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Prayer Diary June - September 2017

Week beginning Sunday 4th June HEART FOR ART Uses creativity to support and encourage those living with dementia and their families. Ten groups are now running all over Scotland, providing therapeutic art sessions. l Give thanks to God for the many inspirations all around us; from stunning colours in flowers to majestic mountains and seas. Finding something to paint is always an exciting process and is relished by our participants. l Heart for Art has made such an impact on people’s lives, but without our volunteers giving their time to this project, we would simply be another ‘art class’. They make Heart for Art a warm and supportive place and for that we give thanks to God. l Give thanks for everyone who has made bold strokes this year. Art is a visual medium and many people are put off trying, as they focus on the outcome rather than the process involved with creating. Thank God for the strength and determination that we witness in our classes. l Pray that Heart for Art would be innovative moving forward. l Through our exhibitions and presentations of work, we want to highlight the creativity and talents of those we work with. Pray that this will stand as a visual landmark of what can be achieved when living with dementia. l Pray for the means to sustain the project as it impacts people with dementia, their carers and families, and members in the community as well as reaching a huge digital audience.

Week beginning Sunday 11th June ALLARTON, GLASGOW A residential mental health service for 14 adults with long-term acute mental health problems. l Pray for all those who use our service, and also the staff group as we familiarise ourselves with our new building, that all of the service users will continue to feel safe and supported in their new environment. l Remember the staff team as we move forward with new ideas, vision and initiative to support our service users to regain a healthy lifestyle, and improve their mental health so that they will have the skills required to move on in the future. l Remember our new staff that have taken up their posts that they will all feel fully supported, and continue to build on relationships with all of our service users. l Give thanks for our Head of Service George McNeilly as he retires after 22 years’ service with CrossReach, and pray for John Macdonald who takes over from him. l Remember the families of those who use our service that they will feel their family member is getting care and support here and pray that they will not feel anxious about their loved one. l Pray for those who have now moved on that they would continue in good mental health. l Pray for all of the projects that are run so efficiently by CrossReach, and the great work that they do; pray that services would be able to secure the funding they need to continue their vital work.

Week beginning Sunday 18th June

MORLICH HOUSE, EDINBURGH A residential care home for older people in Morningside. l Pray for the residents that they may always feel God’s love and support, especially during difficult times in their lives. l Give thanks for the support we received to create our 1950s street, for everyone who has helped create this welcome addition which is enjoyed by all. l Pray for the staff team that they would find renewed strength to face new challenges as support needs of residents change. l Give thanks for our links with the local community, and for our Friends’ Group and local nursery, who bring much joy to the service users and staff. l Pray for the families and friends of the residents; remember them as they spend valuable time with their loved one, and pray that they may comforted to know they are safe and cared for. l Give thanks for the privilege it is to care for people at a vulnerable stage in life and for the joy of meeting new people and sharing life experiences. l Pray that we always work to honour God; that we continue to be a close and supportive staff team, encouraging each other and acknowledging each one’s special skills they bring that makes the service better.

Week beginning Sunday 25th June TAYSIDE SUPPORT SERVICES Recovery and Housing Support services in Dundee and Angus with a Tayside wide remit. Clova Housing Support, Angus, for people with alcohol & drug problems. l Pray that staff would be able to help those who use our service become more independent in the community; that they would be able to achieve the best possible quality of life and be protected from harm associated with alcohol or drug use and the lifestyle that goes with it. l Pray for ongoing good working relationships with our partners in Angus, and other projects and churches in Dundee and beyond. l Pray for God’s provision for all aspects of the work in Tayside so that many people would be ministered to and lives changed. l Pray for the R & R recovery café in Dundee that everyone who attends would feel God’s peace and benefit from having an alcohol and drug free environment to go to. l Remember The Friary recovery community in Dundee that its work would grow to be a place where individuals will find freedom from addictions and rebuild their lives. l Pray for healing for broken relationships within families which have been damaged by substance misuse and other issues. l Give thanks for the SMART recovery groups run by the team in Dundee and Forfar that people would find encouragement and hope for the future as they seek to deal with many challenges.

Week beginning Sunday 2nd July

OVERSTEPS CARE HOME, DORNOCH A residential home for older people in Dornoch, Sutherland. l Give thanks for the love and care we receive from all our staff. Help us to be guided by God’s love in our daily lives. l Pray that staff may be strong in body as well as in faith as we also do for all our residents. We thank God for caring for each of us as individuals. l We depend on God for our everyday blessings for which we thank him and we are conscious of his presence which is graciously accepted. l Give thanks to God for the changing of the seasons and their presence with us from day to day. l Give thanks for our Friends’ Group for all their love, commitment and support over the last few years. l Pray for our senior management team at this time of transition. Pray for comfort and peace for all CrossReach staff. l Pray that we would take time to feel God’s presence in our daily routine so that he will guide and support us in our working tasks.

Week beginning Sunday 9th July CROSSREACH COUNSELLING MORAY AND INVERNESS A counselling service based in Buckie and Inverness. l Give thanks to God for his goodness to us through the work of our staff and team of dedicated volunteers. Pray for our new volunteers who started with us in May. l Pray for the service in Inverness as they start their children’s work in schools and for their continued work in the prison. Also for the co-ordination of the team as they work from various centres. l Pray for our clients that they may find the courage they need to put changes in place in their lives. And also for those who yet need to find the strength to make their first appointment. Pray that the clients would experience a sense of peace within our centre. l Give thanks for the individuals and groups locally who fundraise for us. We pray for their continued support. l Give thanks for our lovely centre in Buckie and for the good working relationship we have with our landlord Hanover Housing. l Pray that we would find more people willing to give up their time to provide cover for our counsellors and give thanks for the volunteers who currently do. l Give thanks to God for the privilege of being part of this team who provide counselling to individuals in need in our area and pray for his continued guidance and peace in our service.

Week beginning Sunday 16th July QUEENS BAY LODGE, EDINBURGH A residential care home for older people. l Give thanks for our volunteers and friends of Queens Bay Lodge thanks for their support and kindness. (Gwen, staff) l Thank you God for my friends in Queens Bay Lodge and thanks for the gift of friendship. (Annie, resident) l God, we are grateful for the warm atmosphere and helpfulness at Queens Bay Lodge. (resident) l Give thanks to God for all the care that we all receive here at CrossReach. Thank you for the people who give the care so generously and look after us all so well. (Mary, resident) l Pray for all the residents, staff and relatives that they may know God’s daily presence. (resident) l Give thanks for all the volunteers that come through our doors at Queens Bay Lodge. (resident)   l Pray for all the residents here that we would offer them the very best of care to the highest standard; especially help us to have empathy with the challenges of their complex lives and dealing with so many things that come with old age. (Maisie, staff)

Week beginning Sunday 23rd July THRESHOLD EDINBURGH Provides housing support to adults with learning disabilities. l Give thanks for the good quality of life we are able to support those who use our service to have. Pray that we recruit the right staff to continue to provide this care. l Give thanks for the high grades (5s and 6s) we received from the Care Inspectorate this year. Pray for us as we prepare for the Customer Service Excellence Award. l Pray for the health and wellbeing of all those who use our service since some are getting older and more frail. l Give thanks for the new clients we have taken on in the last couple of years. Pray they would be blessed and reach their fullest potential. l Give thanks for and pray for the management team. Pray they would be able to lead by example and would be able to manage staff well. l Give thanks for the way our Day Opportunities Service has developed and pray for its continued growth. l Pray for staff and those who use our service that they would find spiritual nourishment and strength.

Week beginning Sunday 30th July SOUTH BEACH HOUSE, ARDROSSAN A residential home for older people with 40 residents next to the sea with views across to Arran. l Pray for all of the CrossReach staff, especially those at South Beach House. Give us guidance and support and help us through our work days. l Our residents are at the centre of all we do and we pray for their health and wellbeing that we can make each new day special to them and bring some happiness into their lives. l Families and visitors sustain us throughout the day; pray for their safe travel to and from the home and that their visit would be a happy one. l Training is at the centre of our work and we ask that you guide us in all our learning with your support and help us to put what we learn into practice. l Activities are important to both our residents and staff, so pray that these are happy occasions with lots of fun and entertainment for everyone. l Pray for the wider world in these days of war and fighting and ask that God would guide those in charge to make this a safer, happier world for all of us. l Pray for God’s help for as we go about our daily tasks; pray that he would be with us all the days of our lives.

Week beginning Sunday 6th August MORVEN DAY SERVICES, KILMARNOCK Offers support to adults with mental health problems living in East Ayrshire. l Give thanks for the listening ear given to those in need by the workers at Morven Day Services, spending time to help talk through their issues and concerns, reflecting God’s patience with us. l Pray for strength for those struggling with Mental Health issues and for strength to the workers at Morven Day Services who support them. Help them to embrace anything that comes their way as an opportunity. l Pray that those who struggle with hopelessness would seek God’s help; may they find courage in the kindness shared with them through services such as Morven Day Services. l Pray that those who carry the burden of Mental Health issues would find a place to rest, such as Morven Day Services; give rest and peace of mind to those who support them by taking on some of their burden. l Pray for those who are seeking opportunities to recover from their Mental Health Issues; may they be plentiful, and grant them motivation to take them when they appear. Pray that we would be given the resources to provide those opportunities. l Give thanks that so many people are on the road to recovery from the debilitating problems that can be caused by Mental Health issues.

Week beginning Sunday 13th August THE ELMS CARE HOME, EDINBURGH A specialist dementia service for 40 older people. The care package includes a variety of activities and means of stimulation while providing the residents with enjoyment and quality of life. l Pray for the families and friends of residents past and present; may they find strength and peace in difficult circumstances. l Pray for an understanding of dementia so that our residents can get the best quality of life possible. l Pray for unity within all the care teams, day shift and night shift to support the one vision of good care and high standards. l Pray that God would support staff to continue to provide care and compassion to our residents, families and each other in our important and individual roles at The Elms. l Pray that as we stand at the beginning of a new day, God would bless us with the vision to see the best of things to come and let us feel precious in his sight. l Pray for forgiveness when we stray from the path of God’s commandments and help us back onto the righteous path. l Pray that God would support the staff team through a time of change at The Elms. Pray that staff can continue to carry the service’s vision and the vision of CrossReach forward.

Week beginning Sunday 20th August THRESHOLD SUPPORT SERVICES, HAMILTON Provides support to people with learning disabilities and people on the autistic spectrum across Lanarkshire. The project is called Threshold because with our support people are helped to cross the threshold of new experiences. l Pray for the ‘Leading lives’ day opportunities service that it may continue to grow and develop. Give thanks that the people attending have begun to develop new friendships through shared interests and experiences. l Pray for our Community support service – for guidance and wisdom for the management team as they seek to implement a raft of changes to the way support packages are funded and delivered. l Pray for our Housing support/care at home service – providing care and support to people in their own homes and community. Pray for some individuals who are struggling with poor mental health at this time and struggling to make sense of the world around them. l Pray for the residential service – providing care and support to people in 3 small residential care homes. l Pray that we will be guided in all that we do, so that our service users receive the best quality service that they deserve. Give thanks for the commitment of the management team and frontline staff to make this happen.

Week beginning Sunday 27th August ADVISORY, CONSULTATIVE & NEGOTIATING GROUP ACNG works for and on behalf of CrossReach staff and offers them a free support service. l Pray that God would help us as staff to touch the lives of others for good, whether through the words we speak or by our actions. l Pray that if we are feeling fearful or life seems to be uncertain and out of control, we come to God as he is ‘Perfect Love’. Pray that he would take our fear and replace it with confidence. l Remember our staff as they care for everyone in all our services across the country. l As we as the ACNG come together for our Annual Joint Liaison Meeting, we ask for God’s blessing on us as a group as we discuss issues which affect our staff. l Pray that God would be with any staff who are unable to be at work at present for whatever reason. Give them the strength and courage to make a swift and successful return. l Pray for God’s guidance as we start pay negotiations with our management colleagues that these discussions would be constructive. l Pray for the work carried out in all our services everyday by our dedicated and committed staff. Ask for God’s blessing on their elected group, the ACNG, as we work to continue to improve staff welfare.

Week beginning Sunday 3rd September WALTER & JOAN GRAY CARE HOME, SCALLOWAY, SHETLAND Provides residential and respite care for older people and also runs a separate Day Centre where clients can take part in a range of activities. l Give thanks to God for all the residents, clients and their families and pray that they may see the love of God in our services. l Give thanks to God for the immense privilege of being involved with the residents and users of our service on a day to day basis. l Pray for more workers in all areas to bring up our staff numbers. l Give thanks to God for a good working environment and a great group of staff. l Pray that all staff will be brought to a knowledge of the goodness of God and that we will all continue to grow in faith and character. l Pray for our home’s continued witness within the community. l Pray for health and vitality and a sensible work/life balance for all staff as health issues can take their toll amongst the staff.

Week beginning Sunday 10th September WHITEINCH MOVE-ON SERVICE, GLASGOW Provides 6 months of housing support to adults who are in recovery from substance misuse and have completed residential rehabilitation. l Give thanks to God for the transformation in so many people’s lives. Recovery from addiction is possible! l Pray for those who use our service as they rebuild relationships with family members, particularly in situations where children are involved. l Pray that new staff members joining our team would quickly settle in. l Pray for safety for the group of people who use our service as they learn to live independently without drugs and alcohol and the challenges that this poses. l Pray for permanent housing to be available for each person at the end of their programme and the ability to cope with the stress of moving on. l Pray for the provision of ongoing funding for Whiteinch Move-On Service. l Pray that we will continue to develop the service to best meet the needs of the people we serve.

Week beginning Sunday 17th September OASIS BANKFOOT A day care service based at Bankfoot Church in Perthshire offering a range of activities and social stimulation for over 60’s.

l Pray for the staff that deliver a service here at Oasis Bankfoot and give thanks to them for all their hard work. l Pray for new staff members who are joining our team and that they settle well into their new role. l Give thanks for the beautiful surroundings in which we deliver our service. l Pray for every service user we support and that they may feel encouraged in all that they do. l Pray for the safety of our staff as they travel daily to their place of work. l Pray for our staff and help continue to guide them into providing a quality service. l Give thanks to our volunteers for their support and kindness.

Week beginning Sunday 24th September CROSSREACH WEEK AND SOCIAL CARE SUNDAY During CrossReach Week the Moderator of the General Assembly visits some of our services to highlight the work they do in their communities. l Give thanks for the Moderator Rt. Rev. Dr. Derek Browning and for his support for CrossReach by giving us a week of his time. l Pray for congregations across Scotland as they consider the social care work that goes on in their community on CrossReach and Social Care Sunday (24th September). l Pray that awareness of CrossReach’s work will be heightened in the communities we serve during and as a result of CrossReach Week 2017. l Pray that everyone will be kept safe as they travel to the various services hosting visits from the Rt. Rev. Dr. Derek Browning as part of CrossReach Week 2017. l Give thanks for all the staff and supporters who have helped make CrossReach Week 2017 possible. l Give thanks for all those who will respond to the publicity information about CrossReach by being part of our work in various ways praying, giving, volunteering, working for us. l Pray for CrossReach staff and volunteers across Scotland. May they know that the work they are doing is helping some of the most vulnerable people to have the highest quality of life than they can achieve.

CrossReach (Church of Scotland Social Care Council) was launched in June 2005 and continues the Kirk’s long tradition of providing care and support. In fact, this work started back in 1869, so we have been offering care and support for nearly 150 years. We employ 2,000 staff in 70 care and support services stretching from Shetland to Ayrshire, making us one of the largest social care agencies in Scotland. Our services help thousands of people in need every day of the year. Our work is split into 3 main areas:

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Adult Care Children and Family Older People

The Church of Scotland Social Care Council (operating as CrossReach) reports every year to the General Assembly and has the following remit: l To offer services in Christ’s name to people in need as part of the Church’s mission. l To provide specialist resources to further the caring work of the Church. l To identify existing and emerging areas of need, to guide the Church in pioneering new approaches to relevant problems and to make responses on issues arising within the areas of the Council’s concern through appropriate channels such as the Church & Society Council, the Scottish Executive and others. Thank you for taking time to pray for our work.

Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh EH15 2SR. 0131 657 2000

CrossReach Prayer Diary: June - September 2017  

Pray for our services and staff.

CrossReach Prayer Diary: June - September 2017  

Pray for our services and staff.