decatur. Vendor space is $50. For more information, call 678-777-6810.

History Center hosting night of fun for kids

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Music and storytelling are two of the activities at a “Night at the Museum” at the DeKalb History Center on Dec. 20. Children ages 7 to 12 will be entertained by Reuben Haller’s Fiddlin Dan, who will play the fiddle and mandolin to stories that children can dance and sing along with. There also will be multicultural carols and Christmas and Hanukkah stories. After the show, children can make traditional holiday crafts like candle dipping and orange pomander ornaments and tasty treats and refreshments. Parents can stay but are encouraged to drop their children off to finish any lastminute holiday shopping or enjoy dinner in downtown Decatur on Terrific Thursdays. The shops, galleries and restaurants in the area will be open late with beverages, snacks and special offers. Drop-off is from 5:30 to 6 p.m. and pickup is at 8:30 p.m. The cost is $5 per child for DeKalb History Center members and $10 for nonmembers. Registration at is required. For more information, call Leslie at 404-373-1088, Ext. 20.



December 15, 2012


“You’re proposing changes to successful academic programs but are not giving us specifics as to how they will benefit us.”

GPC woes get SACS’ attention

Thanks for School Board service

DeKalb School Board members presented plaques to departing colleagues Thomas Bowen (from left), Don McChesney and Paul Womack at their last meeting for the year. Bowen did not seek re-election, and McChesney and Womack lost their seats to challengers.

School Board to vote on draft By Ken Watts

DeKalb School Board members will vote on a draft of Superintendent Cheryl Atkinson’s controversial redistricting plan on Jan. 7 so that the public can comment on it. They will hold public hearings from Jan. 8 to 17 to gather public input before taking a final vote on the plan on Jan. 23 to a meet a deadline to qualify for construction funding. The board was to vote on the draft on Dec. 10, but in the face of mounting opposition from parents and students, it voted instead to delay the vote. Board members also put off a vote on an Atkinson’s request for $80 million in bonds to speed up school construction. During Monday’s meeting, angry parents from Evansdale Elementary spoke against proposed attendance lines they said would adversely affect their children and thousands of others in the Northlake area. Parents from Southwest DeKalb spoke against Atkinson’s earlier plan to move sixththrough eighth-grade students to Southwest DeKalb, Cedar Grove and McNair high schools to save money. Atkinson dropped the idea after strong

opposition. Parents also are upset that the redrawn attendance map calls for feeder middle schools’ magnet programs to be diverted from Southwest DeKalb High, disrupting the flow of talented students to the high school. Mark Seals, a Southwest DeKalb father, and other parents said they would fight the plan with lawsuits if necessary. “You’re proposing changes to successful academic programs but are not giving us specifics as to how they will benefit us,” Seals said. The four public hearings are: n Jan. 8 - McNair High, 1804 Bouldercrest Road S.E. in Atlanta. n Jan. 10 - Miller Grove High, 2645 DeKalb Medical Parkway in Lithonia. n Jan. 15 - Tucker High, 5036 LaVista Road in Tucker. n Jan. 16 - Dunwoody High, 5035 Vermack Road in Dunwoody. n Jan. 17 - DeKalb Schools Administrative and Instructional Complex, 1701 Mountain Industrial Blvd. in Stone Mountain. The meetings take place 6 to 7:30 p.m. and begin with a 30-minute presentation by staff, followed by 60 minutes of comment from the public.


YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE ★ GMC is an accredited two-year liberal arts junior college, with 10 campuses located throughout the state of Georgia. ★ GMC is a public educational institution whose purpose is to produce educated citizens by providing students with a liberal arts based twoyear undergraduate curriculum. High school diploma ★ Books are included in tuition cost or GED is required ★ Located near MARTA FINANCIAL AID TYPES:

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The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has issued a warning to Georgia Perimeter College over the lack of financial controls and the ensuing budget shortfall that were identified last spring. SACS, the accrediting organization for educational institutions in the Southeast, issued the warning at its annual board meeting on Dec. 11. The school canceled its December commencement ceremony to save money as it grappled with a $25 million shortfall that began to come to light in April. Anthony Tricoli, who had been at GPC since October 2006, stepped down as president on May 7, and Rob Watts, the University System’s former chief operating officer, was appointed interim president on May 9. In a Dec. 12 prepared statement issued by Barbara Obrentz, the school’s chief public information officer, Georgia Perimeter said a warning was not unanticipated, and that it will be able to demonstrate to SACS that the issues have been completely resolved within 12 months. Georgia Perimeter’s full accreditation remains in place under the warning, the school said. “Georgia Perimeter College has already made notable strides to correct budgeting

issues and return the institution to solid financial footing,” the statement read. “We will continue to implement and strengthen the controls put in place during the summer of this year so that we may resolve any remaining deficiencies and bring the budget back into balance.” GPC said that it values the standards that SACS sets for its members that allow them to achieve their mission as Georgia’s largest access institution. A review by the University System concluded that chronic overspending and the depletion of reserves to make ends meet were the culprit for the shortfall. The review found that “an emphasis on enrollment growth and program expansion took precedence over sound fiscal practice as management and leadership priorities.” Auditors concluded that lack of proper oversight from Tricoli and other top fiscal leadership led to GPC’s shortfall. GPC, which serves more than 23,000 students at five locations, has a current operating budget of $183 million, reflecting a budget cut of more than $20 million. It has laid off 282 employees, and travel and operating supply costs have been cut. The college said it expects to end this fiscal year on June 30, 2013, with a deficit of $5 million to $9 million.

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HOLIDAY SPECIALS $65 Body Wraps $50 LED Light Facials

10% OFF

with your church program




(Located directly behind Discount Tire Warehouse)

(678) 694-8140

678-914-1688 •

hair care / salons

youth services

Catering Available

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Permanent Hair Removal & Skin Care Specialist

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Special!!!

2532 S. Hairston Road, Suite I • Decatur, GA 30035

food / dining

*All work and materials are guaranteed

Open Tuesday-Sunday Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Never wax or shave again! Permanent hair removal!




spa / salons

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Smile For Less, LLC Stone Mountain | 770-879-0945


home services

Beautiful Babes Resort Wear • Party Dresses Exotic Dancewear / Lingerie Shoes, Etc. Makeup artist/stylist specializing in weaves (by appt only) Holiday Hours: We Carr Sun: 2-6 • Mon: 12-8 Plus Sizey s! Tues-Fri: 10-8 • Sat: 10-6 2435 Candler Road • Decatur, GA 30032 (2 min from Red Lobster, across from CVS/Chevron on left)

(404) 288-6771

All Your Holiday & Special Occasion Needs Latest Fashion Trends One of a Kind Pieces Handbags & Jewelry We will make you stand out in a crowd


Ms. Felecia


678-887-6203 ADULTS ACCEPTED

4118 Snapfinger Woods Drive Decatur, GA 30035


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Hair Care for Children


4757 Stone Mountain Hwy. Ste 1000 – Lilburn, GA 30047 Phone: 678-478-9549

public notice




Lithonia Stewart Amphitheater Renovation Services The City of Lithonia is accepting SEALED BIDS from qualified vendors for facility renovations at the Lithonia Stewart Amphitheater located at Park Drive/Lucellen Street, Lithonia, GA. The renovation services include handrail improvements and additions, seating area and lighting repairs. The bid package contains several bid alternates that can be submitted. The property is owned by the City of Lithonia and this facility will provide a venue for activities, such as community plays, movies, and concerts for the citizens of the City of Lithonia and the surrounding area. The City may designate a Representative to act as Project Manager for this project. The selected firm will contract directly with the City to provide the requested renovation services. Instructions for preparation and submission of a proposal are contained in the bid package.


50 off All Fabrics %


Attention is called to the fact that this project is being funded ultimately through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Program of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. The bidder is asked to pay special attention to the Federal Regulations related to Davis-Bacon, Section 3 and other requirements included in the bid package. A mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held on Thursday, December 20, 2012 at 3:00 pm at City Hall, 6980 Main Street, Lithonia, GA 30058. Any questions concerning this bid package must be submitted in writing by Thursday, December 27, 2012 by 4:00 pm.

Soul Discount Fabrics & Upholstery

All sealed bids are due in City Hall, 6980 Main Street, Lithonia, GA 30058, by 5:00 pm on Friday, January 18, 2013. Late Proposals will NOT be considered. A copy of the bid package may be obtained by emailing For general questions about this bid, contact: Ms. Tias Greenwell, Acting City Administrator at or 770-482-8136.

Title VI/Nondiscrimination Statement: No person shall on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, and handicap/disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be otherwise subjected to discrimination under any program or activity conducted by the City of Lithonia.


Open Mon-Sat 10 a.m.-6 p.m.


The City of Lithonia reserves the right to reject any or all bids based on past performance and to waive technicalities and informalities and re-advertise. Only responsive proposals that are determined to meet the requirements and criteria set forth by the City of Lithonia will be considered.



Call 404-284-1888 today for rates & information.

“Mount up with wings as eagles!”


If This Was Your Ad, Someone Would Be Seeing It Now!

(Off Wesley Chapel, Near I-20)


279 Candler Road Atlanta, GA 30317 (near Memorial Drive)

404-963-6485 404-966-8320

John Is Back!

✓ Dress Fabric ✓ Designer Fabric ✓ Upholstery Fabric ✓ Drapery Fabric



December 15, 2012

Malcolm Cunningham Auto Gallery

Year-End Winter





SPECIAL! You Spend $100 And We Take .. $20 OFF! You Spend $200 And We Take .. $40 OFF! You Spend $300 And We Take .. $60 OFF! You Spend $400 And We Take .. $80 OFF! You Spend $500 Or More And We Take .. $100 OFF!



Expires 12/17/2012.

2004 Volkswagen Passat 2.0T



Gas Saver & Pocket Saver

2012 Ford Focus




2008 Volkswagen Jetta GLI Leather, Sunroof & More!


$ STK#A3105

Limited Certified 100K Warranty



2007 Audi Q7



2008 Mercedes-Benz R350

2010 Acura TL

V4, Leather, DVD


Luxury, At It’s Best

$ STK#A3125





$ STK#A3112

2004 TOYOTA SEQUIA SR5 P/W, P/L, Custom Wheels, CD, STK#A3041 ................................. $8995 2010 TOYOTA CAMRY P/W, P/L, Low Miles! STK#A3171..................................................... $14,995 2011 NISSAN ALTIMA P/W, P/L, CD, STK#A3172.................................................................. $14,995 2007 INFINITI M35 Navigation, Sporty, Mid Size Luxury, STK#A3061.................................... $17,995 2009 MERCEDES-BENZ C300W Great Look, Luxury, Low Price, STK#A3081 .................... $18,995 2008 LEXUS ES 350 Smooth, Luxury Ride, Low Price, STK#A3026 .................................... $20,995 2009 TOYOTA VENZA Family Fun, Smooth Ride, Looks Great, STK#A3076 .......................... $21,995

2007 Volvo C70 Convertible Hot, Hot, Hot


2004 Mercedes-Benz CL500

Ready For Your Garage


Leather, Navigation, Sunroof



$ STK#A3032A

2011 Ford Taurus Limited

2009 Cadillac CTS

Certified Up To 100K Warranty

Leather, Sport Wheels, Sunroof, Must See

$ STK#A3126



2011 Chevrolet Camaro STK#A3087


$ STK#A3142







$ STK#A3148

Plus Many More!

2009 BMW 328 Xi Like New, Only 25K Miles, Sporty! STK#A3020.................................... $22,995 2010 ACURA TL Tech Package & More, STK#A3118 ............................................................ $22,995 2009 VOLVO XC70 Cross Country Rider All Terrain, STK#A3131 ......................................... $23,995 2008 TOYOTA 4RUNNER LIMITED Navigation, Rear Entertainment & More! STK#A3110 . $24,995 2007 MERCEDES-BENZ GL450 Family Luxury, Navigation, Reverse Camera, STK#A3147 . $25,995 2009 MERCEDES-BENZ E350 Sporty, This Is A Must See! STK#A3077.............................. $25,995 2011 FORD EXPLORER XLT Leather, Navigation, Sunroof And More! STK#A3156................ $28,995

Prices plus tax, tag, and title. All offers with approved credit. Offers expire 12/17/2012.

A Division of Malcolm Cunningham Ford




(7 70) 987-9000

I-20, Exit Wesley Chapel • To Snapfinger Woods Drive Sales Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-8pm • Closed Sunday

w w w. M a l c o l m C u n n i n g h a m A u t o G a l l e r y . c o m

4C (10.5”) × 16” 36953-MCAQ (12-15) Crossroads FC (gc)



Auto, Sport Wheels, Nice


Sporty SUV, Come Take A Look


Family Fun


2010 Ford Fusion

Leather, Sunroof, Navigation

2009 Toyota Venza

Family Fun, DVD, Leather, Sunroof




$ STK#A3128

Auto, CD, P/W, P/L

2005 BMW X5

Sunroof, Leather, All the Features

Leather, Sunroof, Nice

No Purchase Necessary!

2009 Nissan Altima

Gas Saver

2011 Ford Escape

$ STK#A3094



2006 BMW X3

2009 Honda Accord EX Sedan



Automatic, Gas Saver

2010 Toyota Camry LE



2010 Kia Optima


$ STK#A3120


2009 Honda Civic

$ STK#A3150




Gas Saver & Pocket Saver




Gas Saver

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe

Certified Up To 100K Warranty Included

Save $20


Gas Saver





2010 Toyota Yaris

$ STK#A3115




Cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or coupons. Must present this offer to Advisor at time of write up. Expires 12/31/2012.

95 $40

2011 Nissan Sentra



Cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or coupons. Must present this offer to Advisor at time of write up. Expires 12/31/2012.


2010 Kia Forte




Extended Cab






2003 Nissan Frontier SE

Leather, Sunroof, Nicely Loaded





Cannot be combined with any other discounts, promotions or coupons. Must present this offer to Advisor at time of write up. Expires 12/31/2012.



Valvoline Fuel System Service cleans injectors to improve fuel delivery efficiency, removes carbon deposits from intake valves and combustion chambers and cleans the Throttle Body and Air Intake System. This Process reduces tip in hesitation and improves throttle response. LIMITED TIME OFFER


CrossRoadsNews, December 15, 2012  
CrossRoadsNews, December 15, 2012  

CrossRoadsNews, December 15, 2012