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Like to know more ? P le a s e ca ll 0161 763 4163 Crossroads Care Bury Units 2 – 4, Bury Business Centre Kay Street, Bury, BL9 6BU

Wha t type of s upport do we offe r? We provide dedicated Support Workers who are Criminal Record Bureau checked and trained to a high standard. All our staff are trained in communication, assisted mobility, medication administration, first aid, food hygiene, plus safeguarding of vulnerable adults and children amongst many other subjects. All our Support Workers are also able to provide the following support : Personal Care including • Bathing in bed / bathroom / chair. • Assistance with management of continence of bladder and bowel, as appropriate. • Assistance with dressing and undressing, choice of clothes and personal appearance. • Care of skin and hair, including assistance with shaving. • Care of pressure areas and prevention of sores. (NB not treatment of pressure sores) • Care of mouth and teeth, including dentures. • Assistance with mobility and transfers, including getting in and out of bed. • Support with, and administration of, medication. (By agreement in advance) • Assistance with eating and drinking. Promoting Independence • Ensuring a safe environment in accordance with our health and safety policy. • Supporting customers using appropriate behaviour management techniques where required. • Assisting the person with support needs to access the local community. • Support to undertake a job of work, a voluntary role, education or leisure activities. • Assistance with the development of appropriate social skills where required. All of the above are subject to a risk assessment at the time of the visit. Information and Advice • We provide Carers with information regarding their right to a Carers assessment, and of other services that may be of help to them. • We provide Carers and the people they support with information on their specific conditions. • We act as a voice for Carers in decision making groups, such as the Carers Strategy group. Advocacy We can: • Assist with a variety of problems including social care issues, housing, benefits, NHS, complaints etc. • Provide information and advice enabling people to make an informed decision regarding their care and/or support. • Support you in getting your views and choices across. • Advocate on your behalf with professionals and other voluntary organisations. • Listen when there is no-one else. Security For your security we always arrive at a mutually agreed time, and let you know the name of the Support Worker who will be arriving. All Crossroads Care Bury’s Support Workers carry Crossroads Photo ID cards. In an Emergency • All staff hold a current certificate in emergency first aid and life support. • We maintain a separate fund to provide extra care hours in an emergency. • We provide a 24 hour on call support service. For more specialised tasks specific training will be given to your Support Worker for example: End of life care, Oxygen therapy, Aspiration, Nebuliser therapy, P.E.G feeding, Rescue medications for epilepsy or anaphylactic shock etc.

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Who Can Use Crossroads?  

A basic leaflet explaining who can use the Crossroads Care service in the Bury area

Who Can Use Crossroads?  

A basic leaflet explaining who can use the Crossroads Care service in the Bury area