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Annual Review

2015-16 Social Care Council

Operating as CrossReach Scottish Charity Number: SC011353

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Walking Together Why do we walk? ፛ CrossReach is a place where people walk together towards a better future. We are walking towards a society where everyone can participate as an equal; towards a culture where people are in control of their lives regardless of the challenges they face; and towards communities where people are living their lives to the full.


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We will get there by supporting each person in a way that suits them, and by encouraging others to walk with us. Our organization has been involved in social care in Scotland for nearly 150 years. It has witnessed the social upheaval brought on by industrialisation and two world wars, as well as the social reform which followed the establishment of the welfare state. What we have learned is that it is not problems but people that are at the heart of what we do.

It is for this reason that we do not walk alone. Instead, it is our privilege to use our time and energy to walk together with people in communities across Scotland, empowering them to transform their lives. ‘In Christ’s name we seek to retain and regain the highest quality of life which each individual is capable of experiencing at any given time’. In Scotland in 2014, 613 people died from taking drugs (the highest level on record) and 1,152 people died from causes related to alcohol. 31,686 households became homeless the same year, contributing to the 150,000 households on waiting lists for council housing. This year, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem, including the 1 in 7 mothers and 1 in 10 fathers who will experience postnatal depression.

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Suicide is the leading cause of death in Scotland among people aged 15-34. The latest figures show that 15,580 children in Scotland are being looked after by the state, and 2,882 are on the child protection register. 2 in 5 older people in Scotland regard the television as their main form of company. Around 90,000 people in Scotland have dementia, and about 3,200 of these people are under the age of 65. These are some of the people we are here to walk with. We walk with them, and others, in order to offer support as they deal with the challenges they face. Clearly there is still a long journey ahead of us, but we would like to share with you a handful of the many amazing stories we have been part of in the last year. We want to share these individual journeys because they show how important social care is to

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people across Scotland; and because they show the life-changing, empowering effect of offering to walk alongside a fellowtraveller.

Peter Bailey, CrossReach Chief Executive Officer and Secretary to the Church of Scotland Social Care Council Dr Sally Bonnar, Convener of the Church of Scotland Social Care Council


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Where are we walking to? Claymore’s Story ፛At the age of 9, Claymore moved from living at home to residing in CrossReach’s Ballikinrain Care and Education service. Initially, he attended school there while he built up trust in his key worker and the staff who were supporting him. It wasn’t long before he could attend mainstream school in Balfron, where he thrived. He quickly became a popular member of the village and school communities and was soon able to represent the school through his passion – rugby.

It was a proud moment when Claymore met the Moderator and shared his journey with him. His story includes work he has recently undertaken to influence the outcome of legislation passed by the Scottish Parliament affecting looked after children. Even though he is no longer involved with Ballikinrain, it was good to see that on the day of his visit to the Moderator’s flat he was joined by his previous keyworker as they continue to walk together. Claymore (left) and Damian, who works at Ballikinrain

In his early teens, a place became available in Millmuir Farm (part of our Ballikinrain Campus) which he took and, for continuity, his key worker continued to support him there. The nurturing environment suited Claymore and when the time came for him to leave and take up an apprenticeship with a roofing company, he felt ready to return home to live with his parents. 4

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Grade 6 - excellent, 3

Grade 3 - average, 3 Grade 4 - good, 17

Grade 5 - very good, 30

Quality of Care and Support

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory Grade 2 - weak Grade 3 - average Grade 4 - good Grade 5 - very good Grade 6 - excellent

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Grade 1 - unsatisfactory, 0 Grade 2 - weak, 0

From Housekeeping Assistant to Service Manager �The winner of the employee of the year award in 2015 also celebrated 40 years’ service with CrossReach. Employed originally as a housekeeping assistant,Margaret Cassidy (the Service Manager from South Beach, a residential service for older people in Ardrossan) has carried out a number of roles including cook en-route to becoming a service manager. Margaret is one of the many staff who have, over a long career, walked together with the people we support with compassion and commitment.


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I’m a tennis player, you know! ፛The Elms, a residential service in Edinburgh which supports people who are living with dementia, this year launched tennis coaching. A relative who is an instructor of the sport volunteered his expertise and time to bring this new experience to the home. For some, the event reawakened existing skills and for others it brought a new interest. For one woman in particular, the experience was highly significant. At a young age, her passion for tennis took her into the realms of playing competitively and on trips to other clubs, including a number of visits to Wimbledon.


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For this resident, keeping focus on any activity for any length of time had become challenging and recently even sleep didn’t come easily…that is, until she once again held a tennis racket and remembered: · Her passion · The thrill of hitting a ball over the net and in the lines · The satisfaction of winning

The experience moved Zorinah Burrell, the activities Co-ordinator to capture it in the form of poetry: Her eyes lit up like fire in a fog The moment the racket touched her hand, She had been anxious before, a little confused, But this she could understand. Her face was aglow flood lit with hope As memories kissed her mind. We watched transfixed such undiluted joy Is rare and hard to find. Commentaries from yester year Echoed through the hall I imagined her poised in decades past Like a cat pouncing on each ball She sits, like sunshine - radiant and bright Running hands over the strings Mesmerized by her quiet grace Her heart so free it sings, excitedly she turns to me“I’m a tennis player you know” You my dear are a champion In everything you do, Today I sat on the side-lines... And cheered the decades with you. 7

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Grade 3 - average, 3

Grade 6 - excellent, 3

Grade 4 - good, 14

Grade 5 - very good, 35

Quality of Staffing

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory Grade 2 - weak Grade 3 - average Grade 4 - good Grade 5 - very good Grade 6 - excellent

Grant awarded to support disadvantaged children á?›We were delighted to be successful in our submission to the Scottish Government for a three year grant to enable us to continue our walk with some of the most disadvantaged children in society. The fund replaces the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund and will enable us to continue our Daisy Chain Early Years Project in the Govanhill area of Glasgow.

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory, 0 Grade 2 - weak, 0


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Contribution to Scottish Social Services Council booklet. The project has a particular focus on reaching out to the migrant population in Govanhill, particularly in the Roma community. As a result of this 3 year funding we will be able to walk together with parents and children from marginalised groups and develop play-based support to promote healthy relationships between parents and young children.

፛ Over the past year we have joined with other professional bodies and the Scottish Social Services Council to contribute to a new booklet: ‘the Impact of Promoting Excellence in Social Services Settings’. The booklet features our Journey in Promoting Excellence, highlighting an example Bellfield in Banchory, which is helping people with dementia maintain their best level of physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. This is an example of the high regard in which our services are held in the social care world and the willingness of our staff to walk beyond the boundaries of the organisation.


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Grade 6 - excellent, 3

Grade 3 - average, 3 Grade 4 - good, 15

Grade 5 - very good, 21

Quality of Environment

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory Grade 2 - weak Grade 3 - average Grade 4 - good Grade 5 - very good Grade 6 - excellent

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory, 0 Grade 2 - weak, 0


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Personalisation Ambassadors ፛Personalisation recognises that each person has unique needs, preferences and aspirations and has the right to make decisions about their own life. Personalised support, therefore, is based on what each person wants rather than on what a service already provides. As an organisation we are committed to the principles of personalisation and in April 2015 work began to implement a programme of change which will see a network of Personalisation Ambassadors supporting up to 50 of our services across Scotland by March 2018. The Scottish Government’s National Strategy for Self-Directed Support (SDS) in Scotland granted us funding totalling £117,000. The fund will enable the personal development of our staff, volunteers and people who use our services.

In January 2016 the launch of the first 8 Personalisation Ambassadors took place in Glasgow. We want everyone using social care services in Scotland to be able to access SDS. Personalisation Ambassadors will inform staff and people using our services about the choices now

available to them, the potential benefits, and the practical steps needed to take advantage of SDS. Working with Inspiring Scotland, who are providing the evaluation support throughout, we believe our work will make a difference to those with whom we walk. 11

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Promoting Mental Health Awareness ፛Morven Day Services in Kilmarnock offers support to adults with mental health problems. Deborah and Tracy who attended Morven organised an event to promote Scottish Mental Health Awareness Week. They wanted to use the opportunity to challenge the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health issues in a positive way. As with many people experiencing mental health issues throughout Scotland, the people who are supported at the service often experience well-meaning comments, such as, “You just need to pull yourself together”. While the person offering the “advice” may mean well, the experience of the recipient is generally quite devastating. Deborah and Tracy came up with a plan to create an art exhibition showing the creative activities which group members have found helpful in their recovery journey. Funded by S and C Engineering, the exhibition was held

in the North West Kilmarnock Area Centre with colourful expressions of creativity and a taste of some of the support activities available at Morven. Reflecting on the event, Allan Marshall, Deputy Manager said, “It confirmed to Deborah and Tracy they

had the ability to pull off an event to the same standards of people who do not have the same challenges they face. It showed we have creativity within us all if we dare to give it a try and have the chance to build links with new contacts”.


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Grade 6 - excellent, 3

Grade 3 - average, 3

Grade 5 - very good, 26

Grade 4 - good, 21

Quality of Management and Leadership

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory Grade 2 - weak Grade 3 - average Grade 4 - good Grade 5 - very good Grade 6 - excellent

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Heart for Art ፛For the last three years the Church of Scotland Guild has supported the growth of our Heart for Art service. As a result of this funding we have been able to establish seven projects across Scotland. Having embarked on this important project which demonstrates the benefits of therapeutic art for people with dementia, we were keen to find additional sources of funding to continue this work. We are pleased that the project was selected by the Life Changes Trust who have agreed to fund both the existing services and further growth through to March 2018.

Grade 1 - unsatisfactory, 0 Grade 2 - weak, 0 13

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Walking with Others ፛We have a long history of walking and working with other organisations and agencies in partnership. Not only do we benefit from the richness of experience that this brings but we believe that by working together we can widen the influence and opportunities for more people across Scotland. We recently celebrated one such partnership, the THRIVE project which is serving the people of the Perth & Kinross and Angus areas. THRIVE supports families with children under the age of 5 who are facing life while a parent is either in custody or short term incarceration. A vital project when:

· Around 27,000 children in Scotland have a parent in prison. · 1 in 3 children with a parent in prison will develop physical and mental health problems · Young children can experience reactions of grief (eg anger, acting out, isolation etc) when a parent has been imprisoned. Our Perth Prison Visitors Support and Advice Centre is part of the partnership with Barnardos, the Scottish Prison Service, Perth & Kinross Council, Angus Council, Enable and NHS Tayside.

Our walk with others in the field of Prison Visitors Centres includes the other agencies on the National Prison Visitors Centre Steering Group which has been hosted by the Church of Scotland. As a result of the joint efforts of the members of this group, the Scottish Government recently announced that they would invest £1.8 million to help sustain existing visitors centres over the next three years as well as support the development of new ones.


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Extension of Dementia Ambassadors ፛One of the greatest successes of modern health and social care practice is a significant increase in life expectancy for people who have learning disabilities. According to the Royal College of Nursing, average life expectancy for someone with a learning disability has increased from less than 20 years of age in the 1930s to around 66 today. This development, however, has brought to light a challenge. Research has shown that people who have learning disabilities, particularly those who have Down’s Syndrome, are at greater risk of developing dementia.

As an organisation we were the first to establish a Dementia Ambassador in each of our residential services for older people. This has proved to be hugely successful in widening the understanding of the challenges which people with dementia face and how they can be supported. In view of the risk of dementia for people with learning disabilities,we are now sharing this expertise across the boundaries of Adult Care and Older People’s Services by appointing staff in learning disability services to become Dementia Ambassadors in order to better support the people with whom they walk.

Dementia Ambassadors’ Conference


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CrossReach Week ፛In what has now become an annual event in the CrossReach calendar, the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, Rt Rev Dr Angus Morrison, spent a week of his Moderatorial year seeing first hand some of our care and support work. During the week he himself was able to walk with many of the people with whom we walk. Indeed a highlight of the week was his hosting of a number of people from our Adult, Children and Family and Older People’s services in the Moderator’s flat. Visits to Stornoway, Perth, Inverness, Edinburgh and Hamilton resulted in the Moderator at the end of the week describing CrossReach as ‘A cutting edge ministry, a mission done in Christ’s name and one of the jewels of the church’.

Cameron House and Bun Sgoil Ghàidhlig Inbhir Nis

The Shed, Stornoway

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Moderator’s Flat, Edinburgh


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Outcomes Based Survey ፛The people we walk with every day told us this year that:

· Our services have given them friendship · Our services have given them more confidence · Our services have been life changing or life saving

96 91 99 93 99 %

agreed the Service helps them feel safe and secure


agreed the Service helps them to remain / become more fulfilled


agreed the Service accept and respect them


agreed the Service helps them to feel valued and included


agreed the Service treat them fairly and consistently


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Going the Extra Mile ፛One of the hallmarks of our staff team of over 1800 is their willingness to walk the extra mile with the people they support. A highlight of the CrossReach year is the annual Service of Celebration when we take time to celebrate our staff, their achievements, long service and present special awards. 2015 was no exception.

Balmedie House

122 people achieved new qualifications including SVQs, Personal Development Awards, HNC in social care and BSc in IT 28 staff were recognised for achieving 20 years’ service, 5 for achieving 30 years’ service and 1 for 40 years’ service.

The Elms

In addition the following awards were presented: • Ian Manson Adult Learner of the year - Ashley Reid, The Elms • Ian Manson Award for Excellence - Carol Brackenridge, Employee Development Officer for Adult Care • Volunteer of the year Vera Lumsden, CrossReach Counselling Moray • Employee of the year - Margaret Cassidy, South Beach Our work was also recognised by Scottish Care, which represents the largest group of independent Health and Social Care providers across Scotland. At the Social Care Awards, CrossReach’s Balmedie House (Aberdeenshire) was named Care Home of the Year and The Elms (Edinburgh) was a finalist in the Dementia and Specialist Care category. 19

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What does the journey cost?

Legacies Other Income

Fundraising Investment Income Ministries and Mission Fund


Local Authorities


CrossReach Incoming Resources 2015


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Supplies and services Transport

Staff Cost


CrossReach Outgoing Resources 2015

Incoming resources: · £27.7 million Local Authorities · £10.2 million Self-funders · £2.6 million Grants · £920,000 Legacies · £860,000 Fundraising · £660,000 Ministries & Mission Fund · £620,000 Other income · £360,000 Investment income Outgoing resources: · £33.3 million Staff Costs · £5.7 million Premises · £4.6 million Supplies and services · £670,000 Transport


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Walk Alongside Us Churches, groups, organisations and individuals can walk alongside us in many practical ways. We are very grateful to everyone who has supported us during the last year.


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Acoustic Curtains

Golfing Neighbours

፛St Giles Cathedral neighbourhood group is a long-standing friend of Cunningham House, a hostel for homeless people in the Cowgate, Edinburgh. The group realised that as a result of its location the external noise meant that residents had difficulty sleeping. They decided to purchase ‘acoustic curtains’ at a cost of £7000 which was achieved through a number of fundraising ventures, including an evening with author Alexander McCall Smith.

፛Golfers at the world famous Royal Dornoch Golf Club stepped in to ensure some of their more senior neighbours did not suffer another power failure during winter storms. Our Oversteps Care Home in Dornoch lost power recently in poor weather. After hearing about the situation, the Golf Club gifted a diesel generator (costing in excess of £8,000) to provide back-

2172 CR ANNUAL REPORT V5.indd 24 24

up power, should there be a power failure in the future. Neil Hampton, Royal Dornoch’s general manager, said: “Oversteps provides a valuable service to the people of Dornoch and beyond and we are delighted to give it support in recognition of the work the staff do for our elderly community, many of whom are past members of Royal Dornoch.

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Sponsored Unplug

Harvest Proceeds

፛Young people in particular are renowned for their desire to connect using mobile devices, yet, in November 2015, members of the Bothwell Parish Church ACTs youth club did something very different. Wanting to connect with the work of CrossReach, they switched off their electronic devices and gadgets for a 24 hour ‘sponsored unplug’ to fundraise on our behalf. On top of this, they ingeniously used their time of ‘abstinence’ to create an array of traditional and contemporary Christmas decorations to sell as part of their CrossReach fundraising initiative. Their determination and effort quite literally paid off resulting in the presentation of with a cheque for £516 for the work of the Daisy Chain Early Years Project.

፛Dalgety Bay Church in Fife decided that the proceeds from their Harvest thanksgiving appeal would go to the CrossReach Perth Prison Visitor Support and Advice Centre. Written appeals to each household in the congregation

along with CrossReach guest speakers at their Men’s Breakfast and the harvest Sunday service resulted in a generous donation of £3200 for this Service which is a lifeline for those visiting prisoners in Perth prison.


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Walking Together We are privileged to share our walk with so many talented, passionate, inspiring, skilled, exceptional people – and are especially privileged to play a part in supporting them to transform their lives and enrich their communities. At times our work presents challenges, and at others brings great joy. Daily, we must recognise that we do not walk in our own strength. We can only walk this road because our heavenly Father walks with us.

20 26

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“After a day’s walk everything has twice its usual value” George Macauley Trevelyan 2172 CR ANNUAL REPORT V5.indd 27 27


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Social Care Council

Operating as CrossReach Scottish Charity Number: SC011353

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CrossReach Annual Review 2015-16  

An overview of the diverse and excellent services provided by CrossReach

CrossReach Annual Review 2015-16  

An overview of the diverse and excellent services provided by CrossReach