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Prayer Diary February - May 2017

Week beginning Sunday 5th February SIMPSON HOUSE, EDINBURGH Improves the lives of people affected by drug use in the city of Edinburgh and the Lothians by providing counselling and recovery services to people in the community and in Edinburgh Prison. It is also a training centre for new counsellors. l Give thanks to God for the transformation we see in the lives of people in recovery from addiction. l Pray that Simpson House would continue to be a place of peace for people. l Pray for our clients who have experienced trauma and addiction that they will receive all the support they need, and help them nurture their strength and motivation to recover.   l Pray for our counsellors and recovery workers who support clients in their recovery.​ ​ Pray for our recovery groups, that they l would be a source of support and friendship for people.​ l Pray for support in all the physical changes going on in the building.​ l Pray for the provision of ongoing funding for Simpson House.

Week beginning Sunday 12th February GLASGOW REGIONAL OFFICE, BELLSHILL Base for a number of Heads of Service and clerical suport staff. l Pray for the daily tasks of those who work from the office that we will remind ourselves daily of those we serve. l Pray that we provide and effective and efficient service to those in each of the operational service areas. l Guide our thinking and decision making on the many opportunities and challenges which are found in our work so that God can be glorified in everything we do. l Pray for travelling mercies as the various staff members travel across Scotland each day to support those within the services in many rural and urban parts of our country. l Pray for the family members of those who work here that they too will know God’s strength and support when daily work is difficult and challenging. l Give thanks to God for those who have committed themselves to the work of CrossReach over the years working from many different regional offices. Acknowledging those individuals for their grace, humility and resilience which has ensured CrossReach can continue to do its work in Christ’s name.

Week beginning Sunday 19th February

THRESHOLD GLASGOW Supports adults who have a learning disability, some of whom also are on the autism spectrum or have epilepsy. Customers and workers are involved in every area of the service. Training is inclusive, neaning customers are empowered in many aspects of their life. l Pray for every person we support and every person connected with Threshold Glasgow. Pray for unity and wisdom for the worker team. l Give thanks for the hard working team at Threshold Glasgow and for the many people we support who volunteer their time for the good of others and the good of the service. l Remember all those in Threshold Glasgow who are struggling with body or mind. Others may be struggling with their own difficulties. l Pray for wisdom to help Threshold Glasgow customers, workers and others we come into contact with in the community. Give thanks for the strength which comes from daily prayers. l Pray for all the children of the world. Please keep them safe in God’s tender care. l Pray for all family members and friends and also for those who use our service that they would be supported to have a good life.

Week beginning Sunday 26th February PERTH PRISON VISITORS’ SUPPORT AND ADVICE CENTRE The Centre has been in existence for 10 years, offering a range of facilities and resources for prison visitors, some of whom will have travelled a long distance. l Pray for all those who use our service, that they may feel supported and encouraged when they visit the Centre as they cope with the difficult and sometimes isolating circumstances of having someone close to them in prison. l Pray for all the staff at the Centre, that they may know your peace and guidance in their lives, as they reach out to the many needs of all who use the Centre. l Pray for the prison chaplains as they give spiritual support to prisoners and their families. l Give thanks for all the many children who visit the Centre and participate in the activities offered. Pray that they may feel valued and have a sense of self-worth. l Pray for all the staff at Perth Prison, as they strive to keep the prison a safe place for all who use it. l Give thanks for all the dedication of the many Centre volunteers who have been involved in giving their time and effort over the past 10 years. l Pray for all prisoners and their families that they may find the support they need, both during and after time in prison.

Week beginning Sunday 5th March

BUDHMOR HOUSE, PORTREE, ISLE OF SKYE A residential home for older people. l Give thanks to God for the service provided, the staff and facilities we have at Budhmor and pray that we can develop these to meet the future needs of the people of Skye. l Pray for the safety of all of our staff as they travel back and forth to work in what may be inclement weather conditions. l Pray that our continued recruitment drive will be successful and that we fill our vacant posts with committed and dedicated staff who will carry out their work in accordance with God’s will. l Pray for the continued health and welfare, spiritual and physical of our staff, their families and friends and also for our residents and their families and friends. l Pray for the approaching retirement of the CrossReach Chief Executive and give thanks for all that he has done. May the newly appoiinted CEO feel nthe support of the entire organisation moving forward. l Remember Judith, our Service Manager as she returns to Budhmor and Ann our Deputy Manager as she supports her in her role. l Give thanks for the opportunity that God has given us to work with local young people on our art project and for the continued interaction between young and old in our home.

Week beginning Sunday 12th March THE MALLARD,THE GARRATT AND GO2, SPRINGBURN, GLASGOW Offer a range of services to children and young people with disabilities including those with learning disabilities, physical disabilities, sensory impairments and communication difficulties. l Pray for the staff who work at The Mallard, The Garratt and Go2 at this time of change. New things are happening. Help us to adapt to the changes in a spirit of grace. l Give thanks for all the students who are doing placements with us at this time. Pray that as they learn how to support people they may they also feel God’s love from the staff who are your disciples here in this place. l Pray for all the children and young people who use the service; those who have been coming for short breaks or have lived here for years. Give thanks for their achievements and for the happiness they give to us. l Give thanks for all the kind people who give us gifts for the young people - churches, members of the public, and other groups. The spirit of giving is evident to us though their generosity. l Pray for the families who desperately need help looking after their children who have complex needs. Give thanks to God for providing this service. l Pray for all those who work together with us to help our young people to be safe, healthy and included - Social Workers, teachers, the medical profession and care staff. We thank God that through these people his will is being done.

Week beginning Sunday 19th March RANKEILLOR INITIATIVE, EDINBURGH Provides supported accommodation for men in recovery from drug and alcohol misuse in shared flats in central Edinburgh. Advice is offered regarding housing, welfare and a range of other support areas. l Give thanks for the work of Rankeillor Initiative in serving people within our supported accommodation and in their own homes. Give thanks for the personal growth and achievements of clients. Pray for this work to continue in the future. l Give thanks for an established staff team. Pray that we will continue to build a supportive and encouraging team and develop our service to best support those we work with. l Pray for the physical and emotional health of staff working with clients with complex needs and that staff will let God be their strength, wisdom and motivation. Pray that they will honour him with all their actions and words. l Pray that staff will have continuing good relationships and communication with partner organisations such as the City of Edinburgh Council, local organisations and the consortium in which we work. l Pray for clients as they face challenging circumstances in uncertain times. Pray that staff will bear witness to a hope that transcends all circumstances. l Pray that each client would feel safe and at peace in their accommodation and homes and also within their local communities.

Week beginning Sunday 26th March CAMERON HOUSE, INVERNESS A specialist dementia unit for older people in Inverness which is currently home to 28 people at various stages on their journey with dementia. l Pray for a Christ-like spirit for all who live and work at Cameron House. l Give thanks for the volunteers and Friends’ Group who give their time for the benefit of those who use our service. l Pray for wisdom as we make efforts to improve the physical environment at Cameron House. l Pray that we will be able to attract people with a real passion and godly calling to work at Cameron House. l Pray for imagination and stamina as we embark on a large project to establish a dementia-friendly garden. l Pray that Cameron House will be a warm and welcoming place for family and friends to visit. l Give thanks for the lovely new family room that has been created at Cameron House providing accommodation for family members who might need it.

Week beginning Sunday 2nd April SUPPORTER RELATIONS, CHARIS HOUSE, EDINBURGH Here to help you help those that we support. l Give thanks to God for the generosity of our financial supporters who recognise the beauty of giving so others might be helped. l Pray for the health, energy and enthusiasm of the Supporter Development Team as they work tirelessly to help fund a caring future for so many people in Scotland. l Give thanks to God for opening the hearts of Trustees, enabling them to donate generously to the work of CrossReach. l Give thanks for all the Service Managers who gather information to report the difference their service makes to the people who use their service. l Pray for the families that access Perth Prison Visitors’ Support and Advice Centre who are often struggling with additional stresses from poverty, that God would provide for their needs and give them peace. l Pray for the events that CrossReach holds, that God would be present in the meetings and that each interaction would be positive and fruitful. l Pray for our fractured society; for those who strive to break down barriers and those unafraid to tell it like it is in a post-truth world. e-mail:

Week beginning Sunday 9th April LEWIS STREET, STORNOWAY A Housing Support service providing supported accommodation for adults with mild learning disabilities, mental health problems and additional needs. l Pray for our service and the staff who work here. Give thanks to God for his provision and pray that all we do would be in his name and done to his will and glory. l Give thanks to God for blessing our project with relief staff who have been a great support over the last few months. Pray that God would continue to be with them and bless them in their work. l Give thanks for our new support worker and pray that she will know his presence in her work and that she will enjoy her role. l Give thanks to God for all he does for us and the promises he gives in his word (Psalms 31:24 – “Be strong, be courageous, all you that hope in the Lord.” GNB). l “Lord, I thank you for leading me into new employment with CrossReach and pray for your will and purpose in all that I do.” l Pray for God’s comforting hand on all our residents, bless them with strength and peace to manage their daily life. l Pray for those who have been at Lewis Street who have now moved on to their own accommodation that God would be with them as they start a new chapter in their lives.

Week beginning Easter Sunday 16th April CLASHFARQUHAR HOUSE, STONEHAVEN Providing residential care, respite care and day care for older people in a stimulating environment, situated overlooking Stonehaven Bay. l Give thanks for our volunteers and friends of Clashfarquhar for their support, kindness and friendship to those who are in our care. l Pray for our local churches who support us on Sundays with our church service - the Church of Scotland, the Episcopal Church and Restoration Chapel. l Give thanks for our local community who support our Spring Fayre and our relatives who visit regularly and enrich the quality of care we offer. l Pray for our dementia-friendly garden and all who have been involved in supporting us to advance its progress so it can be enjoyed by all. l Pray for our staff group; may they be inspired by each other, and that their knowledge and skills would help them work together to provide a quality service. l Remember those who use our service; may they enjoy a good quality of life and enjoy the meaningful and purposeful activities we provide. l God, at this time of Easter celebration we give you thanks that your son Jesus died for our sins, and rose from the dead to prove your everlasting love for us.

Week beginning Sunday 23rd April KIRKHAVEN PROJECT, GLASGOW Full-time residential support for homeless people who have complex needs. l Give thanks that each of us are made in God’s image and are of great value to him.

l Pray that we as members of staff would value those who use our service as much as God does. l Pray that staff would be given the strength to do their jobs to the very best of their ability, even in very challenging circumstances. l Give thanks that during difficulties and distress others can lift us up before the throne of grace. Help us always to remember those in great need. l Remember the families of those with loved ones who are battling addiction; may they know God’s care and love for them. l Pray for wisdom that we would always use our tongues to build up and encourage, to praise and bless, remembering how a tiny spark from our tongue can set a forest on fire, causing great distress to those we hurt. l Thank God for each new day of grace and the many blessing that we have from him.

Week beginning Sunday 30th April

CUMNOR HALL, AYR A specialist home for those with dementia. Staff engage with residents, families and other stakeholders to involve them in all aspects of dementia care and support. l Pray for a special blessing on residents, carers, families and staff at Cumnor Hall. We look to God for wisdom and guidance during times of change and renewal. Remind us as a staff team to take time to re-dedicate ourselves to the work we seek to do ‘in Christ’s name’. l Give thanks for our dedicated Friends’ Group who support our work in practical ways and also through prayer. In 2017 we will welcome some new members, two of whom were long serving members of staff. l God, we ask for your continuing love and compassion to all those who are affected in some way by any form of dementia. We ask that you continue to bless those whose memory now fades and whose enjoyment of life is changing in ways they may not understand. l Give thanks for the commitment of our friend Wilson Meredith who retired in October after 31 years’ service as Manager of Cumnor Hall and 38 years with CrossReach. l Give thanks for Margaret Kirkwood’s 31 years with Cumnor Hall, who retired as Deputy Manager in 2016. Pray that Wilson and Margaret are both blessed with a happy and full retirement.

Week beginning Sunday 7th May BALMEDIE HOUSE, ABERDEEN A care home for 31 older people just outside Aberdeen. l Pray for new members of staff who are joining our dedicated staff that they feel welcome and part of the team and for the existing staff that they would help them to settle into their new roles. l Give thanks for our staff team and for their commitment to every person who uses our service; for their tremendous hard work and for the many skills and talents that makes our home unique. l Pray for the Friends’ Group of Balmedie House, as they continue to provide assistance in many different ways to enable both the residents and staff to feel supported. l Give thanks to God for the seasons in nature, as well as the wildlife that visits our gardens. As we look forward to summer we will keep in mind our special memories of Easter. l Pray for the staff that deliver a service here at Balmedie, putting into practice the Ethos of CrossReach as they care for the residents, families and each other. l Pray for all the clients in our day care, that they would find a loving and caring environment and build a trust so that they can receive the care they need. l Give thanks to God for the dedication and commitment of the staff as they seek to serve ‘in Christ’s name’.

Week beginning Sunday 14th May DICK STEWART SERVICE, GLASGOW Provides supported accommodation, with independent living skills for long term prisoners leaving prison. l Pray that everyone who comes into Dick Stewart would receive the support they need, in order that they may move onto their own accommodation and lead a more independent life. l Pray that all staff are able to continue to deliver the service from the same value base as Jesus Christ. l Pray that the commissioning team would continue to be aware of the need for the service and that Social workers would continue to make referrals. l Pray that those who use our service and family members would have an awareness of their needs and know who to come to for support. l Pray for all staff members that they would remain in good health in order to carry out their daily tasks. l Pray that God would be ever present in the service and that his love would continue to shine through staff. l Pray that God will provide staff with the wisdom to be able to reach all those who use the service and offer the appropriate support.

Week beginning Sunday 21st May SOCIAL CARE COUNCIL (CROSSREACH) The Social Care Council oversees the work of CrossReach and comprises 31 people who have a relevant professional background or particular interest in social care. l Give thanks for the enthusiastic support for CrossReach from the outgoing Moderator and his wife and pray for Rt. Rev. Dr. Derek Browning as he takes on the role for the coming year. l Give thanks for the 25 years of dedication to the organisation from our outgoing Chief Executive Peter Bailey and pray for him and his wife Anne as they enter retirement. l Pray for our new Chief Executive Mrs.Viv Dickenson who has been appointed to lead CrossReach on the next stage of its journey. l Pray for the Commissioners attending this week’s General Assembly for wisdom in all their decision making and their continuing support for the Church’s social care mission in Scotland. Pray too that they will be inspired to speak about the work of CrossReach as they go back to their own churches and Presbyteries. l Pray that churches will use the Social Care Forum website ( as a resource to help share and develop local congregational care initiatives. l Pray that CrossReach will continue to reach out as a major force in Scottish Social Care provision - serving in Christ’s name.

Week beginning Sunday 28th May THE BUNGALOW, STONEHAVEN The Bungalow is home to five adults with complex health needs and profound and multiple learning disabilities. Our service users Abigail, Ashleigh, Helen, Edward and Scott enjoy participating in the life of the local community. l Pray for Kathleen as she leads her team and for wisdom as they deal with the needs and challenges of those we serve on a daily basis. Ask God to continue to guide and bless them and give thanks for our growing, confident team. l Give thanks for God’s goodness and kindness to us each day, especially for supporting us when we encounter difficulties. Help us to love and support one another in Jesus’s name. l Take time to be still in God’s presence and thank him that we know how much better it is to live our lives exposed to God’s love and purpose. Let the spirit of his favour be upon us in all we do and help us to hear his voice and make the right decisions. l Pray that God would bless and support each one of the staff in their work here and also bless our families and friends and those who use our service. l Pray that all who enter our home would know God’s strong and gentle presence and that his love would be shown in the care we deliver. l Thank God for his promise to take away sickness and ill-health. Let his healing love flood those who use our service and may they continue in their well-being.

CrossReach (Church of Scotland Social Care Council) was launched in June 2005 and continues the Kirk’s long tradition of providing care and support. In fact, this work started back in 1869, so we have been offering care and support for nearly 150 years. We employ 2,000 staff in 70 care and support services stretching from Shetland to Ayrshire, making us one of the largest social care agencies in Scotland. Our services help thousands of people in need every day of the year. Our work is split into 3 main areas:

l l l

Adult Care Children and Family Older People

The Church of Scotland Social Care Council (operating as CrossReach) reports every year to the General Assembly and has the following remit: l To offer services in Christ’s name to people in need as part of the Church’s mission. l To provide specialist resources to further the caring work of the Church. l To identify existing and emerging areas of need, to guide the Church in pioneering new approaches to relevant problems and to make responses on issues arising within the areas of the Council’s concern through appropriate channels such as the Church & Society Council, the Scottish Executive and others. Thank you for taking time to pray for our work.

Charis House, 47 Milton Road East, Edinburgh EH15 2SR. 0131 657 2000

CrossReach Prayer Diary: Feb - May 2017  

Pray for our services and staff.

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