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Crossover Community Impact Magazine

Restoring Our Community

2020 Fall/Winter Edition


Volume 4, Number 7 2020 Fall/ Winter Edition

EDITOR Rondalyn Abode, Director of Development

ART/DESIGN Janice Roberson Connolly, MBA Director of Marketing & Design


This time seven years ago my family and I had recently moved back to north Tulsa from grad school in Boston to help get Crossover Community Impact going. We only had one youth football team, and we were in our first year of running the StreetLeader Program and the Crossover Kids After-School and Summer Day Enrichment Program. Philip Abode, Cameron Walker, and I “went to work” meeting in my mom’s dining room (it was less noisy than my dining room with homeschooling kids), and we wore basketball shorts… As those who hang around us at Crossover know, we never grow tired of pointing out how God does the heavy lifting! He has sent us amazing person after amazing person, some who grew up in north Tulsa and some who did not, to build the different organizations under Crossover’s umbrella. Not everyone got to wear basketball shorts to work like we did, but each person who has decided to throw their God-given gifts, energy, and passion into this community restoration work is cause for celebration! This issue of our magazine illustrates God’s continued blessing through the stories of more members of the Crossover family as it grows! Please enjoy these stories about the growth we are experiencing as an organization and know that you made growth this possible!

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Cover Photo: Crossover Prep Student, Sincere Oliver

21 & Older Event May 22, 2021

Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103 An Adult Prom complete with the crowning of the Prom King & Queen Visit www.crossoverprep.org for more details!


We are committed to developing educated, godly young men who love north Tulsa.

Shalom to North Tulsa by Demarco Taylor

I began to coach football through our youth sports program. The coaching opportunity provided access to families who may not come to church on Sunday mornings, and the interactions with neighborhood youth remained vibrant and vivacious at every turn. Over the years, the same young men would approach me in the community and express gratitude for being there for them at such a young age. It was pivotal for them and intentional on the part of Crossover to be present in the community.


was first invited to Crossover Bible Church around 15 years ago by a long time mentor of mine. He had known both pastors from their time at Tulsa Bible Church, and since Crossover met near my childhood home, I obliged. During the sermon, the pastor said, “it was cool to be a Christian”. This was the first time I heard an African-American male declare a distinct delight in the Christian life. Three years passed and I met the same pastor again at a Flame concert. We had lunch and he laid out the gospel for me. He used scripture to clarify every misconception I had. I began attending Crossover Bible Church that same week and became a member in 2009. I began to serve right away, and

After serving as a football coach, I began to help with the Crossover Kids After-school program at Hawthorne Elementary School. There, I saw firsthand the reach of discipleship outside of the church. A few of my relatives were deeply impacted by the leadership and discipleship within the program. It gave me a great sense of joy to see the church reaching the community I grew up in, especially my own family! After these experiences, I decided to complete my college degree. I attended the University of Arkansas and studied history. Before leaving for college, I was included on the board for the upcoming all-boys school as a Community Liaison. While at the University of Arkansas, I developed big plans to go elsewhere and work in higher education. But through constant conversations, I felt the Lord calling me back to north Tulsa, though I knew it would be uncomfortable. The penultimate conversation was with a friend just before graduating. He asked, “If you had a million dollars what would you do with it?” I replied, “I’d give the bulk of it to my church back in Tulsa to complete the work

Crossover Community Impact


I am truly happy to be a part of a family who communicates well, corrects one another, mourns with each other, and rejoices with each other.” -<Demarco T. Picture above: Mr. Taylor talking with Crossover Prep students during morning fellowship.

God has called them to.” He replied, “You may not have the money, but you do have the time.” This conversation along with others and prayer compelled me to return to Tulsa and teach Social Studies at Crossover Prep. I’ve taught for three years, and I had the most memorable experience last semester. We were competing in the African-American heritage bowl. One of our students pulled a “no call - no show”. We needed him to win and eventually placed second; we were all frustrated by his actions. The next day at school, I gave the boys an opportunity to address the issue in a healthy way. They corrected their brother in love and communicated their disappointment in ways that were not harsh, demeaning or condescending. He accepted responsibility like a “Crossover man”. In life we all make mistakes, but the important thing is taking ownership of them and moving forward. I was proud of the boys that day for communicating well in spite of their high emotions. Crossover has redefined my ideas about church. It has become more than a Sunday sermon and adherence to spiritual disciplines. Crossover Bible Church is a family. A family of believers dedicated towards bringing Shalom to north Tulsa. With “Shalom” being the peace that God gives to his people through the gospel. I am truly happy to be a part of a family who communicates well, corrects one another, mourns with each other, and rejoices with each other. C

Demarco Taylor is the epitome of what Crossover Prep is trying to produce. His love for the young men there reveals his great love for the Lord and his community. As a Native north Tulsan, he is using his gifts, passions, abilities, and education to help train up a generation of young men that he has known since they were 7 years old. If you would like to learn more about Crossover Prep Academy, please go to http://crossoverprep.org.


Crossover Community Impact





Prepar atory A



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Crossover Scholarship Fund

These students are our future health professionals, social workers, teachers, policy makers, and military men—they are the future of our nation. We must do more. And with your help we can. If you would like to learn more about the Crossover Scholarship Fund, please go to http://crossoverscholarshipfund.org.






Prepar atory A



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Major Gift Offerings by Derrick Hill


od’s timing is everything! Who would have ever thought at the start of a global pandemic I would be joining forces with a great team of people, to me, known as the “Crossover Family”. Fifteen years ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the pastors of Crossover Bible Church, Pastor Marshall Gordan and Co-Pastor Philip Abode. We were discussing the dynamics of north Tulsa and effective ministry outreach to high school kids, never knowing our paths would cross again. I grew up in a home where service to the community and to your fellow man were paramount and preached from the crib to the grave. I saw my parents love people unconditionally and choose to see the best in people even when they did not see it in themselves. I was always amazed how “love” could transform a situation, person, or an outcome. It would have been awesome if I had only seen it once, but I saw the power of love work repeatedly in my parents’ ministry for over 43 years. I also saw it in action while working with YoungLife, an outreach ministry to high school students. It does not take a rocket scientist to see love’s transformational power at work, when God is at the center of it all.

I WAS HUNGRY, AND YOU GAVE me MEAT, I WAS THIRSTY, AND YOU GAVE ME DRINK, I WAS A STRANGER AND YOU TOOK ME IN....” -MATTHEW 25::35 Over a year ago, through a mutual friend, I was invited to come and see convocation at Crossover Prep. I was amazed at what I saw and experienced. I saw young men leading the charge! They were sharing announcements, speaking on current events, singing praise and worship songs, encouraging each other to be great, and proclaiming “I am my brothers’ keeper”! I thought, “This is amazing!” I wished others could see and feel what I felt that day.

Crossover Community Impact


Scholarship Fund The Crossover Scholarship Fund provides a tuition-free education for the students at Crossover Prep!

Picture left: Mr. Hill encouraging a Crossover Prep student; Picture Right: Mr . Hill engaging with Mr. Taylor.

Fifteen years later, Philip, now the Senior Pastor at Crossover Bible Church and the Executive Director for Crossover Prep, and my paths crossed again. We had lunch one day and he shared the vision he had for the north Tulsa community and Crossover Preparatory Academy. He asked me if I’d be interested in being a Prom King candidate in an Adult Prom fundraiser that would benefit the young men. I told him that was not my cup of tea, but I would love to serve in some other capacity. Months later, there was a need for someone to help raise money for the Crossover Scholarship Fund in a full time capacity, so that no student, despite their family’s financial circumstances, would be prevented from obtaining an impeccable private school education. Today, I am the Major Gifts Officer for Crossover Prep with an emphasis on raising ample money for the scholarship fund ensuring the young men (and soon the young women of north Tulsa) receive a quality education. Earlier I mentioned God has a way of orchestrating things. My wife and I are two years in as empty nesters and there’s no greater joy than to give back to my community. I am reminded of the scripture found in Matthew 25: 35- 40. “I was hungry, and you gave me meat, I was thirsty, and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you took me in”. It goes on to say


Crossover Community Impact

when you do it to the least of these you have done it unto me. I am looking forward to seeing all the exciting things God has in store for Crossover Prep this year and the years to come as we seek to serve Him through this work!

Derrick Hill is a graduate of Oklahoma State University, with a bachelor’s degree in Business. He’s been married to his sweetheart, Tia, who is his daily inspiration and his always future “expectation,” for 23 years! They are the parents of two incredible sons, Justice and Daxton “Dax” Hill, 22 and 19 years old, who are active in professional and collegiate sports. He enjoys attending his sons’ games, exploring the outdoors, hanging out with his wife and playing musical instruments. Most recently, he has become the Major Gifts Officer for Crossover Prep. He’s been involved in ministry all his life, and he enjoys witnessing God’s hands at work in the lives of His beautiful creation. To learn more about the Crossover Scholarship Fund and the most IMPACTful state tax credits available, please go to http://crossoverscholarshipfund.org/.

Crossover Kids Our After-School and Summer Enrichment STEAM-based Program at Hawthorne Elementary School.

Pictures above: (Left) Ms. Faye caring for some of the Crossover Cubs; (Right) Ms. Faye with College Interns Kylia and Gabby.



am Faye Finley, and I have the privilege of being a Crossover Kids volunteer! At 74, I have been volunteering in kids’ programs for 60 years. It would seem I might want to retire or the younger leaders would “encourage” me to move on, but this isn’t the case. My husband, Mike, and I and our 3 kids (Jonathan, David and Sara) did ministry together for many years; thirty-four of those years were in rural churches. In August of 2014, after being retired for 3 years, it was clear the Lord was leading us to Crossover. We were looking for a place to serve and also needed a church where the word of God was preached in-depth and in power. Crossover is the loving caring family we need, and we love its emphasis on working to heal the community as this had been our aim in our rural work. A few weeks into our first year as Sunday School Teachers at Crossover Bible Church, Leah Pickard, shared about the IMPACT Kids After-School Program (now called the Crossover Kids pro-

gram). Timidly, I went to her after the worship service and asked if she could use an old lady as a volunteer. At that time, she had no other volunteers and the teenage helpers (StreetLeaders) didn’t arrive until after 4:00 P.M. Quickly, I knew I had found my happy place. Soon I was volunteering 4 afternoons a week. I love kids, but I especially love the Hawthorne students! Leah needed someone to run the program for the students in Pre-K and Kindergarten, so after Christmas we allowed younger siblings to join forming the “Lion Cubs”. “T” was a boy that was losing his hair in patches and couldn’t sit still. He wouldn’t do his homework although he seemed smart. He was always in trouble in class and in our program for causing disruptions. I thought we would need to ask him to leave for the sake of the others then one afternoon, I met his Mom. She told me the summer before he was on a raft in the lake with his cousins and baby sister and his sister fell off and was lost in the lake for several hours. Learning this helped me to understand better what he was going thru. We

Crossover Community Impact


Pictures above: (Left) Ms. Faye & Mr. Mike Finley with their family. (Right) Ms. Faye at Crossover’s Annual Banquet.

I love Kids, but I Especially Love the Hawthorne students!” -Faye F. helped him get counseling and assigned one StreetLeader to help him control himself. Through my years working in the program, I have had the privilege to love many children and share with them the perfect love of Jesus as well as help them academically and behaviorally. From the start of the “Lion Cubs,” I was assigned a new StreetLeader who really wanted to work with the youngest kids; Kylia is a wonder! She related to these young students like a veteran teacher. Kylia and I love working together; we found a kinship that we believe will last a lifetime! Along with Kylia, I have formed a mentoring relationship with several of the other StreetLeaders who have enjoyed learning about the Bible and talking about tran-

sitioning from childhood to adulthood. It is such a joy to see the changes as they mature and go to college or find a job and support themselves! I will continue to work in the Crossover Kids program, and I will be a mentor at the Sojourner House with the StreetLeaders who have become college interns. In this mentoring ministry young women can live for at least a year to grow in their faith during the challenging years of 18-29. Kylia was the first resident to apply and be accepted and now lives with 4 others in the house! I am a volunteer mentor in this exciting ministry led by Katie Lepine. This is new and once more I am scared. I think, “Can an old lady really have an impact on these precious young women?” It seems God isn’t finished with me yet! He said to Joshua when he was over 80 and going to lead the children of Israel into the Promised Land, “...be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9, and I feel like he is encouraging me in a similar way. Please pray that the Crossover Kids Program and the Sojourner House are places of safety, beacons of light, and places where people grow into maturity!

Lois Faye Finley is a super hero of the faith along with her super man and husband of 54 years, Mr. Mike Finley; together, they have 3 adult children and 8 grandkids. She continues to be used by God to draw people to Himself, and her faithfulness to teach and love children impacts the kids and their families alike. Mrs. Faye is a wonder! To learn more about our STEAM-based After-School and Summer Day Camp at Hawthorne Elementary School, please go to http://crossoverimpact.org/crossover-kids/.


Crossover Community Impact

StreetLeaders StreetLeaders work as counselors, tutors and mentors for our elementary age students within the Crossover Kids program.

Pictures above: Jamin with Crossover Prep friends at school and the Gathering Place. Pictures below: Jamin with his family.

Crossover Community Impact


Crossover Prep’s First StreetLeader by Jamin Holliday


y path to the StreetLeader Program differs from most. Crossover Preparatory Academy prepared me to be a StreetLeader actually, and it taught me how to communicate with the Elementary-aged students in the Crossover Kids Program. Our principal, Dr. Lepine, recommended that I work in the After-School and Summer Day Camp Program to be better prepared for my future educationally or academically. He said that they would help with ACT practice, and it would help me develop practical skills for future work places. I began working the job, not as a real employee, but as a volunteer for two weeks. During this time, I was able to get used to the atmosphere and environment. I started to talk to the other StreetLeaders that I would be mentoring with. They would ask me, “When are you going to start working here?” or they would say things like, “ I hope you are in our group!” I did not know if they were buttering me up at the time or if they were actually welcoming me and hoping I was in their group! Once Mrs. Elizabeth, the Crossover Kids and StreetLeader Director, emailed me and told me I got the job everyone made me feel so welcomed, and I felt excited for my first day! After working there for a couple of weeks, I was accustom to the schedule and how everything functioned- it became very normal quickly. My favorite part of the day was when we got to play and interact with the kids and really have fun with them, because as much as they hated to do school work after school, I did too. Playing dodgeball, basketball, sharks & minnows, etc. made a huge difference for all of us, and it really helped us to develop our relationship. We were able to work hard and play hard! On the day before Christmas break, I worked my first Christmas party! The


Picture above: Jamin with his friends at Crossover Prep.

My favorite part of the day was when we got to play and interact with the kids and really have fun with them...” -<Jamin H. kids were so happy that they did not have to work and could just focus on having fun! The other StreetLeaders and I had our practice ACT Exam on that Saturday because Mr. Jeremy Williams, the StreetLeader Coordinator, wanted to show us how it would be to take the real test. He also wanted us to be prepared, so that when the time came we would excel, so that our ACT scores would increase. We take the ACT Aspire Test to measure our academic growth at Crossover Prep, but it is not the same thing as taking the real exam. My scores from the practice sessions to the practice exam increased, but I knew that my score still needed work. Ultimate-

Crossover Community Impact

ly, I realized the job as a StreetLeader was not just helping me communicate with the kids in the Crossover Kids Program, but it also helped me increase my GPA and my ACT scores simultaneously. I really enjoyed working at the After-School Program! I was sad that we were unable to have the Summer Day Camp this year, and I am looking forward to working in the Program after this pandemic. Jamin Louis Holliday was the first student to apply for Crossover Prep, he was the first “Game-Changer” on the Crossover Lions’ first Championship winning Football Team, and he was the first Crossover Prep student to become a StreetLeader! His heart to teach, tutor, counsel, and mentor the students at Hawthorne Elementary School has made him an invaluable addition to the team. As the baby of the “Holliday Tribe,” he will do big things, and he has and will continue to make his extended Crossover family proud! To learn more about the StreetLeader Program, please go to http://crossoverimpact. org/StreatLeader/.

Restoring our community by making disciples while loving and serving our neighbors.

Crossover Bible Church by Bertshalyn Bailey


was introduced to Crossover in December of 2018. The music ministry was in transition after their former Worship Director became the Pastor of their first church plant in north Tulsa. My name was referred to Rev. Rodney Watkins who asked me to provide musical services at Crossover Bible for the first two Sundays in December, and I have been a part of the Crossover family ever since. Being a part of Crossover has greatly impacted my prayer life. It was just four months after accepting the position to serve as the Worship Director that I noticed a lump in my body that began to cause severe pain. After a couple of doctor’s visits, the best option was to surgically remove the tumor and test it for cancer. I called Rondalyn Abode and then Pastor Philip Abode explaining what I was going through and the doctor’s recommendations. They both carefully listened to all that I had to say, the doctor’s report, my fears and concerns and then they began to pray, right there over the phone with me and for me. It would be the way in which they prayed that would impact my life. The prayers consisted of God covering me through my first surgery, cancer free results, peace of mind, etc. I will never forget hearing them utter prayers that God would miraculously remove the lump from my body and there be no need for surgery. God clearly showed me, I

Picture above: Bertshalyn with Crossover’s Worship Team was praying apprehensively, and He gave me an example of how to, “come boldly to the throne of grace, to obtain mercy and find grace in my time of need.” (Hebrews 4:16)

Crossover Community Impact


Pictures above: (above) Bertshalyn with Crossover’s Worship Team

God clearly showed me, I was praying apprehensively, and He gave me an example of how to “come boldy to the throne of grace, to obtain mercy and FInd grace in my time of need.”” -Bertshalyn B. I came back to Tulsa broken and grieving the loss of my father, Pastor Dr. Bertrand M. Bailey, Sr., which left an immeasurable whole in my heart that only God would fill. I learned it’s really okay not to be okay at Crossover and this makes it easy for me to be authentically broken, honestly share about my struggles and declare my need for God’s Amazing Grace with people mainly through worship and small group discussions.


Crossover Community Impact

I describe Crossover Bible Church to others as having a multicultural worship gathering with gospel-centered preaching, teaching and singing. I love the small group discussions after the worship service, where we go over the message and think of ways God is calling us to apply the Word in our lives and to help others do the same. My role as Crossover’s Worship Director, is immersed in our core values and mission. In 1 Corinthians 11:1 the Apostle Paul writes, “Be an imitator of me, as I am of Christ.” Therefore, I believe God has blessed me with such a role here at Crossover to help impact north Tulsa because I am north Tulsa. As I seek to live out the core values and mission, I allow my light to shine before men that they may see the evidence of Christ in my life and glorify the Father which is in heaven. Bertshalyn Bailey was born and raised right here in north Tulsa, born the fifth child of eleven to Pastor Bertrand M. Bailey, Sr. and Mrs. Juandalyn J. Bailey. She has a talent unlike any other with regards to musicality and worship. She is growing theologically through seminary, and it causes her to truly lead people to worship in spirit and in truth. To learn more about CBC’s “gather, go, grow, gospel works” model, please go to http://crossoverbible.org.

Revitalizing our community through economic and housing development.

by Katie Lepine


uring my senior year in college, I became student body president. I had this grand vision for my term: I’d use my position—and our sizable budget—to throw a benefit concert and address the injustice of food insecurity, my current passion. Sounds great, right? One problem: my people weren’t on board. In fact, half the people I appointed had voted for the other girl and weren’t interested in my agenda. I stubbornly pressed forward and was bitterly disappointed with the end result. To make matters worse, I felt insecure and resentful for the rest of my term. Pity party of one, please! It was the greatest failure of my life to date, and it was God-ordained. The following year, as I reconciled that experience, I realized Lao Tzu was right. I failed because I was focused on what I wanted to accomplish, instead of what my team could be equipped to do. My people were my job, and I completely missed the point. Fast forward a few years: I was working at the local food bank, while my husband taught at a high school—both located on the north side of Tulsa. We’d lucked into a sweetheart deal and bought a house on the south side. It was the right call at the time, but not where we wanted to live. We wanted to end up on the north side with the people we’d grown to love. We became parents a couple years into marriage and shortly after, the opportunity to help start Crossover Preparatory Academy came along. John and I felt certain that God was calling us to sell our home and leave our church community. As we prepared for another child, we moved to the north side, where we planned to build a house. Around that time, I read Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill. I was captivated by Hill’s story: he had a struggle somewhat resolved through his decision to live with close friends, who adopted him into their family and helped satisfy his need for intimate

Picture above: The Lepine Home with the Girl’s Intern Home on the top floor companionship. As I considered this radical re-imagining of family, the desire to welcome others into our home took root. As John and I designed our house, we added an apartment space on the second floor for someone needing a family. We didn’t build that first house because of issues with the lot (no sewer!) and found ourselves waiting. While we were waiting, I was offered the job of co-directing Crossover’s internship program. I jumped at the chance to help build the program: it beautifully combined our desire to co-house and my love of ministering to women. We designed a second house with the program in mind, a two-flat, and realized we’d have to make some compromises. We couldn’t afford to build what is essentially two houses in one and also build the house of our dreams. The Lord gently asked us to surrender the material things we had our hearts set on and graciously reminded us that we were building His house, not ours.

Katie Lepine is the Director of Sojourner House, Crossover’s Women’s Internship Program. After graduating from the University of Tulsa with a degree in marketing, she worked in the non-profit sector. She is a young woman who pours herself out daily in service to others. She has been married to John for 7 years, and they have 3 adorable kiddos! Please keep John, Katie, Jack, June, and Ruby Lepine in your prayers, as well as the members of Crossover’s first intern cohort: Mikayla Titus, Courtney Wright, Kylia Clark, Ellie Pickard, and Jennifer Schwickerath. To learn more about Crossover Development Company and its revitalizing work, please go to http://crossoverimpact.org.

Pictures above: College Interns with Katie Lepine

Go to the people. Live with them, learn from them, love them. Start with what they know, build with what they have. But of the best leaders, when the work is done, the task accomplished, The people will say, “We have done this ourselves.””

-<Lao Tzu We moved in last December—with a third child—and welcomed our first intern six months later. Five young women now call “Sojourner House” home. It is overwhelming to look back and see how God worked everything for our good: learning the truth of Lao Tzu’s words the hard way, leaving a beloved church family, and a derailed first attempt at house-building. At the time, those frustrations felt like failures, sacrifices, and obstacles, but now I see that


Crossover Community Impact

if not for those disappointments, we would not have taken on this work in the first place, built a house to suit the program’s needs, or come to know the five souls who now have a place at our table. Sojourner House is truly the Lord’s house.

We are committed to living out Christ’s compassion, dignity and healing in our community through healthcare.

Crossover Health Services by Victoria Fowler

Having somewhere for people to come and see a physician right here in our community is truly a blessing.” -Victoria F.


t is absolutely crazy how things in life seem to come full circle. I will elaborate by describing how I became a part of the team at Crossover Health Services! In 2016 I was looking to relocate back to north Tulsa. I was currently living in Jenks and working in a clinic in midtown Tulsa. I needed to be closer to my family

because I needed help taking care of my son, Elias. A friend told me that there was a clinic in north Tulsa, but I had never heard of it. So, I googled the name, “Crossover Health Services”, and after reading the website and watching the video, I decided to call the “clinic”. Immediately, I asked if they were hiring, and I was encouraged to bring in my resume that day. When I showed up, I was greeted by the lovely face of Mrs. Chutney Hutton, as she was the Receptionist. She then hit up the Office Manager, who to my surprise, was Mrs. Angelia Barnett. I happened to know Mrs. Barnett because her children and I went to Hawthorne Elementary School together, so I’ve known her the majority of my life. She, Mrs. Louise Ingram, and Justin Pickard interviewed me and, the deal was sealed from there! From the first day I stepped foot into the clinic until this present one, Crossover has made a huge IMPACT in my life personally and in the lives of my family members. The clinic’s staff has been so supportive in every way and in every aspect of my life. Beyond the medical care that I receive, the clinic has helped me to grow and develop as a person and an employee. The ways they help is ever expanding:

Crossover Community Impact


from helping me move from Jenks back to north Tulsa, to being my medical home when I needed prenatal care to prepare for the new addition of my son, Ezra, and even to encouraging me to further my education, Crossover Health Services has walked alongside me the entire way! And they have celebrated me and with me through all of the milestones met. Working as a Medical Assistant in the clinic is very rewarding for me. Having somewhere for people to come and see a physician right here in our community is truly a blessing. Just knowing that there is somewhere right down the street that I can walk-in and be seen when medical needs arise makes the clinic a true asset to our community. And the care that each person receives rivals the care provided anywhere in Tulsa and possibly beyond. We are an actual family at the clinic and that is what I love most about my job. And it is the reason I am excited to come to work every single day!


Crossover Community Impact

Pictures above: Victoria with co-worker, Angelia Barnett (far left), and family

Victoria Fowler is a â&#x20AC;&#x153;returnerâ&#x20AC;? to north Tulsa, and she is a proud graduate of Booker T. Washington High School. She is engaged to her love, Jaylon Jackson, and together they have two incredible little men that they are raising to change the world. As an RMA, Victoriaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s passion for seeing people become healthy emanates from her and impacts how she does her job each and every day. To learn more about Crossover Health Services and its work to eradicate health disparities, go to http:// crossoverhealthservices.org.

EOY Campaign 2

020 feels like the kind of year that people will refer to for ages. I know this is personally true for my physical family, but I imagine it will be the same for our immediate Crossover family and for many of you, our extended family, as well. The year got off to a roaring start, but we seemed to lose speed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. God was so gracious towards us, and He indeed provided exceedingly and abundantly more than we could have ever hoped or imagined! Partners from all over the Tulsa community and beyond came together to ensure that the important work that Crossover is doing in north Tulsa continued on successfully. We are working to secure funds for the Crossover Community Center to begin construction with the hopes that it will be completed during the 2021-2022 school year for the young men at Crossover Prep. As we have dreamed and prayed about this community center for approximately 15 years, we’ve seen more fully how it will allow us to have an IMPACT in our community beyond the obvious ways one would use a community center. Dr. Kent Farish, the Founding Physician for Crossover Health Services, was able to secure funds for a project focused on individuals with diabetes. Through his “Food Is Medicine” Project, Crossover is able to assist people in living a healthy lifestyle, for instance. Subsequently, the healthy eating “make and take” classes through the Tulsa Health Department, will make it easier for people in the community to make better and tastier food choices! Crossover Development Company was able to increase our IMPACT through grants received to enhance the physical revitalization and home ownership programs to provide opportunities for residents to own their newly remodeled homes in the Hawthorne neighborhood. The “Faith and Finance” classes will be held at the Crossover Community Center, and they will explode truly bringing about the transformation of our community! Crossover Sports Association expanded its Soccer and Flex Football Programs this year, and it will benefit greatly from the community center. The Crossover Kids and StreetLeader Programs went virtual this year, and they were able to continue to help students in north Tulsa academically! These programs will grow exponentially because of the community center as well. You have had your hand in this important work, and we are so grateful! Every sacrifice you have made, every gift you have given, and every way that you have partnered with us has made this Community Development work possible. Would you partner with us through giving a gift to the Operations of one of the many programs you have read about in this magazine. Our goal is $100,000, and we would be so grateful to continue to have the opportunity to see lives IMPACTed and changed. P. S. Your support makes all of the things listed in this magazine possible, and we are so grateful that you have come alongside us. Please consider partnering with us again as we go into 2021! Blessings,

Rondalyn Abode Director of Development www.crossoverimpact.org

Thank You Corporate/Foundation Sponsors A & M Sports LLC A-Max Signs Co. Acquaglass, LLC Aircraft Specialties Services Inc. Akria Sushi Bar, LLC Arthurs Turf Management LLC Ascension St. John Asemio Associated Mortgage Corporation Bennett Asset Group, LLC Bob’s Airboat Engines Bright Lighting, Inc. Cetera Financial Group CIS (Cleveland Integrity Service) Coca Cola Gives Coldwell Banker Select Commission Express of OK/CO/AR Cox Communications, Inc.- Tulsa Cyclonic Properties LLC Elpis Foundation Executive’s Title & Escrow, LLC Family Policy Foundation Fazel Family Foundation Fidelity Charitable- Donor Advised Fund First Evangelical Free Church of Franklin County Friends of. Tressa Nunley Gibbs Christian Education Foundation Grigsby’s Carpet Showroom, Inc. Guild Mortgage

Healthwise Chiropractic Town & Country Real Estate Jackie Cooper Imports Triad Bank Khezri Brothers, Inc. Tulsa Community Foundation Levi Molina Agency, Inc. Walton Family Foundation Matthew and Erin Chinworth Williams Company Family Foundation Willie George Ministries, Inc.: Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation Church on the Move and Lincoln National Christian FoundationChristian School The Perkins Family Foundation YourCause- AT & T Network for Good New York Life NFL Foundation Oklahoma Medical Billing Inc. Orea LLC Paul C. Rosburg Insurance Agency PCA Foundation Praise Inc. Premier Consulting Partners LLC QuikTrip Corporation Reynolds Realty Robert A. Long Ins Agcy Inc Shaw Homes Oklahoma Smith Brothers Abstract & Title Steelehouse Productions Target Cyber Grants The Danny and Robbie Campbell Endowment The Robinson Foundation The Taylor Family Giving Fund The Washington Group

Crossover Community Center Partners Don and Donna Millican George Kaiser Family Foundation Gibbs Christian Education Foundation Helmerich Trust J. E. & L. E. Mabee Foundation John and Rebecca Abraham Kathleen S. Craft Foundation Kent and Leah Farish Linda Shrewsbury Mervin Bovaird Foundation

Michael and Faye Finley Morningcrest Healthcare Foundation ONEOK Foundation Inc. Philip and Rondalyn Abode RBR Partnership Richard and Michelle Barnett Samuel and Barbara Rader Steve and Susan LeVon Tracie Chandler

Also, a special thank you to those who personally made an IMPACT through your donations, time and resources! We couldn’t do this without you! Happy New Year!


Crossover Community Impact

Our Vision for 36th S. North

Our Dream for the Future... When you invest in the vision, you do more than touch individual lives... every contribution ripples outward to create “social return” —the positive impact on north Tulsa and the entire Tulsa community. For more information: (918) 856-5377 x106 www.crossoverimpact.org

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IMPACT Magazine, Fall/Winter 2020 Edition  

Crossover IMPACT is a printed & digital magazine published twice a year. Winter and Summer Edition. Our magazine features the latest updates...

IMPACT Magazine, Fall/Winter 2020 Edition  

Crossover IMPACT is a printed & digital magazine published twice a year. Winter and Summer Edition. Our magazine features the latest updates...